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Paul Wesley & Torrey DeVitto: 'Les Miserables' Date Night!

Paul Wesley & Torrey DeVitto: 'Les Miserables' Date Night!

Paul Wesley and his wife, Torrey DeVitto, flash a smile as they make their way to ArcLight Cinemas on Wednesday (December 26) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor and Torrey, who stars on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, went to a screening of Les Miserables.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Paul Wesley

“I have been sobbing my eyes out for the last 3 hours,” Torrey wrote on her Twitter account. “Oh ya, I just saw Les Miserables.”

10+ pictures inside of Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto at ArcLight Cinemas…

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  • sarah

    Two of the most gorgeous people every. Love PLL’s and Love TVD’s. Paul is the reason I watch TVD’s.

  • anonymous

    I feel you, Torrey. I saw Les Mis yesterday and I was a train wreck! Definitely going to watch it again!!

  • loco

    Paul is the best looking actor on Vamp Diaries. So underrated. I like how he’s not sleeping with one of his co-stars cuz he’s already married. He comes across as more professional (in my opinion). I also like how he’s kinda shy & not always in your face like Ian & Nina.

  • TeylaW

    Looks like Torrey and Paul were enjoying their movie date night. It is nice to see them out and about together having a good time. Adorable married couple! Hope they have a lifetime of happiness. I just wish Paul was a little more engaging and receptive to the TVD fans, but he isn’t and never will be, which is a shame because he can be a really funny guy.

  • two-can

    Love Paul! He’s the only real actor on VD. So nice to see a real relationship and not the staged bearding type like others we know.

  • Marta

    hahaha so funny! If Nina and Paul were dating you wouldn’t say that! Nian are so adorable, just let them be happy!

  • jasmine

    @TeylaW: Paul is sincere with the fans of the show. He’s not like Ian. Ian is a brown nose who knows how to play the game with the female fans. He tells them what he thinks they want or need to hear. Then he follows it by saying donate, vote that kind of thing. Kind of convient that the fans wanted Nina and Ian together then Ian who had a beautiful girlfriend Maegan Auld. He started seeing Nina while he was with her then he dumped her. All for the show and the fans. Pathetic.

  • Ainara

    This post is about PAUL and TORREY! Could you please leave ian and nina out of it??? Jealousy everywhere!

  • TeylaW

    I never said Paul was not a sincere guy. I just said he is not as receptive and engaging with the TVD fans, as Ian, which is true. Paul is a funny guy with a great sense of humor. I like him and his lovely wife, Torrey, very much. Actually, I admire Torrey quite a bit due to her tireless work with Hospice. There is no need to start bashing Ian and writing rude remarks regarding Ian or his relationship with Nina. No one cares about Meghan Auld, as she is very old news.

  • jasmine

    @TeylaW: Just stating a fact. Ian is more of a brown nose who knows how to play the game. Meghan was in love with Ian and Ian and Nina started to see each other while he was with her. Then he dumped her for Nina.

  • Vamp

    Meghan was a bitch…., sorry to be rude but u brought up the topic…. Just see some of her videos with Ian on you tube and ull see how “in love” they were and how much of a “sweetheart” she can be….. And this post is about Paul and Torrey…. Keep it that way without bashing nian…… They look cute… night must be refreshing for them…. :)

  • TeylaW

    @jasmine: Ian and Meghan dated off and on for two years. There was NO engagement. There was NO marriage. If it was meant to be anything more than just two people dating, their relationship would have moved forward and lasted, but it didn’t. The difference between the other times Ian and Meghan broke it off is that the last time was really the last time. There were no surprises with the end result. It is very immature and naive to think Meghan was somehow wronged especially when you don’t know the whole story or have all the facts. However, none of this has anything to do with this article regarding Paul and Torrey’s movie date night, but it was nice to see them out and about having a good time. Their love for each other comes across loud and clear.

  • florence

    Love seeing photo’s of Paul and Torrey they always look so happy together and this is’nt a bashing of Ian but I do agree that Paul is undrated on the show and I think he does a much better job than Ian all they have Ian do is take his clothes off, smirk and made lude comments to females. For me Paul has always showed a much better range of emtions on the show and I loved him as the Ripper purley becuase it did showcase just how good of a actor that he is and I do feel that he get’s over looked over Ian at time’s so I’m rooting for Paul at the TCA.

    I’ve seen vidoes of Paul at the conventions and he is so sweet with the fan’s and does show his funny side at time’s and when he and Torrey do them together they are just so cute to watch.

    And I will say that I would rather see vidoes of Paul on his own or with Torrey than Ian being all smirky and showing off which I feel he does at times. Maybe Paul is just a bit shy after all being a actor does’nt always mean that you aren’t shy as well and being in front of a camera is a lot different than being faced with thousands of screaming fan’s.

  • Chanel89

    Excuse me but who are you?? Her lawyer?? How the how do you know what when down?? You’d think you were there … stupid people…stupid minds… GROW UP.–

  • Miri


    I’m so sick about you so called PDubber hating on Ian (and Nina) ALL THE TIME.

    I TELL YOU WHAT….PAUL IS NOT A SAINT EITHER! He really loves his fans? Really? Then why don’t he have time to wish them a MERRY CHRISTMAS on Twitter? It takes 5 seconds! :(((((((((((((

    And btw, he might be funny on stage BUT he’s lame/boring and RUDE behind the stage….talk about FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pete

    @loco: ” I like how he’s not sleeping with one of his co-stars cuz he’s already married” …..such a rude comment :(

    Paul should be ashamed having such rude, disrespectful and jealous Fans!

  • Kim

    i love Paul but has anyone realized that he gained some weight?

  • janey

    I feel sorry for Paul. He rarely gets a post on justjared or anywhere and when he does the comments are mostly about Ian and Nina. He is the lead actor on VD but Ian is way more popular than him and I don’t think its because of Nian hooking up. Damon has way more interesting story than boring stefan and Ian is way hotter than Paul.

  • florence2

    @Miri: Have you met him off stage then or even behind one for you to say these comments. Nobody is a saint so that goes for Ian just as much then. And it’s the writers who have made Stefan boring if that’s how you view him that’s your choice but I would pick Paul over Ian anytime and Stefan over Damob too.

  • Miri

    @florence2: I met them both! AND I WOULD PICK IAN OVER PAUL ANYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is there 1 article about Paul where you guys DON’T hate on Ian? Do you even realize how pathetic this is?

    You wrote in your precious comment ‘you don’t want to bash Ian’? But what you do IS bashing! Pdubber and SEer have ruined TVDFamily because you guys are so full of hatred and Jealousy!

  • jenna

    @Miri: Are you serious? The Delena fans have bullied fans of the entire Vampire Diaries fandom to the point where alot of people have given up on the show. Whenever a fan of the show wants to talk about Jeremy, Caroline, Klaus, Stefan, Tyler, Matt or Bonnie the Delena’s ALWAYS have to put the fans down because they’re not including Delena. Delena’s have ruined the show and unfortunately it’s getting worse for the remaining fans who are not into the shipping wars. Believe me they’ll jump ship and leave too. The only people that will be watching the show with be Delena’s. And for all their rants about being the “majority”, funny thing is ratings are down. Guess they’re not as big as they think. TVD’s will probably go another 2 seasons then it’ll be done and Delena’s have only thereselves to blame. You guys took a great show and ruined it for fans.

  • tamara

    omg I was just on a site that claims to be a vampire diaries site its called At first I thought great love talking vampire diaries with other fans. newsflash to fans, it is NOT a fansite for the show. gets alot of comments but there are literally 7 people who post comments. All they do is bash Stefan and Caroline. Unless you praise Damon they will put you down. First and Last time I go on that site. Scary old bitter women bullying people. Not cool, not cool

  • Verite

    What I hate is how this particular fandom is full of whiny little baby girls who talk about these people a) as if they know them and b) as if they aren’t human beings with feelings, flaws, personalities and lives of their own.

    If there is any issue with regards to people being disillusioned it is 100% the creation of the immature fans who create these little camps and these stupid ship-wars. Its FICTION PEOPLE!!!! Every good, engaging story has to have a conflict! There has to be something at stake, something to lose! And in this case one of the conflicts in the story is the brothers who have both loved the same women — first Katherine and now Elena. This is one of the conflicts in the story that keeps the story INTERESTING. They aren’t real people. Nothing will change in the world and in our lives if its Delena vs Stelena — frankly I am upset that they don’t have any same sex couples. What? No gay people get turned into vampires? Why no Elena/Caroline love or something?

    Seriously though people, Paul and his wife Torrey are just two very nice people going to watch a movie together over their vacation. They probably cried buckets of tears, the same way we all did watching Les Mis. OMG as husband and wife, in their jobs, they spend so much time apart and its great to see them having a date night. Now leave the the eff alone.

    As for Ian and Nina, again, just a couple, like any other couple. Like them, hate them, its not going to change too much of anything in the world.

    I wish for a change that people in this fandom would just shut up and grow up.

  • Verite

    @jenna: Jenna, if people are not watching the show anymore its hardly about Delena vs Stelena — its because the writing has been a bit of a mess lately. They’ve lost direction in my view point — too many characters, too many story lines and its kind of confusing. I don’t know what’s going on anymore and its hard to care. I don’t care if Elena sleeps with a friggen MUMMY anymore never mind Damon or Stefan. In my opinion the writers should have her give up both of them and just be with herself for a change. She’s one of those characters who can’t seem to NOT have a boyfriend. Like, girl, screw them. Just like Nina said at the Paley panel — Elena should get out of town, go to Europe, sleep with a few guys and just have some fun and leave these Salvatores behind! Actually I think if they did that, got rid of this triangle business, removed half the characters and added in some other conflicts about how being vampires is truly affecting their lives, I’d be more interested. The showrunners need to take some pointers from Joss Whedon who made his heroine, Buffy, a leader….

  • Verite

    @jasmine: OMG who are you? Drama much? People get together and break up ALL THE TIME. You date someone and it doesn’t work out. Pretty common event here. Some people change boyfriends and girlfriends more often than their pants. I know people like this who aren’t in show business so its not a show biz thing at all. You meet someone, you date a while, sometimes it lasts for alot of years and sometimes it lasts a few weeks. I’m sure the ex is perfectly fine.

  • Verite

    And btw Paul seems like a perfectly nice guy. He reminds me alot of the people I grew up with and around … just plain “dude bro’s” who work hard, are close to their families, care alot about their friends and communities and just want to be good at what they do. He’s a sincere enough guy. He seems really funny whenever I see him in interviews and very smart. He isn’t media-savvy but he could be. He could hire a PR person to manage his social media interactions and exposure like other people do and actually, if I were to give him some advice, it would be to do exactly that. He needs to promote himself more as he’s a fine actor and he has the range to do more than be he perennial teenage vampire. He just needs the right vehicles and some image management. These days clever marketing is everything.