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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Family Vacation to Turks & Caicos!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Family Vacation to Turks & Caicos!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly spending Christmas week with their children on the island of Turks and Caicos!

“They are at Donna [Karan]’s house, without Donna, and have been loving the island because it is so secluded,” a source told Page Six. “Angelina’s taken the kids to Karan’s yoga spa. They’ve been running around the island with no care in the world, and relaxing.”

The family was joined for the holiday by Brad‘s mom Jane.

The exclusive home sits on a white-sand beach with 360 degree views, a posh screening room, and an infinity pool lined with black volcanic stone.

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# 1
Media Wh@re MANiston @ 12/28/2012 at 2:25 am

I hope the story is true. Nice to hear they are enjoying family time.

# 2

So what?! Leave them alone already…

# 3

No pics !?!

# 4
Ssshhii_baby @ 12/28/2012 at 2:29 am

Wedding bells!!!

# 5

Love them, hope we get pics.

# 7

Jared is fast. Actually Brad’s mom and dad,Brad’s brother, brother’s wife, brother’s kids, Brad’s sister, sister’s husband, sister’s kids all were there with JP family.

# 8

We love you Brad and Angeline!

# 9
an opinion @ 12/28/2012 at 2:55 am

@Cassi: Yes the page six story is mostly wrong except for the fact that they were at Turks and Caicos. Just goes to show these tabs know nothing they just spread lies they hear from others. Nevertheless hope they had a fun time spending Christmas with family in an amazing setting.

Cheating whores!

good grief, the whole Pitt family has been there not just grandma Jane. About 22 family members gossip rags either lie or get most things wrong. Hope they are having a blast.

Yes tabs know nothing about JP family. We fans have 100% credible sources and we have known this a few days ago.

Turks and Caicos is beautiful. Maybe they get married there.

groundcontrol @ 12/28/2012 at 4:01 am

I’ll just repeat my post from the other thread.
Turks & Caicos is just an island hop away from Haiti. Angie and Brad usually try to reach out to others during their Christmas trips. So being at T&C is no surprise.
This is just what Brad dreamed of. A lovely family to share with his parents and siblings. So glad that this great guy finally achieved his dream. Even if it’s just Brad and Angie and kids plus Brad’s immediate family we are talking like 23 people. Now that’s a fun Christmas par-tay. Adults, teens and little people – with Mad in the middle of it all LOL!
Love how these tabs and gossip columns know NOTHING about the JPs. They’ve been there since the 21st and they only got this info a week after the fact cause teens will be teens.
Happy Holidays all.

groundcontrol @ 12/28/2012 at 4:21 am

Oh for gods sake. They have 8 adults and 6 teenagers and I seriously doubt they have even one nanny along for the 9 younger children among the families. They have their own built in babysitters. Even nannies get holidays off. Page Six is an ass.
Now they may have a few bodyguards.

These Brangelina freaks scare me. “We fans have 100% credible sources and we have known this a few days ago.” Oh really?! I wonder what happens when this couple calls it quits. A series of mental breakdowns amongst Brangie fans .

i wonder when your boyfriend dumped you….

you only scares yourself, no one else..

groundcontrol @ 12/28/2012 at 4:21 am
22 people not 23. 14 kids + 8 adults = 22 people

They are DEFINITELY getting married! why else would the entire family be there?

@groundcontrol: Good morning GC . Brad and Angie continues to keep their business close to the vest. They don’t send out the PR to give the talking points to the press, eg “his amazing shirtless physique and her amazing body.”.
Brad and Angie info has to be leaked , from outsiders, to the press. The same thing with the engagement they never gave out a press released. Angle was seen with an engagement ring. Press asked if they were engaged, they confirmed. I love how BA keep it simple. I guess one day we’ll see wedding bands and find out they were married very quietly.

Another thing, isn’t that island, T&C one of the most fabulous places, Omg, that house, to die for. What a beautiful vacation for the entire family.

Good morning to the early birds and those fans lurking, have a great day.

HUHUHU- “You fear too much, so much you make me fear” NOT!

@ Susan, good morning Susan, how are you? Did you go to Ohio? If so, how is the weather?

Hi Phool, good morning my dear. I’m starting early because I’ll be out most of the day.

Good morning woman Spanish, hope you’re doing great. Take care.

Hi Tish, you’re in my prayers every day. Please stay strong.

#13, from your mouth to God’s ears. That would be a great new years gift for the fans. Does DK makes wedding gowns? :-)

@Huhuhu: I wonder what’s happens when squiggy dumps sad spook. A series of mental breakdowns among the Jenhens? It’s coming.

trolls r stupid @ 12/28/2012 at 5:10 am

some fans knowing about their whereabouts for several days, does not equal breakdowns should they ever split. No logic to that statement.

23is exact
“8 adults and 6 teenagers and I seriously doubt they have even one nanny along for the 9 !”

How lovely is it to be able to have your whole extended family together for a family holiday. My family does that! And as long as each nuclear family has some space of their own to chill out, the whole family has a wonderful time together. Jane and Bill must be in heaven to see their children and in laws and grandchildren all getting along so well.

Angelina spent Christmas with Brad ,their kids and Brad’s parents and siblings. Meanwhile Ticky spent Christmas with neither her family nor McStumpy’s family. LOL. Jen hens are dying.

@ Jaye, you have too much talent to be sitting on the couch becoming a potato. So happy to see the real Jaye participating in this crazy stress released nonsense we do here at times. Jaye, I don’t like bullies, and you know some of these trolls are here with one purpose in mind, harass the fans. I give my opinions occasionally, but try not to keep the nonsense going. To be honest, I find most of the fans to be really nice people and i love to read their posts. I’ll not name names, but most of the fans are really sweet and caring people.
I really don’t care what trolls say about me. If I can work with 34-36 mentally I’ll chemically abusers I can hold my own with 3-4 trolls if I want to. I’m accustomed to the yelling, screaming, lying and cussing. But there are some really intelligent and decent people with mental illness and I love them also. I would never hold their illness against them, like I would never hold someone who has cancer against them. My motto, take responsibility for your behavior, trolls.

NWO BrAnge-Traitors @ 12/28/2012 at 6:09 am

stay there satanic scum

loons r stalkers @ 12/28/2012 at 6:13 am

some loons need a rubber room pronto

Skeletal Ang Needs Seclusion @ 12/28/2012 at 6:19 am

& She’ll still go to the beach wrapped in a black shroud

The whole family there with them – getting married in secret? I hope so..

I see the troll is here pissed that the family is together. Now they see how it is possible to go on a vacation and not be photographed daily. If you don’t want to be seen you can find a way. **cough cough to some celebs**


Brad’s brother has 3 kids
Sister has 5
Brad/Angie 6

8 + 6 = 14; plus 8 adults that makes 22 not 23

why is this news? let them have a vacation.

this post just seems unnecessary

apparently Brad’s nieces have been talking about this trip for months which is interesting because during KTS interview with people magazine Brad said this concerning holiday plans

So what do you want for Christmas?
I haven’t even thought about it, other than gifts for the familia. When we’re done here next week, I’ll be able…[he's distracted by the twins and laughs]…to think about the holidays.

Where will you guys spend them?
We honestly don’t know. [Chuckles] We’ve been on the grind; we come up for air next week and we’ll figure it all out. I’m about to get on a red-eye and be in New York by 8 a.m. I do press for two days, I get back on a red-eye, land and go straight to set the next morning. This has been my life for a few weeks now.

So he knew they were going to the Carribean months ago. This why when trolls get excited about him saying he doesnt have a wedding date etc they should know Brad is throwing the media off. They are leaving tomorrow and they have been in the Carribean since last Friday, great way to throw the paps off, take note jennifer. Another interesting thing is in the interview he said the wedding would be”just family” and “simple”, if Jon V or James are sighted I smell a secret wedding, but as far as I can tell they arent there with them

@Rose: Good morning, my family came from Ohio and they left yesterday. It is normally a 10 hour , when it is not snowing.


do you here voice in your head. Who are the We you are talking about. If you don’t care why post? just skip the article and move on to a celeb you care about. easy.


how do you know they are leaving tomorrow?
brad’s niece’s twitter i suppose?


“What’s happens”???


Even more ignorant than I thought… Wow!

Lovely comebacks from Brangie freaks, but you’re still scary bunch of nolifers. Live your own life instead of living through a celebrity couple who don’t even know you exist.

@ur info?: people follow his nieces twiiter? that seems weird to me

Angelina Jolie is ugly, she has to eat now and make treatment for anorexics.

@Joe, so glad I was able to give you a boner this morning. Now, smoke a cigarette and back to sleep, freak, lol.

wow!here’s hopin its true.have fun JPs.

Angelina Jolie is too skinny and ugly, she looks like a anorexic.

Cute snap- everybody loves the JPs


BTW, the older nephews tweet, too- it’s not just the girls’ “fault”.

@katiemack05 #tbt back when we met Brad & Angelina

Birthday Boy Brad Pitt’s Cutest Moments With Angelina and the Kids!: …

Well at least she is not a porker like the one in Mexico airing out her dried out cooch.
Some time next week she will be at her plastic surgeon for lipo on her beer gut, thunder tighs and flabby arms. Her face is like a chipmunk now, so it can’t take any more fillers for now, and there is nothing to be done for her eyes so close together.

Wonderbust @ 12/28/2012 at 9:28 am

trolls are mad because for weeks they have been spamming the board about Brad and Angelina being “apart” but now they have been spotted at a gorgeous island with FAMILY unlike a certain someone

Angelina Jolie is too skinny and ugly, she looks like an anorexic.

hmhmmh… Annal … are just this 500 lbs fatzo.ur jealousy towards the jolie will kill ur fat azzz

and look at the famous urinated tickyston……reading some thrashy book.she’ll never finish that tiny book in a week.dumbniston to the max.sure!

the JPs are soo blessed.bless der hearts.

I just saw Pax in nephew’s photo lol he is too funny.

And maniston looks ugly and fat. Famewhore.

Angelina takes a look ugly she looks like a skull, she is so ugly.

*FILTHY|JOLIE|WHORE|PANTIES* @ 12/28/2012 at 10:26 am

first again
banned again
FJWP forever

Old fat manny called a pap…ei ei o! With a crotch shot here and a fat thigh there- ugh 2 gross 2 continue. Glad the JPs are having a well deserved time off- place looks gorgeous!

Jen In Rehab @ 12/28/2012 at 10:33 am

Brad and Angie spending the holiday with family in a beautiful place, so happy for them.
Hope they marry in 2013 so many wanna be’s rushed to get it done this yr.
God bless the jolie-pitts

ANGELONIES UNITE! @ 12/28/2012 at 10:37 am

I predict all loonie tunes will seriously hate on Brad something fierce when this split happens. And AJ will be put on an even longer air pedestal then ever! And NO–7 or 8 years is NOT a long time for a relationship and kids nor being both good looking help keep couples together!

poor Aniston fans @ 12/28/2012 at 10:50 am

Brad and Angelina have a beautiful, fun and lively family to spend holidays and vacations with. Meanwhile, Aniston choose to do the same ol vacation year after year and continues to ignore her family or even spend time with them. Now she seem to have pulled her paid piece from his family as well. I heard prior to Aniston he was very close to his immediate family. The money must be really good.

I don’t and never will understand why the Aniston fans would continue to wish Brad, a man who grew up with a close tight knit family and longed forhis own someday, to stay with such a self-centered, selfish, family hating person. Once Brad saw the true her, he knew the merger wouldn’t last. I’m glad Brad and Angelina found love and family with one another.

@PT and QQQQ

Nadal is out of Australian Open stomach virus.

Ssshhii_baby @ 12/28/2012 at 11:02 am

@ANGELONIES UNITE!: well if both being good looking cant help keep the couple to stay together, then watch out for tsunami 2…where all the RETARDISTON scream and jump in the deep ocean!!! if the most gorgeous couple can’t make it, then the UgLIEST couple(ticky&leech) doesn’t have a chance n hell!!! thanks for confirming that, jenHen!

OT – PT & Premalee
“Nadal pulls out of Aussie Open with stomach virus”
I said it yesterday that I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled out and he did. There is waayyy more to the KNEES than they are letting on.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 11:04 am

Are we that desperate for a new thread that we need to have one based on a Page Six gossip story? This is right up there with the old tabloid threads we used to ream Jared about…

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 11:07 am

Also, Page Six are idiots. Like Jane is there without Bill. Their sources are just as bad as the other tabs if they didn’t bother to report that Brad’s entire immediate family is there as well.

Ssshhii_baby @ 12/28/2012 at 11:10 am

Good morning to all the Jolie-Pitt fans from around the world…special hugs for lovely Rose&Phool…stay warm out there ladies!!! trolls are just piss that their PR queen is playing them each time…heres Brad&angie with the whole family+extended…while their old hag is being denied by the gigolo family!!! you would think for a newly engaged couple, they would want to spend time getting to know their would be daughter inlaw…Ooopsie!!! they did have one…her name was Heidi…since they know their son very well….they don’t want to waste time on something that won’t last…why bother…

cheater ho bradpitt & baby @ 12/28/2012 at 11:12 am



Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 11:16 am

# 15 groundcontrol @ 12/28/2012 at 4:21 am
Personally I found it hilarious that the 12-nannies rumor came from a guy who’s an editor for Architectural Digest. Just goes to show how interested EVERYONE is in Brad and Angie and their family. Now Huvsy will have to get someone from GQ to tweet about how great Ticky’s body looks and how beautiful she is in her “natural” state while on her Meh-hee-can vacay…

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 11:20 am

Switching gears for a sec…I’m am SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO totally chuffed today! Got home late last night and saw that the Let’s All Save The Meh-hee-can Economy Ass & Cooch Part MMCCXVIII continues! I have know idea what that Roman number comes out to in the decimal numbers…but it’s a really high number! LOL!
Ticky kills me. She and Squigs were seen on Monday…managed to NOT be seen for 2 days…and then after Huvsy has had time to analyze all the negative comments online they re-appear with a new strategy. It just so happens that I’ve managed to purloin a copy of the email Huvsy sent to Ticky -
Jen -
They didn’t bite. We need to change things up a little -
1. Show some affection, for God’s sake! Everyone’s saying Justin looks like a broke ass rent-a-gigolo and he won’t even look at you in public (even though you’re supposed to be in a “private” setting) let alone touch you. Don’t make me send more Brad-hands-on-Angie’s-ass photos. Copy that move. Even Clooney’s trying to work it!
2. Invites some couples down there for “couples time”. Show everyone that you have couple-y friends and are generous enough to invited HIS friends on vacation. (Plus, it’s official – Jimmy Kimmel has been bought so he’ll need to be one of the guests. Remember – Chelsea: Out. Jimmy: In.)
3. Justin – Dude, here’s a script! Act like you’ve got some work in progress! Everybody’s talkin’ about your 2-year “hiatus”! And be sure to invite a “friend” who just successfully had a script he wrote made into an actual movie! We’ll leak that you’re collaborating with Krasinski on a new project!

4. Jen – Krasinski just worked with Damon so we can work that old connection back to Brad if we have to. I’ll figure out a way to get you seen with Damon the same as we did Clooney.
5. Justin – Lose the hat and belt. First off, a newsboy cap? That’s so Brad Pitt circa 2007 and the last thing you need is to come up on the losing end of another Brad Pitt-hit-it-first comparison. Besides, that look said, “I wanna be cool but am a total d o u c h e bag’…but I’m getting P-A-I-D! Sheesh! You’re not in NYC anymore so drop the hipster act. It’s worn itself out.
6. Jen – Girlfriend, read a book. That’ll make folks think you’re intellectual. (PS – Next time though, put the book closer to your face. That way people will think you’re REALLY reading it and it’s not just for show. Or do you really expect people to believe you need glasses to walk around but you can put a book 3 feet from your face and still discern the characters on the page well enough to be reading?)
7. Jen – Ummmm…don’t really know how to be polite about it, so I’ll just throw it out there: Suck in your gut. People are saying you’re looking a little thick around the midsection. Also, good move leaving the weave at home. That would have looked a bit odd since you’re on “vacation”.
8. Justin – Smile…but not that maniacal Tom-Cruise-in-desperation-mode-cuz-he-needs-a-hit smile that makes you look like a child-toucher-serial-killer. It won’t kill you…AND it’s in your GD contract!
9. Jen – Lose the gynecological-visit pose. People are saying you look like you’re practicing for your movie-audition-that-you-won’t-get-the-role-for. Secondly – even I’m going, “EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! SO DON’T NEED TO SEE THAT BEFORE BREAKFAST!!”
10. Justin – Take one for the Gipper, ‘kay? Jen’s child-bearing years are coming to a close and we REALLY don’t have time to break another guy, in…

BASTARD KID SHI-OOOOOOH @ 12/28/2012 at 11:24 am

today dr phill talking about affair kids and how unloved and fu/ked up they feel and i thought of shiloh because she is a ******* child

the kid is miserable so is the others and parents. the parents cant dress for sh/tt nor the kids.

OUT OF WEDLOCK KIDS @ 12/28/2012 at 11:29 am

12 nannies well am not surprised since they birth and bought them miserable kids out of wedlock they sure are tired of taking care of them. btw i thought they had 30 nannies instead, why page six reduced the number of those stupid nannies to 12.

those two hoes whinning and gushing to quit hollywood for their kids, lmao. we all know that nannies take care of those fu/ked up miserable idiots.

Ssshhii_baby @ 12/28/2012 at 11:32 am

Bwahaha you know the Jolie-Pitt are doing something right when it enrages the RETARDISTON to the point of taking it out on the kids! chill the bottle of champagne cuz wedding bells are ringing!!!!

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 11:34 am

# 40 Guest @ 12/28/2012 at 7:39 am
Maybe Brad and Angie’s decision to join them was last minute. There’s no way 22 people are staying at Donna Karan’s house unless they sleeping 4 or 5 to a bed. It’s more likely that Brad and Angie are staying at Donna Karan’s house and the others at nearby rental homes. They’d also need hotels for their security guys. There’s no way they went on vacay without security because people blab. They know that sooner or later someone would give away their whereabouts. I’d even go so far as to say the nannies are with them because that’s how they roll. The nannies get great “vacations” because they’re not on duty all the time…and the trolls get hernias contorting themselves with crazy theories. Sounds like a win-win to me.

I saw a pic that one jp kid was in that pic. Fans, don’t post the link here. Trolls and tabs interns park their asses here.


Idiot loons are always bored because their hoes not been seen together for 10months and probably keep clicking on Aniston stories to post carp about her not knowing they’re helping her. Jolie fans always the brightest

ANGELONIES UNITE! @ 12/28/2012 at 11:47 am


You mean take out that Welches grape juice SLUSHY. And PRETEND its champagne like you’re pretending this is a relationship.

GOD BLESS THE JOLLIEPITTS, LOL @ 12/28/2012 at 11:49 am


LOL, this is so funny. She can’t even get to #1 on her loon-infested site.
Miley and Kristen top her.

She’s probably mad at JJ for placing her 3rd and that’s why she gave the Turks & Caicos story to Page Six.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 11:34 am
PT, Brangelinaforum has pictures of Donna Karen’s house, there are many houses in there.

Yes, leathery old manny is STILL desperate & ridiculous AND tiny stolen troll boy is equally ridiculous in his girly jorts & winter hat. Well, now blogs are saying that it may be a JP wedding happening- but wait- Brad’s family would have to be there- but wait- are Brad’s family all nannies? How about Jon Voight- is he a nanny, too? Didn’t he get an Oscar? I guess they mustaward Oscars to nannies, too. Okay, in all seriousness, didn’t Marcheline’s ashes go somewhere in the Caribean?? There were so many rumors, not sure if we ever heard the truth about that. JPs keep us guessing! Happy New Year to all!



@ Passing Through #77 – ROTFLMFBAO!!!!!

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 11:58 am

# 69 Premalee @ 12/28/2012 at 11:00 am
Bullcaca. It’s probably still his knees. He’s going to have a stomach virus for over 2 weeks? The danged thing doesn’t even start until Jan 14. Good riddance is all I can say. That’s just one less tough seed on Roger’s side of the draw. LOL! As it is he’ll get stuck with Murray and DelPo or Berdych in his half…

Remarkable…12 nannies!

Well, it must keep Brad really busy poking all those nannies.


Good day fans,when these losers have a melt down know that something is wrong with fat tick

I’m not fucking nuts — I’m fucking Brad.

Ssshhii_baby @ 12/28/2012 at 12:04 pm

@ANGELONIES UNITE!: at least, we know they are a real family! Celebrating holidays and engagement…unlike some people having to pay for friends, cuz the would be inlaws HATE her guts for breaking up 14 yr. commonlaw marriage.. buying their son his soul…turning him into a drug addict SELL-OUT!!! faking her own engagement by buying her own TACKY GAUDY ring!!! yeah keep drinking that koolaide in la la LOONIfER land!!!bwahahaha

hy, i love the PT last post, it is brilliant funny, well done…

I glad to know they are in a paradise island with all family having a fun happy Holiday.

the haters say Angie and Brad don´t have friends but in the real world we know they are loved by all world and they have a lot of good friends like Donna Karan .

It´s the first time that i read they are friends. You only give the keys of your beach home to a good and real friend. it´s another slap to the haters.

The question now is if they will stay in the Island much more time. The paps with this infor will jump to the boats and assault the house with all photographic equipment they can.

Angie and Brad security have done a fantastic job protecting the all family. We don´t see one photo for months and when the paps have the lucky to find where they are, in minutes all the paps appear from nothing to get a pic. it´s insane.

I imagine now that the location is know , the security are in total alert and they will no longer be able to stay there with the liberty to go and enjoy the beauty of the place.

this is probably the last days in this paradise. it´s a shame if they have to leave because the paps are there. i hope they have the protection from the local police to control the paps. like in Namibia.

Well …. wish a happy Holiday to the Jolie-Pitt family and to all fans. kiss

Tabs have no clue about JP. When did ever JP have 12 nannies? What tabs didn’t know is that the Brad’s entire immediate family was there too.

The SADD PITTS @ 12/28/2012 at 12:07 pm


You better save your money and stick to Kool-Aid. Cause when this relationship sinks it wont be good.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 12:08 pm

# 71 QQQQ @ 12/28/2012 at 11:04 am
ITA. There’s definitely more to the knee sitch than they’re saying. I’m wondering if he quietly had prthroscopic surgery. Although, I did see some pix of him at a sponsor’s event in Spain about 2 weeks ago and he looked fine. Betcha he’ll be fine by clay court season and the French Open though…

It’s NOT really Donna Karan’s house, its a hotel. She rents the sh!t out all the time to folks who pay good money to stay there.

POOR LOONS @ 12/28/2012 at 12:11 pm


Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 11:34 am
I don’t think Brad’s immediate family have money to rent Donna Karen’s house. It is very expensive. It is definitely Brad/Angie pay for it. it is well planned. Brad didn’t want to tell the media about his Christmas plan.

LOL! The hen is having a melt down. Believe what you want to believe.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 12/28/2012 at 12:18 pm

Ot for just a moment, but over at Lamey’s (don’t judge), she actually said that Goopy cheated on Brad. We all know she did, but has anyone in the media (such as it is) EVER come right out and said this?

I have seen it hinted at, but I have never seen it said in print. Does anyone else know of anyone else making this statement? I only asked because I was so taken aback by the declaration.

troll posts virus again. don’t click on the video posted by #103. Troll is so desperate.

POOR LOONS @ 12/28/2012 at 12:25 pm


i know pitt should stick with only cool-aid but when they split pittslut will only pay child support for the only ******* 3 idiot kids

Maniston hens are having a nerve breakdown. hehehe

Doug Pitt might not be as stinking rich as BP but he is a millionaire as well. Folks need to stop making assumptions.

I wonder why they don’t just get rid if all their real estate and go from one hotel or rental to another. oh, wait — they already go from one hotel or rental to another.

troll meltdown @ 12/28/2012 at 12:38 pm

Yes, old manny has HUMILIATED herself again. Yes, the JPs continue their eight year streak of sweet love & success. Yes, the troll melts down. Same old, same old- doubt the pattern will change in 2013. Happy New Year!

ELLEN DEGENERES @ 12/28/2012 at 12:50 pm

Cheater ho brad called me to help him out for women to love him again, so i ask WHY! pittslut stated his jealousy took over and made a heartless comment about jen during parade gate interview which none was true because he was boring himself and no mature man sit around for a woman to make them happy,and now the whole world thinks he is not over her and jealous of her relationship with justin, WHICH IS SO TRUE becausehe knows their relationship is the real deal and after hooking up with jolie, he lost his good looks and now looks like sh/tt.

he has lost his balls too and famous HW angie dominate their relationship and trot their kids around but he prefer to stay in LA because he has no friends now.

ELLEN: stupitt we all told you so when you cheated and even OPRAH CLOONEY AND OTHER FRIENDS warned you. we all know who angie is in hollywood before you guys became an item, she is the girl who slept with her own mothers boyfriend and BROTHER and wrecked TWO OTHER MARRIAGES.


Many people have been cursing and wishing for the JPs to split and the same people have been praying for Jennifer to get her happy ending. And yet here are the JPs staying together against all odds and they continue to share the love and joy while Jennifer only now seems to have found her happy ending with Justin.

But why do I have the feeling that the JPs will still stay together rest of their lives with their children to grow up and become humanitarians. But Jennifer on the other hand I think won’t last if we look at her track record – many of her exes have said she is high maintenance and selfish and if not now but later Justin will recent the fact that they didn’t have children. How long can a couple keep travelling and holidaying without feeling lonely when they see a family with children?


Of course, if Brad is a cheater, then he´s a GREAT A$$ !
But I really want to emphasize the word “if” here ! Only an “if”, not more !!!

Observer2 @ 12/28/2012 at 1:07 pm

I haven’t read the entire thread, just the last two pages. Trolls are in serious meltdown mode. Which means that Brad and Angelina are doing things right.

The tabloid media suck. LOL.

They are there with Brad’s entire family. Meaning, his mother and father. Doug’s family and Julie’s family.

And what is Lenny doing? Not spending the holidays with her family and now has her runt doing the same thing. Her mother is seriously ill, but, that’s no skin off of Lenny’s back.

Her runt is wearing cut off skinny jeans, a belt and newsboy cap to sun. While he oils his body.

PT, your memo sounds about right. LMAO!

Trolls, continue chasing your tails and continue to be wrong, at every turn. It’s entertaining to see you lose your shiit. And lose it you do. Better put on a diaper. LOL.

Wonderbust @ 12/28/2012 at 1:12 pm

The place they are staying in cost like $4500 a night I think. Im pretty sure this was a planned vacation. We know there is good news with the family when the trolls have a meltdown

So, every man, who is cheating on his wife, is a REAL GREAT A$$ ! And has not deserved it, to live still together with his wife! And this count for relationship without marriage, too! No woman should be so stupid to accept such a situation!
That is the same like 1 + 1 = 2

ELLEN DEGENERES @ 12/28/2012 at 1:18 pm



Sorry, Shreya, comment 117 was made for ELLEN DEGENERES !

de Cosmos @ 12/28/2012 at 1:29 pm


Actually, Donna Karan’s ‘The sactuary’ is $30,000 a night for the whole place:

Is Doug Pitt still a millionaire? He sold his computer company years ago.

i just read the article about Donna Karan in the Architectural Digest and you all must read too. Now i get why they are friends and have some connection.

Like Angie mother, DK husband of 17 years died of cancer. DK love Africa and South Asia. she promise to her husband to build a peace place in the island. Mixing the Zen Asian culture with west culture. She loves the furniture design and architecture. She build a Village with 4 houses and a Zen center that could receive easily all Brad and Angie family.

i wonder if Donna Karan, that it is a famous designer and love the South Asian culture just like Angie, was chose to work in the weeding dress?? just asking…!!

Maybe this is the real Weeding time ???? i would loved to read next time the news: ” Angie and Brad have married in the paradise”…

I read this before, I wish there were pics. I miss seeing them. I am sure they are having fun. The Jolie-Pitts seems to enjoy and have fun where ever they go. I love them, I miss them, they are the best!

@ Dirkstar: apology accepted:) and good reply to the other person.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 1:46 pm

# 101 umm @ 12/28/2012 at 12:15 pm
What are you talking about? I didn’t say that Brad’s family rented Donna Karan’s house. I said that Brad and Angie MAY have at the last minute. IF the story’s even true. Come on – you’ve got to consider the source. Page Six also said there’s a rumor they had 12 nannies with them. Why even report that when it’s so freaking ludicrous? The most anyone’s ever seen with them is 4 – and one of those ladies is the childrens’ teacher.
I would assume the entire trip was an Xmas gift from Brad and Angie to his family. Then again you know what they say about assuming. And it’s not like Brad’s family is broke-ass. Doug’s ran a very successful computer business for 20 years (which he sold part ownership of 2 years ago) and his father has invested in real estate and rental property for nearly as long. Also, you’d be surprised what people get comped – like with their frequent flier miles & hotel comps. Hell, my brother’s taken his family around the world on the airlines’s & Hilton’s dime – UK, Europe, Greece, Australia, Hong Kong, Bahamas, NYC, Hawaii…and never paid for anything but their meals and spending money. One year he took his family to Australia by way of Hong Kong. They weregone for 2 weeks. The next year Delta changed their frequent flier rules so you couldn’t use so many points at once. They stayed in 4 and 5 star hotels, too, not the foreign versions of Motel 6 or Budget Inn.
Er, I digressed… My point may have gotten lost in there somewhere, but basically – I didn’t say his family rented Donna Karan’s house. Nor do I believe Page Six knows squat when they can’t even get a simple fact like Brad’s entire family is there not just Jane. It’s not like it’s a secret because it’s been all over this site and every J-P site out there – and let’s not even talk about the nieces & nephews tweeting about it…

I take it you know how much he sold his company for? He still has 10% of the company, btw. How do you know he hasn’t invested in property etc. He does commercials and other stuff. Like I said stop with the assumptions.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 1:48 pm

# 108 QQQQ @ 12/28/2012 at 12:37 pm
ITA. Wish I’d been as brief.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 1:54 pm

# 104 William Bradley&The Jolie @ 12/28/2012 at 12:18 pm
It’s not the first time Lamey’s admitted that Putrid was the one who cheated. Terd said it, too. When they first split up the rumor was that she cheated. Then Huvsy got to work and it was turned into he cheated and the character assassination began and Brad had to nip that shite in the butt. Then over the years it morphed into they both cheated. Everyone knows it was her because she admitted it on national tv in 2002. She didn’t say she cheated – just that it was her fault and she was an emotional wreck at the time and lucky Brad put up with her at all. Took her 5 years though. Don’t hold your breath waiting on Ticky to cop to anything other than victimhood…

Happy New Year! @ 12/28/2012 at 2:14 pm

Like manny, fishy is always doing SOMETHING to get attention. Granted, fishy’s stuff is a BIT more substantive, but, like old manny, fishy reveals her ugly inside as she performs these antics. Each time fishy or manny act out, it is a BIG reminder to everyone how lucky Brad and the myriad of other men were to escape the meaness, shallowness, and neediness that is the very essence of people like fishy and manny.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 2:15 pm

# 115 Observer2 @ 12/28/2012 at 1:07 pm
Hey 02 -
You know if there’s one thing you can count on it’s that Ticky WON’T be spending any holidays with her family. I find it very ironic that Courteney’s not there. Ticky glommed on to her at Xmas for donkey years until she finally broke up COurteney’s marriage and now that David’s long gone they don’t do any holidays together at all. In years past courteney always went to Meh-hee-co for NYE so maybe she’ll show up there over the weekend, but it sure seems like she’s going out of her way to NOT be papped with Ticky these days.

I think Doug Pitt has money, but not enough to spend $240.000,00 on a week at luxury villa the Caribbean. As someone pointed it out, it’s probably a christmas gift from Brad to his family.

Just Saying @ 12/28/2012 at 2:26 pm

I don’t know if it is Donna Karan house, but from the pixes Brad’s nieces and nephews have taken, it looks like at some tropical island.

@Passing Through:

I still think it was over Handler’s c*nt comment about Angie. CC respects Brad and would respect that this is his wife and the mother of his children……she knows Ticky and knows she egged this on and sat back and said eff all about it. CC has some class unlike her former bestie.

Ticky should really consider a one piece…….just sayin’

Happy New Year! @ 12/28/2012 at 2:43 pm

Yes, maybe from Brad & Angie OR it could be a delayed anniversary gift to Bill & Jane from all kids/in-laws. In my family, we have a bit of income disparity, too. So, when we go in on a big gift, each sibling pays a propotional share rather than an equal share. Sometimes a sibling can’t afford even a proportional share, so then the other siblings help cover or the gift itself is scaled back.

I’m going to start some trouble now. While Brad was promoting KTS he said the wedding will be “soon”, and there will only be family there. Well,it now soon, :-), and all the family are together, just saying. Hummmm. Now I’ll sit back and watch the trolls have a meltdown, lol.

groundcontrol @ 12/28/2012 at 3:03 pm

i hope they have the protection from the local police to control the paps. like in Namibia
You know despite bad reporting at the time that tried to sensationalize their stay in Namibia, all Namibia was doing was enforcing its work visa laws like any country would do.
You cannot just plop yourself into a foreign country and ply your trade. Neither can paparazzi or reporters. You need work permits and specific types of visas. Often you need documents that prove you are legitimately working for an organization. You have the same requirements in the US and in the UK and around the world.
Obviously some places are stricter than others and some places are lax in their enforcement but if you are a freelancing paparazzi who did not provide credentials for your work then you probably got stopped and escorted to the airport for the next plane out. Entry into foreign countries is controlled and the extent of that control depends on your status as a visitor to that country – eg. tourist or worker.

Observer2 @ 12/28/2012 at 3:11 pm

As shown in the above post, a LOONIFER showing that they do not have two brain cells to rub together.

Proving what tabloid editors say, that they write for the mentality of a junior high intellect and below. LMAO!

Rose @ 12/28/2012 at 5:32 am
Ok, so I’ve not totally become a couch potato. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the last two weeks honing my drawing skills. I want to get back to painting and it’s been a long time since I’ve done any drawing or painting. Drawing is the easiest of the two for me, comparatively speaking.
The television artists makes it look so easy, but they’ve got years and years of experience behind them. I have painted a few pictures in oil over the years, but haven’t been as dedicated to it as I needed to be to become very good at it. I do ok, but someone who is self taught. I want to get into doing water-based painting like with acrylics and watercolors. I have enough supplies for a small store, I just need to practice and just get to it.
As for my stories, I’ve finished the edits on 1 and 2 and I’m trying to get back to the other one. It’s been so long since I’ve touched the last one that I need to reacquaint myself with the characters before writing the new material. Hopefully, I’ll be writing more on that one soon.

@groundcontrol: They have been to some amazing places since Brad and Angelina have got together. Based on the places they have gone I would love to visit Spain, Greece and Vancouver Canada.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 12/28/2012 at 3:19 pm

I want to respond to these stupid trolls sometimes but they are so freaking dumb i don’t want to waste my time.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 3:29 pm

# 132 dawne @ 12/28/2012 at 2:33 pm
I think it’s much simpler than that – Courteney doesn’t like Handjob because she’s an ill-mannered, foul, loudmouth drunkard who sold herself to Huvsy to get in Ticky’s inner circle. Handjob didn’t EARN her way in. She bought it. I think Courteney recognizes that Handjob talked mad smack about Ticky for YEARS before she signed on with Huvsy. Courteney probably realizes that people who can be bought can’t be trusted because if they sold out to you they’ll sell you out to somebody else. Ticky’s into buying cooperation and good press. See: Handjob, Perez and now Jimmy Kimmel. Anyone with an ounce of sense wouldn’t be hanging out with people who used to make mocking them their full-time job. The caveat being – having an ounce of sense…which Ticky ain’t got. Which is why she’s surrounded by sychophants and Jeangolo…

GEOGRAPHY. Is not Poster # 137 @ 3:06 pm, strong point.
The end of the world, LOL, i know you’re not trying to be funny, but jees.
If you had any friends, you would not spend your time thinking, about people that, don’t know you or care what you think.
It is the HOLIDAY SEASON I’ll be CHARITABLE, look before you leap.

Wonderbust @ 12/28/2012 at 3:44 pm

New York Post has corrected their story
According to other sources on the island Pitt and Jolie brought both his parents Jane and William Pitt, his brother Doug Pitt and sister Julie Neal Pitt, their spouses and their children. The source said, “There are 22 people in all in their group. No nannies have been seen.”

Wonderbust @ 12/28/2012 at 3:52 pm

Some media have already picked up on the first inaccurate story that the Post published. Reminds me of that Mark Twain quote “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting
on its shoes.”

@Wonderbust:Give me a break you know the fans at Just Jared were their sources.


Vancouver is worth aspiring to visit…… is gorgeous…….mountains and sea……….great food, too…..maybe, Anustin, not as good as Mahreal……but still fine.

Wonderbust @ 12/28/2012 at 4:08 pm

Troll meltdown because Brad and Angie are spendng time with FAMILY for Christmas

Does Maniston have family? She never spent holidays with her family.

This one name changing Maniston hen is really losing it. LOL.

The hens are losing it. Brad and Angie are getting married “SOON”. Cry trolls cry, lol.

@Something else:

Actually, hag, you are quite wrong……..but that is nothing new……now you are threatened by a city a few fans like……s c a r y.

Hey, Lucifer……….enjoy, your ugly azz just got flagged to Jared…….over the line, troll. We don’t allow sicko bigots here. Now crawl back into the sewer you just crawled out of. But don’t scare the rats…..

@Jaye: Jaye, you are truly multi talented. My father was also multi talented, he was a sculpture artist, drawing, painting, a master Taylor ect. He never took a lesson in his life. Every thing was God given. Im so jealous of people with that kind of talent. You are truly blessed.

I’m looking forward to your finished stories. I understand, you have to write when the mood is right. Good luck with everything you do.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 4:47 pm

# 148 Wonderbust @ 12/28/2012 at 3:44 pm
and sister Julie Neal Pitt
It’s a half-assed correction. They can’t even get Julie’s name right and left the part about the rumor about 12 nannies even though they said in the early part of the story there were no nannies. I guess they got tired of us talking smack about their shittty “sources” but still couldn’t be bothered to do the correction the RIGHT way. Wouldn’t be Page Six if they did.

@Brad the future husband:

Aw, nope………..but Jennifer Aniston has this ‘thing’ hanging out of her cr*tch………now that may be spotted… know little indentations from ‘over use.’

Where is NANCY Dow? Still in the Hospital, her daughter is not enjoying her vacation from the looks on her face.
Maybe she heard by now that the Pitt families joined the J-Ps for Christmas and is giving Squiggy hell, for not dragging his divorced paents to pose in MEXICO.
Will this send carry/JL/9months and all the aliases he/she uses over the edge.
Ps wonder if JAMES was down there also, if he was put a fork in it.

Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 4:53 pm

# 169 Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 4:35 pm
# 170 Passing Through @ 12/28/2012 at 4:36 pm
Oh wow…stealing my name is soooooooooooo original. Wonder why it hasn’t already been done 10,000,000 times before you. Where should they send the MENSA application?


To Jaye. I am sure you know how to get your work published, but in case you don’t, I just read something about Amazon letting people publish their books thru their Kindle store. They charge a percentage, but at least you get a chance to get your work published, unlike with the publishing houses.

YES- so true. Fishy has yet another cookbook coming out, so she’ll be saying & doing more annoying stuff. The article at link is summary of her 2012 snooty quotes, etc. I forgot she was at the Oscars- she was AWFUL w/ RDJ & he looked so embarrassed!
Happy New Year! @ 12/28/2012 at 2:14 pm
Like manny, fishy is always doing SOMETHING to get attention. Granted, fishy’s stuff is a BIT more substantive, but, like old manny, fishy reveals her ugly inside as she performs these antics. Each time fishy or manny act out, it is a BIG reminder to everyone how lucky Brad and the myriad of other men were to escape the meaness, shallowness, and neediness that is the very essence of people like fishy and manny.

PT, Ticky didn’t need reading glasses because she was reading a large print book.

thats the best thing with Maniston….hangin’ with her friends on christmas and new year.

maniston doesn’t have any real friends. she just wants to be seen photographed with other celebs. every vacation for her is a photo op opportunity. she is a user and manipulator. and that is what she is willing to spend money on, buying people to make herself look good (she only thinks she looks good). she wants to give the impression she lives a fabulous life. most people aren’t fooled. she really has a sad, pathetic and everything-is-about-me life.


Not friends, just a merger for PR purposes…… they could get a few baaaaawdy shots in at Christmas cause ya know that is what all about………not exactly A list, folks……….

best I can tell, all of those people that old manny invited have either just lost a job and/or are looking for a job. After the new year,JK is going to try 11:30 PM against Leno & Letterman- not good- ALL of those shows shows have lost a lot of ratings over the years, esp young demo. I’m a Stewart/Colbert watcher myself. Hangin’ with old manny ain’t going to get anybody viewers or popularity- just ask 30 Rock, Cougartown or Dirt. Manny is a jinx- run, run away.

Brad and Angelina are surrounded by genuine people that love and support them something jennifer doesn’ t have.She seems happy with justin theroux but she still does not have the love of a family.She can’ t even forgive her own mother. At least Angelina forgave her father.The jen hens judge Angelina but it seems like Angie is the better person in this situation. Brad and Angelina have something jennifer will never have the genuine love of family. Jennifer is surrounded by phony celebrity friends that are more than likely not real and sincere.

I thought Maniston hens said Brad’s family didn’t like Angelina. lol. They have been there for a week now. They arrived on Dec 21, will leave there tomorrow.


It would be nice for once if you HENs said something about her rocking career or her rocking talent. Never ever that. Just her body. I think she is in good shape. I never say otherwise. But after that WHAT? her fans hold her bikini body up as the ultimate achievement. My oh my.. does she have nothing else to bring to the table. Just shows that Justin is also a twit. Their conversation can’t be of much interest. Look at the pictures. They only started talking when others were around. She is reading he is reading.. no talking or anything. We know why. and wonder how long Justin the guy the hens say is so smart and cultured will be able to last. Brad did 6 1/2 that is a record.

vickifromtexas @ 12/28/2012 at 7:56 pm


falp, thank you for the christmas greetings and for thinking of me. i do have so many lovely memories of my dad. he was a person who so loved the holidays. missing him and treasuring those memories make me appreciate the loved ones i have around me. i hope you had a wonderful christmas. thank you for always being so kind. you are a very thoughtful person. hugs.

blind hens @ 12/28/2012 at 7:58 pm

Erica- the very few hens old manny has left are blind, delusional or both- For example, they think that she has a great bod- so wrong- manny has always had very stubby legs, fat thighs, fat arms, old lady neck, weird now enhanced boobs and orange leathery skin- it’s just awful to behold. Add the fake & dyed hair and horrific face and it’s no wonder the troll is in so much pain. Shallow fat tick is obsessed with looking young and time passed her by a decade ago- she IS queen of the dirtbags, though. Not quite an Oscar, but it is something she can wear a dress that she is too old & too fat for- that’s a win for old manny!

Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
Sean Payton agrees to multi-year contract to return to New Orleans Saints – @ProFootballTalk

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 12/28/2012 at 8:02 pm


So true. All about her body. What’s so great about it. How many kids did she have? Anyone can achieve that body if she has the time & money. Never her face or her intelligence. Notice the media never mention about how gorgeous her face or how smart she is. That’s because they know she is fugly & dumb.

so much has been happening. Man. Well the family has been found but not. LOL love their play. they had a great vacation and holiday and did it without the paps. see it can be done. Trying to stay off line and enjoy the season, it goes by so fast. Then back to work.

@Passing Through: #76 (or some other number. I think a post has been removed)

PT that was one of your best. I applaud you. I was thinking the same thing, and sure many fans here too that there would be some changes after that first photo op of them. They took a day to get some things together. I love how they make changes depending on what is said on gossip blogs. I recall us saying they never held hands.. well it happened., that he never opened doors for her.. it happened, that they never traveled together… it happened, now people were saying that they weren’t showing affection.. well there it is.. Somebody is reading..

I highly doubt Jimmy and John flew to Mexico to be with her. Come on. It is more then likely they knew they would be there at the same time and decided to hang out. Clooney and Stacy will be there for New Years so we could see a bunch of them all together. I much rather be where the Jolie-Pitts and family are. Sounds so much more fun. That Lenny/Squigy day on the beach looked boring.

The Moon is full tonight, so the madness will continue.

A- list????…..per the lizbot ellen Maniston is the most popular whactor in the she’s been to japan,korea etc.

@paige!!!! ring ding ding.too true.

the trollniston clearly in agony.sad lonely life.just like Maniston.

love seeing urinated Maniston’s body @ 70 .bwahahahahaha
Taraji P. Henson: ‘My Perfect Man Would Be A Mixture Of Brad Pitt & Tyrese Gibson! [Video]

Actress Taraji P. Henson made an appearance on “The Talk” recently and chatted with the ladies about her dating life, the type of man she wants and her upcoming season of the police drama series ‘Person of Interest.’

Just Saying @ 12/28/2012 at 9:10 pm

Taraji P. Henson loves Brad, she was at KTS NYC premiere. I saw a video that Brad gave her a kiss at the premiere.

PR Newswire @ 12/28/2012 at 9:47 pm

Top Money-Making Stars of 2012. Brad made the list.

Denzel Washington
Anne Hathaway
Hugh Jackman
Mark Wahlberg
Johnny Depp
Daniel Craig
Daniel Day-Lewis
Brad Pitt
Leonardo DiCaprio
Robert Downey , Jr,

an opinion @ 12/28/2012 at 9:57 pm

OT Ticky got the memo that the other 2 couples looked in love but not her and Squiggy. So easy to pull this girl’s string.

Go Figure! @ 12/28/2012 at 10:10 pm

@JUST NO: @168: I so agree. I was thinking the same thing. There is no depth to Ticky. No one ever asks the hard questions. I guess that’s because Huvane earned his money and always said up front, Ticky won’t answer that. Is there anything more to this twat than her “banging” body? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Halle, Stephanie Seymour, and other women who have birthed children, look much better than Ticky. And we know this is her whole life. No wonder she is a fan of Snooki and her gang, that’s all they do is tan. That’s her motto. That towel is not leaving her thighs. While Ticky flaunts her “toned” stomach, the short stubby legs and thunder thighs will not be seen. I’ ve never loathed any one in my life, but I do wish this woman would retire today, and take her supporting cast, Justin, with her. Angie is a better woman because I could never forgive all the things Ticky and her entourage has done to me.

an oldie @ 12/28/2012 at 5:56 pm
I looked that up a while back. There isn’t much money in it for a beginner and you have to price the books relatively low, but at least you get published and maybe noticed. However, there are many, many people doing this, so it’s extremely hard to get notice even on Kindle. There are some extremely talented writers posting their stories on internet sites. But, there is no telling what people will spend money on. Fifty shades of Gray for example. I haven’t read it, but I’ve read excerpts and reviews on Amazon, which are hilarious.
There are many authors writing stories like the ones I’m writing, but really I wrote the stories for myself. They’d been kicking around in my head for a long time. Once I started writing, I found that I enjoyed it.
I started writing a story a long time ago, maybe 15 years about a Parallel Universe, I have the beginnings of it on floppy disc ( that’s how old it is). I might try to resurrect that one and finish it. I’ll have to change the title because The Others has been taken. D.amn, D.amn, D.amn! That’s my impression of Florida from Good Times lol.

@Jaye #184

I wish you good luck with your writingand publishing your book. All the best.

Anna/ROSE/GUSSING GAME/MARRAGE @ 12/28/2012 at 10:56 pm

And I say again angelina is sick. Put meat on bone.

Leave them and stop all guessing game about two person getting married already @@ROSE ME NOT READ U POST BORRING /DULL.any peoples can say what u say all day/all/nite nothing special.

Anna/ROSE/GUSSING GAME/MARRAGE @ 12/28/2012 at 11:10 pm

Rose act like small kid laugh and play /see I sat back wait for new.
I say I told u fans so.I know everything. HaHa/ we all know this but no cleam for that info ok.not inporting for say I say first just stop.

@loons r stalkers:

I know right? It’s scary the lengths these demented horshippers will go. I mean, following Pitty’s nieces? How creepy and disgusting is that. Hopefully someone with authority will notice and puts these loons where they belong -in a padded room. Ah but I don’t see the lawyerin’ loon taking notice.

LOL at this non-news, did Jared need a new thread to get the loons faking new site visits and posting with all of their aliases? That’s only going to screw up the site metrics. Jared should know better than posting second-hand gossip from the JP trolls. By “sources” we all understand it’s a fax from the old Ho to let every one know that the family is “united and happy”, despite spending Christmas separately and dividing the kids in two groups.

And LMAO at “running around the island with no care in the world”; that’s an euphemism for “let’s once again bribe these corrupt third world authorities so that they shut down the borders and create restricted areas for us to be in”. It’s Kenya all over again. How revolting.

I saw Les Miz last night, I really enjoyed it. I liked Eddie Redmayne as Marius a lot. I thought Eddie might make a good Zamperini because of his talent and he bears a passing resemblance to the real man. Then I remembered when Angie visited the Les Miz set in the summer before Maleficent started filming, and I wonder if she had this in mind at the time. I know that this was months before her directing win, but these things are usually in the works well before the public finds out, so I guess it could be possible.

I just see the first Maddox pic since April. He looks great, happy, short hair.


Don’t be such a hypocrite, dumbass dear. You loons cross the line every day with your homophobic remarks, death threats and your unhealthy and borderline pedophillic obsession with the Jolie Pitt children.


ROTFLMAO! Take it easy on Rosey poo, Joe! It’s hard for her to keep track of so many aliases. It must be hard to concentrate while having all those voices screaming in her head, asking her to say something…. of course her grammar would suffer!

an opinion @ 12/29/2012 at 12:26 am

Megon Fox is trending, She was on Leno. Most are talking about her body. See there are a million of women like that in Hollywood. It takes more to reach a higher level. Ticky at 44 is still trying to fight it out with the likes of Megon Fox and Kim Kardashian for attention. She will never reach the next level.

off topic
same sex marriage officially legal in Maine first license issued

If i see one more pic of fat tick i will stay away from jared for a bit am over it

@jp fan:
thanks, no baldy dwarf and fat tick lol

Wonderbust @ 12/29/2012 at 1:16 am

where did you see the pics? If it was a private okay then you dont have to post the source. So glad the JP’s got to have a wonderful vacation with family

@lurker: It’s in Extra tonight same as KK, so I turned off my tv set as quickly as possible.I just not into them.I just like Brad & Angie plus their family.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

@Wonderbust: I’ve seen the picture with Pax in Caicos Island with Brad’s nephew fishing.

an opinion @ 12/29/2012 at 1:21 am

@lurker: Ticky only makes the top of lists when the voting is internet based and the trolls and her pr team can vote as many times as they want.

Passing Poo @ 12/29/2012 at 1:22 am

Isn’t it nice that their wedding was in the Turds and cacas.

Mister Hankey, The Wedding Poo, says ‘Howdy Ho’ to BAMPZSKVille!

Passing Poo @ 12/29/2012 at 1:23 am

OOPS… That’s the Turds and Cacas.

Mister Hankey, The Wedding Poo, again says ‘Howdy Ho’ to BAMPZSKVille!

@PR Newswire:

Bwahahahaha… how ridiculously biased and inaccurate is that poll? We all know that the drug addict had the biggest bomb of his career this year, and his third (or fourth) consecutive flop in a row. There’s no way a theater owner would ever call Poison Pitt a money-maker, especially this year. He’s never been reliable at the box office. XD

I saw a different pic all i can say is the JP kids are well adjusted and loved and the boys got so big

Wonderbust @ 12/29/2012 at 1:16 am
I can’t post it because it is private. They are very careful not showing jp kids,they delete some pics of jp kids, but in one pic, you can see Maddox.

Thank you all for the info about Brad & Angie.
Waving to Neleh,Lara,Loren,Vicki,Angie N.,Shar & Kimmy. God bless us all fans of Brad & Angie all over the world.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

JP kids get along with Brad’s nephews and nieces very well.


That is true, they are a loving family

Wonderbust @ 12/29/2012 at 1:51 am

aww that’s really cute. Brad Pitt has been talking about having a family for years so how wonderful that he and his fiance were able to spend Christmas with his parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews. The kids must have had a blast.

Oh I love seeing them again – even a stock photo! It’s been too looooong! Then again they don’t need or crave constant attention like Fugs. Dumb ole Fugs.

I have been reading some pathetic comments on Jennifer’s thread about how many Hollywood friends she has and that JPs dont have any friends. Here is a list of known friends of Jennifer and JPs and everyone can see who has the best and the most influential friends:

Courtney Cox (although I dont think they are friends anymore)
Laura Dern
Chelsea Handler
Ben Stiller
Robert D junior
and some more

George Clooney
Matt Damon
Denzel Washington (friends with Angelina for years)
Cate Blanchett
Marion Cotilard
Evan M…
Clint Eastwood
Ridley Scott
and several more influential directors and actors/actresses
and politicians around the world and humanitarian workers and even royal families like William and Kate are friends with our JPs

That my dear friends proves the fact that JPs are for more friendly than Jennifer – the difference is that Jennifer uses her friends for mutual benefits and for the publicity while the JPs and their friends never talk about their friendship nor uses one another for any personal gain.

PS: feel free to add any names I have missed.

@an oldie:

PT, Ticky didn’t need reading glasses because she was reading a large print book.

And don’t forget the pictures. Lots of beautiful colour pictures to help you understand the written narrative….

@an opinion:
Megon Fox is trending, She was on Leno. Most are talking about her body. See there are a million of women like that in Hollywood
And at least there’s a sort of reason to talk about Megan’s body. Megan just had a baby after all.
But what has jenho’s done with a body of late apart from the same old same old yoga?

@lylian: Good morning Lylian, hope you’re doing great. The reason we always here about SS banging body is, her PR sends out the talking points to the media. Noticed the first thing you read about her is how amazing her body is. Now we are reading about mr squiggy amazing torso is.

Several months ago, around the time SS got engaged, sbt was doing a segment on her and the supposed wedding. The host, sbt, Brad and SS wedding planner on. The host said to him, I believed his name was Kevin …said to him, “Jennifer has an amazing body”, I swear he replied, ” I don’t think so”. I almost fell off the chair.

This amazing, banging body is all PR created. We all have eyes to see lots of beautiful women with amazing body all the time. The only difference is, their PR don’t send out a talking points to the media about how great their body is.

Another thing. We all saw the first set of photos of SS and mr squiggy, there were no chemistry between them. The next day they started to show some affection, after they read the blogs, and saw people were calling them out for both looking angry to be with each other. Now look at her guests, Jimmy F and John K, Look at the difference in their body language, from the first set of photos you can see they are a real couple. Not a PR gimmick.

I think it was Maya A who said ,“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” For decades, old manny has shown herself OVER & OVER again to be a nasty, shallow, lying hypocrite. Believe her. On a much better subject, Interview Mag did a “casting call” for Angie’s “Unbroken”. I like their choices- pretty cool- I hadn’t thought of Aaron for the lead, but he was SO AWESOME in Kick Ass & his wife shot those Chanel stills of Brad…well, it will be fun to see who gets all the parts!

CASTING CALL: UNBROKEN In which we suggest who should star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

Angelina Jolie has announced her second project as a director, a biopic of Olympian and WWII prisoner of war Louis Zamperini. William Nicholson, co-screenwriter of Les Misérables, is set to revamp the script based on Laura Hillenbrand’s book, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption.

There’s plenty of material for a harrowing, yet inspiring drama in Zamperini’s life story. Born in 1917 in New York, Zamperini moved to California when he was two years old with his Italian-immigrant parents and older brother. Zamperini became a track star in high school, was awarded a scholarship to USC, and qualified for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Zamperini did not win any medals in Berlin—he came eighth in the 5000-meter run—but he did meet Hitler, who asked to be introduced to Zamperini after his race.

When the US joined WWII, Zamperini joined the Air Force, his plane malfunctioned and crashed into the Pacific Ocean, and he spent 47 days floating with two other survivors from his plane—and then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, he was captured by the Japanese. He remained in an unlisted Japanese prisoner of war until the end of the war in Japan in August of 1945. Now 95, Zamperini is still alive today and appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last June. “Crikey!” seems like the only appropriate reaction.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Zamperini’s story has been “in development” at Universal for the past 55 years, so we might not hold our breath, but here’s who we think Jolie should cast…

@lylian: Also, did you noticed the next set of photos SS was not showing her cooch? SS and JT are living their lives according to what the gossip sites believe is acceptable. IMO, they are both shallow people and are a perfect match.

I’m so happy to be Brad and Angie’s fan. With them what you see is what you get, love it or leave it. They are not going to twist themselves into a pretzel to please anyone.


Jennifer Aniston Explains All On MySpace Blog

With so much rumor and innuendo swirling around in the wake of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s celebrity-marriage-paradigm-shifting break-up, there’s only one place we can turn for reliable information: Jennifer Aniston Myspace blog. While the couple has refrained from talking to the media, virtual Jen (449 friends in her network, a celebrity even in cyberspace) is candid about the dissolution of their relationship and their plans for the future:

Well, since everything is formally stated, I guess I should address it, because I don’t feel like answering a million e-mails about this. The split was no one’s fault, please don’t blame Brad or myself for this, things don’t always work out the way you want them to…and this is one of those things.

We haven’t yet made it known if we’re divorcing, because we’re not exactly sure ourselves, we’re taking a break from each other though. The tabloid stories weren’t true, no one was cheating, no one was carousing around town, it just didn’t work out. Brad and I remain friends, although this will take some getting used to and I hope that you all understand that this will be hard for me and him in the next coming months, not only will we have fan outrage but media scrutinizing us, and it’d be easier if we just had everyone’s support. I’m probably not going to answer much about this, and knowing Brad, he won’t answer anything, so don’t bother him about it. We plan to remain friends and business partners. I thank all those fans for their support, I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

I guess it was very clear for Brad that he was very much over the marriage
Aniston was not over it ,is not, will never be

Remember when Barbara Walters did a special about Brad and Angelina when they first got together? Remember Barbara first line was, those eyes, those lips, that body, then she showed Angie’s photo, then she said, those lips, those eyes, that body and she showed Brad’s photo. IMO, Angie has a banging a body. The difference is, Angie is not working out 6 hours a day to show off her body. She is a busy mother of six with a career and a family to take care of. Also, look at Angie’s breast, women all over HW and the country are paying big money to have what she has naturally. I would take Angie’s long, lean legs over short stubby legs any day. And obviously Brad loves it too.

@manouche: #219, thanks for posting the truth. I’m guessing that was the last time SS acknowledged that “it just didn’t work out”….”the split was no ones fault, please don’t blame Brad or myself for this, things don’t always workout the way you want them to… And this is one of those things”…..

FYI- it was never proven that fat tick manny really wrote that- if anything, it was drafted by her PR. The 1st part SOUNDS ok (if not a bit gratuitous- really just seems like calling odd attention to something & making it a “protest too much”- so many words to say nothing new- designed to make the reader think SOMETHING is off- there must be more to the story, etc. Kinda like how Gossip Cop resurrects a false story and repeats all the lies & then denies it. HINKY. HOWEVER- the “truth” comes in the 2nd part where it says no one is sure about a divorce, they are taking a break, will remain partners- ALL LIES set up to try & paint Brad into a corner so he would look bad if he didn’t come back. She knew VERY WELL that he wasn’t coming back and this manipulation is yet another reason that all men leave this petty, bitter, lying old narcissist.

@well: If the statement went out under her name it should not matter if she wrote it or not, it’s hers.

I remembered an interview Katie Couric did with Leslie Bennetts, Vanity Fair, she said, when she, LB, looked back at her interview a year before the breakup they were not on the same page. LB said Brad was, if, the marriage is growing they would keep going, but he can’t see staying if it’s not growing, some thing like that. SS was we will stay weather is growing or it’s dead, something like that. They were never on the same page. He wanted seven kids she wanted one or two, maybe. He liked sharper edged furniture, she likes fluffy. This was never going to work. They came to a dead end. And if it wasn’t Angie it was going to be someone else he would have been with. I’m hoping SS hens will come to accept that they were not comparable and get over it. January 7th will be eight years since the separation. We all know adults don’t separate on their first day of trouble. People stay and try to work it out, so if it’s 8 years we know they were done at least 9-10 years ago. Brad and Angie have been together longer than any other relationship of either one. Something is working for them.

@Rose: The thing that is working for Brad and Angelina is called love and the fact that they are soul mates. They share the same ideas for the present and the future and also respect each other’s space. They give and take equally between them.

Rose, don’t make so much sense……it is wasted on the Obsessed. They damn well bought into the ‘golden couple’ …..well, partly golden, one was dyed and extended so to speak……and they are damn well never going to let go regardless of reality.

Anyone who has even one synapses firing gets it…….they were not suited………they had no mutual objectives in life……….look at her, she is doing what she was doing ten-fifteen years ago……..this is a one trick pony and Brad is multi-faceted and s m a r t……….like Angie.

When he met Angie he realized there was life after years of boredom and lack of stimulation; he had married an empty Barbie who had a mean streak……… damn wonder he always references Angie’s ‘heart’………Ticky doesn’t have one as evidenced by her Xmas. Cabo rerun without a family member in sight.

She can’t even go to a winter wonderland for something different,,,,,,,,,,,,she effing lives in the sun all year round,,,,,,,,who needs m o r e sun? But she doesn’t have any interest outside of bikini shots and spreading her jiggly thighs for the paps. Ski? OMG, are you crazy???? See another island………hell, no…….the woman is blah, pure and simple, No wonder Brad had to stay stoned to stay with her.

reiko @ 12/28/2012 at 11:39 pm
I saw Les Miz last night, I really enjoyed it. I liked Eddie Redmayne as Marius a lot. I thought Eddie might make a good Zamperini because of his talent and he bears a passing resemblance to the real man. Then I remembered when Angie visited the Les Miz set in the summer before Maleficent started filming, and I wonder if she had this in mind at the time. I know that this was months before her directing win, but these things are usually in the works well before the public finds out, so I guess it could be possible.
Since Les Miz’s scriptwriter was hired to rewrite Unboken, he could have known it through the writer. He looks softer than real Zamperini in my opinion but he may be able to perform an unobedient surviver.
When Angie visited the set, I think Francis Lawrence was still attached to the project. My assumption is he left it when he decided doing 2 Hunger Games. Probably it was in October.
Zamperini’s life after WW2 is about belief. When I was at JPWatch, some fan said James was learning Evangelism. Is this true ? He has been given some license ?

@Shreya:#224, ITA with you. I’ll take Brad’s word. “we are so unbelievably close to each other in the way we think and the way we live”.

@dawne: Good morning dawne, how are are my dear. Dawn, do you remember that woman who was SS roommate, she wrote a book and called out SS for all her manipulative behavior. She was the one who said SS wanted her to stuf her bra, showed her nipples, and looks f..kable at all times, because that’s how you have to be in HW? Remember her? True story.

ok.per brangelinaforum AISHA got a tweet pix of mad,pax and….thats a wedding man.thanks aisha.its good that u didn’t post the pix.keep it up, girl.bless u.

Good morning rose. Happy New Year!
One thing we know going into this new year is Jenho parading herself with the gigolo du jour and Huvane in the wings, to refute and deny. LOL!

Awwww, sob! Some LOSIE-troll thumbed me down!

Wonderbust @ 12/29/2012 at 10:53 am

Look at how ticky spent her Christmas and look how Brad spent his, this is the reason why he dumped her asss

They are leaving the island today. Pitt family will go back to Springfield, MO, not sure where JP family will go, LA or France?

@Cassi #233

Thanks for the info. I hope we hear good news about Angie and Brad that they are married.


LOL. Your biased assumptions aside, we all know who has friends, no wonder JA has projects lined up and has been constantly working. Who hasn’t had a hit movie in 3 years and have been begging for jobs for the past two? Rejoice loon, Ho might be directing a movie for free and Pothead still doesn’t have anything lined up after World War bombs next year.

Who were the laughing stocks of 2012 with Legbomb and Chanel bomb? Exactly. If they had any friends left, they would’ve been protected by them. LOL.

lol lylian. like Maniston…….bitterness are the loonyston.haha

I’ m hoping for wedding news also. Maybe they had a private affair with just family.

agonyston cut off shorts.can’t afford anything new.o post on fuggyston thread.can’t stay away with the JPs fans.bwahahahaha

The JPs have the best vacations always something DIFFERENT, Imagine that. I don’t think they got married. When people go on about the family being there let’s not forget Angie has family too. And as much as she is loved and love the Pitts she may have a few people that she would want at the wedding. I don’t really like Christmas Day weddings. When you invite people they have to give up their plans for you. I’m sure a wedding will happen soon enough.

and it will be wonderful when it does.

NANNIES RAISE JOLIE PITT KIDS @ 12/29/2012 at 1:31 pm

Per “….the ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ co-stars may not be taking care of Maddox, Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne, Pax and Zahara alone, as they are rumoured to have up to 12 nannies to help them out.”

Twelve nannies??? Such dedicated, hands-on parents. I think not.


You are late to the game and made a fool of yourself. LOL you idiots are so predictable. But keep spouting off what has been proven untrue. I guess you had you head up yourass and didn’t get your facts straight.

Another dumb troll another dumb troll..

Enuf is Enuf @ 12/29/2012 at 1:43 pm

I cannot believe we are still talking about Brad’s X and their breakup. Why not make 2013 the year that she becomes irrelevant? *begginya*

lolololol….ask the faniston to stop coming lookin for the JPs fans attention.

Thanks JJ for posting this. I’m glad they had some privacy and family get together for the holidays.

manny is irrelevant @ 12/29/2012 at 2:08 pm

Don’t be so silly- fat tick old manny has been irrelevant to the JPs since at least 2005 and to Hollywood even before then (post ensemble sh*tcom). Old manny pays MILLIONS a year to get paps to take her picture and buy dirtbag awards- she even keeps humiliating herself- all to get attention. JJ puts old manny’s latest embarrassing antics right on top, so why not mock leathery old manny, her cooch show, tiny stolen troll boy in his girly jorts and winter hat, and desperate yet failed pap parades? Mocking nasty old manny does not make her relevant- if she was relevant, she’d be getting decent roles, respect of her peers, and people under 35 might know who she is. Does anyone EVER site this shallow old DEADEND has-been as admirable, talented or even a role model?? Umm, that would be a negative. A punchline to a joke? Sure. Relevant- not at all.

I cannot believe this – Lainey gossip has again taken a dig against her “friend” Jennifer and her kept man Justin. This is what she wrote:

Justin Theroux packs light. He’s still hardcore like that, you know? Even though he’s dating Jennifer Aniston and they’re spending the holidays at a luxury resort in Cabo, hosting friends like Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Jimmy Kimmel and his fiancée Molly, all Justin really needs is a piece of paper and a pen, maybe a cup of coffee in a dark corner with his bike parked outside, so he can ride away with his thoughts at any moment, far from Hollywood, and he wouldn’t look back. Because he hasn’t changed. He’s still the badass with only one pair of cut off tight jean shorts and he will not sell out and succumb to proper beach attire, goddamn it, because this, my friends, is how a man defines his character.

Also, yes, he’s that tight and toned and has no idea the paps are there, shooting how ripped he is, and glistening with sweat and oil.

@Premalee: Hi Premelee, I’m with you. I’m hoping they did get married. Brad said wedding will be just family, he also said the time is neigh, it will be soon. Also, I don’t remember Brad taking his parents, siblings and their children on a vacation at the same time. Who knows if John and Jamie were there. No one saw Brad and Angie, but they were there, just saying. Premelee, we know Brad and Angie never announced their engagement. The media saw Angie wearing an engagement ring. The media tracked down their people who confirmed they were engaged. Who knows, They maybe married as we speak, lol.

I am glad I wasn’t in for most of the manny talk. So depressing. You people are the only supposed “fan base” that discuss and interested about the ex/exes toooooooo much. It is werid. It start surprisng me that how I wasted six years of my life in this comming almost everday supporting losers. What takes me so long to realise losers can’t win.
That said you people MUST admit what she does is works for her always. Eventhough she pose for paps and act as if she is a reality star whose fame is depending on feeding the media with what guy where, what thing to her personal life and showing how legsuiry she is or how her house is that….. it works for her. And they have readers and correct everything accordingly. They won’t post they won’t fight . The solution is directly from them. I hope Brad and Angie learn a thing or two but they will never. Losers can not and they will continue with the same fourmula and discussing ex and ex by blogers. Instead of getting 2 people in place of 100 that are ONLY intersted in discussing them and 2 other people who gather information and the answer by jps by the way they act, they talk, they move, they live.

I would like to say one thing nice from all this useless pointless over and over and over one comment at the most about the same subject should have been enough. That is I LIKED the photo Jared choose about Brad and Angie here. Their laugh seems real a type of suprise or excited big smile. CUTE. This is not their best photo physically but the smile sound real. Cute.

Jared, time to ban @tramp again. Tramp btw I don’t care if anyone like me here if that was what I want here, I would have stopped comming looong time ago. I will stop on my time because this battel called being a fan is tiring and boring and become disgussting for me and useless most importnatnly while how to win is clearly put.
Btw everyone hates you. You are discussting scum. Does that stop you comming here ? no it didn’t. At people spend more time to places they like to be becaue of the same goal, Why are you excpet that to put food on the table and calling this stupidty you do a job. You call yourself dead.

lol…cross-eyed lainey.

That’s so fcckkng funny; loons criticizing Theroux for wearing ugly shorts while at the beach.

Who wears black shrouds and gigantic hats at the beach because she’s trying to conceal her horriblly emaciated body though? I’ll give you a hint. She’s made out with horses and her own brother too. :)

@Enuf is Enuf:

Because if they stop talking about Aniston, they won’t have anything else to talk about… Pitiful isn’t it?

@9 months:

dumb screen name
dumb view and opinions
dumb langugue
dumb feces


ohhhhhh always defending manny,,but ur not a fan right?
bwhahahahhahah surrrrrrrrre

@manny is irrelevant:

She is so irrelevant, you continue daily to talk about her! YOU should be so irrelevant…


17 thumbs down in less than 10 minutes. gutted lol

@Joe: And why you care. Where are the daily photo ops hiding now that they think it got secured. Don’t even think that nothing for you

I meant you get nothing.^

Now a good body is Angie’s………..long legs, nice girls, gorgeous azz, perfectly squared off shoulders……… how come we never see her flashing that perfect body? Answer, hags……….cause she has too much class and self respect. If there was ever a photo of Angie with her legs spread in a bikini the world would end as we know it and twitter would explode.

With the fameho it is expected……, meh big time. We’ve seen fingers up her azz, her cr*otch shots for years, inappropriate red carpet wear…….if you have no talent or panache you have to resort to these antics……….

they say at 35 you should stop wearing mini’s etc…….well at 44 time to retire the vul*va shots as well. Now Kate Upton, yes, or any number of gorgeous model bodies…….models in their twenties, but this scrag just can’t get over the fact that she’s getting closer and closer to menopause and fifty so sit back, folks, it will get worse and more desperate as time goes by………next year it will be a boob job and a thong.

Poor little Rachel is running out of fame oxygen and the new cadre of beauties keep pushing her back………if the girl had insecurity issues all along, just watch……….it should get good.

@tramp why do you care about what the fans say. You don’t care about no baldy-nosey bad combo poser? He looks little better when talking of his closes but he still doesn’t stop posting that is why he cut his pants. Why do you care about what the fans say?
You care about Brad and Angie where the super duper stardom is and where one thing they do you will be copying… no manisoton. Manisotn is nothing for you unless when you want use her to bash jps.
The fans though they need to stop ignoring her. She doesn’t worth it and you fcken us should be banned. The first start with T ban it that is what jared should do here with you people.

@dumb: S up ckn

@9 months:

you should be banned first.
repeated spam if anything

Observer2 @ 12/29/2012 at 3:16 pm


#263 is a virus. Don’t click on link.

Trolls are desperate.

Brad, Angelina and their kids vacationing with Brad’s entire family has them going off a cliff with the made up storyline they have going in their heads. It kind of blew up in their faces.

Brad and Angelina are together. His family loves Angelina and Angelina loves them. They’re very close. As Doug said, Angelina has been family from day one. They think she’s wonderful and they love her to pieces. Sucks to be a hen, but, they’re used to suckage, look who their idol is.

Now run along and go see the pictures of Lenny and her runt being the posers that they are. Looking through their telescope to scope out, just where the paps are, so they can do as Huvane instructs them to do. LOL.

lylian @ 12/29/2012 at 3:05 pm

You are Crazy making up that.CRAZY

carry, tammy, joe and a virus linker ALL show up at the same time?
gimme a break,,it is 1 demented loser

NEVER click on a link here

if it’s legit, u can type it in ur address bar yourself

never click on any links

To make trolls even more crazy,Did JPs fans caught whose name was the first on the list of treasure hunters, Brad’s nephew posted?LOL Shilo. LOL she was among Mad,Pax,Caleb,Landon,Doug,Rob.LOL Such a cute and funny girl she is.

@dumb loon:

Wrong! I’ve actually defended any other celebrities that you JP trolls despise: Affleck, Clooney, Paltrow, Depp, RDJ, Theron, you name them.

By that logic (or lack thereof) you loons are diehard fans of all those people, especially Aniston’s, because you can’t stop talking about every choice she’s made in her life. I just think that none of them are so good at media manipulation and as attention-starved as the Brand.


LOL, JP trolls using the Tor network to bury posts is hardly an accomplishment. So easy and predictable. LOL.


sure they alter the system, but who do u think thumbs ur posts down?
is it passing through or busted? even they can’t be here all day.

it can’t just be 1 obsessive fan,,just like u are an obsessive hater
The best films of 2012
December 30, 2012

M Mag’s two resident movie reviewers pick their top ten films of the year.

Craig Mathieson

1. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
2. Killing Them Softly
3. Moonrise Kingdom
4. Magic Mike
5. The Queen of Versailles
6. Lore
7. Footnote
8. Holy Motors
9. A Separation
10. The Deep Blue Sea

@dumb loon:

JP trolls using the Tor network to thumb down and bury dissenting posts is hardly an accomplishment. Too easy and predictable. LOL.

tramp s up . boring. You are not supporting them you don’t give a fug about any other celbirties exes your boss who has you here. You want to use other celbirites against jp that you will do. To make jp look bad yes. ugly
@ dumb truly dumb how fitting hahha just sup.

@9 months:

carry, 9months, tampon, whamo or whatever aliases you are using! STFU B!TCH!
Your gig is up! Remember what kind of karma is awaiting you & your stupid, shallow, ugly idol in 2013! Not a good one idiot. We will all be ROTFL our arses off LOL.

LYLIAN, you mean sodomized don’t you.


back at the same time again? lol
anyone sensing a pattern here?

neleh is right,,there is only 2 trolls here, flippng and switching. crazy

using a proxy to get around a ban, which is why “9months” has smilies and other thngs tagged at the end sometimes, as jared bans it.

The trolls are very upset about Brad and Angie having a private vacay with his family. NOT sure why. maybe because they thought they were over or because they missed all the pictures. well they have maniston and her pap pics to oogle over. the jps managed an 8 day trip and the trolls and media knew nothing.

and old tampax is still running around changing names and worrying about why it’s comments are hidden. Get use to it loser. You’ll be banned again and will be finding another way to post here.. Obsessive idiot


Carry baby, I didn’t really think there were any interns on these threads until you mentioned that. It now makes sense to me, so I guess I have to thank you for that.

I’m more and more convinced that most of these JP fans are actually Chivan interns that the FFers talk about. Why else would they be so personally invested in defending a couple of people who are widely known for their amoral lifestyle?

As for me, it doesn’t matter what you think. Loons claim I’m some IT expert, others think I’m an intern, others think I’m unemployed. Weren’t they just describing Passing Poop instead? XD

9months :D @ 12/29/2012 at 3:45 pm

Reading backward the thread. I agree forgot who was…. said this is more like a delyed gift for Brad parents than a jp wedding…
I am more agree with that. Because Brad and Angie weren’t really in US in Augst working. It was said Doug also wasn’t in Mo in the anversairy date so this is more like the observance of the Elder partens 50th golden anversary with the whole can and xmax combination offcourse.
If it was right that then again Congrats to Elder Pitts on their 50th anversiary. There is nothing lilke in relationship to stay together and going throught the up and down of life togeher as you promised eachotehr in the wedding day. Both working their parts for it offcourse. Another 50 year I wish for them. When my parents celbierated their anviersary I was so happy for them it wasn’t 50 years but older than me and my bros and sis age mannny years.
I wish jp the same long years happins succes and health. And when is that wedding? by june it better be happen. I will hear it even if I gone from here.:D

9months :D @ 12/29/2012 at 3:47 pm

@trampy tramp just s up try to reason with you is like trying to talk some object. Don’t baby me. gross

@Tamssinn comment 235: get your facts straight before showing your pathetic personality. Angelina hasn’t been working for two years put of own choice because she wanted to spend time with her children. I don’t no one about you but that it what most loving parents do if they can afford it. It is not everyone who is like Jennifer who never spends time with their family even in time of need.

As for Brad Chanel issue – Chanel’s sale has risen through the roof after the commercial plus his movie has already earned the double the money it took to make it which makes it a success. Angelina is also back with movies and direction next year as well.

Coming to their friends – why should they come to help when nothing happened? It is only Jennifer who uses her friends for publicity and not the JPs. We all know that the JP are the most powerful people in the show business and that hasn’t changed. Everyone always name drops them if they have meet them or acted with them.

So instead of writing lies about the JPs you should just leave them and us fans alone. Because you know it as well as we do that although you say you hate the JPs you are actually addicted to them and cannot help clicking on any news that contains them.

will hear it even if I gone from here.:D

Now, Carry, are you planning a trip with a Thelma and Louise ending?


LOL, that is a good one! LMAO

9months :D @ 12/29/2012 at 3:52 pm

@fyi12: S up another intern I thought you said you will be back after new year. idoit.
just post someone elses link now. Isn’t that why you are here manily for. A bore.

9months :D @ 12/29/2012 at 3:52 pm

anyone with brain compare me with tramp omg dumb

9months :D @ 12/29/2012 at 3:55 pm

@9months: except your boss I meant it for this comment

@9months :D:

If I am BORING the crap out of you & your aliases & your fake English—then that is my good deed for 2012! Just wait & see what 2013 brings your way loser & a liar!


what would you do if you saw passing through in the street?
i mean in “real-life”,,offline? answer pls

9months :D @ 12/29/2012 at 3:57 pm

@fyi12: You said you be back after but you must found something to post about other people… hahahahhah don’t respond to me… talk JPSSSSSSSSSSS post links something that got to do with JPSSSSSSSSSS can you do that

I wish wish wish there is a picture of JPs a glimps from far. That is my new year wish to see at jj.

Wonderbust @ 12/29/2012 at 4:00 pm

hey Loves, if you noticed last night the troll was spamming the board and me, yolly. cassi, and others completely ignored it and it went away because no one bothered to pay attention to it. I have already outed the troll so many times so please can you please stop responding to it. Its only intent is to get a response and the more you respond the more it writes. As I stated take a look from last night and see what happened when we ignored it. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Lets focus more on the JP’s instead of responding to trolls ESPECIALLY since they get thumbed down anyways.


back to ur sucky life for you.
eldery parents, no partner

just don;t shoot anyone pls

I swear fans are just as annoying as the trolls.

@dawne: not interni I am planning to end jps. love them but tired of their lack of existance in all aspects and tired of you people because it is losing way. My new year resolution january 1 2013 :D praying to may God help me to keep it since I am online always and I don’t click and start all over again. END for real

as of Jan. 1st 2013 I meant it


how old are you? if i may ask

@dumb: Dumb not enough. hahahahaha how old are you to have a name called dumb


Bwahahahaha what a knee slapper! It’s hilarious whenever a loon tries to position Heroina as morally superior to anyone at all.

Dawmbass, I know it’s one of your fantasies, but the reason why you won’t see St Angie in a bikini in her many staged photo ops is because she doesn’t have the body for it. How could anyone try to sell herself as a sex symbol with a poorly defined body; no ass, toneless less, big feet, no waist. The best she’s ever looked was during the first Tomb Raider movie and that was 12 years ago, and she hadn’t gone through those very obvious plastic surgeries back then.

As for using sex to get ahead, your idol is the expert. You talk as if you didn’t know that your hor goddess willingly let herself be objectified by doing gratuitous nude scenes since the start of her film career up until Original Sin, post Oscar, so she definitely used sex to get ahead in her career.

She was competing with Kate Winslet on the number of nude scenes, but we all know she’s no Kate in terms of real acting chops, and btw, I don’t remember ever hearing KW call herself “the actress most likely to sleep with her female fans” or claiming to be “sexual” since “kindergarten”. LOL.

Wow WhamoTheHalfManjoedudecarryBShite9months must so lonely to be Dolly’s servants in May Hee Go huh ?
WhamoTheHalfMan get used to with his brothers and father and young Z-lists, IT like Back Door and BJ, Joedude must working hard for their husbands.

Hey Whamo, Jennypoop is still be a Bitter Barren Cow B!tch of HW.
Jennypoop enjoy 20+ D!ckyDucks and she is still ” No can do ”

Poor to be Dolly’s servant D o g s huh ?

D o g is D o g and D o g eat Jen’spoop,eeh eeh eeh eeh Ouch Ouch !

Can we please ignore the trolls please? Especially resident trolls tampon and carry.

Wonderbust @ 12/29/2012 at 4:07 pm

Forgot to add for the JustJared ranking system he says:
“FYI: These rankings are calculated by a number of factors, including pageviews/hits from readers, comments, and social media interaction. Want to see your favorite on the list next year or in a higher position? Make sure to share articles with your friends and help give those posts a wider audience!”
Which means these threads JP threads are read by many people across the world.Jared gets 3.3 million UNIQUE visitors a month many of these visitors come to these threads hence why Angie and Brad are listed so high.The trolls make up less than .1 percent of people who come here hence why their posts are always hidden. Lets try this new year to stop letting them take over the thread since they are obviously not even large in number. My rant for the day lol



in 3 days time, you’ll be gone forever!!partyyyyyyyyyy


(you’ll be back under yet another name :()

Premalee @ 12/28/2012 at 10:44 pm
Thanks, although I think the publishing part isn’t really a goal yet. I just like writing at the moment and doing it at my own pace. I’d really like to have about five stories before I even think about publishing, even on Kindle.


do u have a partner at all?
are u disabled? is that why u are always online?

@tramp will be very happy to get attention. Don’t really respond for him unless absolutly you have to he is working….. you can’t reason with that kind of people…
now just to straight though Angie is young and sexy and that is a given. You don’t have to do it late in life trying to compensate what pass you by. It is not only desperate but all depressing and insecure on you.


that’s right avoid the question hun, like u always do.
thanks for proving my point :)

boring family @ 12/29/2012 at 4:12 pm

boring as hell

@dumb: stupid dumb. I go to school and I work putting data entry work so i tell you be happy. What is your real name or are you a new intern? can’tplace you. Though you sound like one of them most importnatly. Truly answer hahah no I am not expecting from you.
R you desablied to get dumb name? is that what you feel? true answer.

From Twitter @ 12/29/2012 at 4:15 pm

So glad the JPs & the cousins were able to enjoy such a beautiful time- there are only 6 pictures at the link. I had seen all but 2- the last one is a good map that shows the proximity of each house- so perfect for a multi-family vacay!

Look Inside Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Holiday Home!

Rose @ 12/28/2012 at 4:45 pm
Thanks for the compliment. God given or not, it’s still not that easy for me lol. I know a lot of professional artists use a projector to enlarge the picture and trace it, but I’m trying to get my drawing skills good enough so I don’t have to do that. I might use that as a backup in the future, if I’m in a hurry, but I prefer to see what I can do with just pencil and paper. It’s no easy feat, at least from me turning a five by seven picture into one that fits on a 18×24″ canvas. The key for me is not thinking too much about what I’m drawing.
There are people who hardly have to work at these things and it just happens. I wish that was me, but hey, I’ll take what I have and appreciate it.


6 years ago u were 12 y.o? bwhahhahahahhaha


parents 50 years? pretty old,,u gotta be 25 y.o at least

an opinion @ 12/29/2012 at 4:20 pm

The trolls are upset because the realized every C list alive seem to pimp themselves this Christmas — Jermey Piven, Ashlee Simpson, Kimora Lee Simmons and Jennifer Aniston. Let me add Jimmy Kimmel. (Poor John better stick with Damon because niether Ticky nor Kimmel will be able to help his career once The Office ends)

Let’s talk Jp no more engaging with this trolls.
Now Not ok has a story about Brad and Angie having matching tatoos for the wedding. So cute. I want them to have a little bunny tatooed in Angie butt only you can see it if she is nude so only Brad can see it.It will be covered if she were panties etc..
That will be cute. She has more energy so I think it will be fun .Brad will get a something shows he is way patic
ent and passive like the way he handles everything. I don’t know what animal will fit best. May be mummies. Anways, that is silly me talking for the silly question they have there.


LOL here’s a moniker we hadn’t seen before, and is talking with such familiarity, as if it were one of the residents.

What facts are those, “new fan”? Why don’t you bring proof that St. Angie has not worked out of her own choice? You are simply repeating hearsay from other JP trolls. You silly loons think you know them so well from their photo ops. LOL.

Oh by all means present evidence that Chanel’s sales increase are related to Pitty. Are you on drugs? Everybody and their mothers know that the Chanel ad was a disaster, so that’s not going to fly. No. 5 is well know as the biggest selling perfume in the world for decades; your idol has nothing to do with that. What’s more, during holiday season, the sales increase no matter what. FACT.

I don’t need to prove you who’s bankable and who isn’t and it’s well known that your idols are not in that “in demand” category any more. Look it up. And no, they don’t have any friends in Hollywood.

Oh so I am the one posting lies? Didn’t you just do that when you tried to deflect to discussing Aniston? LOL. Don’t be such a sore loser, you loons post lies about her and other celebrities every day.

@9months: and @dumb: Make a peaceful conversation !
One of you started to insult the other. I don´t know who it was.
And then…it went to a chain-reaction!
Really, it must not go this way!

LOL@Maniston hens losing their shiit.

@dumb: ignoring because you dumb it is non of your business anyways. done with you

Here’s from the other kids.

twitter dot com/ReaganPitt

twitter dot com/rylie_neal

Brad name helps like it hate it for anything including chanel

@Wonderbust: DUH LOON, didn’t they spend them in the same way. Exotic port of calls with their intended??? cept no kids with Jen and Justin.

I swear fans are just as annoying as the trolls.

R e a l l y??

The person posting Brad’s relatives’ info is a troll.

Wonderbust @ 12/29/2012 at 4:37 pm

I wish there was a way Brad’s nieces and nephews can be alerted to make there twitter private NOW

@ Tamssinn: if I am loser for supporting without any proof then you are a loser for hating them without knowing them at all. You don’t have any proof of them being without friends the sand way I don’t have any. You are a hypocrite…

This is my last comment to you because I am not going to waste my time with someone who has so much hatred and dislike for someone they have never ever met. I feel sorry for you and sincerely hope you are not this bitter in real life.

The Delhi gang rape victim has died and that has showed me that it is better to spend time protesting over those issues and try our best to make sure the victim gets justice instead of spending time with people trying to defend.

I support the JPs and see them for what I think they are – the same way you see them differently. Lets just leave it at that.

@Shreya: Perfect answer. clap clap clap


Too funny, Tas! It is so familiar, it reminds me of one whose grammar is lacking… ; )

It is probably simmy she is the one who usually carried away too much because she is not very ok you know hahaa

Hey fans. I love this tweet from one of Brad’s nieces:

“My cousin just gave me this bracelet that he got from a pope in Cambodia. He told me it was special #sosweet.”

it is more a job for tramp. Jared should know what to do always. One tramp and his alais delet and ban


Kind of like your hatred for someone YOU have never met, nor will ever meet! What a hypocrite…

Meet Joe Black in on tv.


Poor reading comprehension? Check. Here’s your certification bb- you’re a fully fledged loon. Congrats.

I never said you were a loser for being a fan of the Brand. I said that deflecting to discussing Aniston like you did (and just like the rest of JP trolls do) makes you a sore loser. See? There’s a difference in what I said as compared to what you understood.

If you are so high above the rest and are using this Delhi tragedy to elevate yourself, then by all means, go ahead, move on with your life, and don’t ever waste time posting praises or defending vapid celebrities in a gossip blog.

Here is a gift from me to all JP fans.

The owner of wwtdd hates Ticky & he is funny as heck. He knows her inside & out as we do. I hope you enjoy all of his posts over the years—they go back to VV & Ticky balcony humping in Chicago 2005! Please watch all the drunk speeches Ticky has given forever—always drunk & slurring! LOL

I see CT and his wife at jared. cute I got say they are also totaly posing but they are expecting and 1st that is fine with me. Btw I just say them per say since they are here. but anyone is cute when they have that thing. anyone.
I miss that in jps that my girl and my guy thing of existance in jps not miss it actually the best word is NEVER THERE about them.

I know they are older and have kids but that touch,a bit PDA, look of and stand up for eachother no matter what and that my girl my guy existance is ageless thing in relationship. Nothing will make a guy sexy ( if he is in relationship) than looking honest and loving guy. every girl would want him in a way thinking wanting that for her. Not nessearily him. But him since is he is here looking it. I dont know how to say it pefectly . Brad and that caa fear fuilled disgusting middle guy game that was costed him than anything his apeal and his likeablity . I am not saying Angie needed it but it has empact in the way how it was played for her and for him. Because when a woman look she has someone who look there she looks cute femainin. I am not saying being controlled and look like you need a savor… offcourse the woman must be or look she is whole too for a guy to act like that and lets face angie doesnt come really like that. it is not good mostly.
Btw I dislike gag order too much posing and when thing over done that is a turn off tomkat anyone remember at first werid. manny clinging everyhing it doesn’t have to be a human sometimes 2-4 yearoldish


Oh LOL Joe, does Rosey poo ever take a break? I think Chivan is exploiting her. Loons should have a workers’ union.


Wow, you know Aniston inside and out? And you have NEVER met her… Pitiful! Seriously, pathetic!

fyi12 @ 12/29/2012 at 4:56 pm
Love the site What Would Tyler Durden Do.

Awww sorry TROLL I hurt your feelings by posting a link that tells the TRUTH! Not at all LMAO

Don’t answer for trmapy and his alias ho or jo due
too much attention and they will be like everywhere.

I think it’s hysterical the lack of self awareness of certain trolls who see the fans of the JPs as pathetic loons but who constantly spend their oh so precious time on this site and seem to know more about Brad and Angelina than the fans do.

The hypocrisy of one troll who whines and complains about the JP fans only being made up of a few people who constantly change their monikers but at the same time who has posted on this board under a mass of names is breath taking in it’s absurdity and stupidity.

@fyi12: Honey, no need to apologize. I didn’t even open your link… I am just laughing my azz off at the fact you stated “you know Aniston inside and out”! What dumb azz comment.

The guy at WWTDD really can’t stand Maniston which is why I love him. lol.

Love this family and I hope they continue to stay together for the rest of their lives.

Brad and Angie are really great parents, they raise their kids to be caring and loving.

@fyi12: Nice pictures of Jen, that I´ve seen on that site. Hot perspective!
That are pictures for Jen-fans and not for JP-fans, I think !

fyi @ 12/29/2012 at 4:47 pm

Thumb up Thumb down +8

Meet Joe Black in on tv.
Brad in Meet Joe Black is perfection. swoon.


I agree, he is my favorite whenever there is another Huvane fed Lenny news aka lie & denial.

My favorite video of DRUNK Aniston! Most of the YT videos were wiped out but wwtdd video is till up. LOL

Happy New Year!! I see old manny making a fool of herself AGAIN plus all the on-going JP love love love equals troll meltdown- so funny- it’s just like 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 all over again. My psychic powers predict even more troll pain in 2013! OK, this is OT, but I just saw a very sweet movie- Beginners. It stars Ewan M & Christoper P (won Oscar for it) AND Melanie Laurent (IB). I almost deleted it for dvr space, but bc of Angie & Brad’s love of Ewan’s performance in Impossible, I decided to watch it. Very enjoyable & Ewan was excellent in it, too. It always amazes how non-Americans can do such flawless American accents. Quiet movie, but it conveys a lot. It even had a quote from one of my fav books ever, The Velveteen Rabbit! I loved this quote as a child & it means so much more as an adult:

What is REAL?” asked the Velveteen Rabbit one day… “Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?”

“Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When [someone] loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.”

“Does it hurt?” asked the Rabbit.

“Sometimes,” said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. “When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.”

“Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,” he asked, “or bit by bit?”

“It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse. “You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t often happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept.

“Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand… once you are Real you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.”

“fyi12″ COULD BE A HACKER !!!
1 minute, after I went on his link to watch the pictures of Jen, I lost com-
pletely my control over my PC. The mouse didn´t work, nearly nothing didn´t
work! I disconnected the way to the net and then I pressed the on/off button.
That was the only way to get control again. And then I rebooted my PC.
Maybe, that it was just a coincidence. But what if not?!
DON´T TRUST HIS LINKS!!! “” is not YouTube!!!

Pathetic TROLL—I know as much about hacking as YOU know about the TRUTH! LOL I love it that you are so upset. NOT! LMAO

Passing Through @ 12/29/2012 at 6:14 pm

# 219 manouche @ 12/29/2012 at 6:40 am
That’s from Gawker’s archive. They had a screen cap to go with it. Of course Huvsy denied that Ticky posted that, said it was a fake Ticky MySpace page and the page was taken down the next day. The thing is – that page had been active for more rabout 6 months and Huvsy and Ticky NEVER said it wasn’t her and never had the page de-activated before that statement went up nor had they issued denials for anything posted on the site. I’m just saying – if there’s ever a contest for the biggest fraud in Hollywood Ticky’s gonna edge out Tiny Tom by the tip of her bulbous nose just past the tip of his beaky nose. Travolta will make it close but ultimately come in third place.


Thanks for the link to WWTDD………I enjoyed reading it back for years…..the man hates her as much as we all do……man, does he have her number……….wonder what Huvsy has offerred him to lay off???? This man cannot be bought……….there are a few out there who aren’t for sale. Jared ain’t one of them.

Wonderbust @ 12/29/2012 at 6:16 pm

Even Entertainment Weekly is calling ticky out on her pr whoring by putting her in this poll lmao

Then it was a coincident. I hope it just was a coincident.

Passing Through @ 12/29/2012 at 6:26 pm

Jonah Hill…rollin’ wiht Leo and his P***y Posse? No wonder the Mayans said the world was gonna end on Dec 21. They wanted to keep that shite from happenin’…

moron…..till now im at the site.nothing wrong with my lap.


I know, this guy can NOT be BOUGHT like some BUT he is not making the money as the others who are ‘bought’

I am glad you enjoyed his previous threads. Isn’t he funny & honest as heck?

I hope, that my system-crash was just a coincidence and that it had nothing to do with your link!
But nevertheless: I´ll go the minimum-risc-way and I´ll say “no” to such links, no matter who will post them!
The comments on this site are enough.
To hell with these Links. I don´t need them !

Wonderbust @ 12/29/2012 at 6:37 pm

i clicked on fyi2′s link and it was FINE..trolls dont want you to seet icky looking a hot mess on stage. Anyways very interesting did their top stories from their site which probably means the most views. GASP ticky didnt even make the top 10,,20645405_20645511,00.html#0_undefined,0_


You just replied to a post that was addressed to a “TROLL” —NOT to YOU! LOL so you admit you are a troll. Now that is very funny LMAO!

PT- I saw that- very funny! I hope Jonah has fun- not sure what happened with him & DH’s daughter, but I’m pretty sure he’s single now. If Jonah starts dating 18 yo models and dumping them when they reach 23-4 and bringing his mom & Lucas Hass everywhere, then I’ll worry about him.

an opinion @ 12/29/2012 at 6:52 pm

@Wonderbust: LOL EW called them boring. Funny how John Mayer’s description keeps coming up.
hey are filming there.

Think what you like to think.
I wonder how you would react, if you´re PC didn´t do anything, after visiting
a link of a post !
I´m happy, that my PC is still alive after all.
I´m not a troll ! Go on these links! They seem to be free from malware!
Maybe, that I´m too afraid of contaminated links. That´s all about it.
Sorry, fyi12,
for what I wrote, of course, you´re NOT a hacker, you´re OK,
a good fellow with a good sense of humor.

Bringing my post over from Maniston’s thread, hahaha…
“Last year, Emily, John, Jimmy, and Molly spent the New Year’s week together in Hawaii ”
In other words, tv HACKTRESS chin Maniston and her no name wannabe balding kept dude were hangers on with the much more successful threesome of emily/john/kimmel this year. Btw, since when has manny been friends with krasinkski? Lmao bish please. bahahaha. Where’s Courtney? Guess she’s been banished like aniston’s moms.


oh stfu already……..we’ve all been to the link and it’s fine………..and if you are not a troll I’m the ghost of Christmas.

2012 Pictures @ 12/29/2012 at 7:18 pm

So much has happened, I forgot about some of these events- wow. The boy & his baby sister in Nepal (#21)- heartbreaking. Even though there is so much bad stuff that happens in the world, it makes me feel better that Brad & Angie are in the world trying to help & they show us how to help, too. I recall Brad saying one time- maybe during AMH at Cannes?- if we could just move the ball forward a little bit…so true.


No hard feelings. But please be careful about who you accuse of ‘hacking”. IF you go several pages back you will see that a troll who stole lylians name posted a virus! We were ALL affected by it.
I am sure including myself, many fans also notified Jared about the virus.

Oh, Clini- old manny & her PR are getting BOLD- that was the Hawaii trip Heidi B talked about- ouch!! When fat tick was fudging her cheating timeline, poor Heidi B was doing an interview about plans to go to Hawaii with tiny stolen troll boy- holy girly jorts, Batman!

Just finished seeing pics of Ticky & BoyToy in Cabo – they have more chemistry when they go shopping compared while on vacation.

PEOPLE MAG @ 12/29/2012 at 7:34 pm

Top 10 News Stories of 2012
3Rosie O’Donnell’s Fiancée Diagnosed with Rare Disease
2. Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel’s Wedding Photo Revealed
1. She’s Pregnant! Kate & Prince William Expecting First Child
still very you,,20645405_20645511,00.html

For all the effort Ticky makes to be sexy, there is nevah chemistry between her and whomever she is bangin’ at the moment…..she is not sexy, she is needy and the sexy is her substitute for actual talent.

lmao…wonderbust, so who..ring on chelshit show not


nice one,,now the hypyocrites at Joliepittstop aint so exclusive now.
this will be all over the net, and tab writers will get an idea, and use these teens for information on hwere brad , angelina and the 6 kids are, marriage plans etc.

nice one


Angie hasn’t been “begging for jobs.” EVER!! She just finished a long shoot for a $200 million dollar Disney live action movie of an iconic villainess. COAC!! Why shouldn’t she take a break?

AJ also has had 100% successful films of her last roles — everyone either a critical or a box office success — or both. Big paydays for her too! Too bad your girl can’t say the same TAMPAX and has shot exactly ONE film in the last 2 years — ONE!! And for a fraction of what she used to charge with no points (not that points would help). Bets on how it does as the box office?

lol at some fan erasing the name via microsoft paint lololol

probably beverlyhills or the like brrrrrrrrrrrr

u stole the pic,,too late to hide the name babe.

now these teens will be followed by tab and blog writers fishing for info,
well done guys!

an opinion @ 12/29/2012 at 8:03 pm

@nice one: STFU and stop acting like a little girl. If you have something to say to someone than go on that site and say it. No one here cares what your comments.

@an opinion:

how about no? :)

fans have been spreading that info all over the net, it is half their fault it has leaked.

Eli Braden ‏@EliBraden
In ‘Contagion’, Gwenyth Paltrow is responsible for the worst tragedy to ever befall mankind. SPOILER: It’s NOT ‘Country Strong’ OR ‘Duets’!

de Cosmos @ 12/29/2012 at 8:23 pm

Did I miss the wedding? I really hope I did.

errr, I wasn’t around at 3.05pm EST. I guess someone is masquerading as me.
OMG!! Someone stole my moniker!! Finally!! Finally!! I really have arrived at JJ’s.

Go Figure! @ 12/29/2012 at 8:30 pm

@CLINIQUA: @372. OMG! I was thinking the same thing. Wondering when Lenny & Squiggy became such good friends with the other mentioned people. I bet this is a hilarious vacation. After all, you can only talk so long about dieting, tanning, and Brad Pitt (you know She’s gonna bring him up, she just has to). Think Courtney was banned when Ticky became BFF with the Ho Handler. The women are probably thinking when and how in the hell do we cut this vacation short? I’m also LMAO about this scenario.

the family on vacation and Brangelina not married
They never go away to marry

Jolie's Got Gold @ 12/29/2012 at 8:53 pm

I hope the Jolie Pitt family had a wonderful Christmas! What a nice place to spend time with family. Wish them all the best.

Mr & Mrs Smith @ 12/29/2012 at 8:56 pm

Wow, I just love Angelina and her Brad. They spend and share with family. God bless them!

Observer2 @ 12/29/2012 at 8:57 pm


Goopy don’t try to reason with tamsfullofshiit. He doesn’t believe the crap he writes. I know he’s a mental midget, but, 2010 was 2 years ago, not 3. The last 2 films she starred in made over a half billion dollars worldwide. And as, you said, she got her full asking price plus back end % pts. And she just got finished filming a 150M plus movie for Disney that she’s also an executive producer on. As you said, she got her full salary plus participation points. Angelina is still the number one actress in HW, despite, not having a movie out in 2 years.

Lenny, had WanderbustedUniversalandApatow. She’s only made one film in 2 years. The one she just got finished filming, maybe had a budget of 30M. That’s all a studio will fund when she doesn’t have a big name male co-star or a dog as the star. And Beaches 2 is dead in the dirt. So, Huvane planted that she left the project, well, you can’t leave a project that left you. LOL. We’ll see about the prequel to a Tarantino movie that he’s not involved with, if that gets in front of the cameras or will John Hawkes get some awards recognition and realize, that saying he’s doing a movie with Lenny as his next project, gets him the side eye of WTF are you thinking and he bails.

Oh and Lenny as a producer has to once again, piggy back off of Marta Kaufman for a Lifetime movie. Hell, even CC got to direct and produce a movie on Lifetime, all on her own.

Poor Kristin Hahn, has to actually go out and find work outside of Echo Films because it’s pretty much defunct.

Lenny is still working Jen Meyer is hopes that her dad will hire her and what does he do? Hires Angelina to direct a major studio film.

Lenny can’t screw her way into a role anymore. Scott Stuber married one of Lenny’s now defunct friends. She wasn’t invited to the wedding or Molly’s baby shower.

Her runt, actually has the better contacts, but, than his contacts have better contacts that they work with.

If the industry thought highly of her runt, he’d get more work than one film every 3-4 years.

And Lenny is going to be a guest on Kimmel’s show when it goes to it’s new time slot against Leno and Letterman. Why? She doesn’t have anything to promote but her engagement that no one cares about, as it didn’t make any major press outlets top stories of the year. Or is it her bought hair endorsement, where she won’t fess up to having to wear extensions or her hair is busted, just like her face.

Lenny has one thing to look forward to, she’ll be up for some Razzie awards for WanderbustedUniversalandApatow.

Funny, how Apatow is going back 18 years to talk about almost working with Brad and how Brad was just meant to be a movie star, but, he’s not talking about working with Lenny and her runt. Not.

Merry Christmas (ok a belated one) to Brad, Angie and their clan. Big well wishes to you all. Keep the magic of Christmas in your hearts forever.

10months =march-january @ 12/29/2012 at 8:59 pm

Here we go again. why do you all care? and why is this important or not important or matter?

@2012 Pictures:
I saw the photos. Thank you for bringing over the link.
The picture of the Nepalese boy and his baby sister brought some thoughts to mind brought tears to my eyes.
I don’t know if you ever read Frank McCourt’s book, Angela’s ashes, where he describes his harrowing experiences of his childhood in Ireland, the father’s drunkenness, his mother’s helplessness and dysfunction, the contempt directed at him and his mother when they sought help from charitable organisations. I remember also his younger brother Malarky(?) writing another book basically saying “Awww, It wasn’t that bad, we had fun too! Remember when – “.
I remember too my own father’s experience of his childhood in poverty, which in many ways were similar to Frank mcCourt’s, filled with memories of the harsh struggles of people living in poverty – and his younger brothers’ – “awww, it wasn’t that bad! we had fun too. Remember when – ”
Both my father and Frank McCourt were eldest children, eldest sons. From a young age, they bore the responsibility of taking care of their family.
When I look at that photo of the Nepalese boy and his baby sister. He, in tears, holding his sister, safely wrapped up and sleeping peacefully. I’m think of my own father (and Frank McCourt) life as a child. The boy will probably remember this and say “it was awful” and I hope his sister will be able to say “Awww, it wasn’t that bad!” – because god willing, things will be better for her because she has a older brother …

Awwww, I just adore this family! Brad and his wife and family are so real. Enjoy your vacation!!!!!

9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 9:01 pm


9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 9:04 pm

I am suspecting JPs marry in June . From april-june. but again I could be wrong it could be just in january

Observer2 @ 12/29/2012 at 9:06 pm

Another mental midget, there were pics of Brad and Angelina together while they were in London and a few pics on twitter of them together at restaurants.

Why do you need to see pics? So, you can lick them?

9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 9:11 pm

@Observer2: um no one saw those pics in public. the last we saw jps if you count in may before he went cannies one pick going to musum or something but I don’t count that.
I count the last real show was in galpagos in april after the engagment in may.
so from april something to january something it will be 9months so I count 9 months since january is two days away.
It has been looooooong time. Miss the whole family but we may not see them may be even for couple motnhs you never know with them two.

9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 9:12 pm

engagment in march I meant ah

9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 9:13 pm

oh you said I lick them? you sick mind. That is what probably you do not me. We need to see love the NORMAL of us here.

Observer2 @ 12/29/2012 at 9:18 pm

Like, I said, you’re a mental midget. You act your shoe size. LOL.

And you’re finally admitting that you’re a no one.

9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 9:19 pm

stupid plank with the people like you no wonder… poor brad.

Beware, Maniston is in the house with many akas. Trying to get information and also fishing for wedding date. Maniston, go away permanently! zheesh!

the Rachel mistake @ 12/29/2012 at 9:26 pm

Why he wants a big family: …. ( and why he lose time with Rachel )

Brad Pitt – “I had a friend in college who had [seven siblings], and we’d go to his home over the weekends. I remember saying, ‘If I ever find the right partner, I’m going to do it big. ‘ When Angie and I got together, I didn’t see any reason to wait around. ”

—– He only need to have another baby with his loving beautiful wife and mother of is six childrens Angelina Jolie….wow .. what a women !! —

The couple’s picture here is very nice. They are so beautiful. Best wishes to them and their big family. Remember, family first and all the rest will work out.

I am so glad jp family can have great time with extended family under the radar.Love they have some privacy.

Happy Holidays to the Jolie Pitt family! Glad you made time to enjoy family time. What a getaway place, must be beautiful. My name is Frances and I am a forever fan. I am sorry to say I go to your thread to thumbs up and to JA’s thread to thumbs down and your thread has the most comments so it takes me an hr. Sometimes I accidentally hit the wrong thumbing. I wish JustJared will separate the thumbing options and put thumbs up on one side of the comment and thumbs down on the other side because sometimes I accidentally hit the wrong thumbs. I hope Santa made his way to visit your island. Have a blessed life.

Brad wasn’t lying when he said he looks was going to do it big.I will always believe brad and jennifer aniston marriage ended because of children. Brad and I wanted a big family.The man adores children.He gushes about the joys of having a large family as in the quote above. Angelina did not steal brad jennifer aniston easily gave him to her. As a person with common sense Brad knew he would get the life he wanted with Angelina. Why would he waste his years on Jennifer Aniston a person that will never have children because she does not want them. Jane and Bill Pitt must love Angelina because she gave them 6 grandkids.

9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 9:51 pm

@Frank: I bet you are fugmus or skeletirout or whatever his name is or their name is

9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 9:53 pm

@Paige: who cares manny was one of brad exes from decade and beyond. I am not being mean but people “YOU FANS” must start treating it as it is. Not important things. how it end why it end was discussed 1million times and save your energy now. or if it old story stricly him striclty her. come onn….. it is costing you must start and push.

9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 9:56 pm

losing always losing. …. always this year after year is this. That is the horrible part of being in the same talent agency but it is not helping him it harm his carrier, his apeal, his happiness. It is he who was costed. HIM and it should be him who should change and must direct this people not him may be his people direct this people ..
banging banging banging I know don’t. But I won’t contiue forever doing it. I jsut can’t helping it while I am lurking here.

Passing Through @ 12/29/2012 at 10:01 pm

# 379 Goopy @ 12/29/2012 at 7:42 pm
Speaking of Ticky not getting points on her duds – If the folks who financed her bombs insisted on paying her with points instead of a flat salary that ho would never make another movie. She’d be calling up Marta Kauffman and begging her to create a new sitcom for her so she can be Rachel Green on tv again and have a guaranteed salary. That would last for about 6 episodes and then be cancelled because people who want to see Rachel Green just watch the old Friends reruns that show 10 times a day in every time zone.

9months = April -january @ 12/29/2012 at 10:07 pm

You will see maniston will have a great year. I don’t care she is lame and fkcn fake. She does what benifate her and what she give the media will display it for her and that she will succeded the ho movie will be a hit I bet.She is someone who does what works for her.
She doesn’t have stupid 50 whores who come here to discuss her. They never make a dent on her and they will never. Depressing and boring and lack moves of jps will destory them. Remember this.

Passing Through @ 12/29/2012 at 10:14 pm

# 390 Observer2 @ 12/29/2012 at 8:57 pm
Here’s the irony of Squiggy having better contacts in HW than Ticky – his ass ain’t worked AT ALL in OVER 2 years. I guess he could count the script he’s “rewriting” for Will Ferrell & Steve Carrel. But…he’s only going to get paid to direct it IF Ferrell/Carrel and the studio like the script. If they don’t like the script then he’s SOL on directing it and is right back to being Ticky’s man-biitch. Zoolander 2 ain’t happening – probably ever. The project they pitched to Jerry Weintraub is floating belly up in the coy pond in Jerry’s backyard. And you can put on an APB on the cartoon he’s supposedly developing for FOX because that sucker MIA. He’d better slow his roll on spending Ticky’s Friends money because at the rate he’s going through her money he’ll be needing to find himself a new sugar mama by mid-2013…

Cry me a river Jennifer Aniston. Don’t you learn from past mistakes? Taking the balding boyfriend to Mexico spells disaster. LOL! Santa skips her place every yr.


Santa doesn’t like her, he cold cocked her when she was a kid. Now, what child gets cold cocked by Santa? Lenny.

Cabo usually spells the end for Lenny and her man of the moment. But, then Vaughn and Mayer, when they went with her went to Joe Francis’ place for privacy. There’s a whole lotta ick in this whole paragraph.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is on Tv

@Wonderbust: That’s hilarious and oh so true. Mark Twain and Ben Franklin both cut from the witty repartee cloth.

JoliePitt Fan @ 12/29/2012 at 10:21 pm

Wow!!!!! How lucky they are to spend Christmas and have an island to themselves. I wish I was one of their family members, hahaha. You go Jolie-Pitt! Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

@9months = April -january:

I am just fabulous so eat your heart out. The last laugh is at Jennifer Aniston who is continuing to make a fool of herself, leave the Jolie thread! beatch!

the Angie certitude @ 12/29/2012 at 10:23 pm

When I tell Angelina this tale, her eyes dance and she gets very gurgly.

Angie – “Well, he’s a handsome man.”

Yes! And?

Angie “No, I think he’s an extremely sexy—extremely handsome and the most sexy. . . . When I think about him, I just think of the man who’s such a great friend and such an extraordinary father.”

… hum….

Angie ” And that’s when I fall, you know, when I have my moments of getting—whoarr!—caught up in how much I love him . . . it’s usually when I see him with the children.”

Angie and Brad it´s the representation of a “real perfect love”

Passing Through @ 12/29/2012 at 10:26 pm

Crikey. It’s at times like these when I wonder – was she REALLY this fug when Brad was humping on it? Bleh! Thank God Brad stopped smokin’ da ganja… Remember folks…she looks 22…x 3 maybe. Homegirl needs to make a grip to see Hair Boy and go back to blond. She’s giving brunettes a bad name…

Passing Through @ 12/29/2012 at 10:29 pm

# 390 Observer2 @ 12/29/2012 at 8:57 pm
Here’s the irony of Squiggy having better contacts in HW than Ticky – his ass ain’t worked AT ALL in OVER 2 years. I guess he could count the script he’s “rewriting” for Will Ferrell & Steve Carrel. But…he’s only going to get paid to direct it IF Ferrell/Carrel and the studio like the script. If they don’t like the script then he’s SOL on directing it and is right back to being Ticky’s man-bii tch. Zoolander 2 ain’t happening – probably ever. The project they pitched to Jerry Weintraub is floating belly up in the coy pond in Jerry’s backyard. And you can put on an APB on the cartoon he’s supposedly developing for FOX because that sucker MIA. He’d better slow his roll on spending Ticky’s Friends money because at the rate he’s going through her money he’ll be needing to find himself a new sugar mama by mid-2013…


I concur. It is so easy to dislike Jennifer Aniston. Karma is her. She must not believe in angels either. Well we believe in angels. By the way, Angelina spells “Angel” lady. Yeah! We gravitate to Angelina the best of the best.

@9months = April -january:

all this,,just to try and protect aniston u crazy mofo.
why do u care what fans post about? if affects brad and angelina not 1 bit, u silly tool.

100% ******,,cannot stand u

Based on Maniston’s records, I guess we are expecting a breakup after Maniston’s Cabo show. LOL

Brad about Angie @ 12/29/2012 at 10:49 pm

Brad talking about is love, Angie :

“I get up some mornings and gasp.”

“if we have a flare-up, it evaporates now. I don’t want to waste time being angry at someone I love.”

“I am in love and I have the most beautiful family. What else can a guy want? I am the happiest man ever.”

… Brad is a lucky guy… and so is Angie.

@Passing Through:

I have to laugh that the runt has, pretty much, all of his hopes pinned on Zoolander 2. The original didn’t do that well at the B.O. and is over 10 years old.

Since her runt has been asked by critics to NEVER write another screenplay again, the movie he’s re-writing to direct, won’t get made.

Just like Lenny announces that she’s attached to 10 films and 9 of them never see the light of day because she’s attached to them. LOL.

they wont make it if brad bomb @ 12/29/2012 at 10:54 pm

@Frank: I will.
And you are sounding just like that ho and totaly idiot in your comments just like him and you may be him. Or you are idoit on of the two or both hahaah
( 9months)

they wont make it if brad bomb @ 12/29/2012 at 10:56 pm

baldy-nose will be fine he is not gonna bail out now. Your jealousy obviously can’t change that. What a bunch of fools. They are not in a way you are in a way for being this. useless ugly filthy mouths.

they wont make it if brad bomb @ 12/29/2012 at 10:58 pm

Waste of my time here in the middle of this night fools destory detororize the jolie pitts. you are good at that.
Remember you are adding for the other one at the same time. Whateer makes you angry won’t be solved lilke this remember this. nope

btw nice to see some people actually talking about JP let this be 2013 wheater I am here or not. That is winning.

lol @ 12/29/2012 at 10:48 pm
Ticky paid escort midget probably won’t leave until he finds another sugar mama.

observer 2 passing through they have to be removed. shifft remove this two especiallyt mindle less 2 guy. removed this people from you camp remove they are useless poisin brainless posion jealous posion

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is trending on twitter.

LMAO at the newest sockpuppet… “valium” is it? How appropriate! I see nobody ever bothered to question where it came from or whether it’s a “real fan” or a “troll in disguise”. It’s already receiving a high count of thumbs up from the proxy operator!

For all loons know, it could be me under another moniker!

Oh but I’m kidding, the JP trolls in charge know for sure who’s hiding behind that moniker. Good job in making yourself sound coherent for a change, Rosey poo! :D

follow the Pitt tweets! @ 12/30/2012 at 12:45 am

twitter dot com/neal_josie

twitter dot com/ReaganPitt

twitter dot com/rylie_neal

hello everyone.

God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

I miss the Jolie Pitt Family. God bless them plus their 6 bundle of joy.

waving to Neleh,Lara,Loren,Vicki,Anoble,Kimmy,lyric,Shar & to all lovely fans of Brad & Angie.God bless us all.

@lylian: So sad the hardship some children have to deal with. Yesterday CNN had a segment on the fact that Russian law will change as of Jan 2013. There will be no more adoptions of Russian children by US citizens. The lady who help Angelina adopt Pax was on there describing how horrible the orphanage were there and in other parts of the world are. Hopefully whatever the argument between the US and Russian is can be fixed soon so kids can get a home and parents that love them.

Fox makes a lot money from Mr. & Mrs. Smith and still is making money from it. It plays on TV so frequently. I wonder if Brad still gets backend deal from TV playing.

I’ll bet he does- I know he had a good piece of the DVD sales, too. From what Doug L says in the DVD commentary, Brad gave input into set design & other stuff, too- every time that scene where the camera pans up Angie’s bare legs in the kitchen when she is standing at the fridge, I recall how Doug said that was Brad’s idea- Angie is a work of art!

This article is such a good read, its five years old but still relates to today and describes some of the trolls here:

Angelina Jolie-The Most Iconic Woman of Our Time

August 14, 2007 by maary

Angelina Jolie, even the name has a certain rhythm to it. Love or hate her, you cannot be indifferent about her. To say she is a goddess is stating the obvious.

Has there ever been a more talked about woman since Princess Diana?

It is hard to believe that she only just turned 32, she has achieved in those years what most people will never achieve if they lived to be 100years. There is no question that Angelina is a trailblazer, always a leader and never a follower. What sets her apart from her imitators is that she is authentic, unlike the public relations manufactured images, she is not afraid to speak and live honestly.

The media has created an image of an Angelina that bears no resemblance to who she is, the tabloids especially have turned her life into a soap opera and creating drama where none exists. The tabloids have been especially vicious in their relentless attack on this woman. I ask myself why? What is it about this woman that so threaten other women. As one columnist so succinctly put it, “Angelina does not make us feel good about ourself.” This is a woman who at the age of 26 adopted a child while most of her peers have been parroting to the media about wanting to be a mother, Jolie doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Yes adoption has been going on long before she adopted, but she made it cool and acceptable. She has immersed herself in her humanitarian work, earning her kudos and respect from the experts in the field, she donates one third of her income to so many different charitable organizations around the world. Not only does she give money, she gives her time and her heart. She is a pilot, how many actresses can claim that?

Most insecure, self absorbed people cannot relate to her because she is not a train wreck. People can look at the train wrecks that are Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears and feel sorry for them and happily say to themselves,’Thank God my life is not that bad, thank God I am a better mother”, but that cannot be said about Jolie. She is a wonderful mother, a wonderful and loving partner, daughter and sister.

It is amusing how the media tries to force down our throat their version of Angelina- the man eater, this is interesting considering that her life has been so public and she has only been associated with so few men, two of whom she married. The media tries to portray an image of a cold and controlling woman, but yet again the facts do not bear that out. Everybody that has ever met her always say how sweet and down to earth she is, even Brad Pitt, poor man, did not know what hit him when he met her because the Angelina he met was the real Angelina and not the version created by the media. Her ex husbands still think the world of her and have the most positive things to say about her, unlike the eternal victim(Jennifer Anniston)who proclaimed that she and her ex husband were parting as friends until she realized that playing the victim and stabbing him on the back will be her best career move, and knowing that they are so many insecure women who do not have a discerning mind and cannot think for themselves.

Angelina is that rare actress that is taken serious both in Hollywood and Washington DC. The media try to create a caricature of her authentic self in an effort assure their readers that one person cannot have it all. At this point, she and Brad Pitt have baffled the tabloid and fiction writers who proclaimed that this union will not last more than six months, here they are going into their third year with four children and more being planned for. To read some of the blogs with the bitter women claiming they are over Brangelina, and yet everywhere they show up, the crowd swell, applauding them. Maybe the tabloids need to get with the program that more people want this couple to succeed. We are constantly told she was a wild child or all the crazy stuff she did seven to ten years ago with her ex husband, funny nobody says anything about BBT’s behavior from back then considering that he was old enough to be her father. Drew Barrymore was a wild child doing drugs and clubbing at the tender age of 10, and let us not forget about Johnny Depp trashing hotel rooms, but of course they are not Angelina Jolie and there is always one rule for her and a different one for everyone else.

Angelina is an enigmatic figure, very intelligent, very passionate and highly opinionated, I can’t say I blame Brad for falling in love with this gem of a woman. Her beauty shines from within. The tabloids have been throwing everything they can at her right now, hoping that they can break her, but my gut feeling is that seeing what she has seen in the refugee camps and the war torn countries she has visited, she has a better perspective in

life, she is able to see the bigger picture and that is why her detractors will never get to her because she is on a much higher plane. I have a feeling that we will still be talking about this woman 50 years from now, long after the pity party has ended and the fake girl next door has been exposed for the fraud that she is. In the mean time, Angelina will continue to live her life with such poise, class and dignity. Staying cool and level headed in the midst of the madness, she is one cool, classy babe.

She has inspired people the world over by choosing a purpose driven life over a narcissistic and self absorbed one, her critics could learn a thing or two about making the world a little better instead of polluting it with their nastiness and ugly behavior.

Brad did it again for Edwin (Japanese jeans band) commercial. I was a little bit surprised today when I saw the ad in one of the newpapers I read every morning. The ad was a big one. It says he did that Edwin503 commercial back in July in London.
He had been the face of Edawin503 since 1997 but 2007 was the last year of their contract due to the company’s bankrupcy caused by Lehman Shock. But this week a financial newspaper wrote Edwin was going to revive again.
His new Edwin503 CM video clip will be released tomorrow. The director is Sam Taylor Wood. You will see Brad dancing in a London studio. Listen to his message to Japanese people.


awwww Brad was with his three children and his family on vacation.
Leo Dicaprio KING of the box office goes away to marry before these two
Jolie is in L.A to spend the end of year with her friends

sunny @ 12/30/2012 at 2:35 am
Thanks, I hope we can see it here.

woman spanish @ 12/30/2012 at 4:29 am

Good morning to all fans!
I’m back after a few days of vacation. I wish I had been as the JP!.
I’ve seen the pictures of X, and I have deja vu, this woman always does the same? his life is reduced to tan? that boredom, sitting in a hammock all day!

Hi Rose, how are you? I hope you had a Merry Christmas

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 4:44 am

EW’s #1 Red Carpet Fashion Moment – Hint: She’s far too classy to ever lower herself to puttin’ on an Ass & Cooch Show in Meh-hee-co with her gigolo looking like he’s greased up for pig wrasslin’…

well, i guess you didnt know that they are all a total of 22 people who went on the vacay…

Don’t be an a s s wipe, as much as you would like to think, he is the father of three kids, they’re six of them.
1. Maddox
2. Pax
3. Zahara
4. Shiloh
5. Knox
6. Viv
If Leo is getting married, hurrah for him, what about you, still sitting in a corner rocking, waiting for your meds.

like she cares about facts @ 12/30/2012 at 7:03 am


world exculsive just wants to troll fans, be ignornant and try to needle fans.

I guess a “Lady Diana Spencer ” move
constant hard nipples are the sign of boobs job

Isn’t it sad that those people who claims to hate the JPs are the ones who comment the most on their thread? If you hate them so much then stay out of threads that contains pictures and news of the couple.

Most importantly don’t try to use high school bully techniques and attack us fans who likes and respects this couple. We have all read how you try and argue our points with your lies and rude behavior. So just try and follow the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”

Since I am bored I went to Laineygossip and saw how she has finally started attacking Jennifer since August. Here are the articles (didnt want to add the link and give her the hits):

It’s not just that we won’t release them all from the Eternal Triangle, it’s that they themselves can’t get over it either. On the weekend that Brange was rumoured to marry in France – didn’t happen – Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their engagement.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Timing, of course, as is the case, always, with Jen vs Brad and Angelina, is paramount. They did not release their statement on Friday, when it would have been buried by the Olympics. They did not release it on Tuesday after the weekly magazines close their new issues. They chose to wait until Brange made it through the weekend without a wedding, and almost right after the flames were extinguished in the London cauldron, and sent PEOPLE a confirmation statement, ensuring that, post-Games, their story would dominate all headlines. It was the lead-off story on most sites and most morning news shows last night and this morning.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

And how will Brange answer? Those French gossips are still insisting it’ll now be this coming Saturday August 18th. Whatever. With nothing really to promote right now, I wonder if it might be a wasted opportunity. And besides, strategically, if we’re talking war terms, it’d be best to wait out when Jen’s date will be…if they really want to f-ck her up.

But let’s further analyse Jen’s latest move. As already discussed, the timing was deliberately managed and the announcement itself carefully constructed. You’ll note, the statement released to PEOPLE came from Justin’s rep, and not hers:

“Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage.”


But of course he should be the one to release it – he was the one who proposed! Sure. But it’s not like the MiniVan Majority wouldn’t jerk off over the old fashioned-ness of it either. Like the opening of car doors. The man took control. The man made her dreams come true. The man feels so grateful that she said Yes! It’s traditional romance, it’s the irresistible life goal, in 25 words perfect words or less. He said what we are all conditioned to want to hear:

She is amazing and extraordinary.

But…when you tell the world, as we’ve seen from the example of Kristen Stewart, so publicly it’s an invitation to participate in what’s supposed to be a private development, and it’s also giving us permission to know more. Which has always been a cornerstone of the Aniston gameplan. She’s not even pretending anymore.

Whose approach do you prefer?

Brange is all like, oh we’re just living our lives, we don’t court the attention and yes, we’re engaged and look at the ring while I’m at an art gallery but we’ll let our jeweller (Robert Procop) let the secret out first before, seemingly grudgingly, releasing a statement.

I suppose you could argue that Jen’s was the more straightforward approach. Perhaps because she’s finally found herself a partner who’s down. As we’ve observed often this year in the era of Jen and Justin, in him she’s finally found a partner who is willing and able to engage in battle. Justin wants to play the game just as much as she does.

So no, she’s not over it. She will never be over it. All three, now four, of them will always be into it. The Triangle has become a Square. The Square is Good for Gossip.


I really don’t think wanted aniston to be the mother of his kids…seriously, he knows her well……….look at her life now as compared to his and it is obvious. He knew she was not the family person he wanted to build a life with. Look at how she treats her own family. Their values were not sympatico on any level past the rebound lust stage.

Another one:

Angelina Jolie was in Jordan today, her second visit in three months in her role as UNHCR Special Envoy to raise awareness for the plight of Syrian refugees in the region. Meanwhile Jennifer Aniston is pregnant again and denying it again and hosted a holiday party with Justin Theroux. Usually though, after the Jolie drops some kindness, Jen is careful about the kinds of leaks she releases. No shopping pictures for at least a week — nothing frivolous. Babies though, babies are a good idea all the time.

lurker2gg @ 12/30/2012 at 8:37 am

zaho’s posts gone,,because they had joliepittstop tags

Lamey talks out of both sides of her mouth, like Kaiser, anything for hits.
A triangle is three sides, when Brad or Angie ever responded to anything coming from Ticky and that b itch have tried everthing.
Even her friend said she was competing against them, and they ignored her like how she ignores her Mother.
Well she got lucky to hook up with this broke out of work ELF, and at the rate she is spending, he is not going anywhere, until the well runs dry.

That’s right- fat tick old manny has been waging a war (& spending MILLIONS of dollars) and the JPs have never even stepped onto the battlefield. Lamey & Kaiser, etc. have always brought into the FAKE triangle manny made up to coat tail on the JPs. There NEVER was a triangle* with the JPs- manny simply got left. That fact would be a good tattoo for lamey’s forehead, but she hates (& acts “neutral’) the JPs too much to believe facts. Lamey ALWAYS lies about the JPs- I remember how excited she was to interview Angie & then said how nice & personable and kind Angie was and then went on to tweet how horrible Angie looked on the red carpet and that the JPs were through, etc (same lies over again for 8 years)- she’s despicable.

*Of course, manny ignores the ACTUAL triangles she has been in- with Heidi B & tiny troll boy and John Mayer & giouprioes/Taylor Swift and Vince Vaugh & various co-eds


I don’t know why the fans even read Lainey anymore. She actually use to be fun. Someone posted her take on Angie’s next directing job and she made it some dumb tie in to the Robert and Kristin. Really?? She is very snide and especially about Angie. Always a dig no matter what. I think it is because Angie never does what she expects. She loves to spout off about what Brad and Angie will do next then when they don’t she has her nasty fall back position. She can’t read them. Can’t guess what they will do and that pisses her off. I have to say while the media does on occasion tie them BA/J but those stories are few and far between. Even the negative stories about Angie or Brad are hidden inside a rag or on the sidebar.

It will 8 years soon, and most people are over it and done. They don’t want to hear about that past crap. I think that is why the haters are so mad. I’m sure they go to many sites pouting off the same stuff and then they get shut down or ignored. Like them or not.. Brad and Angie have outlasted the haters. They are together, happy, have a beautiful family, getting married. All the things the haters thought would never happen. People see that and see how real their love is. Jennifer finally has a relationship. If it last good. Then that puts her further and further away from BA. I’m all for that.


Yes, ALL 22 of them, PAID and BOUGHT!!!

GUEST @ 12/30/2012 at 2:09 am, #445, #446

thank you, for that post, it´s a wonderful and true picture of Angie and Brad reality against the fake and disgusting image the Tabloids and Gossip world want to sell, with the help of a dumb, empty and dirty Ex-full-envy and is friends.

This exposure was from 2007, since then the Soap drama the jealous-haters created, have become a sad unfunny comedy where the Ex-full-of-envy are tasting and felling everything she have drop against Angie and Brad.

” It is amusing how the media tries to force down our throat their version of Angelina- the man eater, this is interesting considering that her life has been so public and she has only been associated with so few men, two of whom she married. ”

A person, like Angie, that have seen the horror and the pain that humans can inflict to others, especially the women and childrens without arms, legs and hands, in her first humanitarian trip, will never be the same and can´t be a cold, manipulative and shallow person.

“The media tries to portray an image of a cold and controlling woman, but yet again the facts do not bear that out. Everybody that has ever met her always say how sweet and down to earth she is, even Brad Pitt, poor man, did not know what hit him when he met her because the Angelina he met was the real Angelina and not the version created by the media.”

I smile in this part knowing that all the ex-of-Angie still love her and never done anything against Angie or Brad.

” Her ex husbands still think the world of her and have the most positive things to say about her, unlike the eternal victim (Jennifer Anniston) who proclaimed that she and her ex husband were parting as friends until she realized that playing the victim and stabbing him on the back will be her best career move, and knowing that they are so many insecure women who do not have a discerning mind and cannot think for themselves.”

Angie is loved because she is a special women, she is different, she have something that can touch any person, her magnetic personality and her friendly, open and warm soul make Angie a loved person.

Angie, is too young and have achieved already so much that we only can expect and predict that Angie will stay and do many good things in the future. for sure.

@ Busted#464: I agree with you. But one thing is that some people are still comparing the JPs with JustJen saying how hot Justin is and much better looking that Brad etc… I think people have forgotten that when Brad was in his early 40s like Justin is now – Brad was voted the sexiest man twice. Even now Brad is much more handsome that Justin simply because his love for Angelina and their children are shining through his long hair and beard…

I am waiting for the day Brad finishes his current movies so that he can cut his hair and shave – that will make the haters shut up,,,

As for Jennifer she seems to have found her soul mate who has the same future plans as her – to party all year long, never have children and just enjoy being a couple. Jennifer it seems likes to do the same thing year in year out – holidaying in Mexico every Christmas with either current boyfriend or friends than make movies or go shopping. She seems to have found that with Justin and it seems that these two will last. But you will never know if Justin one day will feel lonely and sad for not having children and that might affect their relationship.

The JPs have way too much dignity and are far too busy to ever get in a war with dirtbag manny. Ignoring a nasty passive aggressive bully like the fat tick is the best recourse. It was so hilarious when the JPs were just smiled politely at the Oscars & old manny made an a** of herself- AGAIN! So let manny spend her millions coat tailing the JPs- it doesn’t matter if she is in a relationship or has a kid or not- she will always coat tail the JPs bc it works- manny doesn’t care how foolish she looks- she is so DESPERATE for attention and she can’t get it through talent or popularity. BTW, someone stole my name yesterday, too- so lame- it’s happened before & will prob happen again- troll meltdown indeed.

Oh, forgot the tweet- love this picture! Little did we know that they were there for Pax!

NoorAsmaHusnaAhmad ‏@HusenaaAhmad
Sweet :D RT”@Fer_Jushaah: Style Brad Pitt dengan Angelina Jolie naik nouvo hahaa 😎”

BTW- women like lamey & CH who pretend they are all about girl power & then say all these horrible lies about Angie- are the worst. I would much rather my daughters turn out like Angie than those unethical nasty old hypocrites.

@sunny: Thanks sunny for posting the info about Edwin 503. Brad has worked w/ that brand for yrs. I hope to see the commercial. Most have made it on youtube eventually.
Lainey is a has been. She should be gone like Ted C. Maybe it is because she works Canada that some still there think she is still relevant..

Happy New Year to the Jolie-Pitts! Love ya.


Brad Pitt doesn’t need to cut his hair or anything to compete with a man that people had to google to find out who the hell he was. Brad Pitt is fcuking Brad Pitt. He earned his fame. Brad is a damn SUPERSTAR. and just because the JenHens are working overtime to try and pump Justin up to be in the same status as Mr. Brad Fcuking Pitt won’t make it true. Justin is a man that has lived on the outside of the Hollywood world. He has friends more successful then he is and have helped give him work. He can’t walk in a studio and get a movie made. He can’t get a directorial job unless his friend Ben Stiller gives him the job.

Please. Brad doesn’t need to change a damn thing about himself to give the hens a FU. They are obsessed with him. Comparing every man to him. If he is so ugly and whatever why the hell do they care. Brad is the Gold Standard. He can do whatever he wants. Grow his hair, cut it, shave or not. I don’t give a sh*t about the Hens or trying to show them what they already know. Justin is the man marrying JA… that’s it. Other then that what else is there to say. His work in HW is not that noteworthy.

Let the Hens spout off all they want. Those bit@hes would have sold their soul if they could get Brad Pitt. Now that they had to accept that he never was going back with Jenny Poo the turn on the hate. Fthem and all their rants. Brad doesn’t have to look like a barbie doll to shut them up. Why do the fans care anyway.

Brad Pitt is Fcuking Brad Pitt.. that’s all that needs to be said.

Shreya- you know that Brad might not shave unless he has to and most guys would grow a beard if they didn’t have to shave for work. The only person that needs to like how Brad looks is his Angie. Angie has said that she loves Brad “in all states” when asked about his scruffy look, so that is all that matters. As far as Brad shaving would put a stop to the troll hate, forget it. Troll hate comes regardless of Brad’s hair or beard length.

Oh my, Rosie busy using another ONE of her many aliases!


Click for a look back at what we accomplished together in 2012.

from Make It Right

Thank you for helping us make this a great year for people in need. More families are home for the holidays because of you.

2012: The most watched videos of the year

What were you watching in 2012? Channel 4 News counts down the most watched videos of the year – from tales to political intrigue to reports of overseas brutality.

9. Angelina Jolie backs UK moves to tackle warzone rape

As the UK prepared to send an expert team to Syria to support the victims of rape, Angelina Jolie spoke to Channel 4 News about why she felt compelled to take action.

The team, including forensic experts and doctors, was first being deployed to help Syrian refugees fleeing the conflict in which sexual violence was being used as a weapon of war. One function of the 70-strong team was to gather evidence so perpetrators could be held accountable at a later date.

Jolie said: “They want things not to be missed, they want to know one day they will be able to go home and there will be accountability. It matters to them emotionally and it matters to the future of their country on a legal level that they will be able to find some justice and move forward and have their basic human rights protected.”

Read more: Exclusive – Jolie backs UK moves to tackle warzone rape

Now you are talking through your hat when you say this.
There is no use for me to say more to such a person as you.

hmmm- just saw this on twitter- hope sunny has one with Brad’s face!

Jolie-Pitt Online ‏@JoliePittOnline
NEW FIT 503 NARROW ニュー・フィット「ナロー」│EDWIN

Another JP vacay write-up. I like the pictures they used!
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spending the Christmas holidays in the Caribbean. The couple, their six children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne, and Brad’s mother Jane are staying at the home of fashion designer Donna Karan on the idyllic island of Turks and Caicos in the exclusive Parrot Cay area. The luxury home comes complete with an infinity pool lined with black volcanic stone and features 360-degree views of the tropical paradise, an open-air film screening room and a private spa.

No one is trying to compet w/ against a balding, Sammy Davis looking A list want to be. Just the continue need for jenhags to make the guy Ticky w/ be better than Brad.

Passing Poo @ 12/30/2012 at 12:20 pm

And perhaps I might inquire as to how madam is enjoying her Poops Benedict this morning?

Passing Poo @ 12/30/2012 at 12:24 pm

And Mister Hankey says ‘Howdy Ho’ to BAMPZSKVille!

Passing Poo @ 12/30/2012 at 12:41 pm

We now inquire as to just what happened to the little French gerbils that madam and monsieur acquired in the South of France? We hope that they did not meet a sorry end up someone’s bottom.

@Passing Poo:

if u saw passing through in real life,,you’d be the one having to change underwear u bigot and bully

@Passing Poo:

more tang than u will get
people who get no tang are always the deivants and pervs.
obssesed with peen because u can’t get any

@Passing Poo:

your an odd one aren’t you?
imagine if someone read out what u post in real life?
do u know how weird and freaky you sound?

socially inept tool

Maniston hens always say every man Maniston is with is better than Brad, but the fact is they know none of Maniston men can compete with Brad.

@Busted#473 & Tweet#474: Sorry I had momentary lapse and I let the hens get to me. Thank you for reminding me that he is the Brad Pitt and doesnt need to show anyone anything. The only person he should worry about is Angie and since she loves him for his soul and not his outer beauty – Brad is still the Brad Pitt.

Every single of Jennifer’s partners including Brad Pitt had to be polished whenever they went out – otherwise Jennifer would never have accepted it. Just because Jennifer is vain and only looks at the outer beauty and that they should look “Hollywood” – polished, fake white teeth, tanned and lean body – her fans try and use that as a weapon towards JPs.

Well if the hens and the haters are getting to us it is because we let them and from now on I will never ever let them do that. I will not click on JustJen threads anymore to read nor to comment. Most importantly I will not reply to haters and the hens who try and bully us JPs on Brad and Angie’s threads.

Again thank you Busted and Tweet:)

Just Saying @ 12/30/2012 at 1:01 pm

Ticky and her paid escort may can do excises to get nice bodies, but both have very unfortunate faces.


sorry my tone was not meant to you. I just reacting to what you said about Brad cutting his hair and shaving to prove how hot he is for the Hens. UGH
My thing is let’s see where Justin is in 20 years. He is 40 or 41? and at 49 Brad Pitt is more successful this month then Justin has been his entire career. There is no competition when the other person doesn’t have the qualifications to play the game. And having your picture taken in Mexico with your woman and some other people is not competing with Brad Pitt. EVER.

Sticky Bates the pals?????Really!!!! She is such a phoney. I just don’t get the interest in her or her strange looking finance. He seems to be acting for the laps. God the JP’s are so much hotter and the chemistry between Brad and Angie is amazing. When they are together all I can imagine is their hotness and more.

The same troll, that stole lylians name, has stolen my name, too !!!
Comment number 478 has not been written by me, the real Dirkstar.
It must have had something to do with the system-crash of my PC, I think.
But not with your link, you posted.

@nice one: ew go do gyno exam on manny witht he paps for all i care.
I cant stand you people more disgusting manny addicts she has nosy-bald she doesn’t need you. Do you all know that? ckn

I think Brad is better with a different style as he constantly changes it for movie or such. I liked his long hair and now movies are warpped up he will changed for other role. and when that happen they will find something about him to whine. He left manny he is with Angie that is the problem not his style. His on purpose or without doing knowing what he doing wrong being the passive middle dued for years give them the whining autority. If he is not there in slight, they wouldn’t be complainging about him relgiously.

France 75% tax on the wealthy was ruled unconstitutional.

There is a tweet saying Brad and Angie still in Turks & Caicos even though we know Brad’s sister and brother and families have left there. Take the tweet with a grain of salt.

@beauty: I love those pics . Those times is where people fail in love for thier union two the most sexiest and beautiful people in hollywood come to be together and creat a beauftiful family. That joy of unspoken toward eachother and with the kids is no where to be found or at least since we don’t see it to be photograhed to help their apeal and make them lovely couple.
Do not know what happen in the middle they lost that or remove that from thier existance.

jl= dirkstar=9months you spout crap from every hole and most seems to come from your bung hole.

@fyi: I wish there is pics. They are having long vacay that means from 23-30th as of today. If the stories are true then they may still be in their for new years eve even and new years and even after that for a bit. I am glad they enjoying great time fun and relax. If we only see one single pic but….

@Susan: why you call me JL . Jl is removed as she is smart after all manny doesn’t worth it she need to see what she is for her true boss. smart ho or managment no?

Passing Poo @ 12/30/2012 at 1:38 pm


Too bad that you are such a shithead that you can’t be amused. So, piss off. I won’t be pushed around by any big fat loon hens here.

Brad Pitt and his fiance are artists . They are A list movie stars.
Along the years , they changed hairs’ s shapes , colors ; long or short .
Manny is with the same curtains around her ugly face for 20 years

@Busted#492: No worries – I knew you didnt have a go at me:)

It is true in few years time Justin will never keep up with this exercise regime. He will look like those slimey Mr. Universe contestants with orange tan, too buffed body and to much oiled as well.

As for Justin’s career – what career? He is up and coming and he is only getting his Hollywood break because of he friends and he relationship with Jennifer. He is using her as much as she is using him -match made in tan heaven.

Brad Pitt has acted for over 20 years and have been nominated for 4 Oscars, several Golden Globes etc. He will get one soon – mark my words. Ever since he met and fell for the lovely Angie his movies have been better and better – each and every movie has a social message as well and the critics love him as well. His movies have also earned back at least 200% profit so as you said he is in a different league and Justin will never even touch Brad’s shadow.

Infact as the years are passing – several of Jennifer’s fans have realized that she has been playing the pity card and used her friends to attack the JPs. They have also realized that she have never wanted children and only said that so her fans wont desert her. In the coming years I am expecting one of her friends to fall out with her and write a tell all book and the world will finally see how vain and selfish she truly is and how she used Brad and Angelina to gain sympathy – most importantly they will realize that Brad told the truth that he told Jennifer the instant he fell in love with Angie and that he never cheated. Even Courtney Cox said the same thing and she is Jennifer’s best friend and yet the hens choose to forget that statement.

Just Saying @ 12/30/2012 at 1:49 pm

75% income tax is just ridiculous and stupid. I think American system is better, it is not perfect. But crazy thing like 75% income tax will never happen.

why do u need... @ 12/30/2012 at 1:50 pm

@9 months:

it still happened u ‘tard. if ur a fan that pic picture evidence they are together, stop worryng.

you’d only whinge that brad wasn’t holding angelina in the right manner, they are walking 2 cm too far apart,,and all other utter rubbish in ur passive aggressive stance

i am not really at school.

i am 48 y.o with no partner, eldery parents and 50 cats :((

I hope Brad and Angie keep living under the radar in 2013 like they were in 2012 just for the purpose to drive the annoying troll ‘carry’ crazy.

i am at school but i care about things like CCA agency bwhahahahah yeah right


yes please lol

Hey, Carry………….can you plan a New Year change of drone……….hon, bun, real A List stars don’t need to fameho…….and perhaps you can take this thesis and spin it as well………..they are A List because they aren’t fameho’s…….they have actual talent and class.

People without publicists are about as far from fameho as one can get…….that is basically saying eff you to the paid for image game……that should tell, even a troll, a fair amount even during their neverending troll quest to drive us nuts about the JP’s living in relative privacy.


IMDB lists Pax, Vivi and Zahara in the cast of Maleficent

WTF, Jared, just how long are you paid to leave that godawful fameho’s pink bikini up there……….you even took down your own New Years thread and we ain’t even at New Years yet. Guess it’s helping pay the bills.

And I never ever was “JL” and I´m not “9 months”.
But someone, that isn´t me, posted comment 478 under my name!
He did the same to me like to “lylian” (watch comment 385, watch comment 371)
Nothing worked on my PC, after visiting the link of the comment 337 and klicking on the greatest picture of that site.
“fyi12″ said, it was a virus of a troll.(watch comment 371)
So it probably had nothing to do with the link of comment 337. That was just coincidental.

Go Figure! @ 12/30/2012 at 2:08 pm

@dawne: @515: And the congregation said Hallelujah, Amen and Thank you Jesus!

Why do you care?????????????
You look jealous do you all know that?????
and when people sound jealous and act jealous it is not interesting???
Jared can put whatever he wants whatever works and pays him.He ass likes weekly and the blogs even with the ff site runners has connection.
They all speak same words. That is why one bash means they all be one said nice means they all will. They rarely stand out if ever to say something.

And here I though that I was confused.

Where are the JPs now?
When will see the couple we fail in love with in the way we fail in love with them?
when will they start to exist free and joyful but Fck no when it is happend a slight it unessearssry throw at them instead of being used and used more.
Why they choose this depressing, isoliated , joyless, most importantly fearful and paying attention a discussing of exes as they matter l way of existance that is costing to them?
can someone anwer this questions for me? anyone? somebody anybody?

I guess Brad chooses the director for the ad because Sam Taylor Wood isn’t very famous. Edwin company wouldn’t know her.

@Susan: go take a bath, JL=carry=Dirtstar= 9months.
First order of business in the new year for Ticky, get a breast lift.
She is giving the pokies a rest, as everyone can see her tits are saggy, without support.

i forgot to take my pills this morning

i am disabled sorry

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 2:31 pm

# 447 sunny @ 12/30/2012 at 2:35 am
Brad did it again for Edwin (Japanese jeans band) commercial. I was a little bit surprised today when I saw the ad in one of the newpapers I read every morning. The ad was a big one. It says he did that Edwin503 commercial back in July in London.
He had been the face of Edawin503 since 1997 but 2007 was the last year of their contract due to the company’s bankrupcy caused by Lehman Shock. But this week a financial newspaper wrote Edwin was going to revive again.
His new Edwin503 CM video clip will be released tomorrow. The director is Sam Taylor Wood. You will see Brad dancing in a London studio. Listen to his message to Japanese people.
Thanks for the info. Has it really been 5 years since Brad’s last Edwin Jeans ad? Dang. I’m getting old because I thought he did one in 2009. Oh well. It’s nice to see he’s back on board with them after their backruptcy. Brad did their ads for so long I had begun to think he must OWNd the freaking company! LOL! And this further explains why Sam Taylor-Johnson & Aaron T-J (NOT typing that out again!) were at the KTS party – because this means she didn’t just do the stills for Chanel.
The other day someone a link to an Interview “casting call” piece for Angie’s Zamperini movie and they suggested Aaron T-J for the young Louie and he’s certainly got an inside track. Personally I’m sick of Brits playing Americans in all the big movies, so I’d prefer that they cast an American actor…but he’s a good actor so it’s better than casting a less talented American actor…
As for Brad dancing? Geez…I hope Z doesn’t see this commercial…

I truly don’t know what happened to JPS in the middle they lost that lovelyness as a couple that true and real admiration that is not said in spoken but that is just radiating and come out with your actions or the way you look.
And that loss gave a way to all this negativity. Along side many other thing they fail to say and do.
I truly think the ups and down of life and that disgusting and undeserving shiit that is thrown at them due to jealousy and manistons and the magazines played in what is lost about them. But it can be recovered. It can be true with out fear. It can come to be alive.

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 2:33 pm

Speaking of Z…it occurs to me that she’ll be 8 next week! Damn…she’s not even my kid and I can’t help but think, “Bu-bu-but it was just last week that they brought her home and she was tiny and sick!” It’s official, ladies – we’re all OLD as fvck all!

@umm: Why don’t you do a Google search of her name, then you would know if she is famous or not.

I remember a facebook account that Brad was at Sam Taylor’s London studio. We thought it was for Chanel. But I think it was for Edwin Jean commercial. He shot the commercial in her studio.

@sunny: oh i didn’t read your comment somehow I skipped the page I guess. And you made me to question you 2-3 times so…
anyways, I just saw it when the maniston talker and anotehr tiring person passing though quote you. I say Thanks. That was nice info. So we may see a new comercial of Brad then tomorrow? it that what it means? I hope I get it right :D love me some Brad at least that is one pic if true.

@Susan: Hi Susan, how are you? You said you’re confused, is carry driving you batty? Didn’t she say she was leaving BA thread on 1/1/13. We now have something to look forward to. One more day, yah!!

OT: I was in Sterns today and took a look on the Kardisians line of clothes, what cheap crap they are selling. I never knew people buy such cheap looking clothes and accessories.

9 months sanity @ 12/30/2012 at 2:37 pm

@9 months:

i’ll answer u freak,,,,utter trash u post. sick in the head, wrong failed views.

@9 months: ckn dumb you are disabled that is why you are ckn because you arenot capable

9 months sanity @ 12/30/2012 at 2:41 pm

@9 months:

what complete rubbish. utter BS, ramblings of a werido.
makes no sense tosh,,POS on the floor view and opinion.

not only that, brad and angelina will never read ur advice, wy bother moaning here about it? it just spams JJ.

if u really care, write an advice sheet to geyer or their lawyer, but shut up posti g BS here daily role playing PR weirdo

@GUEST: That was also a great post about Angie you too another sunny question for me but great when you do angie and Brad.

@Rose: I will bittch. They will lose me though they never really care to consider. but remember they rahter lose 1000 of you than they lose 1 person that is real. you can easily be replaced. Don’t forget that EASILY.

9 months sanity @ 12/30/2012 at 2:45 pm

@9 months:

never come back to this site in 48 hours time
pls pls pls pls keep ur promise

i don’t have hopes,,u need this site to exsist,,this site is ur life,

@9 months sanity: skeletrout you again. Why would i listen to you? You never listen. Why would I send to gayer this is the second time you said this in the past 6 months or so….. I say it here. He has people come read and consider. Brad people most importantly than gayer. He is the one who losing more

9 months sanity @ 12/30/2012 at 2:47 pm

@9 months:

shut up shut up shut up
someone report this tool to jared, ban it.

enough is enough,,samee BS every day.

i’m going to flag for spam at least.

fans, the best way to deal with crazie is to ignore it. Ignore the nuts carry/9months.

:DBrad new commercial yes. Cute comercial Brad don’t give them something to whin about AGAIN. hope we see it here

9 months sanity @ 12/30/2012 at 2:49 pm

@9 months:

send an e-mail to CAA then,,see if u can corrects brad’s PR like ur life depends on it.
but for god’s sake stop moaning about it here, it is boring

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 2:49 pm

# 455 manouche @ 12/30/2012 at 7:09 am
LOL. I remember that. We were laughing our asses off at her granny panties. If you’re gonna be an attention ho and wear a sheer skirt then do it the Kim Kartrashian\Paris Hilton way and not wear any underwear at all. See, that’s the problem with Ticky – everything’s half-assed. She wants people to talk about her…but she doesn’t want to run off her MVM fan base by showing them her real self. Instead she does shite like go to Meh-hee-co and lay on beach loungers facing the ratzi, splays her legs open for them and follows it up with the coup de grace by inviting other B- listers over for a visit. Look up “passive aggressive” in the dictionary and all it says it, “SWSNBN (She Who Shall Not Be Named), Her Hairness, X, Baby Jane, Fattened Ticky/La Garrapata Engorda/Ticky, Sad Spook, etc.” Webster’s doesn’t even use her real name. There’s no need to.

Dear GOD! we are being spammed to eternity by this annoying idiot.

@Rose: That was not me, just carry stealing my name.
That is her style, when someone calls her on her BS, she uses their or plants a Virus.
Miss oh I wish there was a picture of the family, then under another name, she posts that they’re not together.
And if you want to see her really lose her marbles, all you have to do is write something about Ticky.

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 3:03 pm

# 462 Susan @ 12/30/2012 at 9:06 am
The problem with this “triangle” business is that folks like Lamey and the tabs have carried on like this is a equilateral triangle where all sides are equal. It’s NOT and never has been. It’s on isosceles triangle where 2 sides are equal and bigger than the third. And that’s why Ticky is always the one leaking shite – because Brad and Angie don’t have to. I remember there were years when people were mad at Brad for not defending Angie publicly against all the mud being flung her way. Now look at them – keeping his mouth shut was the best policy because everyone looks at Ticky, sees how she played that sitch for sympathy and now everyone snarks about her PR games. When you’ve got a mag like EW including you in their poll of famehos on vacation they’re sick of hearing about? You’ve got an image problem. It’s one of her own making, but you can bet your ass she’ll find someone else to blame it on – like the media itself. You play them, they play you. That’s how it works and she knows that, but God forbid she’d man-up and take responsibility for her actions. Meanwhile, she continues to keep her crappy treatment of her sick mother out of the mainstream media while showing the world her cooch in Meh-hee-co – again – so she shouldn’t complain too badly. They’re treating her with kid gloves compared to the way they acted when Angie wasn’t speaking to JV – and HE wasn’t even physically ill. (I say physically because I think he’s off his rocker, but that’s beside the point…)

@Susan: Susan, now you know why I always encouraged the trolls to take their medication. Anyway, we have something to look forward on 1/1/13.

first and last post @ 12/30/2012 at 3:07 pm

re: 442 plez @ 12/30/2012 at 12:56 am
“Hopefully whatever the argument between the US and Russian is can be fixed soon so kids can get a home and parents that love them.”

Hi plez,
It’s much more complicated…the original trigger for the Kremlin to pull out of American adoptions came from an April 2010 incident where a Tennessee woman adopted a young 7yo Russian boy and within a few months put him back on a one way 10 hour flight to Russia with a note “To Whom it may concern.“ She claimed she was misled and lied to regarding his behavioral problems by the orphanage and could not handle him when the 7yo threatened to burn the family house down. Her case aka not being able to handle an adoptive older child is not usual btw…of course sending a 7yo solo on a 10hr one way flight with a note is and it became an international outcry.
The problem with international adoptions is prospective adoptive individuals are not counseled and guided on any and all pitfalls of adopting overseas, nor properly educated to the perils of adopting older children who have been raised living in orphanages their whole life albeit five years plus and know of nothing else. Russian orphanages sometimes have 300+ unsupervised children within a gang-like atmosphere or as in the case of the “Children of the Dust”, Vietnamese street children of Vietnamese women and American military fathers, they scrounged for themselves in survival gangs, often into cocaine or heroin just to live day to day. Russian children specifically have a high incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome. Adoption of an older child from a foreign country has its issues if the adoptive parent has not perform thorough research, is not educated on the country, the state of their orphanages, the child‘s parental history, is not mentally prepared him/herself, does not screen the child for health and emotional/behavioral problems. Yes, these children are growing up in horrible environmental influences, some are beaten and most adoptive parents are not prepared to handle the cultural and environmental transition these children go through. My cousin, a pharmacist, adopted a female toddler overseas who after a few months in the US was dx with a fatal disease and a young boy he adopted was later dx with a mental disability IQ of 60. I have another cousin, a physician ,who traveled to the country of his adopted son to observe for weeks all orphanage children and their handlers before deciding his future son was indeed physically and mentally healthy. His son is now going for his PhD in psychology.
BTW, The new Russian bill is named in honor of Dima Yakovlev, a Russian toddler adopted by Americans and subsequently died in 2008 after his father left him for hours in an overheated car.
Moreover, the Russian bill is perceived as political retaliation against an American law that calls for sanctions against Russians as human rights violators.
re: “how horrible the orphanage were there and in other parts of the world are.”
I visited an orphanage in China and it was very nice, clean and many handlers and teachers per child…so not all are horrible.

AJ/BP followed all the logistical and common sense procedures when she/they adopted Maddox, Zee and Pax by observing and becoming intimate with the child’s surroundings and more importantly one needs to feel comfortable the child is receptive to you and vice versa.

@Rose: At Macy’s,
Madonna’s clothing line is crappy also, like there is no Quality Control.
At Kmart, that Colombian
tv Actress stuff is bad, don’t know if a hooker would wear the clothes.
Kate Smith clothing is not bad especially when it is 40% off.

Good afternoon all. Another promising day. Best wishes to my fav star couple, Brad and Angelina. Can’t wait for their wedding. I really fell in love with that movie Mr & Mrs Smith and that movie made miracles and unite the 2 greatest actors. I hope the children will follow their path. Let’s wish of a better new year. Ciao

@Passing Through:

Had to reply to your comment about Zahara seeing Brad dancing. Was there some interview or something when either Brad or Angie said when Brad dances she cries.. It is vague so if you recall please turn the light on for me.

And to the fan that posted the WWTD do link.. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I love that guy. So freaking funny. And way funnier then MK. (too dated).. And I remember he wrote some article about Angie saying she could run over his parents with a car or something and all he would do was giver her a neck massage… damn I have to find that one. a total pee your pants write up..

@Passing Through: #545

I have seen a few comments from her hens twisting themselves in knots to justify her not seeing or helping her mother. They all have stories of how it is fine to distance yourself from family that is toxic. But they had a whole different take when it was Angie. Just like Jenny poo messing around with Squiggy when he was still OBVIOUSLY with Heidi.. they were all relationships don’t mean anything unless you are married. LOL So I guess their guys can sleep around all they want because they are not married. Hypocritical Slags.. but the best part.. is she does stuff all the time to make her rapid fan base look like complete fools when they have to crawl through all the sh*t they have said about others to justify what she is doing. It is like cream and strawberries to watch and read the way they twist and turn to make her actions OK.. They were spouting off about Angie’s ring, then the Hag get that ring pop ring and there you go.. they fanbase crawls through sh*t.. So funny.. I can’t wait for the next thing she throws their way and they have to backtrack.


Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 3:18 pm

# 467 Shreya @ 12/30/2012 at 10:06 am
The hens comparing Squiggy’s body to Brad’s are a riot. Brad doesn’t have all day to excercise with his gf. Brad actually WORKS for a living and has a famiy he loves and WANTS to spend all his time with. He was asked about working out when he was promoting Moneyball and he said he didn’t really have time for it every day but did when a role called for it. These losers forget that when Brad was with Ticky HE was (and still is) the Gold Standard of Male Bodies. Every actor out there wants to look cut like Brad in Fight Club or buffed up like Troy. See: Squiggy. I read an interview with that idiot from about 2 years ago and he said he hadn’t seriously worked out since he played the villain in the first Charlie’s Angel movie and he’d been in the best shape of his life. Ergo, TICKY MAKES HIM WORK OUT. That’s why she gets in return for paying for everything – a 41 year-old guy with no career and all day to work out and look buff when she wants to show the world she’s got a “hot man” and doesn’t miss Brad Pitt. Yes, that’s right – even Squiggy’s abs are part of Ticky’s PR gamemanship. What are people talking about when they see him laying on a beach lounger? How cut he is. No one but us is saying, “Damn, don’t that dude ever fvcking work? Why is she paying for his broke ass to sit in the sun in Meh-hee-co? Dude hasn’t worked in over 2 years so there’s no way in hell he had $500,000 to spend on an engagement ring. She bought that damned ring herself just like she’s paying for that vacay so he can show off his abs.” Nope…for the hens and the tabs it’s all about his abs. Game, set, match – Huvsy.

no interest @ 12/30/2012 at 3:29 pm

@cee: Don’t worry- there is nothing to get. As many people have said before, manny is irrelevant, but she lives & breathes for attention. The yeas have clearly proved that the ONLY way she can get attention is to pay millions to PR to get her picture papped and get dirt bag awards. Even then, old manny can’t get traction in the media- B & C listers like Jessica S and Channing T & reality stars are getting the attention AND A listers like the JPs who don’t even have any PR. Thus, she has to put on a pap show, pay for blog space AND coat tail the JPs any chance she gets for attention. The latest google JP thing is a Brad v. Tiny Troll beach body- TOTAL paid coat tail story by fat tick manny. All these constant desperation tactics just show that manny is barely hanging on to the z-list. It’s SO FUNNY- karma for the nasty old cougar- couldn’t happen to a more deserving horror of human being.

@first and last post: There were also a few cases in NJ about Russians Adoptees, one kid was kept in a cold basement and his internal body temp was in the forties, one had so some many healed untreated broken bones, and neighbors saw this kid eating from their garbage and eating their paling.
Some of these parents had kids of their own and They were well cared for.

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 3:31 pm

# 473 busted @ 12/30/2012 at 10:57 am
Shreya’s not shaving/haircut/working out comment doesn’t hold water because if you go back and look at the pix from The Dark Years – Brad was the same way. He wasn’t always cut either. When it was time to make Troy he said it was about 4 months away and he said to himself, “Oh shite! I’d better get my ass in shape!” and that’s when he started working out for Troy. Even at 49 if Brad still wanted to play that “I’m too sexy for my cut-off skinny jeans” shite – he’d blow Squiggy out of the water. Roll it back 2 years to the Moneyball scenes with Billy working out in the A’s gym and look at his shoulders, pecs and arms. Dude still has it – when he wants to show it off. He’s just no into dropping his shirt anymore because he’s got Angie’s signature and birth date tatted all over his abdomen! You know how Brad is about his tats. That’s private territory for Angie only now. The hens’ll just have to keep telling themselves that Brad Pitt ain’t hot anymore. People made fun of the Chanel ad…but women everywhere were wiping drool off their chins and men are saying, if it’s cool enough for Brad, then it’s cool enough for me. Chanel says the hens can go fly a kite in a lightning storm and discover REAL electricity.

FX just showed Wanted now is showing Mr and Mrs Smith again.

first and last post @ 12/30/2012 at 3:35 pm

re: re: 442 plez @ 12/30/2012 at 12:56 am
re: “how horrible the orphanage were there and in other parts of the world are.”
I forgot to mention I also visited an orphanage in Honduras and it was also a clean place, the children were happy, playful and very active.
So…just to reiterate..not all are horrible.

Bahahaha, you think Maniston and Ted bundeoux are watching the Angelina marathon on Fox?! First wanted, now MAMS. twitter is going nuts with the hash tags re her badasssedness. :)

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 3:44 pm

# 479 Tweet @ 12/30/2012 at 11:42 am
I hope they have one with Brad’s BODY, too…cuz that ain’t Brad. That’s some model. After all these years I think I can spot Brad’s butt. And look at the feet. Brad’s got a funky hitch with his feet that’s been inherited by all the bio kids. Plus, Brad be caught dead in that fug plaid shirt? I don’t think so…

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 3:48 pm

# 498 Susan @ 12/30/2012 at 1:31 pm
France 75% tax on the wealthy was ruled unconstitutional.
It wouldn’t have affected Brad and Angie anyway. It was only for French citizens not all rich people living in France. I hope they ruled it stoopid as well. I think the rich should be paying more taxes…but 75% is ridic.

@Passing Through:

good I’m not the only one. When I saw that I said no way that is Brad. And he would never ever wear those kinds of lame shoes either.

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 3:52 pm

# 514 JPS @ 12/30/2012 at 2:03 pm
I’m still laughing at Brad for saying Mommy & Daddy thought it would be nice…but Viv was over it before it even began and only wants to do stuff on HER terms. She’s her mother’s daughter alright. LOL! What made that especially funny is that the stupid US mag claimed Shiloh was supposed to be in the scene with Pax & Z but got bored and didn’t do it. In reality – it was Viv who was bored and over it. Just goes to show ya how little the tabs really know.

Gotta go.. but funny.. Jared has a thread up for Recap of 2012 engagements.. now the funny is Lenny and Squiggy are not on the list..

I checked and checked.. now I’m sure the Hens will be up in arms.but I got such the chuckle out of it.

enjoy the day everyone.

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 3:58 pm

# 528 a lurker @ 12/30/2012 at 2:36 pm
Sam T-J did the Chanel stills at Pinewood where Brad shot the commercial with Joe Wright. There were reports of her being there. So, if he was spotted at her studio then it probably was for the Edwin ad.

@Passing Through: Hay PT, what do you believe SS is saying to herself after looking at Jimmy kibble’s girlfriend banging body and Emily B’s banging body. SS must be kicking her self, I must have the #1 body. I read that GC and Stacy K is there in Mexico, she is going to have a stroke when SK puts on her bikini. Poor SS is just another woman in a bikini in the group. Now, I’m waiting for Huvane to send his press release describing the New Year’s Eve party, and how amazing SS body is, lol.

Too many hotness hash tags for brad and ange to bring over, there are thousands re mr&mrssmith
They’re now talking her bondage outfit hotness…Angie was 50 shades before 50 shades was cool. Lol

@first and last post: Thanks for the information. CNN made it sound like it was more of a political problem between the US and Russia than because of how some American parents have treated their adopted kids.
The lady did not say all orphanages but a large number are not in good condition and the kids are not touch or loved.
LOL Aniston boy vs Jlo boy should be the real comparison. Two guys being taken care of by their women. Two guys who did not have much of a career but their women are trying to boost them up. Two guys who are butterface so they work on their bodies to compensate.

Lmao at the scene where Angie don’t know WHAT to do with a baby in MAMS. Bahaha. She was already mama to one, then Bradley knocks her up with 3 kids in three years right after the movie wrapped. Hee.

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 4:10 pm

# 550 busted @ 12/30/2012 at 3:15 pm
Busted -
It was in the 2007 Newsweek interview for AMH. Angie said something like Brad’s dancing made Z cry for him to stop. LOL!
Also, yes, Ticky’s hens are as hypocritical as she is. But, they know even while they’re defending her that they’re rationalizing and unfair. They just refused to admit that Ticky’s a big ass fraud and played them. They lie to themselves so they can feel better about being wrong about her. See how cyclic that is? That’s why they’re her fans. They’re passive aggressive and self-deluding just like their idol.

@FX: Name should be Plez

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 4:16 pm

BTW – To the person who posted about a tweet saying Brad and Angie were supposedly still in Turks & Caicos even though his family left yesterday. School starts in Springfield on Thursday so they had to go back. Most Missouri schools have shortened their Xmas break so they can go back to ending the school year in May instead of mid-June. Sucks to be a kid these days because they’ve made the summer break 2 weeks shorter, too, and school starts the 3rd week of August instead of after Labor day. Oh well…if it keeps them off the streets when I’m trying to get somewhere then I’m all for it. LOL!

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 4:24 pm

# 562 busted @ 12/30/2012 at 3:54 pm
Don’t worry. I’m sure Jared’s heard from Huvsy by now and will be amending his list…

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 4:27 pm

# 564 Rose @ 12/30/2012 at 3:59 pm
Jimmy “Kibble”? LOL! Is that a typo or just what you call him? Cuz…I’m gonna have to steal that! Damn…wish I’d thought of it myself.
Re: the other ladies’ bikini bodies? As it happens a little birdie told me that Ticky was overheard asking the concierge how to say “baby food” in Spanish…

@ passing Through #551 & 554: as I explained it was a momentary lapse that I let the hens get to me:(

I am past that and I have also given Justin a new name – oily shiny buffy orangey Mr Universe ( those men are not nice liking and Justin is turning into them)

Brad & Angie = Pure Hotness Overload!

MAMS producer said he hadn’t seen such chemistry like Brad and Angelina in MAMS for 50 years in American cinema. Their chemistry were like Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. JP kids have the most famous last name in the world Jolie-Pitt, the American royalty.

@Passing Through: PT, you are too much. Omg, that was a typo. Noticed when her guests came they went to the beach, did water games, hugging and touching their partners. Such a big difference from SS and squiggy burning themselves to a crisp in the sun and she showing her cooch and acting like they were pissed off with each other until they get the memo to show affection. After that, the a$$ grabbing and kissing started.

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 4:42 pm

# 573 Shreya @ 12/30/2012 at 4:28 pm
Shreya -
Yeah, I saw that AFTER I posted my comment. I read the the thread in chronological order. No biggie…cuz…I’m anal that way…

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 4:43 pm

Wrasslin’ Chick…beer pong with Michael Phelps in Los Cabos. That’s right, Porgie likes ‘em classy…

Stephanie ‏@stefanimarie03
Mr. and Mrs. Smith is such a good movie. Angelina and Brad are so good in this movie.

I bet that was a story line from maniston hahahah when I see everytime it reminds me maniston with courney kid she has no idea what to do. And the scene they see eachother when she hold the baby it was like real life couples doing it. hahaha mrandmrs was the cutiest movie
also when vince character was insluting angie character she is bittch blah bah.., Brad was character was calling her name first but they made up and he has nothing to say on the second one while vince character was going on and on. It was typical They were cute in it. She is like it is just a little bomb at one time trying put in his cloth. I thought that was funny as if a little bomb can’t kill him but she meant not to kill him she probably knows he will find out….
ckn shiit he said she was like *****. She was always a head of him in the movie but that somehow make his charachter a manly and hearty good guy who cares for her.
theri fights like real life yes I saw that movie 100 times….
He goes what if I am just a cover
she replyed wasn’t i and he goes wasn’t i
she was like you don’t dance he is like it is a part of my cover
she went like was sloth a part of it too then you pull her hand to harm her mouthy she was hahaha and danced the tango sexy…
I like the it is all john part in the dance brad defiently can look he is grabbed. lol he do hot perfect.
ok i carried away………….

Fabulous Sunday- not caring about football any more (team out, but will prob watch Superbowl at a party), baby napping, hubby cooking- me watching MAMS- yea!!!! Hubby was like- we have this on DVD & I’m like yeah, but…of course, when he gets up I say, “do you want me to pause it?” he says…if you want! Love it!!

@9 months sanity: just s up. and my life not remotely depend on it don’t disturb my mood with the crap. ok ew why do i click your crap

@Pumpkin: It is a cute comedy action. Really cute the right stars in it. i wonder when part 2 will be out.

New article calling Jennifer a **** – the media are turning against her now:

It’s a rich tradition amongst the wealthy and the soulless, heavenly-bodied models who exchange sex with them for a life of luxury to jet off to a tropical locale for Christmas. Fortunately for black-hearted, granny fetish perverts like myself us, Jennifer Aniston is no exception to this rule, so consider this the starting point of this year’s holiday bikini onslaught. For real, start thinking about stuff you have in the office to hide an erection with, because tomorrow ****’s going to pop off. While you’re eyeballing your cube-mate’s three-ring binder, be sure to note that Jen was in Mexico on Christmas Eve where it was apparently still chilly enough for frippage. I honestly don’t understand what’s going on with those things, so I’m just going to assume they’re Brad Pitt‘s testicles. And that, ladies and gentleman, is how you get Fish sexually aroused by Jennifer Aniston. I’M THE WINNER!

@cozy: um you sound just like me. over consumed of jps.:D ( i dont’ have the embarssing sign) stcik in here.hahaha

Wow, Huvaniston must really be skeered, none of these blatant PR meh-hee-co fakery threads, be it on popsugar or us ragazine, have gotten more than 5 to 10 comments. Old dried up coot is old and dried up aka a has been. She could show her hairy crack and she practically did, and no one would care. Sucks to be her. Also, here’s something hysterical, in one of the pics she’s holding a Fiji water bottle. Muahahahah. Either her contract is up, and smart water realizes just how dumb they’ve been for the last few years, or she’s as dumb as we all know she is.

everybody loves MAMS @ 12/30/2012 at 5:38 pm

Restless Soul ‏@nellebackwards
Woke up from a nap to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt rolling around trying to kill each other. Haha Mr. & Mrs. Smith #greatmovie
3m It’s My Birthday ♥™ ‏@__KaRiRi__
That Fight Between Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt On Mr. & Mrs. Smith Is Funny As Hell !
3m Andreɑ ‏@HashtagZinning
The scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith where Brad and Angelina pulverize each other in the house might be one of my favorite fight scenes ever.

Ok we really truly need pics of the family of all 8 of them. They don’t look like that anymore from 2010 now it is gonna be 2013 those Neworlance pictures makes look homely as they are the jen and her daily phtogs poor looking kids they look in that photo seriously

maniston lovers are here. Ilove manny love her I love her may be tatooed it

who cares about mannnnnnnny mannnnnnnnnieeeeee
tell me why you care about mannnnnnnnnieeeee lol

@everybody loves MAMS: time less romance, action, comedy movie of the 2000′s

# 584 Shreya @

JP fans:You are giving publicity to this *****! Outside the U.S. NOBODY knows who this woman is. She’s simply the Brad Pitt’s ex.

I can’t believe “Mother of the Century” Jenn Garner Affleck has given us a reprieve from the daily jaunts for coffee, breakfast. lunch etc. Maybe they went out of town and their pap guy couldn’t make it there.

DearGOD! Ass_wipe is back spamming us.

I can see Angie & Brad playing Breakfast at Tiffany. Audrey Hepburn has similar physical size/hair/class to Anige but Angie is way prettier and entertaining. Angie will rock it out with her eyes, lips and body and sense of humor. Yes, it will be a good movie.

@ Daniela #592: I know but I just cannot help myself seeing how the media has finally realized how pathetic and vain she is. Couldn’t contain my glee…

@Zach: I think she will. I think that movie is classic. The dress timeless.

@QQQQ: I don’t like you rude mean nature….
I say this on agreement in this they are done tiring us now the votes are counted. ahahahhahaha.
They want to get missed for the cameras when the awards are role be ready to skip and skip more the tiring the shameless it gonna be .

@QQQQ: speaking about you? hahahahahah mean rude I think you short and thick I just piture true?

btw see you can do it without the cameras if you want once in a while at least
anyways in little bit .


Yes, I know, I got computer freeze. Someone is paying IT big bugs to destroy your computer if you are on JustJen’s blog saying crup about her. Especially if you write “man*ston”. Got my computer all armed now. Be careful out there.

@Daniela: oh one more thing thanks for confirming that. They need a wake up call mannnnnny or mannnnie is important when attached out side of the friends show watching countries.

Jolie's Got Gold @ 12/30/2012 at 6:08 pm

Mr & Mrs Smith, best movie ever in lifetime. Best comedy and romantic movie!

Shreya @ 12/30/2012 at 5:18 pm

Thumb up Thumb down +7

New article calling Jennifer a **** – the media are turning against her now:

It’s a rich tradition amongst the wealthy and the soulless, heavenly-bodied models who exchange sex with them for a life of luxury to jet off to a tropical locale for Christmas. Fortunately for black-hearted, granny fetish perverts like myself us, Jennifer Aniston is no exception to this rule, so consider this the starting point of this year’s holiday bikini onslaught. For real, start thinking about stuff you have in the office to hide an erection with, because tomorrow ****’s going to pop off. While you’re eyeballing your cube-mate’s three-ring binder, be sure to note that Jen was in Mexico on Christmas Eve where it was apparently still chilly enough for frippage. I honestly don’t understand what’s going on with those things, so I’m just going to assume they’re Brad Pitt‘s testicles. And that, ladies and gentleman, is how you get Fish sexually aroused by Jennifer Aniston. I’M THE WINNER!
LOL . This is hilarious. love it.

wtf!!!! urinated fc.kniston holding a FIJI water????wa,wa happen with her dumbwatery????

4Q, I believe Affleck has heard some of the tauntery on the web saying the garner-afflecks were famehoing and ordered the market/coffee/craftmaking jaunts suspended, at least until after award season.

What the Fvck is the idiot 9months whining about again and again? No one gives a Fvck what she says.

Jolie's Got Gold @ 12/30/2012 at 6:24 pm


Wow, you nailed it. We watched this movie with our family and everyone commented how they would want to see Brad and Angelina do remake of Breakfast @ Tiffany. It will be like Mr & Mrs Smith, taken up to a higher level.

everybody loves MAMS @ 12/30/2012 at 6:26 pm

Saro Gahima ‏@SaroGahima
Mr. and Mrs. Smith is on and im falling in love with brad pitt one second and angelina jolie the next..

@Jolie’s Got Gold:

That will be a funny movie for Brad & Angie. Spending $10 at Tiffany store made me laugh. You couldn’t ask for a better couple to play this. Although I must say Angelina and Brad are so gorgeous.

I think you’re all on to something with Breakfast at Tiffany’s…… of my all time faves. Angie could totally do Holly Golightly and Brad could do the George Peppard role in his sleep………especially playing off Angie. We need to start a twitter campaign…… would be a perfect vehicle for them to star in together. Audrey H. is my favourite actress; loved her in Wait Until Dark………She and Angie are actually the only female stars I have had any interest in.

OMG! Is Jess Simp gonna tweet her whole pregnancy? Yes, we get it, you look “fabulous”…. NOT!

The Best Films of 2012

“KILLING THEM SOFTLY.” Makes me wonder who the Jolie-Pitts are having as house guests in their French chateau. Brad Pitt stars as a New Orleans mob hitman in a noir-drenched crime film directed by Andrew Dominik. Pitt’s intoxicating performance is the riveting centerpiece while the other actors are equally fascinating to watch. Pitt has this enforcer role down pat and in his scenes with James Gandolfini he reacts as if he is hearing Gandolfini’s tale for the first time. Dominik cleverly ties the mob organization to that of a well-run corporation with rub-outs done by committee. As music blares from car radios throughout the film, Obama gives feel-good TV speeches nobody believes. And Pitt’s Jackie Cogan sums up inequality in a speech denouncing slave-owner Thomas Jefferson, who famously coined the phrase “…all men were created equal” had a slave as a mistress who bore him seven children! Jefferson didn’t need to qualify this statement in the Declaration of Independence since everyone understood that by “men” he meant rich, educated white men.

Jessica S is pretty harmless- people like her & Kim K, Jen G and other “news makers” probably make old manny CRAZY bc they sure are taking away her lifeblood (attention) that she is paying millions for- she’ll be inviting them to her pap balcony soon. I am surprised that JS is looks so far along though. Looks like baby #2 will be here sooner than later!
Saw this article (the audio pretty much says the same thing)- common sense, but the over-blown importance given to opening weekend and the non-reporting of the foreign box office are things we’ve talked about here.

OMG………….Jared just replaced the Ticky pics with New ones. If that dude ain’t bought and paid for like a twenty cent wh*ore …whew…’s now soooo obvious………..all doubt has been removed……….either that or he’s a bigger hen than Lamey.. Huvsy up the ante Jared?

How can anyone lie in the sun for that length of time????? Maybe she flatlined and someone should check her carotid for a pulse. Now talk about a purpose driven life. How in the hell did Brad last as long as he did????? What a head shaker.

I will betcha if a large portion of Angie’s fanbase wasn’t entrenched here there would ‘never’ be a Brad or Angie thread up…… it is he’s got them down faster than Ticky’s thong after a few drinks.

dawne @ 12/30/2012 at 7:06 pm
He would still post recent pics because he would get hits. But he wouldn’t have put up this thread or the one about her directing.

Ha- you KNOW fat tick is monitoring gossip 24/7 to make sure her money buys her top coverage- not that coverage matters if you are a has-been oldster like manny. Pregnant Jessica or even a no-name model will crush anything manny does EVERY TIME. All this competition will force manny to pay out even more of stolen troll boy’s inheritance- so sad! OK, this is one of favorite JP tweets ever. Yes, they are gorgeous & hot, but, ultimately, they are just super-duper ADORABLE together:
Alexa Chapman ‏@alexachapman98 Angelina and brad in mr and mrs smith are the cutest thing

Passing Through @ 12/30/2012 at 7:19 pm

# 593 QQQQ @ 12/30/2012 at 5:50 pm
ROTFLMAO. It’s the calm before the awards season photo op storm. I’m so thankful Brad didn’t get nominated for KTS because it was bad enough putting up with Porgie’s PR fvckery. He’s got nothing on Jen Garner. Hell, she’s even making Ticky look like an amateur…

dawne- it wasn’t that long. They spent A TON of time apart, which didn’t seem to bother either one of them- big red flag for any relationship. Almost every jj yellow lightning bolt cites “time apart” as to why a relationship failed. Plus, Brad admits he was numbing himself with pharma much of that time as well. Years back, Clini or PT did an calculation based on news reports and their own interviews of how much time they were together if you took away all the time apart & they whole rship was less than 3 years. Of course, none of that matters now- old manny is doing the exact same thing she was 8 years ago (minus job options she had back then) and CLEARLY Brad wanted something very different than such a boring deadend. And you KNOW Brad would have HATED manny’s beloved pap balcony!!

fc.kniston must be a presenter coming awards season.she like lookin a leathery fug on stage.

I think I figured that a summer 2000 wedding and an almost official Nov 2004 separation put them at 4 years and 5 mos had they spent no time apart. Given that we know they had two admitted 3 month separations encompassing brad filming Troy and oceans and promoting both – and that they were as good as separated while mams filmed, and while maniston filmed derailed in England in fall of 2004..I put total separation time at a good 9 mos. So subtract 9 mos from 4 years and 5 mos. That gets you 3 years and change.. That’s only the stuff we know about. If you want to add up the odds and ends – the several weeks apart at the start of their marriage and during…it would put you at 3 years even or 36 months.
In other words, in another year’s time, Brange will have been together 3x as long.

Mrs. Chancellor @ 12/30/2012 at 8:47 pm

That’s nice!

Jennifer has no lips. Nothing appealing about her face or body. I hope she won’t be a presenter, that means hollywood has lowered their standards to mediocre incompetent with the likes of Jennifer Aniston. I won’t watch the award show, nothing and nobody in it who is appealing.

low low low @ 12/30/2012 at 9:21 pm

Standards are already pretty low for presenters; have been for a pretty long time. I think the Oscars MAY still hold to only allowing former winners to present solo, but not sure. Miley- off the top of my head is one that surprised me (for Oscars), but I actually don’t really care. Unless the JPs are nominated (not looking likely unless Oscar noms Brad for KTS- I doubt they would go for House ILI bc it would take away from Eugene), I won’t be watching any of the shows anyhow. So, let fat tick old manny host all of them, wearing dresses she is too fat & too old for that over-expose her orange old lady neck & chest and slur every word like we know she can- it matters not- my tv will be on another channel or OFF.

@low low low: Hi Angelina and Brad fans! I too won’t be watching any awards if Brad and Angelina are not attending. We will be going out to dinner and do some indoor activities, maybe go swimming or bowling. Happy New Year to all of you!

Yeah! I hope for wedding bells soon for Brad & Angie!!!!! This couple is super hot! I want to see pictures. She has a beautiful engagement ring too.

Stop this you people . We are the important fan base we are everyday. Seriously. What you give attention is noticed always and hits and matter.
fckkn CAA fckkn gayer or whataever is …
pls end this. pls forget maniston. i am tired of this pr succide. It is painful to see this pr sucide time and time again year after year again. it is pr sucide.. do thing that benite you at least you also has to benitate when something get attetnion . fckkkkk what stupid people run this. fckk end this permantly .remove this
It is painful to read it to look at it for anyone that cares. it is killing them murdering them professinally and their apeal. you better listen before this destory and take everything theirs.

Bringing over here my comment on the thread, “Just Jared’s Celebrity Engagement Recap 2012″:
For the year 2012, the most SURPRISING, ROMANTIC & BEST CELEBRITY NEWS I have ever heard was the engagement of Brad & Angelina.
Surprising because I never thought they have plans to make their union official. They have been been together for almost eight years already and everything about them as a couple is just awesome. They seem to find what makes their relationship work. They really have learned so much lessons from their respective past relationships.
Romanticbecause of the length of time, research & effort that Brad spent just to come up with the most suited engagement ring for his lady love, and he’s very good in keeping it a secret before he popped up the proposal to her. I could just imagine the day he finally asked her to marry him. The scenario must really be special.
It is the best celebrity news as every news outlets, shows, net sites, magazines spread the good news. It became the talk around the world for a long time. Now there is endless speculations as to the wedding details. So it is no wonder why the Brad-Angelina wedding is the most-awaited event in 2013. Of course, there are other personalities who were engaged this year BUT no one beats the kind of news that Brad-Angie engagement has generated. This news just fascinated the public, admirers or not!

@guestwhy is that you bail out of oscars? I know it is not intersting to see for me jps are not there but there is no reason to bail out besides you are not a true jp fan you have your own reason to say that. because i just feel it

besides why we need to discuss that talk it when jps are nominated.

@Ashley: same with you.

@CLINIQUA: clinqua you need to stop this thing. seriously. This topic is discussed 100 times. The media look away to print those then and say what needed to be said because those mofo are directed always what her PR is directed them. The same thing now. If she start panning for Brad and again they will give her that. She doesn’t want she want to compete they give her that. She makes money like that for them that is why . THINK SMART don’t get dragged in discussing when everytimes they want to go over the same topic that is said 100 times. Dont’ give her any more attention than one of Brad exes from decade ago…..
nothing especial nothing important nothing to discuss about. forget manistion. JPs need loveliness a new way. Them two and their family and what they do NEW METHOD exes only included as one of his exes or angie exes. end of the story.

raindrums @ 12/30/2012 at 9:48 pm

9months must be drunk or don’t speak English. lol

@neer: I saw that that is cute thing. They also made top ten at poople . JPs rank always. :D

@raindrums: wow genius me no drunk and the other is not new thing

low low low @ 12/30/2012 at 9:21 pm
Brad and Angelina probably reject the invitation to be presenter when they aren’t nominees. They would rather spend time with their family. Last year’s awards season, they had to attend all the awards shows, the kids kept saying “again,again”.

I have little interest in the award shows unless the JPs are nominated (they don’t go unless nominated). I was sort of looking forward to Tina F & Amy P hosting the GGs, but CAN NOT watch if it is tainted by manny.

Shawty. ‏@husbha
Can’t take my eyes off Angelina Jolie in ‘The Tourist’ o_O oooft

@well: ok i will say this personally I would love one of them to go to award show and present at list in different awards . That means they don’t have to walk the red carpet overshadowing the others( since they are big stars0 but can go in the back doors and we see them in the stage It would be great but whatever is working is fine with me.

Nobody cares what you say for sure.

it is too bad that the year is ending without seeing pictures. If we don’t see them by tomorrow and tusday that mean we won’t them may be until angie start working or he :((

@well: Nobody cares for what you say interni they just thumb you up because you flip your face and say something agreeable. I use one name if I post with two three name I will get thumbed up too. stupid bendeho

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 12/30/2012 at 10:14 pm

Just curious. Has anyone heard anything about a report that the Ho and Bought Boy had dinner with George and Stacey? There was a tweet saying there were spotted together at some restaurant in Cabo. And Ho and Boy are going to hanging out with George while he’s in Cabo.

If true, I can’t wait to see how she pulls off the photo op because George would be a big catch and proof to her hens that she really is a power player and “beloved” in Hollywood.

LOL@the idiot 9 months. You can’t find one dumber than her.

Me, too x 1,000- no award shows for me w/out the JPs. JJ’s breakup post is astounding- wow- so many! Nick K’s column on Ai Weiwei is def worth a read- the power of mockery!!
One thing the party detests even more than being denounced is being mocked, and humor is the signature element of Ai’s assaults. Other dissidents, like the great writer Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel Peace Prize winner now in prison, write eloquently of democracy but gain little traction among ordinary Chinese: Ai’s artistic work also seems incomprehensible to many people, but obscene jokes about grass-mud-horses can get more traction — and be difficult to quash.

@lol: fu dumb is you stupid interns. Why you here? why not go vag shows instead hahahaha why you spam jps threads with your internie need of guding the dumbs here

Some one must still the william bradly girland the jolie girl name or she wasn’t a fan just a middler to beging with. Why we care about that?????

Parade Mag @ 12/30/2012 at 10:23 pm

Parade Magazine picks:
13 Things to Look Forward to in 2013
1. Despicable Me 2
2. Maeve Binchy’s Final Novel
3. World War Z
Brad Pitt stars in the film adaptation of Max Brooks’s cult novel about a zombie apocalypse. These dead aren’t walking, though—they’re swarming. (June 21)
Rest are at the link

Who says manny is presenting? My gut tells me, she’ll want to go to something just to show Ted bundeoux she can hook up an invite (see John peeeboy Mayer and Oscars 2009), and seeing as Ted Bundeoux COINCIDENTALLY (of course!) signed with CAA as soon as he became her jump off, my guess is he’ll want to be seen at the big industry events to ‘network,’ and try to get jobs…CAA and huvsy owe him big time for putting up with that neurotic ol’ mess, lolol. If she goes, it’s because her latest winter flop (the miller movie) is being timed to release while h’wood is honoring its talent during award season..this will give her an actual reason to be there ‘presenting,’ something…remember the golden globe year she and bloatler made a fool of themselves and got dissed by Ricky gervaise (he called her Rachel, said that’s who she’ll always be, lol) huvsy planted an item about them making out in the golden globe kitchen too, remember? anyway…booty hunter was releasing within a few weeks of the globes, so there was her ‘in,’ – the studio hooked up an invite with the HFPA, and huvsy pimped their appearance to the max (with who wore it best polls featuring Angelina, numerous items claiming Aniston wore Angie’s dress, and page six gerry bloatler make out items, etc.) that was the year Maniston’s supposed best pal Courtney got her first, probably last and only, Golden Globe nod for lead female in a TV comedy…Maniston repaid Courtney cox’s friendship, by stealing the spotlight with her fraudulent huvsy created fauxmance showmance with bloatler. What a pal.

@Parade Mag: That is fab news… I will hear try to watch it still even if I will end jps from here ……. I think 2013 better year for them wedding and with wwz but with this method, don’t know if they can keep it

an opinion @ 12/30/2012 at 10:28 pm

@William Bradley&The Jolie: The story came from NY Post so take it with a grain of salt. Most likely Clooney was there with Cindy Crawford and her husband. Ticky also was in the resturant and made sure to have her pr team release a story about it. I don’t think hanging out with Clooney makes anyone a power player.

@CLINIQUA: omg what is wrong with you? what difference does it makes if she goes or not? why this matter to jps.
Why it matter j.lo present to afcuk
or kaite manage to get in there for tommie
what you make important and someone who stood on the way of JPS?
It is great she go on times they don’t go so she won’t stalk them with that stories from the magazines.
I don’t understand you why this benifate Angie you are like this or take from Angie or jps. Why you are like this? What is wrong with you?????????????????

What is wrong with Angie people as well Brad worse though they are also pigs

Maniston is NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT important you making her you you are the once who making her.
threat it like you don’t care like we threat who else eat with manny or don’t eat.

@an opinion:
Yup. If that were true, Stacey kiebler and elisabetta whatshername wouldn’t be z list…and Cindy Crawford wouldn’t be selling skin care on informercials at 4 am.

an opinion- so true. For many, many years, old manny has has a pattern of press-releasing her dinners & who may have been in the same room, etc. She also photo bombs & clings- it’s such an obvious manifestation of her desperate neediness and nauseating try-hardedness. Also true- Clooney is no power player. Besides, manny got a Clooney photo AND a plane ride this summer and is still festering on her FAVORITE pap balcony without a job.

Some one brought somethign that is it you all are bait … just like that…
I can’t believe it. I wisht there is a picture of manny and george and whomever he is with now in new years eve and what you gonna do .
then? sucide
why you get bait easily. horrible pr Angie you as dumb.
you like it . I thought you are cut is cut person . You deal with one thing once not constantly the same thing. You jsut give fake image.

William Bradley&The Jolie @ 12/30/2012 at 10:48 pm

Well, FYI. That Switch movie is scheduled to start filming at beg. of February according to a tweet from its director. The director is also claiming that he has a A list actor lined up to play the lead as the trick’s husband. I am sure he will announce it after the New Year in order to garner maximum exposure. So, don’t be surprised if the Ho shows up at the Oscars with whoever this A lister is as a co-presenter. She will milk that connection on an international stage for all its worth while showcasing Bought toy on the red carpet.

Besides, this is something busted said a day ago or so… why this matter now to you people as new?
gosh!!!! one BAIT it takes Nausating..

Can I just say, I think it’s so sad, yet fookin’ hilarious that old grandmaniston has made her bald middleaged boyfriend just as neurotic, and self conscious about his appearance as she is??!! Roflmao. When we first saw dude, he was rockin a grizzly Adams bush on his mug, slicking his 3 hairs back and proudly showing his shiny bald spot…fast forward months later and he’s wearing that black nylon cap/yarmulke in the 100 degree meh-hee-can sun, hoping it melts into a black puddle so his bald dome will be covered permanently. Does he actually think people seeing him laying on shale baking like an underfed chicken, sizzling to a red crisp, wearing a hat with no brim, believe he’s doing it for his own personal style reasons?? Lololol it’s overcompensation – just like the tats he got at 40, trying to play edgy alterna poseur. Riiiiiiiiiight. No dude, you’re not manny’s Angelina, you’re more like manny’s Lisa Rinna. Lololol lame, fake and nerdy.
Oh, and sorry…but since when does dumb chin asssiston read books? Ish please. Lolol

CLINIQUA @ 12/30/2012 at 10:23 pm
Oh yeah, when she made sure we saw her undies. Its amazing how Slimey Huvane’s cant help showing their cooch!e to get extra publicity. Goopy and the way too short mini’s for IM premieres, BabyJane at Toronto festival and GG and of course Chimpmonk girl who took it to the limit by going commando and getting out the car like she was wearing pants.
AJ’s black dress at the Salt Japan premier had a split up to her waist but she didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction but these desperate losers even with out slits couldn’t help showing the world their unmentionables.

Man***ston’s dvds in WaliWorld on sale for $5 and not selling! lol


You might try picking one up and reading it…. Knowledge is power, honey!

jealous PR is very ugly.
and laughable. I feel sorry for you people
you don’t know how you look for others

@William Bradley&The Jolie:
Nah, it doesn’t work like that…especially when the old ho has another piece of shite rom com/com that has to be pimped out by any means necessary and make back it’s money if at all possible. Neither sudeiks, maniston or comatose emma roberts is a bo draw, so we’re looking at another wanderbust, or worse. They wouldn’t let the ish get off that easy and start working to pimp the next flop that hasn’t even filmed yet. The director sounds desperate, like he’s teasing to try and get the ball rolling (his version of a list is probably bill shatner), my guess is they’ll wait to see what the miller movie does before she gets to assault us with her mediocrity again. That movie was announced two years ago, just like goree girls and buttercup..remember them?? Lol

Clooney is two faced. He hangs out with both sides. But he sure knows who has talent who doesn’t. He won’t give Maniston and her midget escort any job. And he knows Brad and Angie have more power in HW than Clooney himself.


We have ALL seen Angie’s business and more… Let me refresh your memory, precious!!! Google is your friend if you care to see ALL of it again…


I love the way you Loon’s get all sanctimonious when it comes to AJ! Bish please!!!

Clinqua for gods sakes what is new. She try make vince the same way.Dude went to opera almost cry about it how the media is rude to him showing his tummy and talking how fat he is.
John has to cut his hair and wear suit and try to change him different…
Same with every guy I remember she was interviewed by leno he said me and you can’t live together becasue she was so controlling in simple thigns about his stuff like his mug or somethign…
Same with the bald-nose…. same same.. he become so self concious he wear hair plungs, he shave his hair he work out everday and if you say somthing negative he try to correct it the next day CAA workers are at hand. All care toomuch what people say to the point they don’t have their own mind. You listen people but you have to have some YOU must left.
The only reason said all this is what is NEW? and why you worked up about it? and why you let her control you? and why this matter to Angie and ultimately for JPS? You can’t win or be happy like this you can’t fight withsome who play PUBLIC everything. Who else is like her in hollywood with the same fame THERE IS NO ONE. Your attention make her famous MoRE .PlS don’t pay attenion for a month and see the diffeence pls don’t commint a PR sucide for Angie and JPs ultimately stop it.

Since Maniston’s reading material admittedly skews towards self help tomes and how to handle menopausal hot flashes, I can honestly say I’m not in need of her kind of paperback psychobabble ‘knowledge,’ at this juncture. Lolol

@Joe: in her twenites and she was eaten alive for young life…
maniston is twice what angie was and still get class. Go figure.
THINKING is your friend if you have brain.


Really? I am thoroughly impressed with the fact you THINK you know what Aniston reads…. Now sugar, that is funny!!!

@well: you idoit intern we don’t care what clooney do or do. Clooney is not Brad best buddy or someone very truly important. Brad and Angie never seen hanging out with him like that. He is the other side of manny in some things why this matter to us. Why this matter?

@well: Jennifer wants information from Clooney. I bet she is asking about JP’s “wedding date”. When I read about Clooney in Mani’s presence, I lost respect for him. Not a fan of his anymore. Stay true to JP!

an opinion @ 12/30/2012 at 11:12 pm

@William Bradley&The Jolie: What is considered A list is relative. For this unknown director carrot top is A list. Plus who cares if Ticky is at the Oscars. Everyone knows she is there for attention.

@Joe: it is predictable to think what maniston does. You can set our clock by her 99% of the time.

@Hotwinter: intens are here . She will here it directly from caa that and will conside she will never go first I bet with you 1000000 dollars. Stop assoication talking she can talk whomever she want it doesn’t matter. Brad doesn’t own those people . Niether she.
I care if she talk someone dear to brad like his family ( they said we are not in contact) etc… Brad dear people or Angie’s or both scene with her and playher PR photo op game.. that will make me only mad no one cARE.

Sorry you old fat ugly wh*re, Angie’s no diff than a lot of actresses, many of whom are in Steffie huvane’s stable – those w/ a modicum of actual talent UNLIKE tv shittcom hack Maniston (actresses like Goopy, bland Hathaway, Juliane more, more and MORE naked, etc.) who have done nudity on film as part of their performance. Almost every actress worth their salt has done it, unlike talentless tv trollistons who play coy w/ the media re supposed nudity in her crappy films while never actually doing it…but she has no problem having her pr flack leak announcements that she MAY strip in a film to the press, airing her hairy crack to the papz on the beach, and showing her floppy vag on the street climbing out of a car…so how in hades are you comparing Maniston taking out her silicone saline teats for the papz, to a topless Moore in boogie nights, or a topless Angie in Gia? Here’s an answer: Angie has an Oscar, goop has an Oscar, Julianne has a couple of Oscar nods…while Maniston gets to play 3rd fiddle in children’s dog movies, and hawk bargain bin perfume in Walmart. There’s your difference, ‘joe,’ or is it Kathy….or trashy can-dler?? Lmao

Aniston said it herself…she’s no reader, and when she does read, it’s self help books. Just quoting old gal, sorry the truth hurts bitttch. Lol

Stop paying attention and thumb down anyone who discuss her postive or negative for one month and see what will happen.
She will defiently be irrevant mostly to jps.
who i can tell this from the managment?
These people addicted to fight and maniston bashing 100%
They are addicted that anger to hate on her stupid games.
The job would have been successuflly done if they were ignoring her imagien that ignoring takes place 8 years or even 5 years. She willb e by now we all be asking nothing less than you say who?

Hotwinter @ 12/30/2012 at 11:11 pm
I think most jp fans don’t like Clooney.


Oh my! I guess I hit a nerve… Bwahahaha! There you go changing the subject and twisting my comment about SEEING ALL of Angie’s business and more, with just a simple google search.


Stop being so sanctimonious when dissing Aniston! WE have seen more of Angie, than we will ever see of Aniston. But I am sure your next pitiful comeback will be, “that was back in her WILD days, and she has changed. She is a mother”! Bish, please! Once you put it out there, you can’t cover it up. Oscar or not!!!

Quoting? Please provide that link, precious…

Is her moronic idiotic fan really trying to compare being “naked/nude” in a movie to showing your undies on stage at an award show and getting out of a car. Dear GOD! And Please, she has been nude/naked in movies as well. Her movie with Doughboy, disgusting VV she was topless in it. Of course she chickened out and begged them not to show it, then when the DVD was about to come out she and her loser ass_wipe PR ho released the pic overseas, then got mad at Perez for posting it on his site. Threatening etc.

Now we have two annoying losers spamming us. What joy!

@ joe What a bittch and you bet is it is.. maniston is twice what Angie age was . Your twenties are for that yes. She got oscar to show for it . What maniston has. Escept that she doesn’t matter so you dont’ touch her and she is a means to bash jps you don’t touch her.
You can only wish you touch a nerve. for you? dreamer
Angie is super star that is why you are here. If maniton is not where the competion is so you say nothing nothing.

They are dumb they don’t know the differnce b/n movies to this. And you are 20′s . stupid . don’t pay attention to this nos

is there anyway we can tell Pitts nieces to make her tweets private. The fuglyfemales have a TWENTY-FIVE page thread about them and I think IUC does as well. It is truly sick that their private accunts have landed on these websites and are being dissected.

All this would have been answerd and they won’t ended up being a lurking and dewelling place for hating….. if they were not that missing thing as a couple ..iIf there was that my girl and my guy thing exist in their words and action … if there were no middle game and saying things even their past and won’t afraid to touch eachothers… you take it show you are accepting all.
If they don’t have this game of obessing in ex and if the have that refusal to discuss them and pay attention to them…..

If they have fans who breath happiness and there only talking in this stie and everywhere… than battlefied what exes are or do or beign bait to discuss and hate their disgusting ways….
I feel sorry for them this won’t stop and that is their choice and action that support this.
night 31st tomorrow happy new year….

What’s better than spending the holidays within a huge family like the Pitts/Neal/Jolie-Pitts? Sounds like they had a blast.
Happy new year to all JP fans out there!! Here’s to a great 2013 for the JPs also.

No matter who you are, when you are a young and upcoming actress, showing skin is fine. When you do it in your 40s and beyond, especially for no artistic reason, it smells desperation. Ass&cooch shows for the paps every year in Cabo are even more desperate.


Ololololol… Awesome how you nailed that helpless beast, Joe. Watching Clooniqua lose her **** is always priceless.

I also hit a nerve yesterday when I said that Heroina didn’t have a job for almost three years, which is true. The JP trolls tried to spin it by saying she’s now in a movie that has a $200m budget (funny that loons quote IMDb when they accuse it of being inaccurate), which makes it a bigger liability with the Ho’s questionable bankability, but I digress. Loons forgot to mention that she took a salary cut for this role, hence there are no reports of how much she’s making off of it. But, but, didn’t she use to charge $20m a movie? So much for “star power”. XD

Sadly for loons, Johnny Depp’s international fanbase won’t be attending to save this movie from bombing. Hahahaha.

And still she doesn’t have anything officially lined up after Maleficent, even that directing gig is stuck in “final negotiations” limbo. LMAO

If you were an actress, would you rather do one Maleficient in 10 years than do a Sh!tHappens or Wanderbust every year? Maniston would sell her mother to be in something like Maleficient. Maybe I should think of something she holds dearer than her mom. LOL. Maybe I should have said Norman instead of mom.

You’re just as stupid as the tv shittcom hack, lolol – what don’t you understand? pay attention eejit: there’s nudity in film as part of your performance, and there’s being a big sad has been pr ho’ airing your sloppy crotch to the cons who papz for a living to try to get ink.
Maniston’s no different than a Kendra wilkinson, or a boozehound barfly at the corner bar mooning people….
….while even Meryl Streep has done nudity in film ala Angie, and other ACTUAL movie stars.
You’re just jealous no one gives a fck about the old lady from tv airing her bits and pieces – why do you think she has to orchestrate this annual silly pr show and spread her thick short legs to the mexican papz she keeps on speed dial and scare away the fishes? It’s cuz no one cares to see that shite on film, not while her Dustin Hoffman looking face is staring back atcha, lol.

@Guest – Not sure how twitter works but if someone has a twitter account on here or at one of the other JP fansites perhaps they can tweet them to make their pages private when they sign up to be a added as a friend. I think thats how it works. Hope this helps- some people are just gone over the deep end with digging for info!

CLINIQUA @ 12/30/2012 at 11:19 pm

Sorry you old fat ugly wh*re, Angie’s no diff than a lot of actresses, many of whom are in Steffie huvane’s stable – those w/ a modicum of actual talent UNLIKE tv shittcom hack Maniston (actresses like Goopy, bland Hathaway, Juliane more, more and MORE naked, etc.) who have done nudity on film as part of their performance. Almost every actress worth their salt has done it, unlike talentless tv trollistons who play coy w/ the media re supposed nudity in her crappy films while never actually doing it…but she has no problem having her pr flack leak announcements that she MAY strip in a film to the press, airing her hairy crack to the papz on the beach, and showing her floppy vag on the street climbing out of a car…so how in hades are you comparing Maniston taking out her silicone saline teats for the papz, to a topless Moore in boogie nights, or a topless Angie in Gia? Here’s an answer: Angie has an Oscar, goop has an Oscar, Julianne has a couple of Oscar nods…while Maniston gets to play 3rd fiddle in children’s dog movies, and hawk bargain bin perfume in Walmart. There’s your difference, ‘joe,’ or is it Kathy….or trashy can-dler?? Lmao
ita cliniqua

LOL, are loons seriously thinking that any actor would trade places with the multiple-Razzie nominee actress from Life or Something Like It, Original Sin, Tomb Raider, Taking Lives, among other bombs? Bwahahaha, take a seat loon. I’ll guarantee you no one envies the career choices of a PR actress who uses refugee camps and airports as stages either.

Hehe, did loons forget that none of their hor-goddess movies have ever broken even at the US box office, based on ticket sales alone? Where is the bankability of an amoral tramp whose biggest box office hit to date was sold on the back of a cheating scandal in which she helped break up the marriage of her costar?

And no loon, no need to deflect to Aniston. Heroina would’ve traded her mother’s ashes for the roles that Charlize or Marion are getting, but she neither has the acting chops, the beauty or the good reputation that both those actresses have. Besides, they might be the same age, but Heroina looks 10 years their senior, even older than Aniston now. LOL. With Maleficent, it’s obvious she wanted the kind of exposure that Charlize got from playing a fairytale villain. She’ll be lucky if she makes it as memorable as Faye Dunaway’s in Supergirl.

@Guest – I meant when the person with the twitter account request to follow the person with the twitter acct. Perhaps a message of some sort can be communicated. Well goodnite and take care!

CLINIQUA @ 12/31/2012 at 12:24 am

You’re just as stupid as the tv shittcom hack, lolol – what don’t you understand? pay attention eejit: there’s nudity in film as part of your performance, and there’s being a big sad has been pr ho’ airing your sloppy crotch to the cons who papz for a living to try to get ink.
Maniston’s no different than a Kendra wilkinson, or a boozehound barfly at the corner bar mooning people….
….while even Meryl Streep has done nudity in film ala Angie, and other ACTUAL movie stars.
You’re just jealous no one gives a fck about the old lady from tv airing her bits and pieces – why do you think she has to orchestrate this annual silly pr show and spread her thick short legs to the mexican papz she keeps on speed dial and scare away the fishes? It’s cuz no one cares to see that shite on film, not while her Dustin Hoffman looking face is staring back atcha, lol.
lol preach it

Dear Lord! KK is pregnant…. between her and Jess Simp the next 6 months is gonna be unpleasant.