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'Skyfall' Passes $1 Billion Mark Worldwide!

'Skyfall' Passes $1 Billion Mark Worldwide!
  • Daniel Craig‘s Skyfall has made over $1 billion worldwide, making it the 14th film in history to do so – Entertainment Weekly
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  • fan

    Way to go Daniel!!!!

    I really feel sorry for whoever will take over the role of James Bond. This guy will have to fill in HUGE footsteps.

  • Launa

    Ohhhhhhhhh Billion dollar Bond! Congratulations, Daniel! You deserve it.

  • Emma

    Fantastic news! Skyfall is a great Bond film. With his cruelty and cold charisma Daniel is only the best and most believable Bond ever! Not only is Daniel absolutely amazing, the film itself is one of the most enjoyable, heart-pounding, high octane action-adventure, emotional ups and downs, movies in years. Love me some Daniel! XXXX

  • Jordan

    Good God, what an awesome way to end the year!!
    And still going strong worldwide. Keep it up, Skyfall!

  • wywh

    I didnt know it was THIS successful. I thought it only got to around 600m or something lol. Congrats!

  • Monica

    Absoloutely fantastic! Daniel takes James Bond to another level. AND he brings more than $2Billion on his Bond films to the Bond franchise!!!!! Gahhh!

  • Sarah

    Incredible. You’re doing so well, Daniel!

  • juultjee

    so much better than I expected. i have a new found love for daniel after watching it! he’s obviously a very amazing actor.

  • Hannah

    So how much does he get paid as bonus for passing $1billion? Now I want to marry him. MORE THAN EVER!!!!!! lol

  • Crith

    Skyfall is NOT 3D movie. Skyfall is NOT based on American comics. Skyfall is NOT released in the summer blockbuster season. So, they must be more proud of the result than others. Well done!

  • Leo

    Yes! Skyfall is such an an impressive film. Daniel is still hotter than ever in it!

  • Tom

    OMG, honestly, I did not look for such a huge success. Congrats to Daniel and everyone involved! BTW, I’m really sad William has very very bad taste.. What the hell is he thinking?

  • Elle

    Woohoo!! Daniel should be proud of his massive success. I can see he gave body and soul to Skyfall, so financial/critics success are well deserved.

  • Dalton wants Oscar for Skyfall

    Bond – Timothy Dalton Urges Oscars Voters To Honour Skyfall

    Timothy Dalton Urges Oscars Voters To Honour Skyfall
    Former Bond star Timothy Dalton has called on Academy Awards bosses to honour Skyfall at the 2013 Oscars, insisting the latest 007 blockbuster is “right at the forefront” of modern cinema.
    The spy series has gained a slew of international nominations since 1962′s Dr. No, but has only won two Oscars – for Best Sound Effects for 1964′s Goldfinger and Best Special Visual Effects for its follow-up, Thunderball.
    However, Dalton is hopeful critically-acclaimed Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig as 007, will be tipped in the Academy Awards lists when the nominations are unveiled on 10 January (13).
    He tells Britain’s Sunday Express, “It is absolutely time for Bond to get proper attention at the Oscars. On almost every level this Bond movie is right at the forefront of what cinema is capable of.
    “It is an absolutely modern James Bond, a movie truly of its time. Daniel Craig is fantastic and it feels very real. I thought the film was fabulous.”

  • Alex

    Amazing! but I’m not in the least surprised. Still every seat is sold out at my local theater!!!!! Crazy…..

  • mary

    Congratulations Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, and Sam Mendes. Well done on all fronts!

  • Amy

    Congratulations to Daniel, Mendes, MGW, Barbara and all the crew and cast!! It proves that so many people love Skyfall, and so many people have loved/accepted Daniel as James Bond.
    Happy New Year, wishing you the very best for the year 2013! :D

  • Mendel

    What a great year it was for Skyfall – and more success to come!!!

    Wishing Dan (of course! ;) and the Skyfall crew and cast a very happy 2013!

  • Skyfall’s Nominated For PGA

    “Skyfall” is the first James Bond film to ever receive the PGA nomination.
    PGA Awards Nominations Announced

  • Skyfall’s Nominated For PGA

    Producers Guild Nominate ‘Skyfall’ & ‘Django Unchained’ Alongside Usual Awards Suspects
    We’ve had such a nice time getting drunker and fatter over the holiday period that we almost thought there was an awards season on. It’s been a few weeks since the last big precursor nominations, so a quiet status quo has set in, now all the films are in theaters somewhere (“Zero Dark Thirty” doesn’t go wide til next week, it should be said). So it almost took us by surprise that the Producers Guild Awards nominations were announced today.

    In fact, it definitely took everyone by surprise, because they were due to be announced tomorrow, and it was only about an hour ago that bothered to tell anyone it had been moved up. Still, here we are, with the second of the major guilds (following the SAG last month). So how did they go?
    Well, more or less as expected. The big six awards players — “Lincoln,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Les Miserables,” “Life of Pi,” “Argo” and “Silver Linings Playbook” — all made the cut. So did indie hopefuls “Moonrise Kingdom” and “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” which are both looking good for Oscar nominations right about now, along with “Django Unchained,” which also got the PGA nod, and looks highly probable for an Oscar nod too. The biggest surprise was that “Skyfall,” the Bond movie that just topped a billion dollars at the box office made it in over “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers” (both, as the year’s biggest hits, touted by some), and over “The Master,” again signifying that Paul Thomas Anderson’s film isn’t going to be a big Oscar nominee next week.

    Maybe if the PGA had nominated it, or one of the other films outside the narrative, we might have been prepared for a surprise. As it is, this is looking like a pretty close rundown of what to expect next week — though we’d say that “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” will probably win out over “Skyfall” if it goes to ten nominees. If it doesn’t, then any of “Beasts,” ‘Moonrise,’ ‘Django’ or the 007 flick could fall away. We’ll be finding out soon, but in the meantime, you can check out the complete PGA nominations below.
    The list includes most of the expected favorites, with Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master surprisingly excluded, but Sam Mendes‘ Skyfall getting a spot in the ten. Usually a strong precursor for how the Best Picture Oscar race shakes out, this is a major boost for the latest James Bond film, while the frontrunners such as Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln confirm their status. Check out the rundown below, along with animated and documentary nominees. (The Film Stage)

  • Mendel

    The Guardian’s take on it:

    (Guinness, Fio, are you still partying?)

  • Guinness

    Made it to 2013!!! whoolly crap carp!!! Glad to see you on the other side Mendel!! sorry to hear its raining in your neck of the woods….its been snowing, icing(too cold to snow so it comes down as ice and freezes on surfaces as ice), snowing, and it has just become a little warmer today–5 degrees farheinhight (i hate spelling that). AKA-it hurts to breathe.

    anyway–Dan is a billionaire, eh? And if he is any smarter than the guy he plays in movies, he should be on that island he purchased. I still cant locate any of my Dan movies except for the best—as Tripple EX! I finally put the subtitles on so I can understand all the accents!!! AND I hope one of the alternative endings could be used so he could reprise the role. why wouldn’t he do that? Maybe he didnt have any fun. He sure as hell looked as if he did. He would have to find a different woman…maybe a brunette this time. (dah?)

    did you get what you wanted for christmas Mendel? And no one you know jumped a cliff because they were fighting over money? I feel like throwing a couple of Tories over a HUGE abyss to be gone forever…but I love the attitude of our prez–he says tough stuff. And I had the best time evah visiting NYC–saw the new years tiffany ball go UP the pole…pretty funny. AND the hot tub was AMAZING—Dan missed it–and I sent a car for you at Kennedy–it was Kennedy you were arriving at, right? well, no matter–the hot tub was 103 degrees, and the air was whipping snow at about 15degrees, and it melted on my face and it was like nothing I ever felt and I thought of Dan.

    Not really thought of Dan, but it was close…… heh heh heh.
    !. Skyfall should win for technical stuff, AND Dan’s preparational transition into the most dangerous and highly skilled drunken sled driver across the Indian skyline—.
    2. Adele should not win cuz that song was not even relevant to what SkyFall meant…no sky fell, it was the name of his castle. ok. so its the PROVERBIAL skyfalling that fell from the sky. or whatever.
    3. Wes Anderson should win something cuz I love his style and panache for “off the grid” movies. watch Moonrise Kingdom friend–let me know what you think. loved it.
    4. Will you be seeing Django? hooly crap–did he comment to Dan saying, …” jezzuz crhist Dan, I coulda used you as a slave owner in my new blooddrenched, old-school star studded cast, movie with a message as always…” when they were talking at the BBAFTA’s??

    I got too much to say…. ciao for now. …may 2013 be better…otherwise, why look forward?

  • Guinness

    great-good for dan. He know holds the power in his hands. And degrades women in RS magazine. Its good to be King. I would like him to pose nekkid in the first nekkid seating arrangement of his Bond career, and tell that joke of finding clams in a grandmothers snatch–in front of the women he holds dear or dresses up as to combat women being soooo under appreciated in the world against men. Walk a mile in our shoes Dan, then tell jokes about getting clams out of your grandma’s –or wife’s snatcharoonie.

    this may take a while Mendel–I am pretty peeved. He has no excuse. and if he was drunk–so be it. sometimes people are more real drunk than they are sober. But hey, I dont know the man—I just like his looks, and the look of his penis and what he may accomplish in the sack…so in a way, I am being just as sexist as him. I dont think I could repeat the joke he did–in either female or male company.

    And ya know what is more disturbing… RS is known for this type of high brow journalism, they did not publish ANY negative comments about his “interview” and what he said. NONE. so, that means RS has cheeky idiot readers (like myself) or Dan’s pull is reaching “over the top”. Or neither and I am just in a bad mood again about excess and why certain people have the capacity to make more money than others because of opportunity, gender, looks, and maybe unethical decisions, whereas, people of ethical professions who care and make a difference make pittance. aaaaahhhhh

    he is too afraid to be in the spot light? why did he work so hard? if he is so private, why does he do the most unprivate thing of all?? And now Bond will be a big celebration of 50 year party at the Oscars? Good luck with being private and bashfullll…. And I do hope Adele enjoyed all the baby stuff –maybe she will name her baby after James or Dan… It sucks to be King.

  • Mendel

    Welcome back, Guinness!!!

    “Made it to 2013!!! whoolly crap carp!!! Glad to see you on the other side Mendel!!”

    And a very Happy New Year to you, too! :) Oh yes, it has to be better than 2012 – better politics and politicians (Santa, I may be asking too much… ;)

    “did you get what you wanted for christmas Mendel?”

    Still waiting for Dan to knock at my door, wearing nothing but a Santa hat…strategically placed, of course…not like this:

    ” I feel like throwing a couple of Tories over a HUGE abyss to be gone forever…”

    Excellent. Can you start with our lot first? *grin*

    “AND the hot tub was AMAZING”


    “the hot tub was 103 degrees, and the air was whipping snow at about 15degrees, and it melted on my face and it was like nothing I ever felt and I thought of Dan…”

    Sounds like a perfect way to start the new year!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “I am pretty peeved. He has no excuse. and if he was drunk–so be it. sometimes people are more real drunk than they are sober.”

    True, but although that’s not really any excuse, it sounds to me as if the two (Dan and the journalist) were getting more and more drunk and tried to outdo each other with the dirty jokes.

    “But hey, I dont know the man—I just like his looks, and the look of his ***** and what he may accomplish in the sack…so in a way, I am being just as sexist as him.”

    LOL! That makes two of us then…

    “I am just in a bad mood again about excess and why certain people have the capacity to make more money than others because of opportunity, gender, looks, and maybe unethical decisions, whereas, people of ethical professions who care and make a difference make pittance. aaaaahhhhh”

    Aaaahh indeed. Although I do think certain actors and footballers get far too much money, I think what is more despicable is greedy politicians who have their snouts in the troth and tell everybody else to tighten their belts…

    “It sucks to be King.”

    Probably does, but in case of Dan, I don’t think he’s got a bad life ;)

    (Need sleep, it’s back to porridge tomorrow…)

  • Skyfall beats TDK

    Skyfall earns $1,023.3 million
    Sony Pictures No. 1 in 2012 Worldwide Box Office Market Share
    James Bond pic “Skyfall” leads the charge with north of $1 billion in global ticket sales, followed by “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

    Sony Pictures Entertainment led all other film companies in worldwide market share in 2012, with its films collecting $4.4 billion in ticket sales.
    The studio, enjoying its best year ever in terms of box-office grosses, also was No. 1 in market share in North America, where its titles generated $1.77 billion in revenue.
    Eon Productions’ James Bond pic Skyfall led the way with north of $1 billion in global grosses. Sony co-financed the movie with MGM.
    Sony’s No. 2 title was The Amazing Spider-Man, which successfully relaunched the franchise in grossing $752.2 million globally. Up next was MIB 3, which earned $624 worldwide. Other highlights included Hotel Transylvania ($312.6 million) and 21 Jump Street ($201.6 million).
    Warner Bros. came in No. 2 in worldwide and domestic market share ($4.25 billion), followed by 20th Century Fox ($3.7 billion). Fox placed No. 1 in market share internationally ($2.72 billion).
    Disney’s films generated $3.6 billion in global ticket sales, including $2.08 billion overseas.
    Universal, also enjoying its best year ever in terms of box-office grosses, followed with $3.13 billion in worldwide ticket sales.
    Paramount placed last with $2.4 billion in worldwide grosses.
    While a point of pride for studios, market share doesn’t necessarily translate into profitability.

  • Mendel
  • Guinness

    thx–I read your comments after I posted my rant and i felt so baddd! You were so upbeat and happy and all I wrote was my feeling of getting Dan nekkid and making him tell us dirty jokes…ok. that’s a better picture. why can’ t i stay mad. cuz this is unreality..dah. thx for talking me down off the soap box. Now…where is he???
    And yes, politicians are great actors, are they not?? But I would love some of our politicians to get up in each others faces sometimes–like they do at your govt “discussions” and just yell and curse at each other…. I would be great and love it!! As for the american footballers compared with your footballers…. who makes more? And damned if I couldn’t be a baseball player missing catches in the outfield for 1 billion dollars a game–that is appalling. blah! diff blog.
    dan dan dan dan I came back again…

  • Amy

    Keith Uhlich ‏@keithuhlich
    OMG moment of the night: The two Daniels (Craig and Day-Lewis) huggin’ and kissin’. #nyfcc
    Keith Uhlich ‏@keithuhlich
    Weisz not? #nyfcc

  • Amy

    Anne will meet Daniel again.. after she had an embarrassing moment with him.. lol
    247papstv ‏@247PAPSTV
    National Board of Review Awards are tomorrow at Cipriani East 42 street there going to be a ton of celebrities so stay tuned for the list :)
    247papstv ‏@247PAPSTV
    Here is the list for the awards at Cipriani east 42 street Kathryn Bigelow ,Bradley Cooper Jessica Chastain Leonardo DiCaprio Ben Affleck
    247papstv ‏@247PAPSTV
    Cont Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig John Krasinski Rachel Weisz Anne Hathaway Amanda Seyfried Al Pacino James Gandolfini Emily Blunt more

  • Fio

    No wonder she’s smiling: Rachel Weisz affectionately looks at Daniel Craig as she picks up Best Actress at Critics Circle Awards
    As far as New Year’s go, it’s got to go down as one of the best starts for Rachel Weisz.
    Not only was she named Best Actress at the New York Critics Circle Awards but she had her very own James Bond proudly sitting next to her as she collected her trophy on Monday evening.
    The actress looked radiant at the bash at Crimson as she turned up for her big night in a stylish black kimono-style frock.

    She co-ordinated to perfection with the red embellishment on her dress by wearing scarlet heels with lashings of red lipstick and nail varnish.

    Rachel finished off her look by pulling her hair into an up ‘do while she carried a small black clutch.
    And it proved a wise choice to dress so stylishly as all eyes were soon on her as she walked on stage to be named Best Actress.

    The Mummy star was given the title for her turn in The Deep Blue Sea.
    And she was clearly ecstatic when she appeared on stage to address the crowd and thanked them for the title.
    But it wasn’t only the award that she had to smile about.

    Rachel also looked smitten as she had husband Daniel Craig in the audience watching as she claimed her prize.
    Once sat back in her seat she couldn’t take her eyes off him as she affectionately gave the suited and booted 007 star a tender smile.
    The pair enjoyed the dinner they were handed during the awards, while Daniel placed a protective and affectionate arm around Rachel’s chair as they unwound during the night.

  • Fio

    It means Daniel attends the Academy Awards! YAY!

    85th Oscars® To Feature Special Celebration of James Bond
    The 85th Academy Awards® will include a tribute to the James Bond movie franchise which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, the telecast’s producers announced today.

    “We are very happy to include a special sequence on our show saluting the Bond films on their 50th birthday,” said producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. “Starting with ‘Dr. No’ back in 1962, the 007 movies have become the longest-running motion picture franchise in history and a beloved global phenomenon.”

    The 85th Academy Awards nominations will be announced live on Thursday, January 10, 2013, at 5:30 a.m., PT in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

    Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2012 will be presented on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013, at the Dolby Theatre™ at Hollywood & Highland Center®, and televised live on the ABC Television Network. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries worldwide.

  • Fio

    Happy New Year to Guinness and Mendel! How was your holiday? :)Thanks for the tweets, Amy! The two Daniels… Aww sounds good!!

  • to FIO

    Why does it mean Daniel will attend the Academy Awards? It’s not confirmed in this article AT ALL.

  • Fio

    to to FIO
    Well, I think we will see Bond actors on stage together presenting the tribute. Sir. Roger? maybe…and I bet to see Daniel!
    Hopefully, Adele may perform the title track of Skyfall during a tribute to James Bond.

  • Amy

    FashionweekNYC ‏@FashionweekNYC
    Daniel Craig “Mr James Bond” At the @NBRFilm Gala #NBRGala

  • Amy

    ryan silbert ‏@ryansilbert
    Daniel Craig accepting #bond50 award at #nationalboardofreview awards 2013 iankh
    Ian Harnarine ‏@iankh
    Daniel Craig getting award for 50 years of Bond #NationalBoardOfReview

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “all I wrote was my feeling of getting Dan nekkid and making him tell us dirty jokes…ok. that’s a better picture. why can’ t i stay mad”

    You just can’t stay mad when you think of Dan in his birthday suit…who could? ;)

    “dan dan dan dan I came back again…”

    You better! *grin*

    to Fio

    “Happy New Year to Guinness and Mendel! How was your holiday?”

    Great, but I can’t believe it’s oveeeer! I could just have another holiday now…!!!

    BAFTA nominations:

  • Mendel
  • Mendel
  • Rie

    Still Skyfall is in third place in Japan! (since released in Dec.1 last year).
    And there was definitely something wrong with BAFTAs..
    I wanted love to see Skyfall nominated, Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director. Still there is no way I can accept this!!