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Nicole Kidman: Happy New Year from Sydney!

Nicole Kidman: Happy New Year from Sydney!

Nicole Kidman flashes a smile while celebrating the new year with fireworks on Monday (December 31) in Sydney, Australia.

The 45-year-old Australian actress wrote on her Facebook, “Happy New Year love from Sydney. -Nic xx.”

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Nicole also posted a video of her 2013 New Years celebration. Check out the video below!

The day before Christmas, Nicole was spotted with her husband Keith Urban while taking a stroll with their two daughters Sunday and Faith at a park in Sydney.

Bigger pic inside…

Nicole – New Years Celebration

Just Jared on Facebook
nicole kidman happy new year from sydney 01

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  • Dieter

    Best butt ever in mankind history !!!

  • Tim Gunn

    Lovely lady.

  • Avery4

    She sure looks so much happier since she married Keith Urban.

  • lace

    Happy New Year to you, too Nicole and your family………… nice to hear from you!!!!

  • Moh123

    She is so lovely

  • http://yahoo maynard

    I think that Nicole and Keith may have been taking snapshots of each other during the firework celebration. One of the other news outlets has a shot of him in the same area taken at the same time. They both look relaxed and happy.

  • plain truth

    You can definitely hear Keith in the background. Sydney has the best fireworks for New Years.

    Happy New Year to Nicole and her family. 2013 is going to be great for them.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    happy new year to you nicole you’re an amazing person

  • jamison s

    Aww, Nicole looks so pretty. Happy new Year friends :)

  • kelia

    More photoshopped photos of the two of them at the same place at the same time. LOL.

  • ^^^ New Name Same Whackjob


  • Louise

    JJ, why didn’t you print the picture of Keith Urban taken at the same time. The man is gorgeous; and he has a nice butt also!!



    So then how do you explain hearing both Keith and Nicole’s voices in the vid; they just happened to have a sound engineer nearby to cut in both voices?

    Fabulous view from their penthouse!


    Loved seeing the fireworks over the Quay.

    Thanks to the Urbans, quite a fabulous vantage point they have on their balcony

    I adore Sydney to much !.

  • kary

    I love the video she shared on her fb page… I’m sure Keith took her picture and she took his… the cutest couple ever… Now I want to be in Sydney for the next New Year… what an awesome fireworks on there!!!



    Apparently at 6 million bucks, it was the most expensive in the world. Sydney fireworks are always awesome; esp on its 2 hundred year anniversary; the Harbour Bridge rained gold!

    I am a little surprised that the fiercely “private” Urbans allowed the world at large into their home and private lives.

  • http://Comcast Teri

    @ Anonymouse, I mean Frozoid and the other names she uses. Keith and Nicole are a beautiful, happy couple with two beautiful daughters. Just a fascinating, talented couple.

  • kary

    @ANONYMOUSE: OMG that is not of your business… I’m so happy they shared the pics… I’m sure they want show to the world how awesome Sydney is in New Year Eve… and of course they sharing with their fans their happiness… I don’t know what is wrong with that.

  • plain truth

    It”s wrong because they did it. It’s wrong when they don’t because it means they are covering something up.

    The thing is it’s all a coverup based in jealousy. They complain that Keith goes to Hollywood events because they want to be there. They complain their daughters travel too much because the reality is the girls have already see more of the world than they ever will and they’re pi$$ed. They want to be on Keith’s arm and have a certain lifestyle without any of the talent, passion, or effort this couple puts into their home and careers.

    And the skeptics have the nerve to call Keith lazy…

  • ….

    The 45-year-OLD Australian actress wrote (campaigned) on her Facebook, “Happy New Year (Oscar Voting Members) love from Sydney. -Nic xx.” Nicole also posted (for even more PR exposure) a video of her 2013 New Years (staged) celebration.

  • ^^^ New Name Same Whackjob

    Because a facebook message will get you an Oscar.

    Whar a dumba55 you are!

  • Lulu

    Keith’s picture is also very nice !!!!!

  • ….

    Hey ‘whar’ Whackjob, if you are going to dish it out, at least get the spelling right dumba55.

  • JJ

    Kidman has witnessed the Sydney NYE fireworks on numerous occassions but this (Oscar) year, she decides to publicise the event. Cunning Kidman, very cunning.

  • Billy

    Kidman, November 2008 … Three years ago I had a wonderful (plummeting) career. I was getting (chasing) movie offers. I had an (undeserved) Oscar. I had beautiful children (who I never saw). But there was something missing (nobody wanted to see my movies), I wasn’t loved (getting enough exposure)! A man (victim) came along and (I) said, “Let me take (order) you to Sydney” (for an Oscar campaign holiday photo op). There he (ME) said, “You deserve to be (contractually photographed) loved. Let me (contractually photograph) love you.” And I did. So thank (screw) you Keith …

  • ^^^Multiple NamesSame Whackjob


  • ^^^ Whackjob can’t spell

    Haha :)

  • Josh

    @….: Oh yeah, everybody knows that all you have to do to get an Oscar nomination is post a picture of yourself on Facebook (with fireworks).
    But then, how did Nicole get a nomination for “Rabbit Hole” in 2011? And SAG and Golden Globes nominations for “The Paperboy” and “Hemingway and Gellhorn” in 2012?
    I’m sure the pathetic, desperate Keith Urban fan/Kidman hater known here as “Billy” or “…” or “JJ” will find another very logical and very intelligent explanation for those.

  • Mia

    Happy New Year to Nicole and Keith and family and to the whole world !

    Peace & Love to the world.

  • JJ

    ‘Josh’ aka ‘Orwell’ and your numerous other identities. NOBODY has any idea how Kidman managed to get a nomination for ‘Rabbit Hole’. She was OK in it but Aaron Eckhart was so much better. As to how and why she was nominated for The Paperboy etc. Well, that is truly mystifying.



    who said they weren’t?

  • Josh

    @JJ: Funny. Didn’t you say elsewhere that didn’t watch Kidman’s movies and did everything you could to avoid them?

    People who actually saw “Rabbit Hole” know how she managed to get an Oscar nom. She gave a great performance. For this performance, she also got a Golden Globe nom, a Screen Actors Guild awards nom, a Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards nom, a Critics Choice Award nom, a Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards nom, an Independent Spirit Awards nom, a Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards nom, an Online Film Critics Society Awards nom, a Satellite Awards nom and a Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards nom…

    And Ty Burr from the Boston Globe disagrees with you (he has actually seen the movie) :
    “Eckhart works close to the top of his range here — Howie is a guy’s guy ill-equipped to fight something he can’t see — but Kidman simply goes above and beyond. This is a subtle, bone-deep performance, attuned to impatience and rage, gallows humor and the eeriest sort of quiet. “Rabbit Hole’’ is a personal project for Kidman — she produced the film after falling in love with the play — and it seems to have revived the quickness in her. That ice-blue gaze has found its focus again, and it looks deep into the one thing none of us want to face.”

  • kary

    Yeah right… HEY actors everywhere if you post a picture with fireworks on facebook you can get an Oscar nomination… This haters are sick… Kidman is one of the best actresses right now… she is almost the only actress who likes take chances on her roles. You never see her doing the same character… all of them are different by far. That’s why she got nominations on every award. Her Oscar was well deserved, she did an amazing job in The Hours. guys we are starting a new year, maybe you can start to live you own life. instead reading every single article online about Nicole just to insult her.

  • plain truth

    Another uneducated skeptic. The Academy often likes to nominate women but not their male co-stars from the same movie.

    JJ doesn’t really believe Eckhart was better. She’s just using it against Nicole because it’s there to twist for her own agenda.

  • JJ

    ‘Josh’ and your posse of dementors, you accuse me of being people I am not. I have seen ‘Rabbit Hole’ and while I enjoyed the movie, the ‘plain truth’ is that Eckhart should have got the nomination, not Kidman …. and ‘kary’, here’s the dilemma. If you are going to take chances and play vastly different characters, you need to have the talent to pull it off. Kidman just does not have the emotional range required to do the job convincingly and that is why the public do not want to see her in movies.

  • NotBuyingItInNashville

    The Ashamed Parents. Poor Faith.

  • @JJ

    You have a right to your opinion. Obviously not many critics, directors, and serious movie fans agree with you.

  • Haley

    There were lovely pictures of Faith in Australia in the park and on a farm with Nicole and Keith and Sunday. She has curly hair and looks like an angel. Adorable little girl.

  • Not Buying The Cesspool

    You’re a liar and a sick twisted wretch of a human being. Hope you can live with yourself.

  • kelia

    For the record, my comment about the photoshopped pictures…. I know they weren’t photoshopped, I was referring to the posts that would be made by the posters who would be claiming they were photoshopped.

    I’m sure they had a lovely time in Sydney TOGETHER—, them and their beautiful little girls. BTW, whoever started that “ashamed parents”ridiculousness is just cruel and delusional. .

  • Em

    If the ‘Ashamed Parents’ blind is in fact accurate and true, then Nicole Kidman is truly a sick, twisted wretch of a human being.

  • Jordyn

    The skeptics are notorious for sending their made-up stories to anyone who will post them. The “Ashamed Parents” is a figment of their twisted
    and malicious campaign to smear the Urbans. Surprised that anyone believes that garbage.

  • Not Buying The Cesspool

    Yeah, its Dlisted trash, the sewer of the internet. The blog owner has been outed as a fraud. No one believes that site, it’s a hangout for losers.

    Kelia, don’t worry, we got you. Every photo is altered according to these goons along with Nicole faking filming of the new Grace biopic. Only colossal idiots would say that when it’s been covered extensively by the European media.

  • TotallyBelievingItInNashville

    Poor Faith … and how long before Nicole casts a critical eye over her other daughter and decides Sunday’s features do not meet her ideals of beauty. What then?

  • kary

    @JJ: yeah that’s your opinion but I think the academy members disagree with you

  • TC

    URGENT Memo

    To: Keith Urban
    Re: Your Mentally Unstable Wife

    Time to ditch the marriage contract Keith … grab your girls and RUN !!

  • Not Buying The Cesspool

    His daughters? I thought they were bought and paid for by evil Nicole!

    Every lie the skeptics have started is being reposted. Too many nominations over the past month for this couple and a happy Christmas really put the mental ward in a tizzy.

  • TC

    Oh, so they’re not his daughters … that’s news to me. Funnily enough, if you had said the girls were not Nicole’s biological children, then I would have believed you.

  • Not Buying The Cesspool

    No they aren’t according to you and the other skeptics. It must be hard to keep all your lies straight.

  • TC

    ^^^ Cesspool, it’s time to go and have a lie down because you’re not making any sense.