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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Kissing Cabo Couple!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Kissing Cabo Couple!

Jennifer Aniston shows off her flat tummy in a bikini while soaking up the sun with her shirtless fiance Justin Theroux on Friday (December 28) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 43-year-old actress and the 41-year-old actor were seen showing each other love with a kiss.

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Jennifer and Justin were joined by their friends Jimmy Kimmel, Molly McNearney, and Emily Blunt.

The day before, Jennifer and Justin were spotted chatting with Emily, her husband John Kraskinki, Jimmy, and Molly on the balcony of their hotel suite.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux on a vacation in Mexico…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 03
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jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 05
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105 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Kissing Cabo Couple!”

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  1. 51
    Shreya Says:

    This proves without a doubt that Jennifer and her PR team reads people’s comments on various websites. Yesterday many people commented on the fact that the other two couples look in love and Jennifer and Justin dont look like a couple at all. That this whole thing is publicity etc

    Well today we see them kissing and that too with pictures – smell something fishy….

  2. 52
    Aniston Fan Says:

    Jen has gained some weight, it’s fact. But she still looks fresh hot and sexy! It’s difficult to her look ugly. She’s naturally beautiful! Nice to see she relaxing with her man. Justin is handsome, a sexy bad boy. He is very talented too.I’m glad that she is engaged. She seems happy and satisfied. She has been more discreet with Justin than with the others. She wants more privacy. I wanna see her acring. Just can’t wait to see We are the Millers!

  3. 53
    dawne Says:

    Sad and pathetic on soooo many levels. What a vacuous broad…….to those whom much is given much is expected.

    She is a zero and he will rue the day he was bought. What a fameho and her cabin boy.

    We are the Schillers will go straight to dvd where it belongs. Her acting career is deader than a ghost town and she knows it………she just works at staying a celeb…….but time is even against that…….note the body filling out despite her endless hours working out.

    This banal broad never changes anything……….she’s as predictable as a sunrise. Those cr*tch shots the other day were a desperate attempt to be ‘talked about.’ She belongs with Kartrashian, Hilton and Kate Gosselin in the Fameho top three. All untalented, just playing to the lowest common denominator……..s e x.

    Thank god Brad got out and got a real life. Marriage to her was hell for a man of substance and ambition to better his craft, travel the world and become a major philanthropist……….she could give a shite about anyone but herself.

    Nice she spent her Xmas. with her mother in the hospital; making it festive and cheery………..she is disgusting, frankly.

  4. 54
    verity Says:

    bikini for just go with it
    lingerie and nympho for horrible bosses
    naked and free love for wanderlust
    stripper for we’re the willers

    what a wonderfull actress !
    can’t wait to see her win an oscar !

  5. 55
    notafan Says:


  6. 56
    FUGLY Says:


  7. 57
    verity Says:

    her best performance is “look at me, my body, my fiancé, my celeb friend… a happy girl, i stole a gigolo but who cares….i have fame money”

  8. 58
    verity Says:

    Aniston if you read my comment heid has message for you : you can keep tony manero

  9. 59
    marlanni Says:

    Looks like her PR have been reading the blogs that saw they looked miserable and rarely looked at each other or touched..then came the couples who joined them and showed what people do in a real relationship; touching and kissing a lot. Voila now we see them kiss. LOL

  10. 60
    manouche Says:

    three days of paps’pics
    they play as if they dont know what’s going on
    By now she knows well the pics are taken
    Madame loves too much the attention
    Jimmy is looking stat the paps

  11. 61
    u Says:

    why doesn’t she just close the curtains by the pool? (that could mean something.. inappropriate 2)

  12. 62
    manouche Says:

    i’m happy her threads are really down as years go by
    I’m giving her some shots but not any longer
    I’m like : what? still in Cabo?
    15 years in Cabo
    something about someone who is stuck in the past and can’t move on or experience the world

  13. 63
    reeree Says:

    who cares? flat tummy, so what!! looking at all these pictures of celebs on vaca for the holidays, it makes me think: don’t any of them stay home and celebrate the holidays with family like the rest of us? i guess, that’s one thing money buys, not having to spend Christmas with your in-laws. lol

  14. 64
    reeree Says:

    newsflash. she has on a bikini, he is shirtless, they are kissing. yes, all of those things are what people do when they sunbathe.
    does jen anniston have any friends that aren’t celebs too? seems she always wants to put herself in the limelight, by being seen with other famous people on vaca. go home and make a baby.

  15. 65
    reeree Says:

    i can never see this woman happy, married and with a baby/children.
    no way. the only thing she has going for her is how everybody thinks she has a great body and she won’t risk losing that. also, i love how these celebs wait until they are in their 40′s and think they are just going to get pregnant no problems. this is why julia roberts had her kids with in vitro. (nothing wrong with that. by the way) just saying they put careers/lfestyle first until its too late and then having a baby puts them back in the news again.

  16. 66
    So much hate :/ Says:

    All she’s doing is going on holiday with her love and her friends, the paps follow her everywhere, she’s probably just learnt to accept that by now. And I don’t understand how this makes her shallow and futile, she’s just going on holiday, clam down.

  17. 67
    JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig Says:

    FAMEHOing Big Time!! eddie munster was told to step it up and kiss Grandma for the paps.Jens pics must really come cheap JJ buys about 2 a time.
    JK and JohnK are staring right at the paps #4,7 they are all aware,it’s so staged.
    Boring has been – same Sh!tDifferent day

  18. 68
    Tj Says:


  19. 69
    ! Says:

    Their bed is burning!
    They’re freaking hot!

  20. 70
    jane Says:

    Wow three days later and they are still in the same spot – perfect for the paps – low balcony – it really is a hoot
    She is now doing ads for gun control and her tool is wearing a big gun around his neck. she is such a hypocrite.
    Her body is ok. never was the bomb – she’s stayed thin and toned like a billion other woman – nothing special

  21. 71
    meMeME Says:

    A cinnamon face leather skin OLD roast pig

  22. 72
    teepee Says:


    I agree with you she and her PR read our comments. Prior comments about being boring and laying out not doing anything physical and today she is out paddle boat, lol. The fuglies like JustJen will will anything for attention. No wonder people hate JustJen, the hypocrites!

  23. 73
    Isla Says:

    Ugly old farts! No brains and life a wasting. Can’t stand the whole bunch of sh*theads, stay in Mexico forever!

  24. 74
    1972 Says:

    it is wonderful that JA finally is happy on love area! you go girl!

  25. 75

    Think of all the hot sex they like to have! No risk of brittle bones breaking…

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