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Orlando Bloom Sprints to His Car After Shopping

Orlando Bloom Sprints to His Car After Shopping

Orlando Bloom rushes to his car in a parking lot after doing some shopping on Saturday afternoon (December 29) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor is in town spending the holidays with his wife Miranda Kerr and their son Flynn.

Earlier in the week, the happy family was spotted attending a post-Christmas party at a friend’s house looking happy as can be.

“My delicious panna cotta dish was a hit with my family this Christmas,” Miranda tweeted recently.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom running to his car…

Just Jared on Facebook
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 01
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 02
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 03
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 04
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 05
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 06
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 07
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 08
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 09
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 10
orlando bloom sprints to his car after shopping 11

Credit: Merino; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Nancy

    Orlando looks happy and handsome as always. Glad to hear that Orlando and Miranda and Flynn are all together for the holidays and that they are not splitting up. Those rumours have been debunked by his mom and Miranda. I love seeing pics of the happy family. Flynn looks so much like Orlando. I saw the good doctor and thought that Orlando did a really great job. He sure played the role well. Am excited for Zulu and Cities and other projects he will be doing.

  • Jess

    Orlando seems like a good man. A shame he’s got such an attention seeking wife.

  • Erica

    Look those legs! OMG! Perfect!!

  • Valista

    @Nancy: See that copying old comments is your new trend…

  • Nancy

    @Valista I am not trying to start anything here. I am just saying he is a good looking actor and I enjoy his movies. What do you want me to say? I am not going to apologize to you for stating that I am an Orlando and a Miranda fan.

  • Valista

    @Nancy: Absolutely no need to apologize for that opinion; I just don’t see the point in copying a comment instead of writing a new, original one.

  • LOL

    As if Miranda ate any of that panna cotta herself!

  • Nancy

    How tall is Orlando?


    oh go back to england.

  • boo!

    His legs are hot!

  • WOW

    @Valista: Who died and left you the moderator to tell her or anyone else what to say or how to respond. Get a life.

  • Valista

    @WOW: I was just expressing my own, uncopied opinion. No need to get rude.

    Orlando’s looking good, let’s hope it’s not just a smokescreen.

  • Nancy

    You can see he definitely works out. Love his legs and you can see how toned he is in his upper body. He looks more handsome all the time.

  • Tracy

    He needs a bath!

  • @Jess….#2

    You just can’t leave Miranda alone can you?

    Do you really think your petty little comments are going to have ANY effect on her life what so ever???

    Orlando doesn’t give a damn what you think about his wife….lol.

    You’re just envious that he LOVES her so much and as he told Ellen,
    “I have to pinch myself everyday that she’s my wife”

    That’s why everytime there’s an article about her your the first to post nasty, spiteful comments about her….”she loves herself” “calls the paps”

    All lies as you very well know as she’s just working doing her job, just like any other model, actress or singer. The paps follow her because they know all the gossip sites will pay for her pics, the same as they do for other popular celebrities.

    You can’t stand the fact that not only is she beautiful, a supermodel, hugely successful & has a fun & warm personality. But what REALLY upsets you the most is she’s happily married to Orlando & they have gorgeous Flynn.

    There is no other reason to be so vindictive about her other than pure green eyed jealousy……sad but true!

  • @jess

    I thought that you didn’t like Miranda and were sick of her.
    Why did you bring her up at all?
    You are just baiting her fans to make sure they post, aren’t you. That way you can complain about her “crazy” fans who won’t let you haters lie.
    Well sweetums, you can’t complain about her fans “ruining” a thread, when you are the one who threw the first stone.
    Well, no one logical would complain, but I guess that rules you haters out.

  • Tam

    Oh sweet heavens.
    Just look at those legs!!!!
    *is ded*

  • @8

    Just shy of 5’11″

  • sara

    So hot!
    You can tell by those quads that he bikes a lot.

  • HUH?

    Someone gave a thumbs down to his height?

  • HUH?

    Forgot to post what I was going to say before I got ditracted by juvenile antics…
    He’s so HOTTTTTTTT!!!
    Just kidding. But the man is certainly looking good!
    Those thigh muscles are killing me.

  • Jess

    @@Jess….#2: “Do you really think your petty little comments are going to have ANY effect on her life what so ever” — If you believe this, then why did you write 7-10 comments yourself? Hypocrite.

  • Joke of the year

    @@Jess….#2: I work for Edelman, and while Miranda Kerr and her team aren’t signed with us, I can say that everyone here in Lala-land knows that Miranda Kerr treats her marriage to Orlando Bloom like a PR deal. You’d be surprised how many marriages are like that.

  • @Jess….#22

    Just because YOU post over & over again under different names doesn’t mean normal people do.

    This is only my second post on this page. Remember Miranda has many fans unlike you stalkers we don’t have multiple user accounts to sensor the comments because we are sane, rational people.

    We all know who the hypocrite is, that’s YOU.

    You must feel so proud of yourself red arrowing any positive comments about her, wow what an achievement.

    You should give yourself a medal for “most jealous person of Miranda Kerr”……

  • @23

    Suuuuuuure you do.
    And I bet that the person sitting next to you in the ‘activities’ room is the King of England.
    Isn’t it just amazing how many *cough*’industry professionals post as haters on JJ?

  • rooooll

    @Joke of the Year
    Ooooh, if you, anon person, say that their marriage is a PR deal, there’s no choice but to believe it and spread rumours that can be potentially harmful for their son.

  • Sara

    He will one day be my!:)

  • @jess….22

    That was my first post on this thread. But keep on believing that if if makes you feel better.
    But you see, the big difference here is that you haters post because you are obsessed with her. You follow her every move more closely than any fan.
    You start the ball rolling by posting lies in a public forum. We are simply responding to you.
    One more time………. Stop spreading lies and filth, we stop responding.
    Why is that logic beyond you?

  • @20

    Of course! How dare he be 5’11″!
    In fact, I don’t know why he isn’t in prison!

  • @jess

    I guess that I have become so sick of your constant hypocrisy that I just skimmed your response.
    I’m actually #16.
    But you still didn’t answer MY question. Why did you bring her up??
    If you are so sick of her, why did you bring her into yet another thread that doesn’t belong to her????

  • Hmm

    X17 just posted a video that proves that the paps followed Miranda from her meeting to the grocery store. One of the laps even filmed her on the road from his car.
    The video shows a dozen or so paps pushing and shoving to get a picture. It shows exactly why she needed help to even get to her car.
    So you haters keep trying to pretend that she has to call them. We will keep laughing at you.

  • 1009

    You are totally boring with coments!

  • @23

    I believe that some celebrity marriages are businesses, but not in the conspiranoid way the Orlando/Miranda haters see it.
    Many celeb marriages are a brand, but I see nothing wrong with it as they don’t sell their intimate marriage details, but their image as a couple.
    Beyonce and hubby perform together, drawing more attention.
    The Beckhams have done fashion campaigns together, getting extra profit.
    Brad Pitt uses his denial to get married in the honourable way of supporting gay marriage, etc.
    Again, nothing wrong with it at all, all celebrities sell their image and it’s actually intelligent for celeb married couples to team up to join forces.
    I just don’t think this is Orlando/Miranda’s case. I think they rarely/never work together, and I don’t think they are a brand like other couples.

  • Erica

    Please! let’s talk about Orlando?

  • Queen Britney

    How many of these 34 comments are actually about Orlando? Like 3 of them? That’s sick…

  • @35

    That’s the hater’s MO.
    Their lives revolve around Miranda, so if they can’t talk about her 24/7 they go into withdrawals.
    That’s why that even though their pathetic little hater site is called ‘Orlando Bloom Discussion’, 99% of their THOUSANDS of posts (all by about four people) are all about Miranda.
    That’s how obsessed they are. pathetic.