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Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: Capri Hollywood Film Festival!

Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: Capri Hollywood Film Festival!

Gerard Butler is dashing while attending Day 5 of the 2012 Capri Hollywood Film Festival on Sunday (December 30) in Capri, Italy.

The 43-year-old actor was accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend Madalina Ghenea and was seen giving an award to director Antoine Fuqua.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Antoine chatted with THR at the festival to defend Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino from comments made by Spike Lee saying that the film was “disrespectful” to black people.

“That’s just not the way you do things,” Antoine shared. “If you disagree with the way a colleague did something, call him up, invite him out for a coffee, talk about it. But don’t do it publicly.”

In case you missed it, Gerard recently made the list for‘s top 50 most popular celebs of 2012.

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368 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: Capri Hollywood Film Festival!”

  1. 1
    Clan Says:

    Thats a great look! Gorgeous Gerry!

  2. 2
    ** Says:

    Gerry is looking sexy but then he always looks sexy !!

  3. 3
    Alina Says:

    I just can see in these photos, that she is trying to catch it! In doing so he does not want it, and very angry that he was photographed with her. This is evident on his face! He is on all photos do not with her! I had the feelings for what he does not want to be around her.

  4. 4
    Elf Says:

    how about ending this year on a positive note and not hate on Gerald (and GF) Butler for a day.?

  5. 5
    Connie Says:

    I’m with you Connie. But lets go for more than a day and try to not bash him or his girlfriend. He does not seem angry in the px’s and more than likely would not bash our loved ones.

  6. 6
    Connie Says:

    I’m with you Elf But lets go for more than a day and try to not bash him or his girlfriend. He does not seem angry in the px’s and more than likely would not bash our loved ones.

  7. 7
    humpf Says:

    Gerry looks great. Too bad he has that barnacle stuck to his side. It needs scraped off.

  8. 8
    GB with his beautiful grlfrnd Says:

    Way to go GB.
    Happy New Year to you and you.

  9. 9
    skyller2002 Says:

    not a fan of the suit.

  10. 10
    Yeah Says:

    @GB with his beautiful grlfrnd:
    Yeah way to go, you bagged a linginer model whos almost have your age, what a stud….NOT. More like a middle aged man in denial that he’s getting older and probably will die unloved for his inner spirit. before you go into that “spirituality” quest you might want to firs she a psych doctor. That way when reality hits you that your spirit is sadly lacking in substance and moral fiber, you’ll at least have some anti-depressants in your cabinet to make you feel better. Gotta love those “happy” pills, they help you not facr the truth and still feel good.

  11. 11
    LooseLipz Says:

    I’m trying my hardest to find the sexy in this guy.
    He reminds me of Dylan McDermott and I never liked him either.

    Maybe it’s the ugly facial hair?

  12. 12
    well... Says:

    @Yeah: Learn to spell.
    Love Gerry, but not with this chick. Bad vibes from her. He should have stayed with Jennifer Aniston.

  13. 13
    goodgravy Says:

    -MG looks soft for a change. She should leave her lips alone.

    -As far as Gerry looking pale, I think the flash is washing him out. He’s not a very solicitous boyfriend. I actually feel a little bad for Madalina.

  14. 14
    sad Says:

    rotten way for gb fans to end the year with a photo of him with this witch. Better luck in 2013

  15. 15
    @loose Says:

    they are both scots. maybe you don’t like scots or don’t find them attractive. just a thought.

  16. 16
    @well.... Says:

    i feel the opposite. i am picking up good vibes on her end. gerry’s not so much. but maybe he is goofing off.

  17. 17
    Yeah Says:

    despite my mispell (lingere) you still managed to get my meaning. thats all I care about. Not getting scores for my spelling ability.

  18. 18
    @well.... Says:

    in her pics, she looks happy and is having fun.

  19. 19
    DocP Says:

    I still say he looks like he’s trying to show off that he’s with a lingerie model whos almost half his age. He doesn’t look in love, just full of himself. She would be wise to read the writing on the wall and brace for the big let down. Also he doesn’t look mad at being photographed with her, only pompous.

  20. 20
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    She’s happy and having fun because she’s at a film festival around people in the industry and cameras. I’m sure she is hoping for good things to happen for her.

  21. 21
    Hello Says:

    Okay, I think I have the answer to the weird pictures of gb and mg. Don’t know if the pictures are in proper order but take another look. They are walking, he turns to her behind him but you don’t see his right hand, right, just the back of it. His lips look strange when she is hanging on him, okay. Look on the ground by his right foot. A cig. butt. and it looks fresh. Bet cha anything he was smoking, tried to hide it from the paps, was probably holding his breath or just blew out the smoke. What do you think? Ha. That’s what I think and can’t think of anything else. Just never saw that kind of look on his face. Maybe that’s why MG was smiling.

  22. 22
    what????????? Says:

    @@loose: BOTH Scots? What or whom are you talking about?

  23. 23
    @what?????? Says:

    post 11 doesn’t like dylan mcdermott either. he has a big scot nose. maybe the poster of 11 just doesn’t like the look of scots. prefers a different race, ethnicity. like italian irish spanish english instead. as examples. people do have sexual preferences when it comes to body type.

  24. 24
    @what?????? Says:

    mcdermott isn’t my facial type either. its the big nose.
    just trying to be helpful

  25. 25
    Hello Says: Just posting the images again for the new thread.

  26. 26
    @what?????? Says:

    for example, i never got the attraction to burt reynolds and all my friends liked him and were crazy about him. he’s not sexy to me. but to them he is. there’s nothing wrong with me. he’s just not my type. he’s unattractive.

  27. 27
    Hotwinter Says:

    Oh so glad he dumped Man*ston! By the way, this brunette reminds me of Angelina. Glad to see Gerard so happy. He and this model look like a great couple.

  28. 28
    Postwatcher Says:

    Looks like Mel Gibson and Oksana!!!!!!rofl!!!! Mwaaaahahaha

  29. 29
    Alina Says:

    Looking at these pictures want to say, “everything is under control and for all paid”
    In Russian:”Всё схвачено и за всё заплачено”

  30. 30
    team gerry Says:

    Happy New Year to you Mr. Butler and your pretty girlfriend, congratualtion Ariel.

    I wish you the best year ever in 2013! Maybe marriage and beautiful babies???. Do not let the haters get you down, some fans are very happy for you to have someone you care about on your arm and in your life..

    I hope all the haters stay on that other thread and don’t give any votes here. hehehehehe

  31. 31
    Lawrence Says:

    He does look dashing!, Scottish hottie!.

  32. 32
    over a million hits Says:

    um, gerry, maybe your mate should cast you in his movies

  33. 33
    Anca Says:

    Dear Alina you just put so much ugly hate in your posts. My sis name is Alina and I love this name, seeing a post like that next to it make me …sick. Happy New Year to you and less time for ugly feelings. La Multi Ani!

  34. 34
    @ team gerry Says:

    Looks like the losers have arrived, don’t dare say anything nice about Gerry or MG.

    Pathetic, sad people with nothing better to do than hate on people they don’t even know.Then call it gossip. Manny is their leader, they are here alright, thumbing and socking as usual. Trying to bring Gerry down and hating the fact he is in love.

    They are delusional enough to think MG is a paid escort and he really dislikes her.He is doing this for PR! Yeah right, he hates her so much that he brings her with him EVERYWHERE!

  35. 35
    kristinsnow Says:

    Beautiful couple! Hope they get married and have lots of beautiful babies. It’s time Butler!!!

  36. 36
    celestial thoughts Says:

    Sad to be blackmailed into stuff by someone half your age and dumb as a box of hair to boot. He looks like a beaten slave.

  37. 37
    Karen Says:

    @celestial thoughts:
    There’s no fool like an old fool.

  38. 38
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    Mr. Butler, you are looking especially gorgeous in these photographs. Not sure why there is so much hate for you all the time, and now your girlfriend as well, but I say good on you. Hoping that the next year will bring you movie roles that you can embrace. As somebody once said, Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right.

  39. 39
    sourgrapes and bitters Says:

    abandon hope all ye who enter here………..

  40. 40
    hey macaroni Says:

    give kim kardash a call she can give you a few tips on how to catch a famous manh/o

  41. 41
    justme Says:

    I hope he is happy but he’s pulling an unsuccessful Clooney. If thats who he wants kudos to him but I think somewhere Leo and Adrian are thinking…that dumb ass!

  42. 42
    celestial thoughts Says:

    She looks pathetically clingy, he doesn’t return a bit of it, not a held hand , not a smile. Sad really. She has no life outside of hiding and skulking around. He doesn’t show any happiness or joy at all, seems happy with pub crawlers and random fans than with her.

  43. 43
    Alina Says:

    @Anca: I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses!

  44. 44
    @uncelestial creep Says:

    @celestial thoughts:
    she doesn’t look clingy to me. she looks gracious warm and loving. and full of joy. you’re not right in the head if you think that’s clingy. if he’s not happy, then that’s his problem. must be that early death grumpiness. but i agree that it doesn’t look right if he’s happier with his friends than with her. but maybe he’s just an attention ***** for having fun with men who can help his career instead of the woman he is represented on this board to being sleeping with.
    having a long painful week, gfw ?
    i don’t think they let snakes up into heaven. you might want to work on your slithering, snivelling self and grow up. i heard god doesn’t have much respect for murmurers.

  45. 45
    Stormy Says:

    OMG, some fans, like Alina, need to come back to reality. This is his GF whether we like it or not. He’s a smart man. If he wasn’t happy and didn’t want to be with her, he wouldn’t be. Simple! That said, sure, she’s too young for him and may be using him. Not our problem, and in the spirit of the season, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. I just want him happy; this bashing (of both of them) is getting old. Most of the regulars have left because of it. Sad.

  46. 46
    @uncelestial creep Says:

    @celestial thoughts:
    you know, gfw:
    you are more the definition of clingy. you are insecure and can’t even touch the man. while mg does more than touch him in public. she touches him in private. i’m sure they cling to each other very closely during those private moments while going at it. you on the other hand are stuck with idealized fantasy with no hope of fulfillment. that’s a one way relationship you have going there. i don’t feel the least bit sorry for you.

  47. 47
    oy Says:

    These photos prove that Napoleon Dynamite was more stylish than he is.

  48. 48
    Alina Says:

    –”OMG, some fans, like Alina, need to come back to reality. ”
    You’re wrong! I’m not a fan and have never been … But I have other reasons to be here! I am a normal woman without rose-colored glasses! You see one, I see more of it all! Will soon see who was right. But we must learn not to insult each other, to be more civilized people!

  49. 49
    Stormy Says:

    @Alina: Errr, saying that some fans need to come “back to reality” (because I’ve noticed many are in denial about GB having a GF) is NOT an insult. But now that you mention it….I’ve seen you pop up, out of nowhere, and make snarky comments to other posters. So I absolutely agree posters have to be more civilized. I’ve always have been.

  50. 50
    Francesca Says:

    He’s just afraid of a commitment maybe but she is so lovely, that old fashion Italian beauty that you don’t see any more, absolutely Stunning! She is young but not a child at 25 a smart women knows what she want. My mom give birth right after college at 23, three kids one after other. I’m 42 having no kids yet being focused on my work as a designer. I found them two genuinely beautiful people and they do not deserve your personal hate. They are free people in a relationship. And God he is not old…. he is a very attractive mature man ready to have kids, love happens, good for them!!! They are both fine and beautiful Europeans people.

  51. 51
    we just expected more Says:


    Most fans are not disappointed he has a girlfriend.

    The problem is who he has selected to present to the world(finally!!) as his girlfriend.

    Most of his fans want him to settle down and have a steady girl.

    His girlfriend has pissed off fans that have followed him for years & years.

  52. 52
    CeliaD Says:

    Madalina is looking radiant. Her smile is one of the most beautiful. It’s obvious they are in love. They are together as much as humanly possible because they want to be. Naysayers, you asked for proof and you’ve gotten it in spades the past months. God Bless them both and everyone else reading. Happy New Year!

  53. 53
    Karen Says:

    An old fashioned Italian beauty? LMAO!
    Madalina is Romanian and half her body is made out if silicone.

  54. 54
    Ggfblx Says:

    These photos give the opposite of love.
    He hasn’t seen her for nearly a week and you can tell he is not happy that she is clinging to him.
    Look at his photos with others there ,he is smiling and happy.
    With her you can tell he wants to shake her off.
    He is embarrassed ,no I give it a few weeks then he will drop her.
    Come on guys not one of these photos say “Love”
    I am also hoping he goes back to Scotland and spends New Year with family.
    Then looks in 2013 for the one.

  55. 55
    Sion Says:

    Well I was expected him to settle down with somebody sincere like Jennifer Aniston the same age and stuff but sometimes people click to young women and that’s just not right. Team Aniston!

  56. 56
    @ggfblx Says:

    hmmm..i see love coming from her. is that the love you don’t see?
    or is it that you don’t see love coming from gb?
    which is it?
    if you say you don’t see any from her i’m gonna write you off as a delusional hater and opportunistic liar.

  57. 57
    Ggfblx Says:

    @@ggfblx: you can write me off whatever way you want.
    But no,I think she has love for him but honestly and it’s my opinion on photos I really don’t see it from him.

  58. 58
    @ggfblx Says:

    thank you for being fair
    i don’t see it from him either

  59. 59
    Kali Orexi Says:

    He looks very tired and should stop colouring his hair, I like it when it shows some grey. Love his smile

  60. 60
    bystander Says:

    Happy New Year everyone!

    These two both look happy enough to me, but considering the vacuous party, freebie, hotel, airport , no ‘work’, PR driven, let’s escape the family egotistic lifestyle they lead, I hold out much less hope now that this is a lifechanging relationship for Gerry. Shame because he needs something or someone to shake him out of this shallow downwards rut he lives in.

    Fingers crossed and best wishes all.

  61. 61
    Leo Says:

    You have to place his atitude in the event context, we were’nt there to hear why he’s laughing so hard in the other pics and why he’s serious in the ones with the girlfriend but sure enough she would’nt be there without his invitation!!! YES she really is STUNNING and Feminine too! Love the pics from Kari Orexi

  62. 62
    carrie Says:

    i didn’t know Butler was so popular (so many comentaries)

  63. 63
    Viewfrom Says:

    well done Gerry – just the sort of family values pics we need on the launch eve of your latest romcom. Family friendly posing with MG jsut to cement the wholesome content of your movie. Now, the UK and European distributors have all the fun of selling your movie. Well, you are already on to the next one – punting around for business on OHF. Lets hope that that is better than this one.

  64. 64
    Derwisch Says:

    @Kali Orexi:
    “He looks very tired and should stop colouring his hair, I like it when it shows some grey.”


  65. 65
    blake Says:

    I think OHF is gonna flop big time just like his last couple of movies.GB and his fans shouldn’t get their hopes high.and as for his personal life , he can go globe trotting with MG as much as he wants nobody cares because in the end he’s gonna be 4gotten.A year or 2 or 3 down the road they’re gonna post his pic on some gossip site with a headline like
    “What happened to Gerard Butler?”. atelast thats what I think.

  66. 66
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Derwisch: Sorry, you’ve lost me here. What do you mean with full ack?

  67. 67
    Eye Roll Says:

    She’s cozying up to him quite a bit…seems like she wants to be sure to get in the shot. He’s smiling in the other photos but not with her.

    Word is that fans observed them at the Naples port in the dead of night and they were definitely NOT lovey-dovey.. He had arrived from London, she had flown in from Milan. Two cars met them at the airport . At the Naples port she walked far ahead of the group and carried her own luggage and he trailed behind the group with two assistants and was in no hurry to join up with her on the boat to Capri.

    However, once the photogs were there…

    I wish Gerard was above all of this fakery.

  68. 68
    WTF Says:

    @Eye Roll: What’s going on here? Why do you think they’re faking a relationship?

  69. 69
    Alina Says:

    @WTF: It’s fake, I also know it … Are you still in doubt?

  70. 70
    Ultanon Says:

    Who thinks they are faking a relationship? They look like a normal happy couple. She’s beautiful.

  71. 71
    Alina Says:

    @Ultanon: Beauty-loose concept! Beautiful when the real beauty, not silicone, bought for $ $ $ $.Ugh!

  72. 72
    Eye Roll Says:

    Gerard seeks a new image as stable, bankable person and Madalina needs a stepping stone. He does not even speak her name in interviews.

  73. 73
    Terrible truth Says:

    Strange poses on this photos and Gerry looks unhappy, no sparkle in his eyes. This is sad end of the year.

  74. 74
    Terrible truth Says:

    I meant Gerry looks sad on the photos with a woman.

  75. 75
    Terrible truth Says:

    Best wishes for a New Year to all!

  76. 76
    Leo Says:

    Alina you can put as much silicone as you like it would not change the structure of the body, the height, the eyes and the expression or the smile. Then you can put silicone on all women out there they are still not going to look like Madalina!!!!
    You just don’t like her and you have hard feelings here so why don’t you call her and tell her your feeling or even you could call him and tell him what to do about it. Uf these ugly Hollywood silicon lady ….they are all are going after the wrong man or the other way.

  77. 77
    AA Says:

    Considering the dm photos,in some you can see MGs right hand,could this be an engagementring? I hope not,cause 8 months of dating is a bit short for deciding to get married.

  78. 78
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @sad: Agree with post 14.Sigh….

  79. 79
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @DocP: Post 19.I agree with you as well,”He looks in love with himself”.She on the other hand looks smitten.Maybe she’s playing for the cameras.

  80. 80
    AA Says:

    @Untamable Shrew: Maybe she is just in love.

  81. 81
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @AA: Maybe,time will tell.

  82. 82
    Derwisch Says:

    @Kali Orexi:

    “full ack” or “fullack” is the abbreviated version of full acknoledgement. It means, I totally agree with your opinion.

  83. 83
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    Oh well about Gerry’s love life anymore.With all the flops he’s doing,his personal life seemed more interesting.But that is predictable as well.Old man with young girl.Young girl gets break into movies.Old man gets really old,young girl leaves old man and moves on to greener pastures.Old man stars on VH1 where are they now.

  84. 84
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Derwisch: thanks Derwisch, I’d never heard of it (English second language) .

  85. 85
    Funny as He!l Says:

    @Untamable Shrew:
    She very well could be in love, she’s young and impressionable and the fact is Gerry can be charming when he wants to be. I’m sure he doesn’t treat her poorly. It’s only after he starts lying to her that we will see how “in love” she will still be. Gerry just doesn’t strike meas a sincere guy, but time will tell.

  86. 86
    NYE Says:

    “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha
    –If GB is seeking spiritualism in 2013 I hope he succeeds.

  87. 87
    DocP Says:

    @Untamable Shrew:
    everytime i see a picture og him, or read an article. he comes off as being full of himself, he’s so much into status and name dropping that I can’t even watch his interviews anymore. Its to bad because he use to be a nice guy at least thats the way he came off, now its jus about being “a big movie star”. I guess another one bites the dust:(

  88. 88
    my take Says:

    @AA: She gets paid to wear jewellry to events, rings are just part of it. This is just another promotional opportunity for the opportunist. The only way GB is going to marry this one is if she has so much blackmail material on him he doesn’t have the balls to call her bluff. Funny how Kanye and Gerry are sharing the same expressions on their faces lately. Gerry and Kanye grow a pair and run. The truth is better than this.

  89. 89
    dargabriel Says:

    Gerard looks miserable, eating too much of the kitty is not good for the butler, those essence to him are poison, he ignores karma and his spiritual quest, he will falter,tsk,tsk. he looks sickly, be prepared, he will answer alot for his ignorance. Butler looks more pulled then I’ve ever seen, no glow what so ever, wrong one butler and you know this. Good luck anyways. Happy day to all and hi connie I hope all is great with you. No need for challenges, besides remember the wonderful phone convo we had. Keep the peace oh and I hope your classes are going great. And what you saw in my eyes, your words, i see peace in your eyes and someting you said you saw you couldn’t explain but you said peace, I thank you for that. Also wondering did you hook up with the man I describes. Tall lighter hair, good looking, a special attraction. Take care. Love,dar

  90. 90
    Seriously Says:

    They are spending every minute they can together; it is obviously the real thing. They look wonderful together. Personally, I feel very sweet vibes with Madalina.

  91. 91
    my take Says:

    @Seriously: Ooh is she aiming them right at you? PMSL. Sweet as a viper in for the kill.

  92. 92
    Yikes Says:

    @Seriously: Then you must be the only one on the planet feeling “sweet” vibes, lol. You must be very naive.

  93. 93
    hahahahaha Says:

    I’m pretty sure her “vibes” could cut through the lime scale in my bathroom.

  94. 94
    Me so good Says:

    @my take:

    I do not think she is paid for wearing jewelry at the events, she is too small fish for this.

  95. 95
    DoRaMe Says:

    Two interpretations. He is the type of man that can take for granted and demand a lot from the ones he loves. hence, she walking ahead of him often, flying to his beckon call, or he is not showing affection in photos but gleeful with others. High maintenance and rich men do that very often.

    Or he has to show some stability while she wants HW press. They take care of their needs as a business arrangement. Emotions can come into play even with that arrangement.

  96. 96
    pair Says:

    #88: agree with last two sentences!

  97. 97
    Me so good Says:

    She has not style:

    1/ the coat does not fit the style of the dress, the dress is feminine and the coat is manlike.
    2/ the shoes…, oh God, why does she wear open shoes like that? No style at all.

    I am not evil or whatever, I just have good taste and knowlegeabe in the fashion.

    I like this guy Ariel Vromen., he is good for Gerry. I have seen them together somewhere before. Maybe he is Gerry’s twinflame :)))

    Happy New Year, dear JJ readers and writers!

  98. 98
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @89….I remember the phon con Dar, all 3 of us had. How my friend also called you a liar and a fraud. Just like they do on this board and done to Cleo. And also how you prided yourself using Tarot and the Quija. And noagain all your predictions were off/lies then also. My BF is dark haired, blue eyes. And I never said peace to you at anytime….I warned you not to dable in what you were and still are. My friend also challenged you, which would explain much of what is happening to u now. She told you you being a hypocrite and doing God as you have will catch up with you. And it is.

    One minute you are talking the light crap and the next lying, throwing out predictions and threatening/name calling because they called it as they see it also. A spade. In this case Dar, you are the Black Widow….You are something that needs serious help. And pretending to be something you are not and then pulling the crap you have is pretty much enough proof. So, I suggest you back off, again your immaturity is showing….and your nostrils definitely are flaring. I saw nothing in your eyes, because it was a phoncon you dolt…… but I am sure like you have said they are brown it is because you are full of yourself. What I did see was a poor shell of a human being who though says at times has a happy life is not really. That her lifes true mission os to make others miserable. Take your lies and your BS back to the outhouse where you found it. And also, again, calling me by my first name agaain shows the type of person you are…..immature and empty.
    I cant put your name out because it includes a jail house #. Now, keep bringing on your rendition. I called you a liar and hypocrite then and I am now. My friend called you worse. Sugar coat to others, not me.



  99. 99
    DocP Says:

    Guys wise up about this man , he treats woman like they are objects. He doesn’t have respect for woman he dates and sleeps with. That’s why he doesn’t look all smitten and happy. He will be nice to his fans because he’s not stupid he knows they are his bread and butter, but don’t kid yourself into thinking he’s a “catch”. He will make every woman he sleeps with miserable in the end. Two words…… BAD NEWS!!!!!

  100. 100
    Hello Says:

    @DocP: I am not sure what your problem is with gb. You admitted that you don’t know anything about him and are new to the fan base. You were once asked if you ever even saw any of his movies. I rememer when you first came on board. Lots of positive things to say and you seem to be quite the bitter person now. Perhaps that was your way to get in the good graces of the posters. Now I find you tiresome, insulting with anyone who doesn’t agree with you.
    You have no idea how he treats women. You see what the tabloids put out and don’t have a clue who he has slept with or what goes on behind closed doors any more than I do.
    Of course he comes across as being full of himself. He is self deprecating, sweet and funny when he does it. He is an actor and no doubt self conscious in interview.
    The technique is often used to balance the audience judgment on a performer, after exhibiting conspicuous displays of arrogance.
    Professionals in any given field will also either avoid typical jargon and use lay terms to be understood and therefore appreciated by the masses.
    Such humour is often stereotypically associated with people from the United Kingdom.
    If anyone knows his own faults it is gb and has spoken many times about it. Of course if you don’t read the interviews, that might be another reason why you don’t know what the heck you are talking about.
    gb is also a Scotsman and in the end will do what he bloody well pleases and if you are a fan, will forgive him his openess and foibles. Personally those shortcomings make him more endearing.

  101. 101

    There is no spark in his eyes when he’s with her. I’ve seen pics of his former gf’s and he holds their hands or has his hand on her waist and there is genuine interest and happiness & she’s a model? Where did she learn to stand like that? There are more pics of them/her standing on the stairs awkward position too???

  102. 102
    justsayin'too Says:

    I have to say I agree with most posters here. I think MG is pretty and one of the prettiest he has dated considering he has pretty bad taste in women for some strange reason. I thought maybe he found the one in this one as she fits his type. However, picture after picture shows no chemistry between them. She is always posing and if you notice they don’t touch each other the way a normal loving couple touches. It always looks so contrived. Time will tell of course and I could be wrong and they are a true couple but I just don’t see it in any pictures. Maybe they look more in love in private.

  103. 103
    Happy Effing NY! Says:

    @DocP: I agree with you! He’s trying to make some kind of “statement” it seems. His look to the camera says it all…”See me? I can commit! I’m not a lothario!” But yet he misses the point with his choice. And she’s trying to calm down the whole pseudo “sluuty” look and gain more respect as she cops a more wholesome look. And the big smile is a message to his fans, plain and simple.

    This is a train wreck waiting to happen. If G gets more serious with this girl past using her to up his image, he’s going to fulfill one of his own proficies.

    Her looks says, “See, I finally bagged him, betches!”

    His looks says, “See, I’m stud enough to bag a model!”

    Very sad and so very superficial and as someone sad, quite a nice pressy to his fans for the New Year.

  104. 104
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

  105. 105
    DocP Says:

    I don’t know who your confusing me with but nothing you just posted is accurate about me. I’ve been a Gerry watcher for 10 years, I’ve been to several of the GALS conventions. I have taken courses as well as read papers regarding human behavior and how to read people. Actors are crafty, they know how to lie and fool the audience, they even fool them selves most times. Obviously these views are based on my own observations. At one time I would have defended him against negative posters but after watching the same old character from him, I see him in a different light. My first opinion way back from seeing him in the Lara Croft movie was that he was full of himself, I blew him off until I saw him in POTO, then I started watching him more closely. Truthfully he had me fooled but over the years I’ve watched and read gossip mags where he clearly doesn’t want a serious relationship. He has developed a reputation for shag and bag um, I always hear that he’s at the annual Victoria Secret Show, and he has yet to tell the truth about what his ideal girl is. Sorry but the guy is a shallow shell, first impressions are usually right and that’s what I saw when I saw him over 10 years ago.
    Btw, you need to shorten your posts, wayyyyyy to long

  106. 106
    Happy Effing NY! Says:

    @we just expected more: I totally agree with you! Choosing this girl will tell alot about him and all those negative things that have been said about him over the years may be more true then his fans wanted to believe. We always wanted him to fall in love and be happy but this “girl” is just that. She’s been taunting his fans for months now and I’m beginning to believe he condones it. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of his fan sites shut down if he ever announces an engagement to her. He’s shooting himself in the foot yet again.

  107. 107
    dargabriel Says:

    @Maggie P.U.: ok how about this you have a favorite aunt who is very precious to you, shes heavy set and lovely, she made a trip to see u in southern cal, sound like a lie?

  108. 108
    Happy Effing NY! Says:

    Maybe he’s trying to make his “twin flame” jealous! Maybe he figures if he flaunts his tart enough, she’ll get up off her **** and finally meet up with him? JUST JOKING, PEOPLE! Happy New Year, all!

  109. 109
    dargabriel Says:

    Oh sweets also you’re a virgo, I remember things. You are of native american tribe. And have strong energies. Gave up everything to move to southern cal, fresh start, you have a daughter, please tell me if ‘i’m wrong, because if I am truly a liar and you’re telling the truth great for you, but I must say I do have a vivid memory of speaking to you. Dar

  110. 110
    DocP Says:

    Btw, you don’t have to read my posts, you can just skip them. I know there are some posters here that I don’t agree with. Mostly an old poster who used the moniker LOL! She was very abusive to many of the posters here who didn’t agree with her. She seemed a bit obsessed with MG. just to make it clear, I’ve always thought Gerry was full of himself, I just hoped he would grow out of it. It doesn’t seem like he’s going to. The Peter Pan syndrome I guess, a lot of guys have it. Cute at first, boring after awhile.

  111. 111
    DocP Says:

    @Happy Effing NY!:
    Thanks, great minds think alike :))))

  112. 112
    31 Says:

    With the way things are it doesn’t seem GB would even have a desire to meet his twin flame. Did he ever want to meet her I wonder?

  113. 113
    The Noise In the Walls Says:

    Just popping in to Say Happy New Year JJer’s..

    Just wanted to clarify something..

    The Italian press has mentioned what an ‘Italian” beauty Ms Madalina is and an up incoming actress…Wrong..She’s Romanian and an under wear model who’s bed hopped her way from that Italian singer Eros to Leo DiCaprio and Adrian Brody….etc……Gerry is no they probably do deserve each other…His life…his choice….but wow….talk about throwing it all away…

    Stay healthy, happy and may the New Year bring Joy…:)

  114. 114
    dargabriel Says:

    @Maggie P.U.: i won’t speak to you anymore, you are a very mean person, good riddence.

  115. 115
    Okay, I'll Bite Says:


  116. 116

    @Okay, I’ll Bite: it’s just something to do until a different/better one comes along…his behavior reminds me of high school/college dating…holds on until totally bored a better skilled flirt comes along.

  117. 117

    besides some people don’t like to be alone during the holidays…family & friends can only be so much…

  118. 118
    DocP Says:

    @Okay, I’ll Bite:
    Oh oh, I have a hypothesis. I think he prefers fake relationships to real ones that way he won’t fall in love. That way he will never know the pain that you get when someone you love leaves you. Much like the pain he must have felt when his Dad left. Just a thought.

  119. 119
    Flash Dancer Says:

    His movie sucks. No one will see it. A paid escort is there to get publicity. Would you go see this movie or see Skyfall or Hobbit. The only way he gets attention is to parade a girl half his age. The dirty old man in the bar that drinks to much, hits on everything that moves.

  120. 120
    ?? Says:

    No matter which side of the GB, MG coin you people come down on, you all seem angry and hostile.What’s up with that?

  121. 121
    ?? Says:

    @Flash Dancer: I saw his movie and enjoyed it. Neither Skyfall nor the Hobbit stuff interest me.

  122. 122
    Annie Mouse Says:

    Does anyone here really think this thing with whatsherface is a set up? With his history and his lawyer background would he really go along with this kind of set up and for how long? I mean considering her back history, age and all where’s the benefit? I can see what hers would be, but trying to snow people into believing she’s going make him look more stable and mature? Are people that stupid that they would buy that? In this day and age I guess anything goes and maybe they really enjoy each other. Put whatever connotation on that you want to, but if he’s willing to put her out there as his “Girlfriend” for public consumption what are we really expected to think? Is it a setup, blackmail or the real thing? Are his PR people that desperate? We can speculate til the cows come home, but what he really needs to do is clean up his act and is she really going to help in that process? Weird!

  123. 123

    if GB were dating someone other than MG would there be some much negative comments here? After all Johnny Depp (48/49??) is dating an actress in her 20′s, Jason Statham is dating a 23?? yr old model…just wondering if…

  124. 124
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @114…oh that hurt! NOT! Remember your words this time Dar and try to keep them. And I’d rather be mean than a shell of a person like you…living in a self made up world….. Holding u to your word, which you have never kept in the past. Just review your previous posts where you have said never coming back…..



  125. 125
    just mho Says:

    @Annie Mouse: I would think if he and his peeps wanted a new image for him, they would have picked someone more acceptable and likeable to play the gf role.They aren’t stupid, I’m sure Alan would know the lingerie model would not fly with his fan base.

  126. 126
    DocP Says:

    @TRULY INTERESTED: actually I know people who personally do ave an issue with Johnny Depp dating a much younger girl, just friends from work and school. As far as Jason Statham, I think Rosie is just so cute it’s hard to not understand why he wouldn’t be attracted to her. Plus she’s a model who already made a name for herself here in the US, so no one sees her as a go,d digger trying to use Jason to get her a movie gig. I don’t think she even wants to be an actress.

  127. 127
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    107-109….Yes lies. The convo was all about how men abused you and how GB and you talked….that he came to you with his problems. Aunt never came here, and your point is? I know exactly what was said and the convo with 3 people involved centered mostly on you talking about GB commmunicating with you……and you told me of women confiding in you and you blessed them…. Yes, you are a liar. Now, what did you say in post 114, you will not speak to me anymore…good riddance.

    Well then, do what you say and say what you mean. For once.



  128. 128

    @DocP: yes, but…are neg. comments the same (more or less) on the jj thread of those 2? As for Jason.mmm…too bad…I like him too, but come on…a 20 something…don’t 30-45 yr old have anything to offer? Yes, I do think so, but it’s just my opinion.

  129. 129
    A. Vromen. Says:

    Of course he doesn’t. Because she’s a beard, i.e., a fake girlfriend who’s been hired to be seen with him in order to deflect the gay rumors that have been plaguing him since the days of Dracula 2000. Butler is trying to make a career comeback and he has to play by Hollywood’s rules now. If you don’t believe it, compare he and his “lady friend’s” photos to those of celebrities that are REALLY together like Naomi Watts and Liev Shrieber.
    Do they seem staged? Are the photos overly posed and stylized? Do the smiles and hugs seem forced? Are they staring directly at the photographer? Does it seem as though they are trying to be seen?

  130. 130
    lisalue Says:


    he was never with Jennifer Aniston; she wished. I like to think he has better taste then that. He looks happy. Aniston is with her paid loser..

    good for you Gerry.

  131. 131
    celestial thoughts Says:

    @@uncelestial creep:

    Wow you really missed your calling as crappy romance novelist. I really am not that into him. He’s attractive, he’s not my ex husband. Sheesh. If you have followed this whole thing the set is really weird and they deserve comments as their weirdness invites it.

    Knock yourself out though. At least I own’t get herpes from him this way as so many other shave.

  132. 132
    celestial thoughts Says:


    You need to see her before pictures befor you say that.

  133. 133
    DocP Says:

    What can I say, men are shallow. They are trying to recoup the youth they will never get back.

  134. 134

    May all of you have a SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE & quiet NEW YEAR’S DAY to rest.

  135. 135

    @DocP: yeah…that’s too bad though : (

  136. 136
    Justme Says:

    Ok here goes. I don’t beleve he’s in a fake anything, I nthink he really likes her. Maybe he lost out on a lot of fun by hiding girls and he’s learned. IF Kim K can screw Kenye anything is possible. Will it last probably not, she’s 24. Look at what she said about traveling to see AB it’s no different. He has taken girls places and they’ve lived with him, no difference either. Is hesure sh’ed for him doubt it. Think about the interview when he said he hoped this wasn’t a mistake, it’s already on his mind. He’s just thinking he’s got something because he thinks she’s so beautiful, etc. She thinks she’s got something also, only time will tell. There will definately be some trust issues is she knows anything about his past with maried people ad if he knows hers with married men. They respect no boundaries, thats what will do them in.

  137. 137

    Good night all…

    all we can do is wait for the New Year & see what he does…the holidays will be over & he needs to start working again. On what? Well, he has to work to find it…again without her as a distraction.

  138. 138
    celestial thoughts Says:

    @Okay, I’ll Bite:

    HE’S GAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. 139
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing you all a prosperous New Year.

  140. 140
    Justme Says:

    @Trying to figure it out: You also and be safe everyone! Pray that our world finds peace and pray for those who are less fortunate the abused and unloved that they find happiness!

  141. 141
    cupcake Says:

    Well ladies 2012 is almost over. Looking forward to 2013. Wishing all the regulars and the newbies a happy and healthy New year’s. To Gerry I hope 2013 is a better year for you in all aspects. Love cupcake

  142. 142
    beautiful Says:

    @Justme: You know the sad part.. children

    If one act like that and the other was stable — it could work but
    both these people being with married people, then with this one and then with that one and being superficial and into being porn or with a porn star…….those would be some kids with a hell of alot of problems

    Before getting into a serious relationship especially if you are wanting a family….people need to look at this and say how would my children be

    Gerard has flaws but if he had daughters with this person and he is a respectable man or wants to be a respectable…who would think about this first. The same vice versa she should think about if she had sons — would you want them disrespecting women

    ……she is a pretty girl but i do not think he is the one for her…….

    There is too much damage between these two people

    I mean I wish GB the best and I know many are saying stay on a positive note. I can I wish him the best but both these people need to find them someone else who can help them grow

    I do think this girl will be hurt….she is too young for this and needs to find someone who actually cares for her and stop letting men pass her around like that……. it may be some sort of fun to her but mentally it will catch up with her….

  143. 143
    DocP Says:

    Same to you cupcake, stay safe and warm!!!!

  144. 144
    beautiful Says:

    Happy New Year to All!! Blessings, Love and Peace in this coming New Year!

    May God Bless this Earth and Heal It. Wishing Everyone Prosperity, Success and Love, Light in their Lives! God Bless!

  145. 145
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @TRULY INTERESTED: Post 123,lot of fans thought he was different..He became too Hollywood and shallow.More interested in where the next great party than the next great script.Just like the women.He’s more interested in the next sex model 20 year old than a great woman.His ego must be fed at all times.

  146. 146
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @lisalue: Post 130,pray tell why his finger was way up up her butt then?Good friends?Bahhh.Good friends with benefits.

  147. 147
    Kali Orexi Says:

    Happy New Year JJers, I had a wee dram of whiskey at midnight (Scottish tradition, I live in Aberdeen) and champagne. I hope all your dreams, hopes and wishes will come true this year. Gerry, I hope your next film won’t be a flop and that you will find what you are so desperately looking for. Peace ***

  148. 148
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @Kali Orexi: You seem like a nice poster.Happy New Year’s to you and all the posters here.

  149. 149
    Leftovers Says:

  150. 150
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Untamable Shrew: Thank you US, I am a GB fan sinds I saw him in Mrs Brown but am not putting him on a pedestal as I know all too well we’re human beings and we all make mistakes. Heck, I’ve made plenty! I love GB as an actor, not really that interested in his private life but I do wish for him to settle down with a down to earth person who will tell him right from wrong and for him to stop being so insecure. Hollywood f*cks up so many people and if you are insecure, you will fall for that unfortunately…..

  151. 151
    Huh oh Says:

    @Leftovers: for once she isn’t looking at the camera, but why is eyeing Ariel ?

  152. 152
    Justme Says:

    @beautiful: I agree. I think she will be the one to get hurt. She probably is a nice girl I won’t bash her I dont’ know her. The life she is living may be all she knows and when I think about when I was 24, hell I threw panties to the four corners of the earth and screwed out of both drawer legs. He is older so he has the advantage. Of course she is in love with him, he’s ahandsome guy, successful and she’s thinking he choose me.I don’t think he really meant to come out with her it sort of happened and once out it was what it was. I think he cares for her maybe even love (depending on what he calls love) and if he married her I don’t think it would last. He would get bord and her clingyness would gt to him.

    does anyone remember the story about the girl in Brazil who he made think he was going to marry her and then dumped her? Or the interview where he basically told a girl it wasn’t all that? He has an ego and a cruel streak that I don’t think has gone away so in all reality I will feel sorry for her. No one deserves to have their feelings played with like that.

  153. 153
    Capri Says:

    @Huh oh:

    TODAY ISRAELI DIRECTOR ARIEL VROMEN TO RECEIVE THE CAPRI AWARD 2012 – Breakout Director of the Year for the movie “THE ICEMAN”

    Photo: Ray Liotta, Ariel Elad Vromen Chris Evans, Winona Ryder, Michael Shannon

    MG shared the above photo on her FB page!/MadalinaDianaGheneaOfficial?fref=ts

  154. 154
    Savages Says:

    Madelina Ghea is hot hot hot!
    Freida pinto is an ugly untalented slum girl.
    People call her ‘beautiful’ out of pity. Gerrard would look great with an hot indian like PC or Aishwarya if he likes indians. I heard he likes indian chicks. But Freida is not beautiful or even talented. Madelina is hot!

  155. 155
    my take Says:

    @just mho: If his team was so smart his career wouldn’t be in the sad place it is, think about it some more.

  156. 156
    my take Says:

    @Huh oh: She sees the Oscar gold potential.

  157. 157
    my take Says:

    Besides smarter to date producers and directors than actors and Gerry’s producer days are over for now. Too bad she didn’t play her cards right with Haggis.

  158. 158
    my take Says:

    Happy New Year Y’All and let me leave this with you,
    GB and MG are as real as Kanye and Kim. Does that make you feel better?

  159. 159
    celestial thoughts Says:

    Not really, more worthless bimbos that lay on their back rather than earn anything.

  160. 160
    celestial thoughts Says:

    @Justme: That’s why deserves to have his heart broken, he’s done it to so many.

  161. 161
    glaswegian Says:

    who is not in Scotland this NYE, so I guess Butler did not show up again. Really I wish he just wouldn’t mention it each time he goes home for Xmas, it does get stale and people think he is being real.

  162. 162
    Sassita Says:

    @glaswegian: How can anyone take him seriously or believe what he says? All he does is contradict himself. He’s the biggest fakeout star of all time.

  163. 163
    Alina Says:

    Happy New Year, all! Be happy!

  164. 164
    beautiful Says:

    Happy New Year!!!!! Peace, Love and Happiness to Everyone!

  165. 165
    celestial thoughts Says:

    I’m starting to lean more to Rick Zano from Two Broke Girls. He’s younger hot and normal with a girl. He dated Haylie Duff for 4 years.

  166. 166
    wow Says:

    gerard really likes the angelina jolie type, thats he just ignored aniston’ advances when they were filming TBH. he doesnt like the fake blonde boring type like aniston. aniston even invited him to her private bday party in cabo, but he did not go for her. he had a big crush on angie and now he’ s got a look a like.

  167. 167
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    It’s 2013 on the east coast JJers! Happy New Year to all of you!

  168. 168
    Kristen Says:

    Madalina looks like Angelina Jolie IN HER DREAMS! The ony thing they have in common are big lips.
    And if Gerard didn’t like fake he wouldn’t be “dating” MG.
    (By the way, Jennifer Aniston’s body is real and so is Jolie’s.)

  169. 169
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Well gals, a couple more hours for me and thought I would wish you all a blessed and healthy year ahead. Some of us have stuck together through thick and thin and others have left for different pastures. Doesn’t matter, in the end we are all here for the same reason. Some names I don’t recognize any more but the wish is still the same.
    I do wish Gerry a wonderful year ahead and all the joy this life affords as well as for you all.
    Shout out for Lolita, Cupcake, Angelsrock, Autumn, God Bless you all, and know I am missing a lot of gals, so forgive. I have posted this before but love it so much so will post it again as my new year wish for you all.

  170. 170
    celestial thoughts Says:

    @wow: They got it on in the back of a limo. Anything with a meat napkin is his type.

  171. 171
    saints preserve us! Says:

  172. 172
    Karen Says:

    @saints preserve us!:
    I guess you missed this part of the article:
    “UPDATE 01/01/2013 : This story seems to be false.”

  173. 173
    Karen Says:

    @saints preserve us!:
    The source of the story was a media satire site.

  174. 174
    Justine Says:

    @Leftovers: He looks happy and she wore a lot of rings.

    She looks elated!

    He enjoys being youthful with her. None of his close friends are over 40. Capri in the New year is spectacular.

    It is a pathetic romance but it is one.

  175. 175
    malory Says:

    Madalina doesn’t look like Angelina Jolie. She does, however, look like Oksana Grigorieva.

  176. 176
    Hogmanay Says:

    Hogmanay, Gerry!
    Now you have your own “snake”! Enjoy it! She already has entangled you all! You have become a laughing stock, and your films flops! And now you can say “thanks ” this snake Madi. You cherished on his bosom a huge snake! Wake up, Gerard, don’t be a rag. She wiped her feet on you! I pity you!
    With a year of SNAKES you,Gerry!!!

  177. 177
    lolita Says:

    Happy and blessed New Year everyone♥♥

  178. 178
    Phoenix Says:

    Morning Y’all!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed New Year!

    2012 was not a banner year for our Scotsman, was it? Let’s hope things will be looking up for him this new year. I am really hoping “OHF” does well- I sincerely do. I also hope he can pull his balls together enough to get his professional career back on track, I’m not even gonna say anything about his personal life- we all know what needs to happen there.

    I am personally looking for better days this year, and I wish the same for everyone else!

    Have a great day!

  179. 179
    celestial thoughts Says:

    @Justine: That none of his friends are over speaks volumes. Shows what an idiot HE is. First of all, if true, means he can’t maintain a relationship with anyone longterm , not even mates, or pals from school, or growing up, IN ONE PLACE, for 25 years. It makes him look pathetic. Young is great, inept and unsocilized is another.

  180. 180
    Sassita Says:

    @malory: She looks beautiful. He’s been with her most of the past year so I’d say they are in love regardless of how much it bothers some on this board. Get used to it, she’s not going away anytime soon. It looks like he’s the one doing all the chasing. I bet he’s thrilled to have her on his arm.

  181. 181
    Ggfblx Says:

    @Sassita: Sorry Sassita I would like nothing more than to see him look at someone and see the love .But I just don’t see it
    Word in Scotland is he is getting paid to be with her and that it ends soon.
    Happy New Year to all,lets hope it’s a guid un.

  182. 182
    Sassita Says:

    @DocP: That’s probably the smartest comment here. You nailed Gerry as he is.

  183. 183
    too funny Says:

    clearly a hoax site look at the other headlines

    Gerard Butler Highest Paid Actor
    Gerard Butler Dies at 43 – are they consulting psychics now?

  184. 184
    @celestial thoughts Says:

    What are you on about? He is surrounded by friends in Capri, including his girlfriend and best friend.

  185. 185
    Lou Says:

    Gerry has many friends from before he became an actor and he sees them every time he’s back in Scotland. I was told by a friend who used to work with him that when he was a lawyer in Edinburgh he had a long term girlfriend (some people apparently think they were actually married) but they split because of his drinking. Ever since, every woman he has dated he has compared to her and none can hold a candle to her in his estimation. He still loves her after all these years and that’s the reason he cannot commit to a relationship. He certainly deserves better than Madalina who is just a gold digger and apparently there is a web site from her days as a prostitute where you can see how much she charged for her services.

  186. 186
    hit and run Says:

    @@celestial thoughts: More like parasites. But that is just par for the course.

  187. 187
    beautiful Says:

    @Lou: he appears to be the type that would have many friends….he is too jolly and beautiful in heart.

    is the friend still available for him? it is nice to hear “beautiful decent” things that a person once had

  188. 188
    Sassita Says:

    @Lou: Oh FFS!

    Maddie wasn’t a prostitute or an escort. For the last time, some jerk in Norway stole Maddie’s pic and put it on a site “for escorts”.

    Stop the lie. It’s not true and your continued spouting of this lie makes you look dumber than dirt. You probably think that Earth is flat, too.

  189. 189
    mho Says:

    @Sassita: Amen. I will never believe Mads was ever a prostitute because I have a brain. Your explanation is the truth. Some people will believe any rotten thing about her. I’m no fan of hers, but that story is just absurd.

  190. 190
    Sassita Says:

    @mho: Exactly. I’m not a fan of hers either but I’m not a hater. I’m just sitting back waiting for them to break up because I don’t see him as the marrying kind.

  191. 191
    me Says:

    @mho: true. there’s a difference in not having the best morals and in being a paid hooker. She may have slept her way but she’s no paid fun for random johns.

  192. 192
    FYI Says:

    @Sassita: Actually the rumors had been circulating before that discovered. Many beautiful models and actresses make “income” on the side whether it is more of a sugar daddy type arrangement or just a pay for sex pay for companionship type deal. Many of these women live beyond their means, they get used to luxury and designer brands and when it is a long time between gigs it’s a way to supplement their income. Tara Reid is the poster girl for the first scenario. The younger and more attractive you are of course the better sugardaddy, younger maybe even handsome you will get and well on the flip side you take what you can get. In fact they say some very successful actresses have that dirty little secret in their closet and others are actually quite open about it.

  193. 193
    beautiful Says:

    @Ggfblx: …Ggfblx and Hogmanay. It is good to know the truth…i believe what your saying.

    someone had posted recently that every time gerry pledges something (as Hogmanay) she does something so to ruin his image and “make him out of a liar”…..i take it gerry did not show up (ooooh Lord…)

    it sounds like she “damage” him yesterday/last night (going against his pledge, his start of soul-searching

    if he did not show up and he is being paid. she 100% did that to humiliate him before his nativeland. this parasite is hitting on every level. Scotland please do not believe this…..please…..that is a shame…..there is some evil people in this world.

    if he was paid to help her…it seems she was paid in turn to hurt him….
    Gerry has been known to “help people”…taking kindness for weakness…

    Scotland pass this around to warn Gerry….this is the kind of parasite (being nice on the word…it is a New Year) especially if a contract is about to end…would try something as to drug him and try to get pregnant….this is a dirty dirty dirty person. Mel Gibson to Oksana

    You know what good friends and love does not fail….because Mel’s ex-wife (the mother of his many children) rose up for Mel….”my husband never behaved like that”….even after hurting her…that woman did such

    watch out Gerry – Scotland stay true to him….Gerry would have honored that committment….his leaving was done unpurpose…this parasite is trying to ruin him and i bet she is trying to get him back on unhealthy things to include drinking. i do not normally speak out like this but i have been around people so dirty as this

    Madalina will never be successful in Hollywood because she is well known now. She will be known as a Black Widow…hostess of parties (traps) at a young age. You sealed your fate young lady trying to hurt people and the Hollywood lights and many other lights are shining on you front and center for who you truly are a Black Widow. No Hollywood for you girl! Watch this Esme person most all too! I would sound this off all throughout Scotland…this type female makes females look bad of all ages (especially young girls/ladies)

    My take: If Gerry does not want this parasite (and i believe he does not) this is her way of rebelling. Scotland watch out – OHF is going to give Gerard his reign back on top (because he is a profound Action/Thriller actor….she is going to try and do something before that to give him a bad image….heads up!

    Why? I think there are actors scared in HW of Gerard because he is powerful…young European (to a certain degree) on American soil conquering….

    If you want to say the “word is” Scotland — Fact —— one of my friends participated on the set of OHF (not going to tell it) but she said Gerard (acting) roared some words….had everybody scared and running…nothing have even started exploding yet. He was that powerful! That is a powerful man….just the wrong people around him

  194. 194
    FYI Says:

    What is the difference – she sleeps with rich guys who pay all her expenses and buy her expensive gifts and give her career advantages – still a prostitute in the eyes of many especially if you wouldn’t sleep with that man otherwise. And if you are an actual fan of Butler hardly the kind of woman you want to see him in a longer term relationship with. Her MO is pretty clear. But if you want to see him sucked dry go ahead, cheer on.

  195. 195
    beautiful Says:

    @FYI: ….what?…..oooh goodness. here we go again. more surprises. i really am starting to like just plain normal living.

  196. 196
    beautiful Says:

    @FYI: true. @me and whoever supports this girl. i do not think people so are hating on her…as looks and a model (people don’t care these days about that – some)…it is what she is displaying/representing (Leo, Adrian, Gerard and who else).

    she is a pretty girl just dirty. her MO

    Yes – anyone who likes gerry and wants the best for him they are not going to lie on this post saying “oh what a beautiful relationship, he found class, etc.” when people are seeing what is happening before their very eyes……………btw…..has anyone seen gerry yet?

  197. 197
    JC Says:

    @beautiful: Agree with everything you said.

  198. 198
    hmmmm Says:

    What I see in these new photos is a man who´s finally tired of all the fakeness that surrounds him. For all visible, he is the only one to take a lot of punishment for a disaster like Playing For Keeps, that´s not easy for him. GB is an intelligent, passionate, phenomenal actor, just saw Machine Gun Preacher again…. Really sad.
    As for his “GF” trying so hard to cling on to him for the photos, how can it be that he seems to be almost apathetic with her at his side?…. I think for him it´s more like “business friends with benefits”, but okay it´s her home game in Italy and she´s all smiley.
    He, an opportunist in every condition of life (incl. love life) and master of PR games himself, finally played out?
    The dark side of it all will come for him, I´m afraid, it will be an eccentric breakout to soothe his nerves. Wish him all the best in 2013 and a Happy New Year to everybody!

  199. 199
    Smoking again? Says:
    Blowing out smoke, butt by his foot.

  200. 200
    JC Says:

    It makes me so sad looking at him now. I´ve certainly seen him happier than this. Wish he could shave off his beard so he at least wouldn´t look like 50. They look ridiculous together, she´s all smiles and he´s just…bleh.

  201. 201
    Happy Effing NY! Says:

    @Smoking again?: That’s what I was thinking too! I heard she’s a smoker. Nothing like co-dependency is there?

  202. 202
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Happy Effing NY!: Heard the same thing too. No way gerry is going to be able to quit for good with her smoking as well. So many negatives about all this. I can not tell you how sad I feel.
    I was thinking the other day that he was supposed to be the film embassador for Glasgow.
    Would have been a nice feather in his cap if he would have promoted himself and Glasgow in that way.
    Oh crap… just hope that OHF will do something for him on a professional level. Just don’t know what to say or think about the personal garbage.
    BEAUTIFUL: I do so love your take on things and thanks for sharing about the OHF set and the “go to ” guy we all want him to be and know he can be.

  203. 203
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Matthew 5:16

    Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

  204. 204
    goodness Says:

    @Hogmanay: Reading your post, I can only conclude that you are one nasty piece of work.

  205. 205
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Have you ever kissed a smoker? You almost want to smoke in self-defense. It’s revolting. So if Little Maddie smokes, it was just an excuse for him to start again. If she doesn’t smoke and he does, I feel sorry for her.

  206. 206
    Sassita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: So it’s Maddie’s fault that he’s a smoker? Blame everyone but Gerry for everything he does. It’s NEVER his fault…only everyone else’s. Why are you making excuses for the problems he’s created for himself?

    I’ve noticed some of you blame Maddie for his career nosediving. Blame her for his bad picks of films and his tiredness, the way he dresses etc. He’s been falling apart for years and long before he met her.

  207. 207
    Me so good Says:

    There was interesting insight from Pagan Heart/Me so bad in the previous threads about Gerry’s spirituality and special abilities, twin flame and soulmate. Would be interesting to hear more of this.

  208. 208
    Nanda Says:

    The Gerry seems uncomfortable with her ​​presence MG. It is even funny. She on the other hand strength, always porcurando flashes, it saw the pictures of the two together, she wants to appear. The photos I see the two together seems to me that he is ashamed of her, and she just wants to appear.

  209. 209
    Nanda Says:

    The Gerry seems uncomfortable with her ​​presence MG. It is even funny. She on the other hand strength, always porcurando flashes, it saw the pictures of the two together, she wants to appear. The photos I see the two together seems to me that he is ashamed of her, and she just wants to appear.

  210. 210
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Sassita: No, that is not what I implied or what I meant to imply. Just hard for a person who is addicted to smoking to be around a person who does. No one is forcing him to inhale. He is a big boy and will make his own choices good or bad in all phases of his life.
    And I do not believe that Gerry is falling apart either.

  211. 211
    beautiful Says:


    Before he met her……………….

    Before he met her……………….he was not smoking. physically fit. not drinking again (always see a soda in his hand…..)…. always dedicated in the gym.. Chasing Mavericks….he was looking “solid”….physically fit for a 40+ year old man

    He has flaws (went to rehab)….came out of rehab…BAM…..she fell from the clouds (with whoever else for him)……NOW….he looks 50, scruffy, he may have turned back to smoking/drinking on his own…..but it sure would be nice…..if he had someone to help him be strong and say “no more.”

    ……he has returned because it is called “worries.” when Gerry was filming and some would go out partying…..Gerard wanted to go home and went home own his own. he started this way before she came in the picture. Lindsay Lohan wanted him as Richard Burton…he was strong enough to say “no” politely to a long time friend, etc. at the time…he knew better…he knew it would damage his career and “Liz” did flop.

    Yes, he has flaws and does his best to not repeat. He professed soul-searching…he was to stay in Scotland…..

    This man has been fighting a battle with “HIMSELF” and was doing good….making progress

    “You are only as strong as the person next to you”

    How powerful is she as a woman and partner?

    St. Tropez – my understanding he was “on another cloud” and “drinking to the break of dawn……”

    I do not mean any harm —- but i believe some of you are getting on people’s nerves trying to promote this “Slumdog Trash.”

  212. 212
    message from dg's twin flame Says:



  213. 213
    lolita Says:

    There is a new list out for the top 25 movies to see in 2013 and OHF is not one of them, they are picking the other white house movie.
    The only thing I see in the new pics of Gerry is he looked like he mugged a hobbit for that jacket. Good grief his fashion sense is out there. I wish he would stop with the scarfs for some reason they look like rags wrapped around his neck. Not manly at all.
    Sad if he is smoking again, but since everything else seems to be going down hill that’s not a surprise. Too bad if it’s true.

  214. 214
    message from dg's twin flame Says:


  215. 215
    beautiful Says:

    …there is something she brought to oslo that was illegal.

    would have damage gerry as a spokesperson. …and of all places to bring it…..

    every event gerry goes to she is trying to cause “hell damage” to where she will destroy him

    hogmanay is now about the 12th action that is known where she has showed she wants to destroy him……

    it is no longer called “immature” it is called “want to destroy you” —- evilly manipulative somebody

    …i believe that is why he does not want to go on this paid escapade…”what are you up to now…to try and hurt me.” he rides in separate vehicles from her to probably avoid set ups

  216. 216
    beautiful Says:

    …there is something she brought to oslo that was illegal.

    would have damage gerry as a spokesperson. …and of all places to bring it…..

    every event gerry goes to she is trying to cause “hell damage” to where she will destroy him

    hogmanay is now about the 12th action that is known where she has showed she wants to destroy him……

    it is no longer called “immature” it is called “want to destroy you” —- evilly manipulative somebody

    …i believe that is why he does not want to go on this paid escapade…”what are you up to now…to try and hurt me.” he rides in separate vehicles from her to probably avoid set ups

  217. 217
    DocP Says:

    What are you talking about??

  218. 218
    cupcake Says:

    Hi ladies. How was everyones New year. Is anyone nursing a hangover?

  219. 219
    Corey Says:

    How is the movie fairing in Europe today? Thought everyone would of been all over that. Curious.

  220. 220
    question Says:

    @beautiful: Where did you hear he was drinking all night in France? Just curious as I never heard that.

  221. 221
    beautiful Says:


    …someone is intentionally doing this…

    ….it is already known that this will be a “die hard to the white house” movie because of the oustanding/powerful director “Antoine Fuqua”

    ….there our powerful actors in this movie Angela Bassett, Ashley Judd, Cole Hauser, Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler, Dylan McDermott, Robert Forster, Aaron Eckhart and phenomenal Korean actors

    ….White House Taken has great actors as well but “they are not the veterans as in OHF

    Love Channing Tatum just as welll…question “why does that 2013 top list seem personal in not listing OHF on it?” ….Antoine Fuqua takes his work seriously and is an Oscar winner for “Training Day”… their is a veteran cast and an Oscar winning director

  222. 222
    heads up Says:

    looks like the poster who calls herself ‘beautiful’ might be gfw in disguise.

  223. 223
    beautiful Says:

    @DocP: … have friends in the industry that tells me things

  224. 224
    Blue Says:

    No, I don’t drink. I did have a couple of glasses of champagne last night.

    Wonder what illegal substance Medusa the unbrushed Clingon brought. He’s such a fool. WTH is he doing at his age with such a trashy mess?

  225. 225
    heads up Says:

    could be dargabriel too with the preoccupation with ‘power’
    major turn off
    someone said they are the same person.
    its looking more and more that way to be honest

  226. 226
    Tissues Says:

    What’s em update on PFK in Erope today.

  227. 227
    beautiful Says:

    @heads up: nope just me. — seriously i do not know who is gfw. please do not think i am those people..whoever that is

    honestly — guys i have pals of mine who are in the industry. you would be surprised how working with some of the actors these people all actually become a “small community of family” when they have worked together

    i myself – do not know all of this. i cannot confirm. i questioned it myself as i said the same thing “i did not see that or hear that…”

    could be gossip…but i doubt they would not make up stuff like that…
    the only thing i could go on is that from photos… could be possible

    …as mentioned guys i have beyond several friends in acting
    …I am thinking I should have “withheld that information” ….some were just pumping this girl up and i watch this and compare to what my pals tell me (hence, this must be true what they were saying)

    —- i shall leave that alone — the private tellings. i was not there.

    take 2 -

  228. 228
    gigibee Says:

    I think some on here are going slightly mad.V entertaining though.

  229. 229
    **2013** Says:

    Happy new year everyone!!! I have a feeling he is smoking again because of the yellowing teeth. May be why he didn’t stay at his mum’s over Christmans, he may be trying to hide it, or going some where he can smoke freely. I don’t believe he is drinking again. He knows how self destructive he can be when he is drunk. He doesn’t want to live that night mare over again. Drugs???? I don’t know. I hope not.

  230. 230
    **2013** Says:

    Anyone have any guesses where he will show up next???
    Is the only color she knows to ware is black?

  231. 231
    **2013** Says:

  232. 232
    Let It Snow Says:

    @Smoking again?: Wonder what other bad habits have crawled back or never really were gone.

  233. 233
    beautiful Says:

    …i do not think brad pitt’s movies have been fairing well either.
    …maybe because angelina overshadows him so much and that woman is phenomenal….not many people comment on him or put him out there like that….

  234. 234
    Special One Says:

    People who still think Madalina is 24 are nuts. She looks 40. And she is a high class escort. Check Esme’s fb and see that she “manages” lots of girls.

  235. 235
    lolita Says:

    @beautiful: I hope OHF is a hit for Gerry. I don’t want to see it crash and burn. I believe he worked hard on it so it would be a success. I have no idea if there is some kind of agenda going on in the background that will effect the movie, I can only hope that is not the case.

  236. 236
    Food for thought today Says:

    I wonder how easy is it to buy critics. Someone mentioned that OHF is not in the top films for 2013 to watch.

    Unless both films are finished and someone has seen them both how can anyone know which of the two films are actually better? Bigger sound effects does not a better movie necessarily make.

    What is better is Sony’s bank account and potential clout. My guess is Millenium and Lerner do not have as many friends in the entertainment media, maybe Fuqua has some, but not like Sony and Roland Emmerich and Channing Tatum, and you can rest assured that Sony is going to do whatever they can to kill the chances for OHF. It is a dirty dirty world where the stakes are high. OHF does have Morgan Freeman, play the Morgan Freeman card.

  237. 237
    **2013** Says:

  238. 238
    lolita Says:

    @Food for thought today: I don’t know where the list comes from or who makes them up but there is another one with 50 movies on it and only movie 43 which Gerry was involved with is on this list . People will go to see whatever movie they think they will like regardless of what critics say, at least I do. I don’t think these lists effect the movies not mentioned. Having Morgan in any movie is a plus. Has Gerry ever worked in a movie with Sony backing it?

  239. 239
    **2013** Says:


  240. 240
    **2013** Says:

  241. 241
    **2013** Says:

    It looks like an Electronis Cigarette.

  242. 242
    **2013** Says:

    That looks like an electronic cigarette.

  243. 243
    Lou Says:

    Because there’s a but at his foot doesn’t mean that he put it there, and he’s certainly is not blowing smoke. He was at his mother’s for Christmas as he attended Mass in the village church. His mother want’s him to find a good Scots Catholic woman to settle down with and I’m sure she will have seen through Madalina.

  244. 244
    lolita Says:

    @Lou: Helen Keller could see through her.

  245. 245
    Lou Says:

    @beautiful: I believe the lady still lives in Edinburgh and has never married.

  246. 246
    Lou Says:

    @lolita: Well apparently Leo saw through her and dumped her when he found out about her past.

  247. 247
    lolita Says:

    @food for thought, your right about Sony, they were the ones connected to TBH, now we know why there was so much advertising for that movie even though it wasn’t a huge hit.

  248. 248
    Stop it Says:

    @heads up: Don’t be ridiculous. GFW has a very unique and recognizable way of writing and doesn’t need to hide. She always writes her views as herself. You must be her stalker trying to stir up trouble. Oh, and same goes for Dar. They are separate people.

  249. 249
    Bazinga Says:

    Gerry looks ill. She is draining all positive energy from him. Unless the camera is on her, she looks bored. I feel for both of them. Gerry’s first love has always been the camera and acting…she will always be second fiddle to him. In not one picture with her is he smiling. This is not a happy couple, the look they are projecting is NOT good. I wish them both luck in 2013, He more than deserves it, and she needs it…she’s getting to be an old lady in the model world.

  250. 250
    Food for thought today Says:

    @lolita: The Bounty Hunter, sorry.

  251. 251
    beautiful Says:

    @Lou: it would be so nice to see gerry in a calm, peaceful and loving life and relationship.

    …i think he is actually getting tired of that life (plastic life)….. he just simply wants to act

    ….mum is strong

  252. 252
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @FYI: I agree with post 194.I could swallow*cough *cough,her being 24 or 25,but knowing that she’s a serial dater of Hollywood -a wanna be actress or laughable supermodel(isn’t everybody taking that badge of honor now)well,my guard goes up of her motives.Gerry’s a big boy and I know he’s not dumb,but his middle age crisis is really clouding his judgement on this one.Gerry doesn’t look younger but older with her.

  253. 253
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Lou: Is that true? #245

  254. 254
    lolita Says:

    @Food for thought today: Oh no, thanks for responding.

  255. 255
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hey Ducky, how are you? Hope your holiday was a happy, restful one.

  256. 256
    Lou Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    I have no reason to disbelieve it. The person who told me knew them both very well when they were together and is still in contact with the lady.

  257. 257
    DocP Says:

    You misunderstand my comment. I am asking you to clarify your post. Are you saying that she brought drugs to Oslo? How would your connections know? Its wrong to make false accusations so I wouldn’t make comments like these unless you are 100% convident that your sources are really reliable. I speak more in regards to the Ten Commandments, Tho shalt not bear false witness. I don’t know this girl, like most the posters here I don’t get good vibes from her however i would never want to make false statements about her or Gerry. personally its his life, he has to live with the choices he makes and who knows perhaps this is Karma which he created. While I don’t believe in soulmates and twin flames, I do believe in Karma which is why it’s always wise to live by the Golden rule .

  258. 258
    beautiful Says:

    @DocP: DocP – i did not misunderstand your comment. i chose to stay away from anymore commenting as i mentioned. i was not there and that is enough for me.

  259. 259
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    I wonder if his family has raised eyebrows on Gerry’s girlfriend and keeping quiet for the fear of him going ahead and marrying her to show he’ll do what he wants.

  260. 260
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Hey Lolita, Seems we have been crossing paths today. I am doing well thanks. Quiet NY day and just hanging out. Still trying to recover from Christmas ha. Are you going back to work tomorow? How was your holiday?
    Have an idea, you and I will hold GB down and let Margaret beat the crap out of him until he comes to his senses.

  261. 261
    Sassita Says:

    @Lou: And how would YOU know anything? You’re clearly adding on to what you don’t know. You’re making stuff up as you go along.

    You sound like one of those “OMG Maddie has a kid!” liars. Anything to diss Maddie, you’re all for, even if it includes making up stuff.

    Gerry would be oh so proud to know you. EYEROLL.

  262. 262
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Lol.I can just picture his mom spanking his butt right now.

  263. 263
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Untamable Shrew: Ha, bet it wouldn’t be the first time.
    Oh Lolita, loved the Helen Keller comment. good girl.

  264. 264
    Ggfblx Says:

    @Lou: the person who told you cannot be a very good friend to this lady.
    If something this intimate has stayed private for so long ,maybe that’s how she wants it to be.
    If its true that is ….and I do not think it is.

  265. 265
    DocP Says:

    Do you think they will allow him to smoke on his “spiritua;l” quest? I assume he’s going to get professional help, perhaps the monks in India. Maybe even the Dahli lama, afterall he is into status so why not get the best.

  266. 266
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Holiday was good, back to work tomorrow. I’ll be glad to hold him down with you for His Mum. I don’t know if he is really happy with her or if it is just for show and tell. If all he has this year is movie 43 and OHF then we won’t see much of him until 2014, sometime during that year. I do think whatever he may be going through will only get worse if he has no work to keep him focused and happy doing what he loves. He is to fidgety to be at a stand still for any length of time. Hope some good scripts come his way soon.

  267. 267
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Lou: That’s always interesting to hear of gb past. Don’t think you are giving any secrets away so no worries.
    I do remember him having to talk on radio/phone with Julie Morrison after that tv interview and apologizing all over the place. But that was done for laughs and pr since he has been in contact with her through the years anyway.

  268. 268
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @**2013**: That looks like one of those “electric” cigarettes, the ones that don’t have nicotine in them. I remember him telling in an interview he was hanging out with Russell Crowe and started smoking again so I would not be surprised if he smokes now and then but tries to kick the habit with those fake cigarettes. It’s hard to kick any addictive habit, you need to have the willpower and be in the right state of mind and Gerry being surrounded by yay Sayers and leeches unfortunately doesn’t get the support and help he so desperately needs.

  269. 269
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    I am not sure if this has been posted or not. If it has, sorry. I just had it emailed to me. Looks like the dailymail is running with this. Making something that is apprently, if it was admitted, not there into something that would benefit a certain person’s career……JMO.

    Walking the red carpet, her “appearance”, their staring at each other…..Sad. The truth never sells like I have always said. But to really go overboard with this, not that is getting a bit extreme. But, that is cross the pond.



  270. 270
    Alice in Butlerland Says:

    I definitely think Gerard is holding an electronic cigarette in the instagram pic. I guess the magical cure of blood pressure meds and chantix didn’t work! LOL!
    Electronic cigs can have just as much nicotine as a regular cig. It depends on your preference and which product you’re using.
    Here’s a wiki link for people who don’t know what they are.

  271. 271
    beautiful Says:

    @Maggie P.U.:

    it is starting to become “raving lunatic” PR

    — i mean there is a high possibility she could become that lady from “Misery” if someone does not recognize her…..

  272. 272
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Now you have a great week Lolita. Glad that you had nice holiday too. Yes, guess he will be busy with promotions.
    Thunder Run is still on the books but doesn’t look to hopeful.
    I am such a stick in the mud and holding out for Burns or a period film. Think he still could and should do it.
    Don’t think I will go to see “43″ though. What ever he does, just hope he doesn’t try to deflect his Scottish burr anymore.
    Have a good nite Loli, so nice talking with you. Ducky

  273. 273
    lolita Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Goodnight Ducky, have a good night too, always a pleasure to talk to you.

  274. 274
    Sassita Says:

    @FYI: Are you saying Gerry is so stupid and dense that he can only “get” a hoo.ker and pay her to date him?

    Sorry, not buying this. He could have any one of thousands of women of all ages, in many countries, of all faiths, colors, races and professions.

    So why would he need to pay someone to date him? This is preposterous. And no one on this board knows anyone who knows him. All lies. It’s been this way forever…people claiming to know someone connected to him and making up lies to justify something that isn’t true.

  275. 275
    celestial thoughts Says:

    He could have and did. He has bad habits, addiction. Problems attention deficit, cheats and is not good to women. No one quality would tolerate him for long. That he could reeled in by such a low rent eurotrashy wannabe starlet (who is getting a bit old), speaks volumes about how far he’s fallen. He used to date A list.

  276. 276
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Food for thought today:


    Food for thought:

    I’m beginning to think that the poster was right who said GB had really pizzed someone off in HW, and it’s not just critics. About a week before Christmas, Nancy O’Dell said that there were several reasons to look forward to 2013. Then she started listing movies. The second one was Channing Tatum’s White House Down. There was no mention of OHF, even though it opens a full three months before WHD. And, again, there’s the great planning for openings – WHD opens June 28 – when school’s out. OHF opens March 22 – right in the middle of spring break. Easter (another big movie day) is March 31. Why would they not wait for a week? Maybe GB is working on a script for “How to Tank your Career without Really Trying.”

  277. 277
    celestial thoughts Says:

    It’s sad. I want him to do well. He has had a a bad year with pain and rehab and huge flops. He’s only tolerating the buck toothed floozy because she’s the last thing from 2012 that fallen apart. He needs a clean slate. He should not have hooked up with her a week after rehab by meeting her and moving her in 2 hours later. He hops from one addiction to the other.

  278. 278
    Finally Says:

    Madi posted a photo of she and Gerard on her FB.

  279. 279
    Alice in Butlerland Says:

    Well gee wiz, I remember MG getting all snotty this fall and emphatically posting on her FB that she only uses this account for professional posts and not her personal life. This chick lies as much as Gerry does.
    My take … she got ripped to shreds on JJ and the DM for her Capri photos. She has posted this on her FB, because she knows that will be the one place where post after post will be sycophantic and drooling over her and Gerry. I think this is a way for her to get an ego boost after the failure these photos were in the media.

  280. 280
    celestial thoughts Says:

    Is this the opportune time to suggest Invisiline from sugar daddy?

  281. 281
    vs Says:

    @SouthernBelle: The reason they may not be releasing OHF a week later is because the new GI Joe movie staring Channing Tatum(GB can’t seem to get away from him! )is being released on March 29th. Hope OHF makes some good numbers it’s first weekend.

  282. 282
    Postwatcher Says:

    @Kali Orexi:

    Hmmmm….I would think ouzo would be your drink if choice!!

  283. 283
    Hogmanay Says:

    Mr. Butler!
    Your choice of scripts and women is horrible! 2013 will be for you even more devastating in your career, if the pros/titute mg will be with you! You get even more frustrating! This is my prediction for you! I can not please you in any way. My advice to you: read the script first, before you subscribe. And you need to revise your community, those nearby to you!

  284. 284
    dargabriel Says:


  285. 285
    dargabriel Says:

    @message from dg’s twin flame: HaHa, very funny using my name. Even if that were true. I’m with my close soulmate and the attraction is so strong, it’s love. But nice try….. I wish butler the best, I hope he finds something close to what he yearns for, one can only hope for greatness.

  286. 286
    @Alice in Butlerland Says:

    Film festivals are business for actors, you moron.

  287. 287
    CDAN Says:

    Blind Items Revealed
    November 10, 2012

    What A list all movie actor who doesn’t deserve it, regrets splitting up with his ex, not for any sense of love, but because he didn’t date her long enough to sleep with her. And by long enough, he thought one date was long enough and when it didn’t happen he said bye.

    Gerard Butler/Jessica Biel

    Mayor of CDAN timebob said…
    Gerry said on the Tonight Show he has been dating a lingere model for the past 7 months. So all is normal in his world.
    Henriette said…
    Don’t you mean models plural? I can’t see Butler sticking to just one woman for a day let alone a month.

  288. 288
    Lou Says:

    @Ggfblx: Oh it is true, but they have never mentioned her name or where in Edinburgh she stays so her privacy is being honoured.

  289. 289
    Lou Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    Never heard that interview but I’m glad to hear he is still in touch with her. He’s really a very good person at heart and probably feels guilty that his drinking split them up.

  290. 290
    Lou Says:


    Sassita, I only ever made one comment about MG so I can’t really be accused of telling stories about her. As for Gerry, you have to remember that Scotland is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else and so secrets can’t be hidden. I’ve met people who knew Gerry through his work, through his church, and through his social activities and everyone of them is very protective of him, but that’s the way we are in Scotland, we care for our own.

  291. 291
    :) Says:

    sorry bettany poster, i couldn’t link it

  292. 292
    :o Says:

    there are more pics of the happy couple but i’m not savvy enough to link them…. so yes i stole them, my bad, get over it

    not sure why the haters want them pics on the bettany thread, when all they do is rip her and him apart, they are not exclusive

    just weird behavior, why not let fans enjoy them here? this is the i’m ok with their relationship thread, aint it?

  293. 293
    CeliaD Says:

    Gerry is so sad here -

  294. 294
    Ggfblx Says:

    @Lou: You must liVe in a different Scotland from me.Edinburgh is not a place where everyone knows each other,the small villages yes…..
    But in Edinburgh if there is gossip it’s spread .
    And this Julie that ..Lord love a duck… Is on about is married with kids.
    She lives in Glasgow area.Went to the same school as him in Paisley.

  295. 295
    @CeliaD Says:

    “Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler seem to have great plans for the future. The two seem inseparable in recent years, and the last day of the year and New Year’s Eve spent together. On December 31 were caught by paparazzi in Capri, Italy, while doing their last-minute shopping before the big party.

    Romanian woman actor and his girlfriend seemed very in love. Both were only a smile and not taking his eyes from each other. Madalina has not rezitat temptation and at one point took his partner in his arms while looking at Vitina a store.

    Butler (43 years) spoke during a program at a post-British relationship with Romanian model Madalina Ghenea (25 years), saying that he has big plans for her.”

  296. 296
    one would hope :O Says:

    that the more decent fans with an IQ higher than a gnat would get over the fact he is in a relationship and just enjoy the ride that is Butlerdom.

    But some disgruntled fans feel they must be in their own club crying foul night and day about this. Why?.Because Butler did not pick a ginger haired virgin Catholic girl from Glasgow, but a hardpartying ,rather loosely moraled, poorly knitted together trollup from Romania.

    What these po’d fans don’t realize is Gerard chose someone exactly like himself.Shalow, vapid, empty. One that would blend with him and his lifestyle and own endless partying ways. Look at the women on the yachts and in the partying pictures of Capri and Cannes, they are all like dear Maddy. Fussing with their hair.Looking at the cameras. Sticking out their tushes and pouty lips. She is like them all. A dime a dozen on the film festival circuit. Sold to the highest bidder or the most famous.

    No one is happy with his pick , not any decent female fan. But its his lil charlie and his pocket book that will pay the price.She is vanilla and we all know men get tired of vanilla. You can dress it up with berries and sauces but it is still vanilla. She is low maintenance and an easy lay. She will follow him around and bark on command. She is everything I hate about my species. One that speads her legs and not her mind. The one who thinks she is so pretty. And rides that ticket her whole life, never finding any real substance and own self -worth.

    Butler picked poorly. But lets put our feuding aside and just see how it plays out Bettany girls. Come back over. The water is fine. I am tired of reading back and forth. This too shall pass. No need to get nasty and territorial with each other. Pro or anti. Its all opinion. Its all good.

    My god I want to take a hairbrush and scissors to them both. .

  297. 297
    wanted Gerry's azz Says:

    what the hel.l boy? do some squats

  298. 298
    cupcake Says:

    Good morning ladies. Getting ready to go to work. Just wany yo say thanks who ever shared those pics with us. Btw Gerry whats with that shirt and those pants.

  299. 299
    Alina Says:

    Ha-Ha! With each passing day it becomes more interesting. Need to stock up on popcorn! … I’m wondering what about this thinks his mom? And will there be “a happy end” in all this comedy??? LOL!
    BRAVO, GERRY! I look forward to continuing this serial !!!

  300. 300
    Amanda Says:

    LOL, I keep trying to make any excuse to deny this relationship for a friend’s feelings, but it is obvious to me that they are a very happy, loving couple. I wouldn’t doubt it if they are engaged.

  301. 301
    Amanda Says:

  302. 302
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Postwatcher: :) I do like an Ouzo every now and then but my tipple is vodka.

  303. 303
    Justine Says:

    Sorry, they look like a shallow yet happy couple. And she is very clingy and he is fine with it.

  304. 304
    meow Says:


    So why don’t you post some daily pictures of you and your………cats.

    Boys and girls, these are just mere snippets of their time together. I suppose you want a film crew following them 24/7 to quench your appetite.
    Go hang out with some friends, neighbors, or family. Go live you own life. What you are doing here is embarrassing and unhealthy.

  305. 305
    Lou Says:


    Well the lady in Edinburgh is obviously a different one, I thought that Lord love a duck was speaking about the same person, so my mistake.
    What I mean about everyone knowing everyone else is this, how many times have you started speaking to somebody only to find that you have an acquittance in common? An American friend who now lives here can’t get over the number of times she has met somebody only to find they know someone she knows. That’s very common here and that’s what people mean by everyone knows everyone else.

  306. 306
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @303…top picher arm is on his shoulder, yet his arm is not around his waist asa guy would have….in a real relationship…. and the tiny pic, please…. he is shown many times in other pics with other people joking around and who is to say someone is not to her left. Though with glasses on it appears he is looking past her. Look at how she is, as if she is looking down…. “He is fine with it…” Or is he “tired of it”?



  307. 307
    Alina Says:

  308. 308
    fleisster Says:

    @Sassita: You darling live in a sheltered world. Good looking powerful men retain the services of high end escorts all the time. This isn’t your street hooker oh like a very good looking Hugh Grant at the height of his career hired for a ******** several years ago. They hire escorts because you can order to type and kink, they don’t refuse you anything and then you say goodbye, it is a business transaction, and for the most part they are more discreet than say a Brandi Glanville. These men also travel a lot so if they haven’t got a girlfriend or wife in tow, they know they can have a good time without complications. Do you think Heidi Fleiss had only married men as customers in her hey day. You’d be surprised who she had as clients for her girls.

  309. 309
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @Justine: post 303,is that her purse or his?lol

  310. 310
    just saying Says:

    @one would hope :O: You don’t get that it is too hard for some of the fans to admit that they are a perfect pair, they just can’t accept that yet.

    So looks like Avi Lerner is in some real trouble. You can bet the IRS is going to be all over his **** in 2013. Hope GB doesn’t get dragged under with him. Auditors I see auditors. I bet the shredders were going full blast over Xmas. Especially those escort bills.

  311. 311
    Me so good Says:

    People can discuss Gerry’s relationship with this girl till dawn, the truth is we do not know if they are in love or not. Many signs tell that they are not, this is only a PR. If so, this is a strange pr, i’ve never seen this kind of pr before.

    She shows that she is with Gerry in all possible ways, but almost all the time we see them together Gerry behaves the way an indifferent man would do. She strives for fame and the truth is she’s become notoriously famouse. It is not nice of her to post pics with Gerry on her fb page either. I wonder why he does not stop this.

    The truth is that this is the way to make a girl known in the word. Just think of who she was a year ago and now.

    I also do not think she is in love with Gerry really trully either, if we assume they are in love. One can’t be in love with 3 man during 1 year…

    It is confusing, I hope time will show where Gerry is and with whom.

  312. 312
    Me so good Says:

    Late article “Gerard Butler’s pagan New Year’s Eve”:

  313. 313
    Me so good Says:

    It is hard to believe that this intellegent man has made such a choice of woman.

  314. 314
    beautiful Says:



  315. 315
    beautiful Says:

    @Me so good:
    …it is hard to believe. people come here and post when they have free time to get away from it all. i am sure people have lives beyond gerry and whoever. it is interesting to post here and believe this because as said he is an intelligent man. his actions lately are that of a weak man and gerry is not a weak man. no one truly is into these two….but…people know “love” when they see it.

  316. 316
    beautiful Says:

    @Me so good: ..i guess this is his soul searching he mentioned. does not soul searching mean being alone spending time with only yourself and God. i thought it meant taking a break from “everybody” to find out about you, your true self so you can be at peace with yourself and make better decisions. well, at least that’s my definition….especially when i did it.

  317. 317
    Ggfblx Says:

    @Lou: Yes I do know what you mean.I can go to mums village and everyone knows each other also everyones business.
    But in Edinburgh it’s a vast difference in size and yes what you say does happen .
    I here things in pubs and clubs etc,but I have never heard that rumour about the lady in question.So really I can’t comment on it.

  318. 318
    Lou Says:

    @Me so good:

    Gerry probably doesn’t know she’s put the photos on FB, if he had a look at it he would see a photo of her kissing another guy posted in November.

  319. 319
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    What?Nobody posted about the new picture of MG sucking Gerry’s lips off.It’s in the Daily Mail.Ick.

  320. 320
    beautiful Says:

    @Untamable Shrew:–celebrating-New-Years-Italy.html

  321. 321
    JC Says:

    @Untamable Shrew: Just saw the kiss pics, seems like he was completely unprepared (and/or didn´t want to). Bet she did it just because there were cameras around.

  322. 322
    Justme Says:

    @Untamable Shrew: That just looks nasty. The pics definately don’t go with the article.

  323. 323
    Amanda Says:–celebrating-New-Years-Italy.html

  324. 324
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    Total yuck.She just sucking his lips right off or his soul.Thanks for posting the link.

  325. 325
    beautiful Says:


    aawwww…how beautiful…. :)

  326. 326
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @Justme: One of the pictures he looks in deep thought,”What I’m I doing with her”?

  327. 327
    Kali Orexi Says:–celebrating-New-Years-Italy.html

  328. 328
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @JC: post 321,yeah I agree with you.

  329. 329
    What a crap with Daily mail Says:

    Gerry is really extremely “romantic” on the photo where Ti amo is written on the wall, lol.

    “an aspiring actress” – The daily mail is definitely paid for publishing all this crap or it is agreed in a different way. I leave you to discuss the kiss )))

    Gerry is so nice and ackward on these photos, so what’s more to say… he is funny, but not in love. This girl is hanging on him like a monkey on the drying liana tree.

  330. 330
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @What a crap with Daily mail: Lol,monkey on a drying liana

  331. 331
    Kali Orexi Says:

    sorry, didn’t know the DM article had already been posted. In the first picture he’s got his eyes open and she looks like a Dementor sucking the soul out of Gerry ;)

  332. 332
    Lou Says:


    As he lived in Edinburgh for some time there was bound to be a girl somewhere but there had been rumours of a “special girl.” A few years ago the lady concerned was taken ill at work and rushed to hospital. She was being kept in and asked my friend and another girl to go to her flat to collect some things. In the bedroom there was a picture of a young Gerry on the bedside cabinet and on the dressing table a photograph album and when they opened it it was full of pictures of the lady and Gerry together.Some of the photos looked like engagement or even wedding photos. When they went to the hospital they asked her about this and she eventually did admit that they had once been a couple. She has always refused to say any more and will not confirm that they were engaged or even married. They have never pressed her on this and she never speaks about it.

  333. 333
    hump day Says:

    @Kali Orexi: LOL Dementor that’s a good analogy! Of course did Gerry have a soul left to suck out.

  334. 334
    hump day Says:

    @Lou: If they were married it would be a matter of public record.

  335. 335
    Ggfblx Says:

    @Lou: Wow,firstly I would never have looked in that album.
    That is some story…..
    If true really sad……..

  336. 336
    hump day Says:

    As would any divorce if a legal marriage occurred. Ha maybe Gerry is still married. Wouldn’t that be rich. Or we are being spun a tale.

  337. 337
    hump day Says:

    Remember guido and his story that Gerry would marry a Scottish lass by such and such a date. Never happened. Guido disappeared.

  338. 338
    What a crap with Daily mail Says:

    After ackward photos in France I expected Gerry to improve and be more passionate. I don’t know if his management monitored the fans comments, but here he goes… he has failed again and did not close his eyes. LOL

    What a crap! What’s going on really?

  339. 339
    Lou Says:


    Yes, but you’re not a woman are you? and yes, it is sad. If his drinking hadn’t driven them apart who knows what things would be like today? Married with children and possibly even grandchildren.

  340. 340
    Ggfblx Says:

    @Lou: I am very much a woman,just a woman with morals and standards.
    They supposedly went to collect things for this lady not look in her album.
    Are you saying I am not a woman because I think it’s wrong that they did that.

  341. 341
    Gerry,please rinse Says:

    your mouth, put down your plaything, zip up your pants and get the hel.l out of Capri….alone!

  342. 342
    Germad Says:

    A pharmacists’ wet dream………..gak

  343. 343

    the pic of them in the restaurant/club w/other people…w/her holding on to him (again) like she can’t stand on her own 2 feet…her eyes look wicked…I know it’s the camera, but his eyes don’t reflect the same way…just saying.

  344. 344
    Lou Says:


    Sorry, I didn’t mean anything, it’s just women do tend to be nosey/curious by nature. They album may have been lying open for all I know.

  345. 345
    yep! Says:

    Germad, is good name for them

    Gerry’s germs in Mads,

    for ads,

    makes me mad

  346. 346
    @ Says:

    yeah guido ran off with gfw and had a baby named dargabriel

    one fuucked up family

  347. 347

    just saw a comment on the WO…GB is on a flight to Rome right now.

  348. 348
    yep! Says:

    love some of the names the gals have come up with for ms maddy

    barnacle… some liked carbancle better


    peel and stick

    saran (wrap)

    soul sucker


    loose moral poorly knitted together trollup


    tranny giraffe



    coked out h/o

    flavor of the day

    romanian pro

    decatcho’s cast off

    brody’s lost baggage

    gypsy h/o

    gold digger

    deal of the day

    price is right- my azz is tight

    Ronnie M’s pass over or pass around sweet shop

    Silicone junkie

    silicone filled puffer fish

    plastic not so fantastic

    ….yeah she is resonating really well with people Gertard..good pick

  349. 349
    on the move Says:
    On the move…..

  350. 350
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:

    Well girls it looks to me like the two of them are happy. Whether its PR or not, looks as though they get along well nevertheless.. I do agree with the poster that wrote that she is most likely in the same mind set as Gerard B. Whether that’s a good thing or not, is yet to be seen.

    I hope that everyone had a great New Years and here’s to us that made resolutions, keeping that promise to ourselves. It would be a first for me. ;)

  351. 351
    Ggfblx Says:

    @Lou: It’s ok Lou.

  352. 352

    They just took it back that he’s flying….now he’s going by car, but when they don’t know….whatever…

  353. 353
    new thread Says:

    looks like JJ is letting fans do the work

  354. 354
    Sideshow nob Says:

    @new thread: LMAO, yes, this is true.

  355. 355
    more painful phake photos Says:

  356. 356
    big apple Says:

    @TRULY INTERESTED: And from Rome where I wonder. Finally out of Capri. Milan maybe. More shop shop shop in Rome? Has she not made him spend enough?

  357. 357

    @big apple: Well, rome is south of capri & milan is north of capri…more or less – if I have it right…as long as she doesn’t have to spend any of her earnings – she’ll tag along.

  358. 358
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” James 4:8

  359. 359
    beautiful Says:

    ..with all that ocurred on the end of 2012 especially:

    It’s his world –

    1 – He should be focusing on him. He cannot afford this waste of time as his career is beyond hurting….. as is his character

    2- True Love – is when you let someone who is going through some be allowed the time to self-reflect (meaning spend time alone with themself and God)

    …Gerard is in strict need of this.
    …btw, if i had not mentioned, “True Love” would be allowing this

  360. 360
    Crapola Says:

    @@uncelestial creep:

    That’s probably the only time he lets her touch him and when he’s done letting her touch him in private, he turns around, starts snoring! Lol!

  361. 361
    Crapola Says:

    @@uncelestial creep:

    That’s probably the only time he lets her touch him and when he’s done letting her touch him in private, he turns around, starts snoring! Lol!

  362. 362
    Crapola Says:

    @we just expected more:

    You hit it right on the head of the nail! It’s not that he has a GF as we’d be happy for him but who he has as a GF, somebody who seems to like the spotlight more than she loves him. Somebody with a history of hooking up with rich famous men. Somebody who so far has done nothing in her career to prove she’s really a talented person.

  363. 363
    Crapola Says:


    Love of the spotlight and the flash of the cameras! Some people who were there and who do not have any crushes on GB said she only took out the “loving looks and holding on to her man” when she saw the photogs. Before there was nada!

  364. 364
    Crapola Says:


    Who said he invited her? She could have been invited by Pascal Vicedermi with whom she’s a great friend! She has a movie coming out and she has been at the Capri Event before without GB in tow. He on the other hand seems to have gone there for his friend Ariel Vromen and also to honor Antoine Fuqua and like some said on another site to work on his own career as he needs all the exposure he can get to make up for having 3 flops in a row.

  365. 365
    Crapola Says:

    @Funny as He!l:

    Are you sure you’re talking about cold calculating Madalina Ghenea here? She’s not young, not impressionable. All her moves even those on her FB are always calculated and planned. When one of her moves doesn’t work, she deletes it from her FB. She’s not in love with him but he may be for now her only ticket to fame and riches unless his next strings of movies flop and he winds up without a penny in the bank. Then she’ll go after somebody else. It’s a bit strange that a guy who not so long ago flew her First Class to Scotland and then on a private helicopter to Necker Island suddenly won’t pay for her plane fare to his premiere and she had to fly Economy (it was on her FB btw) and then when he buys her something in Glasgow, he goes to a low-scale boutique and buys for 800 pounds of clothes for her while her handbag alone and the coat she was wearing in Manchester on Oct/31 (the perfect coat for Scottish weather) probably cost more than that shopping trip. I think somebody is sending out to her the message that he won’t splurge on her anymore. The very next day after the Cookie’s shopping trip, he goes and splurges on himself on cashmere sweaters probably costing each more than 800 pounds alone. When a man stops spending money on his sugar baby, it means he’s ready to move on.

  366. 366
    G Says:

    I am romanian, my husband is swedish, we have great chemistry and have been married for 8 years now and probably be together when we are 80 too. We never look good in pictures toghether, more like one at a time due to the light needs for each of us. If i look good he looks pale and if he looks good than i look like the darker area in the picture.

  367. 367
    Crapola Says:


    Well I’m sure you’re going to be together but then you’re probably not a has-been lingerie model who looks 20years older than her real age, in need of somebody famous and rich to help with her career. You’re also probably not posing just for the cameras when you’re with your husband. I wouldn’t compare your situation with that of theirs as she is posing for the cameras all the time. She smiles more at the photogs than she smiles at him and from what I heard she doesn’t smile at fans who are not rich or famous and who cannot help her with her career. I don’t give them one month of wedded bliss as already they don’t look that happy around each other.

  368. 368
    Crapola Says:

    @one would hope :O:

    Low maintennance? Vanilla? The chick had herself reshaped to look exotic and low-maintenance she’s obviously not!

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