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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Kiss at Midnight on New Year's Eve

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Kiss at Midnight on New Year's Eve

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles share a romantic kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve 2013 in the middle of Times Square on Monday (December 31) in New York City.

The 23-year-old “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer performed that evening on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2013.

Earlier in the night, Harry was spotted attending Jay-Z and Coldplay‘s New Year’s Eve Concert at the Barclays Center before heading back to Manhattan to catch Taylor‘s performance.

At the end of the day, Taylor and Harry were spotted hand in hand while entering their hotel.

Check out the video evidence of the Haylor kiss below!

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Midnight Kiss on New Year’s Eve!
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59 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Kiss at Midnight on New Year's Eve”

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  1. 26
    KIMMY Says:

    Next single is gonna include some details like, kissing at the midnight amidst fireworks, running my fingers through your curly hair in a beanie you wear. DUH!

  2. 27
    zac Says:

    Hey, Taylor. If you want the whole world to know you’re in love, act just like you are. Stop playing the innocent look. The way you act so shy, keep quiet when asked about your love life or the face you pull, then write songs about it later as you’re a victim, that’s an old joke and too stupid.

  3. 28
    S Says:

    @Old Timer: Louis, Harry AND Zayn all got ship related tattoos. Not just Louis and Harry. Everyone comes up with these dumb theories that they’re gay together – which they’re not. They’ve said that many many times. If they are behind closed doors then that’s their business, but I highly doubt it. We’ll never know for sure until either of them make statements (which they have saying their NOT gay, yet Directioners say management is making them say their not…) Plus, if you watch videos of them you can tell they all love eachother and are all very affectionate with eachother, not just Louis and Harry. If anything, they’re the least affectionate of them all. Louis is the only one who actually strikes me as gay although he’s been with his girlfriend for a while now. And Harry definitely loves him some lady v. Their management and contracts do not, and cannot control them to that extent. Get a grip. These girls know they will never have them, so they convince themselves their gay. If they can’t have them, nobody can type of “logic.” They’d rather see their two idols date then see them with girls who are not them.

    Sorry for my irrelevant rant but people piss me off.

  4. 29
    DemiTasse Says:

    I have no idea if Harry is gay or not, but I do not believe for a single minute that he has a real “boyfriend/girlfriend” relationship with Taylor.
    I think it is for publicity and it is fake.

  5. 30
    Sad to say Says:

    PR and Management teams do indeed control and in some cases terrorize clients. These “business” types own and manipulate their clients images and if their performers/artists are gay, beware of the wrath of handlers who will do anything to keep their clients in the closet. Whole interviews are constructed and published in mags and celebrity sites, without a client having to say one word. Beards are found them (yes, Taylor Swift is one of the more notorious ones around). Twitter and Facebook accounts are confiscated and used to sound authentic, but in reality are just another way of writing or rewriting the image PR teams want to convey. I’m not familiar with Harry Styles or this Louis person that has been discussed here, but it sounds all too familiar to my experience with the industry. I’m going to have to catch up on these two guys.

  6. 31
    Robert Says:

    Well, S…I do believe that Harry has said on tape that he has a boyfriend (it’s from a Swedish interview done in 2011). And Louis mysteriously spouts boners when he’s around Harry. Don’t think the other 1D boys have done either of these things. And a ship and a compass are directly related to one another. The compass guides the ship home and keeps the sailor safe when navigating rough seas. Oh yeah, and there’s a video on YouTube where Harry answers a fan’s unscripted and spontaneous question to him. In other words, a genuine moment. She simply asks if Louis is his boyfriend and Harry nods, “Yes,” and smiles…proud as can be.

    Zayn’s tattoo, by the way, is that of a skull, which could have many meanings and it’s set within a half sleeve of a bunch of tattoos all meshed together. No particular significance or emphasis. Harry’s pirate ship, on the other hand, takes up his entire upper arm and Louis’ compass points due North to the word Home. An obvious tie in to one another

  7. 32
    More pics Says:

    For more info and pics on the kiss ::

  8. 33
    Jasmine Says:

    Man I really ×100 dislike Taylor freaking swift a lot I mean a lot they make me angry. >:/!!!!!….

  9. 34
    Delilah Says:

    @More pics:

    Well the Daily Mail got it all wrong because they said Taylor was with Harry at the Cold Play concert with Jay Z and she wasn’t. The Daily Mail gets a lot of stuff wrong, and honestly, if you don’t believe Taylor’s marketing team spends millions to buy placement, advertising and plant stories for her on TV, Twitter spam, magazines and gossip blogs, you are in denial.

    Jared has a hook up with Us Weekly which is totally in Taylor’s pocket, and he gets a lot of hits on his site for Taylor stories which is why he has so many. He loves it when we argue.

  10. 35
    unwritten Says:

    OMG, you people are sick. The relationship between Taylor and Harry may be fake or not,but this whole Harry/Louis thing is a little too much, seriously.. It is just in your heads, it’s just a sick thing that people came up with. Seriously, just think about what the 2 of them must think about this disgusting invention. About Louis’ relationship, they’ve been togheter for 1 year, that is something, and they kept it pretty quiet. Taylor and Harry are getting a lot of attention, that was expected. And if it’s fake, I’m pretty sure that’s only for publicity.

  11. 36
    Laila Says:

    Fake,fake,fake!Their PR teams must be desperate,or they wouldn’t force a gay teenager to kiss an adult woman in public like that,that IF they really kissed each other.Taylor doesn’t need “boyfriends” to be in the media.Everybody knows they won’t last,by Valentine’s Day they will be over anyway,these PR stunts have a day to begin and a day to “split”.Nobody sees a future in this “relationship”,they can’t fool people anymore.A fake kiss won’t make people believe they are dating,it doesn’t matter what their PR teams plan,won’t work anyway.
    Taylor is gross and sick…she should stop “dating” teenagers and should find real men to date.Who will be her next victim/fake boyfriend?Justin Bieber?She’s nasty.

  12. 37
    S Says:

    @Robert: Lol it’s called being sarcastic. My friends and I say we’re lesbian for eachother all the time, and we’re not. We hug and are affectionate, we tease and banter. Most friends do that because they’re comfortable enough with eachother and their sexualities to know their teasing… I’ve seen those videos, and he’s obviously joking around. They’ve called eachother husbands before, that must mean they’re married then right? Because friends don’t joke about things like that right? NO. They’re JOKING. And as I’ve said before, I do think Louis is gay. However that’s none of my business. But when someone says their not gay, you have to respect that, whether they are or not. You cannot label someone as gay because you think they are. They’ve said they’re not, so respect that.

    Larry shippers think every. single. tattoo. is related to their “love.” So if Zayns tattoo could be irrelevant to Harry’s, then so could Louis’ for that matter. And Harry’s ship tattoo is meshed with a bunch of other tattoos as well. Oh wait, so is Louis’! Interesting…

    Hun, you need to stop over analyzing.

  13. 38
    trent Says:

    for some people unfortunatley in this coutry everybody who looks like 1D members or look like bieber must be gay or worst. most of these comment about that harry and louis are ridiculous. cmon in what affect you if taylor and harry are dating. is not the first time that a famous singer has dated another if it is for publicity like people say i ask publicity for who both of them are famous.

  14. 39
    Kimmy Says:

    And the next year she’ll be kissing some other dude. Yawn.

  15. 40
    alana Says:

    I love Harry and I know he’s happy with Taylor so that I can not accept the fact that the two are together for me they do not have chemical Harry has a sexy guy who can seduce any woman over with her I I see a different Harry know it, wanting to be like a man of 36 years ja.Eu not like this couple thought forced, no chemical, completely without salt that’s the word unsalted not have that kind of fire relationships and Louis Eleanor.So I finally accept that I’m not anyone to judge them. Be happy doing so many unhappy people! Follow me on twitter @BieberSwagMalik

  16. 41
    Marie Says:

    Someone please cut his hair

  17. 42
    Kane Says:

    I love how every time they show PDA in public it’s always dominated by Taylor or initiated by Taylor. Harry looks so not into it lol. Screams PR.

  18. 43
    jess Says:

    @alana: They are not dating.It’s all for publicity.Soon they will fake a split and Taylor’s PR team will pay another fool to fake a relationship with with her.By Valentine’s Day they will be over,don’t worry.

  19. 44
    Opel Says:

    These guys are just as awful for pretending to be straight. Yea, I know 12 year old girls won’t understand and that might result in loss of $$$…but it’s just ridiculous what’ll they’ll do to keep the money rolling.

  20. 45
    AbeFroeman Says:

    Just an unbiased opinion, as I’m well over the “bubblegum teeny bopper” stage; It looks like she is more into it than he is. She looks rather clingy and desperate to me. On a serious note, Let’s face it, Marketing and PR rules in show business. They both have new albums and 2013 touring to do. It makes $en$e that their “people” pair them up. It’s a business, and they are a commodity and we are all buying into it with concert tickets, albums, magazines etc. We are making them, and every aspect of their lives, and anyone connected to them richer! For their sake, hope they make it through to adulthood with some sense of normalcy once their fan base grows up and moves on to something else.

  21. 46
    trent Says:

    @AbeFroeman: you mean his fan base. because she started singing country music. and country music fans love there artist and if the relation is fake at least he could get you know. a little lovin in the process.remember they are human after all.

  22. 47
    Yes Says:

    That is honestly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I’m not a huge fan of Haylor because I think they have really different personalities, but I don’t know them personally, so I don’t really have the right to put my two sense in. AND NEITHER TO DO ANY OF YOU. He’s just human guys and he can do whatever the hell he wants. Can we all just keep in mind that I think we can all agree on the Taylor is a hell lot better than Caroline, considering Taylor doesn’t look like his mum, and is in a more reasonable age gap. So please, let’s just all grow up a bit and stop spreading hate. Xx.

  23. 48
    Verite Says:

    Meh… A few months of hook ups and then it’s over. Personally though I don’t know how this helping Taylor at all, if that’s the point of a PR relationship. She looks like a needy relationship addict and the whole thing is alienating her from female fans. You’d hope though that both of them are at least getting some sex out of it.

  24. 49
    Chupacabra Says:

    She and I would not stay together long, because I would always be trying to choke myself on her pooty box.

  25. 50
    alex Says:

    soooo fake just like that staged thanksgiving US mag shoot with gyllenhaal

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