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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Alone in Cabo San Lucas!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Alone in Cabo San Lucas!

Jennifer Aniston dons a bright top while hanging out poolside with her fiance Justin Theroux on Wednesday (January 2) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 43-year-old actress and the 41-year-old actor were spotted without their celebrity friends John Krasinski, his wife Emily Blunt, Jimmy Kimmel, and his fiancee Molly McNearney surrounding them.

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On New Year’s Eve, Jennifer was seen reading a book in a bikini while Justin had fun while riding an ATV in Baja.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux enjoying some alone time…

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jennifer aniston alone in cabo san lucas 02
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jennifer aniston alone in cabo san lucas 04
jennifer aniston alone in cabo san lucas 05
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97 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Alone in Cabo San Lucas!”

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  1. 26
    Chelles Says:

    The body language between these two is brutal. Trouble in paradise? She seems very high maintenance and he seems to spend more time worrying about his hipster appearance. I hope she makes him sign a pre-nup.

  2. 27
    Polly Says:


    She looks pregnant or she must have stuffed something inside that tshirt.

  3. 28
    Eva Says:

    People work to support themselves and their family. Since she is a rich woman (thanks to Brad, he left her a wealthy woman), single, no children, no financial or emotional support to her mother or brother my question is why is she investing so hard making crappy movies and not work on her relationships with Justin and her family? It seems all weird.

  4. 29
    43 almost 44 and not pregnant Says:


    Me obsessed with this middle aged lady, she is a little too old for me. LOL. NEVER. I haven’t even commented here before.

    I just read the comments on some of the JJ daily updates on her in Cabo and then commented here about her new film which others have commented on in other threads. I didn’t even know she had been cast in another film as I do not follow news about her on a regular basis.

    As to the chunkiness well she has been heavier for months, including the many pics JJ posted when she was filming her latest film somewhere in the States. And there is nothing wrong with chunkiness.

    As to the pregnancy denial Gossip Cop prints one of those weekly.

    Justin looks like he is getting a lecture from her. Maybe they needed to take this convo inside as they know the paps are taking their pics every single day.

    You are kinda funny seeing a possible pregnancy. While it is certainly possible it is not that easy to get pregnant for the first time at her age, that is just a fact and reality.

  5. 30
    New Year Says:

    She brought work and he does not have anything to do but stare at the young ladies. She showed her crotch and it did not amuse him. She put on a skimpier bathing suit and it did not stop him from staring at the younger ladies. Trouble in paradise.

  6. 31
    Lijo Says:

    I think, this relationship is over. He looks so angry.

  7. 32
    Donjulio Says:

    These pics were taken a mile away, but there is a head below and next to Justin. Dark hair, and no I’m not seeing things lol.

  8. 33
    oh, oh Says:

    The breakup is near!

  9. 34
    Dd Says:

    It’s all for show…

  10. 35
    publicityhor Says:

    the hottest woman of all time? i think not. i see better looking middle-aged women everywhere.

  11. 36
    Celeste Says:

    @tee: yes, she is pregnant.

  12. 37
    Rose Says:

    @Lijo: The only relationship that is terminated is the one of the crazy “Angelina chicken leg Jolie” and Brad Pitt. Angie’s horns are distinguish a mile away and Brad is tired of enduring this psychopath and anorexic woman.

  13. 38
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    1 Thread of the JPs from the 28th December 1459 post = INTERETING – FACINATING – SIMPLY AMAZING!!!
    4 Threads of Chin-Nochio the Desperate from the 28th December total 352 post = BORING – DULL – FAKE!!!

  14. 39
    Eddie Says:

    Body language appears to show she is enraged. Hand on a hip and mouth open looks like she is shouting. His mouth is open and appears he is talking. Her mouth is open wider than his. I could only assume she has a lot of big word coming out of her mouth. What a way to start a new year.

  15. 40
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Go and screams at the Ocean .. Cos BP has been loooooong gone… and will never ever look back … LOL….Long live the most Amazing Gorgeous couple the JPs and their beautiful Family …
    and may your “”Chicken Lips”" the Thunder thighs ChinnochiHO and her Hipster Phinnochio live happily ever after…
    ps. What happened with his front Lace…. Your Idol fiancé lost his Toupe in Cabo San Lucas….LOL…

  16. 41
    8 years and you won't move on Says:


    Why bring in people who have zero connection to the 2 people in this thread? Why demonstrate desperation at what is reality?

    What year are you still living in? It is 2013 you know. The couple you dragged into this unrelated thread have been together 8 years with 6 kids, far longer than the unconnected man you dragged in even knew this woman FROM HIS PAST.

    You really do not like Justin do you? He is not good enough is he? Why because he is not your dream man? But he is the man Jen wants and it is her life not yours.

    Sad that you refuse to accept that Jen is quite happy with Justin, way happier than she ever was with any other EX. She has a full loving life the life she chose unlike loser you.

  17. 42
    Keeping Track Says:

    Previous pictures shows post #82 the following comment with 10 thumbs down:

    “Jennifer makes every evening the best sex of her life, Justin is to give multiple orgasms Jen, the smile on her face says it all …
    Good luck Jen and enjoy the love of this wonderful man and his …”


  18. 43
    IMHO Says:

    I’d rather read about how Asians Can Read Minds than suffer through one more picture of these two posers.

  19. 44
    IMHO Says:

    @Juanita Hernandez:

    I agree, she is putting on a phoney nice act most of the time, but you can tell from her body language and her expressions when she is not prepared, that she is a royal beyaatttch.

  20. 45
    Ceara Says:

    @rachel: you probably look like Kim McGuire so shut the f*ck up

  21. 46
    Asdfg Says:

    Why does everyone assume they are having problems? Not every couple has to suck face every 2 seconds to be happy.. Dang!! Leave them alone!!

  22. 47
    Sienna Says:

    It seems to me that Jennifer fans still haven’t fit over the fact that Brad dumped her 8 years ago. Otherwise why still mention his name and compare him with Justin? Jennifer has dated at least 5 men since her divorce before getting engaged and you Jennifer fans still go on and on about Brad.

    That just proves that Brad is the ultimate and sexiest man and he is the one who everyone will compare and end up losing the contest. Because there is no contest – he is The Brad Pitt.

  23. 48
    Pepper Says:

    I would say she’s putting on a show for the paps but she’s not that great of an actress.

  24. 49
    sea Says:

    So they went to Cabo to stay in a room. No beach, no sea. Ridiculous.

  25. 50


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