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Paparazzo Chasing Justin Bieber's Car Struck & Killed By Oncoming Car

Paparazzo Chasing Justin Bieber's Car Struck & Killed By Oncoming Car

A paparazzo was struck and killed by a car while attempting to take pictures of Justin Bieber‘s Ferrari, according to TMZ.

The 18-year-old singer’s car was pulled over near the Getty Center in Los Angeles for routine traffic stop on Sepulveda Blvd when a paparazzo who had been chasing the car got out of his/her vehicle to snap pics.

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Police told the photog to move back as the situation was unsafe and soon after the photog was struck by an oncoming car and killed.

“While I was not present nor directly involved with this tragic accident, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim,” Justin said in a statement.

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Aik Arshamian; Photos: Getty, INFdaily
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  • Answer

    @Toni: Toni, there being quite a few changes in the field of this business, not enough to please the civilians, but order is already in place and strong rules between the paps are being in effect, reason why many left the business. Sometimes things gets out of hand when you have 5 old school guys with 50K in photo gear to take a photo without being spotted and two dozen of douche bags with a best buy camera and a flashes shows up ready to scare children and the celebrity by snapping pictures 5 feet away from them. But things are changing slow and yes, we all pray for the law to be in place so we can go back in the days that we take the pictures without leaving our cars making the real candid moment, not disrupting civilians, not breaking laws and more important, not putting nobodies life in danger. Those folks with flash, blame one Photo Agency: X17! the owner that has pushed a bunch of illegal aliens how not to do the job right. a bunch of paps has being deported already and many to go as the old ones are really tired of the reality at the moment. We do not expected to be loved and we don’t care because people will always hate us, but they will buy People Magazine every week (work of hypocrites , but we expect to go under the radar as we always did. For those who hate us. We don’t care at all. We work in the mud, but we party in the clouds, we make 500K + a year the good ones. We rule the economy of this country. We are part of the 1% of the population that makes this kind of money, but need to be tuned up, so we can make it right and keep our jobs the way it was. The new generation screw us up a lot when we are very far away trying to get shot (Legally at the beach for example) and one idiot comes 10 feet close to the celebrity. We don’t make out day worth, our gear server to nothing in those cases as we use photo lenses that can reach a mile radius. But in a period of two years this will be over with, because the new ones we are kicking them out of the scene. They don’t make money and they are going to work in some other jobs. Our intention is never to pissed off anyone in their daily walking. But just make headlines and news. For everybody to read by the pool at Ritz Carlton or at Strabucks. Meantime, we can drive our Aston Martins in our day off and enjoy our mansions with hard earned money. Without us, celebs wouldn’t have enough exposure to get high pay to their movies. We all need each other. I hope order takes place and accidents like this serve as an example for everybody to realize that something is wrong with the ethics of this job. And for those who doesn’t like us. Get out of this blog: You don’t belong here! Go watch CNN! Best serve you!

  • Tara

    Some people (mostly girls) want to make of Justin a princess. I think that’s ridiculous. He’s a boy.

  • Answer

    @Paparazzi = douche bags: Yes: you: poor soul, like gossip and hate paps, probably are on xanax or klonapin because your life is too boring, live of unemployed checks payed by us. Had no education. The last photo agency sold in this business was acquired by Bill Gates for only 60 Millions dollars. We boost the economy. You: show your face: what you do for a living? Besides complaining in a gossip blog and telling you hate paps. No paps, no gossip. We are here the fulfill your empty soul and just to plain entertain you. Besides, for every click in this site, the owner gets money from Google and he will pay us for the pictures. Keep making us rich people with hi-end pay by posting your hate in here. We all love it!!!!!!!! For real! You probably sign up for disability and does nothing for a living. Go work. Our country is in deep crisis for crist sake. I am at the moment putting my pictures out as I did work today and I am very proud of it. You probably went back from Vegas and are waking up in a few minutes to commute with traffic to your daily job if you have one. We don’t do that. We cruise with music around town as tourists and we go back home with thousands of dollars worth in pictures inside our cameras. Most os us has degrees FYI, but attorneys don’t get paid as much we do, so we decide to switch business, for the good sake of our families, at the end of the day, we are normal people. It’s so ignorant to judge one group by the attitudes of a few….But that is part of the freedom we enjoy in America. You have your opinion, I have mine, and as long cash is flowing into my checking account and I am doing my job without bothering people, I can say: F you and what you think. If you’re here, you browse pictures and probably a big contributor of my “free gas” to cruise around town. Thanks for your support!

  • Jaime

    @Answer: I am not in the industry and know nothing about it, other than what I read. However, I believe that the majority of the photographers are like you – professionals who are simply doing their jobs. Given the volume of pictures taken and published, it’s clear that incidents such as these are the exception rather than the rule. NO ONE should be driving hazardously in the course of a job (or any time), whether they are a photographer trying to capture a picture or a business person running late to the office.

    As you pointed out, celebs need photographers – it places them in the public eye. And given the huge increase in the number of pictures we see whenever someone has a movie coming out, I suspect you guys are often contacted with “tips” on where someone can be found. ;)

  • Dave Franco

    This will never go way unless the govt steps in. Paps are crazy maniacs but they got a job to do. TMZ, Perez and this site feed the machine; this is a business to them.

  • No_kung_fu

    illuminati blood sacrifice?

  • MJ

    Marc Jacobs has been torturing a young a girl for 5 years and stealing her fashion designs, he is obsessed with her and he copies everything she does… read the details and see the photos in this article:

  • Luke

    I don’t really care. Paparazzi’ are bad people, they stalked and drove to madness sweet people like Britney Spears and kinda killed people like Princess Diana… so… whatever, he had it coming.


    It was Lil Twist..

  • trent

    unfortunatley untill people stop the crazy obsession over celebrities. some companies who own magazines or websites will still pay these guys to take pics of celebrities. according to the guys friend he wanted to be a paparazzi because it payed good money i heard some of this guys get payed from 500 dollars and more but i say its not worth to risk your life.

  • You’re right and wrong
  • urbigfatazz

    @Tim Gunn: you are an idiot and coward hiding behind ur computer with such savage like comments… get help you need it , seriously !

  • urbigfatazz

    @janey: @Tim Gunn: you are an idiot and coward hiding behind ur computer with such savage like comments… get help you need it , seriously !

  • urbigfatazz

    you are all mostly misinformed , all the photos you see here on just jared the photog gets paid about 4 dollars… thats it $ 4 …. you can make more money working at starbucks these days. tooo many paps, too many digital camers and too many websites who don’t pay !

  • nomi

    this is very shocking news of his fans