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Kristen Stewart Covers 'V' Magazine Spring Preview 2013!

Kristen Stewart Covers 'V' Magazine Spring Preview 2013!

Kristen Stewart graces the cover of the Spring Preview 2013 issue for V magazine, on newsstands now!

Here’s what the 22-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On feeling stronger: “I have realized that you can close yourself off to life if you put walls up, but it’s a difficult thing,” she says. “You can’t see over, people can’t see in, and you also can’t see out. So I’ve gotten quite comfortable with just being unafraid. I keep saying the same thing: it’s not about being fearless but really just embracing the fears and using them.”

On her new film On the Road: “I would have done anything, I would have played any part,” says Stewart. “Marylou is remarkable because she’s got a tough core. When you’re a teenager, a year can be crippling to maneuver through. You’re just out there questioning things, and so to be completely okay with that and not think that there’s anything wrong with you, that’s something I’ve recently understood. I’m 22. Marylou started this whole thing when she was 15.”

On her future: “I am not closed off to anything right now. That is what I was saying about not having any more walls up. I don’t want to deprive myself of any bit of life.”

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108 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Covers 'V' Magazine Spring Preview 2013!”

  1. 1
    RupertSanders Says:


  2. 2
    Elizabeth Says:

    She looks like she has consumption. Also, am I the only one who just doesn’t think she is attractive?

  3. 3
    RUPSTEN Says:

    i hope she and rupert are back 2getherrr

  4. 4
    jj Says:


  5. 5
    Mar Says:

    She’s like trying too hard in those pics omg so awkward

  6. 6
    janekay Says:

    absolutely gorgeous!

  7. 7
    Kellsey Says:

    OMG it’s so funny to think she got mad because she’s not even considered for the Oscars this year, like, honey, puh leaseee

  8. 8
    Lily1836 Says:

    if she’s really all about being open to life and not closed off then could she please get all that hair out of her face ?
    it’s ridiculous

  9. 9
    trey Says:

    as Carl responded I didnt know that a single mom can earn $8730 in 4 weeks on the computer. have you read this web link.

  10. 10
    Omar Says:

    i dont care what anyone thinks , i think she and rupert REALLY made a nice couple. like she looked so in love with him… no im not kidding.
    she looked happy

  11. 11
    andy Says:

    used to love this chick… now please go away!!!

  12. 12
    KS is BS Says:

    oh for goodness sake will this no talent just go away…and take her twi hard fans with her. nobody wanted to see this boring film or her tat tahs.

  13. 13
    F Off Says:


  14. 14
    Pearl Says:

    Her attitude of ‘i’m not like most girls, i’m shy and awakward’ annoys mw to no end, like honey if u wanted to be shy and dont talk to anyone and **** like why the f did u decide to become an actress in the first place?

  15. 15
    Tynel Says:


  16. 16
    OLIVE Says:

    Rupsten is love

  17. 17
    Sarah Says:

    OMG KSLUT IS SO W.H.O.R.E in these pictures. Rob in 2013 i hope you break up with this C.U.N.T

  18. 18
    rupert's boot-y call Says:

    Uh oh StewTwat is back!

  19. 19
    Sarah Says:


  20. 20
    Maggie Says:

    WHY ROB? WHY THIS S.L.U.T. Boy you can do so much better.

  21. 21
    Joanie Says:

    you guys try so hard.
    she looks hot

  22. 22
    ace11 Says:

    Wonder what Rob thinks about the fact that Rupert had his way with his women??

  23. 23
    Kim Says:

    she’s so tomboy OMG Run Rob Run

  24. 24
    Melissa Says:


  25. 25
    Bess Says:

    Man that dress is super long on Kristen. How tall is she?

  26. 26
    Message Says:

    I mean… They couldn’t get any better pictures of her? This is supposed to be a reputable fashion magazine, right? She looks legitimately nasty… Like dirty and unkempt. And the whole open mouth trying to be sexy thing is not working for her. At all. Ever.

  27. 27
    Sam Says:

    I like her but she should not do covers if she does not have anything to promote. Her PR people should know that and stop overexposing her. She did more than her share of promoting On the Road since her role is a small supporting one. She looks better in regular photos when she is not made up and posing. She is a very naturally beautiful girl but most photos don’t capture it. I would like for her to start smiling since things seem to be looking up plus it would her with leaving the past behind and moving one.

  28. 28
    LOL Says:

    now this joke wants to be in an ensemble with Jennifer Lawrence?! Oh H3LLL NO! Jennifer is a bona fide actress with Talent with a capital T…You dearie are a hack.

  29. 29
    Steve Says:

    Big ears, otherwise sexy cover. Love her eyes

  30. 30
    Tarkan Says:

    very nice Kristen ♥

  31. 31
    Lailah Says:

    She really doesn’t look half bad in these pics! The only issue is the greasy hair, awkward poses, and her mouth being open like that!

  32. 32
    Sweetness Says:

    Who is more annoying on this site Kim Kardashian or Kristen Stewart?
    Over exposed.

  33. 33
    Rose Says:

    An interviewer just needs to come out and ask her… “How does it feel being gross?” I want to see an answer for that.

  34. 34
    flint Says:

    She looks like SADAKO from the the movie the “The Ring” here – a TOTAL homely-creepy lesbo!

  35. 35
    V Says:

    Whoa it’s like the haters stalk everything Kristen. This has just been posted and haters are here attacking like feral dogs.

    Kristen is naturally beautiful. Love the photo shoot and interview.

  36. 36
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    Happiness is a warm Kristen Stewart…

  37. 37
    Nightwish Says:

    Is she still getting downvotes for positive comments? Kristen looks so young, so beautiful, so anguished, so hot. When will everyone forgive her for that mistake? Will they ever?

  38. 38
    Aurora Says:

    She looks like the grudge.

  39. 39
    OTR Says:

    She looks stunning.

  40. 40
    rikki Says:

    thank God there is no video. she is the most irritating human being to watch and listen to. this shoot is kind of awkward to me, but i guess it captures her for who she really is – a bland and awkward tomboy with minimal talent.

  41. 41
    lol Says:

    she’s not likable…hollywood media gave her too much credit claiming she was the reason for the success of Twilight and SWATH..all those movies starred actors that people liked…such as Pattinson, Lautner and Charlize Theron…yet somehow its credited to her. She’s only became famous because Robert Pattinson dated her. It has nothing to do with her being a good actor. FACT.

  42. 42
    Yawn Says:

    White trash!!

  43. 43
    kdjfle Says:

    Does this girl EVER stop promoting herself? And she says she hates people looking at her and being famous blah blah blah. This talentless attention seeking ho needs to be stopped. There are much better talented actresses out there that don’t even do this type of attention seeking and get better jobs than her.

  44. 44
    Kardashian 4 Says:

    At this point, I’m wondering if she’s more annoying and overexposed than Kim Kardashian.

  45. 45
    wtf Says:

    Who in the world talks like that? She’s so far up her own a$s that it’s not even funny. I wish Hollywood would just throw her out.

  46. 46
    devoutkristen Says:

    Some of you people are bitter, jealous and ugly, not to mention fat. Kristen is a doll, a babe, a goddess. If she wants to taste life, all of life, then get out of her way. I wonder if all you pin-heads who bad-mouth her ever change your underwear? I bet there are some wicked brown streaks down under.

  47. 47
    Warren Says:

    Kristen is so sexy. She has hot eyes and real kissable lips. What a woman!

  48. 48
    ^^ WTF ! Says:

    @devoutkristen, how old are you? If you’re older than 11 then you are sick in the head. Don’t obsess over someone you don’t know personally and never will.

  49. 49
    ms grey Says:

    haters are always the first ones writing and they have several different aliases so they can post more than once. Get a life losers! try reading a book for a change or actually talk face to face to someone. mix it up a bit, then you might not be so miserable.

  50. 50
    anna Says:

    she looks like a crazy

  51. 51
    nina Says:

    @LOL: what? when did she say she wants an ensemble with Jen? She better stay the fack away!!

  52. 52
    LOL Says:


    There’s an excerpt of her it she says she wants to do an ensemble with other actresses citing Jennifer Lawrence…She’s delusional and needs to realize Lawrence has range. Of course this is her feeble attempt of acknowledging she can’t sell a movie on her own but needs to be around a better actress.
    Don’t do it Jennifer..You’ll be wasting your talent sharing screen time with this talentless slapper.

  53. 53

    me hacen reir esto yankees que se creen UNICOS, la cerda de lawrence no tiene talento, nadie vio sus pelicula?, solo pone cara de petera, y sus enormes cachetes inflados, muestra su trasero grande ese es el talento?
    kristen hasta hizo explotar sus vasos sanguineos a proposito en sus peliculas


  54. 54
    Emma Says:

    Damn it, was hoping to not have to see her face this year. But here she is, parading herself around as always, and the funny thing is she always complains about all of the attention.

  55. 55
    Milly Says:

    @RupertSanders: LOVE YOU KRISTEN

  56. 56
    Milly Says:

    Beautiful Kristen-you go girl!

  57. 57
    Milly Says:

    Pack of hyenas on here-vicious nasty beasts

  58. 58
    alice Says:

    don’t like her .she so boring

  59. 59
    Suz Says:

    What sad jealous people.

  60. 60
    Olivia Says:

    She’s pretty but so boring

  61. 61
    bobbi Says:

    For someone who has been directly quoted as “not caring what people think” …why bother doing this interview.

    To promote her film, oops!

  62. 62
    EllaBlue Says:

    I am so sick of this attention-hungry twat claiming she doesn’t like to be looked at or noticed. Her actions clearly do not back up what she says. People who dislike attention don’t sign onto blockbuster film franchises and to represent fashion/perfume lines. Kristen should really take a step back and reevaluate her shtick, but she’s stuck in a 2 yr old’s mentality of ” If I say it, they’ll believe it.”

  63. 63
    notafan Says:

    I don’t even feel like making any comment about her anymore. She’s becoming boring

  64. 64
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    The second photo above says, ‘I like to watch…’

  65. 65
    yepr Says:

    wide open V magazine

  66. 66
    Hello Directors? Says:

    No Walls
    Open for Business
    Come and Get IT

  67. 67
    notafan Says:

    I was surprised there are no swear words in here, but then I read the whole interview and obviously you get to read the slew of f-words. I think if people swear in a humorous way, or when they are in bad temper, its fine. You don’t just go Hello! I am f-ucking Kristen Stewart. How the fu-ck are you doing? I’m doing f-ucking amazing.
    See how bad that sounds. Stop swearing Kristen

  68. 68
    Lana Says:

    LOOL people are so fun , I agree with all the thumbs up !

  69. 69
    Natalie Says:

    I really admire the cast of Twilight for quitting smoking just to be good role models, it seems to me that she’s better than other celebrity like Miley Cyrus who did the opposite..

  70. 70
    MiniCooper windows R tinted Says:

    “You can’t see over, people can’t see in, and you also can’t see out.”

  71. 71
    Chelsey Says:

    I’m just glad she will no longer be riding on the coat tails of Pattinson and the Twilight franchise. It’s make or break time for this annoying gal. We’ll see if she succeeds or fades.

  72. 72
    Steph Says:

    On her future: “I am not closed off to anything right now. That is what I was saying about not having any more walls up. I don’t want to deprive myself of any bit of life.” – Red flag for Rob if you know what I’m sayin.

  73. 73
    Name Says:

    She is trying to come across as sexy vixen/seductress in these pics and failing miserably at it.

  74. 74
    BarneyLegendary Says:

    Meeeh…always this half opened mouth and that bored and stoned look. I’m so tired of her. Nevertheless that girl can do, what ever she want – but I really hope directors or producers will not give her new jobs in big or great movie productions, because destroys all of them with her bad acting skills.

  75. 75
    BarneyLegendary Says:

    Sorry, I forgot the “she”

  76. 76
    beta Says:

    i will never understand why haters continue to comment on every post about kristen. its a new year, move on and get on with your lives instead of wasting time complaining over and over again about someone you do not like

  77. 77
    beta Says:

    @Chelsey: her career will be perfectly fine, the fact of the matter is that people will always want to know what she is doing including those who say they “hate her” otherwise they would not pay attention to her interviews or watch her films just to complain about how bad an actress they think she is

  78. 78
    winkmillionaire Says:

    Wow… So beautiful. My friend Ashley is also a beautiful girl. Recently she is dating a millionaire, whom she met on ~~ẂίnkMillionaire. Ç0M. It is a rich dating site where lots of attorneys, political figures, investors, entrepreneurs, doctors, and professional athletes are seeking true love.

  79. 79
    nt Says:

    It’s nice to hear Rob and Kristen are having a great time over the New Yr. with their friends in London.And this is a brand new year people if you don’t like her fine so why bother to seek out articles about her,me thinks the lady protests to much anyhow Rob and Kristen are moving on with their life while the rest are stuck living in the past.I wish Rob and Kristen the best of everything in 2013.

  80. 80
    Justin Aniston Says:

    The illuminat look is getting SO old.

  81. 81
    Dirkstar Says:

    V – The Aliens Are Coming !
    The Aliens, That Cannot Be Faithful !
    And Kristen Is Her Queen !
    Beware! – The Earth Is In Danger !
    Their Invasion Has Just Begun !
    V – They Are More Dangerous Than Vampires !
    Coz´ They Are All Unfaithful !
    V – Their Females Don´t Need A V****tor !
    Coz´ They Are All Unfaithful !
    The Earth Is In Danger !

  82. 82
    Eva Says:

    she is sooooooooooooo beautiful !!!!!!
    everyone hates her now, but you dont have any reason!!! you can not like her, but hate?!?!? it is to dont know her!!!

  83. 83
    Ann Says:

    @Kim: There’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy, there’s something wrong with trying so hard to look edgy and badass and unique…embarrassing

  84. 84
    Maria Says:

    Go away *****! i am tired of looking at your ugly face, for someone who doesn’t like fame sure puts herself out there a lot.

  85. 85
    mamee Says:

    So nice to see a fashion icon on V’s cover! NOT.

  86. 86
    tia maria Says:

    looks like the haters are out in force as per usual, gotta love them though as their comments always make me laugh.

    are you all bored or something? hating on someone does not make you a nice person or cool, just makes y’all sound like idiots

  87. 87
    Hot?! Says:

    Don’t like her that much but gotta admit she looks hot in these photos

  88. 88
    Chelsey Says:

    @beta: I wouldn’t consider myself a hater nor a fan. I do find her very annoying..she is a terrible interview and she just seems so uncomfortable in her own skin although she tries to portray herself as anything but. So far, two movies that she was slated for fell through. She will really need to prove herself in whatever film she does next. HW is brutal anyway but she really shot herself in the foot with this fiasco with Rupert Sanders.

  89. 89
    fresherdam Says:

    the vampire look in twilight suits her but it does not mean that every time she has to give the same vampire expression. kristen, besides being famous is not that favourite among public. right?

  90. 90
    beta Says:

    @Chelsey: what two movies? if your talking about cali as one of them, she chose to drop out of that project while Focus does not start filming until april

  91. 91
    Taylor Says:

    It seems that all comments on this page are from haters, come on…they’re just jealous because they know that Kristen Stewart is a million times better than all of them together, they are stupid and ridiculous. So..get over it haters, she’s better than all of you ..!

  92. 92
    EllaBlue Says:

    Kristen fans: please, please, please quit calling everyone with a valid criticism of your idol a ‘hater.’ I don’t think any of us that complain that Kristen is very, very different from the image she tries so desperately to portray sit around thinking of Kristen day in and day out. We have a right to our opinions and to even point out the differences is who Kristen says she is varies from who she is by her actions. She describes herself over and over as honest, real, shy, a real actor, and unwilling to sell herself to rep a brand. However, she has been shown to lie, sneak around, famewhore, and sign onto a beauty campaign within months of saying that’s something she’d never do.

    My goal in pointing her inconsistencies out is that some of the twihards who think she does no wrong and take her at her word realize that she is giving sound bites of what she thinks/has been told sounds good. She is no role model. People who are out buying up everything she wears or says she likes worry me. Find someone who is worthy and appreciative of your admiration! Doctors who save lives, teachers who do the same (and I don’t just mean like the ones in the CT shooting did), and maybe even your own parents!

  93. 93
    Caitlin Says:

    Who picked this dress.

  94. 94
    A Says:

    The cover shot looks like she is dying.I guess they wanted to go for sexy dying woman look lol

  95. 95
    beta Says:

    @EllaBlue: well then tell people who keep calling anyone who says anything bad about jennifer lawrence a “krisbian” when they just are stating an opinion.

    but i agree with not everyone is a hater that says something bad against kristen. tbh the haters i mention are the ones who actually go on every post about kristen and say the same thing over and over again so haters does not refer to everyone who says something negative

  96. 96
    beta Says:

    actually to add to my comment above this one, anyone who says anything remotely nice about kristen e.g she looks nice in that outfit(not referring to the clothes she is wearing in this magazine) is called a krisbian

  97. 97
    aquarius64 Says:

    Who made the decision about this photoshoot? I thought she was on the road (no pun intended) to rehabilitate her image. These pics only serve to reinforce the negative perceptions of her: greasy hair, slouchy posture, nasty demeanor. The gear she wore on the cover looks TOO much like what she wore in the Mini-Cooper. The cover says “Trampire-and proud of it”. The article also validates the verbal diarrhea meme that hits her when she gives interviews. Let’s face it: if Rob didn’t take her back and the last Twilight didn’t rake in a ton she would be done by now. But Kristen can’t use the franchise as a shield or a means to stay in the news anymore; hence the interviews and photoshoots. I think she and her team need to go back to the drawing board; for this type of publicity only shows she is nothing but tabloid fodder. Not all publicity is good publicity, no matter what her fans say. And she will not completely live down her “momemtary indiscretion”; the media will NEVER let the public forget it.

  98. 98
    A Says:

    @aquarius64: IA with you and she also needs to stop trying to come across as deep or fierce because that’s just absurd at this point

  99. 99
    Guest Who? Says:

    There are many jealous young women commenting on this site. What happened you weren’t able to get your picture on the cover of a magazine?
    Isn’t it ironic that your jealousy is consuming your self-image. Kristen is one of the top paid actress. What are your accomplishments?

  100. 100
    jen Says:

    Those who are complaining about the photos and blaming kris for them cannot be that stupid.
    It is a job. She gets some input but mostly the mag sets the stage.
    She has even said that she only gets 30 mins prior to events to see what she is wearing!!
    Also it amazes me that those who hate her give the time to read other post and then even more time to post a comment that is so lame and childish???
    I like the the pics. So there!

  101. 101
    aquarius64 Says:

    @Guest Who?: Kristen is more famous now because she was on top of RUPERT. Fans like you, jen and others who defend her mean NOTHING to this girl. You’re just an income source to her. She’ll put out an image for you to lap up so you will part with your money. She likes her fans because they enrich her bank account. She showed her true self when she was caught calling a group of Twilight fans “retards” and she had to walk that back real fast. That’s why people rail against her and particularly her fans: you adore a girl that has utter contempt for you.

  102. 102
    Haters Know Nothing Says:

    @RUPSTEN: Guess they forgot to tell you losers. shes in London with Rob. enjoy it haters lol!

  103. 103
    Haters Know Nothing Says:

    lol! Guess you losers didnt like the new pic of Rob and kristen on NYE huh! tee hee !

  104. 104
    aquarius64 Says:

    @Haters Know Nothing: No more than you who probably had a nervous breakdown when the Kristen/Rupert cheating pictures surfaced…as well as her public confession to doing Rob WRONG.

  105. 105
    Sorry sheep Says:

    @Haters Know Nothing: they r clearly reconciled as friends bc they r n same circle and clearly it makes good financial sense to b seen regularly to keep their flock strung happily along steady until the DVD surfaces. Use your imagination followers. No sightings of any lip locks ,no surprise…tee hee

  106. 106
    Sorry sheep Says:

    Those NYE shots were from dec 29th date w their huge group of friends. Hardly romancing her.

  107. 107
    Kate Says:

    @Lily1836: It’s only a photoshoot, at least she’s more natural than all Hollywood fake faces… As for her relationship with Robert, they are a nice couple, but we shouldn’t worry that much about them, since they are celebrities they will break up sooner or later, actually she’s too young to get married now… I think the best choice for her is to take a break, discover life and play as much as she wants and Robert must do the same, then they can be together and make a good mature couple-if it’s meant to be.

  108. 108
    guest Says:

    @Haters Know Nothing: looks like kristen’s stupidity and ugliness has been transmitted to her fan. So sad…

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