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Orlando Bloom: Runyon Canyon Hike with Flynn

Orlando Bloom: Runyon Canyon Hike with Flynn

Orlando Bloom carries a baby bottle as he takes his cute son Flynn for a hike at Runyon Canyon on Sunday (December 30) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor was also joined by his dog Sidi and a pal, with another dog.

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The day before, Orlando was spotted sprinting back to his car after doing some shopping.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Orly‘s wife Miranda Kerr in the behind-the-scenes video of her Mango Spring/Summer 2013 shoot.

FYI: Orlando is using his Deuter kid carrier backpack.

35+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn going for a hike…

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orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 01
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 02
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 03
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 04
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 05
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 06
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 07
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 08
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 09
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 10
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 11
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 12
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 13
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 14
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 15
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 16
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 17
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 18
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 19
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 20
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 21
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 22
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 23
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 24
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 25
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 26
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 27
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 28
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 29
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 30
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 31
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 32
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 33
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 34
orlando bloom runyon canyon hike with flynn 35

Photos: FameFlynet, AKM-GSI
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  • Taylor

    Oh my… Everytime I see him taking care of his son I just think he’s just too good to Miranda.

  • Nancy

    Great to see Orlando out with his son Flynn. You can see what a loving and protective father he is. Orlando is such a good-looking man. Love that he is so toned love his legs.

  • lesd

    such a cute fam

  • NYC

    Those back packs are VERY DANGEROUS for kids to be in.
    Many kids have gotten hurt from them, seriously injured.
    I hope this kid is okay.
    He’s one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen.

  • @4

    Oh, for goodness sake. Next you will be claiming that he shouldn’t be allowed to walk because WALKING IS DANGEROUS!!!! HE MIGHT FALL!!!!! I HOPE THAT HE IS OKAY!!!!!!

  • oh my

    Hot body. Gorgeous legs. Flynn AND Sidi!!!
    Orlando goodness overload!

  • Nikki

    Cute baby :)
    & lol @ Orlando with the bottle :)

  • @7

    LOL! Right?
    That’s a veteran parent move. He must be a fast learner.
    And so gorgeous!

  • suz

    Since other blogs have mentioned the lack of pics of him and Miranda, I’m wondering if they’ll be Splitsville in 2013…..?

  • Jill

    These pics look like a setup for when they get divorced. He’s a good dad and they want to make that clear before they file.

  • @9-10

    You are referencing blogs so stupid that they were claiming that they were apart just because they were working on other sides of the planet?
    OK then.
    And Orlando IS a good dad. He doesn’t need a set up to prove that.
    You really do have a sick way of thinking. Maybe you should talk to someone about that.

  • @4

    When I was Flynn’s age my dad used to carry me in one of those…and I’m alive! Then again that happened in the 80s, and around those times there wasn’t this strange idea of nowadays that absolutely everything is dangerous for children

  • gb

    Im really worried for our culture, when we hope/wish couples to divorce,cheat,break up etc…WOW anyone who wishes that upon others is in for a wake up call one day. Get out there in the real world! you will find your self, not caring so much about celebs love lives! trust me. ;)

  • @13

    That’s OK. They’ll wake up when karma catches up with them.

  • Hey!

    Where’s Jess????
    We’re already to post #15 and she hasn’t brought up Miranda yet!
    Is she sick? Should someone check on her?
    I’m starting to get worried.

  • 0_0

    And I used to like this moron. Silly me!

  • ?

    Why is he a moron?

  • Kim

    That kid is going to be a heart breaker when he’s a teenager. He isn’t just cute, he’s kinda beautiful.

  • LOL

    @@4: Agree. I’m sure Orlando knows how to operate it and knows how to keep his child safe.

  • carrie

    again no wedding ring?

  • @20

    Nooooo, it’s STILL no wedding ring on his finger (it’s usually on a chain around his neck). Big difference.
    It seems that after being corrected two or three dozen times that you would have caught on by now. Guess that we were giving you too much credit.

  • Nancy

    Orlando is definitely a good parent. You can tell that he is very protective of Flynn and loves him very much. Orlando knows how to take care of his son. I am sure he knows what’s safe for Flynn. Flynn is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. I dont’t get why anybody would wish for a couple to break up. That makes no sense to me. I like seeing pics of this beautiful family.

  • Salamaa

    It seems to me that one person keeps commenting and commenting on Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s threads. Isn’t that a bit obsessive?

  • Postro

    I give him and his wife another year. It’s clearly a PR set up sham, their marriage.

  • Micah G

    I thought it was only his wife who had a deal with the paparazzi… it’s obviously the whole family. Strange.

    Orlando seems like the kind of man who doesn’t like the attention as much as put up with it, whereas his wife laps it up. Divorce in a year, Y/Y?

  • Dandelion

    Curious how comment #4 and #5 have been posted by the same person…

  • sick of it

    come on you guys- it’s easy to tell that it’s a set up. how come this family is posted about so often and to this extent when so many other celebrity families, whose pictures sell for so much more money and garner more interest than the bloom/kerr family, don’t get posted about?
    it’s hardly just out of interest.
    - neither kerr nor bloom were in any of just jared’s most popular posts/celebrities/etc.
    - kerr isn’t victoria’s secret’s first or most popular model.
    - bloom doesn’t have any big movies coming out at the moment.

    the problem with them being featured this often is that it leads to the public/audience disliking them instead of the original intent, which is for more people to take notice and like them etc.

  • lola

    @lesd: I think you mean “what a FAKE family”

  • guest4114

    that is the cutest baby ever

  • Hmmmm

    Isn’t it amazing how so many ‘thumbs downs’ pop up in such a short period of time?
    Oh noooo, nothing fishy there at all. *eyeroll*
    Desperate haters are so pathetic.

  • Yay!

    I love seeing Orlando out with Flynnie!
    Such a beautiful, sweet family.

  • Chloe

    The kid seems uncomfortable in that kind of backpack carrier.


    @sick of it: It is apparent to people with at least one working brain cell that Miranda calls the paparazzi to get pictures of her taken. Not sure if Orlando does it, but she is obsessed with the camera and the spotlight, and everyone is commenting on it.

    She is a model, no big deal, and not even the best of them, and he is an actor who has gone off the radar screen but the daily set-ups make them appear relevant. They are not as popular as other celebrities so all these photo ops are nothing more than set-ups.

  • @33

    The fact that you took the time to post is proof enough that they don’t have to call the paps.
    Posts lead to threads. Threads need photos. Photos are being bought so photos have to be taken.
    If there was no pay off for the paps, there wouldn’t be any pictures, because the paps wouldn’t bother to show up.
    We have video evidence of the pap mob that followed Miranda. If no one cared about her photos, no paps would have bothered.
    You can claim that neither one of them is relevant all you want. But they are both very popular. And that counts much more than what you might consider ‘relevant’.

  • i

    runyon canyon is populated by paparazzi 24/7 – he could have gone to the thousands of other trails in L.A that are private.

  • lwwl

    I just feel that thing really uncomfortable for the kid’s arms.

  • @35

    Make up your mind.
    Set up? Or paps are there 24/7 so NOT a set up?
    You haters really need to get on the same page.
    But why should he go somewhere else? He likes that park. It has great trails, and hills, so it is a good work out. It’s in a familiar neighborhood. And Sidi can run free.
    Besides, the paps aren’t allowed in the park itself, so all we get are pics of them going to and from the parking lot.
    Why should he have to drive to a different park because people like you don’t approve?
    You make no sense whatsoever.

  • i

    @@35: because he has a child and children should be shielded from that sort of publicity.
    And i never said anything about him being followed, i said he’s AWARE that paparazzi hang out there 24/7, and they are allowed in because who exactly is going to check their bags for cameras?
    And there’s so many beautiful trails to hike then the one that’s KNOWN to be a photo op like R.C

    But let me guess, you’re american so of course you know exactly what runyon canyon is like?!

  • @38

    So you think that all Americans know what Runyon Canyon is like? How ’bout narrowing that down to most everyone in LA?
    But yes, I’m an American, so I know all about it. *eyeroll*
    I also happen to have lived in LA for several years, and became quite familiar with the park, and its rules.
    But since you don’t recognize the truth when you see it, I pulled up their website and grabbed this for you:
    “ยง 3.13. Commercial filming and use. (a) No person shall use parkland for any commercialxor filming use without a permit issued by the Executive Officer or the Executive Officer’s designee. Commercial filming use may be permitted only when to do so would not damage or impair the natural features of any park, NOR UNREASONABLY INTERFERE WITH PUBLIC ENJOYMENT of the area. Any person using parkland for commercial filming purposes shall have the original signed permit in their possession and shall display such permit at the request of any employee of the Authority or any peace officer. No person shall violate any term, condition, or limitation of any such permit”
    And since the paps would never be given such a permit, THEY CAN’T FILM IN THE PARK.
    And unless they hide Flynn away in a bubble, he will always be exposed to some degree. At least in Runyon, he can’t be filmed once he is inside. At a lot of other parks, he would be in full view all the time. Paps are everywhere in LA. Not only the paps, but their spotters and informants, too. They would be found almost immendiately.

  • i

    @@38: funny.. didn’t you say you’re Australian on another thread? And unless you know what comprehension is i suggest you read my comment again.
    And i have seen paparazzi in there taking pics of celebrities so climb out of your bubble.
    BUT let’s see – on one thread you claim to be from NYC, another you said Sydney, now you’e from L.A? well aren’t you well traveled. Whatever.. you’re going to believe whatever lies the voices inside your brain tell you.. good luck with yourself, i’m out. Someone else will come along and you can argue with them.

  • @40

    You really think that there is only one person posting???
    Are you really that stupid???
    That really takes the cake.
    And no, you have NOT seen paps in the park, just in the parking area, and at the gate.
    *still laughing at the idiot hater*
    BTW, this statement is a bit confusing:
    “And unless you know what comprehension is i suggest you read my comment again.”
    I do know what “comprehension” is, so are you saying that I don’t have to read your cr@p again? Is that a double negative of some sort?
    Your syntax is way off. Is English not your native language? No problem, if it isn’t. You were doing fine until that mess of a sentence. Or are you just one of those people who always fell asleep during grammar studies?
    One more LOL!!! for you.

  • @13 gb

    Nature always has a way to straighten things out.
    People who wish for the unhappiness of others, especially when it involves children, will get it back tenfold.
    Their relationships will be doomed. Their love will turn to hate. Their families will hate everyone that they fall for.
    They will live lives of loneliness and despair, and they will have no one to blame for it but themselves.
    They are alraedy living lonely lives because of their hate. They complain about being over thirty and still single. They complain about how they can’t meet a nice guy. Well, why would a nice guy have anything to do with someone so filled with dark thoughts?
    What worries me is that a couple of them have children. I worry that they are passing this negativity on to them. Are they teaching the next generation to embrace irrational hate? Or that bullies are great, as long as you are the bully? That calling a young mother a wh*re is just fun and games? I feel so sorry for those kids.
    I really do worry about what society is coming to.

  • i

    @@40: not sure how writing LOL makes you smart or over the age of 15 but OK! And it was you running your bullsh*t into the ground saying you were from Sydney, then you were from NYC etcetc.

    ugh..Isn’t it your bed time yet?

    never mind, i’m sure you’ll have fun leaving comments all night long like O.B gives a sh*t about you.

  • @43

    Wow, you really DO think that there is only one fan here.
    i actually thought that people were joking about that. But you are serious?
    I don’t know what to say, really. Except that Miranda is a very popular model, so she has many fans. Why you think that there is only one is beyond me. Does that mean that there is only one hater, too?
    I also find it funny that you are here posting while insulting someone else for being here posting. That rings of hypocrisy to my ears. I guess people were serious about that, too.
    And between the two of you, I don’t know which is more juvenile; mocking you with laughter, or you resorting to vulgarity.
    Maybe it’s a tie.

  • Ice

    @0_0: U r not silly. U r mentally sick & twisted. Get help, u lonely bozo! I c u have nothing 2 do on New Year Eve but to click “minuses” (do u really think that ppl will believe that ruse anyway/ How stupid is that?) on positive comments about this great man and his family. U r such a jealous looser, really. Too bad no one is coming to make your life happier. U know why? Look at the mirror. It will show your ugly, despicable soul that is crying for help desperately. Guess what? U’ll never get it unless u will continue this lame crusade against someone who did u no wrong.

  • Ice

    @Postro: I can nothing 2 give. U only can post trash under your different nicknames and click the little icons repeatedly. U r ridiculous and, ironically, it’s kind of…sad. U should stick 2 your Delphi cave, gal. No Happy New Year 2 u, clown.

  • i

    @@43: do you find it strange that you’re talking about yourself PRETENDING to be another person? 0_o

  • Ice

    @sick of it: Ir really that stupid? YOU r the one who makes these posts about this great actor & his fam MORE popular w. your stocking activity, LOL. Not like he needs it. He is a world known actor with a great talent and reputation, etc., etc. He doesn’t NEED 2 b in the big movies every time U think he needs it, LOL. And who are u? Just a madly obsessed Internet user who leaves comments on all articles about…HIM. Surprise, surprise. ROTFL.

  • @47

    You really need to accept that there is more than one fan here.
    Acceptance will bring you peace.
    Just think about it. If I was that other person, why would I have insulted myself? I would have only insulted you, for your vulgarity. Not myself for the ‘LOL’s’.
    i agree with everyone else. You just don’t make much sense.

  • Hanna

    Flynn looks super bored, haha.