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Halle Berry & Nahla: Post-Christmas Reunion!

Halle Berry & Nahla: Post-Christmas Reunion!

Halle Berry carries her sleepy daughter Nahla while arriving at JFK Airport on Friday (December 28) in New York City.

The 46-year-old actress reunited with her 4-year-old daughter after spending Christmas apart.

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The day before, Halle and her fiance Olivier Martinez did some sightseeing together in Paris.

It was recently announced that Halle is trying to sell her Hollywood Hills home, where the Thanksgiving brawl between Olivier and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry took place, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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  • Lou

    Hopefully, Olivier stayed in Paris washing his stinky pants.

  • Verity

    Lets hope the truce continues into 2013.

  • Love The Shoes

    Halle is my girl and I support her 1000% and I’m glad that the adults put it all aside for Nahla and the evidence of this is Halle having spent Christmas in Paris and Nahla was with her dad in L.A. God bless them all and hopefully the good will of all the adults will continue.

  • Julie

    I’m glad the judge didn’t allow Halle to take Nahla to France,i’m sure she would have used this trip to keep Nahla in Paris by force.I also hope Halle dumps that violent french guy a*s,for Nahla’s protection.
    But i really hope Halle stops setting Gabriel up and keep the “truce” between them.He’s Nahla’a dad and she needs him,just as she needs her.Only because she didn’t have a father,doesn’t mean Nahla should be separated from Gabriel.

  • Sweetness

    I totally support Halle and the only reason I sense the anti Halle comments I have read about her lead me to suspect it’s resentment towards a beautiful successful black woman. To accuse her of being crazy is putting all the blame on her and why not ask why did ANY of those men she was with choose to be with her..Did she force them. As for that model, he got a whipping that made him think twice before assaulting anyone who is smaller than you..don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    Maybe they will learn to be civil and then the moocher Gabriel will stop using Halle as an excuse for problems.

  • YUI

    it’s got nothing to do with her skin colour or her looks, she’s trying to keep Nahla’s father away from his daughter because she wants to marry another guy and wants him to be her dad. That’s not how it works. Gabriel wants to be in his daughter’s life, it’s plain evil to try to stop him from doing so for an obviously violent man.

  • DemiTasse

    Don’t you even try to say this is about race,#5. The moocher in this is Olivier who rarely works and lives off rich women, like Kylie Minogue & now Halle. Gabriel and HAlle were together for years before they had a kid, and he was awarded shild support from the court because Halle kept saying to the judge that Gabriel couldn’t take good care of her like Halle could! LOL!

    Halle was making all the drama and trying to lie on Gabriel, and the judge stepped in more than once to back Gabriel. It isn’t about race. It is about a drama queen like Halle using her child to get back at Gabriel, and pimping out her kid for photographers everytime she’s with her. She is just as bad as Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stephani or Reese Witherspoon about that and that’s saying a lot!

  • James

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  • Sweetness

    Why did Gabriel choose to have a child with Halle? Again to be in a crazy relationship takes two. Who knew who Gabriel was before Halle? He doesn’t parade Nahla when he has her..are you kidding? He may not be able to because he’s not as rich as Halle but when he can afford PR we see him with his daughter. Judges are not without their own biased especially in the USA so this Oh the judge turned her down to be able was the luck of the draw..women in the USA have been known to lose rounds in custody battles so it’s not unusual.
    Naturally no one is going to write they don’t like her because she’s black, but there is no way she is this crazy out of control mother because one would ask why the judge doesn’t remove Nahla from Halle and grant Gabriel sole custody. Explain that. There’s no logic that to explain why the so called judge you think was against her would simply not award Gabriel full custody?

  • Saya

    Borderline Personality Disorder. That’s all. She needs to work on this, before she get into any more relationships.

  • Len

    I’m sorry but what’s the point in dragging this little girl to the airport just to show the paps what a “good” mother she is … pathetic.

  • forreal

    @ Sweetness You are wasting your time with these haters. All they do is hate on Halle without knowing the facts. Halle is a great mom you always see her doing things with her kid. She doesn’t need to call the paps, They stork her. She is a as big a celebrity as any other, Give it a rest. they came to an agreement both of them made some mistake. Let them be.

  • jada

    For these people Gabe is a saint because he is a white good looking guy. If he was black they would have a lot of things to say. The police concluded he threw the first punch. He pushed the nanny. What is it going to take. Gabe is not a saint and neither is halle. Olivier has his own money. he is worth 20 million dollars check your facts, He is not collecting a check unlike Gabe who has never worked since he met Halle.

  • jess

    @forreal: Wow, you just spelt stalk… s-t-o-r-k. That immediately invalidates your opinion right there.

  • Anne

    @jada: Actually, the court concluded that the nanny’s allegations were senseless and that Gabriel was a caring and loving father. Gabriel has never stopped being in campaigns. Check Hugo Boss spring 2013. The police wasn’t there when the fight occurred and only listed to what Halle’s people had to say, which is not trustful at all. Please, black ladies… stop bringing race into this situation. It has nothing to do with it. It has to be with a woman trying to alienate her daughter from her father when so many single mothers in this world just wished her baby’s dad was more present.

  • eve


    Halle Berry is giving Aubry $20,000 every month… Why does he need this money if he is working?

  • http://justjared saira

    Thank you! Where is the proof that Gabriel started the fight? He wanted the security tapes released, but the cameras were conveniently pointed elsewhere, so says Halle’s camp. However, I find it kinda suspicious that Olivier and Halle went from restraining order and assualt charges against Gabriel, to dropping charges, a cash settlement from Olivier, and Gabriel having Nahla for Christmas, too. Hmm…

  • DemiTasse

    Halle is always the victim, she is never at fault. That’s what she wants us to think. Gabriel is Nahla’s father. Period. Olivier has no standing whatsoever. He has nothing to say about Nahla. He wasn’t even supposed to be there for the hand over. He strutted out there and went after Gabriel. When the police got there what did you expect Olivier to say? “I started it?” LOL!

    Olivier was angry because the Judge told Halle she could not take Nahla to live in France. Period. What responsible father would allow his kid to be draged of to go with mommy’s boyfriend. I hope Halle gets some sense and dumps Olivier.

    Look at Gabriel’s face and Olivier’s hand after the fight. What kind of woman instigates her boyfriend to beat up the father of her child? Maybe she didn’t come out and say the words, but she set the tone for it.

    Len at #11, that says it all.

  • future

    Poor Nahla. What a terrible dirty pussed mother she has…

  • jada

    I thought the agreement was private, TmZ doesn’t know what’s in the agreement but you guys know Lol!! I think the Police can tell who is telling the truth and who is not.

  • ysl11

    I really don’t like this woman anymore. Simple as that!

  • Love The Shoes

    @YUI: Have you even tried to learn anything out about Gabriel Aubry other than your beiief that he’s somehow Halle Berry’s victim? Have you? I dare ya. Stop sitting a halo above his head and horns on Halle Berry’s based on what you THINK you know based on what I gather from 99% of the “female” posters who seem to have nothing but negative words to say regarding her.

  • me2

    halle…did u really need to wear leather…skin tight go to the airport?? of course…cause u knew the paps would be there…i just don’t understand what u see in that french demon u r with…that is love to you??

  • JC

    Child support is awarded so that the child(ren) will continue to live as closely to the lifestyle that they would have, had the parents not separated. Support is to help balance the environments that the child(ren) live in. So that both environments are as close to what they would’ve been had they all been living under one roof as a family.

  • anoy

    I Love Halle I want to see her happy. She made some mistakes she is not perfect but you guys don’t have to come on this site and demonized her everytime. It’s not fair. Gabe is not a saint. It takes two to tango.

  • phaya

    @sweetness @ #5 you said:
    “……’s resentment towards a beautiful successful black woman”……. Hah hah hah, very funny.

    Are we commenting about somebody else or the same Halle Berry that has accused just about every BLACK boyfriend she ever had and her two very BLACK ex-husbands of abuse. None of her relationships lasted more than three years until she met Gabriel Aubry. She knew how much he earns as a model since they met on a photo shoot for Versace. She met a younger man when she was almost 40 and desperate, yes desperate, for a child. Calling him names doesn’t change this fact. If Gabriel Aubry is a bum, Halle Berry was the older one who without a gun being pointed at her head chose a bum to father her child.
    She started trying for a child the moment she picked him out. According to Halle herslf on Oprah while she was pregnant, it took THEM 25 pregnancy tests(2yrs 1mo that is) while gushing about Gabriel. So, 25 pregnancy tests and a child later, she wants to erase him from HIS child’s life by reverting once again to allegations of abuse. Halle had said that she was devastated when her relationship with Eric Benet’s daughter whom she ‘adopted’ ended because of their divorce so, why is she doing everything in her power to limit a relationship between her own daughter and her father. For someone like her whose father left when she was four, you’ll think that she would strive to make sure that her daughter doesn’t go through the same thing growing up. It’s mind boggling. Every time she has gone to court to destroy that father-daughter relationship, she has failed, as she should. Olivier Martinez is not Nahla’s father, he can kiss up on her all he wants in public, Gabriel Aubry is Nahla’s father. The clock is ticking on this Olivier Martinez’s engagement of convenience to Halle anyway as they are coming up on her three-year relationship mark.

    What a coincidence that the fight on Thanksgiving day just happened few days after Halle lost her bid to move THEIR daughter to France. Even if as the so-called police report was quoted that Gabriel threw the first punch, Atty Shawn Chapman Holley by releasing those pictures of Gabriel’s injuries showed the world who the real VIOLENT person is and thanks to Halle and Google Nahla will have mementos of what mommy’s boyfriend did to DADDY because DADDY was fighting to be in her life against a woman with more money and a PR machine. Halle Berry is not the only ‘beautiful’ ‘successful’ black woman in Hollywood but she is the ONLY one with the most drama in her private life and former loyal fans like myself are just tired of it. She needs serious help, this girl doesn’t even have a relationship with her own blood sister because according to Halle, her sister “never left Ohio”…..Huh…..That’s CRAZY right there @ sweetness. Cray Cray!

  • Sara Kearn

    How did Nahla get to New York airport if she was with her dad for Christmas? Did she fly from LA to NY alone? Come on, someone is not telling the whole story.

  • huggybear

    see what I tell you as soon has she get NAHLA the picture start

  • suki

    @sara kearn – Nahla most likely celebrated Christmas with Gabriel’s family in Montreal Quebec. It would be a relatively short flight from there to New York to meet up with HB.

  • JustK

    If Halle didn’t want Nahla exposed to photographers then why would she pick her up at an airport where paparazzi are known to be stationed looking for celebrities? She could have had the nanny quietly bring Nahla directly to the place she is staying.

  • kayla

    Halle and Olivier may get married but it won’t last ! They’re both stuck on themselves, and for one he’s a womanizer and obviously violent. I think she just likes the fact that he’s supposedly a sex symbol in France and was once gorgeous and here in the USA she’s a sex symbol and gorgeous. Well er they’re OLD and have fading careers who gives a fart !
    Halle needs to focus on her daughter, she’s got enough money to do full time without having to worry about working to care for Nahla.

    Let Olivier go find the next sweet young thing if he already hasn’t with his tired stinky butt !

  • kayla

    @Verity: If Olivier has something to do with it, believe me it won’t He’s JEALOUS of Gabriel!

  • kayla

    Halle has had on those same leather pants the whole time she’s been photographed in Paris, I bet they’re FUNKY, she must be picking up some of Olivier’s stinky habits!

  • RCG

    @ Halle haters
    your mind if Halle Berry is the scum of the earth, worthless
    and of no value as a human being then why are men picking her
    as a partner or choosing to have a child with her when so many other
    women like yourself are available? Since the men in her past treated her so well, were above reproach and should never be judged in a manner, such as Halle, then why shouldn’t these men join together and to publicly degrade and thrash Halle as a team to raise their status. Would this be a fit punishment for Halle? Let’s not forget to take her child away and give all her money to Aubry because “he” is without sin and would have never called his child’s mother the N word and other racial slurs, become vindictive and full of animosity toward his daughter’s mother after she ended their relationship. Only other men and women act this way but never a white model who had a child with Halle Berry. Why not discuss Aubry’s character, background, anger issues and “HIS” responsibility in stirring up drama? Oh, we can’t do that because Aubry needs to remain pure and white-washed so the hate agenda against Halle can stay alive.

  • bigteddybear

    @RCG becareful what you ask for, it just might happen don’t bring up an ant’s nest. If all those men in halle life come together to speak about halle love life it will hurt NAHLA that why she getting a way by hurt the child’s father. He is putting his child FIRST

  • RCG

    News to you…It would hurt the men because unlike some bias
    commenters on blogs people that reason are NOT going
    to give men a pass and put them on a pedestal for good behavior.
    I was being sarcastic because at the end of the day a child will
    grow up and question her parents. Aubry can NOT play the victim
    and LIE to his daughter about what he has done.

  • RCG

    Aubry’s daughter will also learn that her mother supported her father and used her child support on himself.

  • bigteddybear

    Some people or so thick head you just can not get them to under stand the law of the land you work for more money, you pay child support . we women want eqaul right now we get it we whitch about it all day long GET OVER IT. IT WHAT IT IS, GROW UP, NAHLA WILL KNOW HER FATHER ALMOST GOT KILL FIGHT FOR HER. THEIR ARE THREE SIDE TO A STORY MY SIDE , YOUR SIDE, AND THE TRUE. the person to stop this is halle berry ,and work with her child father for NAHLA. THAT WHAT THEIR DOING NOW WITHOUT OLIVIER STICKING HIS NOSE IN IT.

  • justsaying

    domestic violent is domestic violent and halle is the spoke person for this cause. Olivier step over the line and Halle knows this she live when was four years old she should not let happen in her home NAHLA COME FIRST NOT THE BOYFRIEND

  • Kilem

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she is trying to get pregnant with her alcoholic bf.

  • kayla

    If this tired old butt woman gets pregnant with that nasty man’s baby that is surely NASTY ! She needs to take care of the one she has and already she’s proving she”s not doing a good job cause she’s too busy focusing on Olivier the Skunk!

  • IVF

    @Kilem: Doubt it. Halle can’t get pregnant and had Nahla by in vitro at the LA Fertility Clinic in Glendale after she and Aubry tried hard. Photos of them at the Clinic post Nahla. Place of one of her Fbombs. She even said she had her eggs harvested on Tavis right after her pregnancy was annnounced. She is not going to have her drunken chain smoking loser fake fiance Frog Prince baby.

  • truce, Paris & Frog Prince etc

    Yes, let’s hope the truce between Halle and Gabe does continue for Nahla’s sake. Gabe probably did have her in Canada. Their handoff was at JFK w/Halle probably going back to LA or staying in NYC. Frog Prince is probably still in Paris and can’t be present at any hand off or pick up.

    Paris trip-possibly pre-planned in Ollie’s Folly; part of the settlement agreement; more damage control, keeping the lie going; test run if Halle were to be in France with her Frog Prince. Or any combo. You can add to the list. Her mooching Frog Prince doesn’t want to live in the US. He’s delusional thinking he’s popular in his own country when most French don’t care for him and think he’s totally insignificant.

    They’re not going to get married. They’re not going to have any kids together. Only a civil ceremony is valid in France. Any church, Catholic or not is null and void even if Halle were eligible being 2x divorced with an illegitimate child. We all know Halle’s not going to pay 75% income tax. Nor does she have that kind of money. She’s not going to jet set back and forth. She can’t Nahla with her and if she does take her out of state or abroad –work related unless noted by the Judge and Aubry.

    She knows she messed up this time royally. In the long run, I don’t think she will choose Martinez over her child. She looked miserable when she /they weren’t performing for the notified pappis. I hope she does get help for her Bordeline Personality Disorder and Depression.

    Halle wouldn’t be paying Gabe support if she could actually prove any of her previous lies about racism, physical/sexual abuse etc. and him sign an agreement in the beginning. Halle did it to herself and damn well knows it.

    Frog Prince will be history in the next 1-6 months.