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Katie Holmes & Suri: Thursday Morning Twosome!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Thursday Morning Twosome!

Katie Holmes holds onto her daughter Suri‘s hand as they take a morning stroll on Thursday (January 3) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress dropped her daughter off at school and then headed out to run some errands.

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The day before, Suri joined her mom at the Music Box Theatre while she performed a matinee of her Broadway play Dead Accounts, which wraps up its run this Sunday.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri strolling on Thursday morning…

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Credit: Elder Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Clan

    She is beautiful without makeup!

  • adambrodyrocks

    Suri is the most beautiful celeb kid ever

  • Hope

    Suri is such a beautiful little girl and she has gorgeous hair as well! I wish my hair was that long and pretty (:

  • elitemingle

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  • Emily

    I´m sorry, i know this is a genetical thing, but Katie has such unfortunate legs…

  • Ellgy

    Suri looks tired and in need of a new uniform soon.

  • Chloe

    @adambrodyrocks: Really? Sorry but she’s not.

  • Suritard

    Suri’s skirt too short and hair too long.
    She has the maturity of toddler. Who takes the stuff animal to school? Get real.

  • lette

    not that long ago suri would wear cutouts and sundresses in this weather; now she’s appropriately dressed and seems to be behaving more maturely; she’s precious

  • DB

    This sites obsession with Katie Holmes stories is bordering on the insane.

    There are so many more accomplished personalities that could be chosen instead.

  • Kelly

    I’ve never known a first grader or kindergartner to bring a stuffed animal to school. She’s quite behind. I suspect that Katie held her back and she’s only in kindergarten. Still, she should not have the stuffed animal.

  • Sarah

    @Suritard: Her hair is too long? What kind of a stupid comment is that? Both my girls have hair almost to their waist (they are 10 and 7) and they like it like that. As for the skirt she is likely wearing little shorts under it or it is a skort. My girls do that too. And she has been photographed going to school multiple times without a stuffed animal so it was likely bring a toy to school day or show and tell. My daughter is in 1st grade like Suri and they do that all the time.

  • Sarah

    @Kelly: You must not know very many first graders then. My child brings a toy to “star of the day” or show and tell all the time. She is 3 months older than Suri. She is a child. She can start acting like a grown up when she actually is one.

  • Seriously
  • Seriously?
  • liz

    It’s good thing for kh that suri is back from her dad, so kh can appear in paps’ camera everyday even if she lost the work in broadway.

  • Piperwest12

    @Kelly: As a kindergarten teacher I can tell you that many schools still practice show and tell days, where children bring in a favorite item and show their friends. I also find comfort toys in my children’s cubbies at school. They bring them to remind them of home and not to feel lonely, it is perfectly normal for a six year old to need a comfort item. Lay off this child. She has rally blossomed since the divorce, sad to say but it may have been the best for her.

  • Namea

    It’s kinda funny that when Suri was with Tom for Christmas you never saw hide nor hair of her in the mags yet it seems she can never go anywhere without being seen when with Katie. I’m not being critical just an observation. :)

  • annie

    I love it…..both Katie and Suri look like they just woke up, like they slept in.
    Suri is a very pretty little girl, so much like both Katie and Tom, she has beautiful hair like her mum, even at such a young age.
    And as for her furry friend….again whinge , whinge , whine, leave the kid alone , she’s being a little girl.
    As much as I ‘m off Tom, I find it sad that they are no longer a family and couldn’t raise Suri together.
    Maybe next time round, TC might realise a few things that I on the outside could see , that probably didn’t help their relationship.
    Maybe the next Mrs Cruise will be luckier, maybe he won’t shove his religous beliefs down her throat, and want their kids in nappies and milk bottles , until they are ready to get off themselves, while the world criticized Katie ,and home schooled, so they can follow daddy all over the world , along with rest of the Cruise family, don’t worry about mum trying to have a career herself.
    I used to see pics of Katie with his sisters at the flower markets, shopping , at dancing lessons, picking up coffee, at Fred Segals, on Toms various movie sets, at James Packers wedding, holiday in Fiji , living in their house with their kids, like they were her body guards. They were everywhere, all the time!
    Used to see pics of Katie and Suri with Jeanne Yang and her kids, and there was Connor along with them.
    At Katies photo shoot, there was Connor, playing his music.
    When Katie went out with her parents, there was Connor.
    At the time I thought it was sweet, now I look at it differently, because I think it had an ulterior motive to it, just like Bella looked like a companion, yet neither her or Katie looked too happy about it.
    And Tom should also remember, how much he would hate, and probably flatten the man, who treated his daughters in the way that Naz girl was treated.
    So, yes , if the next Mrs Cruise doesn’t get subjected to some unpleasantries, like KH did, the money, fancy houses, planes, perks, will go down very nicely thank you, and Mr Cruise will have a successful marriage next time around.
    Saying all that, probably in her disatisfaction, Katie was difficult herself, so it was hard probably to please each other, in the way each wanted.
    But I wish things had been different for them, things are never good when little kids get subjected to different partners in their parents life, and he’s good at bringing partners home from day one to live-in.
    Everytime I say wish things had been different for them, I come across another cross against him.
    What’s that saying ….all that glitters!
    Talk about getting off topic!

  • Melanie


  • anonymous

    anybody thinks that suri is getting uglier and uglier? she’s getting tom cruise’s nose and she’ll definitely need a nose job when she grows up

  • Carrie

    Suri is a real life Blair Waldorf! <3

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Emily: That is the 1ST thing I noticed!!!! Too much cycling… She is only building her lower body. Some things she can change. But that is her demise: regardless of what anyone says, she only sees it as nay Sayers and willfully and stubbornly chooses her own demise…

  • Sincerely concerned

    @DB: yOU’RE HERE…

  • ugh

    What’s with the book written by annie? Geez, start a fan site. And how about some reality — do you really think that Katie was the poor, innocent victim in this? Sorry, but I think she entered into a business agreement, and bringing a kid into that agreement was wrong.

    And you people defending stuffed animals at school – get a grip. This isn’t preschool. Shouldn’t that kid be in first grade??? Kids are highly discouraged from bringing toys to first grade. The poor thing seems to insecure and needy, but I guess being Katie’s best friend is hard on a little kid.

  • Geeza Louisa


    I’m sorry Annie I have to disagree with your take on the kids. Katie stormed into their lives after Tom dumped Nicole and then supported the cult’s stand to cut her out of the kids lives. And personally I think Nicole tried to do what was best for the kids knowing how far the cult would go in their efforts to declare her a suppressive. Tom and Katie both declared the kids called her mom. BOTH Tom and Katie gave off vibes they were all one happy family. Maybe that changed somewhere in there, but the kids were 10 and 12 when she came into their lives. And you know what – she learned from Nicole–she took Suri and ran…but in doing so she dumped Connor and Isabella. And if it is true that they called her mom and considered her a mother figure and loved her–then Katie is far worse and did far worse than Nicole ever did. Nicole NEVER pimped those kids out. There are pictures out there of her trying to constantly shield them from the paps. According to things she has said and others who know her and the situation–she has tried to keep in touch. Isn’t it funny though, whenever she was in LA–it always seemed like pics came out of Tom/Katie and the kids in NYC and vice versa. It almost seemed like Tom was dealing her a public slap-in-the-face. But regardless, Katie when she escaped Tom–also dumped two kids that probably loved her. And Annie you have to ask yourself–if they did not love her or at least like and respect her–then what kind of person was Katie? Regardless of the cult if Katie was truly a loving stepmother then leaving like she did had to have punched those kids in the heart. Maybe she sat down and talked to them about it. We don’t know. But if she did not make contact to explain whatever–then that makes her a very callous, unfeeling woman.

  • K-Flop on Project Runway

    Katie was upset with one designer’s inability to flatter the model – rather than drawing the eyes to the less flattering aspects of dress -”The thing that was upsetting to me was, ‘I want all this hidden, but my eye went straight there.”

    Seriously, does she own a mirror? Is she not using the title “designer” now? And yet, makes a statement that can easily be applied to the missteps she makes when dressing herself.

    Mizarhi said it best, “…. I don’t want to hear about how unflattering the dress is” but he should have added “at least not from you Ms. Holmes”.

  • K-Flop on Project Runway

    @Geeza Louisa: Yeah, it was pretty obvious from Conner’s tweets (more than one) about family right after the break-up. Some people said it was a slight against Nicole, but I saw it as statement against Flakey Katie and her disregard for the children she had at one time calling her Mom.
    No matter how you slice it she kicked them (kids-now adults) under the bus.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    @K-Flop on Project Runway: @Geeza Louisa:

    KHo didn’t just walk away from Conner and Bella when Tommy decided not to renew the contract. She preemptively fired Bella from H&Y floppy line, how nice was that!
    KHo took her meal ticket with her totally, b/c Suri is never Tommy’s. She’s a rented prop for Tommy. Wonder why there’s no pictures of Tommy and Suri , if they actually spent the holidays together? Tommy doesn’t want the pictures taken for they DON’T LOOK ALIKE!

    KHo’s acting is cold, for that’s exactly her personality.

  • K-Flop on Project Runway

    @Suri the meal ticket: whether or not you believe Suri is Tom’s biological child (which I do believe he is) it wouldn’t keep him from being a father and all the responsibility and commitments that it entails (neither Connor nor Bella are biologically his either). I think Katie and her team(lawyer father and brother) meticulously and calculatingly planned her divorce so that issues not defined in her prenup (I.e. custody) would be defined by her and her team. Katie hooked up with Tom with a plan (get pregnant with his child) and divorce Tom with a plan (use his religion to gain primary/ sole custody of Suri. She knew about Scientology before she got with Tom and she knew that the negative publicity surrounding it would work in her favor when it came time to make her move (divorce).

  • annie

    @geena louise
    with respect , you are defending the mother that left them at the age of 6 and 8 and blaming their stepmother who left” their father” when Connor and Bella are at the age of 19 and 17.
    I realise NK has her fans, but saying that Katie abandoned her step children, is just a bit much, i think.
    Connor and Bella,were and are NKand TC responsability, not katie’s.
    although obviously she she lived with them. doubt very much she had too much control over her and her daughters life, let alone Bella and onnor.
    I will say it again tho ….katie left Tom Cruise,
    Niclole Kidman left her kids, please lets not get confused here.
    I really can’t believe that you actually wrote this, but it’s your opinion and that’s fine.

  • K-Flop on Project Runway

    They called her MOM, not Kate or Katie but MOM.
    And Connor was only 10 when Katie waltz’d into their lives attending soccer games, going to volunteer shelters , etc with Connor (google) that’s still grade school and not much older than Suri now.
    If “step-mom” is the title you want to use to imply distance and no responsibility the she (Katie) should have stayed on a first name basis with the kids, Mom(Dad) for that matter are titles of sincerity, responsibility and more than egg or sperm donors who don’t want the commitment.
    Katie fronted as something that she knew she wasn’t and had no sincere intention of being.

  • annie

    everything is ok really, say whatever you want

    however i will keep in mind, that if or ever i become a step mother, in this life or the next, and i happen to leave my husband ,i’ll think twice about it because i’ll be doing wrong by my step kids, although their own mother did nothing to keep them close to her from their young age.
    If a nanny ever came out to say kh was a non existant mother in her childs life, you would all be rubbing your hands with happiness, if a nanny said this about NK, which she did, in a book, you don’t say anything.
    I respect other peoples opinions, but once they become nonsencical, and biased, then it’s time for me to shut up.
    i will seriously remember that.

  • annie

    don’t know how that last line got there.

  • Geeza Louisa


    No Annie, Nicole did not leave her kids. She had physical custody of the kids for about a year and a half to two years after the divorce and then she and Tom together decided the kids would settle in with Tom in LA because they did not want to live in Australia. Nicole saw them frequently after that and then Tom and the cult started pushing her out of their lives.
    It doesn’t matter if Katie was “only” their stepmother and didn’t have custody etc. The issue is the kids called her mom and according to both Tom and Katie looked upon her with love and affection. Nicole has tried to stay in contact with them, but Katie was there and physically in their lives as an approved cult member. Do you think it hurts them any less to be betrayed by her? Do you? Because if you do think it hurts less to have a step mom betray them–one that they supposedly loved–then you obviously don’t have step-kids or adopted kids. It hurts. And Katie just dumped them. I’m sorry but that makes Katie beyond cruel. Nicole has said over and over that she hopes when the kids become 18 that things will change. But until they drop the cult that probably won’t happen. And oh yes, now Katie gets to be a suppressive and labeled a sociopath. And you better believe unless she has something major on Tom, he’ll do everything he can to get Suri back in the fold.

  • Brrrr!!!

    Why does Katie dress her daughter without some thick pants or leggings?! That kid must be freezing all the time. To make it worse, Katie takes Suri for icre cream run during winter time and the kid is not dressed for cold weather. I just have to say it.

    Why doesn’t Katie use the back entrance or let Suri use it with her nanny.

  • OMG

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    Had you really seen the pictures of Tom and Suri? May be Suri was like KHO ever, but her face was thin down past two years, in addition to her brows and Ugly knees, everything is Tom Cruise. I think you need a oculist.

  • Hamlet

    Go, #10!

    Depends how much in public they were out, #16.

    Where are you getting the kids were pushed out of Kidman’s lives, #35? Did Kidman ever say that?