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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Cabo San Lucas Holiday Vacation!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Cabo San Lucas Holiday Vacation!

LeAnn Rimes shows off her legs in a dress while heading on vacation with her husband Eddie Cibrian on Sunday (December 30) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Later in the day, the 30-year-old singer tweeted, “Cold and raining in Mexico…. Still having a good time!!!”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

The day before, LeAnn was seen donning a fedora while arriving at LAX Airport with Eddie and his sons Mason and Jake after a flight from Nashville, where she spent time with her parents.

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leann rimes & eddie cibrian cabo san lucas holiday vacation 02
leann rimes & eddie cibrian cabo san lucas holiday vacation 03
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leann rimes & eddie cibrian cabo san lucas holiday vacation 05

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  • LooseLipz

    She’s a mess.
    Team Brandi.

  • amanda

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  • Linds

    I’m in love with her shoes and handbag!

  • Oceane

    Those evil eyes..

  • Linds

    SO jealous, it’s freezing cold here, wish I was there! It’s nice to see her so happy and healthy, I’d kill for her legs.

  • JeterLove

    Her holiday seems so much more awesome than mine, super jealous!

  • Lisa

    I like that she totes her own luggage, she could easily have someone tow it for her but is down to earth enough to do it herself.

  • Mackenzie

    Can I please have your closet? She’s always so classy and stylish and seems like a great Mom and friend. It’s lovely to see her so smiley!

  • Claire

    LA to Nashville to LA to Cabo —- sure beats my GMU to home and back to GMU, sigh.

  • betty

    I want her legs!!!!

  • Allison

    @betty: OMG, right?

  • Cabo

    The paparazzi stalk her like crazy, I feel sorry for her and her husband that they’re constantly being followed. It’s got to be hard to be the focus of so many people all the time. I wish her and her family happiness and love, God bless all!

  • JenniLyn

    Leann, don’t listen to the haters… there’s a reason they’re so unhappy and want to bully you. Stay happy and healthy, we love you!

  • JenniLyn

    These two make up the best looking couple I’ve ever seen, can you imagine what their kids are going to look like?

  • Kristen

    @LooseLipz: Who’s Brandi?

    She looks beautiful even after a long flight.

  • Country Girl

    I wish my legs were that toned!

  • The Studebaker Kid

    Wow! She makes walking look sexy!

  • nomorerimes

    Hot, hot, hot! Want some!!

  • Dude in the big city

    Hope she does a tour soon. Can’t wait to see LR in concert.

  • Annie

    All I can think of whenever she wears those platform wedges of hers is “clipetty clop clop NEIGH”. They look like hooves.

  • Kel

    Fake comments like this fake couple. They look so miserable for being soooo happy.

  • Mara

    Both of them have angry looks on their faces like they had a fight on the flight there.

  • Bo

    I don’t join in on the extreme bashing of LeAnn Rimes, but these fake positive, gushing comments are hilarious. There is some sort of campaign here on JJ that seems so blatant because she sure gets slammed everywhere else, but geez guys. it’s so obvious. Why not stick to her official fan site and the Spitfire Social Club were you can gush and be around like minded people. Most of the public aren’t exactly loving this couple at the moment and loading JJ’s threads with comments that kind of seem to be all from the same few people just cancels out any good you are trying to do. It isn’t going to help her sell records and doesn’t fool anyone. If anything, it makes her look worse and like she does pay people to post for her.

  • LOL

    So true Bo! I laugh every time I see a thread about LR on here, b/c any remark that isn’t a gushing and phony eventually get’s censored out by the thumbs down button. Funny how you don’t see that on most tabloid sites that mention her In fact, it’s just the opposite. Oh well, some people have a lot of time on their hands.

  • leigh

    Smile, Mr Rimes, it’s all being paid for by your worse half. wish they would stay in Cabo. Seems Mz Holly is on here making comments right and left. so obvious

  • LooseLipz


    Her husbands Ex! She’s just as cookoo.

  • serenityzhere

    I am sure later today all the truthful comments will have a -18 and be hidden on here. So rigged. It looks like to me Eddie is sticking pretty close to Liz. That’s probably why Leann looks so pouty. She is not the center of his world at the moment. Obviously these pics are not by her paid for paps as they look pretty miserable. Which is how they always look when not smiling for scheduled pap pictures. I just don’t understand why they appear more on gossip sites than any famous couple. Neither are famous right now in their careers. So weard. The only thing I have seen him do since they got together is travel and her too except for a few county fairs and casinos.

  • Paula

    I’m sure soon Leann will contact the paparazzi so that she can change into 6 different bikini’s in one day while sticks out her bolt on’s, and imagines she is Bo Derrick in a remake of the movie 10.

  • Paula

    Personally, I love Brandi, and she has a HUGE following on RHOBH. She doesn’t have a filter, but she is honest, real and direct. Better than you can say for the sneak who stalked her ex, until Brandi finally sent him packing.

  • Donna

    Kristen: It doesn’t take that long to fly from Southern California to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. All I notice is that she looks really p*ssed off.

  • @bo….#23

    Oh come on, there is a world of difference between some LeAnn fans obviously posting under different names gushing about her compared to what the Brandi fans do.

    Brandi fans could only be classed as BULLIES & TROLLS.

    I’m not a fan of any of them & had never heard of Brandi before as I don’t watch crappy reality shows. But I saw a picture of LeAnn on the Daily Mail site a few months ago.

    I was absoloutely horrified at how downright vicious & nasty the comments were about LeAnn. I understand now that she & Eddie had an affair 4 years ago, I remember reading about it at the time but wasn’t really interested.

    What I find really strange about these Brandi fans is that they don’t even know her, beyond scary.

    The way they stalk LeAnn & cyber bully her is just over the top, yes of course LeAnn & Eddie shouldn’t have had an affair but their certainly not the first or will be that last.

    The bullying of LeAnn is out of proportion, she didn’t murder anyone, just fell in love at the wrong time.

    I wonder what these trolls would feel like if it was them or a sister, mother or friend on the receiving end of such bullying.

  • Chris

    Ooohh Leann must be having a bad holiday, she’s posting all these fake posts about herself again. Liz looks smokin hot in the Cabo photos. Eddie is going to enjoy himself this vacation. Can’t wait to see Leann’s desperate attempts to get attention, but all eyes will be on Liz.

  • nomorerimes

    Nice that they brought Liz to babysit the kids–oh wait, the kids are with their mother. Guess that means Liz will have to take care of Eddie and I’m sure he won’t complain!!! Liz does look a thousand times hotter than LiaR and I am sure EC totally agrees! And LiaR doesn’t look too happy now, does she??!! HAHA!

    Enjoy yourself, LiaR–Eddie will and so will Liz! And once again–THANK YOU FOR YOUR XFACTOR APPEARANCE! What a wonderful gift you gave us and the whole world!

  • Paula

    Please, LeAnn had an affair with Brandi’s husband then moved to their neighborhood, and called all the time. Then when Brandi had enough, and he married LeAnn, she started calling Brandi’s kid’s her boy’s and began calling herself their bonus mom. She has good reason to feel the way she does about her.

  • Happy Happy

    Half these comments are generated from LeAnn. Guess what you psycho asshole – you can’t run Brandi Glanville. No matter how much money you have, how wicked evil you are YOU CANNOT RUN BRANDI. So a big

    BTW: your relationship with Eddie is doomed to failure. A deep emotional loving relationship with a severe narcissist has zero chance of survival.

  • Gwen

    Wow 2 staged photo-ops in just ONE day? Who didn’t see that one coming? Did you hear about Kim? Leann must be fuming right now. How dare Kim steal her limelight by annoucing that she is pregnant! Desperate times call for desperate measures. So be prepared for an over the top pr stunt from Leann. I hope we don’t see any vomit inducing makeout sessions. Leann and Eddie’s make out sessions are no differentt han Courtney and Doug’s. It’s gross.

    1) LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Cabo San Lucas Holiday Vacation!

    Actually it’s Leann, Eddie, AND Lizzy. Why are Leann’s mouthpieces acting like Lizzy isn’t even there? Did you hear the lie she told her fans to save face? So Lizzy is in Cabo with her and Eddie because they are celebrating Lizzy’s husband’s birthday? Lizzy’s husband must be 60 yo old by now because it seems they are always celebrating his birthday.

    2) Of course she is showing off her “long legs” in a dress, look what Lizzy is wearing.Lizzy has on short shorts that barely cover her lady parts. She is competing with Lizzy for Eddie’s attention. By the looks of it, Lizzy won. Is Lizzy wearing the same shorts we saw Leann wearing at the airport on Nov 30?

    3)”heading on vacation with her husband Eddie Cibrian on Sunday (December 30) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. ”

    Not only with her husband, but with Lizzy. Funny how Leann and all her mouthpieces keep saying that it’s just Eddie and Leann on this “romantic” trip when we can clearly see Lizzy standing right next to Eddie. It’s not like they don’t know who Lizzy is considering that JJ wrote an article about Leann and Lizzy’s lunch and spa date.

    4)”“Cold and raining in Mexico…. Still having a good time!!!”

    Which translates into we will be seeing staged beach bikini photo-ops in 3, 2, 1.

    5) “The day before, LeAnn was seen donning a fedora while arriving at LAX Airport with Eddie and his sons Mason and Jake after a flight from Nashville, where she spent time with her parents.”

    Seen? Come on. Those photos were taken by AKM-GSI, so it wasn’t that she was seen at the airport, she set it up.

    Now why might Leann be wearing a fedora? Because Lizzy likes to wear fedoras. Look at what Lizzy is wearing in the photo of them at the airport. You can always tell who Eddie is sleeping with by who Leann is SWF.

    So basically Leann went to Nashville to get money from her dad so that she can take Eddie, Lizzy, and his friends on another vacation.

    6) So Eddie allowed Leann to exploit his kids at LAX on Sat just so that he , Lizzy, and his friends can go to Cabo on Leann’s dad’s expense!

    7) Eddie and Leann look like they have been arguing. She can’t say that it’s jet lag because Lizzy looks just fine and according to both GG and DM, Leann and Eddie looked just fine the night before. Considering that all of Leann’s mouthpieces are going out of their way acting like Lizzy isn’t even present, their fight was about Lizzy.

    8) Leann told her fans she wore the same clothes for 3 days in Nashville. Well now we know why Eddie is always looking like he smells something bad when he stands next to Leann.

  • Gwen

    Someone is doing some major astroturfing(see posts 3-19 and 31), which makes me think that Leann is having some major issues with her album and singles release. Since her singles are such a huge flop, why is she trying to make 2 videos for them? That’s Leann’s problem, she just can’t admit when she is wrong.

    What is so hilarious about the Astroturfing posts 3-19 & 31? The fact that Leann wasn’t included on JJ 50 Most Popular Celebs of 2012 list and none of Leann’s posts/threads were included on JJ 50 Most Popular Posts lists. Which means that JJ just indirectly told everyone that these people writing nice comments in support of Leann are FAKE, just someone is using 10-15 different names and manipulating the voting the system!.

    Based on what the Leann fan did in this thread, 2013 isn’t going to be a good year for Leann at all. Why is she parading around at airports and the beach after what she did to Carly? Because no matter what she does, she knows that certain media outlets are going to reward her.

    @Cabo: This is the exact same post you made as HOLLY! So CABO=HOLLY! The paps aren’t stalking Leann, she is telling them where they can find her. If the paps were stalking Leann then they would have gotten photos of her arriving and leaving rehab. So how are the paps able to find Leann at airports and hotels, but couldn’t find her when she was in “rehab”? Leann admited on Chelsea that she and Eddie set up staged photo-ops.

    I see that you are going all out for this “Leann has fans” campaign, using the names of betty, NMRR, from people’s twitter accounts, and even people from Celebrity B! You made a ton of posts in my name in the previous thread, so I know that there is some major negative story that Leann is trying to fight from coming out.

  • Bo

    I just tried to vote positively for a couple of posts and it instead voted them down. I”d reckon to guess that something is afoul on JJ. Nice Jared. Is Leannie slipping you some extra cash or something?

  • Happy Happy

    Bo, I just tried to vote positively for your post above and it voted it down, as you said. Leann has always been a loser, always will be a loser and everyone finally gets to see it.

  • Gwen


    Says the person who used 13 different names to make posts 3-19!

    Seriously how many times have we seen you write this post about how Brandi fans are the bullies and that Leann is getting unfairly picked on for falling in love? In this thread alone you have used 2 people’s names from this site, 1 person’s name from CB, and several of the BBs twitter account names to make posts. In the previous thread you made ovee 15 posts in my name. And yet you want to insist that it’s the Brandi fans who are the bullies?

    Considering all the astroturfing that you have been doing in 7 threads now and the fact that you are abusing the voting system, it’s you who is the troll.

    You are a fan of Leann’s, hence why you are trying to make it look like all the backlash is coming from people who support Brandi. Look at what happened when Leann did what she did to Carly, you can’t keep insisting that all this dislike is coming from Brandi’s fans.

    Seriously you never heard of Brandi before? Stop lying. We know that you watch Reality tv shows, you make that very evident when you stalk and harass Brandi on twitter.

    And yet you are not absolutely horrified by the downright vicious and nasty comments that Leann’s fans make about Brandi. If Leann doesn’t like the negative feedback she gets, then she needs to stop the staged photo-ops. If you weren’t interested, then you wouldn’t be here astroturfing like crazy and trying to convince people that all this backlash is Brandi’s fault.

    That’s odd because you don’t know Leann and yet here you are defending her. You don’t know Brandi yet look what you are writing about her. So then by your logic that makes you scary. The way YOU stalk Brandi & cyber bully her is just over the top.

    First off all, no one is bullying Leann. People are commenting on HER ACTIONS. Since this is the same comment you have made several times on People mag why did you lie and say you are not a Leann fan?

    What about Leann says that she fell in love? She fell in lust with a man she admits didn’t even want to leave his wife.

    Seriously? You are upset because people don’t have sympathy for Leann? Why would anyone feel sympathy for Leann when she isn’t willing to show any compassion or do the right thing? She taunts Brandi with her own kids, makes album and singles bragging about her affair, and keeps trying to tell us that her marriage to Eddie is sunshine and rainbows.

    It sounds like you are anticipating the backlash Leann is going to get for setting up these staged photo-ops in Cabo.

  • serenityzhere

    How freakin weard! Every time I try to add a thumbs up to a negative response it adds a thumbs down. Never seen that anywhere before. This is getting pretty ridiculous. This site is going to lose his viewers if that doesn’t change. I am glad she made her money at a young age cause she sure isn’t going to make much more.

  • serenityzhere

    Really weard now. It is adding 2 to 4 thumbs down every time I push thumbs up to negative response. This site is a joke.

  • Gwen

    Check out the passive aggressive conversation Leann is having with one of her fans. BTW, why is Leann even tweeting when she is on VACATION? Where are Lizzy and Eddie when she is tweeting? Struggling?

    comment from one of Leann’s fans: “@leannrimes finds the things the WWW (#wickedwitchofthewest) and her cronies says about you. No one deserves those kinds of words. ”

    Considering tha Leann told Extra and Leno that it’s Brandi, what should have been Leann’s response? She should have ignored the comment. So she tweets the fan back saying that she doesn’t pay attention!

    Does anyoneelse find it funny how she keeps retweeting the positve commentsabout “Borrowed” because she isn’t paying attention to what people are saying about “Borrowed” being ranked on the Itunes charts?

  • Bo

    @@bo….#23: LeAnn’s staff and fans bullied Brandi horribly from the beginning of this whole debacle. LeAnn lol’d and went along with all of it. The tide has turned. Am I supposed to think of LeAnn as my sister and Brandi as my enemy? Did those who insulted, stalked, harassed and were terribly cruel to Brandi take the time to think of what they would feel of Brandi was their Mother, Sister or friend? A woman who got cheated on and then insulted and harrased? No. Did Brandi buy trips and gifts to thank people for calling LeAnn out? No. As always, it’s all about LeAnn as the victim and everyone else as the perpetrator. I used to think people were way over the top in their assessments of LeAnn and her supporters, as being bullies and villains in this whole mess but I’ve changed my mind. That fact that this site is obviously interfering with the thumbs up or down voting just cements it more for me. Everywhere else on the web, comments about her are 95 percent negative or expressing disinterest. If she’s as beloved and popular as the comments here would indicate, you’d think her new music would be performing a lot better than it did and her last offering would have been a hit, which it wasn’t. Record sales tell a lot about an artist’s popularity and they are loudly proclaiming that the public aren’t buying what Ms. Rimes is selling anymore. Now get busy posting multiple replies to my post, under multiple names and get to voting my post down before anyone can read it an agree.

  • Bo

    How hilarious. Are you sitting at your computer frantically giving me a thumbs down over and over? Thanks for the laugh and have a Happy New Year. BTW, minions are expendable.

  • nomorerimes

    I know what you people are saying about the votes being tampered with! I had the same thing happen to me on another LiaR article. I voted positive on one post and it increased the negative side by 5 votes. Maybe a glitch or maybe JJ likes LiaR way too much!

    It doesn’t matter to me if my comments get hidden because anytime I see a hidden comment, I always open it up anyway to see what it says. Anyone with any common sense will be able to see what LiaR’s paid puppets are doing with the votes and disregard them.

    Thank you again, LR, for the great Christmas present you gave us all–your appearance on the XFACTOR will always be treasured and remembered by the whole world!!! HAHA!

  • suz

    Splitsville ……. ya think…..? They just look really unhappy.

  • Jo

    It’s a lot of work to keep logging on and off and hitting the down button until all the messages are deleted, Must be boring when your life revolves around Leann Rimes.

  • @bo…..#44

    It’s not me red arrowing your comment.

    I replied to you as I hate to see the bullying of anyone.

    As I said in my post I’m not a fan of any of them, had never heard of Brandi before and only know about all this after reading the comments on the Daily Mail site after deciding to click on a pic of LeAnn.

    That’s when I realized she was being bullied.

    If what you is true about Brandi being bullied then I think that is just as bad.

    Again I don’t know what has been going on between them over the last few years as I’ve never clicked on an article about either of them until a few months ago.

    The same thing is happening to Miranda Kerr, her comment page has been hijacked by obsessed Orlando Bloom fans and Adriana Lima fans.
    They do it by creating multiple user accounts so their then able to green arrow nasty comments about her & red arrow the positive comments.

    In Miranda’s case it’s all because of simple jealousy, the obseessed Orlando fans hate her because she’s happily married to him & they have a gorgeous son.

    The Adriana fans are also jealous because they think Miranda now gets more attention in the press than Adriana so they take it out on Miranda. It’s all very childish and ridiculous.

    I don’t anyone think ANYONE should be able to manipulate a comment page about any celebrity.

    JJ could put a stop to it if there were enough complaints.

    If it keeps going like this it will end up with all comments being hidden because of both sides creating multiple accounts, just really stupid.

  • nomorerimes

    @@bo…..#44: The supposed bullying of LR is nothing compared to the bullying and insulting twitter messages sent to Brandi. And she is not the one who messed around with a married father–LR did that. Brandi got tired of the cheating and threw Eddie out so the only place he had to go was to LiaR! But LiaR isn’t happy and content with her won husband–she still harasses (via her paid puppets and her snide backdoor remarks) and copies Brandi all the time. Go to Google and read all about the homewrecker–LR. The ones who support Brandi just got tired of her being the one being bullied and decided to stick up for her. Just read all about LeAnn Rimes and see what she has been like her whole life. Not a pretty story and certainly not one to be proud of.