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Leonardo DiCaprio: Sydney Boat Ride with Jonah Hill!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Sydney Boat Ride with Jonah Hill!

Leonardo DiCaprio dons a cap while stepping onto a boat on Friday (December 28) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actor was joined by his Django Unchained co-star Jonah Hill.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

It was recently reported that Leonardo walked his Revolutionary Road co-star Kate Winslet down the aisle when she tied the knot with Ned Rock’nRoll.

In case you missed it, have a look at Leonardo in a newly released poster and trailer for his highly anticipated film The Great Gatsby, also starring Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan.

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104 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Sydney Boat Ride with Jonah Hill!”

  1. 1
    creed Says:

    leo leo leo..

  2. 2
    Lena Says:

    Where are the hoes?!?

  3. 3
    hayes Says:

    chicken legs !

  4. 4
    A Says:

    @Lena: in different area codes

  5. 5
    Mama Says:

    Good to see Leo without those bimbos.
    Just chilling with his friends.
    Django was great , what a man .
    I will forever love him for walking Kate down the aisle.
    I hope ppl realize they are meant to be BFFLs not lovers

  6. 6
    hm.. Says:

    this guy loves his “privacy” and yet he’s in the middle of the harbour that surrounds the city? LOL

    it’s nice to know that women are continuously called ‘attention who*res’ on this site but L.D gets away with being the biggest one of all.

  7. 7
    hm.. Says:

    @Mama: “bimbos”?! is it the 1950′s again? stop sl*ut shamming, it’s getting old.

  8. 8
    dhgsd Says:

    Not like he talks about his personal life… I dont agree with his ways but i dont see how this makes him a attention who’re.

  9. 9

    lol @ his legs

  10. 10
    Ace Says:

    I see WEIRDO IS Spanning the thread again with fake names. What a loser

  11. 11
    Don Says:

    Looking good Leo. He was awesome in Django killed it.

  12. 12
    creed Says:

    Hanging out with his friends makes him an attention *****? Such a stupid comment that deserves face palm. The guy is living his life. He’s not talking about his personal life in any way. Jealous pr**ks on here

  13. 13
    LOL Says:


    Your the biggest Wh*re here. Some of you talk about him like he was L. Lohan or one of the kardashians. How is he an attention ***** for going out into the harbor hanging out with his pals or ladies. JFC, you guys want him secluded in some cave? Will that satisfy you?

  14. 14
    s o p h i a Says:

    LEOOOO!!!! LOOK SO CUUTEEEE! :) :) :) ;)

  15. 15
    LOL Says:

    Leo’s got nice legs. Or a you referring to Jonah’s legs?

  16. 16
    DU Says:

    Jonah Hill’s cameo was so funny. That bag scene was freaking hilarious.

    Good to see Jonah and Leo hanging out.

  17. 17
    VC Says:

    his legs are perfect.

  18. 18
    Pavan Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio is so gorgeous. Drooling.

  19. 19
    hm.. Says:

    @LOL: I’m a who(re? lovely. first time commenting on this thread and i won’t be doing it again. This is as bad as the miranda kerr one.

    Lovely comments, calling people pr*icks also? aren’t we sensitive when it comes to a man… VOMIT.

    Of course he’s not an attention wh(re. OMG. WHAT AM I SAYING? HAVING AN OPINION. I’m a woman, i should know better. But every time he’s in sydney he only goes to the most populated areas but no no.. he’s keeping a low profile. i get it.

  20. 20
    kace Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio >>>>>

  21. 21
    Damion LMP Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio is the man.

  22. 22
    bry Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio will always be the sexiest man alive.

  23. 23
    the hooper Says:

    @hm.. yes please don’t comment again. your opinion isn’t valued here

  24. 24
    hm.. Says:

    @the hooper: OH BURRRRRRN.. ugh isn’t it your bed time?

  25. 25
    Jessica Says:

    holy sweet jesus leo

  26. 26
    ultraviol3t Says:

    Leonardo Dicaprio hi bby

  27. 27
    alexthegreat Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor

  28. 28
    emmaaaa Says:

    No matter how old Leonardo DiCaprio is, he is always very attractive.

  29. 29
    Cocky Says:

    Leo is the best!!

  30. 30
    BKM Says:

    What can I do ???????

  31. 31
    stupid question Says:

    does anybody find it weird that we haven’t heard about his mother ,not at his birthday (unlike last year) ,not on christmas eve,not even on christmas day (according to nypost he was spotted at the lakers game with lukas haas)??

  32. 32
    Caye Says:

    leonardo dicaprio what are you doing on that boat and not in my bedroom

  33. 33
    anonymous Says:

    looking fat

  34. 34
    Lorelei Says:

    So there he is!!! I hope he’s enjoying his time in Sydney with his new best friend, Jonah.

  35. 35
    sarah Says:

    the Daily Mail has more pictures and I had to laugh at one of the captions under a very explicit picture of the reason why Leo went on the yacht…..:)
    “Female attention: A group of girls joined the Django Unchained stars for the boat trip”

    Link to article:

  36. 36
    Barrii Says:

    w miss him with supermodels Bar and Erin. Bar is his true love and will be back together again.

  37. 37
    sandy Says:

    Aging playboy. Gross. Django was ok. Empty entertainment. Sam Jackson steals the show.

  38. 38
    sandy Says:

    Bar who? His only true love is himself.

  39. 39
    ???? Says:

    I would find it strange if we actually did hear about his mother. he is a professional actor. why on earth should we be hearing about his mother. you need to reel the obsession in a little.

  40. 40
    sandy Says:

    Give it a rest. He has talked about his mother and been photographed with her a lot in tue past. People are curious.

  41. 41
    ---- Says:

    So much for the environment commited star. Yeah right. How much fuel it takes to fly to Sydney just to be sure to party with buddies and models for the New Year. Gross.

  42. 42
    sandy Says:

    Private Plane. Yacht. Tool friends. Gaggle of young girls. He’s given up.

  43. 43
    ???? Says:

    take your own advice. yes he has mentioned her in the past. okay when he does okay when he doesn’t. don’t try to pass it off as curiosity when you mention whereabouts, people and dates.

  44. 44
    haha Says:

    @42 he hasn’t given up, hes living every guys dream!

  45. 45
    @36 Says:

    Keep dreaming! Its been 2 years and you can’t quit.
    10 years from now you’ll probably still have the same dream

  46. 46
    amina Says:

    Tamika ‏@MzFtoy;

    Best night at work by far!! Danced my booty off for @JonahHillJonah @LeoDiCaprio and @iamjamiefoxx

    Tamika ‏@MzFtoy:

    Best job in the world! Dancing in the presence of @LeoDiCaprio. I should have blew him a kiss!

  47. 47
    : ) Says:

    Enjoy your holiday Leo~ :)

  48. 48
    sandy Says:


    Wasn’t me, babe, but it’s not hard to find out when Leo and his pr team put it out there.

  49. 49
    welp Says:

  50. 50
    sandy Says:


    Not every guy dreams of being an aging playboy surrounded by sycophants or a hypocrite who pretends to care about the environment while yachting and taking private planes, but enjoy your vicarious living.

  51. 51
    Grandma Says:

    Pray tell why a woman, that was married twice before would need someone to give her away, her son is old enough to do the job
    Her kids are so mixed up right now, Mummy went away with one guy and returned with another.
    Lets hopeless she don’t think Richard Branson’s money is his,
    First Kate is too old for Leo and her legs are not long enough.

  52. 52
    sandy Says:

    Lovee Kate, but I don’t believe it. Leo wasn’t at her previous weddings.

  53. 53
    sandy Says:

    Maybe Margot one of the girls dancing for Leo and his boys.

  54. 54
    lily Says:

    there are pictures of leo on the boat,on popsugag site, enjoying his time down under with tons of differents girls ;blondes ,brunettes,,,he is for sur having a nice holiday….without margot ;))

  55. 55
    Iyt Says:

    Well, his entire body is deformed, always was.

  56. 56
    Leda Says:

    And apparently it’s not just Jonah and Jamie there with him. Kevin Connolly and Ethan Suplee are there as well…

  57. 57
    sarah Says:

    Socialite/Popsugar has more pics.
    the one here is rather pathetic. the poor girl tries to get his attention while he is probably eyeing another one on the yacht.
    Too funny…

  58. 58
    Huh Says:

    Jonah is partying like Leo.. Now dressed like Leo.. LOL

  59. 59
    Fan Says:

    I can see Lukas Haas and Vincent Laresca are also among his friends who accompanied him.

  60. 60
    Where's Margo? Says:

    I thought Margo was his new girlfriend! Jonah looks like he’s wearing Leo’s old cast off loud shorts and ballcap. What a toolio.

  61. 61
    Where's Margo? Says:


    Who’s more pathetic, the young girl or the scuzzy looking almost 40 in a backwards ballcap?

  62. 62
    Nice Says:

    Jonah has now become one of Leo’s gang for sure. And yes, all the boys seem to be reunited around Leo in Sydney. The only one missing is Tobey.

  63. 63
    Molly Says:

    He is so much hotter than Pitt stain and cleaner looking too.

  64. 64
    What's next? Says:

    @62 Because Tobey has a adorable family with whom to spend the New Year Eve. Also missing is Jamie Fox and good for him. Unlike many guys on that yacht who probably left their girlfriends and wives at home to party with young wh0res

  65. 65
    Ho Ho Ho Happy New Year! Says:

    The hoebags have arrived, and I’m not talking about the women. Old hoes Leo and his Pus sy Posse and their younger h o in training, Jonah Hill.

  66. 66
    @65 Says:


  67. 67
    Observer Says:

    From a truthful fan…. Leo do something beneficial and useful in life before it is all taken away from you. Then, regret won’t help!!

  68. 68
    Love Boat Says:

    Samantha Ronson, JC Chassez, Chace Crawford, Shawn Pyfrom, Glee and High School Musical stars……….that guest list is setting off my gaydar. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. The Loooove Boat something for everyone………….

  69. 69
    @sarah Says:

    lol. Hilarious how the poor thing begs for his attention and Leo is too polite to tell her to back off.×435.jpg
    Amazing how girls are willing to lose their dignity for an ageing modelizer.

  70. 70
    Nessa Says:

    @69: I certainly wouldn’t act like that now, but when I was that young (the girl on the boat seriously looks like 19!), I would have been all over that. It is a part of being young and naïve… That’s how Leo likes them!

  71. 71
    @70 Says:

    He might like them young, naive and in admiration with him, but boy does he look bored and remote next to her.

  72. 72
    Fat Pig Says:

    That Jonah guy looks like a disgusting fat slob.

  73. 73
    Grow up Leo Says:

    Isn’t it about time for Leo to grow up? He’s almost 40 and still acts like he’s 24.

  74. 74
    @73 Says:

    So what? It`s his life not yours. Why does he have to follow your standards? If that`s the way he wants to live his life that`s his business. People are different with different choices in life.

  75. 75
    Weirdo Says:

    Hey, first of all this is my first post. Not everyone with an opposing opinion is ME. Goodness. When I saw the post on JJ that Chace Crawford went to Australia, I was like, hmmmm I bet he is going to party with Leo. Then Leo was greeted when he arrived with Lohan’s ex-girlfriend….so yeah my gaydar is going off too.
    The blind gossip piece. I don’t believe anything that Leo’s PR feeds to that site because they gave them all the stories about Leo getting engaged. YEAH RIGHT, that was so much bull-honky. Leo isn’t banging three chicks secretly, I don’t buy it for one second.
    Hope he has fun, sounds like a blast. Still think the man is gay. Happy New Year. :)

  76. 76
    C/G Says:

    … and now they’re topless. lol
    Hi, gang. Hope that everyone had a good holiday.

  77. 77
    C/G Says:

    Well, someone has a movie to promote and he’s making himself available for the press. Not a bad strategy. He made the rounds last time in Oz, so they’re ready for him down there.
    There are a few good pictures in this link.

  78. 78
    C/G Says:

    Not sure of someone posted this on another thread, but it’s a good interview.
    It’s interesting that people are sheltering Leo from the language that’s used. As if somewhere there someone is saying, “We must protect the leading man.” Of course, Leo needs to ensure that his image isn’t tarnished, but this is a great way to test the waters to see what other directions his career can go.
    I haven’t heard a lot of squawking about Leo’s characterization – rightly so – but he’s playing a character. This isn’t Leo, it’s Calvin. What annoys me the most is that Leo is getting too much attention on this promotion. I know, I know… Leo is the bigger player, but he’s third billed. He’s not the lead, JAMIE is.
    I’m glad that we get new pictures of Leo, but I’m sure it sucks for Jamie to read and hear, “Leonardo Dicaprio’s latest film.”

  79. 79
    Blythe Says:

    Love Leo. I’ve never met him, but he seems like a genuinely nice person.

  80. 80
    Jay Says:

    That’s not Leo at all, it doesn’t even look like him, the closeusp don’t either, it’s NOT him, does NOT look like him at all, plus he’s been in NYC like just yesterday re-shooting scenes for The Gatsby, NYC is where he just walked Kate down the isle.

  81. 81
    o Says:

    @Jay….. ohhh denial….. I am 100 percent sure its him… How can someone say its not?

  82. 82
    Huh? Says:

    Last year whe he was with his mom, Tobey and kids, Leo made the boat return because was followed by the paparazzi. Today with the hookers in topless or sitting on his lap, he doesn’t mind.

  83. 83
    oy Says:

    In their 30s and dressing like a 1930s 10 year old baseball fans. Lose the knicker-length shorts and the baseball hats and dress like a men, not like you’re trying to get hit on by priests.

  84. 84
    sarah Says:

    So finally we can conclude that Leo treated his buddies with a yacht filled with escorts.

  85. 85
    C/G Says:

    Just because they’re topless doesn’t mean they are escorts. I’m sure that it’s legal for women to go topless there on beaches etc.. It is here in Canada – actually a woman can go topless anywhere a man can. Not all countries frown upon that or consider it indecent. I say that they’re models or friends of the owner of the yacht. No bog deal. Just found it funny.
    As far as Leo having no qualms about the photogs this year… it’s promotion time. Last year I wouldn’t blame him for turning the boat around if he’s with his mom and children – especially the kids. He’s on his downtime, not there to use his friend’s children for his personal gain.

  86. 86
    Jess Says:

    WEIRDO you’re the one who is GAY. Just come out already. What is your obsession with Leo. There’s no proof he’s gay. But Im starting to think you are.

  87. 87
    Jess Says:


    Exactly there are a lot of places in the world where you can go topless and is not frown upon. It doesn’t make them escorts. Gosh some people need to go out and travel and educate themselves how it is in other parts of the world.

  88. 88
    Dae Says:

    Yo WEIRDO Django Unchained was a success at the box office. Did you hear? It beat out Les MIS. LOL. You were dead wrong. LEO WINS. WEIRDO SINKS yet again.

  89. 89
    Weirdo Says:

    Oh so I can say he’s gay and you can say it’s not true because there is no proof, but then you can say you think I’m gay with no proof and that makes it true. Your logical reasoning is just dazzling.
    Keep that up, it will get you far in life.
    I think Leo is gay.
    Lots of people think he is dating someone right now and there is no proof of that either. Why aren’t you jumping on their cases?
    It seems people get pretty touchy around here when someone calls Leo gay and making accusations about the poster and demanding proof. But when tabloids publish blatant lies about him dating co-stars and his PR feeds blinds that he’s banging chicks left and right no one screams for any proof about that, they just say OH LEO.
    Stop being a bunch of hypocrites, you look pretty dumb.

  90. 90
    tinkerbell Says:

    I honestly couldnt tell the second photo was Jonah they both look so pale, doughy and douchey. I’m glad he wasnt somewhere with Miranda for crying out loud but this is gross too.It’s like dude what is with the diva act its like you are Greta freaking Garbo—you vant to be alone…dude we dont beleeeeeeeeeeeve you. Just yuck all around.

    the blind is crap he’s done with Erin not dating Miranda and who was the other?maybe chasing her or pestering for a one off, but nah.


  91. 91
    sarah Says:

    You still believe these female weren’t hired as escorts? Too bad I can not enlarge the small pic in the middle.
    And here’s another one (look how she “mounts” one of Leo’s buddies.
    Besides, I don’t know which part of Canada you are from, but I have never seen a woman naked on a yacht, a beach or in a swimming pool.
    Sometimes, we need to call a cat a cat. and a prostitute a prostitute.

  92. 92
    @sarah Says:

    It`s stupid to call a girl an escort just because she is having fun at a party. You call a cat a cat because you want it to be a cat. That`s your agenda. There is no proof, not even these photos that the girls are escorts. On the second photo you can`t even tell who the guy is or is he Leo`s friend or not. You are desperate to prove a point that you can`t possibly prove. That`s it. I`m from Europe and being topless is absolutely not a big deal, it is allowed on beaches. By the way I have seen girls acting naughtier that this here in the US on spring break. You know colleges student in Florida… Are they all escorts and prostitutes?

  93. 93
    @91 Says:

    Here is the link:),73afd0722e0fb310VgnVCM5000009ccceb0aRCRD.html

  94. 94
    @sarah Says:

    Why are you so obsessed with calling them escorts???????
    You deliberately seek out and paste so called “provocative” pictures like a sleaze merchant and then ironically call the girls wh8res.
    What is wrong with you? You must be that same pic spammer who was always trying to sl8t shame. Women on a boat in swimwear at a party does not automatically equate prostitution this does not mean we are naive, just adults who have left the house occasionally.

  95. 95
    LOL Says:

    91 &93 are the same person.
    Hello pic spammer, I guess as Erin is history you don’t need to target her with old modelling photos and cast insinuations. You can however scour the internet for nameless girls partying on a boat and slutshame them instead. Still not over the Leo dumping huh?

  96. 96
    So much LOL Says:

    Girls touching each other in public just to amuse the guys, while some naive posters still believe they’re not prostitutes? Give me a break.

  97. 97
    @96 Says:

    ‘sarah’ – you keep seeking out and posting pictures that ahem – disgust you – and then calling girls prostitutes/escorts while posting under different names; claiming everyone else who sees things differently from you is naive; simply suggests you are pathalogical.
    Happy pic spamming 2012

  98. 98
    @96 Says:

    Two girls touching each other = prostitution? That`s one twisted way of thinking, LOL! Whatever feeds your agenda! Grab a dictionary and find a new word because – as it was pointed out – naive is getting boring. Judging and name calling based on some photos makes you so much better I assume….

  99. 99
    Dae Says:


    WEIRDO Django is a success at the box office. Why wont you answer my question. How does it feel to be so wrong? I guess I should take your silence as you’re too much of a loser to admit you’re wrong. YOU failed and were wrong just like you always are.

  100. 100
    Dae Says:


    Sarah you NEED to get out more. You were never invited to spring break?This is typical behavior from girls at spring break, it doesn’t make them escorts. Being topless on a beach or a yatch is not frown upon in other countries. The pics youre posting arent proof these girls are escorts. Politicians hire escorts because they cant get any otherwise or they want to cheat on their wives and keep it hush hush.

    Leo doesn’t need to hire escorts to get some.

  101. 101
    Jess Says:


    Thank you for pointing out my illogical reasoning in calling you gay when there’s no proof. I was hoping you would do that. It shows how much of a hypocrite you are for calling Leo gay when there’s no proof. See what I did there. Your illogical reasoning is just dazzling.

  102. 102
    Weirdo Says:

    @Jess, yeah you really got me there. You’re a genius.
    Just for the record, I say I think he’s gay. It’s called an opinion.

    I have no proof to believe he is heterosexual either. Just because he is pictured with models, doesn’t make the man heterosexual.

    Keep trying. I like watching you flounder.

  103. 103
    Jess Says:


    He dates women. Geez the BS that comes out of you. I guess its my opinion that you’re gay since youre so fixated on the subject.

    The statements you make on this board are pure BS. Like saying Django Unchained was gonna fail at the box office. Its now on its way to becoming Tarantino’s most successful film financially. I see that you still haven’t commented on how wrong you were. What’s wrong? Cant admit when you have been completely wrong. Youre the biggest moron on here. Troll indeed.

  104. 104
    Jess Says:

    WEIRDO your silence speaks volumes. You haven’t mentioned Django since it came out. When all you were doing was betting on how much of a failure it would be. Wrong again. I love watching you flounder. What do you have to say now?

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