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Adam Lambert Slams 'Les Miserables' Cast's 'Pretend Singers'

Adam Lambert Slams 'Les Miserables' Cast's 'Pretend Singers'

Adam Lambert has taken to his Twitter account to talk about his opinions on the film Les Miserables and has slammed director Tom Hooper‘s cast for “pretending to be singers”.

Les Mis: Visually impressive w great Emotional performances. But the score suffered massively with great actors PRETENDING to be singers …it’s an opera. Hollywoods movie musicals treat the singing as the last priority. (Dreamgirls was good),” Adam wrote.

Anne Hathaway as Fantine and [Aaron Tveit as] Enjolras were the exceptions for me,” he added. “Helena B Carter and Sacha B Cohen were great too.”

“And I do think it was cool they were singing live- but with that cast, they should have studio recorded and sweetened the vocals. Eponine’s [Samantha Barks] voice was cool too…,” he continued. “I felt like I should ignore the vocals and focus on the emotional subtext- but the singing was so distracting at times it pulled me out. The industry will say “these actors were so brave to attempt singing this score live” but why not cast actors who could actually sound good? Sorry for being so harsh but it’s so True!”

Evan Rachel Wood chimed in on the conversation, saying “We sang live in “across the universe” #justsaying,” to which Adam replied, “And that sounded Good!!! Ok yes, that’s another movie musical exception. That movie was on point. And U were stunning in it.”

DO YOU AGREE with Adam Lambert’s points about Les Miserables?

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  • Faith


    He maybe rained but he is not an international superstar. A lot of subpar singers are accepted overseas.

  • Sean

    @Faith: “A lot of subpar singers are accepted overseas.”

    Precisely! Adam Lambert failed in America. Noone wants his screechy sub-par azz over here.

  • tinnmann

    Adam Who???

  • sdo

    Did he want to play Anne Hathaway’s part?

  • Phillip

    Adam who? Is this guy important?

  • Bryan

    Adam Lambert?? Let’s see….he lost American Idol…..and how many CD’s has he recorded? Does it matter? No one i buying them…. another bitter queen.

  • LFo

    Its not an opera. Its a musical. Big difference. Oh, and btw- one of the actors Lambert doesn’t mention as giving a good performance has been nominated for a SAG award and Golden Globe for this role. Oh yeah- also a nomination for best original song. Can’t be all that bad.

  • CS

    Wow….BITTER, PARTY OF 1!!! Somebody’s Arrogant button is stuck on again.

  • tom

    I think it was a good idea to make them sing it live. It shows that they at least tried to make the movie as theatrical as possible rather than editing the voices in a studio. Don’t they do that for broadway and the opera as well? Or do they record first? I don’t know but I think it was a good idea. Adam is entitled to his own opinion though. That was just mine.

  • Kathryn

    He is a karaoke singer at best. Who is he to criticize?

  • Rigoberto

    WATCH OUT! The Queen is on her throne!

  • CS

    Wow …. BITTER, PARTY OF JUST ADAM! Looks like his Arrogant button is stuck in the on position again.

  • curtis

    I actually have no idea who Adam lambert is or why his opinion is important…

  • rick

    should a nobody even be allowed to have an opinion? sit down princess,you’ll get all worked up and smear your mascara

  • cheryl

    what an idiot and pretender..(wanna be )

  • Benji

    @brenda: @Lauriellen:

    This douchebag has a long history of slamming other artists who’ve accomplished far more than he ever has.

  • coffee1st

    If Adam can square away a few weeks from his primping and prettiness to READ THE NOVEL (a new concept for him, I’m sure), he’d realize – the movie wasn’t about the singing (and neither is the novel). Adam is what happens when you don’t thrive academically.

  • coffee1st


    No – it’s NOT AN OPERA — it’s NOVEL about the French Revolution, and poverty, and class warfare… that was turned into a musical….. let’s at least get history straight, shall we?

  • Skippy

    I agree with Adam. I was stranded between love and hate when I went to see the movie. It is such a wonderful production on stage and I was lucky enough to be in the audiance at the Albert Hall reunion performance. The movie, although I think it will win some awards, seemed almost as long as the uprising it was about. I love every actor who was in it, but I think some were miscast just because they have “box office” clout. But I do think the actors deserve some HUGE props for singing live. It was a good experiment, but this time it just didnt work all that well.

  • Homina8or

    @brenda: I understand you’re a fan of Adam but really? Adam isn’t wrong abut the male singing performances in the movie with the exception of the Bishop played by the original Jean Valjean Colm Wilkinson. Adam is in the the D league compared Colm Wilkinson when it comes to singing and performing.

  • KimYu

    I don’t really care about those kind of things.. and People shouldn’t judge people for judging people that judges something.. so people should stop whining..

  • Russ

    Why can’t this douchebag just go away? I mean, his 15 mins of fame should have been over before it ever started and now he thinks he’s an authority on actors/singing? LOL Still hurts that May and the boys asked him to stand in as vocals with Queen, and I hope he knows he performed far worse to many of us old Queen diehards than any actor could ever botch singing. Adam, go away. You’re not wanted at all in very many circles, and even the few you are, are very small circles. You’re yesterday’s news and even then we were laughing at you, not with you.

  • Smarty

    He is, after all, the runner up on a singing reality show. If anyone should know anything about pretend singing it’d be him.
    Vicious hater biotch

  • Fannie

    This guy sings out of tune and has the nerve to criticize Hugh Jackman’s singing.

  • Kate

    Adam was actually correct. I am a Musical Theater major and the singing was poor. I know it may be difficult to have actors with multiple talents, but it was not even close. The acting was great though.

  • howard george

    What Adam Lambert knows about what’s need to make a movie work wouldn’t fit in a Hobbit’s sewing thimble. Bottom line – he’s just jealous he wasn’t in the film. Go put on some more make-up!

  • fean

    Agree totally with Lambert. Was so disappointed with the movie. I just was expecting the beautiful music and all I got was great acting and mostly poor vocals. Not a good trade for this musical.

  • KR

    I think Mr. lambert has gotten a bit to big for his britches.

  • Tyger Dacosta

    Adam, before idol you were nothing….You could walk into any bar and find queens singing better than you….mad because you were not cast? tired of singing and want to branch out? forget it….you do not have one tenth of these fine actors talents but they def have something you do not…class!

  • Brendan

    “Anne Hathaway as Fantine and [Aaron Tveit as] Enjolras were the exceptions for me,” he added. “Helena B Carter and Sacha B Cohen were great too.”

    “And I do think it was cool they were singing live- but with that cast, they should have studio recorded and sweetened the vocals. Eponine’s [Samantha Barks] voice was cool too…,” he continued.

    So, 5 of the what -7- main characters did good to great? I have this strange feeling he may have been snubbed for one of the roles.

  • skbn113


    Adam Lambert is a “pretend” man. :Ol

  • skbn113


    Sorry….he’s the one who always seems to be “pissy”.

  • Jeff

    Notice he didnt mention Hugh Jackman MULTIPLE theatre awards including a Tony and Emmy nods for musical performance… Adam is just sad because he is a no talent, hack who didn’t make it, and just wants his name in the press to seem relevant.

  • Madable

    And Adam Lambert actually thinks he’s an expert? He’s just another weirdo who thinks he knows everything.

  • nicole


    and that’s exactly what Adam said……

  • BenHurt

    I have never wanted to run out of a movie as much as this one. It was boring beyond words. And I have acted and danced in musicals so I appreciate the art form, but this was a disaster, as I saw it. It was just too, too much of everything, and ended up being a mish-mash.

  • mlm

    @Sean: And what is so special about America that his record sales only count there!! Sales are sales no matter where they are from!

  • mlm

    @Faith: And I guess you are an authority on what type of singers are accepted overseas!


    who ever said Les Miz was an “opera”?

    Adam, sweetie, you are the last person on earth whose opinion matters to me! Now if you were giving your opinion on the best mascara or eyeliner, I might take your advice.

    sounds like sour grapes!

  • paulettesimone

    I heard only GOOD things about the film till now? I’m still going to pay to go see it!

  • Johno

    The guy’s a queer,he needs to keep his mouth shut.

  • asdf

    i’ve decided to like adam lambert as of today

  • Will D Beast

    It was like an opera. The story is a very emotional story. To see great actors with up close shots singing live and literally taking on the character was great. Russell Crowe was grea at Javert. He embodied the character and his singing was spot on for that character. This was not your My Fair Lady type of musical. It was a miserable time and the emotion was bought forth by all and yet the ending was stil uplifting. Adam Lambert – yor 10 minutes of fame have been long gone.

  • Melissa

    Does it matter if Adam was the most superb singer in the world, or a mediocre one? Does it matter if Adam has top-notch credenials or not? He is stating his opinion about a movie he just saw. What is the big deal? Does anyone care if I didn’t like some of the singing in Les Miz? I voiced that amongst some friends, and I didn’t get slammed. Why is Adam getting slammed? I read lots of others in the biz criticize some of the singing, and no one has accused them of sour grapes.

    So many unfounded comments, (sour grapes). Adam auditioned for Glee before he went on Idol. He obviously did not get hired, but he never, ever criticized the show. Adam is not the sour grapes type of person. On so many occasions, he has given Kris Allen many accolades, when he didn’t have to.

  • Jason

    Totally agree with Adam and extremely disappointed with Jared for this sensational article and headline. I thought Jared was better than this. Guess not. Adam certainly is.

  • criss

    @James: I´m 20!! Am I an old lady????????????????? I love Hugh because he is awesome!!

  • Amanda

    Everyone has an opinion let him have his. Its a movie though not Broadway and I know that Adam comes from Broadway and that’s why he thought the singing would be better. Personally Anne singing I Dreamed a Dream in the commercials makes me tear up as I haven’t seen the movie yet.

  • Cathym

    Adam Lambert knows his craft trained vocalist, stage performer from age 10 so yes HE DOES have an informed opinion ! He makes many valid points and did not actually slam anyone, just being HONEST. That honesty thing most refreshing , what I love about the guy, shame he is getting bashed for it!

  • Danny

    Adam Lambert is so fame hungry. A wannabe that never was. After a flop album and three flop singles, he should really be worrying about his own career instead of trying to criticize others. What an idiot.

  • Sam

    To me, it seems like Adam basically wanted a filmed version of the musical rather than a movie. Because his comment on the live singing was contradictory. Basically he liked the idea but he thinks they should have done a studio recording. Which defeats the purpose of the live singing.

    He needs to learn that movies =/= musicals and what works in one doesn’t always work in the other. People see musicals and expect perfect voices. People see movies and expect believable characters showing emotion. Making a movie based off of a musical is a struggle to find the balance between both.

    He has the right to his opinion but calling the actors “pretend singers”, especially when many of them do have musical backgrounds was over the top. If you don’t want to be attacked for your criticisms them don’t criticize things in such a stupid manner. Honestly, how hard would it have been for him to say “I did not like actor x and thought they were wrong for the role”? Because his first instinct was to lash out, people who may have agreed with some of his points are now on the defensive.