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Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe: I Agree with Adam Lambert's 'Les Mis' Opinion

Russell Crowe has responded to criticism from Adam Lambert on the actors in Les Miserables “pretending to be singers”.

When a fan sent the 48-year-old actor a tweet saying, “Not sure if you saw @adamlambert’s comments about Les Miserables. He was pretty opinionated,” Russell sent back a response.

“I don’t disagree with Adam, sure it could have been sweetened, [director Tom] Hooper wanted it raw and real, that’s how it is,” Russell wrote.

In case you missed it, read Adam‘s full opinion on the Les Miserables film.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Russell Crowe’s response to Adam Lambert?

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  • Marny CA

    Haven’t yet seen the movie but plan to do so. I’ve seen it 3 times onstage.

    However, from the trailers – Mr. Crowe isn’t a singer but so what. Maybe it would be good for each of us to sing to our loved ones instead of yelling at them.

    Personally, I think it will also make the movie more believable — that not everyone is able to sing – and Les Miz is supposed to take us to that place of suspension of disbelief.

    Mr. Jackman’s weight loss is nuts!!

  • Mandy

    @Lea: Lea, American Idol is broadcast to over 100 nations outside of the United States. Just because you or your friends didn’t watch it, doesn’t mean others didn’t. In fact Adam has fan clubs in Peru, Brazil, and even Argentina. Some have even traveled to the US to see him and they have been trying to get him to perform in the Rock in Rio. As I said earlier, one cannot do international touring if they cannot draw crowds there. You seem to be such a know-it-all, can you explain to me how he tour internationally if he is not known outside the US? He just had two South African concerts, one had 16K in attendance. He’ll be in Finland, 13K, St. Petersburg, Russia 12K, Ukraine 10K, Philippines 13-20K, China, Singapore, Indonesia each 5K, and the list goes on and on. He is breaking through in China!!! Do you know how hard it is in that country where most of the music is pirated? They are printing his tweets in the newspapers there.

    Please don’t try to tell his fans he has no presence outside the US when we have all met people from around the world on our fansites. I talk to people daily from Australia, Canada, Finland, Serbia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East, and just met someone from Germany today. We know exactly how many certifications he’s had and in which countries.

    You are the one being close-minded. And if you hate him so much, why did you click on this article?

  • Lea

    @Sue: @Mandy: first of all clicked this post because I enjoy reading gossip, and saw the name of a great actor, Russell, and I was curious to see how Mandy and others said how famous and important is that Adam worldwide. I wanted to contribute my grain of sand to comment that in fact the rest of the world (outside the United States of America) do not know him. American Idol is a reality that concerns the yankees and did not matter to us. In most civilized countries prefer real musicians, not prefabricated singers in a television show. But from there to hate the poor guy, there’s a big difference, do not hate him at all, I just don’t Know him.
    Mandy, all that info about his tours around the world and others, is the propaganda machine to which I referred earlier, as a strategy to make him be more than he really is.

  • LuckyPTY

    @NYC: Geeez I dont even remember you name NOW… it has been 5 seconds since I saw it.

  • Mandy

    Lea, go back to my first response. You are putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say how famous or important he was world-wide, YOU kept saying he was not known outside the US, and I kept telling you he is, otherwise he would not have gold and platinum certifications outside the US and he would not be able to tour internationally. Now as for bashing reality show contestants. Have you heard of Kelly Clarkson? She had a #1 pop song, Stronger, this last year for weeks. She won American Idol 10 years ago. One Direction, the most successful act last year is from the UK X Factor. Susan Boyle is from the UK and has sold millions of records world-wide. Usher, you heard of him? He was from the US reality show Star Search. Carly Rae Jepson, biggest single last year, Call Me Maybe, was from a reality show in Canada. Last I heard, the UK and Canada were civilized countries. In fact, in the UK, they seem to love their reality show stars. Olly Murs is big there too and he is from X Factor.

    This is not propaganda, these are confirmed concert dates. Many of these countries, he as already been to on his first tour or on a previous gig. He has played in Japan many many times, on his first tour and just recently. He played one of the biggest rock festivals in Moscow on his own, played again with Queen, and now they want him back again. He played with Queen in the Ukraine, and now they want him back on his own. He’s played in the Philippines to a crowd of 20K on his first tour. Do you really think people are stupid enough to pay for concert tickets to someone they have never even heard of?

    If you don’t know the guy, YouTube the following: “Adam Lambert Brigadoon”, “Adam Lambert Is Anybody Listening”, “7 Cam Who Wants to Live Forever Adam Lambert”. Also “Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love Moscow”. He can sing any genre. Why not try to be opened-minded to try to understand why he has so many passionate fans? Queen hand-picked him for a reason. They surely don’t want to ruin their reputation.

  • glamity58

    I am so pleased with Mr. Crowe not to slam Adam. All the articles do and say he dissed the show which was not true. I admit to being a huge broadway and Les Mis snob, and I was devastated that one of the biggest male singing roles (a baritone) went to what Adam describes as a “non-singer.” We all know Russell sings in a band, but we’re talking broadway caliber. Hollywood will always go for acting and popularity before singing. Raw was ok, that wasn’t the issue for me. It was having a huge role going to someone who doesn’t have basic vocal skills other than the average guy playing at a small bar or club. The rest of the case was good in my opinion (not like the Broadway), but the acting was superb. I’m a huge Glambert and I did get upset at Adam’s tweets. I just don’t know why it was a big deal…he’s just a lone singer who doesn’t have millions and millions of followers. Why was it an issue?

  • glamity58

    @Amelia: I agree Amelia…I have new respect for him not dissy Adam. This whole thing was overplayed. Adam recommended the movie and I did see it despite some bad reviews I saw prior to going.

  • Lea

    @Mandy: Ok Mandy, I maintain what I said, and I do not say it to be mean to you, you’re obviously a fan. But because it is a fact: Adam is not known and successful worldwide. I could name a lot of argentinian artists who also have their tours and concerts in Asia and Eastern Europe, and probably you would tell me you have no idea who they are. That’s the difference between the United States and other countries, we understand that we are not the center of the universe, you do not.
    Anyway, I took your suggestion and I heard the songs you recommended. The first one, the musical, very nice. The second one I did not like, I find it a sacrilege to even compare him with Freddie, and it was almost painful to hear, but it’s not his fault, It would happen with anyone who sings the songs of Queen. The third one, definitley demonstrates your vocal range, which is wide and well worked. I believe that we will never agree about it, agree to disagree?. I wish you well and respect your thought, understanding that it is part of your culture to think like that.

  • Lea

    *errata: his vocal range

  • Breeze

    I think Adam Lambert should take a few lessons from Russell Crowe on how to get your point across gracefully..

  • Breeze


    I just have to say that comparing Adam Lambert to Freddie Mercury .. is a insult to the memory of Freddie Mercury .. Adam Lambert will “NEVER” measure up to Freddie..

  • Buba

    Adam is a punk. He grew up in my neighborhood in San Diego and has always been a punk. I could care less about his sexual orientation. I have three friends who are guy and they are class people. Adam isn’t. He’s blessed with a great voice but he prefers to get attention by being a punk. I hope Russell Crowe puts his foot up Adams A–.

  • Buba

    @Rachel: I vote we leave it.

  • mlm

    @Kristen: Look in the mirror and laugh at your ignorance.

  • Jay


    Not a great fan of rock anyway and not that impressed with Mercury either. Not everyone is.

  • Jay


    Sacrilege? Mercury was talented, I just wasn’t that impressed with him. He was not a perfect singer (there are none). Everyone has flaws or weaker areas, including him. I have listened to his videos, etc. He was fine but not spectacular.

    Loved his confidence on stage, his stage presence. I liked his voice but didn’t love it. It was not outstanding or extraordinary, especially live. Not everyone is a big fan of Mercury or rock. I do think he was a sweetheart individual, though.

  • Rose

    @Jay: oh please! shut the fvck up!

  • Mike

    @Jay: nobody cares what you think. Go away loser!

  • Julian

    @Buba: In my book, it is you who is a punk. Your comments are nasty and are not believable. You provide no evidence for the shortcomings you claim Adam has. Yours are evident from the nature of your post. By the way, Adam was not trying to get attention, he was merely expressing his opinion about a movie to his fans and followers who are interested in him. i think you are jealous of the success he has had since you knew him and bash him to try to bring him down to your level. Not buying it.
    Adam is a good person. You, sir, are not.

  • Julian

    Lots of people care what Adam thinks. That’s why this story was picked up by media everywhere and why LOTS of people have commented on every article. That, however, was never Adam’s intention.
    Adam Lambert is an EXPERT on singing; he’s had a couple decades of classical training in singing and a couple decades of experience singing in musical theater and other on-stage venues. Yeah, that makes him an expert and he is a spectacular vocalist in just about every genre.

  • Julian

    Sorry, Lea,but that is simply not true. In 2010, Adam performed at sold-out venues all over Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand and his album reached gold or platinum status in many of those countries. In 2011, he performed at a rock festival in Moscow and returned to Moscow to perform with Queen in June 2012. He also performed with Queen in Kiev, Ukraine, to an audience of over 250,000, also televised throughout Eastern Europe. The tour continued to Wroclaw, Poland and to 3 shows in London. He recently performed in South Africa,Indonesia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. The show in Shanghai was broadcast on TV to a potential audience of 1.5 billion people. So your claim that he is not known outside the USA is completely wrong. He has many fans in South America as well and even in Egypt, Iran, and Morocco. They have a significant presence on Twitter and in Adam’s fan club.

  • Julian

    No, Lea, it’s NOT propaganda. He really has and is performing in all those locations. And he has sold lots of albums worldwide and his singles have charted in many countries. You are not such a know-it-all as you think you are. I have met and talked to many fans from around the world. Just because they are not amongst your circle of acquaintances does not mean they do not exist.
    “Sacrilege to even compare him to Freddie”?? That’s ridiculous. He has of course been compared to Freddie because of his many performances fronting Queen in the last few years. Some people feel he is every bit as good as Freddie and he has been shown to have a larger vocal range than Freddie. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter since Freddie is gone. He was not a god.

  • Frankly So

    My first thought was why is Adam Lambert’s opinion so important? All of you defending him miss the point…when Lambert’s opinion is so publicly (i.e. the world media) stated; he should be taken to task.

    What makes his opinion or my opinion or any of your opinions matter? And for all of his “millions and millions” of fans, I challenge you…name a song or an album that he has released…He is a small blip in pop culture, nothing more and nothing less.

    The opinion of the average guy/girl on the street, the policeman, the teacher or the Starbucks barista are as valuable or in my humble opinion more valuable than someone who continually seeks out the public spotlight in a sad attempt to increase his 15 minutes of fame.

    @ all Adam Lambert fans…If Adam wants to “share” his opinion with the world; prepare yourselves for many pissy people tiring of hearing him slag others!

    Just glad the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences don’t agree with Mr. Lambert. Les Miserables was a great movie (“crappy singing and all”).

  • Julian

    I saw the movie a couple nights ago and I thought Crowe’s acting was rather poor – rigid and monotone, no emotion conveyed at all. I thought he was great in Gladiator and was surprised he didn’t do a better acting job in Les Mis. I just felt totally indifferent to him, he didn’t convey a sense of the dogged, obsessive pursuit that is central to Javert’s character. He just kept inexplicably popping up in different places and Crowe’s acting did not convey a sense of why or how this was happening. I knew he was supposed to be obsessed with Valjean (read the book, saw the stage musical, saw the Liam Neeson movie) but I just didn’t FEEL it from Crowe. He just seemed to be going through the motions. Anne Hathaway was brilliant as Fantine, Jackman was good as Valjean, excellent in fact even if his vocals were not top-notch. They were good enough. I thought all of the more minor characters were quite good, esp. Cosette.

  • Becca

    I thought they all did a marvelous job. It sounded more realistic- more into the emotion of the words of the song, more dramatic. I was surprised that Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman could pull it off. They did a great job! I didn’t like Eddie Redmayne’s voice so much though. He can carry a note, but his voice sounded froggy and I didn’t see much chemistry between him and Amanda Seyfried. Other than that, everyone did an outstanding job!

  • Julian

    @Frankly So: Adam shared his opinion with his Twitter followers. It was not his intention that blogs and media all over the world pick up on it and make a big deal of it. He should not be blamed for this. Don’t know why the media had to blow it all out of proportion.
    “Name a song or album he has released”? Albums: “For Your Entertainment”, “Acoustic Live”, “Glam Nation Tour”, “Trespassing”. Songs: “Time For Miracles”, For Your Entertainment”, “Whataya Want From Me”, “If I Had You”, “Better Than I Know Myself”, Never Close Our Eyes”, “Trespassing”, “Outlaws of Love”, “Shady”, “Cuckoo”. Any other questions?

  • Frankly So

    @Julian: What an excuse; does it matter if it was a Tweet or an actual interview (like it or not Adam Lambert is in the public spot light…and i’m my opinion with pretty weak credentials)? All I said was he has to take responsibility for this opinion and stand by it and all you “fans” are so very quick to defend him…I don’t want to hear your justifications, you are not Adam Lambert. Just tired of people who hold him (and other “B” or “C” list celebrities??) to the standard of a pop icon…he is not. Thank you for educating me on the discography of Adam Lambert and my guess those of you who have this knowledge are a very small but passionate group of fans. I have an idea…Let’s hold our teachers, medical professionals and first responders to a higher esteem than we do for people like Adam Lambert. Lambert is like a fart in the wind…he’s around long enough to make a stink, but fortunately will soon be gone!


    I agree completely with Adams opinion,he is very talented and knows about musicals and acting.Happy Russel spoke up for Adam.Needless to say I’m a big Adam Lambert fan.

  • sarah

    maybe adam should judge american idol instead of a really awesome movie, they sang really well to me, an average viewer..