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Orlando Bloom Walks Home with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom Walks Home with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom carries his cute son Flynn while returning home after a late afternoon hiking session through Runyon Canyon on Wednesday (January 2) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 35-year-old actor was seen breaking a sweat while taking Flynn on a hike.

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Earlier in the week, Orlando’s wife Miranda Kerr posted a picture and tweeted, “Shine your light in 2013! ☀.” Check out the cute picture below!

FYI: Orlando is using a Deuter kid carrier for his hike.

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Flynn heading home after a hike…

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orlando bloom walks home with flynn 03
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orlando bloom walks home with flynn 09
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78 Responses to “Orlando Bloom Walks Home with Flynn!”

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  1. 26
    huh Says:

    @@Elizabeth…….#15: Yea, with the nanny waiting just off camera for when she gets bored with that bit or the camera stops flashing.

  2. 27
    huh Says:

    @Mika: Hey now! That’s no way to talk about JJ! If it weren’t for him, you’d have no place to go for your stalking.

  3. 28
    ? Says:

    Exactly, not even you can believe it, so why are you forcing yourself yo believe something that ridiculous?

  4. 29
    ? Says:

    Are you serious? Flynn’s eyes are identical to Orlando’s, both in shape and colour

  5. 30
    ? Says:

    I’d say it gets posted in JJ because this is a gossip blog. ALL the celebrities featured here were photographed. So why don’t you pick on ALL the celebrities that show up here?
    And no matter how many times you say it, having a nanny isn’t, nor will ever be a crime

  6. 31
    @Huh Says:

    How psychotic are you picking on a little boy???

    People like you sickos should be banned from here forever.

    What a sad excuse for a human being, belittling a child because you’re so jealous of his mum…….weirdo!!!

  7. 32
    KAY blood Says:

    She did have her rings on in the photos of them visiting at Christmas – people must be blind. These two aren’t splitting up, they are not typical Hollywood, thank goodness.

  8. 33
    @22,@24 Says:

    You are incredibly f*cking stupid! You must be definitely on something!

  9. 34
    flynnkerrfre@k Says:

    Flynn “Aussie through and through” Kerr is SO CUTE!!!!

  10. 35
    People Says:

    People should know how Miranda has cheated on her husband with both Bieber and Leo.

  11. 36
    @People Says:

    Do tabloids pay you to spread utterly ridiculous rumours?
    Justin Bieber has the skin of his face more hairless than a baby’s bum, and Miranda met Leo in the company of several other people.

    It’s crazy how you’re willing to believe any piece of s*it by very doubtful sources but immediately discard sources like Orlando’s mother.

  12. 37
    People Says:

    @@People: If your mother knows everything that’s going on in YOUR relationship then I feel sorry for you.

  13. 38
    @People Says:

    That’s ok, I feel sorry for you if you don’t trust your mother enough to tell her if your relationship is fine or not. I’ve never hidden anything to mine, we trust each other.
    But back on topic, YES, I obviously believe his mother knows much more about it than your typical “witnesses claim” from sh+tty tabloids with the agenda of selling more.

  14. 39
    @People Says:

    And for goodness sake, you don’t need to hide all the comments that don’t contain irrational hatred, they’re not going to bite you.

  15. 40
    People Says:

    @@People: No worries. I’m just hiding all the comments made by YOU.

  16. 41
    @People Says:

    Congratulations! All that sentence is true except for one word. Did it hurt? Saying a truth, I mean.

  17. 42
    People Says:

    @@People: Oh man, it’s going to be so sweet when how much Miranda Kerr’s cheated on her husband finally blows up in your face….looking forward to it. Also, buy a dictionary.

  18. 43
    @People Says:

    I bet I speak your language much better than you’d speak mine, but thanks for your correction(?)
    Gotta go. Keep the good work censoring opinions and looking forward to the divorce of the parents of a two year old, which I doubt will happen soon.

  19. 44
    People Says:

    @@People: Thanks, I will! And it’ll happen sooner than you think, my sweet.

  20. 45
    dusty Says:

    @@Huh:?? all they said was he looks like his mum? Nowear near psychotic. Only you seem to think that’s belittling. Why shouldn’t they teach him to get used to the paps and not cry and whatnot? Your the one coloring in blanks & it isnt pretty.

  21. 46
    ----- Says:

    And why, in the name of hell, you hide comments from 3 to 7? And 10? Is that bothering you? And comments 1, 20, 24 you show to everyone? You definitely have problems with your brain when you decide to hide comment like ‘Flynn is cute and orlando is gorgeos’ and comments like ‘I’m sure Miranda is doing something more important like sleeping with Justin Bieber again’ you show up! I’m telling you: go to mental hospital and never come back. Stay there forever!

  22. 47
    ----- Says:

    You deserve it!

  23. 48
    Ha! Says:

    Oh, let the idiots have their fun.
    I just think that it is hilarious that all of the work they have to do to give all of those thumbs down, has the opposite effect of what they want. The more they hide, the more people want to see what got hidden.
    I bet every person who pulls up these threads ALWAYS clicks to show the comment. I know that I sure do. It’s just human nature to be curious about something that someone doesn’t want us to see. So keep on thumbing down! We will all keep looking.
    It also proves that these idiot haters are AFRAID OF THE TRUH!!
    Too darn funny!!!!

  24. 49
    Why? Says:

    I know the pic she posted on New Year’s of her hand without her wedding rings is actually from an early 2010 shoot before they were married, but why choose that specific pic to share now? Is she trying to give a hint about their relationship status or just trying to stir up publicity while not much else is going on at the moment?

  25. 50
    @48 Says:

    So true! I enjoy seeing what is so upsetting to people that they have to waste their time trying to hide it.

    Re the photos though, I don’t know who is more adorable, Flynn or Orlando. They are so precious together. There, now, have fun hiding my positive comment!

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