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Rihanna & Chris Brown: Slurpee Craving Stop!

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Slurpee Craving Stop!

Rihanna carries a slurpee while heading to Chris Brown‘s car on Wednesday (January 2) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old singer was seen posing for some pics with a fan.

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The day before, Rihanna posted a picture of herself and tweeted, “Good morning! Still haven’t slept lol #hello2013.” Check out the picture below!

Last week, Rihanna and Chris were spotted in public while attending a Lakers game at Staples Center.

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna and Chris Brown stopping for a slurpee…

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rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 01
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 02
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 03
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 04
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 05
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 06
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 07
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 08
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 09
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 10
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 11
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 12
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 13
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 14
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 15
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 16
rihanna & chris brown slurpee craving stop 17

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  • RupertSanders

    Favorite Couple

  • Asha

    Beyond the fact that they are both famous, I just can’t fathom why she would ever take back a man that did what he did to her. It is one thing to forgive but to go back to an abuser is another thing. She could have any man in the world and she chooses a crackhead looking abuser.

  • andy

    dumb people

  • Yohji

    It took them two days to step out into the New Year in all their famewhoring glory.

  • lynn

    Here we go again. They’re EVERYWHERE! Like what is going on here seriously.

  • nika

    they seem pretty happy and it’s her decision to be in this relationship. She dated couple guys since Chris but nothing obviously worked for her. I would not take guy like this back though.

  • vinha

    For Christ sake..

  • Nietzsche

    Both need to get off the drugs.

  • whatwhat

    No comment is it what it is.

  • janekay

    yes she seems very happy with him…i really hope it works out for them this time..

  • trey

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  • jenn

    without a doubt these are the dumbest people like ever

  • O_O

    That’s HER car Jared!

  • Iris

    Brown looks high as a kite

  • Nerby

    Let them have their moment of being young and foolish. Whether this is doomed in the making, they’re following their hearts. Are we any better or any less than them when it comes to relationships? Seriously? It’s not our business, but as a fan of them both, I hope that if they truly love each other, they would get into couples counseling, so that 2009 is never repeated.

  • Lisa

    One thing I love about Rihanna is how she interacts with her fans, a lot of celebs ignore their fans but she acknowledges her fans every chance she gets, she knows what’s important, those are the people that keep supporting her and she is accessible to them, that is great. As for her and chris, to each his own. Live your life for you and let others worry about their issues that they have with you, it’s their problem not hers.

  • mh

    @Lisa: She can’t sing so she’s thanking them for ignoring her horrible singing. I agree with her living her life but she can’t sing.

  • urbigfatazz

    u just can’t fix stupid ..

  • headline

    for the headlines. going for it. #thingsyoushouldhaveleftin2012

    they’re about that life. worthless media trash.

  • Lailah

    People need to leave them alone. Seriously. She chose to get back with him. It was her decision more than anything to be honest. Why get mad that they’re going to get drinks, laker games, etc? It’s going to happen. You’re going to see them. They’re a couple. You don’t have to like them but why let it bother you? She’s a grown woman and she knows what she’s doing, and if he is who she loves/wants to be with, to each his own.

  • Sandra Renee Hicks

    Hi -

    If Karrueche is inclined…she can admit that she’s desperate…and forsake desperation…

    Of course, we shouldn’t believe all that we read…but if it’s true that after all of the recent media photos of Chris and Rihanna – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years – and Karrueche is still living in Chris’ condo and allowing herself, for the most part, to be financially supported by Chris who obviously is NOT that into her…that signals desperation…

    She managed financially BEFORE she met Chris, though, of course, not as well as she does AFTER Chris – but self-respect is worth MORE than being a kept woman getting bling etc. from a man who has publicly revealed that he’s NOT than into her.

    Karrueche needs to put the kill on her relationship with Chris and move back with her parent(s), if necessary until she can get her own financial independence…


    Team self-respect all the way…

    Karrueche needs to stop begging…. and have some self-respect.
    Obviously, Chris Brown is NOT that into her. Karrueche is not his tax dependent, child or wife. Chris is not the Karrueche welfare agency.


    She posted a pic of her wearing a Chris Brown t-shirt on Christmas morning and on Christmas afternoon he publicly shows up at the Lakers game with Rihanna.

    I believe that it’s been reported that Karrueche and Chris have some sort of business partnership and that she’s his stylist. Well, it’s in her best interest to dissolve the partnership to save herself…

    Karrueche needs to have some control over how she’s treated. Self-love before Chris love. She can choose to refuse to accept his calls… – after she moves from his condo – if she is, in fact, living there.

    It’s been reported that Chris purchased her car. If she has the title – good for her.

    Karrueche needs to stop contacting Chris. That’s the sensible move, – and refuse to accept/respond to his calls, e-mails, texts, tweets… Really – what do they have to talk about that’s in the best interests?…


    Team self-respect – all the way.

    Wednesday January 2, 2013

  • kiki

    Im allowed to my opinion and my opinion is that she is stupid to get back with a guy that destroyed her face and left her to bleed on a road all alone. If some ppl want to forgive and forget, fine, but if we dont support them we are allowed not to and voice our views.

  • Cmee

    wasn’t that Rihanna’s new car she got for Roc Nation?

  • headline

    @Cmee: no it’s not. it’s chris wasting his money on this one.

  • headline

    @headline: hell nah. it is hers. see this is wha they bought that. a toy for chris. :)

  • ChrisBrown

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)


    Actually the car – a $200,000 Porsche Turbo S was a gift from Roc Nation to Rihanna delivered right after her amazing performance on The Voice.

  • ?

    She can do whatever she wants with her life, but this is a terrible, terrible example for young girls. I know it’s not her job to educate children, it’s the job of parents and teachers, but if I were her at least I would try to hide the relationship a little, so young girls don’t think it’s ok to forgive this kind of men…or attempts at men.

  • ness

    it is difficult to comprehend why she would take him back or even be friends with him, guys like him do not change.

  • Olivia

    I like that she stopped to pose for the fan

  • floyd

    I am all for forgiveness. If she is ok with forgiving him and being in a relationship with him then so be it.

  • Roxy

    The next Whitney and Bobby

  • o

    @Roxy: Except Whitney was the one with the drug issues and got Bobby hooked. The Chris/Rihanna situation is the opposite.

  • hm

    It is her choice who she wants to date, i agree, but she IS a role model for her fans. Let’s be honest, kids listen to celebrities more than their parents. But if you think that’s an excuse to forgive or even excuse abuse (or say it’s NOT AS BAD as sexual assault) then you’re the lowest form of scum alive. If you think he should have a second chance with anyone then you either need to grow up or visit a women’s shelter and look in the faces of those ladies (and their kids) and tell them it’s OK for a man to put his hands on you

  • KissThis

    Urgh enough of these trash bags. Their relationship is SO unhealthy and they do everything for attention. They’re disgusting.

  • stella

    I do like both of their music but she really is an idiot for taking him back. Just because he put out an extremely fake and scripted apology does not mean that he can’t do it again. So much for staying strong, not only for her fans, but for herself. She just made herself out to be a hypocrite. Not a very good role model if you ask me.

  • Dirkstar

    Nice Porsche, Chris !
    But the heartbeats per minute (hpm) of your heart for Ri should be higher
    than the miles per hour (mph), you can drive your car at maximum speed !
    Then your love is GREAT !

  • Shannon

    Why do any of you care if they’re back together? What effect does their relationship have on your life? .. it’s her decision, if she wants to get back with an “abuser” then that’s her problem, not yours. he beat her, not you, get over it. Seriously, you all need to learn to mind your business.

    If my faves are happy, I’m happy.
    Team Breezy & RihNavy

  • Janene

    Do you Rih Rih, haters are gonna hate