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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, & Friends Depart Cabo

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, & Friends Depart Cabo

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux hop out of their car as they arrive at the airport on Thursday (January 3) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 43-year-old actress and her 41-year-old fiance were joined by their celeb pals Emily Blunt and John Krasinski to catch a flight out of town to end their vacation.

Jen and Justin have been in the tropical locale since December 23!

A new commercial featuring Jen for U.K. internet provider Sky Broadband was recently released. Check it out below!

Jennifer Aniston – Sky Broadband Commercial

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux leaving Cabo…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 12
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 13
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 14
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 15
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 16
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 17

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
Posted to: Emily Blunt, Jennifer Aniston, John Krasinski, Justin Theroux

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# 1

That commecial was so akward!

# 2

sweet holiday! Happy New Years.

# 3

Jared stupid, you forget Molly and jimmy!

# 4

@Oh dear: yeah you just say that just to compare with Brad´s commercial ****..

# 5

It really kills you that Brad Pitt married Jennifer Aniston and won’t marry Jolie, doesn’t it?

that’s why you hate her so much.

Your misguided anger should be toward Pitt, not Aniston. SHE divorced Pitt, and so therefore, HE IS A FREE MAN to marry Jolie.

Stop blaming Aniston because Brad Pitt refuses to marry Angelina!!!”

you need to blame BRADLY Pony!! not aniston. she is living her life!

# 6
happy couple @ 01/03/2013 at 10:17 pm

i love them, awww

now cant wait for whatever they do next, marry, have kids as in bio, adopted, surrogate am all for it. either way it gonna be a huge news

oh i cant wait for jen to appear on JIMMY KIMMEL ON JAN 8TH and PEOPLE CHOICE AWARDS ON JAN 9TH, it gonna be really fun


# 7


# 8

Do these people not have families? Must live a lonely life…

# 9

how cute for jen to receive such a big hug from others who are so happy to see her i love jen so much and i hope she has a happy marriage with justin and start a family of their own soon

@happy couple:

It’s not happening, Get a clue. You will be waiting a lonnnnnnggggggggggggg time for their non existent kid.

And it would not be big news because no one knows who in the world Justin is! He is a nobody. He has been in the business a long time and still most people would have zero clue who he was if shown a pic.

Also you write like a 12 year old.

@Sean: their relatives and a lot of people spent christmas with them, INSIDE, thats why we dont see the pics, according to DM.

CLASSY LADY @ 01/03/2013 at 10:32 pm

@SEAN why do you say that they dont have a family, they are smart enough to spend time with both their families and friends. the fact that they dont want to show their family in public doesnt mean they dont have one. how old are you to make such statement

@CARla yeah but alot of people also call them JUSTJEN TOO, me pearsonally i love both and dont mind using either one but i would much prefer to call the J & J or aniston-theroux

@MIla123: You put all your anger and frustration on someone you have never met. Do you hate it that she is beautiful and rich and can have a guy like Justin? Maybe it’s because your idol still waiting for Brad to get ready to marry her after 8 years and six kids. I’m not too sure which one it is but either way, you sound very very pathetic!

CLASSY LADY @ 01/03/2013 at 10:38 pm

@MIla123 OKAY grandma psychic angie i hear you, let see if your prediction happens.

justin is known as a successful screenwriter and well respected in the industry and if you think he is nobody and that makes you happen then let it be but i for one i couldnt care less if he is famous or not

or i want is for jen to be happy and have a family of her own soon. so i couldnt care less what you think, lmao

@MIla123: SO Justin is nobody? poor ****. You will never be important.. just a poor **** in your useless life. Hate a person who does not know you exist its just stupid, you heart is sick. You’re the kind of person who spends all day in front of a PC insulting people who have a great life that you’ll never have, GET A LIFE poor mortal..

I bet none, or very few, Jen fanatics knew who Justin was before he got with his Sugar Mama.

So yes he is a no body in the world of Hollywood because really no one in the general public knows who he is.

You all thought Vince was the ONE, John Mayer was the ONE. Every man she makes eye contact with is the ONE to her idiot fans.

He has not worked now for 2 years and Robert Downey himself said he did NOT like IM2 script. Rock of Ages failed and no one cared enough about their relationship to see Wanderlust.

Point of Correction @ 01/03/2013 at 10:48 pm


It really kills you that Brad Pitt had babies with Angelina Jolie and wouldn’t have kids with Jennifer, doesn’t it?
that’s why you hate her so much.
Your misguided anger should be toward Pitt, not Jolie. HE dumped Aniston, and so therefore, HE IS A FREE MAN to have kids with Jolie.
Stop blaming Jolie because Brad Pitt refused to have kids with Jennifer!!!”
you need to blame BRADLY Pony!! not Jolie. she is living her life!

Dear Stupid Jared control your website, this place is full of haters!

Family of her own soon??????? Do not hold your breath.

Her fans like you are just dying for her to have a family. Completely ignoring her actions and completely ignoring the fact she is almost 44 and filming next month. Also she has said adoption is not for her.

Justin was in a relationship with Beautiful Heidi for 14 years with no kids. Perhaps Justin does not even want kids.

Point of Correction @ 01/03/2013 at 10:50 pm

Most of these people commenting had to google who the heck Justin was so its funny how they are saying he is a successful screenwriter as if he is Eric Roth, Aaron Sorkin, or the Coen Brothers.

Who the heck cares if Brad married Jen over a decade ago? Only her loser fans who act like Brad left them and still live in 2005. Newsflash it is now 2013 and you are still mad Brad got tired of her dull self.

He dumped her and DIVORCED her without ever looking back.

He was so scarred by their unhappy marriage that I think he was turned off of marriage after such a horrific experience married to such a neurotic and insecure woman!

For him to have 6 kids with Angelina and travel the world together is much more of a commitment then the months him and Aniston spent apart.

ps. Her glasses sure are ugly. Like science goggles. Really make her nose wide.

Listen, Justin Theroux is a well known and considered a good actor beyond your own country! Didn’t you ever heard nothing about “Mullholand Drive”, yet a cult movie? Go learn one thing or two!

@Point of Correction: Are you copying me? Jajajajaja.. NOT SO FAST. SO, Brad Pitt refused to have kids with Jennifer? No, no no little bit#ch! Jennifer Refused to have kids with him. SHE Dumped him. he always says that she is a big part of his life and still friend WELL daam.n SHE dont think the same jAJAJA!

Point of Correction @ 01/03/2013 at 10:56 pm

jen fans like Joe like to conveniently forget jen and her friends whined to Vanity Fair that Brad was the one who dumped her not the other way around.

LOON MELTDOWN @ 01/03/2013 at 10:57 pm

WELL i think some folks have missed their cheater hoes but i want you guys to know that there are new pictures of brad armpitt which was made by a pitt fan who hates jolie so much so that he/she want them to break up because she has ruined brad

the title of the thread to the new pictures of brad posted by popsugar is READ THIS-WONDER IF ITS TRUE at FEMALEFIRST

AND I BELIEVE YALL HAVE SEEN THE PIC OF JOLIE AND ONE OF HIS BOUGHT TWINS AT THE LIBRARY, the guy who posted on twitter admitted that she looks older than her age and with no promise of the future ring on as well

alot of people know pitt and jolie lived a separate lifes last year and havent been seen together for 10 months since oscars and they were both 2012 laughing stocks and pitt even topped worst dressed list

2012 wasnt a good year for them hopefully 2013 would, KARMA


Point of Correction @ 01/03/2013 at 10:59 pm

read your idols Vanity Fair sobfest, Brad wanted to leave the marriage she said she didn’t want to end it

@Bena: as if you knew who was Heidi? Jajajaja she is nobady like you!

This is crazy here!

Point of Correction @ 01/03/2013 at 11:04 pm

so those were Brad and Angie lookalites spotted in August in France or in April or in May go back to math class and learn to count. You FFers are batshiit crazy and everyone on the web knows people on that site are nuts You all have been waiting for thebreakup for 8 years, keep waiting you freaks

“bought twins” bwahahha jen fans are pressed as hell and upset that Brad has a beautiful family and you jen fans are still waiting on that decade long baby bump. Brad and Angelina had a private vacation and the media is going gaga over rumors yet jen and eddie munster have been papping themselves out everyday and no one cares.

um Karma is being nominated for TWO Oscars and being chosen to direct a big budget movie based on a best-selling book while also starring in a big budget film? What the eff is going on with your idol’s career. 43 years old and not even ONE prestigious nomination for her film work. Only known for being a tabloid star. Poor Justin, Wonderbust and Flop of Ages were on the top 10 biggest bombs of the year, and he hasn’t worked all year since with aniston, that’s KARMA. Jens peers like Naomi Watts, nicole Kidman, are all being considered for their film work and what is manny doing, picking up an MTV award, thats KARMA

Also for the pressed Jen fans that are so worried about Brad and Angie this is from Laura Hillendbrand, you know the best-selling author of the book that Angelina will direct:
A few days ago, after Angelina Jolie was chosen to direct “Unbroken,” Angelina and Brad Pitt went to Louie Zamperini’s house to meet him. Angelina was very sweet, and Louie was completely smitten with her. As Brad and Angelina walked toward their car, Louie called out, “Hey Brad!” Brad and Angelina turned around, and Louie winked theatrically at Angelina, then looked at Brad and raised both fists, like he was going to fight him for her. Brad laughed and said something like, “Louie, I’m going to think about that for a month and then I’m going to have to come back here and settle this.”

JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig @ 01/03/2013 at 11:25 pm

48yoa tv has been should GO AWAY and take her Crazy fans with her.
If she is so happy and living her life why do you NUT JOBS keep ranting about AJ and Pitt???

who is “a lot of people” the sick freaks at FF. Even the tabs who write utter crap about them haven’t said they were separated. And you are an idiot because the tweeter never said she looked old. if any lurkers want to know here is an account from someone who was at the store, FFer’s making up shiit as usual because aniston led them to believe she was pregnant and they fell for it AGAIN, what else is new:

“Lisa Morton: The kids were cute and very polite. Mom bought hardback literature (mainly classics) and one gigantic nineteenth-century Bible with a stunning binding. Yes, she was gorgeous, with no makeup, and very nice. And Tony, it’s the Iliad Bookshop in NoHo.
Yesterday at 11:28pm · 8

Because they are mad that Brad dumped her for a hotter woman who is an Academy Award winner, 3 time Golden Globe Winner, 2 time SAG Winner, NBR winner, PGA winner, and Special Envoy to the UN, not to mention she is about to direct a big project and is being back by a major studio. She has been out of the press for weeks and the media is still obsessed with her, meanwhile Jen has to pose for the paps for a vacation like Leann Rimes and Eddie ciboria. They are also bitter that Jen fooled them once again into thinking she was pregnant, poor fans got their hopes up and they are taking it out on Angelina and Brad.

Whatevahmang @ 01/04/2013 at 12:28 am

Cute ad.

Does Aniston ever do anything on vacation besides lay around on the beach with her ass in the air?

Ummm…I was just gonna comment on how awkward the commercial was…but I had to scroll past the crazies who seem to have re-visited the Brad-Jen breakup. Yikes!

This trip cost Ticky close to half million dollars, private plane, hotel rooms, food, alcohol, coke and spa treatments.
Brad and family go on a private vacation, and all the talk is about a wedding, and Ticky baking in the sun and showing her Cooch everyday, and not one mention of a wedding.
Justin will continue his vacation, no work for two years, he can’t even get hired to write a bad script.
She will be 44 next month, age, smoking and alcohol = fried eggs, no kiddies for woman that lied for years about wanting kids.

Phoney Baloney @ 01/04/2013 at 1:12 am

She’s all smiley to everyone, yah, the real Jen is the one glaring at Justin in pic # 4, just sayin

Brad Pitt wanted kids. the man had six kids in three years. He moved fast with starting a family with angelina. When brad and jennifer got married you think they didn’t discuss children. Staying married to someone and holding onto them while knowing you don’t want the same goals is being selfish and also lying to them. She filmed movie after movie while knowing she wouldn’t have any kids. She wasn’t obligated to give him any but wasn’t truthful. Brad had a golden opportunity when he met Angelina who was a single mom it must have like hitting the lottery.

I did’nt know they are friends! I always loved John and Jennifer!

It’s funny but she really can only do “Rachel” even in this commercial. Now, I wonder if she is really acting or just being Jennifer Aniston all the time. However, she is really good at being this character… and very likable. I think people feel comfortable with “Rachel” because she is approachable, awkward and sweet. She’s become rich off of it… lucky her.

True Fact @ 01/04/2013 at 3:38 am

Jen gets sympathy because she is no where near as beautiful as Jolie. Women are threatened by beauty and brains so they will side with the loser to relate.

@True Fact: You are harsh, but I see some truth to what you say… She’s not a loser, but she is more approachable, common girl next door… where Jolie is that exotic beauty that is mysterious and intimidating. Though, I’m sure in reality Jolie is pretty nice as well.

@PAUL: You’re right. This site is inciting haters. I wonder what’s wrong with these people. It’s no longer healthy.

Looool the desperate Jen fans are still dragging Brad and Angelina into this even it has been exactly 8 years since Brad dumped Jennifer. Jennifer herself said that Brad wanted out of their marriage ie Brad dumped her…

As for Justin being famous maybe he is in the Jen fans heads but not out in the real world. Even in UK he is known as Louis T. cousin and Jennifer’s fiancé – not much star power there.

Lastly sorry to bust your bubbles but Jennifer’s pr has confirmed she is not pregnant nor planning to start a family in the next few years. That pretty much confirmed Jennifer doesn’t want children because she is already 44 and it will be pretty hard to conceive even with IVF after you passed 40s – not impossible but hard. She could also have adopted but she herself said that she won’t adopt ever because she will forever be compared with Angelina. That’s just an excuse because if she really wanted to adopt she should let no one stand in her way.

JP FANS ARE LOSERS @ 01/04/2013 at 6:38 am


angelina alway wins *******. jen will always be loser with life. nobody likes her even this dbag she is going to marry. he has motives. eventually every man leaves her for a better woman.

ChelSHIIT HOndler @ 01/04/2013 at 9:09 am

BP refused to have kid with JA bcos BP knows that she’s a self centre selfish neurotic egoist.
JA and her PR BULDOG Huvsy has been plant and denied their Trade mark trix … The … I WILL – I DID -and I DO bcos they both know JA Fans are Loser!!

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Why JoliePitt fans can’t see Jen’s happiness?

Emily Blunt is looking rather smug (as usual) after using famous “friends” for their money and photo ops

Um Emily blunt has a career and superstar future – Jen is the past and it is a pathetic past – bet Emily couldn’t wait to get away from this old b lister. don’t think she needs their fame nor their money. The fame Jen and Justin have is not enviable

Ssshhii_baby @ 01/04/2013 at 12:02 pm

@Smile: ask yourself that question when JenHen wishes death on the Jolie-Pitt family…

I get a kick with how obsessed some of you are with putting her down. are these comments the high light of your day?? you feel all better about yourself now that you shot someone else down??

Jennifer need to get over her narcissistic self. She and her boy toy are just fugly. Miss Blunt seems more interesting and lovelier.

Jennifer is not looking good at her age. I imagine she needs others to bring attention to her. She should retire already.

Misses Justin. Can’t wait…

Juanita H @ 01/04/2013 at 2:35 pm

Jennifer is not a nice human being.

Ummm Justin has some big teetees and Jennifer is a big bone gal. Her face up close is not very good. Her body is nothing to look at either. When she speaks you would want to put your head set on.

Thank goodness they are leaving JustJennifer. She is horrible person, all she wants is attention to her. Justin won’t put up with her for too long.

Those glasses makes her face bigger. They are hideous. This couple is so overrated and nothing impressive about either one of them. Let’s see some younger and prettier folks who have brains instead of these bloated azzes.

Jennifer is looking hard and thick. She is not funny and comes out so stupeed every time she talks.

Can’t wait for Jolie Pitt good news. Meniston and her fans will surely have a meltdown.

Not a fan @ 01/04/2013 at 3:03 pm

Oh no. What is that video of herself about now? This old twat is forever shoving herself to us. She is beyond disgusting and just too much.

I love Angelina! She is beautiful, smart and unselfish. I also like the fact that she shares her wealth to those less fortunate so they can survive in this harsh economic world. If Angelina was at any awards, I would take time off from work and attend the show with all of my bffs who are also fans of hers. Happy New Year to all.

what Luis explained I’m dazzled that some one able to get paid $7329 in a few weeks on the internet. have you read this site link…

He’s still sporting that stupid gun necklace. Just makes her look more of a phony for doing that anti gun video. Somebody needs to fling some baloney on their terrace. Her chipmunk face has been severely shaved down for the “Rachel all over again” commercial.

Brangelina’s fans are as insane as their idols. That’s why they hate sweet Jen so much. So silly. HA ……………………..

poor silk @ 01/04/2013 at 5:08 pm

@JJSJOY: hello crazy silk

@Point of Correction: Jennifer didnt and does NOT want Brad Pitt’s fugly kids. Angelina can have them :)

Blind Item from CDAN
This former A list mostly television actress is now a B- list all movie actress with A list name recognition. She is also a huge diva even though she tries to pretend she isn’t. This week her boyfriend called her out on it and did a series of impressions of her and her diva behavior in front of her friends. She was not amused and the pair slept in separate bedrooms and did not come anywhere near each other the final three days of their trip.
The unanimous guess was Aniston, of course.

Justin sure looks overjoyed that he’s finally getting away from Mexico.
He looked so miserable and out of place when he was there. I’m sure he longs for the New York scene and regrets selling out.

#78 – typical Jen fan, throwing barbs at children. You’re as vile as Chelsea. Her fans need to leave the kids out of it!!! Shame on you.

Nothing exciting about Jen Aniston.

Chinnifer @ 01/04/2013 at 6:05 pm

How did she do it? Her chin grew so fast.

hey dbag alice no man wants kids from maniston. she looks like a ugly hog.


Jennifer is sooooo booooring! Please take here off in 2013 and thereafter!!!

She looks really happy and refreshed. aww.

The lady in jeans, white top and with a brown purse is attractive and seems more interesting. I’ve seen Jennifer in interviews and she comes out so unpolished, no class and seem uneducated. There are plenty better fishes out there.

”what?a doddle?!”
hahaha :)
I love it!!
shes hyper from coffee haha

Her stormy fight with Justin must have ended the vacation. No wonder she does not have any real friends. What a tool!

There are so many reasons why I am not fan of Jennifer’s.

@Star: number one reason: you worship JPs. its too clear. now go away.

The Jen fans do not bring up Pitt at all…just the JP fans. Anyone else notice that? Must be some severe jealousy over Jen finding happiness with a hot man. Get over it…Jen and Brad were not meant to be..they both moved on and found happiness. Jen’s fans love Justin and do not care about Pitt. Why do you have to always bring up Pitt when you see Aniston and Theroux? I would think the JP fans would be over the moon about Jen moving on instead of still be stuck on Brad…guess not?!

@Ivermom: Thank you for that!! I AGREE a million percent!!! xoxoxox

Well Star, there are so many reason’s Jen just does not care if your a fan or not! Why are you reading about her then?

Go back to moment #4 and 5 and tell me who brought Pitt into this conversation…it was clearly not a Jen fan. Just sayin!

I meant to say Comment #4 and #5.

I love how the JP fans also say Justin looks so miserable…because miserable people generally run around with a smile on their face ya know, good luck talking yourself into that!

Beanie eyes she have. She looks like a hot mess. Jennifer is getting to be like her gal Chelsea Handler, two pieces of dogs!

I love this lady………….

I love this lady…..

nice to see her smile like that!!

omg Jared @ 01/04/2013 at 6:54 pm

Jared reaally needs to step in and do some loon controling….
where are you dude?? if you can update you can clean up.

Beautiful people!

Can't stand Anuston! @ 01/04/2013 at 7:01 pm

She is as dumb as they come. Buying people off to make her an “IT” is not working. She is a waste.

pathetic trolls. @ 01/04/2013 at 7:02 pm

stoooooooooop thumbing us down Angelina Brad a s s kisserssss I will destroy you.

Kim K has more to offer than J Aniston. Kim should replace JA.

no. ellen. stfu. @ 01/04/2013 at 7:04 pm

@Ellen D: NO. you should go scream at the ocean.

We Own JA! @ 01/04/2013 at 7:05 pm

LOL. Jennifer Aniston is having a total meltdown. She does not know what will hit here soon. Just watch.

We Own JA! @ 01/04/2013 at 7:07 pm

okay, a typo. JA does not know what will hit her soon.

A faniston @ 01/04/2013 at 7:07 pm

I love Jenny boo! xx

Wow, something is so wrong with Jennifer’s picture. The Mexico vacation picture shows her with a kind of thick bone face. If you see her in real person she looks like that. But the picture in the commercial has Jennifer ‘s face looking thinner and younger. That commercial is a lie.

We own JPL! @ 01/04/2013 at 7:11 pm

@We Own JA!: we,like,own you JP loon b!tchez.

@We Own JA!: What will hit her=A happy wonderful marriage. a gorgeous hunk who adores her and pays lots of attention to her. being with lovely friends. happy times. lots of happy happy times… oh yeeeeeah.

Jennifer is not entertaining. She looks below average.

viper-liar @ 01/04/2013 at 7:24 pm

@Viper: Jennifer is entertaining. She looks way above average.

SHALLOW OLD COW @ 01/04/2013 at 7:24 pm





OH SHUT UP @ 01/04/2013 at 7:29 pm

you sound really desparate.pathetic. you poor thing.
what you’re trying to do is not working.

That’s what she looks like without hollywood magicians my god she really is an ordinary old nothing the face with the scream mask chin that 6 tone hair EEEWWWWWW just nothing…..

@shallow old cow
even hollywoodlife that’s always printing that she is pregnant is writing about her and justin big fight

Yes..hollywoodlife just has to be right! I mean..everything you read is the absolute truth! Do you believe it yet?

SHALLOW OLD COW @ 01/04/2013 at 7:49 pm





It’s true…Jen fans own the JP fans..they go nutzo when they see her happy in life. Get lost…go slobber over a Pitt/Jolie post. She will be happy even when your trying to convince yourself she is miserable.

Yes…medication is clearly needed! Life is too short to be crazy..try be happy!

Yeah, Jennifer fighting with Justin is a sign of her true love. What a looser Jennifer is. Poor poor Justin.

Jennifer looks like grandma @ 01/04/2013 at 8:00 pm

I guess she missed the baby making. Dried up womb is no surprise since she has been hit with many men sporting f ing her. She looks so old.

SHALLOW OLD COW @ 01/04/2013 at 8:02 pm

These are the same people that if they dont see Angie and Brad together for a few days the write that they have broken up. If they are together but not toughing they are on the outs. Once jen and brad was not even in the same country but they wrote that jen and brad were together now paps catches those two fighting and i count 4 sites that wrote that write about it bit i shouldn’t write about it??????? LIKE I SAID D E A L!!!!

Jennifer Aniston is getting fat! Her face is bulking up!

A faniston @ 01/04/2013 at 8:25 pm

Trolls,gimme a break.
y’all so desparate to hate and point and laugh…nothing to laugh at….

How are you the crazy one when you are just quoting something that someone well more than one person writes and when the JA fans makes s#it up they what they think that’s sane

Fugniston @ 01/04/2013 at 8:38 pm

She is empty inside out. Nothing to brag about.

She tried sending the cupcakes only to lure. Responded with no thanks. Nothing catching about an old woman who is not inspiring.

Nothing stimulating about Jennifer Aniston. I wish she would just keep her mouth shut and fade away to her vacation place forever.

Hello, what happened to Jennifer Aniston??!! She is getting wide on that face.

Ick all of these woman are fug. The only hottie is John krasinski out of this whole bunch

looooove the commercial :D

wonderful beautifu lady. seems they had a great great time!! x

Bloody Love her she’s beautiful … and her her husband to be is 100 times sexier then Brad….. Really happy for her

No, no! You did not just say Justin is better than Brad. Gurl, you need your eyes checked!!! Brad is sooo hot. Oh by the way, Justin does not belong in the hot league either. He does not even come close to being cute either. Brad is just a yum. Bye blind one!

I find it interesting Jennifer is not pregnant like she promised a few yrs ago. Maybe it’s all lies to get attention. Thank you all for thumbing Jennifer down, we are on a mission to evaporate her this new yr. Can we just spell OVERRATED MUCH!!! ha ha ha ha and still laughing at her.

justgossip @ 01/04/2013 at 11:03 pm

People would tolerate her more if she would just quit acting so desperate and shallow. At least fake it – oh that’s right she can’t act.
Seriously? Over a week just sitting on a balcony in full view of the press – does she not know what a fool she appears to be? Clearly Justin is not into her at all – what a freak he is with his gun necklace – do guys wear chains and necklaces anymore?

Ms Piggy & Kermit @ 01/04/2013 at 11:11 pm

If they ever have a child, that child will not look good. Both parents do not have good features, a short and balding man and a woman built like a man. That chin will need cutting too. Maybe it is a good thing she does not have any children.

Commercial suks! @ 01/04/2013 at 11:13 pm

I did not click on the commercial. It looks so phoney just like Jennifer. Her picture does not look like her real big self.

Not a Fan of them all! @ 01/05/2013 at 12:30 am

I don’t like J Kimmel and I won’t watch his show, EVER! I am no fan of J Aniston either. Both are famewhores who are not funny or even cute. They are earning their positions because of the political maneuvers they pour their money out to. I almost did not vote because of these fugheads! And because of their money, they get placed in positions and has nothing to do with their talents. What is America becoming with tools like these! Time to roll in favor of another party!

Boring & Nasty @ 01/05/2013 at 4:13 am

Aniston is the most boring ass person ever! All her money And for the last what 12 year she continues to just lie out and bake like a lobster for a week at the same boring location, at the same boring hotel, same boring paid photo ops, and same boring poses in a too small bikini, and the only thing that changes every year are the men she drags down to her snorefest vacations.

Also, I find it weired no one is calling out Theroux for being gross and nasty! He has worn the same cut off jeans and underwear for the entire time they were there! If I recall Aniston fans had the nerve to say rude things about Brad Pitt’s appearance and attire and yet this loser wears girl jeans, the same shirts, and the same funky cutoffs on vacation and nothing but glowing comments from her fans. Jen fans are just as fake as their idol. Plus he had the nerve to contaminate the pool on the last day in those gross things! I hope the hotel has plenty of liquid draino and chlorine.

Jennifer fans are still blind and pathetic – wake up fools Jennifer has been using you and lied to you for years. Jennifer has never wanted children and the proof is that all of her exes from Tate Donavan, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaugh, Paul S. all broke up with her and started a family with other women. She has been lying to the media and her fans for years because she knows she will lose her fans if she ever confessed the truth – That she doesnt want children ever.

She is 44 years old and her pr person gave a statement last month confirming that Jennifer is not pregnant nor does she plan to start a family the next few years. In a few years time she will be past 45 and it is next to impossible to get pregnant even with IVF treatments. She even has shooting for 2 movies this year so she is not planning to get pregnant this year as well.

Lets drop the pregnancy idea and talk about that she may adopt a child, but even that Jennifer has said that she will never adopt as she will be compared to Angelina. If someone really wants a child then that person would never let someone else come in their way.

I am sorry people but this is the proof that Jennifer never has never will have children. She likes to live her life a party and just holiday all year long and do few movies and focus of keeping her body slim.

Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with not wanting children but Jennifer should just come right out and tell the media and her fans that she doesnt want children. Why let her fans keep hoping that this year in the year she gets pregnant?

I have more respect for women like Cameron Diaz who openly admitted she will never get pregnant because she doesnt want children.

jollylark @ 01/05/2013 at 7:11 am

Jenifer’s fans never told she must have children.
She can adopt and have a child for public opinion.
But she doesn’t want to lie.

jollylark @ 01/05/2013 at 7:41 am

why do you think she wish death to someone?
She is not like you.
Try to think what YOUR wishes doing to Jolie.
Do you think new liver will save her health?
Have a nice day.
JL is back :)

jollylark @ 01/05/2013 at 7:47 am

Nice to see JL’s comments are still “waiting moderation”.
That is a level of honest discussion.

VA TE FAIRE ENCULER JL @ 01/05/2013 at 8:17 am

@jollylark: DEGAGE SALE CON

Use English, “Hero”.

@VA TE FAIRE ENCULER JL: Why do hide with language?
Because you are a “noble” Jolie admirer.
No language can change your nature.

wowJ wowL @ 01/05/2013 at 9:34 am

forget about children please.
Having children doesn’t make person better.
Having children is nothing special – a broken condom -
and wow – we have children!
All the planet is happy.

this is JL @ 01/05/2013 at 9:49 am

So nice to look at Helen Mirren.
68 years old and she feels completely HAPPY.

this is JL @ 01/05/2013 at 10:07 am

do you want to say YOU have children?
And stop worrying about her money.
About her money for coke especially.
Yes, she can spend about half million
on vacation.
The money you will never have.


@Boring & Nasty: If she was so boring you would not have come here and written about 1000 words about her. *smh*

this is JL @ 01/05/2013 at 10:39 am

the vacation is over.
That was nice. :)
What is Jennifer’s next movie name?
She is invited into the new project because “she can’t act”. :)

this is JL @ 01/05/2013 at 10:41 am

She owns the haters a$$es. :)

@ Wowjwowl: reading your comment I so hope you didn’t mean it the way it sounds. Children are God’s gift to mankind and should be treated as such.

I didn’t say that Jennifer should have a child to feel “happy” but that since she obviously doesn’t want them just tell the truth to her fans and the media. Why keep letting the media and her fans speculate year in year out about her parental status when in fact she will never be a mum?

That is why I said I have more respect for other women who admits to the world that they don’t want children ever. At least they are not using the media and their fanbase like that.

@Natalie: stfu about this whole Jennifer is a liar thing. you just want her to have a baby because you feel like she’d be happier. dont you? dont you? you just want her to be a happy mama. well shes happy as she is. if shes to have a kid in the future thats cool too. just stfu. shes fine.
also I dont know if she said she wants a baby or not but if she said so and she has no babies yet maybe shes having a hard time concieving. just…calm down Natalie,honey.

@Daisy: the universal pathetic Jen fans answer to something they know they cannot reply to: STFU – really?

Jennifer is has been and will always be a liar and Karma is proving that to us. Her so called career in non existence and she had to buy her fiancé. Her fiancé who is actually her escort also doesn’t work nor have any future projects lining up. Jennifer will never be picked up by a major production house because the only cobtribution she ever gave was her hair and her body. Many other younger actresses with acting talent are taking over her space.

No work hence the reason they holiday all year long to try and stay in the gossip sites. Jennifer do have one movie this year and that will be a bomb as will since she is box office poison.

As for me wanting her to have a child so that will make her happy – I would never want a child to be both to her since she is selfish, superficial and vain and she is not a good daughter herself so she won’t be a good mother.


Loon meltdown

Jen rocks

JENNIFER ANISTON SUCKS!! @ 01/05/2013 at 12:23 pm


I like the commercial!
Well done, Jen!
And she´s looking ossom !

The coverage of events of JA and “her man” is tedious.
Leaving Cabo is news??
I only visit this site once in awhile when I need to take a break from my real life and I can see how rich and full my life is, money or no.
Considering the tragedy in CT last month it is in beyond poor taste for JT to be flashing and flaunting that gun necklace.
Shame on you JT!
And shame on your fiancee for not calling you out on it.
It speaks to how oblivious to anything outside themselves those two really are.
Best part of this “story”? John K.-too cute! Love him.

ChelSHIIT HOndler @ 01/05/2013 at 6:34 pm

I did… I do…. and I will… = a Liar !!!
Not wanting to have children it’s fine… But don’t bullshiit about it to keep herself in the news…
Plant + denied = JA and herpaid Huvsy signature
What you call all those Loons who post at the JPs threads 24/7 non stop!

Oh my, so the Pitt/Jolie fans are still here trying to convince us we should not like Jen. Hooooooo A! On a mission, are we? Too bad, it’s not working! Carry on with yourself and your fowl mouths!

@Ivermom: no need for people to convince you lunatics to leave Jennifer – she is doing that all by herself with her constant pity partying, holidaying all year long, cheating with Justin while he was with Heidi, using her friends to bad mouth other celebrities and most importantly with her being hypocritical regarding the gun policy has already pushed most of her fans away.

ChelSHIIT HOndler @ 01/06/2013 at 5:38 am

The picture above of the Ugly Butter Face ChinnochiHo with glasses and her Big ugly nose is the real deal !!!
The Sky broadband Video of ChinnochiHo is Fake… airbrushed and being edited to the Max…
But that’s is CHINnochiHO signature … Everything about her is FAKE !!!
Go and watch Friends rerun… And see for your self the real Ulgly Manny.

this is JL @ 01/06/2013 at 5:42 am

it\s time to stop celebrating:
Jennifer is not married, so how can she cheat on? :)
She works hard to look like we can see.
Do you think it’s easy?
Try to do her yoga exercises :)
Don’t you think Chelsie Handler says the truth? :)

this is JL @ 01/06/2013 at 5:52 am

@ChelSHIIT HOndler:
“Everything about her is fake”?
The invitation in to the next movie is NOT fake.
What is Jolie’s next movie?
Cooking on the kitchen as an attempt to be a ‘MOM’? :)
WOW :)

this is JL @ 01/06/2013 at 5:59 am

So JJ decided to block all JL writes?
What is an official reason?
Jolie’s admirers can write EVERYTHING
about JA,
but Jennifer’s fans are blocked?
This is not very good promo to JJ site.
This is not a good promo to Jolie.
This is not good for the freedom of speech.

this is JL @ 01/06/2013 at 6:06 am

Hey shiit HO,
what do you think about freedom of speech?
What will you say
if all your comments will “wait moderation”
and in a short time disappear ?
May be JJ site is a Jolie’s property?

@JL: if you don’t count cheating if they are not married then you are seriously nuts. You Jen fans went on and on about how hurt Jen must have been since Brad apparently cheated and yet here she did the same to another woman. I can tell you right here right now no woman will ever do that to another woman if she has gone through the same hurt. Jennifer cheating with Justin just proves that Brad never cheated – which was confirmed by Brad, Angelina, Jennifer and her BFF Courtney Cox. People didn’t believe then but now everyone can see Jen just used the pity card.

Everyone knows that Jennifer is known as the ***** of Hollywood and now slowly everyone can see how she really is.

PS there are actual proof that Jennifer cheated while Brad cheating was just hearsay.

this is JL @ 01/06/2013 at 7:01 am

Mel,\if you think Marriage is just a piece of paper –
what are we talking about?
There is no cheating in the Nature at all!

this is JL @ 01/06/2013 at 7:24 am

That’s why Jolie loves nannies, horses, guys, women etc. :)

I Love this woman. I hate JPLs.

They’re getting married very soon!
I can feel it!!

this site was bought @ 01/06/2013 at 8:22 am

I dont know who suck most: Justjared or Angelina Jolie.

No Mel, Jen is in no way convincing me or her other fans that she is a bad person. Why are you here ragging on her? Your hero Pitt and Jolie are happy so why not be happy that Jen has moved on and is happy?

@ Ivermom: actually five of my girlfriends who were diehard fans of Jennifer has now turned against since the gun policy issue. Few of my colleagues both male and female have said the same thing so no matter what you say – I know for a fact she is rapidly losing her fanbase.

Why is that everytime there is a story about Jennifer it is false but when it is about you say it is the truth? We are know that Jennifer pays media to show the world her fake nice side but lately we can all see that finally most magazines are not obliged to cover for her anymore. I am waiting for the day when one of her best friends will write a book confirming to the world just how manipulative Jennifer is.

So let’s just see what is going to happen in 2013…

I know what you mean! @ 01/06/2013 at 12:10 pm

@this site was bought: HAHA I agree.

@Mel: Are you joking?no way is Jennifer ”rapidly losing her fanbase. ” neither is any the other bs you wrote is true. in your lovely little fantasy,honey. too bad.
now cry to the ocean maybe it will listen to you.

@Ivermom: Loser, I remember you from the baby blogs trashing children.
No one reads hilton anymore, he is trying to ride the gravy train, but it left the station a long time ago, read Gossip Cop reply to this blind item that he stole (as usual) that did not happen.
Ticky will never move on, she lost her A-list by assocciation status, now she this close to losing her C-list ranking, if her name is not used with Brad and Angie’s no one cares.
An Alcoholic is warned to stay away from from people who would put their recovery at risk, but the money is too tempting for an out of work Actor, (wanna be) writer. He’ll be in rehab, before the Summer is over.
Old girl had a melt down on the plane coming back, too much toking.

@Sammy: what fan base, you mean the so-called fans that won’t pay to see her crappy movies, we are the millers, may go straight to video.
Any one can hide on the internet and write BS.

One more thing, a good thing this Ad is not about hair products, because in England, you have to prove your product, does what the Ad says, and Ticky would’ve to take out that busted weave.

WHO CARES?! @ 01/06/2013 at 1:07 pm

If Jennifer and Justin get married or have a child nobody is going to have a rush of excitement. It’s like really, who cares? If they are involved in a movie or project, I would totally skip it. There is growing hatred toward Jennifer and she continues to tank.

This couple is so yesterday. They are past their prime from 10 yrs ago. They are getting older and playing stupid movies especially Jennifer who is by far so unfunny. She should stay home and make babies instead.


Grandma, you crack me up. You are so right. That weaved hair Jennifer is scouting around is so obvious since we have seen her with thin hair. I tell you she is full of lies. Her movies are boring and if you go to W*lMart you can see her dvds are in a clearance box with other dvds in the middle of an isle selling for $5 or less. You can see all of her dvds in that clearance box are not selling. I don’t know why anyone would want to do business with her.

Really, I think than Jen is a faithful woman!
And everybody, who talks, that she has been cheating ever in her life, talks bullsh!t. That´s what I believe!

They are looking so old and trying too hard. I think she thinks tanning will make her look better but it really just make her look hard and tough. Her skin is not smooth and looking coarse. He is a premature balding man so short and has no b*alls. This is all they do on a vacation and they post it? Boring old farts.

@Sammy: you don’t believe and I am supposed to care about that? I know what is happening and Jennifer is losing and losing her fans. Her new movie will bomb big time on the box office and then we will talk. Everyone knows that Jennifer cannot command the millions she used to not are big production companies ever going to offer her a role. Why? Because she is yesterday’s story and not worth the risk for those same companies. Let’s even see if she actually gets married or if she will wait until the JPs do so that she can try and upstage them – like she has been doing the past 8 years without success.

ChelSHIIT HOndler @ 01/06/2013 at 7:02 pm

The old Chin has always been a liar and a hypocrite … She paid millions to PR TO TRY and CHANGE PACT and get attentions … Unfortunately all the buying of people and POLLs…. planting stories is only a temporary FIX…. Bcos you CAN’T change FACT!!!!!

Exactly…. Why don’t all you Zombie move on… and live the JPs alone… But you can’t … Can you .. Bcos.. The JPs are the most powerful without even TRYING … Lol…
Posting buul about Colin’s … posting 24/7 at the JPs treads non stop…
Good… I hope your Chin and her Phinnochio Truly happy and married real soon… Cos they are perfect match in lala land ….. and live the JPs alone.. Specially their children.. Cos I remember you from a while back .. Wishing death on them and all… But that’s what Chinny fans all about cray cray evils to the MAX!

Grandma…baby blogs? Trashing children? Please inform me a little here. I have been a long time fan of Jen, I Happen to like her movies…chick flick’s, the kind you want to watch with your girlfriends. Is there something wrong with those kind of movies?

By the way, if you are referring to me posting 24/7 on Pitt/Jolie threads, you need to show me…that does not happen! Grandma, your posting under two separate names saying you remember me from way back..why are you sing multiple names? And what do you remember, please share?

Oh wow, you just said I wished death on children..that is sick, I did no such thing. Wow, you should have to pass a psychiatric evaluation to post here!

@Ivermom: You may deny it,but lots of your fellow fans have actually posted stuff like that ESP JL who wished that Angie would crash a plane into her kids–makes me sick just to type it. All bc a HW couple split up EIGHT YRS ago!!!! SMH

Pufferfish @ 01/07/2013 at 1:30 am

I think we can understand why every men dump Jennifer Aniston. Nothing good or impressive about her.

@AGA: I remember reading about this comment and it made me so sick. The author can only be childless and bitter to wish dead on Angelina and her children. There had been other ugly comments coming from “team jen” crap and I swore to defend Angelina, her children and even her mom during her passing and I don’t even know them. You would have to follow blogs for the past 8 yrs to know that the one claiming to be america’s sweetheart has a heart of pure evil.

Love it!!! @ 01/07/2013 at 9:22 am

I live in the UK and I saw this commercial! haha so cute and funny! at the end she opens the door and it flys off and crashes against a wall lol.

Wanna hug her too @ 01/07/2013 at 9:25 am


ChelSHIIT HOndler @ 01/07/2013 at 9:26 am

Not just a heart of pure Evil but a big fat liar too !!!

@ChelSHIIT HOndler: yes.yes. JP Trolls are like that. I agree 100%. They suck so bad dont they?
Im a faniston,too.

I so agree with you..They bring up Jolie and Pitt…I don’t like
to really come on here anymore for such bashing of Jens and Justins
happiness…I’m happy for all of them…They have moved on why can’t anyone else..

Jen is one classy woman and so in love with Justin,,Love the commercial ..JustJen you are both amazing kind people..x

“I thought that’s what all you AJ and BP idols would’ve wanted.. So not all disgust myself and all the fans and friends that use to be one here…There all gone b/c of your cruelness.. There’s are no words I can think of you people but ” EVIL” human beings who have to much time on there hands.. sitting home collecting dishonest welfare checks…get a life..”
For people that can’t stand Jennifer you must like something , you live here…

Hey Jade my dear friend I miss u check sometimes to see if your here..
Have been so busy…but I know u and I love Jen & Justin together and that Jen is so happy..Found the love of her life…Classy lady waited for the right man she truly loves…
Wish we could come on more often…Miss you Girl !
Happy New Year and hope everything is going well in your life…God Bless…!!!

Aniston is repulsive. She attach herself to big names and next she calls them friends. She uses them and moves on but what happens to her past “friends”? She lies and lies living in a life full of deceit. I loose respect for those she hangs around with.

She's Below Average! @ 01/07/2013 at 4:24 pm

Next! Her looks are disastrous and at her age she has nothing to show for herself but a meaningless life.

Brad pitt is totally jerk!
Jen is with a real man now!
They look fulfilled and happy!

AGA….My fellow fans, are not me. I do not wish plane crashes or bad things upon children. I have said things about Angie dressing Shiloh as a boy but nothing against the children personally. Thanks for letting me clear that up!

Hey Ellie, very sad indeed. Anytime there is a post about Jen or Jen/Justin, they immediately bring up Pitt/Jolie. Gag me, long over and nobody even cares! I guess we have to just try to ignore but sometimes it is hard to ignore stupidity!!

The truth eventually reveals itself. Jennifer is a total monster. To wish someone death will only come back and get her. It doesn’t matter how much one hates another, nobody should wish harm to children and to elderly or wish anyone death. Just wrong. More and more people are turning away from the monster.

OldGrannyMannytheTranny @ 01/07/2013 at 10:27 pm

I guess old granny Manny will be schilling everthing from water to weaves to depends to earn money to keep stubby legs from dumping her. Do you hens ever wonder when he b utt f ucks her does he pretend its Ben Stiller?

mmmm the taste of troll meltdown…..yummy….cry trolls!! cry,JP fans!! yeah thats right!! Jen is happy with her beautiful man and they will wed soon and possibly have a child!! yes. scream. shout. say insults. try your best. cry. MMMMMMMM YESSSSSS

you know Jennifer’s life is good when the anti Jens bash her more harshly than usual. seriously evil b astards. go back to hell. Be Jennifer.

Nice commercial hunny bunny!! good job

@Ivermom: I agree with everything you say! btw. no one wished death on JP kids. JP fans pretended to be Jen fan and did that so they could bash us. but JP fans DID wish death upon Jen once. horrible. disgusting! Best to ignore them they make no sense most of the time. they just say lies lies lies about beautiful Jennifer because they are bitter and vile cows. so….yeah.
love your comments!:)

James Bell @ 01/08/2013 at 8:23 am

haha I loved the commercial! she just doesnt age! and I love her personality!

Welcome back! @ 01/08/2013 at 8:25 am

woop! Jennifer is back :-)

They both look happy!!!

I love the commercial !!! :)

Welcome back darling <3

Thanks Alice! Us Jen hen’s must stick together :)

@ Ivermom: yep the last few of Jen fans must stick together to show that Jen is still popular. She is a b-lister trying hard to show that she is an A lister but everyone knows that it won’t be long before she does a reality show for some publicity….

She’s a smelly old skan.k . The Hobag of Hollywood is as fake as it gets. This former t.v. sitcom hack never made it to leading lady status , only a distant second to the real stars in the movies they let her be in. Her career is in the toilet and her pretend showmance will be over in 3,2,1,….When you B.S people long enough they catch on eventually. Jennifer is about the most self-absorbed , Untalented , bed hopping , unforgiving , phoney’s in Hollywood. Try to think outside the box on this one and find a better role model . If you google female role models you won’t find this moron , only world changing women such as……………. Google it your self… Love, The Ghost.

Well Sara, just consider me a b-lister lover ;) love Jen, sorry but I just do! The opinion of others will not sway me. I am loyal. If her career isin the toilet, so be it. I love some of her older movies like Along Came Polly and Rumor Has It (my fave) I have heard Wanderlust is funny but have not watched it yet. I also Love Marley and Me. I never was a fan of ‘Friends’…not that I would not like it, just never watched it.


You and all you Jolie & Pitt fans should be banned from any site of Jen.,

Jennifer Aniston is always pregnant. How many kids does she have?

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