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Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe has responded to criticism from Adam Lambert on the actors in Les Miserables “pretending to be singers”.

When a fan sent the 48-year-old actor a tweet saying, “Not sure if you saw @adamlambert’s comments about Les Miserables. He was pretty opinionated,” Russell sent back a response.

“I don’t disagree with Adam, sure it could have been sweetened, [director Tom] Hooper wanted it raw and real, that’s how it is,” Russell wrote.

In case you missed it, read Adam‘s full opinion on the Les Miserables film.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Russell Crowe’s response to Adam Lambert?

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129 Responses to “Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion”

  1. 1
    Jennifer Says:

    Big fan of Adam, and I’m glad to see you posting Russel’s response, Jared :D I’m seeing the movie in a few days, but at least I’ll go into it knowing what to expect since I had such high expectations from the stage productions.

  2. 2
    NYC Says:

    Who cares what Adam Lambert thinks.
    He’s a self-appointed know it all.
    I love the way losers criticize hard work and genius.
    Get a life Adam Lambert. No one will know your name in a few years.

  3. 3
    Rachel Says:

    Glad Russell chimed in. Love that Adam feels free to give an opinion when he feels strongly about something, tho he’s the first to say that it’s HIS opinion and no one else needs to accept it. And YOU, NYC, are a jerk;;;;;;;;; just my opinion. HaHa Take it or leave it.

  4. 4
    Sam Says:


    The Press from all over the world (the US, the UK, Hong Kong, etc) have been reporting Adam Lambert’s ‘Les Mis’ opinions in the past few days. So, obviously, people care about what he thinks. Are you jealous of him?

  5. 5
    mlm Says:

    Suck on that all you haters!!!

  6. 6
    Sam Says:

    I have so much respect for Russell Crowe now. Thanks for this article, Just Jared!

  7. 7
    carma Says:

    I agree with both of them!! great film- but poor vocals. so nice that Russel Crow is as honest and as a gentleman as Adam. so nice to be able to just SHARE OPINIONS like adults.

  8. 8
    RedRoseQueen1 Says:

    Unlike a certain poster here, Mr.Crowe is a class act and admitted the reason for Lambert’s understandable complaints.(Lambert did, after all, lay the blame at the feet of the producers/directors) Have to admire a star who doesn’t take himself so seriously that he can’t take criticism. Lambert himself is very familiar, (more so than Crowe, I’d imagine) with being lambasted in the media. He shrugs it off and keeps going just as I’m sure Mr. Crowe does.Hat’s off to BOTH these gentlemen! Thanks Jared.

  9. 9
    TOI Says:

    Well, NYC, the difference between you and Russell Crowe is that Russell has class. I loathe the way losers like yourself come on these sites just to spew hate all the time. Adam Lambert has a great life and millions and millions of fans worldwide. What do you have?

  10. 10
    Michele Says:


    well you must care since you take the time to read and comment. hahahaha!!!!

    The “self appointed know-it-all” has lots of experience and knows the opera well, since he grew up with it and has many years of experience in musicals, plus vocal training and is a highly skilled vocalist, so … you don’t make any sense.

    Also, as stated by others, Adam’s tweets have been “reported” by at least 65 different forms of media, apparently there are LOTS of people interested in his opinion about a movie. LOL

    You must be a bitter idol fan whose idol hasn’t done so well. I don’t understand why people blame Adam because their idols can’t make it.

  11. 11
    Kristen Says:

    Which season of Idol did Lambert win? Oh yeah…

  12. 12
    Eriskay Cavan Says:

    The media has hyped this up so much knowing that the haters would react. Thank you Mr. Crowe for such a classy response. I’m a big fan of yours and Adam. Slainte!

  13. 13
    Eriskay Cavan Says:

    @Sam Definitely, Sam! Although they would never admit to it.

  14. 14
    Drinks Says:

    Nice respond.

  15. 15
    Jennifer Says:

    I’ve been seeing all these hate comments regarding Adam Lambert and all I have to say is I’m sorry your idol is not doing well career-wise, but why spew all this hate on Adam. You guys have been going from one news site to another spewing hate. It’s really sad so STFU and get a life and stop following Adam from one site to the next. Your ignorance is showing – big time.

  16. 16
    Sinc Says:

    Adam Lambert never “slammed” anyone. He was merely giving his opinion but the internet bloggers sensationalized it. He always is polite and respectful in giving his opinions. Also uses his Twitter account to send out accolades and promote other artists all the time. Not only is he a good guy but very talented. Had a Number 1 album in 2012, is touring globally and performed as frontman for Queen at 6 concerts this past summer. Thanks Russell for bringing the media back to its sanity. Thanks Jared for picking up on this.

  17. 17
    Issie Says:

    the difference between russell and adam…russell has class.

    i know everyone will say adam was just stating his opinion, but who the hell asked for it? he can barely sing himself. saying these actors were PRETENDING to be singers was not necessary to say

  18. 18
    Jakie Says:

    jared It’s great that you posted Russell’s response, but you were one of the first to start the avalanche of sensational headlines that slammed Lambert for slamming (which he did not do at all) — and then traveled around the world. Why can’t the media be more even-handed, like Russell!

  19. 19
    Amelia Says:

    Adam Lambert was simply expressing an opinion, and Russell Crowe is adult enough to respect his opinion. Refreshing.

  20. 20
    Jennifer Says:

    Mr. Crowe is a class act and a gentleman. And, as someone stated above, “suck that all you haters”!

  21. 21
    Rob Says:

    Very classy, Russell. He knows the truth and he’s not afraid to acknowledge it. Just like Adam isn’t afraid to be honest in his opinions. Refreshing, both of them.

  22. 22
    RedRoseQueen1 Says:

    According to MOST of the INTERNATIONAL community, Lambert “won” Naturally it may come as a surprise to you but while Allen was “declared” winner of Season 8 (much the same way GW Bush was “appointed” POTUS by the SCOTUS) Allen has had no success & subsequently was dropped from his label while Lambert continues to tour world-wide and fill venues and not his “living-room” Oh and there’s that pesky little matter of fronting the legendary Queen Band in 6 large venues in eastern Europe and the UK to RAVE reviews. The sparkle was off that worthless AI crown the moment the season ended but a true STAR was born in the person of Adam Lambert, sorry. ~SNAP!~

  23. 23
    Angel Says:

    Don’t fall for it, people. Crowe pretends to be gracious here, but in reality, he hates that his performance in LesMis has been generally negative. And “raw and real” worked for Jackman and Hathaway, but not for Crowe. Crowe was mediocre at best, but didnt pass muster.

  24. 24
    JustinCrowe Says:

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  25. 25
    RedRoseQueen1 Says:

    Your complete ignorance SHOULD annoy me but I’m feeling magnanimous, so I’m simply amused. Please proceed…..

  26. 26
    Ava Says:

    @Angel: yeah… russel crowe… :/ he wasn’t horrible but I felt like he had the same facial expression the whole time and was more focused on his singing. Someone commented that Joquian (sp?) Phoenix would’ve been better with that character but Crowe did the best he could, I guess.

  27. 27
    Sue Says:

    @Issie: You’re feeling free to express your opinion, yet Adam’s not allowed to? He was expressing it to his twitter feed, who do enjoy hearing his opinion, and do respect that opinion, knowing that it’s based in skill and experience. You have the right to the opinion that you don’t like his voice, though stating that ‘he can barely sing’ shows you don’t have a basic understanding of the vocal instrument. Adam does, and apparently so does Russell Crowe, who was very classy in his response.

  28. 28
    funbunn40 Says:

    @RedRoseQueen1: Well said. Adam was not at all malicious or specifically named Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman, main characters, just applauded Anne Hathawaysvocal ability. He respected all in the film’s acting ability and spoke positively about the production. He commented as a trained theatrical pro, very familiar with the opera.He also knows many talented vocalists that remain unknown because Hollywood depends on celebrities for box office draw. All of the actors in the film are talented and accomplished. Adam was only speaking of the quality of voice needed for an opera production, nothing more.Those in an uproar need to see the comments for what they were and not read anything more into it. Adam and Russell are class acts and get it. I love the play and will see the movie. I also agree with Adam’s trained opinion and believe he , like anyother has a right to express it. Those familiar with Adam know that he has a good heart and any criticismis meant to help, not hurt and comes from a good place. Thanks RedRose Queen1. You get it. and Thankyou Jared for posting Russell’s response in such a reasonable way.:)

  29. 29
    Pam Says:

    I saw Les Mis and loved the movie, in spite of problems with some of the singing. Even the critics/reviewers deducted points because of it. Adam Lambert’s an incredible singer, so of course the singing would be more important and noticeable to him. Adam’s a class act, giving due credit to great acting performances. Russell Crowe’s a class act, recognizing one: that he’s not a singer and two: that its okay to have an opinion.

  30. 30
    Mandy Says:

    Barely sing? He was hand-picked by the legendary band Queen to stand in for the world’s greatest rock vocalist Freddie Mercury. Do you really think they would risk their reputation on someone who couldn’t sing? And by the way, they got RAVE reviews and were voted top live act of 2012 by Gigwise. If he couldn’t sing, he wouldn’t have sold out concerts (he was 2nd top earning idol 2 years ago earning $6 million) and he would not be on a world tour now with venues as large as 20K.

  31. 31
    glitzylady Says:


    Adam Lambert gave his honest opinion just like so many others who have seen the movie have done, including those of professional reviewers/critics. Some have said the same things. It’s had mixed reviews. Some positives, some negatives. Mr. Lambert has many years of Musical Theater experience, extensive vocal training since the age of 10 (20 years worth for both), and most important here to this particular discussion, he has a right to express an opinion. I suspect he did not think it would be picked up by gossip and news programs/blogs worldwide. Who knew. He probably was wondering the same thing that you asked, to be honest. We all have that option of sharing our impressions of what we think of a certain subject. You yourself did just that in this comment section: you told us all what you think. So I may ask the same question of you that you just expressed here. Mr. Lambert also stated that he had grown up with the musical version of “Les Miserables”, as so many have, (I’ve personally seen it twice as a Broadway musical, with fabulous and well trained voices all around) and he had certain expectations with the vocal renditions, and as a consequence his ability to fully enjoy the movie was reduced at times. Thats all he was saying. It makes sense that he would be disappointed, given his field of work and vocal training. He was not criticizing the actors themselves, only some of the casting choices in regards to singing competence, in his opinion. You stated your unsolicited opinion that Adam “can barely sing himself”. I and many other experts in the field of music beg to differ with you on that. But I do subscribe to the American concept of free speech, so opine away. I suggest you permit Adam Lambert to have an opinion as well. Russell Crowe is indeed a classy and honest man, as is evidenced by his tweet regarding Adam Lambert’s comments, which he said he actually agreed with, and is also a very fine actor…Adam is also a classy, generous, honest, and humble man, with a fabulous singing voice. Here is one tweet from Adam that is not generally included in the reports about his tweets: He also stated: ” ‏@adamlambert I’m so glad we are all discussing this now! Look-I grew up w this musical and so my expectations are quite high. Didn’t mean to b negative.” It all in the expectations. His were not met. And he did say many positive things as well. And in the whole scheme of things, its not that deep. : ))

  32. 32
    waffles Says:

    Crowe’s performance was pure genius and perfectly reflected the character he was portraying, a flawed character but one who has the strength of his convictions. The entire casting for this movie was outstanding. No film has ever moved me as much as this one did.
    Who’s Adam Lambert anyway? Never heard of him.

  33. 33
    Lea Says:

    @Sam: I’m not American, and let me clarify you that no one outside the U.S. knows who Adam Lambert is.

  34. 34
    Mandy Says:

    @Lea: That’s funny because he had a 99% sold out world tour right after Idol of more than 110 venues (first Idol to do so on first album) and he is touring now in Asia, Russia, and Europe with venues as large as 20K. He has gold and/or platinum certifications in many countries including US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, Germany, and Denmark. He just fronted Queen for 6 concerts and got rave reviews, even voted top live act of 2012 by Gigwise. Just had a concert in South Africa with 16K attendance. What country do you live in? He has fan clubs all around the world.

  35. 35
    Sue Says:

    @Lea: Actually he’s got a large following outside the U.S. He just put on a NYE performance at a luxury resort in Bali,and is currently in Viet Nam for a performance. He fronted for Queen this past summer, and will be performing in Finland, Russia, and China, among other locations this spring.
    He commented on his Twitter feed, he didn’t demand an interview to state his opinions. He has no control over the fact that more than 65 media outlets picked up his comments all over the globe. Obviously, someone thinks what he says matters, or this wouldn’t have happened.

  36. 36
    Mandy Says:

    @waffles: You must not get out much. What country do you live in? He was hand-picked by the legendary band Queen to stand in for the world’s greatest rock vocalist Freddie Mercury. He got rave reviews and was voted top live act of 2012 by Gigwise. Have you heard of Queen and Freddie Mercury? He also has a successful career of his own, selling over 2 million albums and over 5 million singles world-wide in just a couple of years. He was the 2nd highest earning idol the year he did his world-wide tour earning $6 million.

  37. 37
    an opinion Says:

    Movie star Russell Crowe and probably most people going to see the movie could care less what a loser from American Idol thinks.

  38. 38
    Mandy Says:

    @an opinion: The actual winner sold less than half of what Adam sold and was dropped from his label. Meanwhile, Adam just toured with the legendary band Queen and is now touring on his own in Asia, Russia, and Europe. Earned $6 million on his last world tour. Not too shabby for a “loser”. Do you make that much money?

  39. 39
    an opinion Says:

    Sue @ 01/02/2013 at 12:50 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    @Lea: Actually he’s got a large following outside the U.S.
    —So does David Hasselhoff. But does not mean he is now an expert in doing musical films.

  40. 40
    Mandy Says:

    So funny when people are claiming that Adam is not successful when he was the second highest earning idol in 2011 earning $6 million. He probably makes more than any of the people here making the ignorant comments. And to be fronting the legendary band Queen in place of the world’s greatest rock vocalist, Freddie Mercury, for 6 shows, including one with a 250K audience. That trumps anything that any reality show singing contestant has ever done. He probably got paid a lot for that too.

  41. 41
    Mandy Says:

    @an opinion: @an opinion:
    There were so many reviews by critics that the singing was bad. So what credentials do they have to judge singing? At least Adam has been singing in musicals since age 10, was classically trained, and sang in Wicked, Hair, and The Ten Commandments. Russell Crowe (as well as a lot of movie critics) already agrees with Adam, what more do you want?

  42. 42
    cristy everywhere Says:

    Adam’s comments were taken out of contest. Russel Crowe gets it. They are both gentlemen. Love Adam, and now, I love Crowe too.

  43. 43
    Kelly Says:

    Just my opinion, but I didn’t think what Adam Lambert said was that bad. He wasn’t cruel or demeaning in his comments; he just stated his professional opinion. And Russell Crowe responded with grace.

  44. 44
    cristy everywhere Says:

    I meant context… ☺

  45. 45
    mlm Says:

    @an opinion: Actually David Hasselhoff is popular in Germany. Adam is popular in Asia, Finland, NZ, Russia, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Canada and the list goes on. You don’t like him so you think the world doesn’t either. Well your wrong!!

  46. 46
    Mandy Says:

    @an opinion: If that is true then why are there so many comments on the 65+ articles on what he tweeted to his followers? Last I heard, one site had over 8K comments. Obviously they do care.

  47. 47
    BS Says:

    @NYC: suppose you feel that way about Crowe as well…. he knows it all too!! LOL!!!!

  48. 48
    BS Says:

    So awesome Adam expresses his opinion and Russell too with knowledge and intelligence , take that nutjob haters… pleasing the peasants….

  49. 49
    Amanda Says:

    I saw Les Miserable for the first time on stage in London, December 1986 and fell in love with the show. I have seen dozens of productions and have been waiting patiently since 1986 for it to be made in to a movie and I was not disappointed. I loved the movie and cried many times. I thought the cast was wonderful and even Russell Crowe was o.k. (although he did have the weakest singing voice). I also bought the movie soundtrack but for some reason I just can’t get into it. I much prefer hearing the original London soundtrack because they are actually singing on it and as a fan of the music, that is what I want to hear. The film is a much more intimate interpretation of the songs and when Hugh, Anne and the others “sing” their songs, it is with so much emotion that the singing becomes secondary which is what the director wanted to portray by having them sing live and with this film I think that it did pay off.

  50. 50
    WT Says:

    Lambert WHO?

  51. 51
    Bren Says:

    @Issie: omg are you for real? Queen picked him to tour Europe with them, Adam is rated at #2 all time male rock vocalist…. you don’t know anything about music if you think he can’t sing… you are looking very foolish.. omg….

  52. 52
    Mandy Says:

    @WT: You know, the one that you sought out when you clicked on this article to read it. He’s the one that has the honor of being Queen’s last front man, the one they hand-picked to go on tour with them to fill in for the world’s greatest rock vocalist, Freddie Mercury. I believe the only other one they went on tour with was Paul Rodgers. Pretty elite club.

  53. 53
    Mandy Says:

    @Kristen: You must be a Kris Allen fan. In case you didn’t know, he sold less than half what Adam sold, couldn’t sell out venues of 500, and got dropped from his label. Most people internationally think Adam won since he was way more popular. In fact, I even see him called the winner in US articles, entertainment sites in fact.

  54. 54
    Linda Says:

    Russell Crowe just cannot sing. This movie proved it. He needs to stop making excuses for it like blaming the director.

  55. 55
    Linda Says:

    Love all the uber Russell Crowe fans here rushing to Crowe’s defense!LOL!!!

  56. 56
    creed Says:

    That is so true!! A recording Studio can make anyone sound good, plus I love that Russell did NOT sensationalize Adams opinion

  57. 57
    Gemini Says:

    I loved “Les Miserable” but I also understand Adam’s critique. What I don’t understand is how people are taking his words and making it a bigger deal than it is. The man had an opinion and voiced it to his million+ followers on Twitter, so what? Isn’t that why people including celebrities have Twitter accounts? Why take what he says about a movie so personally that you have to be insulting by throwing homophobic slurs at him and saying he is jealous or not qualified to judge someone’s singing? He has the right to share his opinion on his own Twitter account and he is a trained singer, whether or not you like his voice. The man has sung on stage in musicals, small clubs, cruise ships, huge arenas, television shows and albums. He has made a living as a singer and has many friends who are also in the music community, too. The man lives and breathes music and he is also a big fan of “Les Miserable” so he felt a little let down. I have felt let down by many film versions of my favorite musicals (Dreamgirls, Mamma Mia and A Chorus Line to name a few) so why would Adam be any different? Oh, and I really hate when people type “Adam Who?”, just because YOU may never have heard of him doesn’t mean anything. He has a very successful career and because his fan base is so devoted and supportive of him, he will be around for a long time and that is the kind of career a performer should aim to have. There are far too many performers who come out with one or two hit songs and then disappear because they don’t have the fan support to sustain their careers for years and years but Adam will. As far as I am concerned, Adam can say whatever he wants, I will always be a devoted fan of his.

  58. 58
    Jenny Says:

    Big fan of both of them, and I’m glad to read his response.

  59. 59
    Phyllis Says:

    Very real comment from Mr. Crowe and appreciate his position in agreeing with Mr. Lambert’s overall statement. I also found some aspects of the music discordant and distracting. And a true trained vocalist as Adam must have really been sensitive to the sound. Yes indeedy, it is raw, and for some, this conveyed exactly the feel the director wished. I’m sure the awards will be plentiful, but this doesn’t nullify the fact that the music quality could have been tweeked a little for those of us with a bit of an ear.

  60. 60
    Tunnel Says:

    Who cares…at the end of the day, in today’s environment, all pub is good pub. Les Mis just got a free marketing boost courtesy of Adam Lambert.

  61. 61
    cathym Says:

    So Russell Crowe agrees with Adam Lambert hmm..another honest person not afraid to let someone have an opinion.Thats new , seriously Russell is not only an actor but a musician he understood Adams point and apparently he kinda agrees. Luv that he gave an explaination for the Director and we can all discuss, why that was actually Adams last point LETS Discuss no drama and no need to Slam anyone . Gotta luv Lambert he sure does promote dialogue LOL!

  62. 62
    Sally Says:

    By Russell saying “i don’t disagree with Adam” also means he is not agreeing with Adam either.

    He played the part the way the Director wanted it “raw & real” …….so Adam saying the singers were not good enough misses the point.

    As Russel said the director could have ” sweetened” the vocals but didn’t, the whole idea was about showing raw emotion through the singing AND ACTING. That’s why they hired ACTORS who could sing otherwise it would be a copy of a theatre production.

    I understand what Adam was saying but it’s not just all about the singing, that’s why Jackman & Hathaway have both nominated for awards for their performances.

    If you want to see just a musical, go see it on Broadway & if you only want to hear pitch perfect singing listen to the cd version. This is a movie version with actors who sing live.

  63. 63
    JennaLee23 Says:

    I have much respect for Russell Crowe. Since the articles about Adam’s critique went global maybe Adam should work for the LA Times. Adam talks and people listen

  64. 64
    reader Says:

    Adam was just saying what many of the movie reviewers and normal fans said about the show. I’d already heard enough about the singing to know that I wasn’t going to rush into the theater to see this. The media attention is hilarious tho.

    And yes Sally, I do expect to hear good singing in a movie musical. When so many people complain about the singing it’s a flaw – not a compliment to the show.

  65. 65
    mimi Says:

    Russell didn’t exactly agree with Lambert… his comments were to the effect that Tom Hooper wasn’t going for the sweetest stage singing… he was going for raw and immediate. Thing is, Lambert, who has a fine voice, as do many, was focusing on pure singing… while the film requires great acting AND singing ability. Those are absolutely there in the film. Les Mis the film is not a stage show. It’s not a concert. It’s a drama set to music.

  66. 66
    Cubic Says:

    Many people are on the same page with Adam regarding Les Miserables. Nobody cares about what others think. But when Adam finally says it, suddenly he’s the ‘Mr Know-it-all’ and the ‘loser’…
    If Russell Crowe himself agreed with Adam, it just means he isn’t biased and he’s man enough to admit that there are some truth to Adam’s thoughts.

    The question you should be asking is ‘where is the winner’? Adam lost on Idol (due to obvious homophobic reasons) but he’s winning at everything now. He was invited by the legendary Brian and Roger to front Queen, and he’s also invited by China to perform in front of 2.6billion viewers! If you don’t consider this winning, then what is? The reason Lambert can reach this level of success is because it’s no longer based on ‘one person casting multiple votes’. Hard work and real talents coupled with a great personality are what he is made of and he is a testament of an underdog who has been misunderstood and discriminated on but is able to rise above all odds and find success with his bare hands and his big heart.
    Those who don’t know him have made up assumptions and said horrid things. Those who are open-minded enough to get to know him will eventually find themselves loving him to death! He’s not easy to understand. He has multiple layers to his personality and he is intelligent and sophisticated, and, because of what he went through in life, he actually has great life lessons to teach and touch every single person.
    From a reality show, he’s able to gain millions of fans worldwide in just a few short years. Only a person with real talents and real beauty inside and out is able to win that many hearts. And only a jealous or ignorant fool will overlook this part and continue to spew hatred – we can see a few here… *tsk* *tsk* *tsk*

  67. 67
    Shesh Says:

    @mimi: Due to it’s origin, it is actually the other way around for many – music set to drama, that’s why it fell short.

  68. 68
    Truth Says:

    Adam Lambert is a jackass. Class response from Crowe.

  69. 69
    mimi Says:

    Les Mis the film needed great actors who could sing. That’s quite different from hiring singers and hoping you can teach them to act. Russell’s vocals are just fine considering … and his acting in the film is terrific, as always. He was gracious about Lambert’s comments, agreeing to a point. But what doesn’t come through all that thoroughly via twitter’s short responses is that Russell respects that Tom Hooper the director decided that he wanted raw and real singing to accompany the drama… this is a film, after all, not a stage performance. I loved it !! And I think Russell is a class act.

  70. 70
    MariaDTR17 Says:

    Adam Lambert – I LOVE YOU!!! Come see us in Brasil!!

  71. 71
    MariaDTR17 Says:

    Ooops sorry. I am not a good typist. I meant to say Adam Lambert – I LOVE YOU!!! Come see us in Brazil!!

  72. 72
    Kristen Says:

    I can’t help but laugh at these comments. Hell hath no fury like a fat tweenage girl drooling over a gay man!

  73. 73
    Lini Says:

    @Kristen: Who did win American Idol that year?
    Anyone remember? Oh yeah.

  74. 74
    J. Taylor Says:


    I think he is gracious AND probably wishes the director had sweetened his vocals. What professional wants their work to be less than stellar? Adam owns up when he gives a less than stellar performance. That’s why I really admire both Adam & Russell.

  75. 75
    LT Says:

    Never saw Les Mis live but went to see the movie NYE and again on New Years day. Adam Lambert was spot on in his review IMHO. Loved the movie but Crowe ( singing) was the weak spot, and sorry to say AT TIMES Jackman too. And anyone who thinks Lambert has no business critiquing (not slamming) the singing has never heard his performances of “The Prayer” or “Come To Me Bend To Me”.

  76. 76
    BIKERX Says:

    Who could possibly give a flying finnegan what Adam Lambert thinks ??

    Did he suddenly become an expert on something ?

  77. 77
    Jason Says:

    Exactly Jakie. Jared was one of the first to start this mess.

  78. 78
    yuck Says:

    he is a wanna be Freddy Mercury. and probably lives Freddie’s demise lifestyle too

  79. 79
    hay Says:

    Russell Crowe might be weak vocally but his actual acting is probably the best in the film. Love that guy.

  80. 80
    Amber Says:

    Good answer Crowe!!!

  81. 81
    Lea Says:

    @Mandy: @Sue: before your orders to know my background, I’m from Argentina, and I live four months a year in England, because my fiance plays polo and a couple of months in France, Mexico and Spain, among others. Reading the comments from all of you here I realize that the fan club of this dude met in this post to “defend” him or whatever. I just wanted to clarify that in the real world, Adam is not well-known in the world outside the U.S., beyond what his propaganda machine broadcast in your country.

  82. 82
    Lea Says:

    @Sue: @Mandy: before your orders to know my background, I’m from Argentina, and I live four months a year in England, because my fiance plays polo and a couple of months in France, Mexico and Spain, among others. Reading the comments from all of you here I realize that the fan club of this dude met in this post to “defend” him or whatever. I just wanted to clarify that in the real world, Adam is not well-known in the world outside the U.S., beyond what his propaganda machine broadcast in your country.

  83. 83
    Anna Says:

    I don’t agree with Adam at all. I have been a fan of this musical for the last 15 years and have seen it several times on stage, so I had high expectations. and my expectations were met!!! I LOVED the rawness of it. It seemed more emotional, more real, than the theatrical performance. State performances are meant to focus on the music and voice talent. A movie is the whole package, more detailed, more expressive. I can’t wait to see it again!

  84. 84
    Anna Says:

    I don’t agree with Adam at all. I have been a fan of this musical for the last 15 years and have seen it several times on stage, so I had high expectations. and my expectations were met!!! I LOVED the rawness of it. It seemed more emotional, more real, than the theatrical performance. State performances are meant to focus on the music and voice talent. A movie is the whole package, more detailed, more expressive. I can’t wait to see it again!

  85. 85
    bingdingywngy Says:

    My favorite part of the movie was that they weren’t great singers – they were great actors.

  86. 86
    RedRoseQueen1 Says:

    @funbunn40: Thank you Fun. Your own comment was also well thought out and spot on! Amazing to see how some folks not only continue to cling to their Bibles and guns but also to their ignorance and phobias. Both Crowe and Lambert are classy artists. Happy New Year to you.

  87. 87
    Blake Says:

    Have any of you that are criticizing Adam Lambert read his original tweets?
    All he pointed out was that the singing (other than Anne Hatheway) would have been better prerecorded, which most people would probably agree with.
    He had nothing but praise for every other aspect of the movie, especially the acting.

  88. 88
    AgnesAmes Says:

    Love Adam for being so honest.

  89. 89
    Mandy Says:

    @yuck: And how many singers have the honor of being asked by Queen to front them for a tour? Wasn’t Paul Rodgers the only other one? The tour got RAVE reviews, and changed the minds of the skeptical Queen fans who attended. This is a FACT that cannot be disputed. Even Classic Rock magazine named it one of the best moments of 2012 and that was not a poll.

  90. 90
    Mandy Says:

    @Lea: But you are WRONG!!!!!! How could he have gotten gold and platinum certifications in all those other countries? Why was he the only Westerner asked to perform on The Voice in China? Why is he one of the few western acts who has a Weibo account (Chinese Twitter/Facebook)? Why was he asked to perform at the MAMA awards in Hong Kong? Why does he have all these gigs in Asia, Russia, and Europe? How could he have just performed in South Africa to a crowd of 16K? They wouldn’t invite him if there was no demand. How could have had a world-wide tour of 110 venues if he was barely known? Seriously, I cannot believe how flawed your logic is.

  91. 91
    DEREK Says:

    Adam Lambert? Criticizing their singing?

    Let’s see,
    Hugh Jackman, Tony Award
    Eddie Redmayne, Tony Award
    Samantha Barks, handpicked by ALW

    [Most of the rest have been on Broadway. (and I do agree that Crowe absolutely sucked)]

    Adam Lambert, couldn’t win an amateur singing contest.

    So… really?

    You guys can defend the importance of his opinions and his popularity all you want, but it matters just as much as Kim Kardashian’s or Justin Bieber’s opinion of what talent is.

  92. 92
    Mandy Says:

    @Lea: Additionally why would over 200 media outlets pick up on this story if he was only known in the US? If he was really not known in any other country, then no foreign media outlet would pick it up. But they did and they usually do this when they think they can get hits. His tweets are even showing up in a printed mainland China and Hong Kong newspapers.

  93. 93
    Mandy Says:

    @DEREK: Jared missed a lot of what Adam actually said. He offered praise for several performers, including Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of Fantine, Helena Bonham Carter and Sasha Baron Cohen as the Thenardiers, Aaron Tveit as Enjolras and Samantha Barks as Eponine. And if you think Adam cannot sing, YouTube “Adam Lambert Brigadoon”, show it to any vocal coach or opera singer, and come back here and tell me he can’t sing. He was hand-picked by the legendary band Queen to fill in for the world’s greatest rock vocalist, Freddie Mercury. They went on tour and had rave reviews. Do you really think Queen would risk their reputation on someone who couldn’t sing?

  94. 94
    Lee Says:

    @Lea: You’re so out of touch as to what Lambert is doing as to be ridiculous. Go to youtube or google him and get in touch with reality.

  95. 95
    Maria Says:

    @Kristen: @Kristen: I am sorry to see that your thinking is so limited. Even at this day and age.

  96. 96
    MJ Says:

    Marc Jacobs has been torturing a young a girl for 5 years and stealing her fashion designs, he is obsessed with her and he copies everything she does… read the details and see the photos in this article:

  97. 97
    Lea Says:

    @Lee: @Mandy: oh lord! you guys are the typical Yankees who have no idea what goes on outside of their little world. I do not need to go to google or youtube to know anything, I am part of the rest of the world, I live with people around the world, I live the media around the world. It is useless to talk to people so closed minded as you. A shame.

  98. 98
    sid Says:

    why are you making a big deal out of Adam’s opinion on a movie? why is it news? How is his opinion relevant?

  99. 99
    Sue Says:

    @an opinion:

    He’s had experience in musical theater, and knows@Lea:

    No, what that means is you and your friends are not fans. It’s fascinating that his comments have been picked up by more media outlets than anyone’s, aside from the actors in the movie itself. If he’s such a nobody, why is this story still making the rounds days later. If no one cares what he had to say, they wouldn’t bother clicking on this or any of the other myriad, GLOBAL articles that have run with his comments.

  100. 100
    Sue Says:


    There you go – THAT is a completely reasonable response to Adam’s critique. He had an opinion; you had one that differed. You both expressed them without attacking anyone. Shame others can’t do the same.

  101. 101
    Marny CA Says:

    Haven’t yet seen the movie but plan to do so. I’ve seen it 3 times onstage.

    However, from the trailers – Mr. Crowe isn’t a singer but so what. Maybe it would be good for each of us to sing to our loved ones instead of yelling at them.

    Personally, I think it will also make the movie more believable — that not everyone is able to sing – and Les Miz is supposed to take us to that place of suspension of disbelief.

    Mr. Jackman’s weight loss is nuts!!

  102. 102
    Mandy Says:

    @Lea: Lea, American Idol is broadcast to over 100 nations outside of the United States. Just because you or your friends didn’t watch it, doesn’t mean others didn’t. In fact Adam has fan clubs in Peru, Brazil, and even Argentina. Some have even traveled to the US to see him and they have been trying to get him to perform in the Rock in Rio. As I said earlier, one cannot do international touring if they cannot draw crowds there. You seem to be such a know-it-all, can you explain to me how he tour internationally if he is not known outside the US? He just had two South African concerts, one had 16K in attendance. He’ll be in Finland, 13K, St. Petersburg, Russia 12K, Ukraine 10K, Philippines 13-20K, China, Singapore, Indonesia each 5K, and the list goes on and on. He is breaking through in China!!! Do you know how hard it is in that country where most of the music is pirated? They are printing his tweets in the newspapers there.

    Please don’t try to tell his fans he has no presence outside the US when we have all met people from around the world on our fansites. I talk to people daily from Australia, Canada, Finland, Serbia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East, and just met someone from Germany today. We know exactly how many certifications he’s had and in which countries.

    You are the one being close-minded. And if you hate him so much, why did you click on this article?

  103. 103
    Lea Says:

    @Sue: @Mandy: first of all clicked this post because I enjoy reading gossip, and saw the name of a great actor, Russell, and I was curious to see how Mandy and others said how famous and important is that Adam worldwide. I wanted to contribute my grain of sand to comment that in fact the rest of the world (outside the United States of America) do not know him. American Idol is a reality that concerns the yankees and did not matter to us. In most civilized countries prefer real musicians, not prefabricated singers in a television show. But from there to hate the poor guy, there’s a big difference, do not hate him at all, I just don’t Know him.
    Mandy, all that info about his tours around the world and others, is the propaganda machine to which I referred earlier, as a strategy to make him be more than he really is.

  104. 104
    LuckyPTY Says:

    @NYC: Geeez I dont even remember you name NOW… it has been 5 seconds since I saw it.

  105. 105
    Mandy Says:

    Lea, go back to my first response. You are putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say how famous or important he was world-wide, YOU kept saying he was not known outside the US, and I kept telling you he is, otherwise he would not have gold and platinum certifications outside the US and he would not be able to tour internationally. Now as for bashing reality show contestants. Have you heard of Kelly Clarkson? She had a #1 pop song, Stronger, this last year for weeks. She won American Idol 10 years ago. One Direction, the most successful act last year is from the UK X Factor. Susan Boyle is from the UK and has sold millions of records world-wide. Usher, you heard of him? He was from the US reality show Star Search. Carly Rae Jepson, biggest single last year, Call Me Maybe, was from a reality show in Canada. Last I heard, the UK and Canada were civilized countries. In fact, in the UK, they seem to love their reality show stars. Olly Murs is big there too and he is from X Factor.

    This is not propaganda, these are confirmed concert dates. Many of these countries, he as already been to on his first tour or on a previous gig. He has played in Japan many many times, on his first tour and just recently. He played one of the biggest rock festivals in Moscow on his own, played again with Queen, and now they want him back again. He played with Queen in the Ukraine, and now they want him back on his own. He’s played in the Philippines to a crowd of 20K on his first tour. Do you really think people are stupid enough to pay for concert tickets to someone they have never even heard of?

    If you don’t know the guy, YouTube the following: “Adam Lambert Brigadoon”, “Adam Lambert Is Anybody Listening”, “7 Cam Who Wants to Live Forever Adam Lambert”. Also “Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love Moscow”. He can sing any genre. Why not try to be opened-minded to try to understand why he has so many passionate fans? Queen hand-picked him for a reason. They surely don’t want to ruin their reputation.

  106. 106
    glamity58 Says:

    I am so pleased with Mr. Crowe not to slam Adam. All the articles do and say he dissed the show which was not true. I admit to being a huge broadway and Les Mis snob, and I was devastated that one of the biggest male singing roles (a baritone) went to what Adam describes as a “non-singer.” We all know Russell sings in a band, but we’re talking broadway caliber. Hollywood will always go for acting and popularity before singing. Raw was ok, that wasn’t the issue for me. It was having a huge role going to someone who doesn’t have basic vocal skills other than the average guy playing at a small bar or club. The rest of the case was good in my opinion (not like the Broadway), but the acting was superb. I’m a huge Glambert and I did get upset at Adam’s tweets. I just don’t know why it was a big deal…he’s just a lone singer who doesn’t have millions and millions of followers. Why was it an issue?

  107. 107
    glamity58 Says:

    @Amelia: I agree Amelia…I have new respect for him not dissy Adam. This whole thing was overplayed. Adam recommended the movie and I did see it despite some bad reviews I saw prior to going.

  108. 108
    Lea Says:

    @Mandy: Ok Mandy, I maintain what I said, and I do not say it to be mean to you, you’re obviously a fan. But because it is a fact: Adam is not known and successful worldwide. I could name a lot of argentinian artists who also have their tours and concerts in Asia and Eastern Europe, and probably you would tell me you have no idea who they are. That’s the difference between the United States and other countries, we understand that we are not the center of the universe, you do not.
    Anyway, I took your suggestion and I heard the songs you recommended. The first one, the musical, very nice. The second one I did not like, I find it a sacrilege to even compare him with Freddie, and it was almost painful to hear, but it’s not his fault, It would happen with anyone who sings the songs of Queen. The third one, definitley demonstrates your vocal range, which is wide and well worked. I believe that we will never agree about it, agree to disagree?. I wish you well and respect your thought, understanding that it is part of your culture to think like that.

  109. 109
    Lea Says:

    *errata: his vocal range

  110. 110
    Breeze Says:

    I think Adam Lambert should take a few lessons from Russell Crowe on how to get your point across gracefully..

  111. 111
    Breeze Says:


    I just have to say that comparing Adam Lambert to Freddie Mercury .. is a insult to the memory of Freddie Mercury .. Adam Lambert will “NEVER” measure up to Freddie..

  112. 112
    Buba Says:

    Adam is a punk. He grew up in my neighborhood in San Diego and has always been a punk. I could care less about his sexual orientation. I have three friends who are guy and they are class people. Adam isn’t. He’s blessed with a great voice but he prefers to get attention by being a punk. I hope Russell Crowe puts his foot up Adams A–.

  113. 113
    Buba Says:

    @Rachel: I vote we leave it.

  114. 114
    mlm Says:

    @Kristen: Look in the mirror and laugh at your ignorance.

  115. 115
    Jay Says:


    Not a great fan of rock anyway and not that impressed with Mercury either. Not everyone is.

  116. 116
    Jay Says:


    Sacrilege? Mercury was talented, I just wasn’t that impressed with him. He was not a perfect singer (there are none). Everyone has flaws or weaker areas, including him. I have listened to his videos, etc. He was fine but not spectacular.

    Loved his confidence on stage, his stage presence. I liked his voice but didn’t love it. It was not outstanding or extraordinary, especially live. Not everyone is a big fan of Mercury or rock. I do think he was a sweetheart individual, though.

  117. 117
    Rose Says:

    @Jay: oh please! shut the fvck up!

  118. 118
    Mike Says:

    @Jay: nobody cares what you think. Go away loser!

  119. 119
    Julian Says:

    @Buba: In my book, it is you who is a punk. Your comments are nasty and are not believable. You provide no evidence for the shortcomings you claim Adam has. Yours are evident from the nature of your post. By the way, Adam was not trying to get attention, he was merely expressing his opinion about a movie to his fans and followers who are interested in him. i think you are jealous of the success he has had since you knew him and bash him to try to bring him down to your level. Not buying it.
    Adam is a good person. You, sir, are not.

  120. 120
    Julian Says:

    Lots of people care what Adam thinks. That’s why this story was picked up by media everywhere and why LOTS of people have commented on every article. That, however, was never Adam’s intention.
    Adam Lambert is an EXPERT on singing; he’s had a couple decades of classical training in singing and a couple decades of experience singing in musical theater and other on-stage venues. Yeah, that makes him an expert and he is a spectacular vocalist in just about every genre.

  121. 121
    Julian Says:

    Sorry, Lea,but that is simply not true. In 2010, Adam performed at sold-out venues all over Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand and his album reached gold or platinum status in many of those countries. In 2011, he performed at a rock festival in Moscow and returned to Moscow to perform with Queen in June 2012. He also performed with Queen in Kiev, Ukraine, to an audience of over 250,000, also televised throughout Eastern Europe. The tour continued to Wroclaw, Poland and to 3 shows in London. He recently performed in South Africa,Indonesia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. The show in Shanghai was broadcast on TV to a potential audience of 1.5 billion people. So your claim that he is not known outside the USA is completely wrong. He has many fans in South America as well and even in Egypt, Iran, and Morocco. They have a significant presence on Twitter and in Adam’s fan club.

  122. 122
    Julian Says:

    No, Lea, it’s NOT propaganda. He really has and is performing in all those locations. And he has sold lots of albums worldwide and his singles have charted in many countries. You are not such a know-it-all as you think you are. I have met and talked to many fans from around the world. Just because they are not amongst your circle of acquaintances does not mean they do not exist.
    “Sacrilege to even compare him to Freddie”?? That’s ridiculous. He has of course been compared to Freddie because of his many performances fronting Queen in the last few years. Some people feel he is every bit as good as Freddie and he has been shown to have a larger vocal range than Freddie. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter since Freddie is gone. He was not a god.

  123. 123
    Frankly So Says:

    My first thought was why is Adam Lambert’s opinion so important? All of you defending him miss the point…when Lambert’s opinion is so publicly (i.e. the world media) stated; he should be taken to task.

    What makes his opinion or my opinion or any of your opinions matter? And for all of his “millions and millions” of fans, I challenge you…name a song or an album that he has released…He is a small blip in pop culture, nothing more and nothing less.

    The opinion of the average guy/girl on the street, the policeman, the teacher or the Starbucks barista are as valuable or in my humble opinion more valuable than someone who continually seeks out the public spotlight in a sad attempt to increase his 15 minutes of fame.

    @ all Adam Lambert fans…If Adam wants to “share” his opinion with the world; prepare yourselves for many pissy people tiring of hearing him slag others!

    Just glad the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences don’t agree with Mr. Lambert. Les Miserables was a great movie (“crappy singing and all”).

  124. 124
    Julian Says:

    I saw the movie a couple nights ago and I thought Crowe’s acting was rather poor – rigid and monotone, no emotion conveyed at all. I thought he was great in Gladiator and was surprised he didn’t do a better acting job in Les Mis. I just felt totally indifferent to him, he didn’t convey a sense of the dogged, obsessive pursuit that is central to Javert’s character. He just kept inexplicably popping up in different places and Crowe’s acting did not convey a sense of why or how this was happening. I knew he was supposed to be obsessed with Valjean (read the book, saw the stage musical, saw the Liam Neeson movie) but I just didn’t FEEL it from Crowe. He just seemed to be going through the motions. Anne Hathaway was brilliant as Fantine, Jackman was good as Valjean, excellent in fact even if his vocals were not top-notch. They were good enough. I thought all of the more minor characters were quite good, esp. Cosette.

  125. 125
    Becca Says:

    I thought they all did a marvelous job. It sounded more realistic- more into the emotion of the words of the song, more dramatic. I was surprised that Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman could pull it off. They did a great job! I didn’t like Eddie Redmayne’s voice so much though. He can carry a note, but his voice sounded froggy and I didn’t see much chemistry between him and Amanda Seyfried. Other than that, everyone did an outstanding job!

  126. 126
    Julian Says:

    @Frankly So: Adam shared his opinion with his Twitter followers. It was not his intention that blogs and media all over the world pick up on it and make a big deal of it. He should not be blamed for this. Don’t know why the media had to blow it all out of proportion.
    “Name a song or album he has released”? Albums: “For Your Entertainment”, “Acoustic Live”, “Glam Nation Tour”, “Trespassing”. Songs: “Time For Miracles”, For Your Entertainment”, “Whataya Want From Me”, “If I Had You”, “Better Than I Know Myself”, Never Close Our Eyes”, “Trespassing”, “Outlaws of Love”, “Shady”, “Cuckoo”. Any other questions?

  127. 127
    Frankly So Says:

    @Julian: What an excuse; does it matter if it was a Tweet or an actual interview (like it or not Adam Lambert is in the public spot light…and i’m my opinion with pretty weak credentials)? All I said was he has to take responsibility for this opinion and stand by it and all you “fans” are so very quick to defend him…I don’t want to hear your justifications, you are not Adam Lambert. Just tired of people who hold him (and other “B” or “C” list celebrities??) to the standard of a pop icon…he is not. Thank you for educating me on the discography of Adam Lambert and my guess those of you who have this knowledge are a very small but passionate group of fans. I have an idea…Let’s hold our teachers, medical professionals and first responders to a higher esteem than we do for people like Adam Lambert. Lambert is like a **** in the wind…he’s around long enough to make a stink, but fortunately will soon be gone!

  128. 128 Says:

    I agree completely with Adams opinion,he is very talented and knows about musicals and acting.Happy Russel spoke up for Adam.Needless to say I’m a big Adam Lambert fan.

  129. 129
    sarah Says:

    maybe adam should judge american idol instead of a really awesome movie, they sang really well to me, an average viewer..

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