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Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe has responded to criticism from Adam Lambert on the actors in Les Miserables “pretending to be singers”.

When a fan sent the 48-year-old actor a tweet saying, “Not sure if you saw @adamlambert’s comments about Les Miserables. He was pretty opinionated,” Russell sent back a response.

“I don’t disagree with Adam, sure it could have been sweetened, [director Tom] Hooper wanted it raw and real, that’s how it is,” Russell wrote.

In case you missed it, read Adam‘s full opinion on the Les Miserables film.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Russell Crowe’s response to Adam Lambert?

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129 Responses to “Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion”

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  1. 51
    Bren Says:

    @Issie: omg are you for real? Queen picked him to tour Europe with them, Adam is rated at #2 all time male rock vocalist…. you don’t know anything about music if you think he can’t sing… you are looking very foolish.. omg….

  2. 52
    Mandy Says:

    @WT: You know, the one that you sought out when you clicked on this article to read it. He’s the one that has the honor of being Queen’s last front man, the one they hand-picked to go on tour with them to fill in for the world’s greatest rock vocalist, Freddie Mercury. I believe the only other one they went on tour with was Paul Rodgers. Pretty elite club.

  3. 53
    Mandy Says:

    @Kristen: You must be a Kris Allen fan. In case you didn’t know, he sold less than half what Adam sold, couldn’t sell out venues of 500, and got dropped from his label. Most people internationally think Adam won since he was way more popular. In fact, I even see him called the winner in US articles, entertainment sites in fact.

  4. 54
    Linda Says:

    Russell Crowe just cannot sing. This movie proved it. He needs to stop making excuses for it like blaming the director.

  5. 55
    Linda Says:

    Love all the uber Russell Crowe fans here rushing to Crowe’s defense!LOL!!!

  6. 56
    creed Says:

    That is so true!! A recording Studio can make anyone sound good, plus I love that Russell did NOT sensationalize Adams opinion

  7. 57
    Gemini Says:

    I loved “Les Miserable” but I also understand Adam’s critique. What I don’t understand is how people are taking his words and making it a bigger deal than it is. The man had an opinion and voiced it to his million+ followers on Twitter, so what? Isn’t that why people including celebrities have Twitter accounts? Why take what he says about a movie so personally that you have to be insulting by throwing homophobic slurs at him and saying he is jealous or not qualified to judge someone’s singing? He has the right to share his opinion on his own Twitter account and he is a trained singer, whether or not you like his voice. The man has sung on stage in musicals, small clubs, cruise ships, huge arenas, television shows and albums. He has made a living as a singer and has many friends who are also in the music community, too. The man lives and breathes music and he is also a big fan of “Les Miserable” so he felt a little let down. I have felt let down by many film versions of my favorite musicals (Dreamgirls, Mamma Mia and A Chorus Line to name a few) so why would Adam be any different? Oh, and I really hate when people type “Adam Who?”, just because YOU may never have heard of him doesn’t mean anything. He has a very successful career and because his fan base is so devoted and supportive of him, he will be around for a long time and that is the kind of career a performer should aim to have. There are far too many performers who come out with one or two hit songs and then disappear because they don’t have the fan support to sustain their careers for years and years but Adam will. As far as I am concerned, Adam can say whatever he wants, I will always be a devoted fan of his.

  8. 58
    Jenny Says:

    Big fan of both of them, and I’m glad to read his response.

  9. 59
    Phyllis Says:

    Very real comment from Mr. Crowe and appreciate his position in agreeing with Mr. Lambert’s overall statement. I also found some aspects of the music discordant and distracting. And a true trained vocalist as Adam must have really been sensitive to the sound. Yes indeedy, it is raw, and for some, this conveyed exactly the feel the director wished. I’m sure the awards will be plentiful, but this doesn’t nullify the fact that the music quality could have been tweeked a little for those of us with a bit of an ear.

  10. 60
    Tunnel Says:

    Who cares…at the end of the day, in today’s environment, all pub is good pub. Les Mis just got a free marketing boost courtesy of Adam Lambert.

  11. 61
    cathym Says:

    So Russell Crowe agrees with Adam Lambert hmm..another honest person not afraid to let someone have an opinion.Thats new , seriously Russell is not only an actor but a musician he understood Adams point and apparently he kinda agrees. Luv that he gave an explaination for the Director and we can all discuss, why that was actually Adams last point LETS Discuss no drama and no need to Slam anyone . Gotta luv Lambert he sure does promote dialogue LOL!

  12. 62
    Sally Says:

    By Russell saying “i don’t disagree with Adam” also means he is not agreeing with Adam either.

    He played the part the way the Director wanted it “raw & real” …….so Adam saying the singers were not good enough misses the point.

    As Russel said the director could have ” sweetened” the vocals but didn’t, the whole idea was about showing raw emotion through the singing AND ACTING. That’s why they hired ACTORS who could sing otherwise it would be a copy of a theatre production.

    I understand what Adam was saying but it’s not just all about the singing, that’s why Jackman & Hathaway have both nominated for awards for their performances.

    If you want to see just a musical, go see it on Broadway & if you only want to hear pitch perfect singing listen to the cd version. This is a movie version with actors who sing live.

  13. 63
    JennaLee23 Says:

    I have much respect for Russell Crowe. Since the articles about Adam’s critique went global maybe Adam should work for the LA Times. Adam talks and people listen

  14. 64
    reader Says:

    Adam was just saying what many of the movie reviewers and normal fans said about the show. I’d already heard enough about the singing to know that I wasn’t going to rush into the theater to see this. The media attention is hilarious tho.

    And yes Sally, I do expect to hear good singing in a movie musical. When so many people complain about the singing it’s a flaw – not a compliment to the show.

  15. 65
    mimi Says:

    Russell didn’t exactly agree with Lambert… his comments were to the effect that Tom Hooper wasn’t going for the sweetest stage singing… he was going for raw and immediate. Thing is, Lambert, who has a fine voice, as do many, was focusing on pure singing… while the film requires great acting AND singing ability. Those are absolutely there in the film. Les Mis the film is not a stage show. It’s not a concert. It’s a drama set to music.

  16. 66
    Cubic Says:

    Many people are on the same page with Adam regarding Les Miserables. Nobody cares about what others think. But when Adam finally says it, suddenly he’s the ‘Mr Know-it-all’ and the ‘loser’…
    If Russell Crowe himself agreed with Adam, it just means he isn’t biased and he’s man enough to admit that there are some truth to Adam’s thoughts.

    The question you should be asking is ‘where is the winner’? Adam lost on Idol (due to obvious homophobic reasons) but he’s winning at everything now. He was invited by the legendary Brian and Roger to front Queen, and he’s also invited by China to perform in front of 2.6billion viewers! If you don’t consider this winning, then what is? The reason Lambert can reach this level of success is because it’s no longer based on ‘one person casting multiple votes’. Hard work and real talents coupled with a great personality are what he is made of and he is a testament of an underdog who has been misunderstood and discriminated on but is able to rise above all odds and find success with his bare hands and his big heart.
    Those who don’t know him have made up assumptions and said horrid things. Those who are open-minded enough to get to know him will eventually find themselves loving him to death! He’s not easy to understand. He has multiple layers to his personality and he is intelligent and sophisticated, and, because of what he went through in life, he actually has great life lessons to teach and touch every single person.
    From a reality show, he’s able to gain millions of fans worldwide in just a few short years. Only a person with real talents and real beauty inside and out is able to win that many hearts. And only a jealous or ignorant fool will overlook this part and continue to spew hatred – we can see a few here… *tsk* *tsk* *tsk*

  17. 67
    Shesh Says:

    @mimi: Due to it’s origin, it is actually the other way around for many – music set to drama, that’s why it fell short.

  18. 68
    Truth Says:

    Adam Lambert is a jackass. Class response from Crowe.

  19. 69
    mimi Says:

    Les Mis the film needed great actors who could sing. That’s quite different from hiring singers and hoping you can teach them to act. Russell’s vocals are just fine considering … and his acting in the film is terrific, as always. He was gracious about Lambert’s comments, agreeing to a point. But what doesn’t come through all that thoroughly via twitter’s short responses is that Russell respects that Tom Hooper the director decided that he wanted raw and real singing to accompany the drama… this is a film, after all, not a stage performance. I loved it !! And I think Russell is a class act.

  20. 70
    MariaDTR17 Says:

    Adam Lambert – I LOVE YOU!!! Come see us in Brasil!!

  21. 71
    MariaDTR17 Says:

    Ooops sorry. I am not a good typist. I meant to say Adam Lambert – I LOVE YOU!!! Come see us in Brazil!!

  22. 72
    Kristen Says:

    I can’t help but laugh at these comments. Hell hath no fury like a fat tweenage girl drooling over a gay man!

  23. 73
    Lini Says:

    @Kristen: Who did win American Idol that year?
    Anyone remember? Oh yeah.

  24. 74
    J. Taylor Says:


    I think he is gracious AND probably wishes the director had sweetened his vocals. What professional wants their work to be less than stellar? Adam owns up when he gives a less than stellar performance. That’s why I really admire both Adam & Russell.

  25. 75
    LT Says:

    Never saw Les Mis live but went to see the movie NYE and again on New Years day. Adam Lambert was spot on in his review IMHO. Loved the movie but Crowe ( singing) was the weak spot, and sorry to say AT TIMES Jackman too. And anyone who thinks Lambert has no business critiquing (not slamming) the singing has never heard his performances of “The Prayer” or “Come To Me Bend To Me”.

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