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Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill: Bondi Icebergs Club!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill: Bondi Icebergs Club!

Leonardo DiCaprio puffs away on his Smokestik e-cig while getting out of his car and heading into the Bondi Icebergs Club on Sunday (December 30) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actor was joined by his buddy and Django Unchained co-star Jonah Hill for the afternoon out. Anyone else find it ironic that Leo is going to the ICEBERGS club?!

Leo and Jonah recently worked together again on the upcoming flick The Wolf of Wall Street. They are also both recently single after splitting with their girlfriends in the fall.

Earlier in the weekend, the guys attended a party on a yacht.

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Photos: INFdaily
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355 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill: Bondi Icebergs Club!”

  1. 1
    notyourfriend Says:


  2. 2
    Hunger Games Fan Says:

    who gives and F about these 1 percenters

  3. 3
    Teri Says:

    he really didn’t want to be photographed , I have a hard time being pictured when I’m posing wonder how he must feel

  4. 4
    Dae Says:

    @Hunger Games Fan:

    Who gives an F about Hunger Games

  5. 5
    Gossip Girl Says:

    Nice to see Leo with new new buddy Jonah and using that e-cigarette
    Nice joke Jared…

  6. 6
    Hal Says:

    He must have called the paps, they NEVER wait in front of the Iceberg Club. He is so annoying.

  7. 7
    welp Says:

    @Hal: we just called it icebergs & it’s for white people who have a stick shoved up their…. generally it’s the “Ivy’ of sydney, if you’re going there, you’re going to be seen.

    ..and ‘paparazzi’ in sydney don’t hang out anywhere unless they’re called to a certain place. It’s not like NYC or L.A

  8. 8
    Hal Says:


    So true. Hopefully he doesn’t stay long – annoying Hollywood idiot!

  9. 9
    LiamFan Says:

    Leo is gross (Jonah goes w/o saying). He has been in the biz for 25 (or more yrs.), stop with the “Don’t photograph me!” foolishness. You had your yacht party so openly TO BE SEEN & went to a popular pap hang out TO BE SEEN. The very definition of manchild.

  10. 10
    Jessy Says:

    @Hal oh yeah someone like Leonardo DiCaprio need to call paparazzi ’cause obviously nobody know him and he’s a C-list star LOL Paparazzi know he’s in Sydney and follow him everywhere, he don’t need to call them. And btw most of the time people who work in restaurants or clubs call paparazzi when there’re celebrities inside. That’s why everytime paps arrive just to make pictures of them leaving.
    But I agree that he wouldn’t go on a vacation with a yacht if he doesn’t want to be recognize.

  11. 11
    Hazey Says:

    Gosh they’re all descending on sydney this New Years…might stay north of the bridge…

  12. 12
    carrie Says:

    it’s known that Leo Dicaprio hates to be photographed even to the official events (he’s not crazy also to sign autographs)
    but the Daily Mail pics are more fun
    Leo enjoys his single life

  13. 13
    ok nobodies Says:

    lol north sydney. yeah you stay there.

  14. 14
    ok nobodies Says:

    annoying Hollywood doesn’t apply when it’s Leonardo DiCaprio

  15. 15
    anna Says:

    two pudgy slobs.

  16. 16
    XYZ Says:



  17. 17
    XYZ Says:


  18. 18
    rosie Says:

    jonah hill looks fat

  19. 19
    Just me Says:

    So much on leo jared! You did not post hayden christensen when he went to russia with his brother and when he went to china to promote his new movie outcast. Only when he came to la. And was seem wirh rachel having lunch. Which turn out bad. She covered het face the whole time. Which was not important at all. Also you avoided mention he put his house up for sale there. Why you do that? You should have mention that. You can”t keep covering for rachel cause she lied about he didn”t have a house to stay in.leo get girls and split wirh them and get work too. You should have not posted rachel pics if she didn”t want no one to see her with hom. Hayden had went to china two months earlier when he put his house up for sale. And rachel people did not mention nothimg about it. They did split while he was there in la. Why you can”t you say they split too. Rachel knew he split with her when he moved out. So hayden is single too. Every since he moved out of her house and put his house for sale. So you shouldn”t waited for rachel to say it. He is her ex not longtime girlfriend. He dumped her and she keep running behind him not saying nothing. She want something for publicity for her show and when she was on gossip girl. Show him doing his work . Being with her is not what he is about. He went to china and you did not show it like you did leo and his friend here and other people. To bad if,rachel don”t want to come out by herself anymore

  20. 20
    BKM Says:

    What can I do ???????

  21. 21
    BKM Says:

    What can I do ???????

    What can I do ???????

    What can I do ???????

  22. 22
    BKM Says:

    What can I do ???????
    What can I do ???????
    What can I do ???????

  23. 23
    rona Says:

    popsugar has pics as well

  24. 24
    sarah Says:

    Carrie, thanks for the Daily Mail link-
    With all the pictures posted on their latest article, we can clearly confirm that the yacht was filled with escorts to please Leo and his buddies.

  25. 25
    Italian Girl Says:

    Yes Jared, both guys broke up with their girlfriends in the fall, but they were partying the same way in Vegas and NY nightclubs packed with model/hookers even before they officially broke up with the poor girls.

  26. 26
    @24 Says:

    How can you `clearly confirm` that the girls are escorts based on photos? You don`t know it for sure so take it easy!
    Leo is who he is and this trip is not a surprise from him yet people just keep complaining about him around the clock. If his lifestyle is so repulsive to you or he is so annoying then just ignore him instead of complaining about something that has been the same way for years. This is his life and he doesn`t have to follow anyone`s rules or any standards. Either you accept that or you just continue whining about him…

  27. 27
    Sally Says:

    Why does Leo still hide his face like he’s a young heartthrob???

    He’s nearly 40 a well respected actor with many critically acclaimed films, yet still acts & dresses like a 21 year old.

    I just don’t understand, look at other famous movie stars like George Clooney, Ryan Gosling etc, they don’t go around hiding but just act normally.

    Is he still going to do this when he’s in his 50′s???… childish!

  28. 28
    carrie Says:

    @Sally: Leo hates to be photographied (like my boyfriend and my brother)
    the difference is that Leo looks” very Michael Jackson” in his technic to hide his face!

  29. 29
    @27 Says:

    Leo explained years ago why he is covering his face and it hasn’t changed ever since just like the complaints about it. Maybe it’s time to accept it and move on?

  30. 30
    Amanda Says:

    Anyone else think it’s pathetic that a grown man pushing 40 is still going to the Icebergs club?

  31. 31
    nEpotisMMA Says:

    Sorry for sounding stupid but I don’t get the irony of icebergs. Can someone explain?

  32. 32
    ???? a little naive Says:

    @27 – how old are you?
    Whether you are pathetically naive or deliberately blind. It’s not the first time Leo hires escorts to keep him and his mal friends company. You should know that this is a very common practice for politicians, businessmen and movie stars. The girls are very well paid, and they keep their mouth shut.

  33. 33
    @32 Says:

    And I assume you have proof of that. That he hires escorts otherwise it’s just your theory and nothing more. It has nothing to do with being naive or blind. You look at those pictures and you see what you wanna see based on your agenda. It’s you believing those are hired escorts but that doesn’t make it true!

  34. 34
    sarah Says:

    From the NYDaily News:

    Leonardo DiCaprio brought his co-star, Jonah Hill, along on a wild yacht ride through the harbor of the Australian capital Saturday, with a gaggle of bikini-clad – and at least one that couldn’t bother to find her bathing suit top – beauties along for the party.

    While DiCaprio, 38, is no stranger to debauchery, Hill was photographed looking bewildered chatting up a topless sunbather on the deck. And why not? The 29-year-old “Moneyball” star broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Ali Hoffman (Dustin’s daughter), in September and is a free agent in baseball terminology.

    DiCaprio looked to have his sea-legs – lapping up the attention as a buxom brunette leaned in extra close. Later, he was spied getting chatty with a gorgeous blonde.

    Beats the Titanic.

    Though the British tabloids have speculated DiCaprio’s dating his other “Wolf of Wall Street” star Margot Robbie, there was no sign onboard of the 22-year-old bombshell.
    Sydney, though, was just the first leg of a New Year’s jaunt for the stars, who were accompanied by other celebrities including “Django Unchained” star Jamie Foxx and “Gossip Girl” alum Chace Crawford, London’s Daily Mail reported.

    Foxx, DiCaprio and Hill all worked together on “Django.”

    The Hollywood heavyweights were scheduled to hit Las Vegas next to keep the party going.

    Eventually, DiCaprio and Hill will have to return to the set of “The Wolf of Wall Street” to wrap filming. Director Martin Scorsese’s crime drama about securities fraud hits theaters later next year.

  35. 35
    C/G Says:
    Can you imagine being followed around Sydney by that photographer? Ugh. Pass. Leo, you can have your fame, I’ll keep my anonymity.

  36. 36
    C/G Says:

    @XYZ: (17) Discrimination and cultural bias on a Sunday. Lovely.
    Take the all-caps, trash talk elsewhere, please.

  37. 37
    Madeleine Says:

    Ahh! The life of a super star!

  38. 38
    rona Says:

    wonder what the W necklace hes wearing stands for

  39. 39
    @rona Says:

    A wild guess: Wilhelm?

  40. 40
    vagabond Says:

    I tell you I’m really confused by the nasty comments on this and the other thread.Like Leo,partying for New years somewhere was such a big surprise.I guess those aren’t our regular posters.Thanks for the links,lol@ the Daily Mail articles.

  41. 41
    Dae Says:


    IITS WEIRDO posting with fake names.

  42. 42
    Dae Says:

    Yo WEIRDO DJANGO is a success at the box office. You failed MF. How does it feel to be wrong yet again?

  43. 43
    Red Says:

    are people really complaining about leonardo covering his face? i find it very respectable he is actively trying not to get his face photographed opposite some of these other celebrities.

  44. 44
    ---- Says:

    so when is Leo supposed to leave Sydney to pursue his “debauchery” to Vegas? Other country, other models/escorts, but same male friends as his entourage.

  45. 45
    What's next? Says:

    The blondes always captured his attention

  46. 46
    Hypo Says:

    He flies to Sydney than rent a yacht, i wonder how many gallons of fuel they dump into environment.
    And this man dares to lecture us about environment pollution. He has no shame. Pathetic hypocrite.

  47. 47
    @46 Says:

    I doubt he was lecturing you on anything. If he is such a horrible person why don’t you just ignore him instead of whining about the same things over and over again? It’s like you are expecting something different from him and when you don’t get it you vent your negativity here. Move on if you can’t accept it because it’s tiring to read the same rant over and over again.

  48. 48
    Hypo Says:

    Hey you, this was my first comment here.
    It is you already commenting here whatever time “whining about”, the same words, the same phrases.
    This person has no right to say anything about environment protection after flying private jet from one continent to another just for partying on a yacht with half naked girls.
    Does anyone know how long it takes to fly from LA to Sydney 10-12 hours?
    Why not to do the same thing in Miami? Why to fly so far and burn gallons and gallons of fuel?
    You know why, because he does not care.

  49. 49
    Ana Says:

    They guy has every right to fly to sydney if he wants to. If you have the means to do it, then who cares? He’s not breaking any laws.

  50. 50
    @Hypo Says:

    Sure, it’s your first comment. Why don’t you take your whining somewhere else, weirdo?

  51. 51
    ?? Says:

    i’am a little confused ,do you think those reports from nypost about him and margot were completley false ??did they date??!!!!it s weird that he didn’t get a new “official”girlfriend ,it’s been 3 months since the annoncement of the breakup with erin,(he never stayed “officialy” single for this long,i remember he stared dating bar one month only after the news of his breakup with gisele,and with blake it was just 2 weeks after the breakup with bar!!!!)

  52. 52
    Weirdo Says:

    Stop making things up people. This is my first post. I know you all would like to think that only ONE person in the whole wide world writes comments that you don’t agree with but that is pretty naive
    I see the NY Post and the NY Daily News are working PRETTY hard to make it seem like Leo is quite the ladies man.
    I see it for the facade that it is…..
    Being seen with women but not seen being with women.

    Is this what it’s going to be like forever and ever? Hiring a group of hot chicks to party on yachts and night clubs to make it seem like he’s a straight guy and bonafide player?

    I’m sorry but reading comments on other sites its hilarious, nobody actually believes Leo has that kind of game anymore because he’s not as hot as he used to be and its so over-the-top ridiculous that its funny. It’s true what they say, a gay guy in the closet is made fun of more than if he just came out!

  53. 53
    sarah Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio Partying It Up with a Boat Full of Girls and his New Friend Jonah Hill
    EXCLUSIVE Sydney Harbour, Dec 29 2012 The 38-year-old lothario decided to treat his Django Unchained co-star (and new BFF) Jonah Hill to a wild yacht party in Sydney, and the antics left Hill, 29, blushing. The older man negotiated the many scantily-clad women with ease and didn’t bat an eyelid as some of the girls got a bit wild and started stripping their tops off. (too bad we can’t have the one in the middle enlarged)
    So the naive ones can check for themselves what type of “gilrs” they hired to amuse the boys.

  54. 54
    @sarah Says:

    You are the naive one with an agenda here. You can`t possibly prove that these girls are hired escorts based on photos. That`s stupid. You want them to be escort and you think some photos will prove that? Maybe you should check yourself if you think you convinced anyone. This is a party, everyone is having fun and just because it`s not your type of fun it doesn`t mean these girls are escorts. By any means. If this is proof for you that someone is hired to entertain go to Florida during spring break and count how many colleges students work as escorts…

  55. 55
    @53 Says:

    Here is the link to the photos including the explicit one you are referring to.,73afd0722e0fb310VgnVCM5000009ccceb0aRCRD.html

  56. 56
    Italian Girl Says:

    Thanks @55 – LOL, LOL… I feel like I’m watching a modern version of a the yacht scene from The Wolf of Wall Street. The men, the prostitutes and the booze. Too funny.

  57. 57
    lol... Says:

    … at all the dumb and judgemental people who don’t know how to have fun!

  58. 58
    @sarah Says:

    Why are you so obsessed with calling them escorts???????
    What is wrong with you? You must be that same pic spammer who was always trying to sl8t shame. Women on a boat in swimwear at a party does not automatically equate prostitution this does not mean we are naive, just adults who have left the house occasionally.

  59. 59
    LOL Says:

    53 &55 are the same person.
    Hello pic spammer, I guess as Erin is history you don’t need to target her with old modelling photos and cast insinuations. You can however scour the internet like a sleaze merchant for nameless girls partying on a boat and ironically ****-shame them instead. Still not over the Leo dumping huh?

  60. 60
    Odd Says:

    Leo posts get so many responses but Leo stories like Miranda Kerr stories are NEVER named in JJ’s most viewed or linked end of the year post. I guess that’s the difference in posts with genuinely different people commenting and posts that really have only 3-5 people with different names talking to themselves or linking pics.

  61. 61
    C'Mon Says:

    There is nothing wrong with the fact that Leo and friends attend a yacht party where dozens of young girls from escort or modeling agencies are hired.
    Leo has attended many other parties of that sort along with Lukas and his other friends. Especially in Europe. It’s not the first time and it is certainly not the last either.

  62. 62
    lol... Says:

    @61: Calling these girls escorts and prostitutes ( other Sydney thread ) based on photos is stupid. You don’t know for sure. Not about these parties and not about previous ones. Your theory is not proof.

  63. 63
    Fan Says:

    Escorts and strippers! What a cool way to finish 2012, Leo! The guy will never change.

  64. 64
    lol... Says:

    @Fan: Exactly! He won’t change and hasn’t shown any signs of change so why keep complaining about it? It’s been like this for years so either accept him for who he is or stop bothering about him ( and calling those girls names )! It’s simple… Leo won’t change and apparently the endless complaints about him are going to stick around.

  65. 65
    Gossip Girl Says:

    Is this Chace Crawford on the left ?

  66. 66
    @65 Says:

    No but he looks like Zac Efron.

  67. 67
    @lol Says:

    Well said. But that poster has an agenda so won’t.
    Even after 20 years ‘they’ can’t let go. Live your life Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 68
    lol... Says:

    Leo has been acting the same way for long years yet some people expect something different from him all the time. Why? It reminds me of the definition of insanity: doing something the same way over and over again and expecting different results. I don’t get it! If you don’t know by now how Leo lives his life you are in denial. Either accept him or just focus on his acting but not on his private life. The continuous complaints and rants about him are so annoying and tiring.
    @65: The guy reminds me both Zac and Chase. Chase went to Sydney but I don’t think he was mentioned partying with them ( just like a couple of other celebs ).

  69. 69
    lol... Says:

    @67: You are right. They see what they wanna see and just keep pushing it even though it doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying I like everything he does or I wouldn’t like to see some changes in his life. But after all this time reading about his parting ways and love life I realized he won’t change and that’s the way he wants to live his life. It took time but I accepted it. It’s his life, his choices and he doesn’t have to follow anyone’s rules or standards. Only his own…

  70. 70
    sarah Says:

    who was complaining about him? You have a problem with facts? Reality? we all know Leo, and we all know he will never change and there is nothing wrong with having a yacht filled with girls hired to please and amuse rich guys. it is a common practice among politicians, businessmen, movie stars. why do you think Leo was a favorite at the Playboy Mansion?
    I was just posting links to report “facts”. No to complain about his behavior. And yes some people need to open their eyes and realize that there are girls out there who are paid to do this type of job.

  71. 71
    Hillary Says:

    At least Leo is a credible actor who is famous for his talent, not a sex tape or reality show. Just saw Django Unchained last night and my goodness, if he doesn’t snag the Oscar for Calvin Candie I will be flabbergasted. I think with all these pictures of him going to clubs and partying on yachts, we tend to forget just how incredible of an actor he is. I’m not saying I condone his lifestyle, but hey, if he keeps making good movies, I don’t really care how he chooses to lead his private life. Also, on a sidenote, aparently he had to fly to Sydney to do some reshoots for Gatsby.

  72. 72
    sarah Says:

    i also watched Django. At first I didn’t want to, cause I am not a fan of Jamie F nor Tarantino. But I’d be a fool to say it wasn’t a good movie. In fact, I enjoyed it immensely and Leo was fantastic, truly amazing.

  73. 73
    Odd Says:

    I haven’t see Django yet. Happy its doing well. How bad is the violence?
    That Gatsby reshoot claim is not likely IMO. None of his costars seem to have been asked over for re shoots, Leo still has his dark hair from WOWS not Gatsby blonde, and he was only in Australia for a minute. And if it was voice over work he could easily do that in any studio in NY or LA and not fly for 15 hours.

  74. 74
    lol... Says:

    @70: Facts? If it was a fact that you are pushing here you could prove it. Not with photos that you THINK show escorts… So no, you don’t have facts. You have an agenda that you believe to be correct but what you think won’t make it a fact. So what is it if not complaining? He should grow up, he should dress differently, he shouldn’t party….etc. most of the comments are criticizing him ( including you of course ) and pointing out things about Leo that has been the same way for years. Accept it or move on!

  75. 75
    lol... Says:

    @70: You posted links to report facts? The link was about him partying and it was YOU who called the girls escorts and prostitutes. Who cares what’s common among politicians? It won’t prove you claim that the girls like escort no matter how you twist it.

  76. 76
    Hillary Says:


    The violence was not as bad as I thought it would be! Lots of shooting, but that’s to be expected since it is a western. Unfortunately the one downfall it has is the ending drags on for too long; the last half hour is pretty pointless. But it’s worth seeing even just for the performances. My favourite performances were probably Leo’s and Christoph Waltz’s – both of them were absolutely astonishing, convincing, and captivating. Sam Jackson was amazing too.
    You’re right about the Gatsby re shoot. I think it was on the DailyMail where I read something about the Gatsby re shoot, but it seemed doubtful in my mind because Leo’s hair still seems to be dark from Wolf of Wall Street.
    Hope you enjoy Django Unchained if you see it!

  77. 77
    Dae Says:

    WEIRDO why havent you answered my question? How does it feel to be wrong about Django. Its a success at the box office. You predicted it would fail and it didn’t. You were wrong like you always have been. Admit it.

  78. 78
    lainey Says:

    about miranda /justin bieber /leo

    She’s married and they have a child. And these days she’s much more visible — all over — than he is. There have been rumours, since they seem to be apart so often, that their relationship has been unstable. Though they’ve recently been seen together, and appear to be happy, he might not feel so secure if he were to find out who she’s sleeping with behind his back, and so indiscriminately.

    My sources confirm that there was a boy, a very young, very famous, pop boy with his own fragile love situation who she f-cked for sh-ts and giggles. Just 2 nights later, it was another very famous former pop boy (of sorts) 20 years older who, obviously, specifically targets her small demographic. One night only. Those would be her more famous indiscretions. But they say she’s been cheating all over the place and all the time.

  79. 79
    lol... Says:

    @78: What does this have to do with Leo? Even though Lainey blinds were revealed and turned out to be true the ‘former pop boy’ doesn’t sound like Leo to me.

  80. 80
    @lol Says:

    Lainey’s blind makes it clear those were not her only two affairs. It clearly states she’s been cheating indiscriminately. And the fact that this specific blind does not mention Leo does not discount the other ‘blinds’ that do hint at him when discussing Miranda Kerr. Not forgetting the word on the NY grapevine. No smoke without fire. JMO

  81. 81
    Odd Says:

    ‘famous former pop boy (of sorts)’ – Leo was a teen hearthrob like Justin

    ’20 years older’ – Leo’s 38 to Justin’s 18

    ‘specifically targets her small demographic’ – Leo’s VS Angels chief customer

    Lainey’s blinds are often on point. I call Mr Dicaprio

  82. 82
    lol... Says:

    That’s true, it doesn’t mention Leo but I don’t believe the other blinds. I personally don’t consider those sites reliable at all and same applies to the NY ‘grapevine’. I still have enough faith in Leo not to believe that he would have an affair with a married woman whose husband is his long time pal. Also those Miranda sightings were too public for me to believe it. If he sleeps with a married woman he would wanna keep that private not go and be openly flirty with her… Doesn’t sound like Leo to me.

  83. 83
    @81 Says:

    If the young pop boy is Justin B. the pop can refer to him being a musician. Leo isn’t. It depends on your interpretation even though I agree that Lainey blinds are often spot on. But I don’t see Leo as a ‘former pop boy’ at all.

  84. 84
    @81 Says:

    Also I do believe that Miranda cheats and that their marriage is on the rocks. But I still don’t see Leo as a former pop boy!

  85. 85
    Odd Says:

    @82 I remember Leo on all, now defunct, the teen magazines like Tiger Beat and Lucky he was definitley a ‘pop boy’ in his hey day. IMO
    I guess its similar to that ***** poster who insisted the girls having fun on a boat automatically made them escorts. We all have our interpretations of things and that’s fine. This is mine, its Leo.

  86. 86
    Hypo Says:

    I don’t care about his personal life or his career. He can make whatever choices he wants regarding both, besides he never lecture people about the way they should live their lives in respect of personal preferences and career choices, BUT what truly pissed me off is that he dares to lecture us and direct a movie about global warming, air and water pollution while make a flight trip over 12 hours to Sydney to enjoy himself for a couple of days with a bunch of escort girls or whoever they are.
    Can anyone explain me how this thing corresponds with his so wildly proclaimed green efforts to protect the environment?

  87. 87
    lala Says:

    and now dicaprio is f’ing jessica heart. she was on the yaght with him.

  88. 88
    lol... Says:

    If you don’t care about his career or personal life why are you bothering about him or his hypocrisy at all? Ignore his movie or his lectures about global warming. Problem solved! By the way even doing this ( flying private or renting yachts ) I bet he still did more for the environment than some complaining about his actions…
    @85: It’s all about interpretation. Leo is a modelizer. But I still don’t think he would do it with a married model so openly…

  89. 89
    #lala Says:

    she was on a yacht with him automatically means he’s f’ing her? seriously???????

  90. 90
    lol... Says:

    Jessica Hart is Australian yet no Aussie source put her there? I saw on BZ that someone thinks it’s her on a picture meanwhile Leo is flirting with another blonde ( not Jessica ). So that means he is fcuking JH? I assume you are one of the posters who thinks every girl on that boat is an escort. Same twisted logic.

  91. 91
    @84 Says:

    Lainey said former pop boy ‘of sorts’
    C’mon.. Leo mania / Bieber fever?

  92. 92
    Hypo Says:

    So, nobody can explain this. Right?
    The advice is “ignore it”. Get it. Thanks.

  93. 93
    @91 Says:

    Lainey sources are impeccable. Every blind she’s written first this year – Heidi, Jon Hamn, Amy Peohler has been spot on.
    It also pretty much confirms what the Page 6 post was dancing around months back.

    “After being spotted carousing with Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber, Australian model Miranda Kerr is finally going to spend some time with husband Orlando Bloom. The Victoria’s Secret beauty has been partying like a single girl in New York while her actor spouse has been in South Africa shooting “Zulu.” After walking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last month, Kerr was spotted flirting with Bieber at club Avenue in Chelsea during one of the after-parties, and sources tell us she cooed about getting friendly with the teen heartthrob, who was then on a break with Selena Gomez, to friends afterward.

    Then, she partied late at DiCaprio’s birthday party at The Darby. And just last weekend, she reunited with DiCaprio again at Rosewood, a buzzy new lounge on 19th Street and Broadway. While sources have speculated her marriage to Bloom may be on the rocks because they’ve barely been seen together recently, a source close to Kerr told us: “She’s flying to London to visit Orlando on Friday. She’s excited, and all of these rumors are much ado about absolutely nothing.”

  94. 94
    @91 Says:

    It all depends on your interpretation. Not everyone sees it your way. Nothing wrong with that.
    @hypo: yes, ignore it. Why are you so worked up about someone and his actions if you don’t care about him?

  95. 95
    Mari Says:


    No idea whether the woman in black is Jessica Hart or not, but I agree that Leo definitely is flirting with the other thin blonde (not that it necessarily means anything). I hope there are pics from tonight’s celebrations.

  96. 96
    Red Says:

    wasn’t jessica spotted out with him earlier this year in new york? i thought i read something about that. he seems interested in that tall skinny girl, but he seems to be looking interested with all of these women.

  97. 97
    Red Says:

    i meant a few months ago or something. here it is:
    The party continues for single Leonardo DiCaprio. The “Django Unchained” star and Cameron Diaz hooked up, as pals, at the opening of hot new club Rosewood on Friday. “Miranda Kerr and a group of girlfriends were the first to show,” said a spy at the cocktail lounge, adding that models Jessica Gomes and Jessica Hart were close behind. Later, “the crowds parted when Leo entered” and he sat with Kerr and company. “He was texting until Cameron arrived,” a source said, “and it was obvious they are great friends . . . he was very excited when she came to meet him, and he got up from his table to guide her to where he was sitting.” The models then did what models do: danced on banquettes, in this case to the tunes of DJ Regg Ruck, and drank Champagne and Belvedere. At 3 a.m., DiCaprio made sure to “tip the waitresses and say thank you” before he and his posse headed out.

  98. 98
    lol... Says:

    @Red: Jessica was at the infamous club opening party with Cameron Diaz and Miranda Kerr. She seems to be his type ( except for her age – 26 ) but even if that’s her on the boat Leo was into another blonde…
    Lainey: Look, guys, I see your point about the blinds and I don’t doubt Lainey tends to be accurate but I’m still not convinced and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I’m not forcing my opinion on you so let’s just agree on disagreeing, please.

  99. 99
    @98 Says:

    I can’t speak for the others but I honestly was not trying force my opinion on you or anyone else here, I took this as fun conversation/ gossip. No issues at all. Happy New Year to all.

  100. 100
    lol... Says:

    I`m glad there are no issues. I even admit that maybe I just don`t want this one to be him… I have no illusions about him ( anymore ) he is a party boy who won`t change. He will always chase young blonde models. But this Miranda thing … I just don`t want it to be true. It`s not the fact that I can`t stand Miranda ( I never liked her ) but she is married with a young child to a guy who Leo has known for a long time…. Does it make sense????
    Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!

  101. 101
    ! Says:

    Jessica hart Is and has been dating paris Hilton ex boyfrind for the last 2 years he was even with her at the vsafter party,and it s not her in the pictures,jessica was in la ,you can see it on her instagram!!

  102. 102
    Red Says:

    i just checked her instagram and it does not say she is in LA. all i saw as a picture of her eating some fancy food. and a picture of her in a monkey mask recently that looked alot like leonardo and lukas’s monkey mask you often see them wearing on halloween.

  103. 103
    BC Says:

    Lainey is referring to Leo. The key words are “former” “(of sorts)” and “20 years older” than Biebs, and it fits with the Post gossip. Whether it’s true or not is another story. Lainey has become more reliable than other blinds lately because she waits until a story like the Post’s drops and tailors her blinds to fit, increasing her odds of being proven right, or of readers believing her in the event Orly and Miranda split.

  104. 104
    LOL Says:

    Lainey has often proven to be right without the help of other blinds or the Post. In fact she writes VERY few blinds (unlike other sites that have a drug/gay/sex scandal every week) which makes her more reliable and with an almost 100% record. Also Lainey has been VERY pro Orlando and Miranda in the past. Marriage rumors have been swirling about them for over a year and Lainey dismissed them with friendly pap shots of the 2 or never reported them. If she ended up writing on this duo then she obviously has strong evidence to back it up. Happy New Y’ALL

  105. 105
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL: I cannot believe what an idiot Miranda Kerr is and she deserves what she is going to get one day….I am glad itwas just one night and not an affair, that would have been gross, not that I really care if she wasnt married or had a baby but she does…and leo would really be in the wrong for doing this.

    Biebs is about as sexual to me as a wet pacifier. If miranda was free thn ok we’d have to sit throught that one but at leastshe could keep up with him on the infidelity count. I really hope we never see this one.

    Up on top are Kany gritting his teeth and bearing it and to the left some trailer park girl that looks like Jennifer Jason Leigh that we are supposed to care about.

    So it’s NYE are these idiots in LV or still Sydney–since they have actual business to conduct I would think they are staying there. So glad he is not in cabo noticeably with some *****, just in Sydney with some *****(s)that you will probably not see.

    And looked who la ghenea latched on to! another man *****! boy, who’s using who?

  106. 106
    Fan Says:

    Leo has always been known for a guy who enjoys the company of women. Remember these pap pics of him with some girl dancing and flirting at a guy’s wedding in Italy last year? He was dating Blake Lively at the time.

  107. 107
    Hypo Says:

    Why are you so worked up trying to make him look good?
    As I said I don’t care what choices he makes in regard to his personal life or his career, but I do care about his hypocritical environment statements.
    Once again, his trip to Sydney took 12 hours and burnt hundreds of gallons of fuel, the same for the trip back, just for a short yacht voyage with young starlets.
    You want me to stop reminding people what a hypocrite Dicaprio is. You are trying not hard enough. Dicaprio’s PR agents would be unhappy with you.

  108. 108
    @107 Says:

    Shut up!

  109. 109
    lol... Says:

    107: Because I care about him… dahh. Unlike you I’m not wasting my time complaining about someone I don’t care about.

  110. 110
    Odd Says:

    It was far more fun when he was dating Bar and blatantly taking women home from nightclubs

  111. 111
    TBF Says:

    A New Years resolution should be that the pic spammer, s**t shaming, ‘gay outing’ fans of his ex gf or ex ex ex gf…………. will accept Leo quit it a long time ago, and leave him the**** alone. Move On!
    Seek therapy because he quit the meal ticket

  112. 112
    @110 Says:

    Actually, according to ex-playmate Izabella St-James, the best fun he had was when as one of the favorite Playboy Mansion’s clients, he used to hire 2 girls at the time during his frequent visits in 2001-2002… while he was dating Gisele.
    The guy has always known how to entertain himself:)

  113. 113
    TBF Says:

    A New Years resolution should be that the pic spammer, s**t shaming, fan of Barf…………. will accept Leo quit it a long time ago, and leave him the**** alone. Move On!
    Seek therapy because he quit the meal ticket

  114. 114
    @112 Says:

    Yeah, let’s take her word for it! Are some of you on a mission to trash Leo no matter what? Why don’t you focus your energy on something positive for once?

  115. 115
    @114 Says:

    Honey. Its that same one fan of his ex.
    Most of us called her/him out on that BS of ‘all women on boats having fun are escorts/prostitutes’ storyline. There are no more Erin pics to spam so why not try to talk down other famous ex-girlfriends who he looked genuinley happy with and who have moved on to famous handsome successful men. As you can see the thread was moving on about the Lainey blinds but the pic spammer just had to get a word in to down Leo and continue the obsessive escort and prostitute and plyboy story. Leo is winning.
    But they are still bitter they can never move on. Its sad really

  116. 116
    sarah Says:

    I just realized, thanks to Lainey, that the brunette with the manly face features sitting on Leo’s lap was the same wearing the flannel shirt standing next to his face in other photo links.

  117. 117
    @116 Says:

    So what? Groundbreaking observation! Let me guess it means she is a hired escort because I assume escorts are the only ones sitting on a guy’s lap wearing ugly flannel shirts.

  118. 118
    From Lainey Says:

    “Check out those two random girls rubbing up on each other on that boat. I mean, this is what it means to be part of the Leo DiCaprio inner circle. For this, and many other benefits, no one before Jonah has ever betrayed it. And, given what I know and have observed of him, he won’t be the first…
    But then again, what gave you the idea that Leonardo DiCaprio sits around respecting women all day and wakes up the next morning, eager to do it all over again? There was probably a female age limit on that yacht. What do you think? Like 23?”
    Welcome to the club, Jonah:)

  119. 119
    @118 Says:

    Go and find something useful to do, get some fresh air, new friends and something positive in your life. Or do you enjoy being the downer all the time? Get a life!

  120. 120
    @119 Says:

    Well Said! I guess TBF’s wish ain’t happening anytime soon.

  121. 121
    oh please Says:

    C’mon guys. Leo might have finished the year with available 20ish chicks sitting on him and sucking his air on his face, but no one will beat his easiest catch of them all: Erin Heatherton.

  122. 122
    @121 Says:

    you’re not fooling anyone with a new name ‘sarah’ pic spammer.
    now you’re obsessing on erin again. still bitter. still pained. what a loser.

  123. 123
    Model Fan Says:

    Bleetherton is wearing her dog collar again, are they back together? I know Leo was seen with all those ****** in Sydney, but that doesn’t mean he’s single.

  124. 124
    Lol - 123 Says:

    LOL, I saw her dog collar too … has he promised her he’ll take her back? Guess the poor thing didn’t see the Sydney yacht pics.

  125. 125
    lol... Says:

    Bar was wearing her JM necklace after the final breakup yet they didn’t get back together.

  126. 126
    Model Fan Says:

    But Bar also didn’t take that thing on and off every time they broke up and got back together. She’s also wearing the Cartier necklace he gave her for her birthday with the JM necklace.

  127. 127
    lol... Says:

    Oh, ok then they are getting back together because Erin wearing that necklace can’t mean anything else. Two different girls with different habits but when it comes to the JM necklace it can only mean relationship status. It’s impossible to wear it for any other reasons. This thread is getting more and more ridiculous with every post…

  128. 128
    lol... Says:

    Pa: The necklace was an indicator in Leo and Bar’s case and I remember the endless arguments about it. She wasn’t wearing it all the time… But I won’t get involved in another pointless argument about that necklace!

  129. 129
    too-much-party Says:

    Theo. ‏@HiMyNameIsTheo- 10:24 AM – 1 Jan 13
    Leonardo DiCaprio was sick in the casino next to my place last night.

    Cheyenne Horan ‏@UnionJ_NZx -8:45 AM- 31 Dec 12
    Leonardo DiCaprio spewed up in the Sydney casino lastnight :) hope he doesn’t have a hangover

  130. 130
    @129 Says:

    LOl, LOl! So poor Leo had too much to drink, obviously.
    Leo, man, you`re not getting younger. You`ll be 40 in less than 2 years. try to behave like an adult will you?

  131. 131
    lol... Says:

    @130: Why should he? Just because you think that’s what he’s supposed to do?

  132. 132
    @Model Fan #126 Says:

    Bar still wears the diamond earrings and the Tag Heuer watch Leo gave her.

  133. 133
    Odd Says:

    When will Leo’s ex gf stans move on? Who cares about jewellery from years ago? How long do others have to be subjected to this? It’s interesting how Gisele and Blake fans don’t pollute every Leo post with this BS of what he did or did not give them. I guess Erin/Bar fans still need Leo for relevance,it’s not like they’re A list models. Sheesh.

  134. 134
    Fan Says:

    Does this mean he couldn’t attend the NY’s Eve party in Vegas?

  135. 135
    Well Says:

    Spewing up publicly in a Casino is not a very elegant way to celebrate the New Year. Yuck!

  136. 136
    @Fan Says:

    So far there is no tweets, no sightings or pictures of Leo celebrating in Vegas. The hangover must be a difficult to handle.

  137. 137
    tinkerbell Says:


    I thought he could handle his liquor by now

    yeah blake and gisele reps dont NEED to come here to be “famous”-they are famous for something else, acting,modelling, etc. They get those jobs ANYWAY, see? Bar et al think spending a ton of money on JJ gets her to be “famous”–that is what she is famous for, her mommy posting on JJ and on any other really cheap website that will take her…she is famous for being famous.

  138. 138
    tinkerbell Says:


    I thought he could handle his liquor by now

    yeah blake and gisele reps dont NEED to come here to be “famous”-they are famous for something else, acting,modelling, etc. They get those jobs ANYWAY, see? Bar et al think spending a ton of money on JJ gets her to be “famous”–that is what she is famous for, her mommy posting on JJ and on any other really cheap website that will take her…she is famous for being famous.

  139. 139
    tinkerbell Says:

    big bad movie star drank too much NYE


    still laughing at that one…

    when you have a chance read the 44 page background tea thread with leo in it-actually so far they are nice to leo he is listed as being nice on blood diamonds set… many people are reading it the server is overcome right now so you may have to way, and enty is doing 15 minute reveals today as well….

  140. 140
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@114: ahem, girlz, its not a fan. It is either the girl herself or her flack. She (BR) has plenty of time to do this, and her flack (AR) is paid to do it- monitor these sites and bring her name up as much as possible. Dont you get it? That was the Erin picture spamming crew too.

    I think they are just nice necklaces, well designed if not to my taste personally—and expensive. Hey, you put up with the guy why not wear is jewels? Why give him hhis tag heuer back? I mean a lot of women would throw them in the nearest cesspool but we are talking those for whome fame,celebrity and its accoutrements mean a lot.

    Did they cancel that ridiculous “Cinderella” thing bar was supposed to do since people were boycotting tickets? II’ll find out later.

  141. 141
    Hi Tink Says:

    Happy New Year! Thank god you’re here!

  142. 142
    @Too much party Says:

    What a sight it must have been.

  143. 143
    @131 Says:

    How about for his health? A body can’t take as much abuse as you get older. Does anyone think he has a drinking problem? Stumbling off yachts, throwing up at parties, looking bloated and glassy eyed. It seems like he’s been partying hard every weekend for over a year now. He used to be more disciplined when he was filming.

  144. 144
    lainey Says:


    Lainey used to run blinds more frequently. She’s aiming for more respectability these days and her blinds now typically do follow reports of celebs being seen together, not wearing wedding rings, and that kind of thing. I believe her sources are telling her Miranda and Orlando are on the rocks and she’s expecting them to break up so she put out that blind. The allusions to Leo and Bieber could be nothing more than titillating filler to spice up her story.

  145. 145
    LOL Says:

    No matter what you say her blinds have been more accurate than most and don’t typically follow celeb reports of not being seen together. Her Heidi/bodygaurd blind came out months before anyone else. And the Uma Thurman cocaine/baby blind (which she broke) was not covered by anyone else. She clearly has damn good insiders and does not follow the masses of other blind blogs that everyone is a secretly gay drunk paedophile

  146. 146
    lainey Says:

    There was speculation in the NY tabloids that Uma was pregnant before Lainey ran her blind. People assumed it was Uma because she was pregnant, but the drug part was never confirmed and could have been completely made up to make a better story.

    Heidi and the bodyguard were also rumoured to have more than a professional relationship before Lainey’s blind. Heidi’s people were still denying it then, but it was later confirmed.

    I believe she has some good sources when it comes to the main story, but I think the nitty gritty details are often assumptions and embellishments.

  147. 147
    @143 Says:

    Totally agree with you. As he gets older, he seems to party harder, especially since the end of summer. Looks like he doesn’t want to miss an occasion to drink and celebrate with his friends and young women.
    I hope he’s ok.

  148. 148
    Doubtful Says:

    @too-much-party: I doubt that this is true. He wouldn’t have been flying if he was that wasted.

  149. 149
    Candy Cane Says:

    @tinkerbell: Can you post a link to that site?

  150. 150
    Red Says:

    the e necklace was a clear indicator of the relationship. she wore it through out when they were together, never took it off, then when they broke up she stopped wearing it. its clear it was a indicator of the relationship. is there a new pic of erin wearing the necklace? i checked her twitter and didn’t see one.

  151. 151
    Model Fan Says:

    Yah her friend Harley Newton posted it on her twitter, and Erin retweeted, so everyone would know Leo let her crawl back.

  152. 152
    Red Says:

    very interesting its back on she hasn’t worn that thing since the breakup. i guess we’ll see what happens. P.S i also believe that lainey blinde was probably true and about leo and miranda.

  153. 153
    @red Says:

    I do too, and that’s pretty low of him and Miranda. Leo is out of control lately, too much partying and acting like a pathetic douche.

  154. 154
    @Red Says:

    She actually took the necklace off for a certain period. Remember when there was no sighting or picture of the two from March to May? She was on-an-off wearing it.
    I don’t believe it was an indicator as she was wearing it at her Charity event in New York at the end of September while he was partying in Vegas. They had clearly split at the time, except that it was only reported officially on November 2nd.

  155. 155
    @Model Fan Says:

    Would she actually crawl back to Leo knowing the type of party he just had in Sydney? Girls sitting on him and the rest we didn’t see…??? I doubt a girlfriend would accept this type of behavior, unless she steps on her pride or feel pretty desperate.

  156. 156
    One is the lonliest number Says:

    Self-talker alert

  157. 157
    From NY Post Says:

    Leo DiCaprio and his “Wolf of Wall Street” co-star Jonah Hill racked up some impressive air miles for their New Year’s celebrations — cheering in the New Year in both Sydney and Vegas. The actors were spotted partying on a boat with a group of attractive bikini-clad women while cruising Sydney Harbor on Saturday. The pair flew from Australia to Vegas on a chartered 747 along with stars including Jamie Foxx, Kevin Connolly and Leo’s latest love, Margot Robbie. A source tells us, “They partied at Marquee Star Lounge Sydney and left at 1 a.m. Australia time, flew 13 hours to Vegas, arriving at 10 p.m. to Vegas, and went to Lavo to watch the fireworks.” Leo and his crew later partied at Marquee until the early hours.

  158. 158
    LOL Says:

    I doubt Leo and Erin are back together.

  159. 159
    lol... Says:

    I so don’t believe the Post… All those sightings, parties and women in Sydney while his ‘latest love’ is around but no mention of Margot anywhere? In the Australian press or any of the tweets? Not even the pilot who flew them from Australia to Vegas mentioned her? Only the Post again…
    By the way it seems like Leo is already back in NYC, he was seen food shopping yesterday.
    I also don’t believe Leo is back with Erin. Just because she wasn’t pictured it doesn’t mean she wasn’t wearing that necklace ever since the breakup. Based on this logic he is back with Bar as well?

  160. 160
    ??? Says:

    @TBF: just curious why do you think bar fans still comment here? I think you’re way out of line here.

  161. 161
    jayz Says:

    @tinkerbell:” Already home…stupid moll!”… move on for goodness sake, how does anybody here know how anything about bar and erins relationship with Leo, please you sem to be the only one that cant or wont move on!

  162. 162
    ??? Says:

    @@131: Oh for heavens sake I used to party and drink far too much, far too often, when I was much older than Leo, I knew a lot of interesting and fabulous people, travelled lots and had so much fun, I’m still here, healthy and with wonderful memories and I dont regret a thing.

  163. 163
    me Says:

    @@Red: Who wears the same freaking necklace every day???

  164. 164
    Fan Says:

    I think Leo and Jonah skipped the Vegas celebrations or just passed by because according to this link WOWS has shooting scenes today in New York.
    Both Kevin C and Lukas H were in Vegas for the fireworks but I noticed that neither Norm Clarke or Robin Leach have reported sightings of Leo.
    So it’s back to work for Leo and Jonah.

  165. 165
    Red Says:

    please you guys try to find excuses of why the necklace would be back on, but your just in denial that it is possible (yes possible) they are getting back together. Anybody with eyes could see that she wore that thing when they were together, and stopped wearing it when the broke up. It doens’t take a rocket scientist to see that the necklace was a clear indicator of the relationship.

  166. 166
    Red Says:

    i’ll put it in other words, you guys are being hypocritical. when they were together towards the end of their relationship you all pointed out how it must be over because she wasn’t wearing her “dog collar” and now that its back on the necklace never meant anything? in other words, you can’t change the necklace meaning to fit your agenda.

  167. 167
    @Red #165 Says:

    If they were getting back together like you claim, don’t you think she would have followed him to Sydney to celebrate the New Year???

  168. 168
    lol... Says:

    Margot is in Sydney so the Post was wrong about her flying to Vegas with them. She was pictured in Sydney on Wednesday on a boat with friends.
    @red: Get over that necklace thing already! You don’t see Erin 24/7 so you can’t possibly know how often is she wearing that thing. Not everybody is hypocritical since not everyone believes in the magic meaning of the necklace!

  169. 169
    Red Says:

    @lol but everybody believed in the meaning of the necklace when it meant they were breakin up didn’t they?

  170. 170
    Please Says:

    she was still wearing it at the end of September while he was fooling around in Vegas.

  171. 171
    Red Says:

    @170 then she stoppped completly wearing it in october and hasn’t worn it a day since. Coinsidence? I think not. i’m not hoping they get back together, but I can see what is presented in front of me.

  172. 172
    hahaha Says:

    lol at people who think he is getting back with erin (it’ jewlery,nothing more,nothing less…) and about margot ,poor girl if she is really dating him ;)!!!!

  173. 173
    lol... Says:

    @172: Can you imagine if they are indeed dating and this is how Leo drives away attention? By partying with all those girls? His girlfriends are always on the back burner and this would put Margot on the back back back burner!
    There were two tweets posted on BZ. The tweeter claimed to be speaking with her friend who spent the previous two days itwith Leo, Kevin and Jonah ( in Sydney if I’m not mistaken ). She described the stories she heard as ‘off the hook ‘. Must have been some good parties….

  174. 174
    lol... Says:

    @171: ‘she stopped completely wearing it in October and hasn’t worn it a day since’. If you stand by that statement that means you have seen photos of Erin every single day ever since she stopped wearing it in October ( I do believe they broke up earlier than the announcement ) otherwise your claim is false. That means at least one photo a day or probably more since people can change outfits during the day. Is that the case? I do not believe in the necklace theory so it’s simply a question of logic.

  175. 175
    Message Says:

    Hey, happy new year to all! Haven’t been here in a while. Lots to talk about. I am in agreement with all the people that think Lainey’s blind is about Miranda, Leo and the Biebs. She doesn’t post blinds often. I don’t think they are made up. The good thing is we will know soon… She always reveals who they are eventually. Who knows what the eff is going on with Leo and any of the women he is or has been linked to. He is certainly enjoying a lot of attention… Cough… From a lot of different women. If he is dating someone, anyone, it doesn’t appear to be anything more than a fling. You can be sure when he is partying with Kevin, it is about quantity over quality… Especially since they brought Jonah along for the ride. JMO.

  176. 176
    CB Says:

    I have no problem believing it’s possible Leo slept with Miranda, but I’m not giving Lainey a pass. I’ve been watching how she operates for too long not to be a little sceptical of all her ‘facts’.

    The Post continuing to push the Leo – Margot union makes me wonder if she’s being used to distract from Leo – Miranda.

  177. 177
    Famewh0re Says:

    Erin is tweeting Leo’s friend Nikki again. She wants everyone to know they’re back together, that’s why she let Harley tweet that pic of her wearing the necklace. Leo has major dependency issues if he can’t be alone and is getting back with that hag.

  178. 178
    @#177 Says:

    I doubt tweeting Nikki means anything because she already tweeted Jen Meyer since the break-up.
    But, if they are back together, then how come she remained in New York while he went to celebrate the New Year in Sydney with chicks sitting on his lap? What sane and normal girlfriend would accept such a behavior from a guy? Please explain, someone.

  179. 179
    Huh? Says:

    I didn’t see this coming.. Erin must be really desperate.! Probably noticed how irrelevant she was without him.
    For Leo this is just other typical On-again-Off-again.

  180. 180
    @@#177 Says:

    when someone lacks self-esteem she is ready to accept all sorts of things, including a boyfriend who travels without taking you to party on the New Year’s Eve surrounded by willing 20 year-old girls. And having your butt grabbed by some guy on a red carpet. That’s the type of girlfriends Leo likes to have. An easy catch.

  181. 181
    ????? Says:

    Are people really this dumb? I mean these Erin/necklace/tweet people? Or they just don`t have anything better to do with their lives other than stalking the ex?

  182. 182
    @177 Says:

    She was on one of the NYE countdown shows so that’s probably why she didn’t follow him to Sydney. But now that they’re back together she’ll be back to pathetically following him around.

  183. 183
    Hmmm Says:

    Was there a sighting of Leo and Erin recently? I’m lost here. Did I miss something?
    The last news regarding Leo was him partying with Jamie Foxx in New-York on a couple of occasions and him partying with his buddies and other actors in Sydney. And before that he was seen clubbing with Margot Robbie and Jonah Hill.
    Why wasn’t Erin mentioned anywhere?

  184. 184
    lol... Says:

    @Hmmm: No, you didn`t miss anything. A bunch of bored people fixating on Erin and making up a story of them being back together. You know, the same old necklace cr*p mixed with some tweets… Just ignore them!

  185. 185
    Hmmm Says:

    Oh thanks:).

  186. 186
    lol... Says:

    @Hmmm: It`s all about what you posted, parties in NYC, Sydney, Vegas, Margot, Miranda and now back in NYC to finish WOWS. No Erin anywhere around him but her wearing the necklace couldn`t mean anything else – for some here – other than they are back together. :eyeroll:

  187. 187
    LOL Says:

    I don’t get it either. This obsession with a necklace, who she tweets or does not tweet is never-ending. Its taken over 2 pages already. Why the hell would anyone stalk her twitter to analyse her jewellery, state of dress, drive themselves into a state of worry/hysteria and then post it here? What are we supposed to do about it? I suggest you write to Erin and ask her directly what she wears everyday and why she wears it and why shes friends with some random Jane since it gives you sleepless nights!
    This ticks me off cause the cray fringe drives away sane posters

  188. 188
    ????? Says:

    @LOL: Exactly! There are so many wholes in this theory and people started to act like tinkerbell after Leo broke up with Bar ( stalking ).This necklace is like a never ending nightmare…

  189. 189
    tinkerbell Says:


    I am totally missing your already home reference, what the eff does that mean? Is your Hebrew translator not working??? Must be. I dont need to move on, those folks are still slinking around and you know it. Nice with the blind item reveal on enty—the reason Bar and Leo broke up is because HIS MOTHER ACCOMPANIED THEM ON TRIPS. I’ll post the link.

    You know its the Refaeli Klan feed because:

    1. Bar is listed as an A list model.She is B-/C at most and going down rapidly, losing accounts left and right.

    2. I think the Krew must have panicked because of the tea being dropped at that time about why they really broke up. Most of all, Leo was just tired of her, made an executive decision, and FIRED her behind. Right around the time he met Blake Lively—November of 2010. Big coinky dinky there. Also, they fought because he wouldnt let her have her own twitter and he was dating a black model and eyada yada yada. Whatever! The net result is her fired her a year and a half ago but they still have to lie to protect her and email enty a bunch of crap.

    Bar et al LOVED when Irmelin showed up because that made it look like they were “gettting closer” and “going to the altar”when in reality it meant nothing and Irmy didnt even like her. PUHLEEZE.


    German TV show- flop
    own underwear line- flop
    modelling career now that leo is gone—flop. accounts going to Irina Shaykh, Pam Anderson and Moran Atias on Passionata if we believe Ali, although I couldnt find anything about it. Pam Anderson-Bonita De Mas, Irina Shayka—Agua Bendita, Rampage.
    Movies- unreleasable.

    Flop, flop, flop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is !!!!!! What we all can’t believe is how much you think Leo is still “yours” in some way, boy are you deluded.

    Now onto Erin and Margot:

    Who the hell knows why Erin is wearing the necklace, if it is even that necklace. Maybe she just likes it. Why are the barfbots trying to put them together?I dont get it. BOTTOM LINE:


    Personally, I believe the “she broke up with him because he hired strippers to come over” thing myself. It is plausible anyway. Is that what they are trying to do, make it look like they are BACK TOGETHER? Are you CRAZY? This was a clean break none of that dysfunctional back and forth. THEY ARE NOT DATING. PROBABLY NOT EVEN TALKING TO EACH OTHER AND SHE IS WAY OVER HIM AND PROB WILL BE MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE WITHIN A YEAR. JUST LIKE GISELE AND BLAKE, OR AT LEAST DATING THE GUY SHE WILL MARRY.


    As for Margot Robbie on the plane…I dont think so, we can check into it but I think maybe he is barking up her tree a little bit but she is not “Leo’s new love.” Right now he is single and enjoying it. Hanging with the homebros. That is what that yacht is about—advertising to the world I am free and clear AND NOT WRECKING ORLANDO BLOOM’S MARRIAGE. Get it? Or maybe just having a yacht ride and doing a little business down in OZ…reshoots or something for Django.

    he is not really dating anyone right now, enjoy it, HE IS. Except for the VOMIT that is. I personally prefer this to the made up bs BUT it sells papers and “impressions” for crappy websites.

    I think he should stay this way all the time and not even bother pretending. If some chick comes along who can hang, great, but don’t even pretend to be monogamous/serious. Free Leo’s willy ! Just let him be a ho, we know that is what he is, stop pretending.

  190. 190
    tinkerbell Says:

    I dedicate this to team barfie. All hail Shirley Manson, especially this line: A million lies to sell yourself
    Is all you ever had

    You pretend you’re high
    You pretend you’re bored
    You pretend you’re anything
    Just to be adored
    And what you need
    Is what you get

    Don’t believe in fear
    Don’t believe in faith
    Don’t believe in anything
    That you can’t break

    You stupid girl
    You stupid girl
    All you had you wasted
    All you had you wasted

    What drives you on what drives you on
    Can drive you mad can drive you mad
    A million lies to sell yourself
    Is all you ever had

    Don’t believe in love
    Don’t believe in hate
    Don’t believe in anything
    That you can’t waste

    You stupid girl
    You stupid girl
    Cant believe you fake it
    Cant believe you fake it

    Don’t believe in fear
    Don’t believe in pain
    Don’t believe in anyone
    That you can’t tame

    You stupid girl
    You stupid girl
    All you had you wasted
    All you had you wasted

    You stupid girl
    You stupid girl
    Cant believe you fake it
    Cant believe you fake it

    You stupid girl
    You stupid girl
    Cant believe you fake it
    Cant believe you fake it

    You stupid girl

  191. 191
    Gossip Gal Says:

    If Erin is back with him, she’s even more pathetic than I thought. Especially after all the yacht party pics have emerged!

  192. 192
    Floptastic Says:

    And so it begins ‘old hag’ ‘easiest catch’ ‘famewhore’.
    Some crazy Leo stans and typical Barfbots are still pissed Leo is not with their favorite (y’all will still be here in 10 years) and have to start another abuse fest based on BS photos by stalking Erin’s twitter and getting hysterical with attacks,
    @lol, @????, @LOL, @Hmmm I suggest we ignore them

  193. 193
    Red Says:

    i saw on twitter erin was going to be celebrated a birthday with leos friends.

  194. 194
    ????? Says:

    @Floptastic: I don`t know if they are `barfbots` or not but her wearing the necklace can mean many things and nothing at the same time. Her tweeting that girl on her birthday sounds more like a nice and friendly gesture to me.
    @GossipGal: Exactly. IF (!!!!) it`s true she jumps when she is told to after the Miranda rumor and another infamous Sydney trip just like last time. De ja vu? Can she be this dumb and pathetic?

  195. 195
    @194 Says:

    “Can she be this dumb and pathetic”?
    And how about him being dumb and pathetic? He’s repeating the same pattern over and over with each and every girlfriend he has had. Dumping her, wanting her back when “he” decides to.

  196. 196
    Red Says:

    @194 she just didn’t say happy birthday, she said she can’t wait to celebrate with them, and I don’t think shes hung out with that chick outside of dating leo. and i agree its not very bright of her to take him back. though she seems like one of the gf’s leo has had that doesnt really care.

  197. 197
    Model Fan Says:

    Why are people so adamant that they are not back together. When they were together and were on and off, you could always tell by her wearing her necklace or not. Now she’s doing that and tweeting his friends again. I’m not surprised, Leo always needs someone around during awards season. I think Erin looks like an idiot for taking him back, especially after the MIranda and Margot rumors, and the yacht pics. But I guess being known as Leo’s gf is the only way to keep her relevant, and her “brand” is very important to her. Funny since they broke up, you never hear of her talking about charity work, but when they were together she was all about trying to make people think she was “involved”.

  198. 198
    Draft Dodger Says:

    I don’t want to get involved with this utterly pointless crap more than I have to. But if Leo has taken her back and you’ve screamed/raged into your dinner WHAT do you want to happen? After the stupid solo conversationalist #178 & #180 has tired of calling everyone naive for not joining her in calling women escorts and prostitutes; and you have moved to calling Erin a hag, wh>re, dumb, pathetic, easy e.t.c
    What can you do about it? That’s right. NOTHING!

  199. 199
    Red Says:

    honestly she might be the one who makes it down the aisle (if that ever even happens) shes so aloaf about his lifestyle he might want to keep that/

  200. 200
    Huh? Says:

    Leo stayed in Ny extra time before going to LA for Christmas and Erin left NY with her brother for those dates too. Coincidence?

  201. 201
    LIKE Says:

    Let the Erin bashing begin!

  202. 202
    lol... Says:

    197: Grow up! Ppl don’t agree with you and your stupid theory! Deal with it! Another Leo thread ruined…

  203. 203
    lol Says:

    i think its soon to assume that they are back together, it could be nothing. but it is getting harder to believe that they haven’t reconciled.

  204. 204
    The Sun Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s nightclub row on New Year’s Eve
    LEONARDO DICAPRIO threw a strop on New Year’s Eve. But unlike most people moaning about the evening, it wasn’t about paying to get into his local.
    The actor had been hired to make an exclusive appearance at Marquee – The Star nightclub in Sydney, Australia.
    JAMIE FOXX, CHACE CRAWFORD and MATTHEW MORRISON were also booked to show up for the celebrations.
    But Leo wasn’t happy about his payment for the night and demanded to leave after just ten minutes.
    The A-lister was overheard shouting: “Do you think I want to be here? I left my family at home for this. We have a contract.”
    But club bosses stood their ground and told the star that he wouldn’t get paid unless he stayed for an extra ten minutes.
    Leo didn’t hang around though – he left soon after.
    He could’ve done the big countdown while waiting for his coat.

  205. 205
    @LIKE Says:

    I hope not. Leo will do well in awards season, so there should be a few posts coming. Maybe from there can be a separate thread for people to devote themselves to attacking Erin to death.

  206. 206
    LOL Says:

    @The Sun:
    I can’t believe that. Leo has lackeys to lose his cool for him, he does no need to go crazy like that. The Sun is a tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch an Aussie, and the Sydney press are VERY pissed with Leo for his disinterest and lack of co-operation when he came down for the NY bash. Maybe this unflattering story is payback?

  207. 207
    Mari Says:


    I agree, this story doesn’t make sense. He does have lackeys to handle this sort of thing. Plus it’s not like he would have been waiting on the bartender to hand him a stack of bills. Maybe club management wanted him to stay longer and he left, and then they turned around and told the tabloids that Leo threw a temper tantrum.

  208. 208
    rosie Says:

    Nikki was Erin’s friend before she was dating Leo. I’ve always assumed they were set up by mutual friends and that’s how she sort of appeared out of nowhere to play his official girlfriend when Gatsby wrapped and awards season was around the corner. I doubt they’re back together, but with the holidays and awards season…and he probably has a long vacation coming up…he might want a regular companion for parties and what have you. It is a pattern with him and she has fallen off the radar since their breakup. I won’t be surprised if they’re up for another round.

  209. 209
    rosie Says:

    I can see him doing something like that in his early 20′s. He could be kind of a loud brat at the clubs when he was around his friends. But now it seems odd. Unless he was wasted. I still can’t believe he would go all that way for money. He’s a millionaire many times over.

  210. 210
    @rosie Says:

    Nikki wasn’t Erin’s friend they met once she started dating Leo. She’s been dating Leo’s friend for like 9 years. I’m sure they are having another go because Leo can’t be alone when he has time off.

  211. 211
    lol... Says:

    NY Post Page Six has an article with this title: Life after Leo. Guess who is it about? Yes, Erin on a date with another guy, ‘dark haired, basketball type’. I have a feeling whoever recognized Erin would have recognized Leo as well if it was him. Not to mention the fact that this date was on Monday before Erin appeared on Times Square and Leo was in his way back to the States on Monday.

  212. 212
    lol... Says:

    PS: Leo was in Vegas ( Mirage ) on Monday night after arriving from Sydney and the Post is still sticking to the Margot story after their fiasco yesterday.

  213. 213
    @210 Says:

    No, she’s right, Nikki and Erin were friends before Leo and Erin started going out. Maybe not as close of as Nikki’s husband and Leo, but they definitely knew each other.

  214. 214
    From NY Post Says:

    “While Leonardo DiCaprio was jetting from Sydney to Las Vegas on a chartered 747 with his friends including Jamie Foxx, Jonah Hill and others during New Year’s Eve, his ex-girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton, was cozying up with another man. Heatherton was spotted at a cozy dinner at Lure Fishbar in SoHo Monday night with a “dark-haired, basketball type”- looking guy. “They seemed very much into each other,” said a witness. Heatherton also appeared with Carson Daly on his NYE special. DiCaprio, who split with Heatherton in November after 10 months of dating, has since been spending time with his blond “Wolf of Wall Street” co-star Margot Robbie. ”

  215. 215
    Fan Says:

    Leo was at The Mirage in Vegas on New Year’s Eve -
    Nicole Marhefka‏@nmarhefka:

    Just in the building with the New Orleans Saints, Leonardo DiCaprio, and members @ The Mirage Hotel & Casino

  216. 216
    lol... Says:

    Thanks for posting the article and tweet. I couldn’t do it on my phone. Yesterday Margot was Leo’s ‘latest love’ now they are just ‘spending time together’… lol

  217. 217
    :)) Says:

    How ironic is this? A couple of hours after it had been declared that Leo and Erin were back together since she was seen wearing that necklace it turned out that she wore it on a date with another guy! It’s so funny!

  218. 218
    Weirdo Says:

    Blah blah blah, omg you guys are pathetic.
    Yeah I noticed that too, Leo gets a lot of comments but is not featured on JJ top celebs. LOL. Gee, I wonder why.
    Also, Django is not a success until it becomes profitable. Do some basic algebra. It hasn’t even recouped it’s budget yet and needs to make way more than that to cover promotional costs. People are saying it looks cheap too and doesn’t have the look that it should have cost so much….
    Also, Les Miserables beat Django on Christmas Day, so eat it. I was right….Django is not a Christmas movie/family film, I’ve been saying that all along.
    Got anything else for me?

  219. 219
    lol Says:

    the article in the ny post that says erin was seen with another man also says that margot is his girlfriend. so I’m a little hesitant to believe. and show me proof erin was friends with nikki before dating leo, half of her friends shes ever had came from dating leo. she also just started retweeted jennifer maguire stuff.

  220. 220
    lol... Says:

    The Post is simply sticking to its story and unlike yesterday they simply said Leo and Margot are spending time together not that she is his girlfriend. Noticeable difference compared to yesterday’s ‘latest love’… But I guess you are just like the NY Post sticking to your idea no matter what!
    I hope Erin finds a nice guy maybe then ppl will stop stalking her!
    Leo’s exes remained friends with some of his friends even after the breakup. So retweeting something from Jen Meyer is not a big deal!

  221. 221
    LIKE Says:

    I honestly don’t doubt theyre back together. With award season, leonardo almost done with his movie, alot of free time coming up for him. He hasn’t found a new one yet, so easiest to call erin back up again.

  222. 222
    lol... Says:

    LOL, you just don’t know when to stop… Ridiculous!

  223. 223
    lol... Says:

    I’m not pushing non-working theories and I can respond to whoever I want to! I care about Leo’s love life just as anyone else here. :)

  224. 224
    blablah Says:

    OMG! You guys have pathetic theories ! ! Just because he is single abit longer than normal, doesnt mean it has anything at all with going back to his exes! Give me a break! Listen, they are all newyorkers! Of course they might mingle with common friends of friends and so on. Not a single event proves that he is with either of the rumored girlfriends! To me, that guy seemed perfectly single-loving on that boat yacht , and thats it ! Ever thought that he might figured out to stay single a little while now? He was on that BOAT for ** sake! and Erin.. well shes reported seeing another guy + she was NOT there for New Years Eve, at his place, so that piece of jewellry.. no one even knows the real STORY TO THAT. Maybe its even a symbol of FRIENDSHIP? Sure I believe more in that … these girlfriend-stories are just ENDLESS SPECULATIONS.

  225. 225
    blablah Says:

    But I agree… his behavior has changed lately. Maybe he is just fed up with his previos ones and wants to LIVE. Letting those girls sit on his lap on that boat, sure isnt something you do when getting off-on with your prev girlfriend. She is not THAT lost..I mean, shes a model but she seemed like someone said very traditional. Probably too traditional for Leos kind. And … he is into action, while she is boring. And the Margot is a collegue, and the Miranda is a GOOD FRIEND from looong time.. and Orli is, too. And Jennifer Maguire..she is a fashion sort-of-designer, so how “strange” she is pals with both Erin and Leo? NOT.

  226. 226
    From Gossip Cop Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly threw a fit over a personal appearance on New Year’s Eve, according to The Sun.

    The paper claims the actor had been hired to party at Marquee in Sydney, Australia, but “wasn’t happy about his payment for the night and demanded to leave after just ten minutes.”

    DiCaprio was supposedly “overheard” by The Sun shouting, “Do you think I want to be here? I left my family at home for this. We have a contract.”

    The outlet alleges that club bosses “told the star that he wouldn’t get paid unless he stayed for an extra ten minutes,” but that DiCaprio cut his evening short anyway.

    Except… this supposed club drama never happened, and The Sun should really, really look into getting more reliable DiCaprio “sources.”

    The story is “100 percent false on all accounts,” a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop.

    We’re assured DiCaprio stayed at Marquee past midnight, and there was absolutely no argument between the actor and club management.


  227. 227
    tinkerbell Says:

    the bullshit marker is “I left my family at home for this”- Leo doesnt have a family except for his mother. He had to be in Sydney anyway….and he never met a party he didnt like.

    Brad Pitt on the other hand turned down an offer of 5 million to be at a party in Dubai on Halloween to spend it with his kids. (DIFFERENCE!)

  228. 228
    tinkerbell Says:

    Well, I called it again. Erin is happily dating someone else, someone who might take her seriously and make her happy.

    Now, why are people trying to make it seem she is back with Leo, what possible interest(s) could they have in that. Weird. For a while they were trying to rehabilitate him into a “nice” guy and then before that it was making Erin seem like a hooker and rumoring he was back with Barf….I kind of understand those, why this now?

    Of course she isnt dating Leo.The NYE thing was pretty fake too. Wasn’t even in Sydney. what a bunch of horsehit

  229. 229
    What? Says:

    Leo is having money problems? Selling his Malibu mansion and with the pay appearances at parties the past year..

  230. 230
    Message Says:

    Was just looking around and found this. The Leo rumors are rampant these days. He is on a roll!

  231. 231
    lol... Says:

    @230: I have seen this blind on D-listed a couple of days ago and I saw comments about these:
    1. The blind says the actor is dating girl C publicly. Wo who would that be in Leo`s case? There is a Margot rumor but public dating????
    2. Who is the married one he is sleeping with? Newlywed Blake Lively who is MIA with her hubby ever since the wedding or Gisele who just gave birth a little while ago? Also it says he was dating girl A quietly before she married another celeb. Leo dating Gisele or Blake Lively was everything but quiet.
    Also is there anyone who believes that Leo was ready to propose to Erin?

  232. 232
    Amused Aussie Says:

    Firstly, none of that has been reported in any australian press- ligit or tabloid, Tv or whatever- none.If it had actually happened the story would have gone berserk on all media outlets. The Sun is a UK tabloid paper and would know didley squat about what happened in Sydney NYE.
    Secondly, Rupert Murdoch is American, business based in London- paper and tV business, and has ties to Australia- he hasn’t lived here for decades but his mother (until recently) and a couple of his sons live here. Rupert and Wendy are NY based- headquarters of FOX channel/studios and affliates

  233. 233
    @232 Says:

    @Amused Aussie:
    Rupert Murdoch is not American. He might have US citizenship now but the man is 100% Australian. His business is based all over UK, US, Australia, Asia. I’m a Brit and know he OWNS the Sun and Times, and previously the News of the World as well as the NY Post.
    He does not only have ‘ties to Australia’. One son James fronts his empire here in the UK and but his other son Lachlan deals with his empire in Australia, because he has not lived there a while does not mean he has no influence there still.

  234. 234
    UGH Says:

    She always took the dog collar off when they broke up and promptly put it back on whenever he snapped his fingers and whistled for her to come back. She’s pathetic for getting back with him, especially since she follows JJ and had to have seen the yacht pics. And he’s even more pathetic for dating barely post pubescent girls and constantly breaking up and getting back together with them. When is he going to grow up and start acting like a man.

  235. 235
    me Says:

    @UGH: He is acting how most men would love to behave and why are you so rude about Erin, what has she ever done to you? oh I know she dated Leo!

  236. 236
    Jess Says:


    I guess you forgot that Django beat Les Mis over the holiday weekend. Why can you admit that you were wrong?

    Django Unchained was the most profitable R-Rated film on Christmas day ever, even though it didn’t come it at number 1. It wasn’t going to beat a Pg-13 movie because families go to the movies on Christmas. Parents arent going to take their kids to see a Rated R film. But it came pretty close to beating. But as of now it already has. Weirdo you’re the biggest BSer on this board. Its total accumulation has already surpassed Les mis. So Django > Les Mis, when you said it would have trouble beating Les MIs. It has already surpassed it. Do you know what that means? Admit you were wrong.

  237. 237
    : ) Says:

    Weirdo has failed so many times LOL

  238. 238
    marka Says:

    I have seen “Django” recently. Not bad, but honestly look cheap, especially Candie’s mansion. I was surprised knowing it cost 100 mil. Where all money go?

  239. 239
    Jess Says:


    You must be WEIRDO

  240. 240
    Jess Says:

    Django has already made about 80 million in its FIRST WEEK in the US. It still has not opened internationally. Imagine how much it will make when it opens worldwide. Yeah the movie is already a success financially. WEIRDO SINKS AGAIN! LMAO

  241. 241
    Fan Says:

    Tarantino and some actors from Django are in Rome at the moment to promote the movie. Too bad Leo has to be in NY to film WOWS.

  242. 242
    @239 Says:

    You’re as weird as WEIRDO as you seem to think everyone else is WEIRDO.

  243. 243
    Interview Says:

    “We were both just kids of 21 when we made Titanic all those years ago. We have never not been friends since that time. I speak to her all the time. But friends – not lovers.”
    Cute interview Leo gave and talking about Kate a lot:

    What I find funny, is the way he mentions they were both “kids of 21″ while he actually just dated a girl who turned 23. LOL! So in other words he doesn’t mind dating kids.

  244. 244
    tinkerbell Says:

    \@What?: No, Leo is NOT having money problems. Three fillms= 75 million dollars for him. To go with his paycheck of Inception and Shutter Island, also 75 million, because he took first points on Inception. This is also an odd rumor to spread, he is selling his Malibu mansion because he invests in real estate, got ripped off early on in stocks by this guy whose name I can’t remember…also do you need two houses IN THE SAME CITY? He probably does get paid to go to some events but he hardly needs it.

  245. 245
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Message: More bullshit. people have realized these blinds create traffic to their crappy websites.

    Blake is married, not messing with Leo.
    Bar is dating no one, she has a bad rep and no one will touch her.
    He is not dating Erin anymore, she has happily moved on—she can do that, she didnt depend on him for modelling “jobs” on income.
    He might be flirting with/partying with Miranda Kerr and Margot Robbie,but is not really seeing either one.
    Now is a nice time for him, he’s free- deal with it. The next girl will be as nauseating and dumb as the rest of them,but at least he is not busting up a marriage.

  246. 246
    tinkerbell Says:

    @UGH: OK, once again dont know why you are disseminating this, but it was BAR who was on and off again and in an ADDICTIVE RELATIONSHIP with Leo. Not Erin, she doesnt appear to have the greatest self esteem either but she knew when to move on. “thanks leo for giving me name recogition” type thing.

  247. 247
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Interview: Nope, he was 24, another BS article from a questionable web site, leo was born 1974 Titanic came out 1998, he may have been 23 when it started filming in Mexico, and I believe he was messing around with Kate during Revolutionary Road….it makes sense, your second marriage breaking up, you turn to your male “friend” for support…things happen, also they spent a lot of time faking it on the set, makes you horny. It is plausible to me.

  248. 248
    tinkerbell Says:

    Looks like George Lucas got himself a nice black woman just like Robert DeNiro and Roger Ebert….eat ya heart out. Wonder if Bar would date Lucas even though he is fat and “old”- yeah probably. He’s George Lucas.

  249. 249
    @245 Says:

    Why is this one ‘more bullshit’?
    But you keep quoting from crappy discredited enty as the gospel truth?

  250. 250
    @247 Says:

    He wasn’t 24. Leo was born in Nov. 1974 and Kate in Oct. 1975. so during the filming of Titanic in 1996, he was 21 going on 22 and she was 20 going on 21.
    During the filming of Revolutionary Road, Kate and Sam’s marriage was a mess because Sam has already started to see a younger stage actress and it took him a year to put an end of hypocrisy to his relationship with Kate. Like any professional actors, these people don’t become horny with their fake love scenes. How can they be? With 10 to 12 crew members on the sets? With many rehearsals and takes? C’mon. They act, it’s their jobs.

  251. 251
    Private Sydney Says:

    Interesting article:
    “…DiCaprio managed to compose himself to go on a harbour cruise, during which a boatload of Sydney bombshells were enlisted to provide decoration – some of it topless.

    DiCaprio puffed away on yet another cigar and swilled booze, providing a rare opportunity for a photograph for those blessed with atelescopic lens.

    And what to make of the decadent playboy image we are left with? It is certainly a far cry from the planet-hugging greenie with a social conscience. In the days before he was treated to a topless bimbo on Sydney Harbour, DiCaprio was tweeting about climate change and urging his nearly 4 million followers to sign petitions supporting various causes…”
    Read more:

  252. 252
    @251 Says:

    @Private Sydney: Heaven forbid the man wanting to treat himself and friends to an exciting vacation. Australia has some sour grapes for Leo that’s for sure. They don’t respect celebs down there. Just ask Nicole, and Russell, and Russell’s wife who was chased down by paps whilst pregnant, fell, and went into early labour.

  253. 253
    GG Says:

    So is Bleetherton following Leo to LA for the GG?

  254. 254
    @253 Says:

    Wasn’t she spotted looking very cozy in a restaurant in New York with a guy on New Year’s Eve?

  255. 255
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@245: It’s obviously a cheap **** third rate website. If you read a lot of enty’s blinds -especially the blind item revealed from New Years they are true or have publicly come true. Either that or they just ring true. I dont know why someone is getting off saying Erin is dating Leo again, but puhleeze. Some of them have not read true—some of the more recent leo blinds haven’t. But anyway I dont think he is truly tied to anyone right now and I prefer that way, it is much more honest with both the girls and the public.

    I heard the Kate and Leo stuff from separate sources, one of which was very credible. I am not in either of their heads but it is plausible to me. You don’t have to believe me, but how many gazillion on set romances have you heard about?

    Bottom line you dont have to believe me, this is what I think/believe, but if you think Blake is back messing with leo you’re crazy. She may have problems with Ryan, and from what I am hearing/reading they may not last,but it would be impossible for her to pull off. Just not in the realm of reality. And I am usually right too. Leo’s going stag to the globes this year and he may actually win.

  256. 256
    erm Says:

    bar you need to shut up with the erin back with leo thing. i dont even know what to call your behaviour but crazy bat lady comes to mind. and erin, dont act like you didnt want everyone thinking you were back with leo by wearing that necklace. or just using it to remind everyone you dated him. even though we are all aware it was just casual and he never officially went public with you. you are such a social climbing user and no amount of manufactured comments will cover that up

  257. 257
    erm Says:

    dating him means nothing. you’re not still together are you. my ex wishes she could have some sort of connection to me but i want nothing to do with her. me and everyone else wish and act like we never dated. and the feeling is mutual regarding leo. and i mean all his ex’s.

  258. 258
    erm Says:

    do you know how uncool you are when you say the age thing

  259. 259
    Not Blind Says:

    Tinkerbell, enty writes the blinds for CDAN. Blind Gossip and other sites circulate the same stories and they often show up in some variation or form as ‘tea’ on forums like LA. They’re all ‘cheap third-rate’ gossip sites and their blinds only ‘read true’ if the reader wants to believe them and doesn’t know much about the celebs involved.

    Leo is obviously not attached to anyone atm. Miranda is the most believable of the girls mentioned because her husband was away, she was seen hanging out with Leo on several occasions, and she’s an attention *****. The others all keep a low profile, haven’t been seen with Leo, are in serious relationahips, or have been seen dating others.

  260. 260
    Not Blind Says:

    Erin wears her necklace because it’s hers. It’s an ‘E’ not an ‘L’ or a heart or diamonds. Do we even know if Leo gave it to her? Tobey’s wife is a jewelry designer. She doesn’t just sell to Leo, and she’s not going to burn bridges with other celebs, even minor ones.

  261. 261
    Huh? Says:

    @Not Blind:
    No offense but that one Erin blogger/stan who devotes her pages and gets info from her pretty much confirmed it was gift from Leo. I don’t know why is hard to believe Leo gives similar gifts as he takes them on similar holidays, Hawaii, Bahamas Disneyland e.t.c More importantly I don’t understand why you or anyone else keep bringing up the damn necklace though. Who cares??
    You’re #259 proves to me that you’re just as oblivious as most of us are on the gist but seem to think you’re in the know.

  262. 262
    Not Blind Says:

    Maybe Erin stan assumed because it seemed likely and she wanted to believe it. That’s not out of the realm of possibilities, either. My main point is it’s hers, gift or not. Others keep bringing up the damn necklace. That was my first and only post responding to it. How many have you made? Where did I claim insider status? I’ve merely read enough of enty & co to they make **** up. You can shoot a hole through most of their stories if you pay attention. Why so hostile? You might want to take that chip off your shoulder and let others have their say.

  263. 263
    lol... Says:

    The point is that she wore that necklace on a date with another guy. The story ends here I think. Some ppl probably want to see them back together and the necklace was a possibility… There was a false Leo sighting in Chicago and that added to the excitement but Leo is working in NYC. It’s just not happening…
    Erin and Leo are just not a good match. I bet Erin will find a guy more suitable for her and Leo…. Same old, same old.

  264. 264
    @lol#253 Says:

    It is very obvious that 2 or 3 naive pubescent girls from the BZ board are only hoping to see Erin linked to Leo again. They’re the ones who came with the necklace issue again and the ones insisting that Leo bought it to her no matter what.
    It is rather pathetic knowing how the poor model’s been treated in the last weeks of their “so-called relationship”.

  265. 265
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Django already got an Oscar nom. Nice.

  266. 266
    @264 Says:

    Hmmm the obsessive use of the word ‘naive’ and who cares about BZ? why stalk what they write? Aren’t you’re that pathological person that kept calling girls on the boat escorts and prostitutes and anyone who questioned your logic was ‘naive’. You’re just as pathetic.

  267. 267
    Ace Says:


    Thank you for saying this. They make fun of the girls at BZ but yet they still go over there and stalk what they write.

  268. 268
    @264 Says:

    Is ‘naive’ is the only world you know for everyone and everything?? sorry apart from your other two favorite words ‘escorts’ and ‘prostitutes’.

  269. 269
    lol... Says:

    There’s one BZ girl who posts here and pushed the necklace theory real hard. Still does it but now over there. She claims on BZ that she never posts here but she posted nearly identical comments on the two sites. I think that’s what #264 referred to. It’s not 2 or 3 girls but one obvious one…

  270. 270
    Dae Says:


    I’m pretty sure the person who keeps pushing the necklace theory is the same girl who called the women on the yatch escorts. Go back and read her posts, its pretty obvious that its her.

  271. 271
    @lol... Says:

    … as if nobody recognizes who she is. Too funny.

  272. 272
    lol... Says:

    PS: My previous comment wasn’t about attacking the BZ girls or that one particular one. That thread deserves a lot of credit for posting everything leo related regardless of what I think about them.
    I see what #264 meant that’s it!

  273. 273
    @Dae Says:

    well actually, the young women touching themselves and the topless one one the yacht were designated as “bimbos” or “decorations” by a reporter from Sydney. But “escorts” suit them well too, I have to admit.

  274. 274
    lol... Says:

    @Dae: Possible… To me the necklace theory stood out since its beyond obvious. But you might be right!

  275. 275
    lol... Says:

    @273: The reporter didn’t call them escorts and its your opinion what ‘suits them’. It doesn’t make it right!

  276. 276
    @273 Says:

    YOU used the word, not the reporter because you’re sick and obsessed ‘sarah’. you’re exactly that poster everyone here knows you are

  277. 277
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I was on IMDB and looking to see what’s next for LD, and I noticed that he had done The Outsiders TV series. Checked YouTube and sure enough it’s there.
    Leo’s small scene starts at the 10:00 mark.

  278. 278
    vagabond Says:

    @CanadaGirl: I didn’t know that they had made the Outsiders into a series.Lol he’s getting beat up by a girl.
    No offense guys but I don’t know why anyone would want to see him back with Erin or any other girl for that matter.Not that I believe the blinds or the gossip,but he hasn’t exactly been sitting at home every night.I’m with Message@175.If he is seeing someone it’s not serious,as usual.

  279. 279
    Gossip Gal Says:

    I don’t want him and BLEEtherton to get back together. But it is awards season, Leo can’t be alone, I wouldn’t be surprised if he whistled for the dog, and she came running back. That’s why she’s having her friends post those pics of her with the necklace. She reads JJ and knows the discussions that’s why she posted the pic. Wants everyone to know she is back with him (for now).

  280. 280
    lol... Says:

    @GG: Seems like you don’t have to worry anymore and we can finally move on from Erin. Page Six has a new post about her identifying her new guy, an athlete. Go and check it out, please so we can end this topic finally…

  281. 281
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Not Blind: basically the end product is the same…but if a site has been around for a long time and has thousands of regular followers/posters I tend to believe it more. In any case, neither of us believe that stupid thing that was posted—I agree miranda is the most credible but he is not seriously seeing him, hes not really seeing anybody.

    Leo sure as hell can be alone, ESPECIALLY during Awards season because it snot like he was going tobe taking anyone anywhere anyway. I thought tonight was the GGs but its next week and the noms for the oscars are thursday. He’s busy schmoozing if anything…
    interesting to see if he does win does he change his ways? Will he be ready to settle down and not find anybody willing, which would be the funniest thing that ever happened.

    The necklace or whatever it is is means absolutely nada, I have no idea why you are bringing that up. Work for VS? Or for Erin?somehow I dont think she needs this. Bar would, but that is BAR.

  282. 282
    me Says:

    @tinkerbell: bar, bar bar, bar… you know, Tinkerbell, that the line between love and hate is very fine, why is it that we cant have one post without you, Miss obssessed, mentioning her?Sometimes I think that you are on her team as you sure keep her name here.

  283. 283
    From NY Post Says:

    Model of new love
    Erin Heatherton has moved on from Leonardo DiCaprio with a former USC football player. We reported that the model was spotted with a tall dark- haired guy at Lure Fishbar last week. Page Six can reveal that the Victoria’s Secret model is dating Jordan Cameron, a former college basketball and football player who is now a tight end for the Cleveland Browns. Sources told us Heatherton and Cameron were set up through a friend right after the VS fashion show in November.

  284. 284
    @283 Says:

    Right after the VS show..?? Interesting. So they’ve been dating for almost two months now. He is very good looking.
    So now I hope we can put the false associations with the JM necklace and her tweeting certain friends to rest, shall we?

  285. 285
    : ) Says:

    good for her :) I hope her fans can leave Leo alone now

  286. 286
    lol... Says:

    @284: That’s what you would think. That its obvious that the necklace theory is false and she has a new guy… But this is JJ so let’s see what happens! A former college basketball player seems like a better fit for her!

  287. 287
    TBH Says:

    Its interesting how some of Leo’s ex-girlfriends are able to move on to other cute guys ( their fans move on to) and some can’t and will need a religious intervention 20 years from now to help them!

  288. 288
    @283 Says:

    A football player??? How very Gisele-esque of her. lol
    He’s alright. I don’t think hes that cute. Good Luck to them both

  289. 289
    lol... Says:

    @287: Sorry but same applies to some posters here. Some can move on and leave his exes alone and some keep fixating on them. I’m not saying you are not right and I don’t wanna start a fight but that was my first thought…

  290. 290
    lol... Says:

    @287: Just one more thing. Obviously you referred to Bar and I don`t wanna defend her but she did date / `move on` after their final breakup. It didn`t work out and she is still single ( or not I don`t really care ). Erin is dating again for the first time since the breakup but how do you know if it will work out for her? You don`t. Some people get upset when a girl associated with Leo receives a bad comment but it`s still OK to go after Bar. I really don`t wanna defend her because I never liked her but I don`t get this…

  291. 291
    @lol Says:

    You insist you don’t want an argument so I’ll phrase this not to derail the thread. None of us know if it’ll work for Erin or not, although Leos links with Margot, Miranda and pictures with other women indicate it may not matter. I admit I’m am highly amused as to how a necklace appears to get people into states of paranoia. But the pic spamming and sl8t shaming came from that ‘sarah’ barf fan as other posts indicated. You don’t have to be a supporter of Erin to think **** shaming or recently calling strangers escorts and prostitutes, calling Gisele a tranny giraffe, Blake a mutt e.t.c is poor form.
    What kind of person keeps in stock old pictures of not particularly famous models to paste here and then call them whores, obsess on their small breasts talking about how Leo exes had bigger breast (because that’s all that matters right?) if it does not suggest someone with issues. I found it bizarre. Why do it? I don’t care to convince you but it begs the question why go after these Leo’s subsequent ex girlfriends if not the anger and bitterness that the meal ticket is lost? why care after all this time? I personally believe that Tinkerbell is right in this respect and that’s why she hangs around. Its my view and I’m sticking to it.

  292. 292
    Geez Says:

    The Oscar nominations are announced tomorrow right??

  293. 293
    lol... Says:

    I honestly don’t care why! But if you are into that question why is someone posting Erin photos here then why don’t you try to figure out why do certain ppl bring up old ( and new ) stuff about someone who is out of the picture for years? Does that make sense to you that we still have to read about Bar and the past? is that ok but posting ild Erin photos isn’t? Why is posting photos of one ex is spamming but not spamming when it’s about another ex? Why would a bitter Bar fan trash Erin? She wasn’t his first gf after the breakup and it was obvious it won’t last. These threads are obsessed with Bar and her fans. Everything bad must be coming from Bar or her fans. Why?
    You asked the right question: ‘why care after all this time?’ It doesn’t make sense in your theory that it all comes from a bitter Bar fan. Why care about one of his exes ( post Bar breakup ), why not bother about his other ex ( Lively )? No sense at all but you stick to it. It makes sense if you let Bar and her fans go already and maybe think about the possibility that its only a person who doesn’t like Erin? Without any ties to Bar? Why don’t you give that a thought for a change?
    I really don’t want to fight, I do hope we can keep talking about this and not get into nasty name-calling argument. I’m just trying to understand your point. I mean it!

  294. 294
    @293 Says:

    “No sense at all but you stick to it?”
    Come again? How gracious of you. It makes no sense to you but I owe it to you to explain it?. You also keep insisting this thread is obsessed with her, because they call out her fans whom you insist don’t exist your belief is that its only the current Leo ex that should be attacked so lets wait for the next one. I guess that makes sense to you.
    I believe this conversation has happened before I don’t want to refer to other Leo threads or cut and paste the points that were made there of the last year alone which indicate a pattern and don’t want to derail the thread so I’ll leave it at that. No opinions changed for me or you.

  295. 295
    LOL Says:

    That’s Leda. Its 2013 and she’s itching to start another round with the same repetitive arguments she accuses others of who don’t share her own vision or opinion thus owe her an explanation.
    Good I hope she gets a fight.

  296. 296
    lol... Says:

    @295: Maybe you missed this part of my comment. Otherwise how come I`m `itching to start another round`? Please, explain because it doesn`t make sense TO ME.
    ` I really don’t want to fight, I do hope we can keep talking about this and not get into nasty name-calling argument. I’m just trying to understand your point. I mean it!`
    @294: I think you misunderstood me. I was trying to say that you think all the Erin bashing comes from a bitter fan of the ex. But why? It doesn`t make sense if it`s a Bar fan. But if it`s not a Bar fan just simply someone who doesn`t like Erin it makes sense. That`s all I meant and maybe I didn`t put it the right way. I did not mean to offend you or start an argument. Clearly our opinion hasn`t changed. Also I never said it`s OK to offend any of his ( ex ) girlfriends. I simply don`t understand why is it OK with one of the exes but not with the other. I don`t think it means that I`m fine with the trash talking. I didn`t say that on this thread or any other previous threads.
    This could have been a decent conversation and I did not mean to offend you or start the same old cr*p ( #295 ) but apparently if I dare to say something that some people here don`t like it all goes back to the same old story…

  297. 297
    lol... Says:

    PS: @294: …who doesn`t like Erin it makes sense TO ME. JMO. That`s all I meant…. `

  298. 298
    @293 Leda lol... Says:


    Because Erin is a blond model, like Bar. Because she has contract with VS, something Bar was never able to achieve. She’s direct competition. The Bar fan used to call Gisele and Lively and names but moved on to Erin when she took up with Leo. Her **** shaming picspam stopped when they broke up. I don’t think it’s a huge conspiracy with Bar’s mum and friend like Tink and I get annoyed with Tink for bringing it up all the time, but you asked. I’ll ignore those comments if you will.

  299. 299
    @#281 Says:

    …but if a site has been around for a long time and has thousands of regular followers/poster”

    That’s called the blind following the blind. These blind sites know what their ignorant followers like to eat and feed them a steady diet of fiction.

  300. 300
    testing... Says:

    leda causing the board to go on lockdown moderation. shame.

  301. 301
    blablabla Says:

    you guys maybe it was leda spamming the naughty erin pics. that’s why she’s always arguing about it. she knows the truth and she doesn’t like being mistaken for bar fan!

  302. 302
    lol... Says:

    @300: And how am I doing that exactly? By having a conversation without name calling and being rude? By having an opinion that you don’t like? Please, explain how am I making the board to go lockdown?

  303. 303
    lol... Says:

    @301: Of course it was me! Pointing out an obvious thing – it’s fine to ‘spam’ Bar but not fine to do it with Erin – means I’m the one who posted those photos. Whatever you say! Just days ago you were fine having a conversation with me just like many others. As soon as I say something some ppl don’t like I’m the one who is derailing the thread, I’m the picture spammer and the big bad wolf. And its not like I’m a Bar fan just someone who doesn’t like double standards. Now that’s a shame, dear #300.

  304. 304
    @Geez Says:


    Oscar noms will be announced Thursday morning.

  305. 305
    tinkerbell Says:

    @me: I REALLY do not like her and her venom spewing mom/flack. The’ve been particularly nasty/offensive to me and seeing through them is fun. I am sorry if it annoys you but I am an on a mission to keep them straight and out them wherever they show up. I am not the only one either. I just cannot stand being lied to and I’ll continue outing them here and on her threads as well. I am sorry, this woman deserves not one iota for being in the public eye and I will see she gets away with nada. That is different from being ‘obsessed’. I just don’t like her, A LOT, get it? Things that they have done/said have personally offended me and if the general public knew the truth about them in the US she’d never work again.

  306. 306
    tinkerbell Says:

    @From NY Post: Funny, so they have been dating since even before the breakup with Leo has been announced, this guy is so much better for Erin, he is a no name sports guy for whom dating a VS model much be a huge feather in his cap so he’ll treat her like golden. This is the kind of guy that would marry Erin…he’s NORMAL, or at least normal looking. He is a little doofy looking but a professional football player is just the right speed for her. Guys like that are kind of simple….they marry, don’t want to stay single forever, a lot of them. Some are DAWGS, yes, but there are Tom Brady types too.

    She’ll be sporting a real RING before 2013 is out, never mind the stupid necklace. Watch. That’s the break up with Leo and get a real guy charm-break up with Leo and you will either be dating your husband to be or married to him within a year to 18 months. Except if you are Bar. And no, she didnt move on, she dated some no name for about 5 minutes,flirted with Shaun White to get her name in the papers, that was it. The ***** is radioactive these days—no one want to get near her. Of course, she only dates WHITE and EXTREMELY rich as per mommy, there are only so many of those guys out there and all of Euro football turned her down it seems. She’s got a rep it seems.

  307. 307
    tinkerbell Says:

    Or maybe its a life lesson that drives them the right way as India Arie said with leo you learn:

    I know look it good
    But can you part my life

    And it probably tastes good
    But can you part of my life?

    I’ve got to know

    Answer “true love” does not solve everything and it is not worth suffering the leo’s of this world, sorry it is not. Wish it was.

  308. 308
    tinkerbell Says:

    *but can you BE part of my life…

    sorry India…

  309. 309
    tinkerbell Says:

    @lol…: Because Erin is OK. She was smart enough,emotionally level headed enough to cling like glue to Leo, she knew when enough was enough. And this is the right kind of guy for her. Erin is not emotionally unhealthy/deluded like Bar who was wound up programmed to live her MOTHER’S IDEAL LIFE. The ones that can make a clean break…at base they are strong enough individuals to find somene and make it work. Bar isnt. And she would limit herself to celebrities or the very rich to please wacko Mom. Also Erin, Blake, and Giselle can stand on their own, they are not deluded about their beauty or talent level and don’t need a Leo to buoy them/ keep their illusions viable.

    BTW called it again, I said the necklace stuff is crap who was writing that and why? It wasnt VS because going out with NFLer is still pretty good…and that is the reality. He’s playing in the midwest too, her blah stomping grounds, but going to USC is a good recommendation.

  310. 310
    tinkerbell Says:

    @blablabla: nope. That was straight up Bar or flack, the mission was there was to make Erin look bad out of jealousy, they are VERY vituperative people, why do you think they spammed Leo with “gay” rumors whenever they were on the outs….like he said, he doesnt like vituperative or opportunistic girls, meaning he knew about it. We certainly pointed it out loud enough here.

  311. 311
    CanadaGirl Says:
    Good job, Erin. Wow. He’s kinda hot. 6’5″ and 254 lbs. O.O Hopefully, he doesn’t have the long hair and has stuck with the short. He looks way better.
    The models seem to be going for sports players. What ever will a player do? I agree with you Tinkerbell. This is a better fit for Erin. She seemed like a nice girl, so hopefully this relationship has a little longevity.
    Hope you had a good day, Leo-fans. Must finish a little work and then I’m chilling.

  312. 312
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@lol: Why do it? I don’t care to convince you but it begs the question why go after these Leo’s subsequent ex girlfriends if not the anger and bitterness that the meal ticket is lost? why care after all this time? I personally believe that Tinkerbell is right in this respect and that’s why she hangs around. Its my view and I’m sticking to it.

    Got it. The Gisele tranny giraffe is the tip off…Gisele is thinner and has a couture model body, which allows her to be a real supermodel- I am sorry, but you MUST be able to do couture and runways in order to be a real super model, you have to be all around. Guess who isn’t?I mean that is the resentment.

    And frankly it is incredibly immature/unprofessional. I can’t believe some of the childish, dysfunctional crap these morons get up to. And I determined to see it through and people know. The “nappy” head comments to me were getting banded about again recently but I think it was bar this time not mommy. Serious, if Don Imus lose his job over “nappy head” comments, Bar should too. I dont have to waste a lot of time on it, but believe me all those “defensive” actions are obvious.

    Bar’s mommy goes after anyody that comes after precious baby—she went after an Israeli model on twitter that asked why bar was always naked, and after an Israeli journo who said bar was taking money from rich Israelis like Tedi Sagi to go to parties. She threatened to out him as a homosexual but HE TAPED THE COMMENT AND MADE IT PUBLIC.

    They have threatened me with”Israeli security” (ha) and the FBI and have tried to phish for my email addy–came on here anonymously and said how much they love me could they have my address so we could talk?Cause I’ve never used a real one here.

    You have got to watch out for them…they are defensive for a reason–in their minds bar is a “beautiful supermodel” not an average girl from Israel that’s had a little work. Don’t question that-that is the one lame little underpinning of their self esteem, all theyhave as they are not very smart, very pretty, very classy, very educated or talented in any way. All that matters to them is fake boobs and blonde hair and they will both get what is coming to them.

  313. 313
    lol... Says:

    @tinkerbell: So trash talking is justified based on your personal preference? Thanks for the explanation, I’m truly impressed by you…

  314. 314
    ((- Says:

    Please tinkerbell, stop showing to this board how serious your sickness has become. Change your tune, it’s passed way pathetic.

  315. 315
    Fan Says:

    Thanks for the news about Erin having a new man in her life.
    The Erin/Leo is now over and I hope people will move on.

  316. 316
    me Says:

    @tinkerbell: But, dont you see, all you are doing is annoying us normal folks who like Leo, so come here to see what’s happening…you are not hurting bar or her people, so please, please STOP. You say you are not obsessed but, you sound as if you are, she must be on your mind a hell of a lot…get over it for all our sakes.

  317. 317
    @Fan Says:


  318. 318
    tinkerbell Says:

    313-317 all shills. Different name,same person. That is all I am going to say.

    Also, tell me where I trash talked up there?Truth isn’t bashing, just letting people be aware. Sorry girlz!!

  319. 319
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: Yep, I agree, nice broad shoulders, nice smile, tall, healthier and in better shape than leo. LEo still cleans up well but his liver and his lungs and heart arent probably in great shape for a 38 year old. Not critical either but he still hits the nicotine, I dont agree those e cigaretters are ok, you are still addicted to tobacco and one day you’ll be back reaching for the cigs. He looks pickled a lot of days. Much better tahn Erin—-I know it just me but this Jordan guy–he’s cute but not pretty, and for some strange reason he looks like he’d be good in bed–that it wouldn’t be all about him. To leo he is doing you a favor, you know, to date you, for this guy he’s probably psyched about Erin, most men would be, even if only for bragging rights.

  320. 320
    lol... Says:

    @tinkerbell: Of course it’s the same person. Whatever feeds your delusion! LOL!

  321. 321
    @320 Says:

    and feeds your delusion too. don’t you insist that anyone who attacks you is only one person or one individual from bz . hypocrite

  322. 322
    lol... Says:

    @321: Here you are…

  323. 323
    : ) Says:

    Tinkerbell “knows” everything
    everything she said is “facts”

  324. 324
    : ) Says:

    ever since Erin has new bf
    Weirdo disappeared from here

  325. 325
    Dae Says:

    @: ):

    WEIRDO disappeared since Django Unchained has been a success at the box office. She wanted to see the film fail and spoke about it for weeks. She was so sure of it. She fled like a coward. LMAO.

  326. 326
    Dae Says:


    Honestly why do you keep bringing Bar up every chance you get? If you want to bash her fine go do it on her thread. Leo and Bar have nothing to do with each other since 2010/2011 I cant even remember. This is 2013. Why do you continue to talk about her on every Leo thread. Move on or go somewhere else with that. It is tiring hearing about her from you.

  327. 327
    me Says:

    @Dae: Of course you do realize that she will think you are one of her ‘people’ as she thinks I am!! the poor woman is well beyond paranoid and ruins it for everyone !

  328. 328
    Weirdo Says:

    Hi everyone! I see the naive dreamers are still here. Still trying to figure out who gay Leo is dating. Here’s a tip, stop looking at the women and start looking at the men! Django is a mess. Just because a lot of kids that are too young to see it are sneaking in after they tell their parents they went to see The Hobbit does not mean it’s a good film. Leo isn’t nominated for BSA, my a$$, whoever posted that was dreaming. Tarantino is catching a lot of flack for his film, no one is impressed. It still needs to recoup its budget and then some. I doubt it will do well overseas, please, films like these are what make people hate Americans to begin with. I’m tired of Leo. I have no interest in him or his films anymore. That’s worse than being a hater. It means he has no relevance in my life and is being replaced with artists that I can respect and admire.

  329. 329
    Dae Says:


    LMAO, Then why do you waste your time posting on this thread. Its obvious he’s still relevant in your life dear. Dont be in denial.

    Anyways WEIRDO, Django already made its budget. Check again and it hasn’t even opened overseas. WEIRDO sinks again.

  330. 330
    : ) Says:

    okay Weirdo
    move on to Jardan Cameron now muahahaha

  331. 331
    me Says:

    @Weirdo: so why the f*&^k do you keep coming here annoying people who do have an interest in him? go away you annoying little bug.

  332. 332
    Frenchie Anne-Marie Says:

    If only Leo could date her. Both share the same career, they are around the same age, and they make such a beautiful couple.

  333. 333
    @332 Says:

    Jessica is way too classy for his taste, way too intelligent and talented.
    Real women with class and intelligence are a threat for Leo, don’t you know that? That’s why he prefers to snap his fingers to get post-pubescent anorexic looking, bleached hair giraffes with padded bras.

  334. 334
    Weirdo Says:

    I like being annoying. Especially when people are trying to set him up with other women. Get a clue! That doesn’t seem to work….he’s almost 40. Try picking a dude.

  335. 335
    Django Says:

    Django isn’t the failure Weirdo wants and hopes it to be, but it’s not all that. It relies too heavily on style and lacks a solid script. There are some excellent performances, most notably from Sam Jackson and Christoph Waltz. Leo is too hammy and not menacing enough. They would’ve done better to cast a more versatile actor and less famous face. He doesn’t deserve the awards nod over Waltz and Jackson. Jamie Foxx is bland. It’s worth seeing, but it’s one of Tarantino’s weakest films.

  336. 336
    Django Says:

    Jessica has a boyfriend. She wouldn’t go near a little boy like Leo.

  337. 337
    Django Says:

    Weirdo, he’s not gay. He’s emotionally stunted.

  338. 338
    Django Says:

    Leo dates real women, but they’re very young. They grow up and move on or cling for dear life and get the boot.

  339. 339
    the fame monster Says:

    @335- I agree with that review.

  340. 340
    Ace Says:


    Are you kidding me? The script was solid, it was one of the most talked about scripts in hollywood when it leaked online. I thought the story was better than IB.

    Leo gave a phenomenal performance, especially the dinner scene where he cuts his hand. Waltz and Jackson were great too, I just dont understand why Waltz is getting praise for pretty much recycling his performance from IB. Jackson should be getting more praise than him.

    To me the standouts were Leo and Jackson. Jamie played the quiet badass real well. Is Tarantino’s best since Pulp Fiction IMO.

  341. 341
    : ) Says:

    #340 agreed
    I guess ppl are mesmerized by waltz over pronouncing every words

  342. 342
    LOL Says:

    @: ):
    Its clear you worship the ground Leo walks on. But 335 and 339 gave what appeared to be constructive criticism on a movie. There was no snark or haterade in their comments. Not everyone MUST hold the opinion that Leo p> isses gold 24/7.

  343. 343
    Ace Says:


    Why because she praised Leo’s performance. Pretty much all critics have. She’s not saying something that’s ludicrous. He just got an award yesterday for that role. I just disagree with #335 opinion on the script and Leo’s performance. Im not disrespecting their opinion, their entitled to it, I’m just sharing what I think and 341 is doing the same thing. What’s the difference?

  344. 344
    : ) Says:

    @LOL you have your opinion I have my opinion
    so it is ok to criticize Leo but not ok to criticize other actors?

    @Ace thanks

  345. 345
    : ) Says:

    I read a lot of movie forums
    a lot of people blown away by Waltz at 1st viewing but after 2nd viewing they realized Leo is better
    unfortunately the voters will only watch the movie once

  346. 346
    Pi Says:

    Leo got snubbed again ((..

  347. 347
    Oscars Says:

    The more I watch other actors, the more I think Leo has been a little overrated in recent years. I find him immensely charismatic and he strikes an emotional chord in me that few actors do. But when I watch a Daniel Day-Lewis, or any of the performances nominated for Best Actor this year, and consider whether Leo would have been as good in any of those roles, I have to be honest and say no. He is a special actor and he does what he does very well, but I often do feel like I’m watching him give similar performances but with different costumes, makeup, and accents. He branched out with Django and I liked his performance, but he didn’t disappear into the role.

  348. 348
    lol... Says:

    He wouldn’t have been good in those roles and that’s why orher actors played those parts. No, he wouldn’t have been good in Lincoln or Silver Lining Playbook and I really don’t understand your point. Not every actor can bring out the best of each role and there’s nothing wrong with that. You should focus on how each actor did in their own movie not how he would have done in a different movie. No, I can’t see him in Bradley Cooper’s role but that doesn’t make him overrated in my opinion. Leo got the part he was perfectly suitable for and he did an amazing job in Django.
    I think he was trying way too hard in the past couple of years to get nominated and it showed. But this year it was different. He stepped out of his comfort zone and did something different. He was amazing in Django, effortless and a joy to watch. I didn’t feel that trying-hard-to-get-nominated vibe. That’s why I’m disappointed that he didn’t get the nomination.

  349. 349
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Weirdo: Newsflash. Django has recouped its production costs, and it hasn’t hit other markets.
    This movie still has A LOT of momentum. It’s good enough to see twice. QT is a great screen writer The language is harsh, but the performances are amazing.

  350. 350
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @tinkerbell: (re: 319) YES. Nice looking and the strength and all that delish man-weight and….. well… I’ll keep the rest to myself. ;)
    LD just looks so over it to me. It’s like he’s giving a little f-you to some people. I was thinking about this the other day….. what was the purpose of the display on the yacht? This is a man who can go under the radar IF he wants to, but he chose not to but for what reason?
    At first I thought maybe it was a little playboy movie publicity. Then when Erin hit Page Six with new BF news, I thought that it might have been a preemptive “I’ve moved on” (he has done the playboy parade before when he dumped X he used Gisele to solidify the message and then gave a great show at Cannes with Blake, and after Blake he paraded Erin around… basically, he’s not above it, no matter what poeple say). Now I wonder if he knew that he wasn’t nominated. He looked sort of … not sad but just “whatever. I’m here” on one of the latest party circuits… I can’t find the picture to post, but when I did see it I knew that he didn’t get nominated.

  351. 351
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @lol…: I agree that Django was a big departure. People gripe about him not straying from a certain type of role, and I have to disagree. Django is a more extreme example, but he is different in most roles. I often wonder of people can’t pick up the subtle nuances.
    I’m going to refrain from saying that he was robbed (for now) as I have not seen all the films, and I can’t say 100% that is the case. Last year with Edgar, Leo did not deserve a nom IMO; however, I do not see that as his failing. This year, he was amazing, so I’m disappointed.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if he’s sad that he doesn’t have an Oscar, he shouldn’t be. It’s much better to chase than to catch. And if the academy has it out for him as people have speculated, then I’d say f-them. But, hey, that’s just this gal’s feelings.

  352. 352
    LOL Says:

    @350 If Leo before hand then he should have told poor Ben Afffleck,
    It is what it is. Jamie Foxx, Adrien Brody, Sean Penn – bachelors older than Leo with less than stellar personal lives who have all recently won AAs. Jack Nicholson the poster man-boy for debauchery if ever there was one holds the records for most AA nominations. I can’t understand the logic people insist the Academy shuns Leo because of his personal life.
    It was probably a split vote situation though I’m disappointed/baffled the British BAFTAs now seems to follow the Oscars in the SAME voting options.

  353. 353
    Ace Says:


    I agree, I dont think the academy shuns him for his personal life. What is he doing in his personal life that other actors in hollywood aren’t doing? Because he’s dated model after model and parties and has never gotten married. So what?

    The Academy Awards is filled with politics. The joke is you have to be nice with Harvey Weinstein to get yourself into a nomination. Once Waltz was moved to supporting actor, I felt Leo’s chances were small. He was now competing against Jackson/Waltz. The votes were split. Harvey decided to put all/most of his eggs into the Silver Linings Playbook basket and it payed off. That guy knows how to campaign. Is a feel good movie and his safest bet at taking best picture. Most of the time you gotta play the game and kiss a$$ to get in there. The biggest snub had to be Ben Affleck not getting nominated for Argo. They acknowledge his film but not his directing? Some people are just jealous and don’t want to give a guy credit for doing something great.

    Waltz gave a great performance but I thought Leo/Jackson were more deserving of a nomination. The best supporting actor category is interesting. I wonder who will win since every actor in the supporting category has already won at least once before.

  354. 354
    My opinion Says:

    Come on, people, it was clear from the beginning he is not gonna be nominated, and this is not because he was not good as Calvin Candie he could be over the top, it does not matter.
    As someone said Hollywood is all about politics and Hollywood would never ever give an Oscar for the role like this and not because he played a villain, there were a lot of charming villains nominated before, but because he showed an ugly face of American history that everyone wants to forget.

  355. 355
    Robinnicole Says:

    @My opinion: That’s exactly what I was thinking,…well said.

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