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Katie Holmes: 'Dead Accounts' Matinee Day!

Katie Holmes: 'Dead Accounts' Matinee Day!

Katie Holmes greets her fans as she arrives at the Music Box Theater on Sunday (December 30) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress headed inside the theater, where she prepped to perform in the matinee performance of her show Dead Accounts.

The day before, Katie braved the snowy evening as she exited the theater after the night show.

Dead Accounts just announced that it will be closing early – be sure to catch the play before the run ends on January 6.

Also pictured inside: Katie‘s co-star Judy Greer arriving at the theater that same day.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes heading inside the theater for her performance…

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  • Suri the meal ticket

    Judy Greer looks much younger and way more capable than KHo, of course, her legs are much nicer too.

  • Lauren

    Whatever made her think that she could carry a show? She stinks at acting. I cannot imagine having to watch her live.

  • lynne

    She’s a mediocre actress with no talent.Not even for free i’d watch her in a play,or a movie.There are lots of talented actresses,but Katie isn’t one of them.Her role in Dawson’s Creek was weak,and after that her other tv and movie roles were also weak.Marrying Tom Cruise gave her a “status” for few years,but not even this status made her be seen as a real actress.She should retire from “acting” and find a real job.

  • http://justjared POLO

    @lynne: I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!!!!!!!!

  • dani

    I hope you are getting a commission for shilling this woman and this play. You certainly didn’t ask if anyone was going to go see Scarlett Johansson in Cat in the Hat.

  • Milena

    I miss the old Katie.
    She was so happy & carefree back in her “Dawson’s Creek” days.
    I guess Tom Cruise destroyed this happy girl & now she just can’t find back to her old self.

  • martha

    I have nothing against Katie. Kinda like her….but I’m sick of these dead accounts pictures.

  • Don

    @Millena you miss the old katie guess what some people grow up. AND PLEASE DON’T BLAME TOM CRUISE he gave Katie a career. because of Tom she had a lot of chances and blew it . Tom gave kate a lot of exposure. people who never watched Dawson creek know who Katie holmes is because of Tom…… Tom gave katie a clothing line,a beautiful daughter, exposure to much.. and spending money Katie Holmes does not have to work Katie chooses too. I see she’s very active not that she’s good but she is active. Tom was very lonley when he met katie i don’t see what he saw. which makes him wierd to me every other woman before her was hot..

  • amanda


    I miss the old Tom Cruise.
    Before he meet KHO, he is a sweetheart, he is a gentleman in US, he protected his private life as possible as he could.
    Because of KHO, he became a crazy, he jumped sofa, his daughter had to appear in public everyday, had to appear in camera everyday.
    So I’m very happy he got rid of KHO finally, he can do everything what he want, and he don’t do what he does not want to do. I hope he can do “TC used to be”.

  • bebe

    lol. Now it’s Katie’s fault that Cruise went crazy and started shoving his religion down people’s throats. You tc fans are too much.

  • bebe

    And he wasn’t a gentleman before Katie. Remember the way he treated Nicole when he dumped her? Spying on her, alienating her children from her. What a sweetheart!

  • Lauren

    Katie turned down The Dark Knight to film…wait for it… Mad Money. I think that was the beginning of the end of her acting career.

  • dani


    the old TC? You mean the one that dumped Kidman in early February after being intimate with her in January and holding an anniversary party in December? That Tom Cruise? And let’s not forget he dumped her when she was pregnant and let her go through a miscarriage alone. She saved part of the fluid for DNA analysis in case he said it wasn’t his child. Smoking Gun had that FACT. Then while going through the divorce he had Anthony Pellicano illegally wire tap her. Pellicano is now in jail and Kidman had been called to testify about it. That Tom Cruise? You mean the old TC, the one that several high ranking ex-cult members have come out and say he was in agreement with the cult teaching their children that she was a suppressive? That one? The one that insisted that his kids called Katie Mom (she said it in an interview as did he) knowing that this would drive a stake in Kidman’s heart? That TC?
    I don’t like Katie Holmes, but it was a good thing she got Suri away from Tom and his cult. I’m sure Katie would have loved to have listened to Tom’s new squeeze proclaiming that Suri calls her mom. And Katie obviously wasn’t a very good mom to Connor and Bella since she jettisoned them just like she did Tom. Let’s hope she never does anything like that to Suri.

  • amanda


    Come on, KHO’s fans most loves to say this is all TC’s fault, this is all other’s faults, why TC’s fans can’t do this? Although I think it’s his eye problems about choosing KHO.
    She is an adult, every choices she choose she should assume her responsibilities, otherwise she will always be a loser.

  • Alex

    @dani: You mean that Kidman who constantly talks about her ex husband in the press every year she has a straight to dvd movie. How many times are u going to say your shocked about a divorce from 12 years ago get over it !!!!!!!

  • carmen

    @dani: Hey dani i thought Cruise was gay so your comment proves hes straight!!!!!!!!

  • Alexander the great

    @dani: Stop reading tabloid garbage you stupid bitch!!!!!!!! Just cause its on the internet doesnt make it true. Katie dumped Cruise without warning 4 days before his 50 birthday and thats cool with u?

    Lets me guess your gonna say its karma hypocrite. What makes her different than Tom then ?

  • http://None 55vineyard

    I think with the economy as bad as it is, that is why many plays are failing. Sure there are many devoted play goers both in NYC and and as tourists, but when I can see a pretty good local play for $15 (senior price) , why should I shell out over $100 per ticket and freeze my butt off as well. No thanks, I will stay here in Southern California.

  • Sofia

    Alex, I think Kidman only mentions Cruise because they ask and she’s so happy to be away from him. she never mentioned him for 5 years. She said she doesn’t hold grudges from the past. As far as her career goes, Kidman got an Emmy nomination this year and an Oscar nomination last year. Plus 4 acting nominations for 2013. So her career is going fine.

  • amanda


    kidding me? Ms kidman said how deep I love him for 6 years ago, and now she said she’s very happy away from him, I think she must be a good screenwriter.
    And in her every interviews, she must mention her ex. Don’t say something about others asked her blablabla. Filtering press questions,it is a common sense.
    in general commonly if someone had a painful memory, she should shut up about it, she don’t want to face it, not repeated it over and over and over again and again, so I think she must enjoy this divorce.

  • Kate

    I think Kidman is doing these interviews about Tom because she is trying to say something. I think what she is trying to say is that Cruise was a loving man and was lovely to her until scientology stepped in and brainwashed Tom back to the church because I read that during their marriage, Nicole tried to keep Tom away from the church that’s why scientology is so keen to get rid of her. Tom must be regretting the day he chose scientology over Nicole because they were so close to each other. It’s like they were each other’s bestfriend but now Tom can no longer find a women that gets close to Kidman relationship wise. Kidman, on the other hand, is very happy with Keith and their 2 beautiful kids together.

  • Val

    Tom and Nicole seemed so happy together. I liked them together and I never heard one of them say anything bad about the other after their split. Katie on the other hand is an animal. She calculated her timing to slap TC the divorce paper right before his birthday and planned the divorce right behind his back. I think Katie is evil to do what she did and for that I can’t stand her. When greed gets in the way, evil lurks. Katie smiling as if what she did to a husband is alright. She does not deserve to be in any roles in anything.

  • Jack Dawson

    @Sofia: She might get nominated for awards, but all her films bomb and she doesnt get payed more than 1-2 mil a film now. Unlike Cruise who made 75 mil last year alone and Reacher just made 22.5 mil overseas in 3 days on a 60 mil budget! And now has made 67 mil worldwide in 10 days!

    Trespass made 24,000 on a 25 mil budget, thats a 24.9 mil loss!


    Sooo, now K-FLOP can multi-task? A LOT late, Judy Greer was signing autographs while managing other things (balancing a drink, phone, etc) before the cancellation of DA was announced. Such a copy-KAT! :-P

    K-FLOP is always soo late in the game and SOOO OBVIOUS.

    Next up:

    -Bobbi Brown’s new ad campaign, due to break spring 2013 (

    -An as-yet-untitled project directed by Christian Camargo (actor – The Hurt Locker, Dexter, ), in which she stars with William Hurt in a modern retelling of the Anton Chekhov’s play “The Seagull”. It is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2013 (no release date – //

    - The Holmes and Chace Crawford project, “the romantic comedy Responsible Adults”, which is listed in ‘development’ status or pre-production, meaning it hasn’t even been filmed YET. (

    What does the average JOE think about about Katie’s prospects –

    “I have killed cockroaches at work with more warmth and personality than Katie Holmes (and I met her pre-Scientology when she was still with dufus Chris Klein).
    What I remember most about Katie, other than her oozing condescension, is that upon seeing how much Chris Klein tipped me (50%), the little darling couldn’t help herself and exclaimed “No waiter deserves that much money!”
    The same can also be said about actresses who were once relevant but now couldn’t open a Bargain Mart, let alone a motion picture.”

    Gotta love bitter waiters.

    Anywhoop, it will be interesting to see which of the future K-FLOP projects will actually see fruition and which will go the way of the K&H line and DA (or DOA – more apt title) – i.e.,FAIL … OR, if one (or more) will go the distance and propel K-FLOP to the NK status she so desperately craves and”masterminded” her divorce [ok, yeah we know it was mostly her dad] for. K-FLOP the NEXT BIG THING?

    Since the consensus (pretty much) is that K-FLOP has as much acting chomps as one of the Kardashian’s, my bet is the Bobbi Brown campaign will provide some exposure and modest income (ala Anne Klein campaign) and therefore the most “successful” of all K-FLOPS projects [Everything else= FAIL]. Whereas she can’t act to save her life and her 6yr old daughter has a better fashion sense; she IS pretty and cleans up nicely on the glossy pages.

    “Under no circumstances should you play fast if you have a winning position. Forget the clock, use all your time and make good moves”. – Pal Benko

    K-FLOP not making good moves, what’s up with your management team? – Clocks ticking – tick-toc

  • toria

    @Jack Dawson:

    Actually Nicole gets between $10-25 million doing large productions. She prefers indies which in no way can afford that. She did Fur for almost free I believe. She doesn’t choose her roles on the basis of how much she is going to be paid unlike Cruise or many other actors.


    A FEW minor corrections to my previous comment:

    ~ H & Y line
    ~ her management team?

    I see that K-FLOP is still doing the thumb-in-fist – a sign of stress, anxiety, worry?

    “Holmes was famous for being Mrs. Tom Cruise and she’s not even that anymore,” a Broadway insider told the Daily News’ Confidential.

    “If she can’t keep a Broadway play open for 16 weeks at a small theater, what’s next for her? It’s not good.”


    “But if she wants to thrive in live theater — which is probably a good fit for her, since her former Dawson’s Creek castmate Michelle Williams is already filling the Serious Indie Hollywood Actress slot — she’s going to have to pick better material. In the meantime, a guest spot on Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23 or Cougar Town, critically-acclaimed comedies co-starring other former Creek stars, might be a way to remind folks of her comedy chops.”


    Or, remind audiences of how mediocre (bland) she really is and that Dawson’s Creek Joey Potter was really the only one-dimensional, girl-next door character that Katie is able to somewhat convincingly portray.

    “Unfortunately, many regard the critic as an enemy, instead of seeing him as a guide to the truth …” – Wilhelm Steinitz

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Leave Nicole alone.
    The only thing Nic and Kho have in common is that they both divorced Tommy girl, other than that they are close to Lamborghini and garbage disposal.
    KHo’s pr likes to bring Nic up, even sent out rumors as Nic consulted KHo when Tommy chose not to renew KHo’s contract. Total lies!
    And don’t feel too bad about KHo. At least she still gets $40K/ month residual payment for sharing suri with tom to get papz pix.
    What not to love?

  • Kate

    @TOMKAT to K-FLOP: “K-FLOP not making good moves, what’s up with your management team?” – I don’t think Katie’s team is not making good moves, Katie is just not talented enough to make everything she touches a success. She is mediocre at best period. She is no Nicole Kidman. Nicole became a very big star in her own right because of her talent. If not for her talent, she would be back in Australia now doing small movies there. Nicole’s talent actually saved her after her divorce from Tom that’s why she remains relevant as an actress up to this day which is something you can’t say about Katie. The problem with her is that she is trying so hard to become the next Nicole Kidman. She’s too ambitious and over confident with the limited acting skills that she has.

  • toria

    BTW what is with her? When it is 50 out she is bundled up in a puffy coat, boots, scarf and mittens. And now that it is really cold out with some snow showers–she has no hat, no scarf, no mittens, those awful booties and a light weight coat!

  • Jack Reacher

    “Given his age and the tough year he’s had in the tabloids, is Tom Cruise still a go-to guy when Hollywood is looking for an action hero?

    The answer is yes, based on the performance of his current movie, Paramount’s “Jack Reacher.” It’s taken in $45 million in the 10 days since opening with $15.6 million in a very crowded and competitive holiday market. Its second week was a solid $14 million, and it’s added $22 million from overseas.

    Holiday movies tend to have legs and “Reacher” has yet to roll out in the majority of major foreign territories, so both of those numbers, particularly the international, will be growing. All signs point to it surpassing $200 million at the worldwide box office. That’s not a blockbuster figure, and Paramount is staying mum on a sequel, but with a $60 million budget, “Jack Reacher” will make money for Paramount.”

  • Octavian

    @Suri the meal ticket: @Don: Yeah you miss the point, in return Katie had to swallow a religion based on OBEs (we already are sick and tired of Shirley McLaine’s OBEs… with Spiral Galaxies seen by the Moon), pseudo-science and “magic”. All religions are based on banal Lucid Dreaming and all the religious denominations should pay taxes like all the other companies,and like all of us. Katie Holmes is the Light to Shine Out of Darkness and Giordano Bruno would be proud of her, and if you do not understand what I just said than I’m sorry for you. How can we not admire the king Edward VIII who abdicated his throne for a higher love, in order to marry an American lady. The fans of Jack Reacher did not go to the movie because Tom is not 6.8 feet tall, they did not go because he is not as “tall” as Edward VIII and “abdicate” his Scientology throne. The Mankind future depends on people like Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Katie Holmes and all the scientists … and yes the Science and the Fine Arts should go hand in hand.

  • Josh

    It seems that the Tom Cruise fans are only interested in money. How much money Cruise’s movies make at the box-office, how much money he is being paid. And it seems Cruise himself is obsessed with the idea of being number one. He desperately wants to be seen as perfect : the biggest movie star in the world, the perfect dad, the perfect husband. Sadly for him, it has become painfully obvious he is none of those things. Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or Leonardo Di Caprio are now bigger stars than he is, he has brainwashed his two older children into his cult of Scientology and encouraged them to reject their mother and his latest wife has run as far away from him as she could. Sad little man.

  • Josh

    @amanda: Nicole Kidman is actually the only person who says nice things about Tom these days. As a Tom Cruise fan, you should be happy (though she probably says those things because she doesn’t want to completely lose access to the two children she has with him).


    People work hard for their money SO when they go to a movie and spend $14 for it or a play and spend $65 to see it they expect to get their MONEY’S worth.
    Most people are concerned with money – how it’s earned and spent.
    This isn’t unusual or bad – K-FLOP’s play got cancelled because of MONEY and according to media the play only made it to Broadway because of K-FLOP’s celebrity (why not off-broadway where it might have been more successful?), thus, hoping for a MONEY draw.
    Retail stores decide whether or not to purchase more items from the K-FLOP line based on the ability to sale those items (ie. MONEY) not because she is “so nice” and therefore will continue buying her clothes even if it means incurring a loss. Uhm NO.
    As far as Tom Cruise, Paramount has dropped and then re-established business ties based on MONEY – His ability to sale a movie.
    Therefore, people who enjoy Tom Cruise films are only interested in MONEY to the extent that it will allow Tom Cruise to continue making movies.
    That’s the ENTERTAINMENT world we live in.
    Those who like to blur the lines between Tom Cruise’s personal life (i.e., Scientology) and his professional life continue confusing the reasons why Tom Cruise is still popular and why many people still enjoy his films.
    Qualify “bigger stars”?- according to Forbes (2012)- “Tom Cruise [#1] is probably one of the most polarizing actors in Hollywood today. Many are not sure what to make of the actor personally but it’s clear that Hollywood movie makers still believe in his box-office pull.” [Also on the list - Leonard DiCaprio #2 and Johnny Depp #7 and Brad Pitt isn't in the top 10].
    All of the actors you mentioned (including Cruise) have the ability to produce their own movies They all, including Cruise have their own production company – LC- Appian Way Productions, BP- Plan B Entertainment and JD – Infinitum Nihil], If a production company is not attached to a studio (Paramount, Warner, Lionsgate, Dreamworks,etc), it may have to work hard after the film is made to get it distributed by a studio. Art and independent films often have the most difficulty in this area, as they may not be widely distributed. Some films may only be marketed to video, or may be marketed to television instead. See how this works?

  • Octavian

    @POWERHOU$E$: POWERHOU$E$ “K-FLOP’s play got cancelled because of MONEY”, well you got the answer, you spend $14 for a movie and more than $65 for a play… moreover Sandy shut down the New York City and vicinities and they did not recover yet and many lost their jobs, homes. I would pay $200 or more to see Katie as Lorna in Dead Accounts because she is an awesome actress… but I’m a thousand miles away! I would pay $200 or more to see Tom Cruise on stage…but I guess he sticks with his movies only… the Fine Arts is downgraded to business like the Religion. Let’s close the Hospitals because they don’t make money…

  • Josh

    I know money is important and that the movie industry is a business. My point is that it seems that Tom Cruise fans are “only” interested in how much money his movies make or how much he’s being paid. His fans don’t seem to care about him stretching himself as an actor or taking artistic risks. It’s all about money, explosions, stunts, special effects, marketing, PR. He’s not an actor anymore, he’s a caricature. Always the same : TOM CRUISE ACTION STAR, running and staring intensely. I think it’s kind of pathetic that, at 50 years old, his fans only want to see him in the Mission Impossible movies or similar action movies, again and again and again.
    The last time he gave a truly great, powerful, memorable performance was in ‘Magnolia’ and that was 14 years ago! (and actually, it was his last Oscar nomination). You say that MONEY is “the thing that will allow Tom Cruise to continue making movies”. I’m sorry but don’t you find that kind of sad? It means that if his movies didn’t make money anymore, nobody would want to work with him and his career would be over. Look at Nicole Kidman. Her movies don’t make much money, she’s not “bankable” (she’s not on the oh-so-important Forbes list) and yet, at the “old” age of 45, she still works with the best directors, she still gets the most interesting roles, she’s still invited to the biggest film festivals all over the world, she still gets awards nominations, she’s still a huge superstar worldwide. She’s respected by the movie industry for her TALENT, not for the money she brings to the studios or to fat producers. She’s completely free as an actress as opposed to Cruise who is IMO a prisoner of the Hollywood system. And Kidman also has the ability to produce her own movies like “Rabbit Hole” (for which she got many awards nominations including an Oscar nom). She produces movies based on stories that she loves and not to make as much money as she can.
    I don’t know, maybe some people are just impressed by big numbers, big explosions, great marketing. I’m more impressed by great actors and actresses who challenge themselves and who want to be part of a director’s vision. I’m just not a fan of people who want to control everything like Cruise does (both in his professionnal and personal life).


    Interesting.. next up for K-FLOP, “Untitled Christian Camargo Project” (based on the play The Seagull) – Show that besides Christian Carmago and his wife Juliet Rylance (stage actress) producing the film, “Slated Group” is one of the producing/financing companies. (

    Slated Group INFO:

    “Online film investment site Slated announced today that they have helped raise financing for a modern retelling of Anton Chekov’s The Seagull…” and “Co-founded by Duncan Cork, Stephan Paternot, William Mapother and Gavan Gravesen, Slated claims that they have investors with more than $100 million in capital to put into films that meet the site’s criteria.”(

    One of the co-founders of “Slated Group” is William Mapother, yep the same – Tom Cruise’s cousin. ( The production company was founded in 2012

    So, K-FLOP still riding the Cruise gravy train. Are any of her upcoming future projects (supposedly sans Cruise) really established on her own merit? Bobbi Brown? Responsible Adults?

    On her own? Nah, not by a long shot.

  • @Josh

    Bravo. What a great analysis of the difference between Cruise and Kidman. He’s got power because he makes money now by playing in one action movie after another. That genre is usually popular regardless of the star. She’s got respect because she has talent and the courage to take challenging roles. Serious movie fans admire her as an artist not as a box office draw.

  • annie

    @ Tomkat Tto K-Flop
    For somebody who gives the impression of disliking KH so much, you go to great lengths to see what she’s up to- what is she doing next.
    Katie and Christian Camargo worked together in All MY Sons, and I believe he also wrote the play.
    As a Katie fan , I wish she never laid eyes on TC and his Scie, because you only need to make 1 just 1 bad decision, and everything goes downhill.
    She will never be free of Tom, Katie will always be within his reach, always, he will always make sure too that he’s always in her mind.
    Let me put it this way, don’t ever underestimate Katie Holmes……you know, what happens when the going gets rough…….. I think she ‘s proved it!
    It will take her a little while to get her act together, but once she does…. I hope you and I are still around in 2014-15, so that we can discuss this again then.

  • amanda


    You seem to have no clear causal relationship.
    Ms Kidman acted many many you said “action movie”, but the box office, you can see. So The producer also dare to look for her again? you really think Ms Kidman is willing to appear such circumstance? You’re so cute.
    As for these so-called films for nomination will find her,one of the reasons of course, she is a good actress, but the more important reason is that she is enough inexpensive. Do you think if she said one million, will those movie still find her? If I remember correctly, her salary is 50,000 dollars in .
    As for TC, you think too much, if you seems to tell me ,,,Over the past few years are all the “action movie”.I think you shoul watch more films, you should learn more knowledge of movie.
    Or do you think the films that had good box-office is classified as “action movie”?

  • toria


    You forget one thing Annie. Katie is now 34. That is getting old by Hollywood standards. You also forget that her movies since Batman have had neither commercial nor critical success. And you do realize don’t you that most of the reviews of her performance in AMS and DA are not stellar, some called a spade a spade–and said she can’t act on stage. Her fashion line is most likely not doing well given that items are frequently in the sale bin at Barneys and I believe she has lost one or two retail outlets. I don’t think (but I’m sure you know) that she has any new modeling contracts coming up. So how is she going to rebound from all of this? The woman can’t act. Plain and simple. She is an average actress, below average dancer and singer. Explain to us all how she is going to overcome the lack of talent, the inability to produce a money making film or play with her presence? She doesn’t even get nominated for any awards except Razzies anymore. I think Katie will fade into obscurity unless she gets a hit. And right now it doesn’t appear she is going to find one any time soon.

  • amanda


    she doesn’t want to completely lose access to the two children she has with him
    wow! so great!
    So this is the reason that only she has new project will be out, she will bring her ex? So to say, she will never be worry about the access, just this moment?
    And,The judgment of the court was raised together in 2001, why did she was not with one child? Beacause she acted 2 movies in 2001, 3 movies in 2002, 3 movies in 2003, 2 movies in 2004, 3 movies in 2005 ! This is what she did in marriage with TC too. Don’t say anything about bullshit Scientology,You don’t spend time with children to stay together,you should not expect children to have feelings for you.

  • amanda


    And I want to say, the value of the actor is not ONLY can act some movies for not earning money(I think the producer must be crying), or for nomination. It’s the choosing not to deceive oneself and others. But TC can act what he wants.
    So he acted Lions for Lambs, Valkyrie, Tropic Thunder, Rock of Ages for past few years, and now, he wants to play the “box-office game”, he just did some action movies, sci movies. HE CAN DO ANY MOVIE WHAT HE WANTS.this is the value of the actor!
    You don’t have to worry about his career, Care more about your icon.

  • annie

    @ Toria
    I’m not saying it’s definitely 100% going to happen , but there are people who flower , or are late bloomers, or whatever later, as there are some that have fantastic 20′s and then decline, you don’t know, or maybe you do, but I personally think that is what is going to happen.
    When her personal life gets back on track, so will her career and everything along with it.
    Should she keep away from comedies, absolutely, because she is not a comedic actress, but she has that movie coming out sometime this year, starting Respectable Adults, in the beggining of the year, the Bobbi Brown campaign is coming soon, starting this month I think, there always new pics with new pieces of jewellery in the H Stern jewellery line.
    You are making a mistake by saying she’s not a good actress, because it’s not her acting that gets criticized, it’s the movies, and in this case the play , not the acting.
    I’m not giving an excuse here , but I read the reviews, and that’s what most of critics said.
    Her acting in the Romantics was good, there was just not much in the storyline.
    I really don’t care much for NK, for a few reasons, but her ability as an actress is not one of them, she is a very good actress, and she chooses interesting roles, I absolutely agree, but her movies are bombing lately. I don’t know how things work because considering the stars in Paperboy it should have done well but it didn’t, the same as the one with N Cage ,his movies do alright usually.

    I also think, that Katie would fight to the death and spend her last dollar, to keep her daughter with her, and to quote Lainey Gossip, Katie has made Nicole look bad, where Connor and Bella are concerned, mind you I’m also sure that TC won’t rest until he gets Suri, and I think that Katie and everyone around her are all aware of this, and it probably plays on her mind a lot.
    Like I said, she will get it together, so we’ll wait and see.

  • amanda

    Nicole Kidman is actually the only person who says nice things about Tom these days

    OMG, only person???
    please read more news instead of Gossip.
    Barbara Walters, Morgan Freeman, David Beckham, Will Smith,Ron Kovic, Kathie Lee Gifford ect. They are all Nicole Kidman?

  • Josh

    @amanda: I’m sorry but I don’t understand half of the things you say. What does this mean? : “You seem to have no clear causal relationship” and this? : “So The producer also dare to look for her again? you really think Ms Kidman is willing to appear such circumstance? You’re so cute”.

    But yeah, Kidman’s salary is lower than Cruise’s. She’s passionate about acting and is willing to help young, talented directors. And she wants to make small, difficult movies. That’s a great thing, don’t you think?

    And I know enough about movies to see that the movie industry doesn’t respect Tom Cruise as an actor. His last Oscar nomination was 14 years ago. Kidman got three Oscar noms in the past 10 years and is about to get another one. Add to that 5 SAG nominations (voted by actors) and 8 Golden Globes nominations.

  • Josh

    @amanda: I certainly don’t worry about Cruise’s career. As long as he has the Mission Impossible franchise, he’ll be fine. I can already imagine him at 70 years old in Mission Impossible 15, still running (only slower) and staring intensely and doing his own stunts…

  • laugh

    I had talked about Lions for Lambs, Valkyrie, Tropic Thunder, Rock of Ages.Did you deliberately ignore them?
    Or you think only films that had so bad box-office are you called “small, difficult movies”?
    And no matter what he’s doing in his 70, he is a great actor and star, he he made his movie what he want, he made his movie what he love, he need not to talk about his ex blablabla every day and every year. And someone don’t like him, who care? He can not make everyone love him.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Don: HE left Nicole Kidmen!!!