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Jessica Alba: Bikini Vacation in Cabo San Lucas!

Jessica Alba: Bikini Vacation in Cabo San Lucas!

Jessica Alba shows off her flat tummy while rocking a bikini during a holiday vacation on Wednesday (January 2) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 31-year-old actress was seen sunbathing with her adorable daughters Honor and Haven by her side.

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On the same day, Jessica posted a message about the new year on her website Honest Company.

“Although it’s the second day of 2013, we hope you are still celebrating new beginnings, thinking of the bright year ahead, and feeling excited about the possibilities that await us. Instead of talking about making (and breaking) resolutions, we want to kick off the New Year with a new approach. One marked by wishes to carry us forward and inspire our journey over the next 364 days. Enjoy these Honest Wishes for 2013 from our staff and friends,” Jessica shared.

30+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba sporting a bikini in Cabo…

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jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 01
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 02
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 03
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 04
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 05
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 06
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 07
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 08
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 09
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 10
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 11
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 12
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 13
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 14
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 15
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 16
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 17
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 18
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 19
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 20
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 21
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 22
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 23
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 24
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 25
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 26
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 27
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 28
jessica alba bikini vacation in cabo san lucas 29

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  • leah

    I think it’s time for me to hit the gym… :p
    She looks beautiful though!

  • Lola

    Whoa, she’s gotten so skinny! She used to be a bit curvier than this. I preferred the way she used to look.

  • Truth

    Still has a good body, but I can see the scar where they cut the baby out of her. Yuck!

  • adambrodyrocks

    look at her abs, amazing body, and her kids are adorable

  • Jackie

    Thankf you JJ! Just Jared, I suggest if you are going to talk about someone with a hot body talk bout mothers like Alba who is a mother who has bore more than one child and has a hot body. She should be complimented. Thank you. You go Alba!

  • Laura

    Yeah, gross. She gave life to two children. How dare she have a scar. WTF is wrong with you?


    This link shows that a large amount of people have found out that Asians can read minds!!!!!
    PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!! The world needs to publicly find out!!!!

  • KSB

    LMAO!!! wednesday January the 3rd???? I Could have sworn today was the 2nd.

    ANYWHO she looks great.

  • XxXxX

    She represents what most men find super beautiful nowadays, a skinny healthy looking woman. I’ve always found her way too thin but it is what society pushes on us so… There’s no denying that she’s beyond pretty though. She has perfect features. It’s true that you can see the C section scar and I also find that revolting but come on, she popped two kids out :p OMG she’s so beautiful. Look at those abs and she’s literally flawless. Any person on here saying she’s “too skinny” or talking about the scar is just looking for the smallest unimportant detail to hate on. It’s time for all of us, jealous women to hit the gym… ugh.

  • Melinda
  • Nightwish

    Shes still got it. MILF.

  • rikki

    she’s hot as usual.
    but how come all celebrities who have had kids don’t have any stretch marks?

  • whoa

    She has said she gave birth to both her girls naturally – how could that be a CS scar?

    Maybe she had on tight pants or something before hand?

  • hm

    @Jackie: yes but she also works out 24/7, most photos are of her going to the gym. i think its unfair for mothers who cant afford a nanny to think they’re any less than perfect because they’re not cut

  • James

    She looks a bit too thin. I miss her curves.

  • believe

    She looks beyond amazing. Anyone criticizing a c-section scar (if indeed she has one, which I don’ see), is a jerk. Get your bikini on and let’s see what you have!

  • ChrisBrown

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • um

    @believe: no one was criticizing her scar, they just said it looks like she has one although she said she didn’t have a c-section, calm yourself.. damn.. (and the one person who did say it i’m sure is just trying to stir sh8t up)

  • ANNA

    C section scars are right above your pubic bone, that is not a c section scar it is way too high.

  • great form

    I rather see her everyday in a bikini thsn old pork rind face Aniston. Jessica looks great, a little small, but great for having 2 children.

  • kelly

    eeeew, man hips.

  • Taylor

    Looking good Alba, you are inspiration to me :)

  • Taylor

    P.S. Her ‘scar’ looks like a tan line to me!

  • Casey

    If you look at how low slung her bikini bottoms are, the waistband sits well below her hips, and pelvic girdle is very visible, it’s entirely possible that that IS a C section scar. Its is very low on her belly. she claimed to give birth naturally and that scar is very suggestive otherwise

  • thele

    she´s allways been a beautiful woman (esp. her face)! given, that working out is part of an actresses daily work it´s no wonder she can easily train her body much harder than any mom that job doesn´t include sports allready. i´d personally prefer her as well with a bit more curves and less muscle, and maybe she´d even like herself more with some more curves, but we shouldn´t forget, that her imange isn´t about a role model for women or moms, but only shows an extreme = the body of an actress! …and they got diets and workouts like before only extrem athletes!

  • sea

    Still pretty but her body has obvioulsy changed.

  • AP

    Holy cow, what an amazing body. Too hot!

  • Amanda

    She’s got an amazing body!

  • soso

    She’s not wearing her wedding ring….hmmm.

  • jj

    Her belly button looks oddly high up

  • ..

    @soso: wow good lookin out. haha!

    i dont like her di*ck-husband anyway.

    he was such a douchbagger on twitter before she joined. it was all “getting drunk, i hate waking up early, do i really have to go to a stupid play date” etcetcetc.. and then when jessica joined it was “i love family time, i love kids” bla bla crap.

  • LewisLA

    EW! Her stomach is so strange looking…..below her chest she is a man…..

  • Mammy

    BADDD tummy tuck….ashame…..arms look OK though.

  • lynne

    jealous jealous jealous woman hating on here. Even if she did have a c section, her body is AMAZING!!!! and she works at it. With 2 beautiful girls and a husband she makes it her bussiness to keep fit. I suggest all you jealous chubbies hit the gym. Jessica you look HOT!!! GO GIRL!!!

  • ..

    @lynne: there is maybe 3 people (the same person?) saying the same thing over and over again, stop being naive or trying to cause drama. theres the miranda kerr thread 4 that

  • Bullsh*t

    No time to work out because you have a kid? PUH-LEEZ. There are a TON of fitness models who have not only one but several children. And even if you’re just a regular ‘civilian’, it’s not impossible. It’s not about having the time to work out, it’s about *making* the time to work out. Priorities, people. If you have the time to watch TV for an hour every night or meet your girlfriends for coffee all afternoon, you *have* time to go to the gym. You’re just choosing not to go. A lot of gym offer free child care for members (or at a very affordable extra charge), and if all fails, get a runner’s pram and take your kid with you, and once s/he’s asleep, you do your crunches, pull-ups and lunges in your living-room. My mother had 3 kids, was always a full-time mom and part-time employed and at the age of 55, she’s a size 2. There’s only one thing that stops a mother from having an amazing body, and that is her own *EXCUSES*

  • hm

    @Bullsh*t: congratulations on demoralizing women everywhere. It’s not only about time, it’s about money, it’s about not having a nanny (or anyone) to look after your kids besides you, it’s about NOT HAVING TO LOOK PERFECT because let’s be honest we have no clue if she’s just using those diet drinks (which she does use) or if she is eating healthy so either grow up or stop being so ignorant. And why exactly should a mother (or anyone) have an amazing body? being healthy is a priority, not having abs. your comment is so ignorant i just want to throw up. Also, kids are a 24/7 job, i’m a nanny and it’s exhausting, even with help it takes a village.
    Stop insulting women, stop insulting mothers… you’re obviously not old enough to know right from wrong so just stop!

  • Jenn


    I agree w/ your comment completely. There is always time to work out. If you have to get up extra early, so be it. If you don’t want to, then don’t. Be a fatty. It’s called discipline.

  • eww

    she has a very very long bagina, looks like that bakini bottom is holding a shlong. LOL

  • eww

    you are “an” inspiration….

  • Kyle

    Her friend Kelly is SO bizarre looking………

  • Bullsh*t

    Erm, I’m a 26-year-old single mother of a 5-year old who went to college full time (and graduated!), supported myself 100% financially by having two part-time job and still *made* the time to exercise. No, I had no nanny. As I said, I took my boy with me in a running stroller, and when I joined my current gym (which I can afford by not going out on weekends, spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, makeup or Starbucks, and planning my finances in advance), I had the opportunity of leaving him in their daycare for an hour every day. Sure, I may be a more extreme example and not everyone may care as much about fitness as I do. But nobody was demoralizing anyone. And obviously *you* are ignorant, because diet drinks? Yeah, everyone always gets a bangin’ body from *that*………… not! Nobody ever said anything about ‘perfect, because perfect is relative – my personal perfect is the body of someone like Nicole Wilkins, Erin Stern or Ava Cowan. Somebody else’s perfect might be Beyoncé or a size 0 model or someone completely else. All I was and am saying is that being a mom is neither a disease nor ‘fate’. But being fit like Jessica Alba (since she was the one people were talking about) requires certain effort and sacrifices, and most people who come up with a long list of why it can’t be done seem to forget one thing: everyone’s day has 24 hours, no exception. And the vast majority of us are NOT stinking rich. It all comes down to what you make of that.

  • Lesbian

    Wow! Looking hot!!

  • lynne


  • me


  • @

    I know regular women who have nannies and are still overweight and out of shape. These celebs are vain and egoistic plus are succommed to critics every day so thats why theyre more likely to have top notch bodies.

  • LooseLipz

    The scar looks more like that of a tummy tuck folks. By the way, she is very obsessed about her body, and in my opinion, too thin. Her mother is heavy and I think she fears losing control. She looks great after giving birth when her body is more feminine and curvy.

  • Cash

    Oh yeah. New Jessica bikini pics. Will enjoy…. ;)

  • Yohji

    I nod off just looking at her. Is there a more vanilla person in Hollywood?

  • Lulani

    She did have a c section
    She said this years ago and even posted a pic with her scar!
    So yup
    That’s a c section scar