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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Club 33 Dinner with Sarah Hyland!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Club 33 Dinner with Sarah Hyland!

Vanessa Hudgens poses in front of Club 33 with her boyfriend Austin Butler at Disneyland on Friday (December 28) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress and the 21-year-old actor were joined for dinner by Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend Matt Prokop.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Sarah posted the picture on her Instagram and said, “Dinner tonight… Amazing. Thank you for the invitation @Disneyland ! My favorite place to eat 😍 with some of my favorite people 😄 @mattpro13 @vanessahudgens and Austin haha.”

Matt also posted a pic with Sarah with the caption, “Riding on the Lilly Belle! #dland.” Check out the picture below!

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vanessa hudgens club 33 dinner with sarah hyland 01
vanessa hudgens club 33 dinner with sarah hyland 02

Photos: Instagram
Posted to: Austin Butler, Matt Prokop, Sarah Hyland, Vanessa Hudgens

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# 1

so cute

# 2

love them!

# 3

Vanessa looks adorable, lol at JJ posting just 2 instagram pics!

# 4

Vanessa and Sarah are so cute together!

# 5

i love how she is still friend with all her costars! hello rocketman!

# 6

Austin and V are cute, Sarah and Matt too! couple dates <3

# 7

LMAO he was so cute in HSM3

# 8

VANESSAAAAAAAAAAAAA! why so flawless bb??

# 9

too much cuttnes in one picture! glad they all are friends.

Vanessa looking gorgeous as usual! i still don’t understand how she manages to look always so adorable.

she is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuttnes overload! lol

************ Cuteness lol

they all look cute here, is adorable how they double date. and this is not the first time.

lol the pictures are from Sarah and Mat ´instagram.

i’m waiting for the Spring Breakers trailer..

abbimorgan @ 12/29/2012 at 2:30 pm

hell yeah…. vanessa and sarah = coolest girls in town

i still want your hair, eyes, body and boyfriend Vanessa!!!! you stunning guuuuuuuuuuuurl!

wonder where is she going to spend New Years Eve this year.. mmmhmm… she is adorable

LOL Rocket Man, i cant…. lololololol his relationship with Sarah is so cute.

baby v111 gorgeous

love you vanessa

adorable adorable adorable

@x: lol same not just for her but for the overall cast as well as harmony as i have watched his previous movies. i thought that muse prod. said they will release it in december…-__-

maybe with her boyfriend or her friends… i dont know hahaha

Vanessa has light eyes??

she is so pretty……………….. IT HURTS!!!!

@Pearl: She is never hurt.


she looks adorable

V, Sarah, Matt and Austin, how cute ??!!??!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Haters Suck! @ 12/29/2012 at 3:06 pm

SMH. You are truly pathetic. I don’t know what else to say to you.

love you Vanessa! they are so cute!

she is so gorgeous!! a NATURAL beauty!!

so cuteeee! gorgeous Vanessa!

and Sarah too!! love them!




love to see her with her friends!!!

i guess V would be the Nº 1 celeb next year… less than 30 minutes and there’s already 50+ comments!

Adorbs…all of them.

Here comes @A with her useless spamming. Newsflash….no one cares about Ashley or Zac here…lmao.

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she is so precious!

@A: lol do u have nothing else to do? you may hate vanessa and wished that zac went with ashley, but he didn’t. he was with vanessa. and 5 years is a long time for it to be just publicity. u posting pictures isn’t gonna change the fact that both vanessa AND ashley have boyfriends and zac remains single.

aren’t they gorgeous? lol at this girl trying to pump assley here… so pathetic.

my baby!!! she is so gorgoeus!

i love her friendship with Sarah <33

she is really pretty

wow she always has so much comments!

it looks like just Vanessa and Zac are relevants after HSM! good for them!

gorgeous Vanessa! she is so cute! no wonder why everyone loves her! gorgeous inside and outside!

and im waiting the SB trailer too! haha

Love how in this one she’s pulling away and then he pulls her in again.

they are cute! TY JJ

@A: i dont get it. both ashley and zac have NOTHING to do with this post. why are you spamming nonsense?

ON TOP V??!! haha she is adorable!

love her so much! she is gorgeous!

and Sarah is too cute too!!!!

@A: ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS WITH ALL THOSE PICTURES ? You’re so a waste of time and space. Very sad.

i think she is trying to make her relevant lol she is a psycho. Maybe she is trying to make Jared to post her pictures here.

aww so cute

@Fan Here:
lol but Jared would never post about her here.. i mean.. she is sooo JJJr! lol her daily gym pictures aer there..

woooaa! almomst 100 comments! YAY i love this!! she is like the best! we al love you Van

@Fan Here:
her team are trying to make her happen.. i read on tumblr that Ashley herself is running that tumblr to post her own rares pictures She need press because the SM5 script was leaked.. and its pretty bad! lol

btw u guys do know that walt disney was a free mason? the 33rd degree masons are so top in power that people do not know it. club 33 is where he used to have meals with his fellow brothers. research it

lmao, idk, but I believe that. I’m sure she would pay people to pump her image. its so sad!

i still remember when everyone thought that Ashley would be the most relevant from the HSM cast, and she hasn’t done anything since 2008. and now her only fan is trying to make her relevant using another star.. i mean, she is using Zac to trying to gain attention, if is not Zac, is Selena or Vanessa, but even HER OWN FAN would never post pictures of her alone, because she is not relevant. lol

@zeffan: Is Ashley still being repped by Gina? I heard the Ash Rares Tumblr is either the work of Ashley herself or someone working with her. Way to exploit all of your friends to promote yourself. lol.#that’s what desperate girls do.

i believe that too.. that tumblr has contacts with her team, so yup, pretty much Ashley is once again promoting herself using (mostly Zac and Vanessa) to be relevant again.

are you guys serious! lmao thats so pathetic!

theres a video, and it would leak one week before the Scary Movie premere / press tour. thats how she always work. it wouldnt surprise me if this A girl is Ashley herself / her team, i mean, Ashley uses tumbrl, and this girl is posting pics from tumbrle.. probablly using the zashley tag… pathetic much?

my baby is so gorgeous, love you Vanessa!

yes, Gina isnt a publicist anymore, but she is still a part of Ashley´s team… it is hard for her since Zac fired her. lol

I’m not Ashley, but that’s the most complimentary conspiracy theory you guys have come up with yet. Ashley doesn’t have a tumblr.

Talking about this leaked video?

:) She’s so adorable.

And Ashley has twice as many fans as Vanessa. Check facebook. Ashley has MILLIONS of fans, not just one. And she’s by far, by far, more relevant than Vanessa. Jared has an obsession with Vanessa, it’s whatever, he posts about her so much on here it’s shameless. Perez adores Ashley, and even he doesn’t go that overboard.

Anyway, going back to spamming you guys now as it’s clearly ticking you off. :)

so cute! I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they are a part of Ashley´s PR team, why do you think they are not posting pics with Selena / Vanessa? because Sel and V (they both have the same team too) are pretty private about everything and are tracking everyone who stole their pictures (thats why V has an instagram now, and Selena postcard). They would probably post old pics with V… I already told you, they are so pathetic, maybe A is Ashley, she is as inmature like Ash herself! lol

i know who you are! lol i bet you know who i am talking about!

it’s pretty obvious… Gina is trying this time!

Haters Suck! @ 12/29/2012 at 3:47 pm

It’s not ticking anyone off it’s just showing everyone how pathetic and crazy u are.

HEY she got her Maxim, maybe because OK magazine didn’t want her again? lol

lmao i still remember how she was so proud to be the cover of the popular magazine OK! lmao!!

ikr!!?? she was the only person to cover that magazine with an exclusive interview! tonight there would be new leaked pictures…

BTW Ashley has a private instagram and she has a tumblr.

i seriously can’t believe it! is she so desperate to do that?

@zeffan Nooooooo. She does not have a tumblr. A while back she tweeted telling everyone she didn’t have a tumblr and to stop following the imposter account who stole photos from her.

@Fan Here:
of course! i mean, she is ashley tisdale, Disney wanted her to be the star! but everyone loved more Zac and Vanessa, and even after HSM everyone still love more Vanessa and Zac, why do you think she hasnt done anything relevant – even on TV- since 2008?? and now is trying to promote herself. just look how desesperate look her fan here. hahaha

@zeffan: I’ve always wondered if “A” isn’t Ashley herself…lol. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Absolutely pathetic.

@Fan Here:
and it looks like she doesnt trust on Ashley´s talent, because she needs to make her relevant using someone else. This time is Zac… the next one could be Selena or Justin -wait she already used them on the CMM video- l ol probably Vanessa…

@zeffan sorry, but what’s a bigger number? 12 million or 6 million? Can you do that math? Is it too hard for you? Because Ashley has 12 million fans and Vanessa only 6 million. Ashley has more fans. Ashley is more relevant. Zac and Ashley are the two breakout stars from HSM. Vanessa is a famewh0ring nobody who will be forever forgotten in a decade or less. So have fun with her while you still can!!!! xoxo.

Btw dear, you showed up late in the last post and now you’re posting regularly. Who could you be? Maria? Chelles? Maria? Tina? Maria? BoHji? Probably Maria?

@zeffan sorry, but what’s a bigger number? 12 million or 6 million? Can you do that math? Is it too hard for you? Because Ashley has 12 million fans and Vanessa only 6 million. Ashley has more fans. Ashley is more relevant. Zac and Ashley are the two breakout stars from HSM. Vanessa is a famewh0ring nobody who will be forever forgotten in a decade or less. So have fun with her while you still can!!!! xoxo.

Btw dear, you showed up late in the last post and now you’re posting regularly. Who could you be? Maria? Chelles? Maria? Tina? Maria? BoHji? Probably Maria?

i know! just look how pathetic and desperate she is… just like Ashley on instagram and twitter… and she always is using someone.. lol poor Zac he is really a good person, and Ashley is always using him.

i think she wants to promote Ashley here, because Jared never post about her on the main site – she belongs to JJJr, and its funny because jared admited himself he had to create the Jr site because of Zac and Vanessa, and now they are here, on the main site- and she probably doesnt understand how Ashley is not one of the most popular people here… because she has more fans that Zac and Vanessa, maybe she want us to post comments on ashley´s threads here! hahaha A/Ashley is so pathetic! just look at her posting pictures here! hahaha

@DEI what is natural beauty ? caking up your face and wearing extentions because you don’t feel comfortable in her own skin is natural beauty is it?

@hollaEH how do you know she’s beautiful inside and out both ? Especially inside? Are you Pudge herself or do you know her personally or hang out with her? I hear she and her family who are jobless, come to her threads to pimp Pudge to the #1 spot in JJ and to get the amount of comments higher. And Pudge is apparently the one thumbing down the negative comments. She has no work lined up so this might be true.

Gosh, love all these reminders of what a cheating, classless, arrogant chick Ashley is!! Just classic! ROTFLMAO. Funny, the non-breakout star has 3 movies coming out next year, went to film festivals for one that is sure to be big, and whose last movie made over $340 million. The real breakout star is toiling over crappy TV shows and trying to stay relevant by posting pics of her butt. Think Vanessa is doing just fine.

OFC they are, i’ve never seen any V fan or Zac fan trying to promote both of them on other people post! because we all know they dont need it! they both actually have careers.

And please stop with the desperate FB claims. Not everyone does FB, dearie. It is not a valid argument.

you are intric8 / night something, right? because i’ve never read on any post another someone asking questions about other people comments.. just him aka you! lol… maybe everyone here is right and you just change your name. you are so sad man.

Who’s last movie made big because it was a adventure movie. Even if Pudge wasn’t in it it would have grossed 350 mil anyway. lets make a bet Pudge is going to win a oscar for her amazing performence in Springbreakers. Maria are you up for it? no? And the other 2 movies oh well it might not even hit theaters with the way the films keep getting delayed

Well new post with over 100 comments. The way her old costars hang out with her speaks to her character. I guess they feel safe that she won’t use their pictures to pump herself up.

How much was the box office for what’s her face’s last movie? Sharpay’s something or the other? Oh, that righ, it went straight to DVD.

sb that’s right, lol

Gina Hoffman is no longer a publicist. Zac Efron is now repped by a company (Viewpoint)set up by two of Gina Hoffmans former colleagues. His publicist is Melissa Kates who worked with Gina Hoffman at PMK. Gina Hoffman moved to BWPR at the same time Melissa Kates left PMK,and set up her own company with another former employee of PMK. Gina Hoffman has recently moved back to PMK and is now VP of Talent and is not a publcist hence the reason Zac Efron has a new publicst and Ashley is repped by the company but not Gina.

Two/thirds of the “tiny girl trio”

@pixieee: J2 was a “blockbuster” worldwide. Doesn’t matter how big her role was. She was in it, and ergo, more exposure. She hasn’t done anything Oscar-worthy yet, nor has the ex. The other Breakout Star does TV. Nothing noteworthy there. At least Vanessa is working at it, challenging herself, and staying true to who she is. That’s all we can ask of someone working her way into adult roles. It doesn’t happen overnight. I think she’s in a good place, poised to have a good year.

florence2 @ 12/29/2012 at 5:33 pm

Pity Zac did’nt fire Gina while he was still with Vanessa instead of letting her butt into his private life and relationship who knows maybe things would be different between him and Vanessa.

lasquared @ 12/29/2012 at 5:57 pm

…wait…can someone explain to me how zac’s publicist might have been the cause of zac and vanessa’s break up?? just a bit confused here…

@lasquared: she thought that vanessa was stopping zac from getting adult roles and being received by that audience so many think that she made him break up with her just so zac could leave the hsm franchise behind and start fresh. turns out vanessa would have done a lot of risky roles anyway so he couldve stayed with her…

@A i cannot believe you count twitter followers as an argument for ashley being better and bigger than vanessa. im a fan of vanessa, but i dont have twitter, therefore i cannot follow her. if companies included twitter followers on your resume, then why isn’t ashley bigger than vanessa?

lasquared @ 12/29/2012 at 6:41 pm


but that’s so stupid, Sucker Punch was a pretty risque role and Rent is by no means a “kid friendly” musical and they were still dating at the time when she did both of that.

If @A shouldn’t use the amount of twitter followers to make Ashley the more popular star , then you people shouldn’t use the amount of comments Vanessa gets in here to make her look like the bigger star either.

I think both of them are at the same level in the popularity scale. If in any way Vanessa would be a bit more famous, then its Only and only because she was dating Zac. Other than that both Ashley and Vanessa haven’t done anything worthwhile in any way. The only person seem to be going somewhere or holding on there own seems to be Zac and Zac only.

@W: She can take her opinions to whatsherface’s post and you can take yours to the ex’s. Don’t care about either of them.

what’s the point of being in a blockbuster worldwide , if you get only 5minutes screen time in it and if people don’t know that you are in it .most people don’t know that hudge was in it or Sucker Punch .just go read comments on other sites .for example , J2 was shown here – 3D . my friends went to watch it , we rarely get 3D films here .recently we started talking about it and i asked how hudge was in it , they were like who ? vanessa hudgens was in it ? was there a gal in it ? i hit my head on the wall.

oh wish her happiness and success this 2013…love you V.

If you guys want to see who’s the bigger star out the three of them just see their imdb pages…..

@kate: We are Vanessa’s fans. This is why we are here on her thread. I don’t give a care about the other two. It’s their fans who feel the need to bring them here.

@BO: I’ve seen the movie and she is in most of the scenes. If your friends didn’t see her, the were watching the wrong movie.

Wow!!! 158 comments already on this Vanessa thread. She is the most popular girl on JJ.

@Emma: No one here was speaking about it.

actually they were talking about the right movie , and she doesn’t have much screen time .most importantly ,most people don’t know that the gal in it is hudge .lol just a flippant forgettable 5 min role.

@tina: I agree, tina. Those people were idiots if they didn’t “see” Vanessa. She was beautiful in it, and fit the role perfectly. Not to mention she was the only female. Very nice family movie! You certainly see her act more than Efron in Lorax.

@tina: I’m sorry. I asked because i was curious. Are they on date? She knows that the date is with other person.

@Emma: No. They are not dating now.
They are just friends and in fact, she has a new boy friend now

I love that she still hangs out with Matt and Sarah. They seem like really good friends and I’m kind of jealous they got to go to Disneyland.

Its hard to believe you pdgekin loosiers hang around on old posts just to make sure comments are buried. So pathic, man

@W: Hats off for being honest. Good luck around here.

Haters Suck! @ 12/29/2012 at 11:39 pm

Yeah cause being a hateful little bigot like you isn’t pathetic at all. Whatever.

zac didn’t act at all in lorax.he just voiced it like what hudge is gonna do in that anime she signed on to- if that’s ever gonna happen that is

lol but this is a Vanessa Hudgens post, i think Zac and Ashley fans are the ones hating… you know, A is crazy about Ashley, Bo (and all her others accounts/names) is crazy about Zac and Zanessa, and Intric8/Nigthwish/pixieee/ and his other names is obssesed with Vanessa and her fans… we are here supporting Vanessa, we dont talk about others actors, just when the haters aka A, BO, and the other guy came here to hate on Vanessa, BUT THEY ARE THE ONES talking about Ashley and Zac. We dont care about the most famous, we just care about Vanessa and the ones she loves.

as usual u haven’t grasped the full meaning of it.they ‘saw’ her ,of course.but her character in the film is relatively narrow .also they didn’t knw it was their once idol’s just an easily 4gettable role unlike what zac plays and even ashley

@BO: How could your friends not know Vanessa was in J2 when she was in the trailer & she was on the movie poster? She was also in most of the movie. I can say the same thing about SP. Also, Vanessa did most of the press for SP anyway so if your friends didn’t know she was in either of those movies then they must not be that bright. Sounds to me like you’re trying to make her success seem like it’s nothing special.

exactly , they didn’t know the gal in the trailer or that little pic of the girl in the poster jumping over a rock is vhude . and we were vhudge die hards at a time .that should tell you something .and i’m afraid not most people are aware of the publicity campaingns or whatever .
and most poeple except her fans aren’t aware that she was in SP either .she died halfway , so didn’t have screen time others did either .in J2 also the same .her fans would know , fo course hat she’s in it .
and now my friends aren’t bright ’cause they didn’t know that hudge pudge was in a certain mvoie ? ha ? what do you think she is ? Zac Efron ? ’cause eventhough they weren’t die hard zefron fans , they know waht sort of movies he is in , eventhough his movies were never once shown here .and you can’t blame people for not knowing that she’s in them – your own people don’t know she’s in them, just go read comments in other sites -it’s only her to blame for she never plays any memorable ,lead role in films .so people forgets that she was in the film after couple of months .there you go !

@maria Whenever you start showing your true colors, you always turn into a bratty bitter teenager. Fangirling at your age is just so pathetic to begin with, but how petty and whiny you get is just laughable. I could be your daughter you know, actually my mom is in her 30′s so I could probably be your granddaughter and here you are attacking me.

And this is a reminder that Ashley cheats? Uhm, that’s only true if you admit that Zac and Ashley did have something going on. So which is it? Can’t be both.

Oh and Ashley has FIVE movies coming out next year, on top of her television serieS, her production company’s many projects, and working on a third album.

@samsam uhm, Vanessa doesn’t use her twitter. I didn’t say twitter I said facebook. And considering that Ashley and Vanessa in general should have the same agegroup of fans that makes their fans all equally likely to have facebook, therefore it is a fair assessment. It would be one thing if Ashley had a few thousand followers over Vanessa. But six million more? That definitely says something.

Hudgekins logic: “Wow!!! 158 comments already on this Vanessa thread. She is the most popular girl on JJ.”

“Facebook fans means nothing. Just because Ashley has more fans on facebook doesn’t mean she has more fans.”

Sound logic… (That’s sarcasm.)

BTW it should be mentioned that I spammed you guys with a ton of comments. Most of Vanessa’s comments you think make her so “popular” are due to the haters, and therefore aren’t positive comments.. lol.

@A: You could say the same thing about Ashley’s posts. On the off chance where she actually gets more than 3 or 4 comments, they are hardly positive. If you’re so desperate for everyone to think Ashley is so much more popular wouldn’t it make more sense for you to spam her posts instead of leaving hundreds of comments in Vanessa’s and increasing her popularity when she doesn’t even need it?

@Xo Nope! :) I don’t even like going to Ashley’s posts on JJ. Because HudgePudge lovers/haters of Ashley and all that is goodness (like you!!) take over her posts here. I come here because I don’t like you guys. I come here to spam you guys, not to promote Ashley like you think. Ashley doesn’t need me to “pimp her” as you say. She’s already got twice as many fans as Vanessa! So I don’t mind at all coming here and filling up her posts with Ashley love and Vanessa slander. If you feel it makes Vanessa more popular, more power to you. I don’t care.

Nightwish @ 12/30/2012 at 3:27 am

Go Sarah!

@A: euwww b!tchh go away euww

@pika: @lasquared:

not true. gina or anyone but zac has nothing to do with the break up. he was a major jerk to vanessa. sure, he really loved her but idk how someone could treat their significant other like a maid. she loves him so it was all ok for her. she’s a loyal girl yk. he didn’t appreciate her and is always jealous of her co-stars. && what does he do? he flirts with his co-stars & visits strip clubs. he didn’t cheat though so i guess that’s good.
it’s sad coz they couldve lasted forever. they tried to get back together after the break-up (remember january 2011?) but he didn’t even put much effort. and then he went home with that teresa palmer girl. major **** move.
so yeah…gina’s got nothing to do with the break-up.

@Siobhan: How does one know that he has not made an effort?
None of us knows what has happened to them.
I guess you were wrong. He went all the way down to North Carolina to see her, even giving up attending a film festival which he was supposed to attend
He wanted her back but she didn’t.
If he didn’t want her back like you said, why did he bother to go to North Carolina in the first place?

Pudgens wanted to ride other dicks and dumped Efron.

@A: Oh, so if I respond to your trash, I’m a petty, whiny teenager. Hypocritical much? You constantly seem to forget YOU are in the wrong place. We have every right to put you in your place. I was through trying to be nice to you many threads ago when you mocked me for apologizing to you. The classless b*tch you are sure came through, and frankly, it doesn’t matter how old you or I are. It makes no difference. You are old enough and bright enough to know you are not wanted here, yet you persist with your obnoxious, petulant, desperate posts. Just because people don’t like Ashley, outside of her FB and Twitter kingdom. Get over it, Sarah. You can’t make us like her, and actually, your posts make me dislike her more. And yes, those pics show her being a cheating, famewh*ring b*tch to HER BOYFRIEND WATCHING HER. Hands down, that is the most disgusting behavior ever if you have a BF. So pardon me if I NEVER agree with you on her being classy.

Zac treated Vanessa like she’s ” his GF” .He treated her like she’s ”his partner”
.Austin treats Vanessa like she’s his ”master” and he’s her ”slave” .There was
nothing Zac could gain via her .He was already successful – financially ,
famewise , careerwise – more successful than her .It’s a different case for
Austin .Without her , he’s nothing .No money , no fame , no career , no luxuries
nothing . Austin has to be overly careful , she doesn’t put him in the drain .Zac
never cared to elaborate his affection for her in the open .Never kisssed her ,
hugged her , groped her etc etc ,does that mean he didn’t do them ? or he
illtreated her ? absolutely not ..

usually , the guys who elborate their love to his GF and shows too much affection to her in public aren’t quite so in private .The guys who treat his GF casually , not too tenderly and not too sternly , are the guys who actually care for her and love her truly. If Austin treats hdge pudge always ,the way he does in public , then good for her .But that’s a bit over the top .

yes , he did appreciate her . he even praised and talked highly of her ghaslty ”Rent” performance which the critics and the audience equally panned . it may be that your warped mind ovelooked them .

he visited the strip club , ON HER PERMISSION . if she hadn’t liked it , he wouldn’t have gone .but she wanted him to ”go and have fun” . so he did what his GF told him .doesn’t that it self prove , how much she TRUSTED her bf !

excuse me , but what’s this ”jealous of her co-stars ” thing ? never herad of one . and hudge hasn’t worked with anyone who’s worth enough for Zac to be jealous of . hutcherson may have starred in a blockbuster , but he is nothing copmared to zac everywhich way .

if it’s ok for hudge to kick him away and ride josh’s d.ick , why not zac go away witha girl ?lol

My gut feeling says pudgekin is controlling, needy and clingy with her guys. Maybe even manipulative. Austin needs to break up with her so he can experience life. Dump pudgie, Austin! Do it!

Hardest part for Austin is dealing with Pudgekins mom. She’s an immigrant, and they have a mentality that can be quite challenging. I bet Gina tries to make Austin feel like Pudge is so much better than he is. Maybe that is exactly what Zac got sick of. The dude skidaddled because he couldn’t take it anymore. lol

i don’t think austin will dump hudge anytime soon .she’s a fountain of fortune for him , you know , for someone in his standards . c’on , no one had even herad of him before he started dating her and started apparing on a daily basis on jj and jjr…

@BO: Yeah, all this exposure on JJ is gonna launch his career into the stratosphere. He’ll owe it all to jared.

i don’t think his career is gonna go anywhere due to this exposure but at least he gets to be on gossip

.i don’t think his career is gonna go anywhere due to this exposure but at least he gets to be on gossip

Gina – So Austins, how is your career goings on?
Austin – Great. Im doing this, have that coming up, blah blah
Gina – Is that all? Do you know, my daughter, she is (this and that bragging, blah blah, etc etc)
DUmp her dude!

abbimorgan @ 12/30/2012 at 8:45 am

@Nightwish: go f*ck yourself and talk like that about taylor swift vanessa has nothing to do with what are you saying you pathetic

@abbimorgan: I’m still listening? You were saying?…

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 9:09 am

What the f**k is wrong with you. Do you just enjoy being evil? So what if Vanessa mom us an immigrant which I’m not entirely sure is the truth, what difference does that make? You are truly rotten to the core.

Gina is immigrant all alright. I bet she hooked up with Greg so they would get married and she could get free visa to U.S.A

@Haters Suck!: Don’t have a cow. Immigrant mothers can be extremely competitive. I’m speculating how Pudgies mom may be working on her boyfriends.

Your “gut tells you.” lol, just pathetic. You don’t have anything to go on to what goes on in your twisted mind. Sorry to take away your illusions bo, but they did an interview together once, where the interviewer asked was Zac the perfect bf. He said something like I try to be. She rolled her eyes said, right, then looked off. This was about a year or two before the break up. For her to that on a televised interview was telling. That was when I started picking up on little things he did and said.
@maria, sarah has said horrible things about Vanessa and her fans horrible. She has by her own words made her idol into a desperate slu t. She keeps bringing up the pictures but her girl has had more men actually seeing her naked in this year alone than most women have in a life time. Then, when someone calls her on her bs she’s “a young girl” lol

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 9:27 am

You and people of your ilk are really sick man. Everytime I think you can’t possibly fall any lower or be any nastier you surprise me.

@Haters Suck!: Please, spare me your short-sighted, hudgens-obsessed version of your morality dude.

@Nightwish: You really are vile with your off-hand racist remarks. My immigrant mother was nothing but the best. Nurtuing, loving, non-spoiling, and supportive. Never interfering in my relationships in any way. She would put most native US mothers to shame. That was a disgusting remark, even for you.

@tina my comment wasn’t negatve towards vanessa.. i think you misunderstood…she’s on the top 500 along with Zac…What i meant to say is that out of the HSM cast she and zac are the biggest stars…. In fact 1 or 2 weeks ago she’s was on the top 33 i think….

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 9:47 am

What do you get out of being a jackass? Seriously?

@tina: Could not agree more. I noticed all those things too. Definitely things that raised red flags for me. He just wanted to appear to be a perfect BF and appeal to females deceitfully. I said this for years and will say it again. A good BF would never have done and said the things he did. Not one who truly loves and respects his woman. I thought he was a slime, but Vanessa loved him. So we had to tolerate him. No longer. BOzo comes from a country where women are lowly creatures and raped on buses. Of course she thinks Efron was perfect, cause by those standards, he would be a saint. But we have higher standards than money, fame, net worth, etc. for our men. All the money in the world does not make a slimeball ok.

@tina: Oh, and I love how someone with ZERO experience with men thinks she knows what men are like privately. That is rich.

@tina do you have a link to that video where Vanessa is rolling her eyes. I have pretty much seen every video of them out there but never saw anything like that. If you are going to claim things like that give us the link so we can see it ourselves. You must remember the video right. give us the link

@Haters Suck!: What’s the problem here? I mean really Hatersuck and others, what the f.uck is Vanessa to you anyways? Maria, you think you’re the only one with an immigrant mother around here, Maria? Did i even SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE about the fact that Vans mom is an immigrant? Certain people with certain experiences often behave in certain ways. I am wondering what the relationship is like between blond haired blue eyed austin and pudgies mom, and the possible challenges associated with that.

@kate: Ok so what you’re saying is Vanessa is doing fine in her career, just as we have been saying over and over. Sorry I didn’t understand what you were trying to say. I just get sick of the comparisons.
Isn’t the USA the only country that was founded by immigrants? Which means everyone (who’s not a pure Native American) are descendants of immigrants? Small man, small mind.

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 10:13 am

I live Vanessa. I like supporting her that’s why I came to this site to support her not fight with the likes of you. I don’t like to fight but people like you and bo and a leave no othe option. Why do you enjoy being hateful? Again what do u get out of being a jackass?

@liz: I remember the interview and her saying “right” because that was when I started picking up on things. The interviewer was fawning all over him, which made what Vanessa said more obvious. It was on E. Sorry that’s all I can tell you.

Oh well then Efron was obviously not a good boyfriend. Yet she was with him for 5 years. Clearly she dumped him to ride other dicks. So this means Pudgens was either in love with him or either she was with him for fame. She’s still best knows as the girl who dated Zac Efron. So I bet that is why she stayed with him. Atleast the dude kept her classy which she seems to have lost since the big break up

Another “tool ” for the toolbox.

@Nightwish: The issue is, you cross the line of civility with your racist remarks. Now that you know you offended, now you’re back-peddling. Yes, you said nasty things about what immigrant mothers are like. Same difference. You belittled Gina, and all immigrant mothers in the process. THAT is vile. Gina did nothing more than what other show biz moms, like Tizz’s mom or Starla Efron, do to support their children. And if she does have standards, good for her. Word to the wise. Certain subjects are taboo, and tasteless to discuss. In the hope that we can remain civil, you should not cross those lines.

Tina what was the year this interview was and for what program was this for? What kind of a interview was it? Promoting or a premiere or what? You must remember what the interview was for?

She had to “dump” him because she’s the bad person? It couldn’t be that she grew up and decided not to put up with his shi t? What you “think” is great at 17 is a long way from what you “know”at 22. Now he doesn’t have to ask her permission to go to strip clubs(which was a crock of bull anyway). If he asked her (which I doubt ) it was like adding insult to injury. He had to say something to make it seem as if he wasn’t a sleaze and as always he ” used” his relationship.

@O’TOOLE: She was clearly in love with him, but young and inexperienced in what to tolerate from the man you love. It was complicated by being in a highly-visible business, where everyone adored them together. Lots of pressure to appear perfect. But as all young women do, she grew up and realized a good man doesn’t run to the car to protect his own butt first, doesn’t tell an interviewer that being with her “served” him for the moment, doesn’t gush about practicing love scenes with other women, doesn’t roll around with a naked woman in the mud to pretend he’s a man, doesn’t skip important events in your life, etc. A good man is respectful and speaks lovingly of you at ALL times, not just when it serves him. Everything in that relationship was about him, and that is something I’m sure she tried to work on, but realized he was never going to change. It was a good experience for her, but certainly not the perfect relationship people like BO thought they had.

@liz: It was on E entertainment. They were being interviewed in a studio, sitting across from the interviewer. I remember thinking, why doesn’t she ask Vanessa?

Oh, and it had to be during promotions for one of HSMs because he said something not being Troy Bolton.

Maria do you know what he meant by “serving” him? I never understood what he actually meant by that.

@maria Uhm, why did you just call me Sarah?? LOL, that is NOT my name. This might shock you, but my name starts with an “A.” Hahahah.

I never mocked you for apologizing to me. I believe at the time I responded graciously and even went away, and if it hadn’t been for Haters Suck and his loud mouth, who knows, I may have never ventured back here.

Welllll, if you want to call that “cheating.” (It’s not by the way. Cheating would be what I think might have gone on behind closed doors.) But if you want to call it cheating, then you are admitting that Zac and Ash have a thing going, so I’m okay with that. And you know, Scott put up with it and stuck with her for a while, because he was using her for her success, so that’s on him. He was such a jerk anyway and didn’t deserve her, so I’m glad he got to watch her parade around on her day with a more worthy man. (I’m so angry at Scott for mistreating Ashley TWICE. Hope they never ever get back together.)

@tina seriously what the hel!? Did you guys email each other or something and decide to start calling me Sarah?? Where are you getting this from? How random! LOL.

I would say they had something going on, but a drunk man and an easy woman? Anything could happen.

I meant I ” I wouldn’t”

@tina uhm, Ashley is NOT easy. That’s your own s!utty three time nude scandal idol so stfu about mine. Ashley and Zac have known each other for ten years almost, they have a long history and a strong history and THAT was what accidentally came out in front of the cameras last year, NOT a mere drunken grope fest like you poor Zanessa fans want so desperately to believe.

@tina: Wow, you guys are just scholars of vanessa hudgens. Pretty sad. Check out maria, miss ‘i live vanessa hudgens’. its just pathetic i tell you. Mind boggling.

Only stupid, arragant men like Arnold Schwarzenegger have babies with their dirty little side pieces. We all know he carries a condom. Isn’t she scre wing some other friends ex now?

@A: They look awesome together. Zac looks fantastic, ashley looks just gorgeous. Very nice

@tina: Hooo bitchy Tina! Go! lol

@tina Uhm, Ashley is not a dirty little side piece and Zac is single.

@nightwish She looks great on his arm. :) BTW I think they might be calling me Sarah because you said Go Sarah!! at some point. Do they not realize that this is also a post featuring Sarah Hyland?? I guess they just see VANESSA HUDGENS beckoning to them from their tunnel of darkness and drown out all else.

@A: Pictures are one thing but sleeping around with at least 4 different men in one year? I call that easy. Easy A, lol Martin, Scott, that co worker who made her “feel again” and now this guy. I say Slu t with a capital S.

@tina and yes she’s currently rebounding with Kaley Cuoco’s ex Christopher French, but he and Kaley split a long time ago, he and Ashley have remained friends for years, and considering Kaley is engaged to someone else I’m sure she’s not jealous.

Ash looks frikkin regal in that pic! Sorry pudgekinites, but zac is a way way better catch than austin. I actually like austin though, but i think hes a much better match with annasophia robb than vanoompa loompa. Hence, i think its time he moves on from pudgekin. Im sure she’ll find another willing white dude to take his place.

@A: Ahh! Thats why theyre calling you sarah. You should have kept quiet and let them think that for the rest of your tenure here. LULZ. Yeah, i wanted to see if they would actually downvote a post of someone rooting for sarah hyland. They did.

@A: When you sleep with someone who isn’t your bf or even dating you publicly, your nothing to them but a piece of ass. You’ve never heard of a “booty call?” If she is sleeping with him that’s what she is. She is laying up with this new guy (who will probably leave just like the others) but you want to believe Zac is running around sleeping with her also (the definition of a wh ore), right.

@tina Uhm, noooo. It was Martin while she was rebounding from Scott. Then Scott again. And now French. What coworker are you talking about?? Woman you are so off your rocker. Stop “loosely” stalking Ashley because your information is so wrong. French is the one who made her “feel again.” Why do you read all her tweets if you don’t like her??

@A: Because you bring them here.

@nightwish she does! I’ve always thought she was much more “Hollywood” than Vanessa. And I’m pretty sure all of them can tell on an objective level that Zac is more attractive than Austin and obviously has the more desirable career, but they’ll worship Austin as long as he’s dating Hudge, and as soon as they split they’ll spew venom about how they always knew he was scum.

Maybe they’re just jealous because that Sarah is awfully cute, and they worry she’s another destined to surpass Hudgens. Lol.

@tina Honey, how the hel! do you even know who Ashley is sleeping with??? She doesn’t photograph or video it for us unlike some, so we’ll never know, and that’s the way it should be. You may not understand this after years of Hudgens worship but what a CLASSY girl does in the bedroom stays in her bedroom, and Ashley has never ever put her sexual liaisons in anybody’s face.

And no, actually, I’m not saying that Zac is running around sleeping with her right now. But I think they do have incredible chemistry and a great connection and that they most likely have hooked up in the past and probably will in the future and I personally hope that one day leads to a relationship because they have the perfect makings for a Hollywood power couple, not to mention the gorgeous children that could be. :p

@tina No you bring up a whole lot about her that I’ve never brought here. What’s your ulterior motive? Maybe you are a Hudgekins relative? You know both Vanessa and Ashley personally is that it, so that’s how you know how many men Ashley has slept with and you’ve been delegated to go across gossip sites hating on Ashley and boosting Hudgens. Maybe you’re two faced, pretending to be friends with both of them to gain more information. LOL.

Ridiculous I know. But hey, I was accused of being Ashley herself earlier by some of you.

I wouldn’t know a da mn thing about her, DON’T CARE TO KNOW ABOUT HER, but you bring her here and make her into self serving sleazy s lut. I thought of her as Vanessa’s friend until YOU said they were sleeping together behind her back. Now I see her using their friendship when it suits her. No one likes a user. I know these things about her only because of you. So Maxium, how classy.

@tina you lie though. You’ve brought up so many things about Ashley I’ve never mentioned. You’re the one who brings it up when Ashley gets new posts.

Yeah, Ashley’s gonna cover maxim, and look amazing doing it. Vanessa would have done the cover, but considering her history in full on p*ornographic photography, her pr thought she was more suited for penthouse… Lol.

Hot damn! ;) Hudge Pudge is anxiously nibbling on a baby carrot, filled with self hate over how her body will never look that scrumptious. :p

take a hike @ 12/30/2012 at 12:03 pm


” I personally hope that one day leads to a relationship because they have the perfect makings for a Hollywood power couple, not to mention the gorgeous children that could be. :p”

Power couple? Did anyone else laugh their ass off at this remark?

When you are 27 years old and have a man stay with you overnight you are not playing parcheesi. All her so call bfs have cheated on her (she makes sure everyone knows) do you ever think it’s because something is lacking in her? When you have something good its hard to let it go (ie, Zac following Vanessa to NC). Maybe East A’s “apples” aren’t enough.

take a hike @ 12/30/2012 at 12:05 pm

@A: I hope you don’t believe all the bullsh it that you post. What a head

Merlin's Mum @ 12/30/2012 at 12:08 pm

I really can’t believe the stuff that goes down on this site now. Hundreds and on some threads, thousands of posts that have absolutely nothing to do with the original post! I have been avoiding this place for a while now and I can’t believe that the Zac/Ashley/Vanessa fans/haters are still dragging up the same old crap! Go get involved in your own lives instead of obsessing over people that you will probably never even meet! And stop tearing each other apart! :)

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 12:12 pm

@Take a hike
Unfortunately a believes everything she says. For her the the world revolves around Ashley. The sun rises cause Ashley says so, it rains when Ashely says for it to rain. That’s the mentality A has.

@tina: I doubt your perfect vanessa with her perfect taste in friends would tolerate the company of a ****. Did you see that instagram pic of them together? They look like betty and veronica from the archies. Best buds. Go smoke a bowl or take a nap bitchy tina, i can hear the tinkle of your chagrin from way over here.

Has anyone else noticed that despite all VH daily post here, zac is a star more popular than her in the count on this site. ironic

sorry for my bad english

@A: Maxium asked Vanessa repeatedly to pose (and wrote it when she made the top 100 two years ago) Easy A only got it by posing revealing photo of her self and begging. Leaked photo (which a man is serving time for) or a sl ut who pimps her fake boobs out? I’ll stick with my girl.

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 12:14 pm

@merlins mum
Really don’t want any lectures from the likes of you who has said many times theyd be dead if it wasn’t for zac efron. So really don’t want to hear or from you. Btw it’s zac and Ashley’s fans who start this crap.

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 12:17 pm

Btw what happend to your “maxim is only for trashy girls” stance.

@Merlin’s Mum: This is a pastime and a self sacrifice on our (‘haters’) part. We cant have the pudgekinites running amok with their sickening positivity and exhaggerated bloviations of their washed up idol on this site. There are also a few as.sholes here who need to be check and balanced, that atrocious hatersuck for one.

Merlin's Mum @ 12/30/2012 at 12:19 pm

@Haters Suck!: I have moved on. I am able to accept that others have different tastes to me. And I also accept that all Vanessa fans, like their idol, are complete and utter angels who never say a bad word about anyone :) However, I do still thank Zac for my life and I hope, for your sake, that you never experience mental health issues first hand. Then you might understand.

take a hike @ 12/30/2012 at 12:20 pm

@Haters Suck!: She probably has an Ashley shrine set up in her bedroom. How anyone can be fixated on someone as boring as Ashley, I’ll never know. Cray cray.

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 12:21 pm

That’s what I’ll never understand about you. You seemed to be bothered the most that people like Vanessa and say positive things about her. I’ve never met anyone who thought being positive was a horrible thing.

Merlin's Mum @ 12/30/2012 at 12:22 pm

@Nightwish: You will never win with Hater’s Suck. He is deluded enough to never think he is in the wrong. Even if you present him with actual facts. He is not worth it unless you truely enjoy winding him up.

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 12:25 pm

@merlins mum
By that statement alone ill take my advise from a dead dog before I even consider listening to a word U say.

@Nightwish: As I said I thought they were friends but A opened my eyes, now I see Easy sleazy A, differently.

@tina you continue to contradict yourself. So did Zac mistreats Pudgekins or did he do everything to keep her?? L.O.L. BTW Ashley’s bf’s have not all cheated on her and she doesn’t make it known. Scott obviously did because of her fool me once, fool me twice tweet. That’s it. What is with your ridiculous over-exaggerations?? You must be known to those close to you as “tina the liar” or “tina the overdramatic.”

BTW Ashley has been in maxim’s most sexy lists several times including being in the top ten, which Vanessa never has.

@merlin’s mum well you write creepy erotic cougar fanfiction about these people you think we obsess too much over..

@nightwish hahahahahah. I think most of these people need to go smoke a bowl. I think most of them haven’t, and that’s there problem. Who knows.

@HS what I said was I don’t like maxim because they make a list every year of the most “UNsexy” women and I think that’s degrading and disrespectful. However, whatever Ashley chooses to do I support her. I understand why she’s doing this move for promotion of her movie. And she does look damn sexy in the leaked shots, have to say.

@take a hike: You are coming very close to plagiarizing my past in depth speculation about hatersuck. Im 99% sure he has a hudgens shrine, maybe even a temple, in his bedroom. He took down his beloved 4th place pee wee ribbon and san diego chargers pennant to make room for new pudgekin pics on his wall. His kentucky wildcats items are still strewn about though, hither and tither.

@merlin’s mum you know what, you just spoke truthfully about Haters Suck so forgive my last snarl.

@tina well obviously they are friends, Ashley uploaded the picture of them doing Christmas decorating recently. But if you think that an Ashley fan can make it so that they’re no longer friends, then you’re giving me a lot of credit. Whatever you want to believe.

Merlin's Mum @ 12/30/2012 at 12:31 pm

@A: You have read my fic? LOL!! Thank you! And in what way is my writing any different to the hundreds of others who write?

Oh good lord, you guys are insane! Like come on! They like Vanessa Hudgens big freaking deal!!

Ashley made the list ? Good for her! She has a movie coming out ? Good for her! But get out of the V thread and go onto the Ashley thread and gush about her!!!

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 12:34 pm

Yeah yeah yeah. Everything’s always my fault, vanessas fans fault, and Vanessa’s fault. God knows zac and Ashley and all their fans are saints who never make mistakes in their entire lives an would never trash another person.

@merlin’s mum Wellll you (and more distinctively your alter ego “Shae”) have reviewed MINE to criticize my idea of romance (Supposedly I let the girl treat the guy like a dog and walk all over him.) That led me to snoop around in yours, but other than one Troypay oneshot I haven’t really “read” just skimmed.

@celestine: Miss random visitor, read comment number 255. Have a happy new year

Where is tihe contradiction? He didn’t treat her as he should, but thought she wouldn’t leave him. She did. He wanted to keep her, hence the trip to NC, simple as that. Do you have comprehension problems? What was the name of the child Easy A dated around HSM time the one she wrote about cheating on her on facebook (didn’t she write a song about it, too?) The one that was in a band? Was it Jared something or other? So that at least two we know of, right? .

Merlin's Mum @ 12/30/2012 at 12:42 pm

@A: Oh I know who you are!! When are you going to finish all that glitters? I am not ‘Shae’ though, she is my friend that I talk to every night. We have similar views when it comes to Troy though, She doesn’t post fic. She are also on opposite sides of the ‘Big Pond’ :)

@A: A friend doesn’t sleep with your man behind your back. YOU said she did therefore she isn’t a friend but a user.

@tina You’re one of those people who believes that every fake personal account claiming to be a celeb actually is that person aren’t you? Ashley has one official facebook and she never wrote about Jared Murillo cheating on her on it. She’d never come flat out and say that anyway even if it did happen, because she’s too classy to throw guys under the bus like that. She’s no Taylor Swift. Lol. And no, she never said she wrote a song about Jared. She wrote a song on Headstrong called Over It that was about getting cheated on by her high school boyfriend. Again, stop “loosely stalking” Ashley. You’re bringing up your misinformation that I’ve never mentioned to you. Where do you find these rumors tina? Considering you care nothing for Ashley? Lol.

@merlin’s mum Agh! Please be careful, I don’t want these whackjobs to get a hold of my page hahah. I haven’t updated in months because I’ve been very busy but I am going to finish it soon, I hope. And sorry, I always assumed the two of you were one and the same.

OMG, this thread has descended into craziness again. Vanessa’s threads always start out great but go south by the 100th comment. It’s always the same trolls who are responsible. @A Ashley has her own threads as does Zac. Why don’t you take that mess over to one of their threads? People on those threads may actually be interested in what you have to say. To me, your posts are nothing but annoying spam.

@tina: You know, to avoid such problems ash needs to follow her boyfriends everywhere they go, virtually move in with them, act clingy and needy so that they have no time to themselves and put on massive displays of pda in public so they think twice about fooling around. Right out of the pudge playbook.

@A: Oh, but she did. The only reasons I remember is because at the time I thought she was Vanessa’s FRIEND and sorry she had such a bad bf. The were saying thing back and forth for a while. And yes, she did a Taylor Swift.

@Nightwish: Well maybe if they ASKED her on really wanted her enough she would.

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 12:59 pm

To A every thread is a Ashley thread. Everything in this world belongs to Ashley.

@tina No she didn’t. First off, when Ashley’s second album came out she dedicated it to Jared, and while they had split by the time it was released, they were together by the time it was finished, so she had no opportunity to write a song about him.

Here you go:

The guy asks her if Jared cheated on her and she said no and that he’s a great guy and she has a lot of respect for him.

Don’t try to educate me on Ashley hun, I know her well, and you’ve said yourself you don’t give a damn about her, so get your nose out of her business.

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 1:10 pm

You try and shove her business in our nose.

Nightwish @ 12/30/2012 at 1:12 pm

@Haters Suck!: Like a sweet rose

Nightwish @ 12/30/2012 at 1:15 pm

But i’ll bet van smells great, like candy and flowers. Once she’s properly showered of couse, not after rolling out of bed, or bumbling out of the gym.

Of course she said that. Didn’t Vanessa say the same thing? No one in their right mind is going tov say he was an sob who cheated on me. I remember her writing a song about it.

If you don’t want me to talk about Easy A don’t bring her to Vanessa’s post.

I tried to find it but could get past all the post that called her Vanessa and Zac’s third wheel.

@tina you stupid stupid woman. Did you watch the interview? She says the song is NOT about him and that he’s a great guy. You don’t know her timeline. She split with Jared AFTER BOTH of her albums were finished, so she could NOT HAVE WRITTEN A SONG ABOUT HIM. And why would she go to facebook to say he cheated on her but deny it so vehemently in an interview? She wrote a song about being cheated on but it was about high school not about Jared. One of the guys in the band with Jared is from my hometown. A lot of people here know him and say he’s a really good guy and that Ashley is also a down to earth girl with a good heart. They ended on good terms.

@tina there are a million posts out there that call Vanessa Ashley and Zac’s fame leech. There are a million out there calling her a s!ut, a terrible actress and singer, a famewh0re. If you want to go there we can.

Haters Suck! @ 12/30/2012 at 3:22 pm

How’s that exactly? Vanessa hasn’t been within spitting distance of zac for two years. Vanessa isn’t the one who announces whenever she’s around Ashley. It’s the other way around.

Nice try as Haters Suck! says your telling a million lies. Easy A even leeches in on Vanessa and Austin’s dates.You never see Vanessa out Easy A and her flavor of the day.

@tina: The flavor of the day is quite unfortunate looking, though could be a nice guy. She has extremely questionable taste. She salivates over Efron, even in front of a boyfriend, cause she knows she’ll never have a guy like that. It’s sad, really. The only thing she’ll conceive with Efron is in her dreams. Or in her fanfics.

@Nightwish: Um, when else did she cling and follow and move-in with a BF? I fail to see a pattern. In the last few months, she did go to NYC, as she had time to. What’s wrong with that?? They are in a relationship and given the opportunity, why not be together? Thats what couples do. Spend time together. Guess you haven’t experienced a long distance relationship before. Why don’t you try one before talking smack about a couple who BOTH work at being together? He went to Alaska and Florida when she was filming on location. It’s the first time she has gone to him. Your assumptions are so typically asinine.

@maria: She ruined her relationship with Scott by hanging on to Zac. Like the time she claimed to have a date with Zac. Scott picked her up, took her to the premiere where she ran to take pictures with Zac. No real man is going to put up with her leeching on another man. Now she’s hanging on this guy.

Ashley famewh@res by hanging on to diferent guys while Vanessa famewh@res by parading her relationship to the whole world. Lets be real guys. Both are famewh@res. And that is the obvious truth. Atleast Ashley doesn’t do PDA and keep the things that should be inside the bedroom to herself rather than shoving it on our faces. I will give that to her. About Vanessa, Oh well she was born to famewh@re. Ashley should take notes from her.

@teh: She kisses her bf big deal At least they are in a stable relationship. I think somewhere along the way you people have gotten the wrong definition of fame wh0ring.I’m sorry for all of you who are in a relationship where your bf/gf never touches you. Unless you’re twelve or thirteen.

@tina: So true. When did having a normal relationship or walking into the gym become famewh*ring? It was never called that when she did the same things with Efron. Oh, you say she does PDA with Austin? She did with Efron too, multiple times in Hawaii and in Turks and Caicos twice, on many promotion trips, in Brazil, etc. No one ever called her a famewh*re then. It’s because she’s not PDA’ing with Efron.

@maria: was a different kind of advertising, it looked classy and loving, this seemed a feverish woman wanting sex, at least now you have left, if they had taken things the way they are doing now I think there would be less people criticizing this relationship, but not Miss hudgens eagerada tends to be in their desperate attempt to prove to the world that is happier without zac efron …. oh and I’m not an enemy, you could say I’m a fan , not like before but I’ve seen all his movies, but I do not like his behavior in most of their actions, particularly in his personal life, but at the end is vanessa choice and nothing can be done, and life will to prove if you are on the right track or equivocca as many believe, meanwhile Vanessa and vaustin enjoy, but please stop denigrating zanessa because it was good while it lasted and in my opinion a better relationship vaustin, but it’s just my opinion every one has his

PS: Happy New Year from Colombia and sorry for my bad English

@maria: was a different kind of advertising, it looked classy and loving relationship with this new woman seemed feverish love sex, at least now have slowed, if they had taken things the way they are doing now I think there would be less people criticizing this relationship, but not Miss hudgens tends to be exaggerated in their desperate attempt to prove to the world that is happier without zac efron …. oh and I’m not an enemy, you could say that I am a fan, not like before but I’ve seen all his movies, but I do not like their behavior most of the time, especially in your personal life, but at the end is vanessa choice and nothing can be done, and life is responsible to demonstrate whether it is in the right path or equivocca as many believe, meanwhile enjoy vanessa and vaustin, but please stop denigrating zanessa because it was good while it lasted and in my opinion a better relationship vaustin, but is only my opinion everyone has his

PS: Happy New Year from Colombia and sorry for my bad English

@colombian girl: She IS happy without him.Why is that so hard to believe?

I think his fans have built him up so high in their minds, they think she should have thrown herself on a funeral pyre after the break up. The best thing any person can do after a break up is move on. Would you prefer she locked herself away crying for what might have been? He is living the life he wants, be happy for him and her.

@colombian girl: I think she felt a sense of relief when it was over, in spite of loving him. No one knows what it was like IN the relationship, and pictures don’t always tell the real story. I never said anything that “denigrated Zanessa”. But I do not think Efron was the perfect BF. He himself said he always did things to mess up with girls when he was young. I don’t think he learned much. And I do think she is happy without the pressures of that relationship.

@tina: @<a exactly, ask yourself what happens to people you can not believe. from my point of view, she exaggerated happiness at first to show why many do not believe (that does not mean she is not happy) … but this is my perception, you have your opinion, I have mine .. with I respectfully think that's a problem they have the most loyal fans of vanessa on this site are always fighting with the haters and people who have a negative opinion of ness, you are always trying to change the opinion of her from coming here, you just have to ignore, especially when the arguments do not make sense as a, Ahsley pleases me, but no one can say that his film career is better than vanessa and zac, that girl you just enjoy irritating

@colombian girl: Maybe it wasn’t exaggerated at all. Maybe she was just that happy. A guy she knew to be a good guy for years, who probably crushed on her, wanted to be her guy. That would make any girl happy. Why make so much of it? Yes, she was happy. It’s not up to anyone else to determine how happy she should have been. I just think there are many people who looked at her new relationship with annoyance, feeling it was disrespectful to St Zac and shoving it in his face. How silly. He moved on and so did she. Neither is looking back.

If you want me to ignore you, I will.

@maria I’m always disappointed with you when you start acting like this. Of course, haters suck! and tina act this way all the time but maybe I expect just a bit more out of you. You’re getting so vile. Ashley is gorgeous and I’m obviously not at all the only one who thinks so. But keep telling yourself she’s ugly if it makes you feel better. Questionable taste in guys? You know Kaley Cuoco dated French as well. She’s a hottie you know. Or do you not think she’s pretty either because a blonde broke your heart or something leading you to hate them.

Ashley has said herself that she tends not to date actors because she likes to live as normal a life as possible. BUT she can get a boyfriend as hot as she wants, no doubt. As hot as Zac for sure. Ashley’s more attractive than Vanessa. Not everyone will agree, but considering Ashley has more fans, I’m sure MORE people would agree. Vanessa got Zac with her looks, Ashley could get Zac or a guy like him with hers. Zac fawns all over Ashley too, as much as you guys want so desperately to reduce every Zashley moment to one sided. When it’s obvious that he’s the one giving her attention then he’s doing it “for publicity” or because she’s begging for it. Whatever.

Zac and Ashley love each other even if it turns out to only be as best friends and they always will. They’ll be in each others lives forever. While you guys will never get to see “Zanessa” again, I’ll be able to enjoy pictures and moments between Zac and Ashley for years to come. That’s better to me.

There’s nothing “unfortunate looking” about Christopher French. He’s not a pretty boy at all, I’ll give you that. And Austin does look like a girl so if that’s your standard for men then maybe I see where you’re coming from. Ashley tends to favor more men’s men types. French is rugged, tatted, a bad boy type. I dig his style, I can see why she would too.

@maria there are new pictures of Vanessa and Austin attending Church. I agree with you, they have known each other for a while. Love to see her with someone who enjoys the things she likes to do.

You guys, Austin Butler was in Aliens in the Attic with Ashley Tisdale. He met Vanessa through Ashley. The movie came out in 2009 meaning it was filmed in like 2008.

I know, love the red on her. They also attended Church in NYC, there were several twitter sightings.

@A: The truth hurts here, I suspect. Sorry, he is not good looking, and I absolutely put Kaley in the ashley category of average looking blondes. I have nothing against blondes, but find brunettes more striking. I have told you before, there are many blondes I do think are stunning. Like Charlize Theron, Diane Kruger. As far as Austin, I think he’s “cute”, as a 21 yr old. Guys aren’t fully matured at 21, and he has a lot of maturing to do. Ashley dates older guys, so of course they look older. I don’t think Scott was good looking either. Jared was “cute” and Martin was actually the best looking of her guys. I’m sure you see it differently, but that’s how I see them. Sorry, but having an honest opinion doesn’t make me vile. And, LMAO, having more lame FB fans does not mean you are more beautiful. That reasoning is just crazy stupid.

@A: We know that. Couldn’t get through 5 minutes of that movie. Will not elaborate for the sake of being nice. Austin was VERY much a teenage boy, but still had that great voice. He was actually very cute with her in that Sharpay DVD movie.

”BOZO comes from a coutry where women are lowly creatures and raped on buses .of course she thinks efron is perfect ,icause n those standards he’d be a saint . ”

you DO realize that it’s a serious insult that you’ve done to my country in #208 ONCOFAKE !!! B.ITCHY HO.E shall i remind you that the rape in the bus happened in INDIA NOT IN SRI LANKA !!! S.LUTTY MOTHERF.UCKER !!! RETARDED LAME W.HORE !!! We have more equality for men and women than in your country ugly w.hore !!! ugly stupid b.itch . you are the other major racist yet you accuse A to be racist .s.lut you have so much thins to say on the men women equality in my country , yet you at a loss to say anything about that to your friend Korean Va.gina who’s from a MUSLIM country !! deperate much !!!

Nightwish @ 12/30/2012 at 8:40 pm

@maria: Austin is too young for vanessa.

@maria my favorite actresses are the ones I think are the most pretty often… so if Ashley has TWICE as many fans as Vanessa odds are, a majority of those people find Ashley prettier.

Zac was the best looking out of any of the guys Vanessa or Ashley have dated. But after him, Austin is not in the front running.

Sorry but I find him much cuter than pretty boy Austin. And Austin is the same age as guys I date, and they all look more matured and manly than him. He’s very pretty, I’ll give him that, but I mean, so is Justin Bieber. It doesn’t work, on a guy it’s just creepy.

BTW why doesn’t your not preferring blondes carry over to Austin? You must have some lesbian tendencies. Because I think girls are just pretty with all features, dark or fair, blonde or brunette, because girls are just pretty, but with guys is where I have my preferences like I like dark hair and don’t really care for blondes. LOL.

And I think Kaley Cuoco is so adorable!! I love her, and I love her and Ashley’s friendship! I wish they still hung out as much as they used to. But anyway, you’re tripping with your judgement, calling these gorgeous girls “average” just because they aren’t a blend of seven different ethnicities, which most people aren’t.×546.jpg

Ashley and Kaley actually kind of favor each other. Kaley’s always reminded me of Ashley too, I think they have some similar mannerisms because they’ve been friends for so long. They’re so cute!

they attend to Hillgson NY.

The insulting BO’s country thing was plenty lame… especially the rape thing. You realize that women get raped here in America too don’t you Maria? Acts like that are deviant in most societies and yet unfortunately still occur. Bad people live everywhere, it doesn’t matter what country. And I’ve never heard of BO’s country, maybe it has not socially advanced as far as the US yet, many countries have not. But to insult her for the place she comes from is just a cheapshot.

@BO: Relax, little girl. I was using those examples because that is how women are treated in that part of the world. I am WELL aware of that rape being in India, but your country is an island off of India, with much of the same culture. Don’t get so defensive. It was meant to show that you don’t have such high expectations of men, so even Efron is a saint to you. It was not meant to be racist, but to show cultural differences, Ms Vulgar Mouth.

Nightwish @ 12/30/2012 at 9:24 pm

Good heavens. Grandma anyone? Pudgekin is lookin like that Yoko Ono lady in the latest JJ jr set. Vans fashion sense has gone off the fiscal cliff. She’s saving money by raiding her moms closet while she’s out for ice cream

exactly A . specailly the rape in the bus didn’t happen in MY CONTRY .IT HAPPENED IN INDIA .lol poor lame brain .and thank you , our social developmnet is quite more advanced than yours though we are far behind in technology .i just don’t understand how they make such derogatory comments about my country and yet they call you a racist for that monkey or something you called gina .insuffereble morons .

Nightwish @ 12/30/2012 at 9:27 pm

@maria: Ooh, that was a decent save, miss silvertongue. Not bad!

@A: That coming from the Queen of Cheap Shots. Please. The point I was making, that Efron is a saint to her in spite of him being a questionable BF, was NOTHING compared to the vile crap she spews continuously. Perfect example of words being twisted by a twisted mind.

Nightwish @ 12/30/2012 at 9:31 pm

@Oncofake insulted BO’s country . She should be hung .: True. She has some wild double standards. Its big nosed and big jawed patients at the back of the line at her clinic, and now she puts the indian and sri lankans behind them.

@nightwish hahahahahah! You just made me laugh out loud. Seriously though, Maria is so judgmental. Doesn’t she realize most people are NOT a blend of so many different ethnicities like Vanessa?? It doesn’t make them any less beautiful. And big cheeks and big thighs are okay by her standards, since Hudge has them. Larger noses are not, and don’t forget Maria also doesn’t find the Jewish race as a whole attractive. Her best friend however is Jewish, but she will laugh if Maria makes Jew jokes, and Maria is only friends with her because she does NOT have a big nose. She’s made this distinction to me. LOL.

@Nightwish: Oh, don’t get up on one of your lame hypocritical high horses. You have no right to bash my critiques, when YOU are beyond merciless and hypercritical. I have a right to an opinion too. And she looks STUNNING in the red coat. You don’t know much about fashion, so don’t even go there.

@A: And don’t even try to tell me you haven’t picked Vanessa apart, piece by piece, hair by hair, butt cheek to butt cheek, ear to ear, mother to mother. You are dispicable in your criticisms. You just start your foot stamping when anyone does it to Ashley.

i love the pics going to church.

@A: You are a disgusting liar. YOU are the one who brought up the supposition that all Jewish women are more beautiful, and I simply argued that. It’s just not true. There is NO race of women that is 100% perfect. And I NEVER said I was only tolerant of my friend because she did not have a big nose. You 3 are sociopathic idiots. You all deserve each other. You have no shame, no class, and no mercy. I have no words for you hateful people. All because we are fans of someone you dislike. I dislike Jolie, but you’d never find me there on a life mission to put the fans in their place.

@maria Actually what I said was I (ME, my PERSONAL opinion) have always found the Jewish look to be exceptionally beautiful. I NEVER said all Jewish women were beautiful or that they were more beautiful than any other race. Just that I happen to really like the look. I like wide set eyes, I hate small button noses so I guess you could say I like them larger, and dark curly hair. All of which Ashley has naturally. So sue me.

BTW have you really still not figured out our mission for being here? Nightwish and I at least I know are here to put YOU guys in your place. It has nothing to do with you being a fan of someone we aren’t fans of personally. It has to do with your many hypocrisies, the way you go around taunting my idol on her threads, then run back here and turn insanely nasty if anyone dare say anything about Vanessa that isn’t 100% complimentary. The obsessive way you stay here to argue with us for hundreds of comments. (I get so frustrated with Ashley haters, if I actually DO respond I never stay past two pages.) And ultimately, the fact that some of you, especially Mr. Haters Suck are just @ssholes when it comes down to it.

When it comes to celebs there are plenty of people I dislike much more than Vanessa. Taylor Swift, for example, that girl really grates my nerves, much more than Vanessa could ever hope to, but I’m not going to go hate on her threads, because what have her fans ever done to me?? BTW Taylor unarguably has more fans than Vanessa but she isn’t a top celeb here either. You know why? Because you guys keep Vanessa on this one list on this one site BECAUSE you lead haters here and then argue with us until the cows come home. You want us here.

Well don’t worry. We want to be here too. To try our best to keep you in check and give you a taste of your own medicine. You can’t go around bullying others and then claim Vanessa’s posts on a gossip site as sanctuary home base. Go to her fansite or blog for that. THAT’S where I go to actually read about Ashley and interact with fans. Not gossip sites.

@maria: Are you not perturbed by pudgekins sunday church get-up? That dress was super off the wall mature looking, and poor austin isnt even old enough to buy beer yet. And whats with that huge scarf thats probably big enough to blanket a grown man. Hello.

Kinda hindu looking come to think of it, and theres nothing wrong with that but shes in a christian church. Oh pudgekin, whats going through your brane little girl

@tina: You like the red, yes, but you have to be honest and admit that you dont care for the dress so much, right your bitchiness?

im with tina and maria. all the thing you said about Efron being a sh*t bf was true. & im speaking based on facts.
he’s so full of himself. he deludes his fans (and i was one of them, shamefully, at one point) to thinking he’s the perfect guy, all charming and madly in love, but he’s soooo much different behind closed doors.
he’s a controlling je*k. he was obsessed with vanessa. he goes crazy when she doesn’t answer her phone.
he knows how to manipulate those weak people into how ‘godly’ he is. he says things the public wants to hear.
there are so many stories of how a j*rk he is i can’t even keep up.

@Siobhan: I Co-sign on this.

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