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Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: Capri Hollywood Film Festival!

Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: Capri Hollywood Film Festival!

Gerard Butler is dashing while attending Day 5 of the 2012 Capri Hollywood Film Festival on Sunday (December 30) in Capri, Italy.

The 43-year-old actor was accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend Madalina Ghenea and was seen giving an award to director Antoine Fuqua.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Antoine chatted with THR at the festival to defend Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino from comments made by Spike Lee saying that the film was “disrespectful” to black people.

“That’s just not the way you do things,” Antoine shared. “If you disagree with the way a colleague did something, call him up, invite him out for a coffee, talk about it. But don’t do it publicly.”

In case you missed it, Gerard recently made the list for‘s top 50 most popular celebs of 2012.

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Credit: Venturelli; Photos: Getty
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    There is no spark in his eyes when he’s with her. I’ve seen pics of his former gf’s and he holds their hands or has his hand on her waist and there is genuine interest and happiness & she’s a model? Where did she learn to stand like that? There are more pics of them/her standing on the stairs awkward position too???

  • justsayin’too

    I have to say I agree with most posters here. I think MG is pretty and one of the prettiest he has dated considering he has pretty bad taste in women for some strange reason. I thought maybe he found the one in this one as she fits his type. However, picture after picture shows no chemistry between them. She is always posing and if you notice they don’t touch each other the way a normal loving couple touches. It always looks so contrived. Time will tell of course and I could be wrong and they are a true couple but I just don’t see it in any pictures. Maybe they look more in love in private.

  • Happy Effing NY!

    @DocP: I agree with you! He’s trying to make some kind of “statement” it seems. His look to the camera says it all…”See me? I can commit! I’m not a lothario!” But yet he misses the point with his choice. And she’s trying to calm down the whole pseudo “sluuty” look and gain more respect as she cops a more wholesome look. And the big smile is a message to his fans, plain and simple.

    This is a train wreck waiting to happen. If G gets more serious with this girl past using her to up his image, he’s going to fulfill one of his own proficies.

    Her looks says, “See, I finally bagged him, betches!”

    His looks says, “See, I’m stud enough to bag a model!”

    Very sad and so very superficial and as someone sad, quite a nice pressy to his fans for the New Year.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

  • DocP

    I don’t know who your confusing me with but nothing you just posted is accurate about me. I’ve been a Gerry watcher for 10 years, I’ve been to several of the GALS conventions. I have taken courses as well as read papers regarding human behavior and how to read people. Actors are crafty, they know how to lie and fool the audience, they even fool them selves most times. Obviously these views are based on my own observations. At one time I would have defended him against negative posters but after watching the same old character from him, I see him in a different light. My first opinion way back from seeing him in the Lara Croft movie was that he was full of himself, I blew him off until I saw him in POTO, then I started watching him more closely. Truthfully he had me fooled but over the years I’ve watched and read gossip mags where he clearly doesn’t want a serious relationship. He has developed a reputation for shag and bag um, I always hear that he’s at the annual Victoria Secret Show, and he has yet to tell the truth about what his ideal girl is. Sorry but the guy is a shallow shell, first impressions are usually right and that’s what I saw when I saw him over 10 years ago.
    Btw, you need to shorten your posts, wayyyyyy to long

  • Happy Effing NY!

    @we just expected more: I totally agree with you! Choosing this girl will tell alot about him and all those negative things that have been said about him over the years may be more true then his fans wanted to believe. We always wanted him to fall in love and be happy but this “girl” is just that. She’s been taunting his fans for months now and I’m beginning to believe he condones it. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of his fan sites shut down if he ever announces an engagement to her. He’s shooting himself in the foot yet again.

  • dargabriel

    @Maggie P.U.: ok how about this you have a favorite aunt who is very precious to you, shes heavy set and lovely, she made a trip to see u in southern cal, sound like a lie?

  • Happy Effing NY!

    Maybe he’s trying to make his “twin flame” jealous! Maybe he figures if he flaunts his tart enough, she’ll get up off her arse and finally meet up with him? JUST JOKING, PEOPLE! Happy New Year, all!

  • dargabriel

    Oh sweets also you’re a virgo, I remember things. You are of native american tribe. And have strong energies. Gave up everything to move to southern cal, fresh start, you have a daughter, please tell me if ‘i’m wrong, because if I am truly a liar and you’re telling the truth great for you, but I must say I do have a vivid memory of speaking to you. Dar

  • DocP

    Btw, you don’t have to read my posts, you can just skip them. I know there are some posters here that I don’t agree with. Mostly an old poster who used the moniker LOL! She was very abusive to many of the posters here who didn’t agree with her. She seemed a bit obsessed with MG. just to make it clear, I’ve always thought Gerry was full of himself, I just hoped he would grow out of it. It doesn’t seem like he’s going to. The Peter Pan syndrome I guess, a lot of guys have it. Cute at first, boring after awhile.

  • DocP

    @Happy Effing NY!:
    Thanks, great minds think alike :))))

  • 31

    With the way things are it doesn’t seem GB would even have a desire to meet his twin flame. Did he ever want to meet her I wonder?

  • The Noise In the Walls

    Just popping in to Say Happy New Year JJer’s..

    Just wanted to clarify something..

    The Italian press has mentioned what an ‘Italian” beauty Ms Madalina is and an up incoming actress…Wrong..She’s Romanian and an under wear model who’s bed hopped her way from that Italian singer Eros to Leo DiCaprio and Adrian Brody….etc……Gerry is no they probably do deserve each other…His life…his choice….but wow….talk about throwing it all away…

    Stay healthy, happy and may the New Year bring Joy…:)

  • dargabriel

    @Maggie P.U.: i won’t speak to you anymore, you are a very mean person, good riddence.

  • Okay, I’ll Bite



    @Okay, I’ll Bite: it’s just something to do until a different/better one comes along…his behavior reminds me of high school/college dating…holds on until totally bored a better skilled flirt comes along.


    besides some people don’t like to be alone during the holidays…family & friends can only be so much…

  • DocP

    @Okay, I’ll Bite:
    Oh oh, I have a hypothesis. I think he prefers fake relationships to real ones that way he won’t fall in love. That way he will never know the pain that you get when someone you love leaves you. Much like the pain he must have felt when his Dad left. Just a thought.

  • Flash Dancer

    His movie sucks. No one will see it. A paid escort is there to get publicity. Would you go see this movie or see Skyfall or Hobbit. The only way he gets attention is to parade a girl half his age. The dirty old man in the bar that drinks to much, hits on everything that moves.

  • ??

    No matter which side of the GB, MG coin you people come down on, you all seem angry and hostile.What’s up with that?

  • ??

    @Flash Dancer: I saw his movie and enjoyed it. Neither Skyfall nor the Hobbit stuff interest me.

  • Annie Mouse

    Does anyone here really think this thing with whatsherface is a set up? With his history and his lawyer background would he really go along with this kind of set up and for how long? I mean considering her back history, age and all where’s the benefit? I can see what hers would be, but trying to snow people into believing she’s going make him look more stable and mature? Are people that stupid that they would buy that? In this day and age I guess anything goes and maybe they really enjoy each other. Put whatever connotation on that you want to, but if he’s willing to put her out there as his “Girlfriend” for public consumption what are we really expected to think? Is it a setup, blackmail or the real thing? Are his PR people that desperate? We can speculate til the cows come home, but what he really needs to do is clean up his act and is she really going to help in that process? Weird!


    if GB were dating someone other than MG would there be some much negative comments here? After all Johnny Depp (48/49??) is dating an actress in her 20′s, Jason Statham is dating a 23?? yr old model…just wondering if…

  • Maggie P.U.

    @114…oh that hurt! NOT! Remember your words this time Dar and try to keep them. And I’d rather be mean than a shell of a person like you…living in a self made up world….. Holding u to your word, which you have never kept in the past. Just review your previous posts where you have said never coming back…..



  • just mho

    @Annie Mouse: I would think if he and his peeps wanted a new image for him, they would have picked someone more acceptable and likeable to play the gf role.They aren’t stupid, I’m sure Alan would know the lingerie model would not fly with his fan base.

  • DocP

    @TRULY INTERESTED: actually I know people who personally do ave an issue with Johnny Depp dating a much younger girl, just friends from work and school. As far as Jason Statham, I think Rosie is just so cute it’s hard to not understand why he wouldn’t be attracted to her. Plus she’s a model who already made a name for herself here in the US, so no one sees her as a go,d digger trying to use Jason to get her a movie gig. I don’t think she even wants to be an actress.

  • Maggie P.U.

    107-109….Yes lies. The convo was all about how men abused you and how GB and you talked….that he came to you with his problems. Aunt never came here, and your point is? I know exactly what was said and the convo with 3 people involved centered mostly on you talking about GB commmunicating with you……and you told me of women confiding in you and you blessed them…. Yes, you are a liar. Now, what did you say in post 114, you will not speak to me anymore…good riddance.

    Well then, do what you say and say what you mean. For once.




    @DocP: yes, but…are neg. comments the same (more or less) on the jj thread of those 2? As for Jason.mmm…too bad…I like him too, but come on…a 20 something…don’t 30-45 yr old have anything to offer? Yes, I do think so, but it’s just my opinion.

  • A. Vromen.

    Of course he doesn’t. Because she’s a beard, i.e., a fake girlfriend who’s been hired to be seen with him in order to deflect the gay rumors that have been plaguing him since the days of Dracula 2000. Butler is trying to make a career comeback and he has to play by Hollywood’s rules now. If you don’t believe it, compare he and his “lady friend’s” photos to those of celebrities that are REALLY together like Naomi Watts and Liev Shrieber.
    Do they seem staged? Are the photos overly posed and stylized? Do the smiles and hugs seem forced? Are they staring directly at the photographer? Does it seem as though they are trying to be seen?

  • lisalue


    he was never with Jennifer Aniston; she wished. I like to think he has better taste then that. He looks happy. Aniston is with her paid loser..

    good for you Gerry.

  • celestial thoughts

    @@uncelestial creep:

    Wow you really missed your calling as crappy romance novelist. I really am not that into him. He’s attractive, he’s not my ex husband. Sheesh. If you have followed this whole thing the set is really weird and they deserve comments as their weirdness invites it.

    Knock yourself out though. At least I own’t get herpes from him this way as so many other shave.

  • celestial thoughts


    You need to see her before pictures befor you say that.

  • DocP

    What can I say, men are shallow. They are trying to recoup the youth they will never get back.


    May all of you have a SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE & quiet NEW YEAR’S DAY to rest.


    @DocP: yeah…that’s too bad though : (

  • Justme

    Ok here goes. I don’t beleve he’s in a fake anything, I nthink he really likes her. Maybe he lost out on a lot of fun by hiding girls and he’s learned. IF Kim K can screw Kenye anything is possible. Will it last probably not, she’s 24. Look at what she said about traveling to see AB it’s no different. He has taken girls places and they’ve lived with him, no difference either. Is hesure sh’ed for him doubt it. Think about the interview when he said he hoped this wasn’t a mistake, it’s already on his mind. He’s just thinking he’s got something because he thinks she’s so beautiful, etc. She thinks she’s got something also, only time will tell. There will definately be some trust issues is she knows anything about his past with maried people ad if he knows hers with married men. They respect no boundaries, thats what will do them in.


    Good night all…

    all we can do is wait for the New Year & see what he does…the holidays will be over & he needs to start working again. On what? Well, he has to work to find it…again without her as a distraction.

  • celestial thoughts

    @Okay, I’ll Bite:

    HE’S GAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trying to figure it out

    Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing you all a prosperous New Year.

  • Justme

    @Trying to figure it out: You also and be safe everyone! Pray that our world finds peace and pray for those who are less fortunate the abused and unloved that they find happiness!

  • cupcake

    Well ladies 2012 is almost over. Looking forward to 2013. Wishing all the regulars and the newbies a happy and healthy New year’s. To Gerry I hope 2013 is a better year for you in all aspects. Love cupcake

  • beautiful

    @Justme: You know the sad part.. children

    If one act like that and the other was stable — it could work but
    both these people being with married people, then with this one and then with that one and being superficial and into being porn or with a porn star…….those would be some kids with a hell of alot of problems

    Before getting into a serious relationship especially if you are wanting a family….people need to look at this and say how would my children be

    Gerard has flaws but if he had daughters with this person and he is a respectable man or wants to be a respectable…who would think about this first. The same vice versa she should think about if she had sons — would you want them disrespecting women

    ……she is a pretty girl but i do not think he is the one for her…….

    There is too much damage between these two people

    I mean I wish GB the best and I know many are saying stay on a positive note. I can I wish him the best but both these people need to find them someone else who can help them grow

    I do think this girl will be hurt….she is too young for this and needs to find someone who actually cares for her and stop letting men pass her around like that……. it may be some sort of fun to her but mentally it will catch up with her….

  • DocP

    Same to you cupcake, stay safe and warm!!!!

  • beautiful

    Happy New Year to All!! Blessings, Love and Peace in this coming New Year!

    May God Bless this Earth and Heal It. Wishing Everyone Prosperity, Success and Love, Light in their Lives! God Bless!

  • Untamable Shrew

    @TRULY INTERESTED: Post 123,lot of fans thought he was different..He became too Hollywood and shallow.More interested in where the next great party than the next great script.Just like the women.He’s more interested in the next sex model 20 year old than a great woman.His ego must be fed at all times.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @lisalue: Post 130,pray tell why his finger was way up up her butt then?Good friends?Bahhh.Good friends with benefits.

  • Kali Orexi

    Happy New Year JJers, I had a wee dram of whiskey at midnight (Scottish tradition, I live in Aberdeen) and champagne. I hope all your dreams, hopes and wishes will come true this year. Gerry, I hope your next film won’t be a flop and that you will find what you are so desperately looking for. Peace xxx

  • Untamable Shrew

    @Kali Orexi: You seem like a nice poster.Happy New Year’s to you and all the posters here.

  • Leftovers
  • Kali Orexi

    @Untamable Shrew: Thank you US, I am a GB fan sinds I saw him in Mrs Brown but am not putting him on a pedestal as I know all too well we’re human beings and we all make mistakes. Heck, I’ve made plenty! I love GB as an actor, not really that interested in his private life but I do wish for him to settle down with a down to earth person who will tell him right from wrong and for him to stop being so insecure. Hollywood f*cks up so many people and if you are insecure, you will fall for that unfortunately…..