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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, & Friends Depart Cabo

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, & Friends Depart Cabo

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux hop out of their car as they arrive at the airport on Thursday (January 3) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 43-year-old actress and her 41-year-old fiance were joined by their celeb pals Emily Blunt and John Krasinski to catch a flight out of town to end their vacation.

Jen and Justin have been in the tropical locale since December 23!

A new commercial featuring Jen for U.K. internet provider Sky Broadband was recently released. Check it out below!

Jennifer Aniston – Sky Broadband Commercial

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux leaving Cabo…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 12
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 13
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 14
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 15
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 16
jennifer aniston justin theroux friends depart cabo 17

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • misty

    @PAUL: You’re right. This site is inciting haters. I wonder what’s wrong with these people. It’s no longer healthy.

  • Natalie

    Looool the desperate Jen fans are still dragging Brad and Angelina into this even it has been exactly 8 years since Brad dumped Jennifer. Jennifer herself said that Brad wanted out of their marriage ie Brad dumped her…

    As for Justin being famous maybe he is in the Jen fans heads but not out in the real world. Even in UK he is known as Louis T. cousin and Jennifer’s fiancé – not much star power there.

    Lastly sorry to bust your bubbles but Jennifer’s pr has confirmed she is not pregnant nor planning to start a family in the next few years. That pretty much confirmed Jennifer doesn’t want children because she is already 44 and it will be pretty hard to conceive even with IVF after you passed 40s – not impossible but hard. She could also have adopted but she herself said that she won’t adopt ever because she will forever be compared with Angelina. That’s just an excuse because if she really wanted to adopt she should let no one stand in her way.

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  • rachel

    angelina alway wins bitches. jen will always be loser with life. nobody likes her even this dbag she is going to marry. he has motives. eventually every man leaves her for a better woman.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    BP refused to have kid with JA bcos BP knows that she’s a self centre selfish neurotic egoist.
    JA and her PR BULDOG Huvsy has been plant and denied their Trade mark trix … The … I WILL – I DID -and I DO bcos they both know JA Fans are Loser!!

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  • Smile

    Why JoliePitt fans can’t see Jen’s happiness?

  • Abbs

    Emily Blunt is looking rather smug (as usual) after using famous “friends” for their money and photo ops

  • over

    Um Emily blunt has a career and superstar future – Jen is the past and it is a pathetic past – bet Emily couldn’t wait to get away from this old b lister. don’t think she needs their fame nor their money. The fame Jen and Justin have is not enviable

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @Smile: ask yourself that question when JenHen wishes death on the Jolie-Pitt family…

  • ang

    I get a kick with how obsessed some of you are with putting her down. are these comments the high light of your day?? you feel all better about yourself now that you shot someone else down??

  • Trish

    Jennifer need to get over her narcissistic self. She and her boy toy are just fugly. Miss Blunt seems more interesting and lovelier.

  • Frank

    Jennifer is not looking good at her age. I imagine she needs others to bring attention to her. She should retire already.

  • Heidi

    Misses Justin. Can’t wait…

  • Juanita H

    Jennifer is not a nice human being.

  • Em

    Ummm Justin has some big teetees and Jennifer is a big bone gal. Her face up close is not very good. Her body is nothing to look at either. When she speaks you would want to put your head set on.

  • New Year

    Thank goodness they are leaving JustJennifer. She is horrible person, all she wants is attention to her. Justin won’t put up with her for too long.

  • Cece

    Those glasses makes her face bigger. They are hideous. This couple is so overrated and nothing impressive about either one of them. Let’s see some younger and prettier folks who have brains instead of these bloated azzes.

  • Tammy

    Jennifer is looking hard and thick. She is not funny and comes out so stupeed every time she talks.

  • April

    Can’t wait for Jolie Pitt good news. Meniston and her fans will surely have a meltdown.

  • Not a fan

    Oh no. What is that video of herself about now? This old twat is forever shoving herself to us. She is beyond disgusting and just too much.

  • LovelyMe

    I love Angelina! She is beautiful, smart and unselfish. I also like the fact that she shares her wealth to those less fortunate so they can survive in this harsh economic world. If Angelina was at any awards, I would take time off from work and attend the show with all of my bffs who are also fans of hers. Happy New Year to all.

  • jennifer

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  • ann h

    He’s still sporting that stupid gun necklace. Just makes her look more of a phony for doing that anti gun video. Somebody needs to fling some baloney on their terrace. Her chipmunk face has been severely shaved down for the “Rachel all over again” commercial.


    Brangelina’s fans are as insane as their idols. That’s why they hate sweet Jen so much. So silly. HA ……………………..

  • poor silk

    @JJSJOY: hello crazy silk

  • Alice

    @Point of Correction: Jennifer didnt and does NOT want Brad Pitt’s fugly kids. Angelina can have them :)

  • sullivan

    Blind Item from CDAN
    This former A list mostly television actress is now a B- list all movie actress with A list name recognition. She is also a huge diva even though she tries to pretend she isn’t. This week her boyfriend called her out on it and did a series of impressions of her and her diva behavior in front of her friends. She was not amused and the pair slept in separate bedrooms and did not come anywhere near each other the final three days of their trip.
    The unanimous guess was Aniston, of course.

  • get me outta here

    Justin sure looks overjoyed that he’s finally getting away from Mexico.
    He looked so miserable and out of place when he was there. I’m sure he longs for the New York scene and regrets selling out.

  • kid hater

    #78 – typical Jen fan, throwing barbs at children. You’re as vile as Chelsea. Her fans need to leave the kids out of it!!! Shame on you.

  • Sunshine

    Nothing exciting about Jen Aniston.

  • Chinnifer

    How did she do it? Her chin grew so fast.

  • rachel

    hey dbag alice no man wants kids from maniston. she looks like a ugly hog.

  • Sarah


  • Nah!

    Jennifer is sooooo booooring! Please take here off in 2013 and thereafter!!!

  • Jo

    She looks really happy and refreshed. aww.

  • no


  • Next

    The lady in jeans, white top and with a brown purse is attractive and seems more interesting. I’ve seen Jennifer in interviews and she comes out so unpolished, no class and seem uneducated. There are plenty better fishes out there.

  • Marissa

    ”what?a doddle?!”
    hahaha :)
    I love it!!
    shes hyper from coffee haha

  • 1234

    Her stormy fight with Justin must have ended the vacation. No wonder she does not have any real friends. What a tool!

  • Star

    There are so many reasons why I am not fan of Jennifer’s.

  • Potato

    @Star: number one reason: you worship JPs. its too clear. now go away.

  • Ivermom

    The Jen fans do not bring up Pitt at all…just the JP fans. Anyone else notice that? Must be some severe jealousy over Jen finding happiness with a hot man. Get over it…Jen and Brad were not meant to be..they both moved on and found happiness. Jen’s fans love Justin and do not care about Pitt. Why do you have to always bring up Pitt when you see Aniston and Theroux? I would think the JP fans would be over the moon about Jen moving on instead of still be stuck on Brad…guess not?!

  • Alice

    @Ivermom: Thank you for that!! I AGREE a million percent!!! xoxoxox

  • Ivermom

    Well Star, there are so many reason’s Jen just does not care if your a fan or not! Why are you reading about her then?

  • Ivermom

    Go back to moment #4 and 5 and tell me who brought Pitt into this conversation…it was clearly not a Jen fan. Just sayin!

  • Ivermom

    I meant to say Comment #4 and #5.

  • Ivermom

    I love how the JP fans also say Justin looks so miserable…because miserable people generally run around with a smile on their face ya know, good luck talking yourself into that!

  • Burn!

    Beanie eyes she have. She looks like a hot mess. Jennifer is getting to be like her gal Chelsea Handler, two pieces of dogs!