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Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill: Bondi Icebergs Club!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill: Bondi Icebergs Club!

Leonardo DiCaprio puffs away on his Smokestik e-cig while getting out of his car and heading into the Bondi Icebergs Club on Sunday (December 30) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actor was joined by his buddy and Django Unchained co-star Jonah Hill for the afternoon out. Anyone else find it ironic that Leo is going to the ICEBERGS club?!

Leo and Jonah recently worked together again on the upcoming flick The Wolf of Wall Street. They are also both recently single after splitting with their girlfriends in the fall.

Earlier in the weekend, the guys attended a party on a yacht.

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leonardo dicaprio jonah hill bondi icebergs club 01
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill bondi icebergs club 02
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill bondi icebergs club 03
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill bondi icebergs club 04
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill bondi icebergs club 05
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill bondi icebergs club 06
leonardo dicaprio jonah hill bondi icebergs club 07

Photos: INFdaily
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  • notyourfriend


  • Hunger Games Fan

    who gives and F about these 1 percenters

  • Teri

    he really didn’t want to be photographed , I have a hard time being pictured when I’m posing wonder how he must feel

  • Dae

    @Hunger Games Fan:

    Who gives an F about Hunger Games

  • Gossip Girl

    Nice to see Leo with new new buddy Jonah and using that e-cigarette
    Nice joke Jared…

  • Hal

    He must have called the paps, they NEVER wait in front of the Iceberg Club. He is so annoying.

  • welp

    @Hal: we just called it icebergs & it’s for white people who have a stick shoved up their…. generally it’s the “Ivy’ of sydney, if you’re going there, you’re going to be seen.

    ..and ‘paparazzi’ in sydney don’t hang out anywhere unless they’re called to a certain place. It’s not like NYC or L.A

  • Hal


    So true. Hopefully he doesn’t stay long – annoying Hollywood idiot!

  • LiamFan

    Leo is gross (Jonah goes w/o saying). He has been in the biz for 25 (or more yrs.), stop with the “Don’t photograph me!” foolishness. You had your yacht party so openly TO BE SEEN & went to a popular pap hang out TO BE SEEN. The very definition of manchild.

  • Jessy

    @Hal oh yeah someone like Leonardo DiCaprio need to call paparazzi ’cause obviously nobody know him and he’s a C-list star LOL Paparazzi know he’s in Sydney and follow him everywhere, he don’t need to call them. And btw most of the time people who work in restaurants or clubs call paparazzi when there’re celebrities inside. That’s why everytime paps arrive just to make pictures of them leaving.
    But I agree that he wouldn’t go on a vacation with a yacht if he doesn’t want to be recognize.

  • Hazey

    Gosh they’re all descending on sydney this New Years…might stay north of the bridge…

  • carrie

    it’s known that Leo Dicaprio hates to be photographed even to the official events (he’s not crazy also to sign autographs)
    but the Daily Mail pics are more fun
    Leo enjoys his single life

  • ok nobodies

    lol north sydney. yeah you stay there.

  • ok nobodies

    annoying Hollywood doesn’t apply when it’s Leonardo DiCaprio

  • anna

    two pudgy slobs.

  • XYZ



  • XYZ


  • rosie

    jonah hill looks fat

  • Just me

    So much on leo jared! You did not post hayden christensen when he went to russia with his brother and when he went to china to promote his new movie outcast. Only when he came to la. And was seem wirh rachel having lunch. Which turn out bad. She covered het face the whole time. Which was not important at all. Also you avoided mention he put his house up for sale there. Why you do that? You should have mention that. You can”t keep covering for rachel cause she lied about he didn”t have a house to stay in.leo get girls and split wirh them and get work too. You should have not posted rachel pics if she didn”t want no one to see her with hom. Hayden had went to china two months earlier when he put his house up for sale. And rachel people did not mention nothimg about it. They did split while he was there in la. Why you can”t you say they split too. Rachel knew he split with her when he moved out. So hayden is single too. Every since he moved out of her house and put his house for sale. So you shouldn”t waited for rachel to say it. He is her ex not longtime girlfriend. He dumped her and she keep running behind him not saying nothing. She want something for publicity for her show and when she was on gossip girl. Show him doing his work . Being with her is not what he is about. He went to china and you did not show it like you did leo and his friend here and other people. To bad if,rachel don”t want to come out by herself anymore

  • BKM

    What can I do ???????

  • BKM

    What can I do ???????

    What can I do ???????

    What can I do ???????

  • BKM

    What can I do ???????
    What can I do ???????
    What can I do ???????

  • rona

    popsugar has pics as well

  • sarah

    Carrie, thanks for the Daily Mail link-
    With all the pictures posted on their latest article, we can clearly confirm that the yacht was filled with escorts to please Leo and his buddies.

  • Italian Girl

    Yes Jared, both guys broke up with their girlfriends in the fall, but they were partying the same way in Vegas and NY nightclubs packed with model/hookers even before they officially broke up with the poor girls.

  • @24

    How can you `clearly confirm` that the girls are escorts based on photos? You don`t know it for sure so take it easy!
    Leo is who he is and this trip is not a surprise from him yet people just keep complaining about him around the clock. If his lifestyle is so repulsive to you or he is so annoying then just ignore him instead of complaining about something that has been the same way for years. This is his life and he doesn`t have to follow anyone`s rules or any standards. Either you accept that or you just continue whining about him…

  • Sally

    Why does Leo still hide his face like he’s a young heartthrob???

    He’s nearly 40 a well respected actor with many critically acclaimed films, yet still acts & dresses like a 21 year old.

    I just don’t understand, look at other famous movie stars like George Clooney, Ryan Gosling etc, they don’t go around hiding but just act normally.

    Is he still going to do this when he’s in his 50′s???… childish!

  • carrie

    @Sally: Leo hates to be photographied (like my boyfriend and my brother)
    the difference is that Leo looks” very Michael Jackson” in his technic to hide his face!

  • @27

    Leo explained years ago why he is covering his face and it hasn’t changed ever since just like the complaints about it. Maybe it’s time to accept it and move on?

  • Amanda

    Anyone else think it’s pathetic that a grown man pushing 40 is still going to the Icebergs club?

  • nEpotisMMA

    Sorry for sounding stupid but I don’t get the irony of icebergs. Can someone explain?

  • ???? a little naive

    @27 – how old are you?
    Whether you are pathetically naive or deliberately blind. It’s not the first time Leo hires escorts to keep him and his mal friends company. You should know that this is a very common practice for politicians, businessmen and movie stars. The girls are very well paid, and they keep their mouth shut.

  • @32

    And I assume you have proof of that. That he hires escorts otherwise it’s just your theory and nothing more. It has nothing to do with being naive or blind. You look at those pictures and you see what you wanna see based on your agenda. It’s you believing those are hired escorts but that doesn’t make it true!

  • sarah

    From the NYDaily News:

    Leonardo DiCaprio brought his co-star, Jonah Hill, along on a wild yacht ride through the harbor of the Australian capital Saturday, with a gaggle of bikini-clad – and at least one that couldn’t bother to find her bathing suit top – beauties along for the party.

    While DiCaprio, 38, is no stranger to debauchery, Hill was photographed looking bewildered chatting up a topless sunbather on the deck. And why not? The 29-year-old “Moneyball” star broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Ali Hoffman (Dustin’s daughter), in September and is a free agent in baseball terminology.

    DiCaprio looked to have his sea-legs – lapping up the attention as a buxom brunette leaned in extra close. Later, he was spied getting chatty with a gorgeous blonde.

    Beats the Titanic.

    Though the British tabloids have speculated DiCaprio’s dating his other “Wolf of Wall Street” star Margot Robbie, there was no sign onboard of the 22-year-old bombshell.
    Sydney, though, was just the first leg of a New Year’s jaunt for the stars, who were accompanied by other celebrities including “Django Unchained” star Jamie Foxx and “Gossip Girl” alum Chace Crawford, London’s Daily Mail reported.

    Foxx, DiCaprio and Hill all worked together on “Django.”

    The Hollywood heavyweights were scheduled to hit Las Vegas next to keep the party going.

    Eventually, DiCaprio and Hill will have to return to the set of “The Wolf of Wall Street” to wrap filming. Director Martin Scorsese’s crime drama about securities fraud hits theaters later next year.

  • C/G
    Can you imagine being followed around Sydney by that photographer? Ugh. Pass. Leo, you can have your fame, I’ll keep my anonymity.

  • C/G

    @XYZ: (17) Discrimination and cultural bias on a Sunday. Lovely.
    Take the all-caps, trash talk elsewhere, please.

  • Madeleine

    Ahh! The life of a super star!

  • rona

    wonder what the W necklace hes wearing stands for

  • @rona

    A wild guess: Wilhelm?

  • vagabond

    I tell you I’m really confused by the nasty comments on this and the other thread.Like Leo,partying for New years somewhere was such a big surprise.I guess those aren’t our regular posters.Thanks for the links,lol@ the Daily Mail articles.

  • Dae


    IITS WEIRDO posting with fake names.

  • Dae

    Yo WEIRDO DJANGO is a success at the box office. You failed MF. How does it feel to be wrong yet again?

  • Red

    are people really complaining about leonardo covering his face? i find it very respectable he is actively trying not to get his face photographed opposite some of these other celebrities.

  • —-

    so when is Leo supposed to leave Sydney to pursue his “debauchery” to Vegas? Other country, other models/escorts, but same male friends as his entourage.

  • What’s next?
  • Hypo

    He flies to Sydney than rent a yacht, i wonder how many gallons of fuel they dump into environment.
    And this man dares to lecture us about environment pollution. He has no shame. Pathetic hypocrite.

  • @46

    I doubt he was lecturing you on anything. If he is such a horrible person why don’t you just ignore him instead of whining about the same things over and over again? It’s like you are expecting something different from him and when you don’t get it you vent your negativity here. Move on if you can’t accept it because it’s tiring to read the same rant over and over again.

  • Hypo

    Hey you, this was my first comment here.
    It is you already commenting here whatever time “whining about”, the same words, the same phrases.
    This person has no right to say anything about environment protection after flying private jet from one continent to another just for partying on a yacht with half naked girls.
    Does anyone know how long it takes to fly from LA to Sydney 10-12 hours?
    Why not to do the same thing in Miami? Why to fly so far and burn gallons and gallons of fuel?
    You know why, because he does not care.

  • Ana

    They guy has every right to fly to sydney if he wants to. If you have the means to do it, then who cares? He’s not breaking any laws.

  • @Hypo

    Sure, it’s your first comment. Why don’t you take your whining somewhere else, weirdo?