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Orlando Bloom Walks Home with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom Walks Home with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom carries his cute son Flynn while returning home after a late afternoon hiking session through Runyon Canyon on Wednesday (January 2) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 35-year-old actor was seen breaking a sweat while taking Flynn on a hike.

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Earlier in the week, Orlando’s wife Miranda Kerr posted a picture and tweeted, “Shine your light in 2013! ☀.” Check out the cute picture below!

FYI: Orlando is using a Deuter kid carrier for his hike.

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Flynn heading home after a hike…

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orlando bloom walks home with flynn 01
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 02
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 03
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 04
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 05
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 06
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 07
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 08
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 09
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 10
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 11
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 12
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 13
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 14
orlando bloom walks home with flynn 15

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  • SusieQ

    Cute baby but I hope he gets his papa’s curls cause he has no hair in front.

  • Mkless

    Where’s miranda?

  • @49

    Ya know I don’t get the big hoopla about whether she’s wearing her ring or not. Orlando never wears his. I’ve seen where he’s got it on a chain around his neck, but why can’t he just put it on his finger like most people do. He used to wear rings all the time and lots of them. I remember he once had on a big gold band on “that” finger a couple of times early in his relationship with MK, and some fans were freaking about what it meant. Then he finally does get married and suddenly doesn’t want to wear a ring anymore, so why should Miranda.

  • @48…..Ha

    The “hater” hiding the positive comments about Miranda just proves their cowards.

    It’s classic bullying behaviour, they like to dish it out but can’t take it in return.

    But the more they hide the positive comments just shows how popular Miranda is, it defeats the purpose of what their trying to do which is to convince people that she is disliked.

    When in reality their doing the opposite but their too dumb to work that out.

    As for Miranda posting a pic of her hand from 2010, I doubt it even entered her mind about updating the pic to include her wedding ring.

    More than likely she just liked the photo & as she’s so happy in her marriage she didn’t even think about not having her wedding ring on.

    Only the Miranda “haters” would believe their spilting up just because of a photo. The gossip sites post made up BS stories just to get more hits on their sites while the “haters” are desperate for it to be true because their so jealous & envious of Miranda.

    Did you notice their also manipulating her comment page on The Daily Mail site as well with their multiple user accounts? I was thinking about complaining about them the next time their is an article about her.

    But the DM is tricky because they cater to the “haters” by the way they write the articles.

    The journalists use innuendo to inflame the “haters” because they know they then will get more hits. The DM is using them but again because their so filled with hate they don’t realize.

    I tried to defend her a couple of days ago & because my comment hit too close to the nerve the “haters” complained & got my post deleted. So petty, but again just so typical of bullies.

    I don’t have a twitter account but I thought anyone that does could leave a tweet on her Kora site & tell her followers about how she’s being cyber bullied on the DM site so they could defend her & give the “haters” a dose of their own medicine for a day. Could you imagine their reaction….lol.

  • @54

    It just doesn’t seem logical to me to post a picture on new year’s that is over 2 years old and oh so coincidentally let everyone think it is current, without her rings on, just when there has been all this gossip about cheating and splitting up. And I’m sure she knows about those rumors since even Sonia talked about them. Whatever else she is, miranda is not that innocently naive that she didn’t realize that would generate even more talk.

  • aww

    Miranda posted a photo of the three of them on a hike with some friends.
    Sweet pic of Flynn reaching up to hold Orlando’s hand.

  • um
  • @57

    So sad if true…poor Flynn.

  • Nancy

    The rumours have already been denied. @Aww saw the pic of the three of them. Flynn is so cute holding Orlando’s hand. They are a beautiful family. I saw a pic of Orlando, Miranda and Flynn posted on her Instagram. They are clearly together and no truth to the rumours. Hope Flynn has a great birthday. It’s great that he has two parents that love him so much.

  • um

    @Nancy: you can deny a rumor but you & I (and everyone else) can only assume that they aren’t heading for a divorce… so unless we are actually apart of their marriage it’s all speculation

  • @um

    So true. So why perpetuate an old rumor just to stir things up?
    Lainey is the last person to know anything about their marriage. She is just recycling rumors to fill a space. Not to mention that she has resented Orlando ever since he snubbed her after some awards show.
    She’s a pathetic gossip hound who holds a grudge.

  • um

    @@um: why can the last few people reply to each other without being childish but you have to come in and ruin it? Not sure why you feel the need to throw yourself into everyone’s conversation, we were doing fine without your input, thanks.

    And you are the last person to know anything about their marriage (and so am I) Unless you are actually miranda kerr it’s all just speculation!!

  • Comical

    Didn’t realise that this couple was so disliked on here. Miranda must be to blame…lol

  • what

    @Comical: i think laughing at your own sarcastic comment isn’t doing you any favours TBH

  • Comical indeed

    One hater giving negative votes to any minimally positive comment and posting a link to the same site twice. It smells of desperation

  • what

    @Comical indeed: crying over a commenting being ‘thumbed down’ — smells of stupidity.

  • Comical indeed

    I’m not crying over it. I think it’s hilarious, and shows how afraid that hater is that people may read them.

  • what

    @Comical indeed: now you know what people think? personally, im laughing at that crazed fan (this doesn’t include people who like m.k, i’m talking about that ONE who responds to ALL comments)

  • Comical indeed

    What? You’re the one who started responding to my comments. Laugh at yourself if you think that’s so funny.
    What people think may be enigmatic sometimes, but in this case it’s pretty obvious. Why else would they do what they do?

  • Why?

    While I do believe they love Flynn I’m not so sure they love each other, especially whether MK loves OB.

  • @74

    Ha! True she luvs the spotlight. Wonder if he has any idea of all the stuff she posts.

  • Blah

    They are cute together.

  • @71

    After all these years he either knows and doesn’t care or will always be clueless! LOL!

  • Mary

    Flynn will be 2 soon. Can’t believe how much he has grown.

  • Aka

    Thought they lived in Malibu now so why is he still walking in the Hollywood Hills. Or has he moved back there?

  • fan

    they so sweet

  • Comical

    @what: #68

    I don’t care what people think of my comments …I don’t need any favours. I stated my opinion and made a joke. It’s interesting to see how others interpret it though as I wasn’t being sarcastic.

  • West Coast Girl

    So hope this family beats the odds. When a woman gets pregnant and the couple rushes quickly to marry because she got pregnant, it usually ends in a divorce. It’s better to wait till the baby arrives and the relationship adjusts to the baby and new dynamics — like Nicole Richie did. Then get married. Better yet, have a baby AFTER you’re married and settled in first. Men almost rebel against having to marry a woman because she got pregnant. They don’t like feeling forced into it. I’m sure Orlando loves Miranda, but it may be the reason why he’s not proudly showing off a wedding ring on his finger. He may even be more traditional and may have wanted a more traditional type of relationship. The old way is still the best way. And statisically, the first marriages are still the longest. Any coming after, have a higher rate of divorce.