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Jessica Simpson: Bikini Baby Bump!

Jessica Simpson: Bikini Baby Bump!

Jessica Simpson shows off her growing baby bump in a bikini in this new picture posted to her Twitter account.

“Bumpin’ and Proud!” the 32-year-old entertainer captioned the pic. Jess and her family, including fiance Eric Johnson, young daughter Maxwell, sister Ashlee, nephew Bronx, and mom Tina, are all on vacation together in Hawaii!

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“Sending love from Hawaii :)” Jess wrote on her Twitter account the day before.

In case you missed it, check out Jessica on the cover of Weight Watchers latest magazine.

Bigger baby bumpin’ picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
jessica simpson bikini baby bump 01

Photos: Twitter
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  • Lame

    Taking pics of yourself in the mirror is so Myspace 2006.

  • Ellye


    ”AMEN TO THAT” u are sooo right

  • oy

    At some point, she or Kim will be desperate enough to post crowning photos in their race for attention.

  • Lilililili

    as if non-celebrity people never post their tummies when pregnant
    She is an attention ***** but your friends will be “oh-you-are-so-gorgeous/cute/pretty! Congrats! can’t wait…”

    people are so hateful these days

    Jess looks good! :)

  • bettie

    @NYC: I agree. It’s a pretty picture of a beautiful pregnant woman.

  • Annie

    Jessica is lucky that she has a very pretty face without makeup. But if there’s one thing that puts me off this girl it’s her constant need for overshare. She seems to think always going on about amniotic fluid and various bodily functions is endearing, it’s not it’s just immature and slightly gross. And these baby belly shots have been done to death.

  • laura

    Agree, she looks good but there was no need to share a personal pic.. :)
    However, congratulations, Jess and Eric!

  • karl

    are you guys sure she is pregnant, and not just fat?

  • Holly

    She’s supposedly around 3 months, but already looking like 6 months pregnant. Here we go again…. WW get your ducks in a row!

  • whoru

    That’s not Jessica

  • Ask Alice

    Why bother with the bikini, ho? Why do we want to see your belly? Another b@st@rd child by a talentless hick. How exciting.

    Hope you and your “fiance” get a lot of money and attention for this poor child too.

  • Sarah

    Obviously everyone commenting here has never been pregnant or you would know that you show way faster with subsequent babies than you do with your first. I showed at 5-6 months with my first but had a round pregnant looking belly by 2.5-3 months with my second. It is totally normally. The top part of her belly isn’t rounding out yet which means she is probably about 4 months. And to the poster who asked if she could look skinny on November 10 and look that pregnant now – um, yes, she could! 7 weeks in a pregnancy makes a huge difference. There is a big difference between 2.5 months and 4 months pregnant.

  • 0_o

    @Chel: yeah… just wait until the kim k twit pics start.. i think you’d appreciate the jessica simpson ones a lot more then LOL!!

  • 0_o

    @Lame: haha myspace.. its been a while.. at least we didn’t have to deal with facebook/tumblr/twitter/instagram back then!

  • KissThis

    What is up with her face? Kinda lookin like Fergie here!

  • NE1

    omg if you say you’re pregnant we believe you!

  • Rebecca

    Wow she looks like she is 5 or 6 months pregnant. I know with the 2nd pregnancy you show quicker but still. And that picture is purely attention seeking.

  • Beth

    she is probably 3 months along. that is what I looked like too. people asked me if I was about to pop….I was 5 months….I am glad she is happy…I was so miserable bc I was so big and uncomfortable…she is beautiful no matter what….

  • hawehaveitnow

    huge for 4 months. poor thing. strange pic

  • Nunya

    EW. She got beat with an ugly stick. HARD.

    Cute belly though.. but that’s it.

  • linda

    @Rebecca: #67
    You don’t necessary show quicker the second pregnancy. I have 4 children.

  • Jenn

    She looks sk@nky.

  • Hicksville

    This pic looks like it was shot in a trailer park bathroom. The only missing are the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans in the background. There is a website that features awkward pics that people take with their phones in front of a mirror. This would totally fit in on one of those sites.

  • sharemelove
  • TBLover

    Her belly is probably that big because she just gave birth not long ago, and I can attest to the fact that after the 1st pregnancy, your belly “pops” much faster than with the first. It happens all the time. With my 2nd pregnancy I was in maternity clothes @ 8 weeks (and I only gained 15 lbs. with that pregnancy!) It just depends on where the baby is positioned in her body. Give her a break, she looks gorgeous!

  • jj

    damn Jessica!!! your having another baby up. I would suggest taking some lessons from Heidi Klum and Seal on what that life entails with having more kids

  • Tim Gunn

    Obviously a photo from her first pregancy last year, before the weight gain..

    Her hair is longer in the same morning’s paparazzi photos and no red nail polish. Breasts are also much smaller than yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Simpson looks like Joe Simpson in drag.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Simpson is one ugly old sow.

  • Anonymous

    filthy pig

  • Anonymous

    she will spread for anything

  • Meg

    Braindead fat t r a m p. She’s lucky she lives in a free country where she can be as low-down as she wants and get away with it. If she were somewhere like Saudi Arabia, she’d be stoned.