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Nicole Kidman: See Ya, Sydney!

Nicole Kidman: See Ya, Sydney!

Nicole Kidman flashes a smile as she heads inside the airport to catch a departing flight on Thursday (January 3) in Sydney, Australia.

The 45-year-old actress got dropped off in a Jaguar in front of her terminal – fancy!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Nicole recently updated her Facebook page with a video of how she spent New Year’s Eve: watching fireworks! “Nicole rang in the New Year with a bang!” the video was captioned. She also shared a cute pic – be sure to check it out!

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  • KAY blood

    She obviously takes good care of her skin, she looks gorgeous!!

  • Louise

    Life with Keith Urban is good on Nicole. She will be a lasting beauty.

  • DB

    So pretty.

  • tsquared

    Love Nicole and usually love her style. This not so much. Beautiful hair, bag and shoes though!

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    nicole is a really beauty

  • winkmillionaire

    Wow… So beautiful. My friend Ashley is also a beautiful girl. Recently she is dating a millionaire, whom she met on ~~ẂίnkMillionaire. Ç0M. It is a rich dating site where lots of attorneys, political figures, investors, entrepreneurs, doctors, and professional athletes are seeking true love.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Nic is effortlessly chic. So very pretty in her ensembles.

  • kary

    Beautiful and classy… I love her, 2013 will be Nicole and Keith’s year… so many movies for her and a American idol and a new album for Keith. awesome!!!

  • http://Comcast Jennifer

    Nicole Kidman–Perfection. Frozoid and her other names should be posting soon, it will be too many positive comments for her to handle.

  • http://Comcast Jennifer

    Nicole Kidman–Perfection. Frozoid and her other names should be posting soon, it will be too many positive comments for her to handle.

  • ….

    I don’t think I will even bother to ask where her daughters and husband are. So many questions …

  • Little MY

    Love this woman, she is everything that is good in this world.

  • TC

    She’s off … and so is the countdown to The Golden Globes. In preparation, world wide Botox supplies are about to be severely depleted as Nickers eagerly settles into the surgeons chair.

  • http://Comcast Toni

    You were right Jennifer, Frozoid and her other names is back with her stale comments about Botox and who is taking care of her children. Get a life, jealousy doesn’t sound good on anyone. Nicole and Keith are an adorable couple.

  • Cornfield Delusions

    Since TC and her other personalities have no where to be, unlike Nicole, maybe they can all date and be each other’s ball and chain.

    Nicole looks beautiful. Only a brain dead skeptic thinks a family has to be together in the same place at all times!

  • Em

    Multiple Choice:

    Q. Who is taking care of Nicole’s children?

    (A). The Nanny
    (B). Keith and The Nanny
    (C). Everyone, but the Mother

  • M

    Kidman on keeping romance alive with Keith Urban while having two kids: “I rented this beautiful house on the beach. I thought, ‘We’ll go and swim in the ocean and just get lost in (ignore) each other.’ So we go down, just us, and I’m like, ‘We really should bring (remember) the kids.’ And then the kids (and nannies) come down and the whole dynamic changes (I immediately left). Another time, we got one (every) night, and then we were both in tears (of laughter). It was ridiculous. But time is so precious and I love the sound of them (the nannies) and the feel of them (my wigs). I just don’t want to miss anything (PR opportunities) and I don’t want them (isabella/conor/sunday/faith) to go ‘Where’s my mom?’ So I’m working through that (on back to back film projects).”

  • Jack

    Boring, M. We didn’t buy it the first time you wrote it. You are delusional as always. Keep yourself entertained with your childish writing though, it’s all you have.

  • kary

    @M: So… the same person writing the same bull5hit … you need to be more creative on your posts… we are really tired reading the same all the time.

  • Kilem

    Those pants are bloody ugly, but she manages to still look elegant. lol.

  • Anne

    Just watched the paperboy, Nicole so deserves the Oscars. Forget Anne Hathaway in Les Mis. Go watch Nicole in Paperboy and you’ll know she is the most deserving to win the supporting actress category. Yes, the movie might receive different responses from different people but her performance was excellent. This could be her 2nd Oscar win. Critics should never criticize an actor’s performance without even seeing the movie first. They should go see every movie in the SG or GG list first before they open their mouths.

  • ….

    If Kidman beats Hathaway, be prepared for booing from the live audience.

  • Moh123

    very stylish

  • http://Comcast Maryann

    This is just one person making these cheap comments. I don’t think it is any of your business who is taking care of her children. you are a REAL SICK person get some help!!!! She must be a Scientologist Tom Cruise lover or even sicker yet, thinks she has a chance with Keith Urban.

  • ..

    Poor dears … obsessively defending an ageing actress who disappoints cinema patrons, time and time again, must be very difficult and distressing. There have been so many box office flops and understandably, paranoia sets in.

  • Em

    I don’t think Kidman ‘disappoints cinema patrons’ anymore because, thankfully, her movies either don’t get a release date, have a very limited run or go straight to DVD.

  • http://Comcast Maryann

    Em and your other names you are using. Why do you follow Nicole Kidman articles ??????? Why do you hate her ??? Do you know her ???? Do you think what you say about her would bother her ???? Do you think she reads any of these comments ??? Even if she did read any of this she could care less what a loser like you have to say. She would know, just another nut.

  • Em

    Calm down Maryann. I suggest you pull out your Nicole Kidman album … you know, the album with the articles of Kidman you have obsessively collected, cut and pasted into over the years. Next, put your prized Nicole Kidman box set DVD’s on, pour yourself a stiff drink and after you have slowly wept over the physical and artistic demise of your plastic idol, you will be asleep in no time.

  • TC

    See ya Sydney, see ya Keith, see ya Sunday, see ya Faith. Nicole says goodbye to her ‘family’ as she gleefully departs and flashes a smile for the paps.

  • Avery4

    TC, don’t hate Nicole because Cruise turned into a joke after he divorced her. Tom had her kids calling Katie Holmes mom and look how well that worked for him. haha. Or if you’re jealous of her being with Keith, get over it. Keith adores Nicole.

  • @Maryann

    Notice how Em responded but didn’t answer your questions. Em hates Nicole because she wants Nicole’s life. It’s envy. Otherwise she’d pick on another personality more deserving of public scorn. Nicole has already made her mark as an actress regardless of what happens next in her career. I wonder what Em has accomplished to be so condescending and critical. Better a “has been” than a “never was.”

  • Em

    ^^^ At last someone posts some sense and with whom we can all agree, Nicole Kidman is definitely a ‘HAS BEEN’.

  • TC

    Avery4, Thank you for bringing up Cruise, because it reminded me of the following:

    … BlindGossip – We know a lot about the phony relationships in Hollywood. But even we are occasionally surprised to discover how far the deception goes. This acting couple broke up a few years ago, but there was something odd about the reports that came out after the couple split. The actress, who had usually been quite reluctant to discuss her private life, told people both that she was surprised by the split, and that she had sadly miscarried before the couple broke up. We knew that the “surprised” part of that was untrue, as they had a contract that was expiring. But we just found out that the miscarriage comment was also untrue. It was part of the legal settlement, and was designed to make the public believe that the actor was both heterosexual and potent, neither of which is true …

  • ..

    Satine and Lestat

  • Jordyn

    @TC: She miscarried after Tom filed for divorce and kept physical evidence that it was his child so that he couldn’t claim otherwise and accuse her of infidelity. Who’s the WE that found out the miscarriage statement was untrue? I can just imagine! LOL

  • TC

    You can choose to believe Kidman’s illogical version of events Jordyn, if that comforts you.

  • kary

    @TC: that’s funny… are you a family friend to know exactly what happened? WE don’t know… you say everything like you had been there, you’re sick… I don’t know if she was with someone else before Cruise filed for divorce, but I think there’s more evidences that the evil person in that relationship was Tom. She was a victim there and now she’s happy so that’s ok for me

  • TC

    You’re right, Kidman was a victim. A victim of her ruthless ambition which forced her to sign a 10 year bearding contract to a homosexual actor in exchange for money and power. Poor impulsive, naive Nicole.