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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Family Vacation to Turks & Caicos!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Family Vacation to Turks & Caicos!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly spending Christmas week with their children on the island of Turks and Caicos!

“They are at Donna [Karan]‘s house, without Donna, and have been loving the island because it is so secluded,” a source told Page Six. “Angelina‘s taken the kids to Karan‘s yoga spa. They’ve been running around the island with no care in the world, and relaxing.”

The family was joined for the holiday by Brad‘s mom Jane.

The exclusive home sits on a white-sand beach with 360 degree views, a posh screening room, and an infinity pool lined with black volcanic stone.

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I hope the story is true. Nice to hear they are enjoying family time.

  • Sfingaa

    So what?! Leave them alone already…

  • Mama

    No pics !?!

  • Ssshhii_baby

    Wedding bells!!!

  • Allie

    Love them, hope we get pics.

  • Nikki


  • Cassi

    Jared is fast. Actually Brad’s mom and dad,Brad’s brother, brother’s wife, brother’s kids, Brad’s sister, sister’s husband, sister’s kids all were there with JP family.

  • Seguro de Hogar

    We love you Brad and Angeline!

  • an opinion

    @Cassi: Yes the page six story is mostly wrong except for the fact that they were at Turks and Caicos. Just goes to show these tabs know nothing they just spread lies they hear from others. Nevertheless hope they had a fun time spending Christmas with family in an amazing setting.

  • kiki

    Cheating whores!

  • please

    good grief, the whole Pitt family has been there not just grandma Jane. About 22 family members gossip rags either lie or get most things wrong. Hope they are having a blast.

  • Cassi

    Yes tabs know nothing about JP family. We fans have 100% credible sources and we have known this a few days ago.

  • awwww

    Turks and Caicos is beautiful. Maybe they get married there.

  • groundcontrol

    I’ll just repeat my post from the other thread.
    Turks & Caicos is just an island hop away from Haiti. Angie and Brad usually try to reach out to others during their Christmas trips. So being at T&C is no surprise.
    This is just what Brad dreamed of. A lovely family to share with his parents and siblings. So glad that this great guy finally achieved his dream. Even if it’s just Brad and Angie and kids plus Brad’s immediate family we are talking like 23 people. Now that’s a fun Christmas par-tay. Adults, teens and little people – with Mad in the middle of it all LOL!
    Love how these tabs and gossip columns know NOTHING about the JPs. They’ve been there since the 21st and they only got this info a week after the fact cause teens will be teens.
    Happy Holidays all.

  • groundcontrol

    Oh for gods sake. They have 8 adults and 6 teenagers and I seriously doubt they have even one nanny along for the 9 younger children among the families. They have their own built in babysitters. Even nannies get holidays off. Page Six is an ass.
    Now they may have a few bodyguards.

  • Huhuhu

    These Brangelina freaks scare me. “We fans have 100% credible sources and we have known this a few days ago.” Oh really?! I wonder what happens when this couple calls it quits. A series of mental breakdowns amongst Brangie fans .

  • ?

    i wonder when your boyfriend dumped you….

  • ?

    you only scares yourself, no one else..

  • BW

    groundcontrol @ 12/28/2012 at 4:21 am
    22 people not 23. 14 kids + 8 adults = 22 people

  • kjhi

    They are DEFINITELY getting married! why else would the entire family be there?

  • Rose

    @groundcontrol: Good morning GC . Brad and Angie continues to keep their business close to the vest. They don’t send out the PR to give the talking points to the press, eg “his amazing shirtless physique and her amazing body.”.
    Brad and Angie info has to be leaked , from outsiders, to the press. The same thing with the engagement they never gave out a press released. Angle was seen with an engagement ring. Press asked if they were engaged, they confirmed. I love how BA keep it simple. I guess one day we’ll see wedding bands and find out they were married very quietly.

    Another thing, isn’t that island, T&C one of the most fabulous places, Omg, that house, to die for. What a beautiful vacation for the entire family.

    Good morning to the early birds and those fans lurking, have a great day.

  • Antonio

    HUHUHU- “You fear too much, so much you make me fear” NOT!

  • Rose

    @ Susan, good morning Susan, how are you? Did you go to Ohio? If so, how is the weather?

    Hi Phool, good morning my dear. I’m starting early because I’ll be out most of the day.

    Good morning woman Spanish, hope you’re doing great. Take care.

    Hi Tish, you’re in my prayers every day. Please stay strong.

    #13, from your mouth to God’s ears. That would be a great new years gift for the fans. Does DK makes wedding gowns? :-)

  • Rose

    @Huhuhu: I wonder what’s happens when squiggy dumps sad spook. A series of mental breakdowns among the Jenhens? It’s coming.

  • trolls r stupid

    some fans knowing about their whereabouts for several days, does not equal breakdowns should they ever split. No logic to that statement.


    23is exact
    “8 adults and 6 teenagers and I seriously doubt they have even one nanny along for the 9 !”

  • lylian

    How lovely is it to be able to have your whole extended family together for a family holiday. My family does that! And as long as each nuclear family has some space of their own to chill out, the whole family has a wonderful time together. Jane and Bill must be in heaven to see their children and in laws and grandchildren all getting along so well.

  • lol

    Angelina spent Christmas with Brad ,their kids and Brad’s parents and siblings. Meanwhile Ticky spent Christmas with neither her family nor McStumpy’s family. LOL. Jen hens are dying.

  • Rose

    @ Jaye, you have too much talent to be sitting on the couch becoming a potato. So happy to see the real Jaye participating in this crazy stress released nonsense we do here at times. Jaye, I don’t like bullies, and you know some of these trolls are here with one purpose in mind, harass the fans. I give my opinions occasionally, but try not to keep the nonsense going. To be honest, I find most of the fans to be really nice people and i love to read their posts. I’ll not name names, but most of the fans are really sweet and caring people.
    I really don’t care what trolls say about me. If I can work with 34-36 mentally I’ll chemically abusers I can hold my own with 3-4 trolls if I want to. I’m accustomed to the yelling, screaming, lying and cussing. But there are some really intelligent and decent people with mental illness and I love them also. I would never hold their illness against them, like I would never hold someone who has cancer against them. My motto, take responsibility for your behavior, trolls.

  • NWO BrAnge-Traitors

    stay there satanic scum

  • loons r stalkers

    some loons need a rubber room pronto

  • Skeletal Ang Needs Seclusion

    & She’ll still go to the beach wrapped in a black shroud

  • Shreya

    The whole family there with them – getting married in secret? I hope so..

  • smh

    I see the troll is here pissed that the family is together. Now they see how it is possible to go on a vacation and not be photographed daily. If you don’t want to be seen you can find a way. **cough cough to some celebs**

  • hmmmm


    Brad’s brother has 3 kids
    Sister has 5
    Brad/Angie 6

    8 + 6 = 14; plus 8 adults that makes 22 not 23

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Great frinds

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Sorry friends

  • XYZ

    we dont care

  • ~

    why is this news? let them have a vacation.

    this post just seems unnecessary

  • Guest

    apparently Brad’s nieces have been talking about this trip for months which is interesting because during KTS interview with people magazine Brad said this concerning holiday plans

    So what do you want for Christmas?
    I haven’t even thought about it, other than gifts for the familia. When we’re done here next week, I’ll be able…[he's distracted by the twins and laughs]…to think about the holidays.

    Where will you guys spend them?
    We honestly don’t know. [Chuckles] We’ve been on the grind; we come up for air next week and we’ll figure it all out. I’m about to get on a red-eye and be in New York by 8 a.m. I do press for two days, I get back on a red-eye, land and go straight to set the next morning. This has been my life for a few weeks now.

    So he knew they were going to the Carribean months ago. This why when trolls get excited about him saying he doesnt have a wedding date etc they should know Brad is throwing the media off. They are leaving tomorrow and they have been in the Carribean since last Friday, great way to throw the paps off, take note jennifer. Another interesting thing is in the interview he said the wedding would be”just family” and “simple”, if Jon V or James are sighted I smell a secret wedding, but as far as I can tell they arent there with them

  • http://cellphone Susan

    @Rose: Good morning, my family came from Ohio and they left yesterday. It is normally a 10 hour , when it is not snowing.

  • hmmmm


    do you here voice in your head. Who are the We you are talking about. If you don’t care why post? just skip the article and move on to a celeb you care about. easy.

  • ur info?


    how do you know they are leaving tomorrow?
    brad’s niece’s twitter i suppose?

  • Joe


    “What’s happens”???


    Even more ignorant than I thought… Wow!

  • Huhuhu

    Lovely comebacks from Brangie freaks, but you’re still scary bunch of nolifers. Live your own life instead of living through a celebrity couple who don’t even know you exist.

  • um

    @ur info?: people follow his nieces twiiter? that seems weird to me

  • ellen

    Angelina Jolie is ugly, she has to eat now and make treatment for anorexics.

  • marlanni
  • Rose

    @Joe, so glad I was able to give you a boner this morning. Now, smoke a cigarette and back to sleep, freak, lol.

  • marlanni

    Here are some more views, just scroll down.