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Miranda Kerr: Mango Behind the Scenes Video Shoot!

Miranda Kerr: Mango Behind the Scenes Video Shoot!

Miranda Kerr valets her car at the Sunset Tower Hotel on Friday (December 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The day before, the 29-year-old supermodel hit up a salon in Beverly Hills before picking up some packages on her way home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda is the current face of Mango‘s spring/summer 2013 campaign, and recently, a behind the scenes video was released from her photo shoot! Check it out below.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr arriving at the Sunset Tower Hotel…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 01
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 02
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 03
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 04
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 05
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 06
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 07
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 08
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 09
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 10
miranda kerr mango behind the scenes video shoot 11

Photos: FameFlynet, AKM-GSI
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  • Chica

    it’s getting disgusting. She’s a mother to a beautiful boy and a wife to a nice man…isn’t family supposed to be more important than her vanity and ego? I’m betting that she only plays perfect mommy in front of the paps so she can get photographed and then throws her kid to the nanny when she gets home. And put some goddam pants on!

  • Lolita

    Are you on her payroll? She’s hardly a celeb

  • XYZ

    Overrated, overhyped, overpaid….

  • Candice

    Yey more pointless Miranda posts. I wonder what happened to them going to the UK to spend time with Orlando’s family for Christmas. Guess its all about her again.

  • fg

    don’t give a s.hit about this girl, where’s adriana

  • Journalistic

    Blah…Kate was so much better

  • ohplease

    @Chica: get off gossip blogs then. I was away from a computer for 6 months and guess what; Miranda Kerr was hardly anywhre to be found! get off the gossip blogs and problem solved dear.

  • Pres

    @fg: there goes the FLEA-ma stans. I believe you can find her on her social networking sites and join the rest of her looney fangirls.

  • YAY!

    I especially love hater stalker-socks!
    You know, the idiots who use gossip rag lies to insult someone.
    I mean, how stupid can one person be?

  • @4

    His mother said that they had some wonderful quiet, pre-Christmas time with the whole family. Is there something wrong with that? Why are you so into their private business anyway?
    Makes no sense whatsoever.

  • no

    more pointless miranda posts. there seriously needs to be more ethnic models on this site if they’re going to continue to post about this woman (and let’s be honest, she stays relevant because she married an actor and has a kid)

  • Gossip Girl

    This woman is miserable with her husband and now treats their marriage like a PR deal and puts up with appearances for the sake of their son.

  • What?

    @YAY!: What the heck is a Sockpuppet?

  • Jess

    I think it’s a shame that people, even those who have something nice to say, can’t do so anymore because of that obsessed fan who keeps on making sure Miranda’s threads have almost a 100 comments by having fan-wars with her/himself.

  • Mario Lopez

    This girl sure loves attention. While her husband seems the other way around. I’m calling splitsville.

  • LOL

    Those blind items about a model cheating on her husband with Leo DiCaprio sure do seem to be about her…

  • Sandy

    I have nothing against this girl. Really. But it’s a bit sickening to see how often she gets featured here and how much she seems to love the attention.

  • ?

    This woman must have money coming out of her a** considering how much she’s spending on PR.

  • tw

    She needs to quit papping. Orlando is the meal ticket, not her. That holiday tweet pic was grwtuitous and sad

  • @16

    Nah, nothing fits. And the only time they were seen together was with other people.

  • sara

    She looks gorgeous, as always!

  • tam

    So beautiful!

  • hat

    Does anybody know the name of the song???

  • Seems fake to me

    Why is this girl featured so much more often than other models? She’s not even Victoria’s Secrets Number 1 model…

  • obvious

    @Seems fake to me: Because she has a successful PR team behind her, dude. You got a thing or two to learn about marketing.

  • Scully

    Seems a bit fake to me how a girl who promotes staying and healthy and supposed curves looks like a stick and survives mostly on green smoothies…

  • Nancy

    She is one of my favourite VS models. Glad to see pics of her with Orlando and Flynn. He is such a cute kid. Glad to hear the rumours have been debunked of them splitting. I knew it was just the tabloids trying to cause trouble. They are one of my favourite couples. You can see they love each other and their son. She also comes across as a sweet person. They both seem like down to earth people.

  • Scully

    @Nancy: Bwhaha what the heck have you been smoking….her and her husband seem more contrived than kim k and kanye west. I think Orlando’s very down to earth but Miranda seems about as down to earth as the moon.

  • Suggestion!

    If she’s really as desperate to get famous as she appears to be, she should just convince her husband to make a sex tape and then have someone “steal” it… I’d pay to see that! Orlando, yum yum.

  • hm..

    @LOL: i thought the blind about bieber(?) hooking with a married model was her

  • LOL

    @hm..: Could be her too. I think it’s either with Bieber or Leo, because they dated back before he met Gisele but only behind the scenes because of Leo’s press paranoia…

  • Kaffe vendi

    @Suggestion!: I usually don’t comment on her posts, but this is GOLD! I agree. I’d pay to see that too hahaha

  • really

    I don’t think she’s naturally thin. Sometimes she gesticulates like a fat woman.

  • @really

    That’s because she’s a pig about to sneeze.

  • Harry met Sally

    Must suck to be a model and be as disliked as her…

  • guest4114

    at the end of the day it´s her job and she´s not the one putting out these articals

  • Fsah ha

    @Seems fake to me: She’s not even their number 2 model either

  • Fsah ha

    @Suggestion!: She might as well. She already leaked nude pictures of herself that weren’t even that exposing (they were pictures taken by a fashion photographer) and she calls them leaked nudes

  • look

    Look at what someone wrote on her last thread. haha this is gold

    “LMAOOOOOOOOO Everyone with half a brain knows that Miranda is working like a donkey to be the next Gisele, she started her own flop business because Gisele’s is extraordinarily successful. She wanted to become a high fashion queen like Gisele but designers won’t touch a talentless model after she had a few good seasons. She wanted to become famous like Gisele since Gisele became more famous because of her boyfriends so she went after Orlando, little did she know that Gisele was already super famous on her own. Too bad her net didn’t catch an A lister and she got Orlando. And since Orlando isn’t relevant enough, she decided to be a media wh*ore…and it still isn’t working out.
    She wanted to make herself outspoken like Gisele so that she can get attention (like when she talk about giving birth because Gisele touched that subject too) but her attention only ends on a few internet sites, whereas, if Gisele speaks, it makes headlines on TV, when Adriana spoke about her diet it maked headlines on TV.
    Miranda the paparazzi model is so fame-hungry that she wanted to become part of Paris Hilton’s social circle, but of course, as usual, fail, even going as far as dating Paris’ boyfriend. So much desperation.
    Lol, if Adriana gets papped, as expected, her pictures make it all the relevant media outlets. If she gets a campaign, expect to read, see or hear about it. Miranda is the one trying to be Gisele.
    Adriana has brain of an adult, she would never try to be someone she isn’t, which is why she took her own path landing high quality work everywhere. Of course Adriana doesn’t come nowhere near Gisele success, but Adriana is Gisele standing next to Miranda the paparazzi model lmao. Her story is sad, she lacks originality, always trying to be someone she’l never be lol.
    Miranda is always at the sideline looking at Adriana and Gisele taking over and she’s like, ‘when will it be my turn…”

    here is another one and there is more in her last thread lol
    “Oh my? A list celebs don’t do commercials in America? I just saw Emma Stone’s Revlon commercial on TV. Wow. This Miranda fan lives on lies.
    Speaking of commercials, can we talk about how Miranda’s pathetic attempt to be part of a superbowl commercial led her to taking a pathetic role for samsung where she appeared LITERALLY 2 SECONDS in the commercial in the midst of a crowd with jumping people. And being the fool that she is, she accepted to do an online video for samsung which other than her fans, nobody knew about.
    And you want to talk about Adriana superbowl commercial where she’s the star of both commercials?
    Miranda behaves like a struggling model. Real signs of someone who will do anything to have fame

    Nobody will ever say US Vogue doesn’t matter. You’re acting like Miranda ever had a us vogue cover. A US vogue cover is all part of the celebrity projects in America. You know, part of the project she will never have.

  • WOW

    She advertises she’s going to London to spend the holidays with her husband, and then is there three days, doesn’t even have a seat next to him and they fly back. No sign of them and all of a sudden the fangirls at Olove claim the neighbors called the paparazzi. Shit for brains over there who think this relevant panty model is worth the attention. The picture of Orlando walking with his fist in her back says it all. She doesn’t look very happy here so hope she built her little nest egg. No way will they make it and then number one and number two fan will pass out.

  • Wow

    You stalkers still haven’t figured out the most basic common denominator, have you.
    More posts = more hits = more ad money = more threads.
    But keep on blinding yourselves (self?) to the truth.
    Denying the truth just makes her fans happier.
    You idiots run each thread well over one hundred posts, we fans get more threads.
    So keep your socks busy and your idiotic conspiracy theories coming. You are doing us fans a huge favor.
    Thanks morons!

  • hm..

    what the eff is a sock?
    and if you think this blog site makes a difference in anyone’s life then you’re clearly mistaken. it’s a celebrity site where we all spit sh*t. get over it or calm down.

  • @42

    They already sound pretty calm. Downright estatic!
    So keep trying.

  • hm..

    @@42: keep trying to what?

  • @Chica etc etc etc…..

    Wow you posted nearly 40 comments, some of them responding to your own posts…………talk about being delusional, obsessed and just plain crazy.

    It’s obvious you have multiple user accounts and are manipulating Miranda’s comment page by green arrowing your own nasty comments & red arrowing any positive posts about her.

    By not letting anyone respond to your posts makes you not only a BULLY but INTOLERANT as well.

    What a coward, you like to dish it out but can’t take it in return so you red arrow our comments.

    If Adriana was as popular as you claim you wouldn’t feel so threatened by Miranda. It shows that you are by pretending to be different people posting under different names attacking her, gutless!

    A coward, a bully AND a sore loser!

  • @41

    Can you believe how crazy these people are? You have the obsessed Adriana fan and the Delphidiots, what a delusional combination.

    Do you think it’s worth complaining to JJ about how the Adriana fan is manipulating Miranda’s comment page?

    Either she or one of the Delphidiots is doing the same thing on the The Daily Mail comment page.

    It really amazes me how these crazies are so obsessed & jealous of Miranda & their getting worse.

    I really can’t understand how they take everything she does so personally, as if they know her. If I was a member of her family I’d be absolutely horrified by these stalkers, luckily I doubt very much that Miranda knows these people even exist.

    I will keep defending her as I can’t stand bullies, it’s not so difficult as these weirdos are not very smart as you know……lol.

  • eeeew

    what exactly is Delphite and Olove, and what are Adriana Lima’s fans posting? I don’t understand what you’re saying at all.↲
    It must be paranoia.

  • @39

    Someone shut your mouth on her last thread, so you repost the same thing on this one to see if you have better luck this time? LMAO
    Sorry but it’s still full of lies and it still proves the unprovoked hostility that some Adriana fans show for no reason as “Miranda is a nobody”.

  • eeeew

    jesus. You’re indeed paranoid. I still don’t understand a thing of what you’re saying. All I can make out of is that Miranda is a saint and everyone hates her and everyone is jealous because she’s rich and famous and beautiful. Ok, ok you’re right. We should all worship her.

  • What???

    Nobody said she’s a saint or that you have to worship her. You’re making things up. It must be paranoia XD