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Vanessa Hudgens: New Year, New Adventures!

Vanessa Hudgens: New Year, New Adventures!

Vanessa Hudgens is boho chic as she and her beau Austin Butler head out to lunch together on Tuesday (January 1) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress recently shared a New Year’s message with her fans.

“Tonight we start a new year!” Vanessa wrote on her blog on NYE. “Cheers to you all for an amazing year and let’s hope 2013 is just as amazing. A new year is a chance to start new adventures and have new goals. What are some of your favorite memories of 2012 and annyyy goals for 2013 lovebugs?”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing the Minnie Rose cashmere shaker hat and a Chan Luu skirt.

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  • Nightwish

    @take a hike: You again. I thought you decided to take a flying f u ck off a cliff after drinking a bottle of wild turkey and shooting yourself in the foot instead of the head

  • take a hike

    @A: I don’t think you should be talking about someone being vapid. You are the queen of vapidity with your hero worship of Ashley Tisdale. Who on earth would choose Ashley Tisdale as their idol? I have no clue what this chick has done since HSM. This girl is going to always be Sharpay.

  • tina

    @Haters Suck!: Wow, now she bad for saying have a good New Year? Where are these people coming from?

  • take a hike

    @Nightwish: Dude, I’ve got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. Just down voted you again.

  • ‘nessa is a Narcissist

    Fur Shur

  • A

    @nightwish well her mother’s been responsible for her education since she was twelve years old. We don’t know what her education level or IQ is itself. Or maybe she allowed Vanessa’s career to come before it. I agree though, she definitely needs to read more, further her brain capacity by taking some courses.

    Ashley is a reader. I know her favorite book is The Great Gatsby, but she sometimes tweets about what novels she’s reading. I remember a while back she was reading a book on JFK. She takes acting courses and different classes and says she always will because there’s always more to learn. And she is a writer, says it would be her career if she weren’t an actress. I remember Zac saying she was very talented and passionate about it. And she’s a visual artist, she’s sold paintings. She’s so intelligent and creative.

  • Nightwish

    @take a hike: Now my little id!iot, you have to embark on the unenviable task of stating why you would choose Vanoompa munchkin as your idol. Consider all of their accomplishments, and speculate where they will be ten years from now. Ashley has brains. Pudgkin is a bit handicapped in that area, im sorry to say. Go. Oh, are you sure you’re not Kelly the Crackhead? She loves to overuse ‘vapid’ as well.

  • Nightwish

    Tina, are you the vanessa fan from Korea? Honest question, no malice intended.

  • A

    @take a hike LOL. I am FAR from vapid. I do adore Ashley. I’ve watched her interviews. She’s intelligent and very witty. I’ve seen Vanessa’s. I honestly can’t say the same is true for her. It’s true Vanessa’s CHARACTER was a brain. But you understand the difference between fact and fiction, right?

  • Haters Suck!

    It’s the world we live in now. Liking people and saying nice things has somehow become unacceptable while hating and being rude has now become “cool”.

  • take a hike

    @A: I think if I called you “pathetic” that would be too kind. You are seriously whacked in the head. I’m sorry you can try to “sell” Ashley all day but I still find the girl boring. The word “Insipid” describes Tisdale completely

  • hello


    Your a guy?

  • samsam

    @A: so you dont like vanessa but you purposely look for threads about her to post pictures of her friend? yeah that makes sense…

  • Nightwish

    @hello: Your question was meant for hatersuck?

  • Haters Suck!

    You see what you want to see from Vanessa. You want to hate on her so you’ll fond any reason to do so even of its crap

  • emma
  • take a hike

    @Nightwish: I’m a dude. Why would I speculate about Tisdale’s future? That’s like me speculating about Kim Kartrashian’s future…could care less. Well even Kimmie K is even more relevant than Tisdale.

  • samsam

    @A: okay i must admit that ashley does seem quite clever and vanessa seems a little different (lol) but shes clearly doing something right unless she wouldn’t be getting movie roles. and u dont have to be clever nowadays, cuz tbh my sisters not that clever but she managed to work in some huge bank in new york. its all about tactics. ashley is getting there though and even though i may not watch scary movie 5, i will watch her future projects as i always have. same with vanessa :)

  • hello


    No, are you a guy?

  • lurker

    Nightwish & A are very entertaining. Thank god for them or these ‘nessa threads would really blow.

  • tina

    @lurker: Then why are you here? Love it when people come to a post with the NAME of someone they are supposedly not interest in to make lame comments. We have more than our share of headcases here, thank you.

  • A

    @samsam To me, I hold intellect near and dear. I value it highly in another individual and I DO think it’s important. Sadly, plenty of people think that being smart is not important.

    It’s not so much about what you’re born with. For instance, if Ashley had an IQ of 140, and Vanessa’s was 115, but Vanessa tried her best to learn more, to read, and to exercise and explore her intellect, I wouldn’t think less of her. But throughout the years I haven’t witnessed any profound growth in what she has to say in her interviews.

    And you see, when it comes to acting, intelligence is important. Doesn’t Vanessa need to be able to grasp the varying levels of depth of her future characters? To critically read a complex script? Do be able to come up on her own with a strong back story for her character, and underlying motives? And who am I to say she doesn’t, but the point is, intelligence is an important factor.

  • claire

    why does vanessa’s posts always have 100+ comments???

  • Alexandra

    and yet all their comments are hidden… LOL
    I already told you, there’s no need to change your name trololololol

  • maria

    @A: You clearly have not read all her interviews, so you’re seeing what you want to see.
    She is very much like Zac, in that she speaks to the kind of questions posed and to the type of publication it is. I have read some inane interviews from Ashley too, so whatever. And her Twitter comments aren’t exactly articulate either. She is also 4 years older, and was at keast 20 when she played a high-schooler in HSM. Of course she’s going to sound older. Vanessa actually WAS a teen in all those interviews. Recent ones in the last few years show a more mature, grounded Vanessa, with more of life under her belt.

  • tina

    Yet for all her intellegence, all I see (except for a movie with the cast of celebrity rehab) are voice overs and tv guest spots in her future. Maybe she’ll produce something and star in it.

  • maria

    Vanessa is also a big reader, just to set the record straight. West Side Story is one of her favorite musicals, and ergo, her love for Natalie Wood.

    I will say, I’m not a fan of the outfit either. Love the sweater, love the dress. Just not together. Skinnies and boots would have looked better with that sweater, and a more delicate sweater would have looked better with that super feminine dress. But I always like that she goes out on a limb with fashion; sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. At least she is unique, and not afraid to try.

  • shahad

    love them

  • maria

    “And you see, when it comes to acting, intelligence is important. Doesn’t Vanessa need to be able to grasp the varying levels of depth of her future characters? To critically read a complex script? Do be able to come up on her own with a strong back story for her character, and underlying motives? And who am I to say she doesn’t, but the point is, intelligence is an important factor.”

    If you don’t mind my saying, Vanessa’s scripts are a bit more profound than playing a cheerleader, a cartoon character, or a bimbo in the 5th installment of a stupid franchise. And I will say this again. A robust vocabulary and ability to write fiction, is not the only measure of intelligence. That is one side of the brain. Literary geniuses don’t have a monopoly on the Einsteins in the world.

  • anney

    she is gorgeous

  • pika

    @maria: i completely agree with your statement. @A says that from certain interviews vanessa doesn’t sound intellectual and that intelligence is important in the industry that is why her role as gabriella did not reflect vanessa’s actually cleverness. however, vanessa’s roles are far more diverse than A thinks. she played a mentally ill patient, a pregnant teen, a crazy college student, and a prostitute. i do think ashley is capable of this, and that is why i am impressed in her role in scary movie 5 as a mother and a wife, but i would really like to see more diversity other than comedy, and sons of anarchy was good but it was only for 2 episodes.

  • florence2

    Not a fan of the outfit but as usual great to see pictures of her and Austin. Bet in 2013 we have a engagement announced and a pregnancy because that outfit certainly look’s like maternity wear.

  • maria

    @florence2: That’s ridiculous. Why is a loose dress always thought to be maternity wear? Yesterday, the Stooges were mulling why she looked too thin in that long red coat. Please, use your head. She is not getting married or wanting to get pregnant.

  • e


    You mentioned somewhere a few pages back that you believe those that have said some nasty things about Vanessa, but since I’ve heard nothing but bad things said about Ashley, does that mean that I should believe them as well, because in that case Ashley defiantly doesn’t seem like a very nice person to be around.

  • e

    I agree with what all the actually great people on this thread have said. There are several different types of intelligence, non which is better than the other, there is the s.k “book-smart”, but there is also people smart, you know, someone who knows people and can get along with all kinds of people, and there are survival smart, and those especially are Vanessa’s kind of intelligence, she is obviously one of those people who everyone who meets her like and who can talk to everyone, but she also have the survival instinct that will always impress me because very few people have it, and by that I mean that she have the natural ability to handle hard things with grace and knowing how to but those hard thing behind her and that’s impressive in of itself. I also have the feeling that if you put Vanessa and Ashley in the jungle somewhere Vanessa would either be the one who would find her way out and survive or she would help Ashley out as well, because by those two it’s obvious who the survivor is. Besides, I’ve read Ashley’s tweets and a lot of her comments on interviews and if I didn’t know better I would believe that they were all made by a 15 year old so if what A is saying is true about how smart Ashley really is since it doesn’t come across very often you shouldn’t call anyone else unintelligent when that person may not say everything right.

  • UK

    Vanessa is dressed for comfort and there is nothing wrong with that. She is still a beautiful girl even if she were wearing a potato sack and Ugg boots. Can’t wait to see her movies this year particularly Spring Breakers. Hopefully this year year she will gain some new fans as well. I have been following Vanessa for five years. I’m proud of how far she has come and the haters are not going to change that.

  • Nightwish

    Truth is, our hero has felt the need to make a dressing spectacle of herself just to get people to look at her. Who dresses like that just going around? Insecure much?

  • Nightwish

    Is she in the chocalate chip cookiemaking business now? Keebler Elf, anyone? Lol!


    Oh NightWish will you just shut up! You sound like a drag queen if I may say so, b I t c h I n g all the way. Your New Year must have been a drag alright. : )

  • Roxie

    Does anyone even care about this washed up has been? She is so not relevant anymore.

  • BO

    you oncofool , you smoothly blamed that blue p.ussy thing in the previous post on me , didn’t ya saying i’m the vulgar one . i have no qualms of using vulgar words on a forum , but that wasn’t me . good work whoever did it . i thought it was A .

  • D

    I think it should be “hobo” instead of boho…gross.

  • maria

    @UK: I agree, UK!













  • A

    @maria Look. Tina’s going to jump in talking a whole lot about sh!t she knows nothing about, I’m sure, but I’ve studied acting. Done theater all my life. Attended Governor’s School for it. Comedy acting IS harder than dramatic acting. Does one have more value or importance in the entertainment industry? Of course not. But it takes a lot to be able to make somebody laugh. That timing’s got to be just right, and it’s not easy. Ashley is a comedic genius. And you can disagree with me if you so choose, as it’s a matter of opinion, but I’ve read so many articles on High School Musical as a whole from critics and journalists, and even when the over all tone of the article was critical, there is so often something in there about how Ashley was the one that saved the film, how she stands out among the rest, etc. She’s so talented. BTW did you watch Hellcats? Her character actually had a wide array of emotions. Sure, the role itself wasn’t “prestigious” but she did a terrific job with it and most of the critic’s responses to her individual performance was positive. The guy that casted her in the show said he did so because “she holds so many colors in one pallet.” It’s so true too. Ashley encompasses so many emotions and internal struggles in one performance.

    And anyway, sure there are multiple ways to measure intelligence. But in Vanessa’s particular career field, the ability to comprehend calculus or complex physical equations (which I HIGHLY doubt she’s capable of anyway) is irrelevant.

    @e not to my knowledge. I’ve always heard everyone gush about how sweet and warm Ashley is. She seems wonderful.