Behati Prinsloo: You're Never Too Young to Dream Big!

Behati Prinsloo: You're Never Too Young to Dream Big!

Behati Prinsloo heads to beau Adam Levine‘s car after stepping out on Thursday (December 27) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 23-year-old model kept her head down as she made her way to the tiny sports car.

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The day before, Behati posted a photo to her Instagram of a small child painting the inspirational words “You’re never too young to dream big” onto a concrete wall.

Last month, Adam and Behati were spotted cruising around in his little roadster!

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  • Emily

    Anorexia Nervosa

  • Jules

    Honestly… I TRY to like her and see what he sees in her, but she looks like a homeless 15 yr old girl on crack. So unattractive and such a bad example for young girls – - who nowadays make up 90% of Maroon 5′s fan base! Kick her to the curb… time to move onward and definitely upward Adam!

  • Jaycee

    I hope she’s at least getting proper nourishment. I think she lost a little weight. I also do hope that she’s happy.

  • kaya

    I think she is cute, but she’s way to thin now….

  • Sam

    She’s pretty but she needs some meat on those bones. Seriously.

  • Anna

    Dream big, girl please ! When you reach 25 Adam will dump you for a younger version of youself. As a model you sub-par, your career wont last the distance like the Gisele’s or Karolina’s of the fasion world, enjoy it while it lasts because once you reach your mid/late 20′s you will over.

  • nEpotisMMA ROBERTS

    Two words… chicken legs.

  • ed

    @Emily: I think its the other ED; bulimia. she has the quintessential “bulimia jaw” with a tiny skinny body. The face/head is far too big for such a thin girl.

  • James

    like Troy responded I am shocked that someone can earn $8993 in one month on the computer. did you see this site (Click on menu Home more information)

  • SarahLee

    What is this…thing? An emaciated scarecrow?

  • Naomi

    Yes she looks like a homeless. I wonder what type of guy can honestly be attracted to this girl.

  • Lulani

    She looks like a walking advert for anorexia

  • XYZ

    I didnt know she was Somalian…. Look at her….

  • XYZ


    pretty? her head is as big as a tv and flat like a potty

  • Shannon

    The waif look looks bloody awful on her. I can not believe or buy that Adam chose this. This is all they can expound on her going to his car, her riding in his car, her sitting in his car? It isn’t any wonder many favoured the last ladies in Adam’s life more than this skin and bones

  • Jennifer

    Behati looks absolutely dreadful. And sorry, but I’ve never thought she was an exceptional looking person . . . not even with makeup.

    If she’s got an ED, I hope she gets help.

  • Lorelei

    She sure reflects a very negative and disturbing message to teenagers.

  • K R

    What is happening to this girl? I do not think she has the features to be beautiful, but she is a very pretty girl. She does have some unique features, but this is downright scary. Her legs especially show how thin she has become . Looks more like bulimia to me.

    I hope her friends / family sit her down and talk some sense into her.

  • Cindy

    You guys, she is a model. Her weight is ideal for the industry. Although it is sad that the industry requires a very thin body type, it is her job to be at this weight. Blame the industry, not behati. And she is quite beautiful in my opinion. Her look is very natural and different, reminds me of like a young kate moss. As for her style, I love it. The acne leather jacket and christopher kane dress are coveted items. At least she isn’t piling on makeup and wearing heels everywhere she goes.

  • K R

    You are stupid and delusional. There is a difference between looking thin and fit and looking anorexic. Behati stopped being a high fashion model long ago, when have you last seen her walk the runway, except for VSFS. The only modelling she has been doing is VS and Commercial, for which you do not need the standard measurements expected of a HF model.

    Oh, you forgot the torn tights too, is that also coveted? No one here even suggested that she wear heels or makeup, we were all stating the obvious rapid weight loss. hmmm, salt deprived mermaids !

  • K R


    Her fellow VS models like Doutzen,Erin, Lindsay etc are all thin but not dangerously anorexic looking like her. Look at barbara palvin. Yes, the modelling world does require girls to look thin. That doesnt mean people shoudlnt point out when someone is seen loosing weight rapidly. If you are a geneuine fan, you should be worried about the state of her health than blindly defend her weight.

  • Unknown

    First of all anyone knows about my comments know they are based on facts and not judging this girl due to the fact Adam has anything to do with her. I’m gonna lay it out and maybe even these so called Mermaid fans would grow up and stop attacking anyone and just realize the truth.

    First of all, anyone knows anything about cameras they add ten to fifteen extra pounds which suggest how shockingly thin this girl is. When designers, even in Germany who even refered to Heid Klum as being over weight says she is to thin for their runway, you know she is to damn skinny. This isn’t an attack by any means these are facts. And as many know some people, especially a girl like Behati, usually weight loss is due to insecurities and unhappiness. When she first started dating Adam she was filling out. Meaning she actually was eatting. She has been denied access to walk the runway now, which for a VS Angel that’s an insult. She hasn’t even done much work at all even for VS. When she was with her exBF, she was fuller as far as weight was concearned. She seemed geniunely happy. Now days she has her head down and has lost a good amount of weight. Which is an incline to feeling happy and seems depressed. I think she realizes what Anne did when she dated Adam. Sometimes wanting someone so bad isn’t exactly what you pictured it to be. And noticibly she is doing all the errands now while he waits for hr. Maybe its a sign that it isn’t happy ever after all.

    She has missed work due to the fact she has lost weight and her priorities have been with Adam. Now it may come back on her. She was not as thin before the holidays, even at Thanksgiving she seemed to be more out going happy and again seemed to have meat on her bones. May be someone def put their foot down to miss Behati and she didn’t like it or could be according to my sources. Seems like Mama, Adams mom, doesn’t exactly care for her the way so many thinks. And as some people know, Patsy may let her son live his own life but she has no problem with speaking her mind at all. Where do you guys think Adam got his open mouth from? Well atleast she does it with respect and thinks before speaking. Seems to me Behati maybe showing her true colors and someone said something she didn’t like. So the weight is def a sign that things aren’t going good for her.

    In the past she had her head up and smiling and doing Peace signs, now it seems she doesn’t care. Her self esteem has shot down and there for her anorexic ways and she hasn’t been active like usual, so there for why the weight loss drastically? I don’t think she likes boundaries and Adam learning from the backlash with Anne has put them on her. Which I have to respct about Adam, but you can’t put boundarie on a model at all. They have promotions and the fact even one of her exbfs friends made a comment on twitter about the fact poor lil Angel, seems she isn’t getting her way now she has her so called rock star. You made ur bed now u have to lie in it.
    Ironically it was sadly erased. But now it seems she is rewalizing the fact that she has maade a big mistake. Either that or maybe she is doing even more coke than usual. But her behavior from befor plus the weight loss now suggesta happiness isn’t what its cracked up to be.

    Oh BTW I wouldn’t ever refer to myself as a Mermaid, if you look at the true story bhind them, the were considered maneaters who enchanted sailors by their singing befoe drowning them and eating them. So a Mermaid basically is a man eater and judging by her weight loss suddenly. She isn’t eatting anything.

  • Unknown

    Obviously you know nothing about the industry of fashion. Her weight isn’t ideal for it at all. She has been denied and ev en fired for being to thin. She is under her weight and her BMI is way to low. She can’t do Runways because basically they banned her. She is even way to thin for the runway she is wayto thin for the industry. She is 5 11 ans aproximately weighs 115 but judging by these photos if she weighs 100 id be shocked. Even the Germans who absolutely love thin railed models won’t even use her. So there for if your going to comment on anything about the industry make sure you know the guidlines and facts first.
    They didn’t even bother to weigh her at some of the runway fashion shows. They looked at her and fired her and turned her away due to her weight. So that’s pretty bad. Even Chanel fired her, so not being mean but seriously they have guidelines too as in any type of work. She should weigh atleast 120 for runway and being she is large framed atleast 125, for VS she should be at the 130 mark. Its one thing to be thin esp for a model but that thin is way to thin. She is loosing jobs because of it. So what does that tell you about her in the industry? @Cindy:

  • Unknown

    I will say its actually sad, not only this girl has very low self esteem issues, but she is a walking billboard for teenage girls. A lot of young girls dreams are to be models and most of them now want to be specifically a VS Angel. And because of the fact that she is looking like this now, I just hope her young admirers, the ones who actually like her because of her work and nothing to do with her relationship at all with Adam, will not see her as a role model. Girls that look like this don’t realize the influence they have on other girls with the way they look. So many have ED because girls like Behati, even other models and even actresses. Not only that so many young girls have died from EDs but also from liposuction because they can’t loose the weight so they turn to plastic surgeons.I’m 5ft8 and I had at one point got to a low weight and I was told that even at my height unless your body frame is small, which Behatis is not, normal for me and the lowest is 120 lbs and even at that the doctor told me its better to be a few lbs over that atleast 130 to be on the healthy side. Look at Jennifer Hudson, she lost all her weight and is a small frame girl, if she really wanted to she could go down even further but she isn’t, she is healthy and looks amazingly beautiful. That is a person that is a role model in many ways not just becuz of the weight, but you guys get what I am saying. Behati and so many other girls out there need to stop get help and she needs to do it for herself and no one else.

  • Sheryl

    Dear Unknown. Judging from your very judgmental remarks anyone can understand why you wish to remain “Unknown”! Why should anyone consider your remarks the truth? Identify yourself and state your sources or else give your keyboard a rest!
    No intelligent person is interested in this fan fiction for anything other than it is: really rude fiction.
    No, I am not Behati, nor anyone in Adam’s group, but anyone can Google them and see how happy they are! Pictures are worth 1000′s of words, thankfully, and offset any mean or jealous commentary.
    As for the “true” story of Mermaids, you do realize they are fictional and no story of them is actually a truth! However words normally associated with them are enchanting, legendary, beautiful, mysterious.
    And something which exists only in imagination and literature can’t really eat people. We’re happy, well adjusted fans, not the Donner party.
    Adam and Behati are real people, with real feelings, stop insulting them for no reason. If Behati weighed more than the “charts” said was her correct weight, and then verbally attacked, people would scream, politically incorrect! What rude and insensitive remarks!
    People choose their own role models, she is not forcing anyone to idolize her. If you don’t like her, then don’t join her fan club! Simple! Move on!

  • Jennifer

    Sheryl- You must be looking at pictures of different people then. What’s your usual screename? It’s definitely NOT Sheryl. Be real with us. ;-)

  • Neil’s Wife

    God I can’t stand this girl! What she did to her co-worker/friend was horrible. 2 months after a 2 year relationship. Shameful! I guess she is too busy to go home for the holidays to see her family. Horrific and speaks to her character.

  • Unknown

    First of all I am the one who was right about Anne and when it all came out about her everyone saw that I was speaking the truth. Speaking of intelligence. If you had any you would see that I wasn’t insulting anyone. I never called Behati names nor have bad mothed her. If you really want to know who I am then so be it, but the fact its non of your business. People like you have attacked me in the past and so I don’t really care what you think or say. My sources again are non of your business, but I will say this much I have friends in higher places than you ever will ever know. My sources aren’t gossipers. They are people affiliated with several people who in fact have contact with certain people?. You think I am going to give up my sources name. You are seriously dillusional yourself.

    Yes I am aware that Mermaids aren’t real, and maybe you should tell Behati this since she said she was one in a past life.

    I know the industry she is in real well. I know what I know and the fact you are attacking me without atcually understanding what I am writing. Then maybe you should give the keyboard a rest. The truth will come out just like it did with Anne.
    I never judged Behati I simply said that she has lost jobs, and she has lost a drastic amount of weight in a short time. But if you want to know I don’t have to google anything about them to know what I know. So there for your attack doesn’t phase me at all. Like I said time will tell when the truth will come out and it will. Of clurse with your tiny lil mind I doubt you will see this.

    Pictures say a lot true enough, however, paps don’t lie and neither do my sources. Behati has what she has been chasing since she found out Adam and Anne were together actually technically befor they got serious and now she has him. When certain photographers who photograph models start making remarks about her and they have ben in the business before she became a model, actually some before she was born. Very proffessional people on top of that start making remarks about certain people usually pay attention.

    They aren’t the only unhappy couple in Hollywood I am linked to I just happen to be more vocal on Adam since this is probably the only person you actually google yourself. So before you judge me or anyone, think of how you came about to this site and this particualr post. So who is the googler now? I could be angry or upset I’m not I’m just simply stating the truth. Why don’t you attack the ones who are attacking her. So reread my posts maybe your brain will adjust to the knowledge or you can come at me if you wish. The only person who is attacking anyone is you!!@Sheryl:

  • Brianne

    Hi Unknown, I know what you have written makes sense and I hope that the truth that you are talking about comes out soon.

    You said that you said something about Adam and Anne’s relationship. I would very much like to know what you meant by that and what did you say that ultimately was teh truth. I am very curious to know. I am sorry I have missed your posts on Anne and Adam but I have recently joined this JJ gossip website and finding it very interesting to gain knowledge on celebrities.

  • Jennifer

    The only remarks I’ve seen on this post are people who don’t care much for her as a model or they think she has an ED. Whether you like or dislike a model is up to you, but you don’t have to personally attack others just because you like a certain model. There are people who like Behati. There are people who dislike Anne, dislike Candice, dislike Adriana, even Gisele. Do you know how these models differ from Behati? They actually work. And they work often. I don’t know much about their love lives because they seem more focused on their modeling. Behati isn’t a top model. Not that I think she could be, since she’s missing the “X Factor” to me, but if she had a better work ethic, then she could be a better known model without having to date Adam Levine. I think she will rue her decision to chase after Adam like an idiot hoping that his popularity will rub off on her. It’s sad that this girl seems defined specifically by her relationships than by her work (this also includes Jamie).

    The point is that not everyone will agree. Why aren’t people allowed to be critical of Behati’s modeling or point out when she looks scary skinny? Sorry, but these pictures are worth a 1,000 words. And I’m sorry, but I don’t get the “we’re madly in love!!” vibe from any of the Adam and Behati pictures. I don’t know which pictures the stans are actually looking at. I think they’re looking at pictures of another couple, but given their grand delusions, I’m not surprised by this at all.

    (Unknown, this wasn’t directed at you.)

  • Neil’s Wife

    What is the back story on Anne V? Must have been before my time. I think she is terrific. Very curious.

  • So Annoyed

    You’re never too young to dream big…and to know that ripped stockings are just wrong. Please, enough with the wannabe grunge already.

    K R – I agree…typical puffy bulimia face and plenty of access to coke

    I know Adam wrote this about Anne, but Daylight seems to ring true now…
    “I never wanted to stop because I don’t wanna start all over, start all over
    I was afraid of the dark but now it’s all that I want, all that I want, all that I want …”

    There there, Adam darling…I *get* it. Being in a bad relationship is better than being alone. But all of these models…it’s effecting your brand, you know? And not in a good way. Is there anyone in your life who actually tells you, what you *don’t* want to hear? I’m sorry to say it isn’t a little girl who wears your clothes, smokes your weed, and follows you around like a puppy. Run Forrest, run!


    the (slightly) older woman you sadly, haven’t met. yet ;)

  • Sheryl

    Yep, it is Sheryl! With an S! Last name Zimmerman. Dayton, Ohio. Texan. Aggie. Rangers baseball fan. Anything else? Won’t give you my social security number though! I stand behind what I said, said my peace, and I’m satisfied, and not hiding!

  • Sheryl

    @Unknown: You don’t bad mouth? Your comments are classic examples of defamation and libel. Again, state your sources for your “facts” or hush up.

  • Unknown

    Ok the facts are this I never said anything bad or bad mouthed Behati, I was simply saying young girls look up to models, actresses, etc as role models. I never said she was one. And the fact she has lost weight so fast and is so thin young girls are impressionable and that’s why young girls get ED. Trying to be like girls like Behati. If yhou have any kind of common sense you would have understood it.

    I don’t have to say anything about myself nor my sources. You can say whatever you want Sheryl I’ve dealt with people like you before all you are a fan of Behati and Adam. And would defend them if they crapped in your face.
    I don’t need to defend myself or disclose anything. All I know is that the truth came out and people like you realise the truth when it came out and many like you that attacked me in the past are now ironically taking my side. And as for Sheryl Zimmerman. Get a grip on reality learn to understand what you read and kiss my Texas Ass!!

    And if its that important to you to know my name its Angela. I just like Unknown for the Hell of it and as for my sources. Please like I’m gonna say who I know nor all the things I do know. I didn’t even give all of it about Anne and there for that became the proof to all that I was right. So for now enjoy Behati until the next girl then you can kiss her ass too.

  • Unknown

    Sorry my dear that relationship has ran its course and let’s just say what I pointed out then and yes I was attacked a lot worse than the other girl that is on here doing now. Let’s just say when things started coming out I already confirmed months ahead of time. I am. Not a mean person by means. I do know things about a lot of people. I only speak the truth. I want you to know now the album is out and you fans know how Adam works when writing you can draw the line. Everything I said is just about the what’s said in the album and other things came out too. I don’t know if Michael, Adams brother said anything or his friends leaked out about Anne. I just know that the true blue fans here, which BTW I am not one. It came out what I said was the truth. That’s all it is hon. @Brianne:

  • Unknown

    If its such a big deal. My name is Angela. I go by Unknown becuz there was actually another Angela on here and she wasn’t a very nice person. Its not a big deal to know my name. However, my sources will never be named. I can’t give everything away now can I guys!! :-)

  • martha

    I would like to know …what it is anon has against Anne. I’ve seen her mention this before. In my eyes Anne is a wonderful person. She lives a balanced life. Adam…is an idiot..I have no respect for him. He preys upon these girls. NO respect for Behati. She broke the girl rule. She has no work ethic. No evidence that she spends time with her family. Her main claim to fame is parading underware once a year on a runway. Oh..and being seen in Adam’s car. She looks like a hot mess. The only one thinking she has any style are 12 year olds. Which might be the point…since Maroon fives fan base is now 12 year old girls. What a shame…I use to enjoy the group.
    Adam total lack of judgement in dating/living with this child is telling of his own character.

  • One day

    First of all: @unknown – SO GLAD TO SEE YOUR POSTS AGAIN!!! Missed you on the other story but 6-7 of us kept it going. Love to read each others insights and thoughts without attacking anyone. Second of all: yay @jennifer for speaking up and defending what we say!!! I totally agree with you. I was reading all the posts going back and forth but for some reason I can’t comment from my phone anymore so I have to wait until I get home to my computer. SO FRUSTRATING!!! For Sheryl, Brianna, Neil’s wife – welcome. This is a gossip site. We all see different posts, tweets, pics, etc and share insights. Amicably. Those of us that have been on here for awhile have come to respect @unknown and her insights/opinions. She may be right, she might not be. We don’t know facts except what we read on the Internet pretty much and we are all aware of how iffy those “facts” probably are. But I think what is being said here is that Behati has appeared to have lost weight recently, has lost jobs in the past because her BMI was too low, doesn’t work much, looks sad, hair and complexion look like she is totally not eating. Since pretty much the only things written about her are because she is Adam’s gf, then that’s the angle we comment on. If this apparent “change” in her appearance of late is a conscious effort on her part, then she needs to realize whether she wants it or not, she is a role model. We have all dealt with her mermaid posse at some level. They are obsessed. If this is happening to her because she is sad or her self esteem has taken a nosedive, then SOMEONE that is near her needs to step in and get her help. True fans of her ( not her and Adam) have to be concerned. I hope. Again, since almost everything I read about her is about her and Adam, I am assuming she is unhappy in her relationship. She and Adam may get married and have 10 kids and grow old together. Who knows?? But is our theory that she and Adam are having problems (or that Adam isn’t as “in love” as the stans seem to think” ) any less logical than the mermaids professing that this is a “true love, happily ever after fairy tale”? I’m sure she is in Vegas with Adam and the band. So they may be fine. She ditched her parents during her August vacation and again at Christmas. Maybe she is homesick. Who knows. Even though she is young and (from what she tweets and says in interviews seems pretty immature for her age), she is an adult and can live her own life. However, if Just Jared didn’t want us to comment, he wouldn’t give us the opportunity to do so.

  • Unknown

    @Jennifer I know you weren’t directing it at me. How r u doll?

    All I was simply saying that when a young girl who is easily influenced, and it wasn’t exactly directed at Behati, but when they are that thin. So many young girls will do anything and starv e themselves to having surigical procedures done. It looks bad.

    What I was saying abou Behati, not being judgemental its a known fact. She has lost jobs as well as many different deals. She is known to be Super thin.

    What I was also refering to as far as Behati is concearned she wanted Adam and its no secret. She was in fact friends with Anne. I’ve heard people say about her pysical being ugly so on and on name calling I have never done and many of you can back me up with that. I have simply said the truth about her. Pictures do say a million different words. Here are the words from pics, last month she is all smiles and throwing a peace sign and even back in October. She has lost a drastic amount of weight since Thanksgiving and now she looks down and doesn’t respond to the paps at all.
    As far as Anne, let’s see and correct me if I’m wron.g guys I said there were a lot of private pics of Adam posted and believe it or not it wasn’t his brother Michael. Must have pissed on his parade. Friends of Annes were posting pics of her partying everytime Adam wasn’t around. There were pics posted weee you can see perfectly Adam in the background or his reflection in mirrors.
    Private photos of Adam in his house posted through Annes friend Jorges friends. It was funny considering Adam never followed or were aware of them. Anne was more public about attention than Behati. Behati is just sneakier. She is possessive and jealous. The fact that a friend of her ex posted and I’ve heard from my sources the same thing that lil miss angel has her rock star. To bad he isn’t what she thought he would be. See Annes tantrums about buying her things and gooing to fancy rest all the time has put a tight pull on his wallet now days. She wants to be the girl seen every where with Adam and the funny thing was Behati wasn’t the original girl for the Hawaii 5 O casting.they wanted someone with more of a name but as soon as they found out that she was linked to Adam, guess she got the lead role after all. I never said she was ugly, I simply said as far as an VS Angel she is qualified as far as I am concearnd. The Pink line yes she is cute and bubbly. But she doesn’t have what some and I say some because I still don’t agree with who are all Angels. I think the SuperModel term is used way to loosely.

  • Unknown

    Adam will never be honest to how they truely met or the fact at one time Behati even lived with Anne when she first came to America as a model. He will not admit to the fact that Behati is no more than just a coworker. Adam and Behati have had flings during the relationship and the main source knows actually some of his friends to well. I also was told that Behati spent time googling Adam while at a shoot. Even a photographer posted on twitter which I know the photographer very well that some people shouldn’t have a phone with access to the internet esp while a shoot was suppose to be happening. It was also said at the Halloween party, jokes were heard around the room about the fact don’t become friends she may want your man next. And BTW the person who said that is a VS Angel as well. She brags about their relationship behind doors about the fact she travels around to see him. When asked if he flew up to see her her answer was yes, but he had work to do too. So basically he was in NYC to basically to work mainly but to see her cuz it was convient. She is also being called his lil puppy behind her back or his personal groupie. He snaps his fingers she comes running. Anne was a massive bragger, but atleast she was up front, that much I will give her and yes Anne did not wear. Make up all the time but atleast she looked clean.

    Behati tried to follow all of who Adam speaks to or mentions or follows period. All the sudden Adam starts following practically everyone and their mama. So now its quit hard for her to do. She does exactly what he wants when he wants it. However, here is the catch, personal photos have came out, and this time not from Michael, again he must be pissed, however, the leaked photos were quickly deleted at the same time which tells me she got spooked about it. Cuz the person who leaked it out is a very close realitive. She has blown off work and now she has lost the weight again and that’s what happened when she and Jamie started having problems at one point. She looses weight. But she also loves to party she is a purified party girl. That’s no secret. She has gone on audtitions and have not gotten any of the parts. The joke is atleast his ex, meaning Anne could get a part in Adams music videos, what’s wrong with this girl. I know that he has learned his lesson about being so out there or over exposed in a relationship. But this is a girl who wants him for many reasons and he is simply calling the shots. The fact she holds her head down and doesn’t make eye contact where as she use to smile and flash a peace sign. He either laid the cards down or she isn’t as happy. I don’t need a source to tell me that. I have even heard when his friends are around if he steps out of the room they are sometimes nice but its fake and some simply ignore her. They tried to warn Adam about being with Anne so they don’t bother now. They just make remarks and even publicly.

    If you were wondering about Adam being sick remember Save Adam, now change the last part to Ferris. Think about the movie, and the fact that it was JoJo that started that and I know him all to weel when he said that I knew something was BS. So Adam blew off his fans again. To party with his GF or couldn’t recover in time for the show.

    Deja vue like with Anne. When Adam said he was sick and couldn’t perform the second show in Paris, yet that same night he felt well enough to be front row and center for Anne to walk the runway during Paris Fashion Week. Youh all do the math!!

  • Unknown

    Sorry I was busy love but glad to see ya too! :-) and yes I agree with you and @Jennifer a million percent. Unfortunately girls there are those who need to attack and just feel like they have something to prove to them selves. It doesn’t bother me however I’ve updated a lil bit to all those who missed out about Anne and a lil bit more about Behati. No one drops that drasticazlly in a short time and the fact Michael didn’t milk the fact his mom, Behati and himself were at the movies together and as many of you all knows he would in a heart beat. And there is a lil birdy close to James that has loose lips and basically is saying that she heard that there is def problems in paradise and Adam may cut it or vise versa. That’s why I didn’t bring that up until I know all the facts. So what I’m understanding is that he maybe cutting her loose soon but doesn’t exactly know how to. Typical Adam, and she isn’t happy the fact he isn’t doing everything that he would do when he was with Anne. So I’m not sure just yet but I am aware just a few moments ago that there has been some issues. And apparently the movies with momma was ok didn’t impress her to much. His momma is a strong woman, Behati is basically a push over and basically what I gather and several people have said this. There is just something about Behat they don’t like. Whatever it is @ONEDAY @Jennifer it will come oyt for sure. Sooner the better. Maybe he can get himself together. @One day:

  • Unknown

    BTW has anyone seen the car pics, obviously it was shot on one corner, however, Behati seems to like to keep her head down. As far as not seeing her folks that someone had posted, I get it a bit, but I agree, she spent it with his family and friends for Thanksgiving and she could have gone home for Christmas and he could hav e gone if he wanted too. And yet she spent it in LA going to the movies with his brother and mom. Nothing wrong with that except one of her friends asked her the same question on twitter and she never responded. What’s strange to me is that when her friends openly ask questions all the sudden, not all, but a lot of them have been erased. Hmmmm strange indeed. Why does it need to be erased and I’m still reeling in on. A pic that hopefuly will surface that will confirm she isn’t what she seems to be.

    As far as judging, a picture says a million words true enough, so when the BTK seriel killer and they saw all the happy photos of him with his family and church friends is a perfect example no one is who they seem!

  • Intrigued

    Ok so here are my questions: if there is trouble in paradise, then why did Adam want Behati to be around for Thanksgiving and Christmas instead of her going home. And why did he give her that pig, that rumor is gaining momentum again. I mean to give her an animal which will obviously be living at his house implies that he thinks she will be staying around. I agree that they don’t look in love and he doesn’t acknowledge her and all, but his actions suggest that he wants her. If he doesn’t really love her why is she around ALL the time. I just don’t get how it doesn’t make sense. I feel like we are missing something. If you are having problems do you just keep on spending 24 hours a day together? I never thought it would go on this long, but if she’s that awful why doesn’t he dump her.? Unknown- tell me!

  • Intrigued

    Oh and should I assume we are switching our discussion over to this post? Are you girls all here?

  • Jennifer

    I am! I have to come up with a response. This is a great discussion with many great questions being asked and many great points being made.

  • Curious

    Yep, I’m here! I don’t think he got her a pig; I saw one of the Mermaids questioning the original poster of that tweet about it and then she and one other of the regulars jumped on the bandwagon. @ Intrigued, perhaps it wasn’t his choice that she stuck around for Thanksgiving and X-mas…maybe she just wouldn’t leave and he felt bad telling her to. I’m assuming she will be going to NYC with him for NYE, so maybe he will cut her loose then so that she’s already in her home city and doesn’t have to literally send her packing from LA. Despite what his cocky personality might suggest, I think he probably does have a problem being the “dumper”. I think he’s probably actually rather sensitive/emotional about such things. He said in the Stern interview recently something like that he doesn’t ever ‘not’ want to be with the girl he’s with, which implys to me that he isn’t the one to directly end things. Anyway, glad @Unknown is back! Hope she sticks around for a while as I always enjoy reading her posts. I am curious about something she said earlier: “Adam will never be honest to how they truely met or the fact at one time Behati even lived with Anne when she first came to America as a model. He will not admit to the fact that Behati is no more than just a coworker. Adam and Behati have had flings during the relationship and the main source knows actually some of his friends to well”. Does this mean that Adam and Behati both cheated on their respective others prior to breaking up with them for good and hooking up publicly??? Also, some of the other stuff she said leads me to believe my earlier conculusion was perhaps more correct than not in that Adam originally hooked up with her out of convienience and then couldn’t really get rid of her per se. To me, that would kind of explain his lack of acknowledgement of their relationship all along and the fact that he has never appeared to be legitimatly happy and “in love” with her. Would also kind of explain why there has been a sudden lack of public sightings of them together (even at events she attended) and why she has gotten progressively more sullen looking, lost weight, etc. if he is starting to treat her accordingly and stop pretending he wants her around. Again, all of that is total speculation on my part. As far as all of the mean comments about Behati specifically, I think that will occur to a certian extent with any girl Adam dates. There will always be people who pick them apart and find fault with everything she does out of shear jealousy. I looked at some of the comments about Anne when she and Adam were together and people were just as mean and hateful.

  • Unknown

    Morning everyone!
    See the thing is so it will clear up what I said about Behati and Adam. Yes they hooked up during their relationships. The reason I know all this besides my sources is the clues are there you have to go way back in the beginning of Adam and Annes relationship. When he went to NYC to be with Anne he met her at a lil pub they all hung out. Here is the thing see even I don’t like the NY post, most of it is all strerched out truth. Now here is the thing that gets me. He went outside to talk to a brunette while she smoked a cigarette and her friends dragged her away. Ok this was back in Feb when Adam first met Anne. Ok signs are all there that’s when they met. A year and a half almost to the break up point he was doing a show, and rumors of him cheating with a brunette bartendar. He defended the fact he didn’t. Well he was half right because my source says it wasn’t a Bartendar it was Behati that went to visit him and partied at the producers house. A few weeks later he tweeted something about a kids movie that brunettes have magical powers too. I don’t recall I think it was in reference to Repunzell (sp?) The fact she was blonde and lost her magical powers when her hair turned brown. Anne tweeted a very sweet Happy Birthday with a homemade Bday cake for Adam. Non of his friends wished her a Happy Bday but yet when Adam did it was more like oh hey Happy Bday, like a buddy where as he was opening up to refering her as his hot GF and so on, then all the sudden he said he didn’t go to Coachella which he was actually at a studio yet he tells people that’s where he and Behati met. Then Anne openly told they broke up. A week and a half later or less depends on how you look at the time frame. She and Jamie roke up, which previously from what I hear there were no issues and she started making excuses not to go out with Jamie. Here is another thing less than 2 weeks she is in Hawaii at a friends wedding? And is comfoortable with out make up. Come on ladies we all know in the beginning and doesn’t matter how secure we are as women we never let a man see us w o some type of make up unless we have been with them for a lil bit. Maybe a month but not less than 3 weeks. Even if she is a very confident young woman still a lil gloss not hair looking like she just rolled out of bed after sex. And then Anne stopped following Behati, and Ali who is not only Annes manager, but he also stepped a side as Behatis manager as well. No woman all the sudden stops following another woman on twitter unless they severly pissed them off or in fact if the woman is scorned. Anne is still singleafter the break up which says to me she is still recovering from the break up and from what I hear she is in fact devastated. Yes Anne was wrong for the reasons she hooked with Adam, and yes she did in fact fall in love with him. Even her tantrums were annoying and bragging, but she never cheated on Adam.
    Behati after first being discovered they always put a new model with another model as roomies. The original modle she was suppose to move in with quit modeling or something to that effect. Then she was placed with Anne through Womens Management. Anne use to call Behati the lill sister she never had. Now she doesn’t call her at all. So what does that say.
    There are to many clues this was happening in the long run, Behati even went as far as taking up yoga a year and a half ago when she found out that Anne was taking it and all the sudden she started playing or attempting to play golf and also got some pointers on photography. She even began watching S O A as well. Which none of these things Behati was never interested in then out of the blue she wanted all these things at once. She also started dressing differently than she normally did. Looking more like a rocker chic and looking less like she always did before. If you never saw how she dressed before she was always dressed up esp when she dated Jamie. And all the sudden she switched into the rocker chic. She alwasy loved pop and hip hop all the sudden she started listening to rock alternative and other forms of music she normally didn’t listen too. However, ironically Adam has always had. Even my source informed me that she never wanted to go out to dinner with Jamie but always wanted and showed up as soon as Adam and Anne were around. Esp if Adam was in town. She all the sudden became interested in art which Behati use to make fun of people that liked it for fun. Its one thing to be introduced to new things but as soon as she found outthat Adam was interested or was into something those seem to be the things she ook interest in. From another source I am taking it Blake and Miranda aren’t exactly loving Adam and his new GF esp Behati. Even jokes r being made in front of them about their relationship. Why do u guys think they did those lil sketches I mean come on. Did they really need to prove they all get along by fake sketches. Behati has also taken interest in the family business

  • Unknown

    From what I gather Aunt Mardi isn’t exactly impressed with Behati at all. They all say she is a nice girl, but you know when people say she seems nice it usually means they have reservations about a person. From what I understand they all are on gaurd about her. They don’t speak up to Adam because of the fact like he did with Anne he shuts down and does what he wants. That’s the way he is. Behati full on chased after Adam playing the sweet friend many saw it coming from her stand point but her lies about Anne, even Anne didn’t deserve to be lied on that much, to Adam when they had problems didn’t help thatBehati took photos of Anne partying with her friends and yes Anne lied about not going out while Adam was out of town. But still Behati was suppose to be her friend. In fact one of the VS Angels, won’t disclose which one use to adore Behati, hung out the whole nine yards, apparently can’t stand her at all. In fact several of them. They just choose to be nice for variety of reasons. Its like we have to work with you and act like we are sisters. Kind of like when your fave tv show all the actors say we are one big happy family and swear they are but years down the line the truth comes out they absolutely hated eachothers guts. Its like that. It is just ironic that when Anne and Adam started having real problems in their relationship which it was doomed from the beginning anyway, but Behati always seemed to appeasr out of the blue. And the fact she didn’t have Adams number at the time but yet she appeared in certain places just ironically after being the good friend to Anne listening to all their problems. Even Annes friend who was upset at first for dating Adam after she had dated him even took Annes side and Anne even posted a picture of her on her twitter page. Yes I am speaking of Angela, the other model. So now even certain people who adored Behati is now like well you got what you wanted but apparently things aren’t what they seemed. She didn’t get to be in his music videos and isn’t at all the Lakers games. Even my source is saying yes Adam likes her, even thinks she is a sweet girl but they can tell he has reservations about her. In fact what I understand some of the guys have refered to Behati as Adams personal groupie. Behind their backs of course.

  • Unknown

    That’s all for now kiddos!

    Happy New Year!!

    Oh BTW he did not buy her a piggy!! They were looking at a puppy once but she wanted a kitty instead however, she didn’t get it becuz Adam is allergic and to be honest he doesn’t care for cats at all! He is a doggy lover!! Besides Frankie would eat it LOL