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Katie Holmes: 'Dead Accounts' with Suri!

Katie Holmes: 'Dead Accounts' with Suri!

Katie Holmes carries her bundled up daughter Suri into the Music Box Theater for a matinee performance of Dead Accounts on Wednesday (January 2) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress prepped to do one of her final shows that day – Dead Accounts will be closing early on January 6, a month earlier than expected.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Grab your tickets while you still can!

The day before, Katie was spotted with a big smile while heading into the theater for an evening performance.

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katie holmes dead accounts with suri 01
katie holmes dead accounts with suri 02
katie holmes dead accounts with suri 03
katie holmes dead accounts with suri 04
katie holmes dead accounts with suri 05
katie holmes dead accounts with suri 06

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  • tsquared

    Wow Jared, you must have done it–Dead Accounts is up 10 percent and about $100k. Too late to save it, but needed money in the coffers.

  • Yohji

    TWO posts in a row? Obsessed.

  • tara

    Suri is almost 7 years old and still being carried-why am I not surprised?

  • jess

    Another post about this nobody?That’s what a slow day does…with the lack of posts about relevant celebrities,you posted another “new” about this talentless wannabe.And when will she allow the kid to grow up?Suri must be treated as a little girl,not a carried little baby.

  • Unknown
  • Deanna

    At least Katie was paying attention this time and had Suri wear tights.

  • Dirk

    Seriously. I think I’ve seen the words “Dead Accounts” at least 20 times on this website. Can we just give it a rest already?

  • Charlotte

    @tara: Have you ever seen videos of these two walking on the street? There are at least 30 paparazzis around them, with their annoying flashes and shouting. I dont like Katie or even Suri, but I can perfectly understand why she carries her daughter almost all the time.

  • Leslie

    Suri is going to be the biggest brat on the planet …(if she’s not already)

  • ace11

    Jake Gyllenhaal is getting on this now?

  • Lenny

    @Charlotte: I only hope she doesn’t carry Suri until she’s 18…lol.This girl is being spoiled,if they continue spoiling her,she will be an annoying teenager.If she doesn’t want Suri to be followed by the paps,she should stop doing photo ops with her.Suri doesn’t seem to like being photographed anyway,she could go to the theater or another place and leave Suri at home with a nanny,she has money to hire one.She only does photo ops with the girl to get attention to herself.

  • Kekke

    The brat getting carried again! Dont be surprisedif she is still carried a few more years. Still on the bottle at night too. Ugh

  • Kekke

    Totally ridiclious and pitiful carrying the big brat! Suri is goi g to have big issues if not already

  • Charlotte

    @Lenny:Of course Suri doesn’t like it. Just look the pictures. Seems she’s crying. You’re right, she is spoiled, but I’ve just said that, once they are in the street, its normal that Katy hitch up her daughter, Suri is scared.

  • Chloe

    To all you haters out there now you can shut up about Suri not wearing pants. Guess what she is wearing? You go girl, tell those paps off!

  • lr

    No talent Katie should take Suri and move back home to Ohio near family and friends. Suri is going to have major issues if she doesn’t by now.

  • truth

    just as expected, as soon as suri was with kho, must be photoed, poor girl.

  • jen

    brat is still being carried like a baby

  • Ellgy

    Suri looks distressed in these photos. I wish people would stop crowding around celebrities when they are with their children. Katie still has a silly smile on her face. She should show how she really feels about the intrusion.

  • truth

    jake may be scared to find a girlfriend as fast as he can. go away! gold digger!

  • martha

    Dead accounts….again?

  • Don


  • rubyz

    Holmes decided when Suri was an infant that she would be raised in the public eye (Mommy’s meal ticket). STILL, she has not been responsible enough to teach her little daughter a single COPING skill. Yes, Suri is afraid and distressed; the question is WHY … for better or for worse, her mother has decided the press will be part of her daily life, don’t you think it is incumbent upon Holmes to TEACH her how to cope? And by coping, I don’t mean clinging, cowering, clutching, and being carried. Does NOT look emotionally healthy at all.

  • rubyz

    @tara _____ Actually, Suri is almost 8 and still being carried!

  • Liz

    Well, hopefully by the time Suri is 30, people will stop carrying her!

  • Tiff

    Oh Tom cruise must be an Angel? He’s always with suri.

  • Hamlet

    You’re an idiot, #16.

    You’re an idiot too, #23.

  • i want a talle man
  • check this out katie’s quotes

    old news but i can’ t belive katie holmes said this after her divorce….

  • annie

    you people must be the biggest whiners on earth, those paps are so in their face. you guys are so sad, it’s painful to read your comments
    all you say is:
    why is she papped everyday
    why is she carrying suri
    why is she doing this
    why isn’t she doing that
    why isn’t suri wearing this that or the other
    why is she out with her daughter
    why doesn’t she stay home
    why doesn’t she leave suri with a nanny
    why doesn’t she find somewhere to live where the paps won’t find them
    why why why
    whinge whinge whinge
    all I see is a woman going to work taking her daughter to work with her, and they are surrounded by about 50 paps from the left, right ,back, and front, and a little girl who is scared of them, what’s the big drama, that you all go on like nosy so and so’s!

  • annie

    #28& #29
    did you hear her say it, i didn’t……oh yes it was an inside source, KH confided to. honestly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tsquared

    @Ellgy: @Charlotte

    Actually Suri is not all that distressed. She dropped her stuffed animal and is crying because she “lost” it. One of the paps picks it up and gives it to her. (on FB search for Loving Katie Holmes and you can see the sequence). She is playing Katie and Katie plays into it. Put the kid down and let her walk. Cruise is the one that said “it is what it is.” If he truly wanted privacy for Suri he would have made sure she had it when she was living with him. You can bet your bottom dollar you won’t see William and Kate’s child being carried like this. You don’t see the JP kids being carried like this. You never saw William and Harry being carried like this–and they all are surrounded by just as many if not more paps than Suri is. Their parents were able to teach them to ignore the paps and go from Point A to B without melting down constantly. Tom and Katie obviously have been unable to do this with Suri.

  • annie

    my friend t squared
    love ” loving katie holmes’ facebook site…best pics ever, but i can’t see the sequence of pics , are we looking at the same thing?

  • Homy

    It looks like she made bad decisions, all her tv shows sucks, her movies sucks, obviously, she tried to get her career back thinking divorced tom cruise would help her, she thought she knows what she wanted, but it turned out against her. Sad…… Ending of her acting career, that woman just can’t act…

  • Bias

    I have not seen any photos of Tom cruise with suri for months, obviously he is very good on hiding her when he’s with her. Katie Holmes is Careless about how freaky her daughter is when comes to paparazzi. Suri looks scared, shy, when paparazzi around, Katie, please think about your kid, not yourself, for her sakes.

  • siennagold

    Why is this kid being carried at age 8!

  • Lorna

    Tom Cruise sempre foi obcecado por midia. A viagem a Disney foi sua despedida com Suri. A sua popularidade está lá embaixo, ele nunca iria se privar de lançar fotos com a menina. Esses encontros não existem (ação de graças, fim de ano) Katie ameaçou contar a verdade sobre quem é o pai biológico, Tom tinha mais a perder com o escândalo.

  • Lorna


    Na verdade o óbvio é que estes encontros não existem. A disney foi a despedida.

  • Sincerely concerned

    A remake of Breakfast at Tiffanies!!!

  • tsquared


    You have to blow them up to see it. The pictures are also not in sequence. You can see the stuffed animal when she is walking. Then she is carrying it for awhile. Then there is a pic of it on the ground and somewhere in there is when she loses it (crying for her stuffed animal). The pap picks it up and you can see a sequence where she is reaching her arm out and the pap gives her the stuffed animal.

    I love this site too. I wish all the stars I follow (both the ones I like and the ones I don’t) had similar sites for pictures! I’d love one like this for Kidman (as you probably can guess) , Aniston, the JP’s, Chris Helmsworth, , Depp, Cruise, and all the non-popular ones in blogs like DiNiro, Streep, Blanchett, etc. Of course, I already spend way too much time on here….!

  • jen

    It’s strange that a girl that big would jump up in her mothers arms crying because she dropped a stuffed toy. First of all, a normal girl that age would not be in her mothers arms, and secondly, a normal girl that age would just pick her toy up, and not cry like a baby.
    I wonder what is that child’s emotional maturity is, because she really acts like a baby.

  • Diane

    @jen: #41

    That is one strange mother, daughter. Suri seems to have the emotional maturity of a 2 year old.

  • Diane

    I take that back, Suri’s emotional maturity is even younger than 2.
    My 2 year old is more mature than Suri.

  • Ted

    Idiots on parade.