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Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: Capri Hollywood Film Festival!

Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: Capri Hollywood Film Festival!

Gerard Butler is dashing while attending Day 5 of the 2012 Capri Hollywood Film Festival on Sunday (December 30) in Capri, Italy.

The 43-year-old actor was accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend Madalina Ghenea and was seen giving an award to director Antoine Fuqua.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Antoine chatted with THR at the festival to defend Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino from comments made by Spike Lee saying that the film was “disrespectful” to black people.

“That’s just not the way you do things,” Antoine shared. “If you disagree with the way a colleague did something, call him up, invite him out for a coffee, talk about it. But don’t do it publicly.”

In case you missed it, Gerard recently made the list for‘s top 50 most popular celebs of 2012.

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Credit: Venturelli; Photos: Getty
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  • beautiful

    @Lou: it would be so nice to see gerry in a calm, peaceful and loving life and relationship.

    …i think he is actually getting tired of that life (plastic life)….. he just simply wants to act

    ….mum is strong

  • Untamable Shrew

    @FYI: I agree with post 194.I could swallow*cough *cough,her being 24 or 25,but knowing that she’s a serial dater of Hollywood -a wanna be actress or laughable supermodel(isn’t everybody taking that badge of honor now)well,my guard goes up of her motives.Gerry’s a big boy and I know he’s not dumb,but his middle age crisis is really clouding his judgement on this one.Gerry doesn’t look younger but older with her.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @Lou: Is that true? #245

  • lolita

    @Food for thought today: Oh no, thanks for responding.

  • lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hey Ducky, how are you? Hope your holiday was a happy, restful one.

  • Lou

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    I have no reason to disbelieve it. The person who told me knew them both very well when they were together and is still in contact with the lady.

  • DocP

    You misunderstand my comment. I am asking you to clarify your post. Are you saying that she brought drugs to Oslo? How would your connections know? Its wrong to make false accusations so I wouldn’t make comments like these unless you are 100% convident that your sources are really reliable. I speak more in regards to the Ten Commandments, Tho shalt not bear false witness. I don’t know this girl, like most the posters here I don’t get good vibes from her however i would never want to make false statements about her or Gerry. personally its his life, he has to live with the choices he makes and who knows perhaps this is Karma which he created. While I don’t believe in soulmates and twin flames, I do believe in Karma which is why it’s always wise to live by the Golden rule .

  • beautiful

    @DocP: DocP – i did not misunderstand your comment. i chose to stay away from anymore commenting as i mentioned. i was not there and that is enough for me.

  • Untamable Shrew

    I wonder if his family has raised eyebrows on Gerry’s girlfriend and keeping quiet for the fear of him going ahead and marrying her to show he’ll do what he wants.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Hey Lolita, Seems we have been crossing paths today. I am doing well thanks. Quiet NY day and just hanging out. Still trying to recover from Christmas ha. Are you going back to work tomorow? How was your holiday?
    Have an idea, you and I will hold GB down and let Margaret beat the crap out of him until he comes to his senses.

  • Sassita

    @Lou: And how would YOU know anything? You’re clearly adding on to what you don’t know. You’re making stuff up as you go along.

    You sound like one of those “OMG Maddie has a kid!” liars. Anything to diss Maddie, you’re all for, even if it includes making up stuff.

    Gerry would be oh so proud to know you. EYEROLL.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @Lord Love a Duck: Lol.I can just picture his mom spanking his butt right now.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @Untamable Shrew: Ha, bet it wouldn’t be the first time.
    Oh Lolita, loved the Helen Keller comment. good girl.

  • http://JJ Ggfblx

    @Lou: the person who told you cannot be a very good friend to this lady.
    If something this intimate has stayed private for so long ,maybe that’s how she wants it to be.
    If its true that is ….and I do not think it is.

  • DocP

    Do you think they will allow him to smoke on his “spiritua;l” quest? I assume he’s going to get professional help, perhaps the monks in India. Maybe even the Dahli lama, afterall he is into status so why not get the best.

  • lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Holiday was good, back to work tomorrow. I’ll be glad to hold him down with you for His Mum. I don’t know if he is really happy with her or if it is just for show and tell. If all he has this year is movie 43 and OHF then we won’t see much of him until 2014, sometime during that year. I do think whatever he may be going through will only get worse if he has no work to keep him focused and happy doing what he loves. He is to fidgety to be at a stand still for any length of time. Hope some good scripts come his way soon.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    @Lou: That’s always interesting to hear of gb past. Don’t think you are giving any secrets away so no worries.
    I do remember him having to talk on radio/phone with Julie Morrison after that tv interview and apologizing all over the place. But that was done for laughs and pr since he has been in contact with her through the years anyway.

  • Kali Orexi

    @**2013**: That looks like one of those “electric” cigarettes, the ones that don’t have nicotine in them. I remember him telling in an interview he was hanging out with Russell Crowe and started smoking again so I would not be surprised if he smokes now and then but tries to kick the habit with those fake cigarettes. It’s hard to kick any addictive habit, you need to have the willpower and be in the right state of mind and Gerry being surrounded by yay Sayers and leeches unfortunately doesn’t get the support and help he so desperately needs.

  • Maggie P.U.

    I am not sure if this has been posted or not. If it has, sorry. I just had it emailed to me. Looks like the dailymail is running with this. Making something that is apprently, if it was admitted, not there into something that would benefit a certain person’s career……JMO.

    Walking the red carpet, her “appearance”, their staring at each other…..Sad. The truth never sells like I have always said. But to really go overboard with this, not that is getting a bit extreme. But, that is cross the pond.



  • Alice in Butlerland

    I definitely think Gerard is holding an electronic cigarette in the instagram pic. I guess the magical cure of blood pressure meds and chantix didn’t work! LOL!
    Electronic cigs can have just as much nicotine as a regular cig. It depends on your preference and which product you’re using.
    Here’s a wiki link for people who don’t know what they are.

  • beautiful

    @Maggie P.U.:

    it is starting to become “raving lunatic” PR

    — i mean there is a high possibility she could become that lady from “Misery” if someone does not recognize her…..

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Now you have a great week Lolita. Glad that you had nice holiday too. Yes, guess he will be busy with promotions.
    Thunder Run is still on the books but doesn’t look to hopeful.
    I am such a stick in the mud and holding out for Burns or a period film. Think he still could and should do it.
    Don’t think I will go to see “43″ though. What ever he does, just hope he doesn’t try to deflect his Scottish burr anymore.
    Have a good nite Loli, so nice talking with you. Ducky

  • lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Goodnight Ducky, have a good night too, always a pleasure to talk to you.

  • Sassita

    @FYI: Are you saying Gerry is so stupid and dense that he can only “get” a hoo.ker and pay her to date him?

    Sorry, not buying this. He could have any one of thousands of women of all ages, in many countries, of all faiths, colors, races and professions.

    So why would he need to pay someone to date him? This is preposterous. And no one on this board knows anyone who knows him. All lies. It’s been this way forever…people claiming to know someone connected to him and making up lies to justify something that isn’t true.

  • celestial thoughts

    He could have and did. He has bad habits, addiction. Problems attention deficit, cheats and is not good to women. No one quality would tolerate him for long. That he could reeled in by such a low rent eurotrashy wannabe starlet (who is getting a bit old), speaks volumes about how far he’s fallen. He used to date A list.

  • SouthernBelle

    @Food for thought today:


    Food for thought:

    I’m beginning to think that the poster was right who said GB had really pizzed someone off in HW, and it’s not just critics. About a week before Christmas, Nancy O’Dell said that there were several reasons to look forward to 2013. Then she started listing movies. The second one was Channing Tatum’s White House Down. There was no mention of OHF, even though it opens a full three months before WHD. And, again, there’s the great planning for openings – WHD opens June 28 – when school’s out. OHF opens March 22 – right in the middle of spring break. Easter (another big movie day) is March 31. Why would they not wait for a week? Maybe GB is working on a script for “How to Tank your Career without Really Trying.”

  • celestial thoughts

    It’s sad. I want him to do well. He has had a a bad year with pain and rehab and huge flops. He’s only tolerating the buck toothed floozy because she’s the last thing from 2012 that fallen apart. He needs a clean slate. He should not have hooked up with her a week after rehab by meeting her and moving her in 2 hours later. He hops from one addiction to the other.

  • Finally
  • Alice in Butlerland

    Well gee wiz, I remember MG getting all snotty this fall and emphatically posting on her FB that she only uses this account for professional posts and not her personal life. This chick lies as much as Gerry does.
    My take … she got ripped to shreds on JJ and the DM for her Capri photos. She has posted this on her FB, because she knows that will be the one place where post after post will be sycophantic and drooling over her and Gerry. I think this is a way for her to get an ego boost after the failure these photos were in the media.

  • celestial thoughts

    Is this the opportune time to suggest Invisiline from sugar daddy?

  • vs

    @SouthernBelle: The reason they may not be releasing OHF a week later is because the new GI Joe movie staring Channing Tatum(GB can’t seem to get away from him! )is being released on March 29th. Hope OHF makes some good numbers it’s first weekend.

  • Postwatcher

    @Kali Orexi:

    Hmmmm….I would think ouzo would be your drink if choice!!

  • Hogmanay

    Mr. Butler!
    Your choice of scripts and women is horrible! 2013 will be for you even more devastating in your career, if the pros/titute mg will be with you! You get even more frustrating! This is my prediction for you! I can not please you in any way. My advice to you: read the script first, before you subscribe. And you need to revise your community, those nearby to you!

  • dargabriel


  • dargabriel

    @message from dg’s twin flame: HaHa, very funny using my name. Even if that were true. I’m with my close soulmate and the attraction is so strong, it’s love. But nice try….. I wish butler the best, I hope he finds something close to what he yearns for, one can only hope for greatness.

  • @Alice in Butlerland

    Film festivals are business for actors, you moron.

  • CDAN

    Blind Items Revealed
    November 10, 2012

    What A list all movie actor who doesn’t deserve it, regrets splitting up with his ex, not for any sense of love, but because he didn’t date her long enough to sleep with her. And by long enough, he thought one date was long enough and when it didn’t happen he said bye.

    Gerard Butler/Jessica Biel

    Mayor of CDAN timebob said…
    Gerry said on the Tonight Show he has been dating a lingere model for the past 7 months. So all is normal in his world.
    Henriette said…
    Don’t you mean models plural? I can’t see Butler sticking to just one woman for a day let alone a month.

  • Lou

    @Ggfblx: Oh it is true, but they have never mentioned her name or where in Edinburgh she stays so her privacy is being honoured.

  • Lou

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    Never heard that interview but I’m glad to hear he is still in touch with her. He’s really a very good person at heart and probably feels guilty that his drinking split them up.

  • Lou


    Sassita, I only ever made one comment about MG so I can’t really be accused of telling stories about her. As for Gerry, you have to remember that Scotland is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else and so secrets can’t be hidden. I’ve met people who knew Gerry through his work, through his church, and through his social activities and everyone of them is very protective of him, but that’s the way we are in Scotland, we care for our own.

  • :)

    sorry bettany poster, i couldn’t link it

  • :o

    there are more pics of the happy couple but i’m not savvy enough to link them…. so yes i stole them, my bad, get over it

    not sure why the haters want them pics on the bettany thread, when all they do is rip her and him apart, they are not exclusive

    just weird behavior, why not let fans enjoy them here? this is the i’m ok with their relationship thread, aint it?

  • CeliaD
  • http://JJ Ggfblx

    @Lou: You must liVe in a different Scotland from me.Edinburgh is not a place where everyone knows each other,the small villages yes…..
    But in Edinburgh if there is gossip it’s spread .
    And this Julie that ..Lord love a duck… Is on about is married with kids.
    She lives in Glasgow area.Went to the same school as him in Paisley.

  • @CeliaD

    “Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler seem to have great plans for the future. The two seem inseparable in recent years, and the last day of the year and New Year’s Eve spent together. On December 31 were caught by paparazzi in Capri, Italy, while doing their last-minute shopping before the big party.

    Romanian woman actor and his girlfriend seemed very in love. Both were only a smile and not taking his eyes from each other. Madalina has not rezitat temptation and at one point took his partner in his arms while looking at Vitina a store.

    Butler (43 years) spoke during a program at a post-British relationship with Romanian model Madalina Ghenea (25 years), saying that he has big plans for her.”

  • one would hope :O

    that the more decent fans with an IQ higher than a gnat would get over the fact he is in a relationship and just enjoy the ride that is Butlerdom.

    But some disgruntled fans feel they must be in their own club crying foul night and day about this. Why?.Because Butler did not pick a ginger haired virgin Catholic girl from Glasgow, but a hardpartying ,rather loosely moraled, poorly knitted together trollup from Romania.

    What these po’d fans don’t realize is Gerard chose someone exactly like himself.Shalow, vapid, empty. One that would blend with him and his lifestyle and own endless partying ways. Look at the women on the yachts and in the partying pictures of Capri and Cannes, they are all like dear Maddy. Fussing with their hair.Looking at the cameras. Sticking out their tushes and pouty lips. She is like them all. A dime a dozen on the film festival circuit. Sold to the highest bidder or the most famous.

    No one is happy with his pick , not any decent female fan. But its his lil charlie and his pocket book that will pay the price.She is vanilla and we all know men get tired of vanilla. You can dress it up with berries and sauces but it is still vanilla. She is low maintenance and an easy lay. She will follow him around and bark on command. She is everything I hate about my species. One that speads her legs and not her mind. The one who thinks she is so pretty. And rides that ticket her whole life, never finding any real substance and own self -worth.

    Butler picked poorly. But lets put our feuding aside and just see how it plays out Bettany girls. Come back over. The water is fine. I am tired of reading back and forth. This too shall pass. No need to get nasty and territorial with each other. Pro or anti. Its all opinion. Its all good.

    My god I want to take a hairbrush and scissors to them both. .

  • wanted Gerry’s azz

    what the hel.l boy? do some squats

  • cupcake

    Good morning ladies. Getting ready to go to work. Just wany yo say thanks who ever shared those pics with us. Btw Gerry whats with that shirt and those pants.

  • Alina

    Ha-Ha! With each passing day it becomes more interesting. Need to stock up on popcorn! … I’m wondering what about this thinks his mom? And will there be “a happy end” in all this comedy??? LOL!
    BRAVO, GERRY! I look forward to continuing this serial !!!

  • Amanda

    LOL, I keep trying to make any excuse to deny this relationship for a friend’s feelings, but it is obvious to me that they are a very happy, loving couple. I wouldn’t doubt it if they are engaged.