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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, & Friends Depart Cabo

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, & Friends Depart Cabo

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux hop out of their car as they arrive at the airport on Thursday (January 3) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 43-year-old actress and her 41-year-old fiance were joined by their celeb pals Emily Blunt and John Krasinski to catch a flight out of town to end their vacation.

Jen and Justin have been in the tropical locale since December 23!

A new commercial featuring Jen for U.K. internet provider Sky Broadband was recently released. Check it out below!

Jennifer Aniston – Sky Broadband Commercial

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux leaving Cabo…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 12
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 13
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 14
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 15
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 16
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 17

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Oh dear

    That commecial was so akward!

  • yep

    sweet holiday! Happy New Years.

  • Clan

    Jared stupid, you forget Molly and jimmy!

  • Hoe

    @Oh dear: yeah you just say that just to compare with Brad´s commercial shit..

  • Joe

    It really kills you that Brad Pitt married Jennifer Aniston and won’t marry Jolie, doesn’t it?

    that’s why you hate her so much.

    Your misguided anger should be toward Pitt, not Aniston. SHE divorced Pitt, and so therefore, HE IS A FREE MAN to marry Jolie.

    Stop blaming Aniston because Brad Pitt refuses to marry Angelina!!!”

    you need to blame BRADLY Pony!! not aniston. she is living her life!

  • happy couple

    i love them, awww

    now cant wait for whatever they do next, marry, have kids as in bio, adopted, surrogate am all for it. either way it gonna be a huge news

    oh i cant wait for jen to appear on JIMMY KIMMEL ON JAN 8TH and PEOPLE CHOICE AWARDS ON JAN 9TH, it gonna be really fun


  • CArla


  • Sean

    Do these people not have families? Must live a lonely life…


    how cute for jen to receive such a big hug from others who are so happy to see her i love jen so much and i hope she has a happy marriage with justin and start a family of their own soon

  • MIla123

    @happy couple:

    It’s not happening, Get a clue. You will be waiting a lonnnnnnggggggggggggg time for their non existent kid.

    And it would not be big news because no one knows who in the world Justin is! He is a nobody. He has been in the business a long time and still most people would have zero clue who he was if shown a pic.

    Also you write like a 12 year old.

  • CArla

    @Sean: their relatives and a lot of people spent christmas with them, INSIDE, thats why we dont see the pics, according to DM.


    @SEAN why do you say that they dont have a family, they are smart enough to spend time with both their families and friends. the fact that they dont want to show their family in public doesnt mean they dont have one. how old are you to make such statement

    @CARla yeah but alot of people also call them JUSTJEN TOO, me pearsonally i love both and dont mind using either one but i would much prefer to call the J & J or aniston-theroux

  • Hoe

    @MIla123: You put all your anger and frustration on someone you have never met. Do you hate it that she is beautiful and rich and can have a guy like Justin? Maybe it’s because your idol still waiting for Brad to get ready to marry her after 8 years and six kids. I’m not too sure which one it is but either way, you sound very very pathetic!


    @MIla123 OKAY grandma psychic angie i hear you, let see if your prediction happens.

    justin is known as a successful screenwriter and well respected in the industry and if you think he is nobody and that makes you happen then let it be but i for one i couldnt care less if he is famous or not

    or i want is for jen to be happy and have a family of her own soon. so i couldnt care less what you think, lmao

  • Hoe

    @MIla123: SO Justin is nobody? poor shit. You will never be important.. just a poor shit in your useless life. Hate a person who does not know you exist its just stupid, you heart is sick. You’re the kind of person who spends all day in front of a PC insulting people who have a great life that you’ll never have, GET A LIFE poor mortal..

  • Lop

    I bet none, or very few, Jen fanatics knew who Justin was before he got with his Sugar Mama.

    So yes he is a no body in the world of Hollywood because really no one in the general public knows who he is.

    You all thought Vince was the ONE, John Mayer was the ONE. Every man she makes eye contact with is the ONE to her idiot fans.

    He has not worked now for 2 years and Robert Downey himself said he did NOT like IM2 script. Rock of Ages failed and no one cared enough about their relationship to see Wanderlust.

  • Point of Correction


    It really kills you that Brad Pitt had babies with Angelina Jolie and wouldn’t have kids with Jennifer, doesn’t it?
    that’s why you hate her so much.
    Your misguided anger should be toward Pitt, not Jolie. HE dumped Aniston, and so therefore, HE IS A FREE MAN to have kids with Jolie.
    Stop blaming Jolie because Brad Pitt refused to have kids with Jennifer!!!”
    you need to blame BRADLY Pony!! not Jolie. she is living her life!

  • PAUL

    Dear Stupid Jared control your website, this place is full of haters!

  • Bena

    Family of her own soon??????? Do not hold your breath.

    Her fans like you are just dying for her to have a family. Completely ignoring her actions and completely ignoring the fact she is almost 44 and filming next month. Also she has said adoption is not for her.

    Justin was in a relationship with Beautiful Heidi for 14 years with no kids. Perhaps Justin does not even want kids.

  • Point of Correction

    Most of these people commenting had to google who the heck Justin was so its funny how they are saying he is a successful screenwriter as if he is Eric Roth, Aaron Sorkin, or the Coen Brothers.

  • Kira

    Who the heck cares if Brad married Jen over a decade ago? Only her loser fans who act like Brad left them and still live in 2005. Newsflash it is now 2013 and you are still mad Brad got tired of her dull self.

    He dumped her and DIVORCED her without ever looking back.

  • Opgfsdlg

    He was so scarred by their unhappy marriage that I think he was turned off of marriage after such a horrific experience married to such a neurotic and insecure woman!

    For him to have 6 kids with Angelina and travel the world together is much more of a commitment then the months him and Aniston spent apart.

    ps. Her glasses sure are ugly. Like science goggles. Really make her nose wide.

  • C.

    Listen, Justin Theroux is a well known and considered a good actor beyond your own country! Didn’t you ever heard nothing about “Mullholand Drive”, yet a cult movie? Go learn one thing or two!

  • PAUL

    @Point of Correction: Are you copying me? Jajajajaja.. NOT SO FAST. SO, Brad Pitt refused to have kids with Jennifer? No, no no little bit#ch! Jennifer Refused to have kids with him. SHE Dumped him. he always says that she is a big part of his life and still friend WELL daam.n SHE dont think the same jAJAJA!

  • Point of Correction

    jen fans like Joe like to conveniently forget jen and her friends whined to Vanity Fair that Brad was the one who dumped her not the other way around.


    WELL i think some folks have missed their cheater hoes but i want you guys to know that there are new pictures of brad armpitt which was made by a pitt fan who hates jolie so much so that he/she want them to break up because she has ruined brad

    the title of the thread to the new pictures of brad posted by popsugar is READ THIS-WONDER IF ITS TRUE at FEMALEFIRST

    AND I BELIEVE YALL HAVE SEEN THE PIC OF JOLIE AND ONE OF HIS BOUGHT TWINS AT THE LIBRARY, the guy who posted on twitter admitted that she looks older than her age and with no promise of the future ring on as well

    alot of people know pitt and jolie lived a separate lifes last year and havent been seen together for 10 months since oscars and they were both 2012 laughing stocks and pitt even topped worst dressed list

    2012 wasnt a good year for them hopefully 2013 would, KARMA


  • Point of Correction

    read your idols Vanity Fair sobfest, Brad wanted to leave the marriage she said she didn’t want to end it

  • PAUL

    @Bena: as if you knew who was Heidi? Jajajaja she is nobady like you!

  • Anna

    This is crazy here!

  • Point of Correction

    so those were Brad and Angie lookalites spotted in August in France or in April or in May go back to math class and learn to count. You FFers are batshiit crazy and everyone on the web knows people on that site are nuts You all have been waiting for thebreakup for 8 years, keep waiting you freaks

  • Guest

    “bought twins” bwahahha jen fans are pressed as hell and upset that Brad has a beautiful family and you jen fans are still waiting on that decade long baby bump. Brad and Angelina had a private vacation and the media is going gaga over rumors yet jen and eddie munster have been papping themselves out everyday and no one cares.

  • Guest

    um Karma is being nominated for TWO Oscars and being chosen to direct a big budget movie based on a best-selling book while also starring in a big budget film? What the eff is going on with your idol’s career. 43 years old and not even ONE prestigious nomination for her film work. Only known for being a tabloid star. Poor Justin, Wonderbust and Flop of Ages were on the top 10 biggest bombs of the year, and he hasn’t worked all year since with aniston, that’s KARMA. Jens peers like Naomi Watts, nicole Kidman, are all being considered for their film work and what is manny doing, picking up an MTV award, thats KARMA

  • Guest

    Also for the pressed Jen fans that are so worried about Brad and Angie this is from Laura Hillendbrand, you know the best-selling author of the book that Angelina will direct:
    A few days ago, after Angelina Jolie was chosen to direct “Unbroken,” Angelina and Brad Pitt went to Louie Zamperini’s house to meet him. Angelina was very sweet, and Louie was completely smitten with her. As Brad and Angelina walked toward their car, Louie called out, “Hey Brad!” Brad and Angelina turned around, and Louie winked theatrically at Angelina, then looked at Brad and raised both fists, like he was going to fight him for her. Brad laughed and said something like, “Louie, I’m going to think about that for a month and then I’m going to have to come back here and settle this.”

  • JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig

    48yoa tv has been should GO AWAY and take her Crazy fans with her.
    If she is so happy and living her life why do you NUT JOBS keep ranting about AJ and Pitt???

  • Gena

    who is “a lot of people” the sick freaks at FF. Even the tabs who write utter crap about them haven’t said they were separated. And you are an idiot because the tweeter never said she looked old. if any lurkers want to know here is an account from someone who was at the store, FFer’s making up shiit as usual because aniston led them to believe she was pregnant and they fell for it AGAIN, what else is new:

    “Lisa Morton: The kids were cute and very polite. Mom bought hardback literature (mainly classics) and one gigantic nineteenth-century Bible with a stunning binding. Yes, she was gorgeous, with no makeup, and very nice. And Tony, it’s the Iliad Bookshop in NoHo.
    Yesterday at 11:28pm · 8

  • Gena

    Because they are mad that Brad dumped her for a hotter woman who is an Academy Award winner, 3 time Golden Globe Winner, 2 time SAG Winner, NBR winner, PGA winner, and Special Envoy to the UN, not to mention she is about to direct a big project and is being back by a major studio. She has been out of the press for weeks and the media is still obsessed with her, meanwhile Jen has to pose for the paps for a vacation like Leann Rimes and Eddie ciboria. They are also bitter that Jen fooled them once again into thinking she was pregnant, poor fans got their hopes up and they are taking it out on Angelina and Brad.

  • Whatevahmang

    Cute ad.

  • Santera

    Does Aniston ever do anything on vacation besides lay around on the beach with her ass in the air?

  • S

    Ummm…I was just gonna comment on how awkward the commercial was…but I had to scroll past the crazies who seem to have re-visited the Brad-Jen breakup. Yikes!

  • http://iPad Grandma

    This trip cost Ticky close to half million dollars, private plane, hotel rooms, food, alcohol, coke and spa treatments.
    Brad and family go on a private vacation, and all the talk is about a wedding, and Ticky baking in the sun and showing her Cooch everyday, and not one mention of a wedding.
    Justin will continue his vacation, no work for two years, he can’t even get hired to write a bad script.
    She will be 44 next month, age, smoking and alcohol = fried eggs, no kiddies for woman that lied for years about wanting kids.

  • Phoney Baloney

    She’s all smiley to everyone, yah, the real Jen is the one glaring at Justin in pic # 4, just sayin

  • http://yahoo.comcom Paige

    Brad Pitt wanted kids. the man had six kids in three years. He moved fast with starting a family with angelina. When brad and jennifer got married you think they didn’t discuss children. Staying married to someone and holding onto them while knowing you don’t want the same goals is being selfish and also lying to them. She filmed movie after movie while knowing she wouldn’t have any kids. She wasn’t obligated to give him any but wasn’t truthful. Brad had a golden opportunity when he met Angelina who was a single mom it must have like hitting the lottery.

  • Mel

    I did’nt know they are friends! I always loved John and Jennifer!

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Love it

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Great friend

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Jen rocks

  • Rachel

    It’s funny but she really can only do “Rachel” even in this commercial. Now, I wonder if she is really acting or just being Jennifer Aniston all the time. However, she is really good at being this character… and very likable. I think people feel comfortable with “Rachel” because she is approachable, awkward and sweet. She’s become rich off of it… lucky her.

  • True Fact

    Jen gets sympathy because she is no where near as beautiful as Jolie. Women are threatened by beauty and brains so they will side with the loser to relate.

  • Rachel

    @True Fact: You are harsh, but I see some truth to what you say… She’s not a loser, but she is more approachable, common girl next door… where Jolie is that exotic beauty that is mysterious and intimidating. Though, I’m sure in reality Jolie is pretty nice as well.

  • poor silk