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Gabriel Aubry: LAX Departure!

Gabriel Aubry: LAX Departure!

Gabriel Aubry keeps a low profile while arriving at LAX Airport on Thursday night (January 3) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old model rocked a beanie as he made his way through the terminal to catch his departing flight.

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In case you missed the good news, Olivier Martinez agreed to drop all criminal charges against Gabriel after their Thanksgiving brawl at Halle Berry‘s house.

10+ pictures inside of Gabriel Aubry arriving at LAX Airport to catch his departing flight…

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  • Saline Dijon

    Bes thing he ever did is seperate from that self-centered wacko Halle Berry.

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    It’s nice to see that his face is looking better.

  • Penny

    This man is my hero. He has suffered so much because he wants to be there for his daughter. He has endured public humilliation, physical violence, Halle Berry even suggested that he was molesting his daughter. But he never gave up. He has fought with everything he has to be Nahla’s father. Absent fathers have a lot to learn from this man. Gabriel Aubry is truly an inspiration and an example of what good, responsible fatherhood really means.

  • Kel

    Looking good. Stay strong, Gabriel.

  • OhCanada

    Team Gabe. Hope you are coming home.

  • Saline Dijon

    Glad Halle’s career is in the toilet. Gabriel will be fine. Halle, on the other hand, will eventually drop wack-job Olivier and move on to another white man and destroy his life as well. She is a psycho.

  • someone

    I seriously don’t get how someone can prefer Olivier ‘a**hole’ Martinez to Gabriel! he seems to be a wonderful man and not mentioning how good looking he’s. But well, hope he never gets a b*tch as Halle Berry.

  • kiki

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  • Lana

    Funny how Olivier is the one agreeing to drop the charges against Gabriel. Like it was said above, good for him separating from that wicked mean coniving witch

  • zac
  • Uouy

    He’s gorgeous!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  • jhony_walker

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  • DemiTasse

    I agree with Penny, #3.

    I hope Gabriel knows how much support he has out here. As far as I’m concerned Olivier Martinez, who I used to like, is just a disgusting pig. A thug & a liar too. The only reason Gabriel was ever even charged, when it was obvious Olivier started it, is because Gabriel was on Halle’s property and the LAPD was too impressed with Halle Berry to investigate further. As soon as Gabriel regained consciousness he asked the cops to check the video cams, but he didn’t know they had “repositioned them.

    Stay strong Gabriel! Gabriel had no motive to be pissed off at Olivier. He just won the court case to keep Nahla in the USA. Olivier was angry about it. So was Halle. Shame on her for allowing some random boyfriend to beat up the father of her kid. She is so agressive and crazy, that you know if Gabriel was at fault she would have been campaigning like crazy to have him charged with a crime and appeal the judge’s decision about taking Nahla to France.

    Her lawyer & PR people must have told her Olvier was going to get charged with assault if Gabriel chose to press charges and there was an investigation. Also, because they had damaged his face, Gabriel could have sued them both in a civil trial. He would’ve won, too. Halle finally decided to end the mess since she was also losing the PR battle.

  • Lea

    Oh,its good to see his face is much better,almost back to normal.Those crazy psychos couldn’t kill him,so they had to settle with Gabriel to try to “save” what’s left of their reputations and careers.Everybody knows Halle and the dangerous boxer started the fight,that they set Gabriel up.The police is the only one that .believes that Gabriel started the fight…nice try Psycho Berry and Douche Martinez,but nobody believes in you
    They are losers…i hope their careers sink forever.I’ll boycott everything those psychos are in.Eww

  • jada


  • laura

    Oh, so his face is back to normal, after that horrible thug almost killed him.. I’m relieved!

  • Stacie

    He’s beautiful but Crazy ! I’m still Team Olivier and Halle ! :)

  • British Latin American

    @Jada: Loser has only one ‘o’.

    Good to see gabriel getting his life back on track.

  • mia

    @Saline Dijon: I totally agree…Well said

  • mia

    @jada: @Stacie:
    get a life and stop commenting. I guess you are AA…am I right?

  • mia
  • just me

    Happy new year Gabriel, we love you and Nahla keep fighting for your litte girl

  • http://whatisaURL marion mcgrady

    @Saline Dijon:
    You people keep calling Halle wacko, she is not he should of see the color of her skin before he lay down with her,but he waited until the darling little girl was born, he slept with her so his carear could be more
    improve, and yes she should fight to keep her daughter, she should not have to pay him not one red cent so all of yo need to back the H!!! OFF, you all would of done the same thing and about the fight he is jealous and he taught because he was taller than Mr Martinez he could of beat him down but oops, he got a surprise

  • Jessica

    @marion mcgrady: And she’s really psycho,i mean wacko.She used him to have a baby,then tried to erase him from Nahla’s life to raise her without a father.If Wacko Berry didn’t have a father in her life,i understand,but it doesn’t mean Nahla must grow up like her.
    Gabriel is not only a sperm donor,is Nahla’s father.And about the fight,everybody knows it was a set up made by Halle and Olivier.You can defend them as much as you want,but they ruined their careers and their reputations after so much set ups.Olivier is too violent and shouldn’t near Nahla.He almost killed Gabriel,i fear what he would do to Nahla if she yells at him one day.He’s dangerous.

  • Joanne

    @Stacie: Well,Halle and Olivier are crazy,not Gabriel.Their last set up almost killed Gabriel,and Olivier is a professional boxer,remember.Btw,one day they will have to split.She’ll never take Nahla to France,so she will have to choose between her daughter and Olivier.And you know who she will choose…

  • huh

    always thought Halle as a beauty was devastatingly overrated. She always had a normal looking rat face to me. Her bod is amazing but facially she is painfully average.

  • Silvia Helena

    Eu também acho que ele sofreu mais que merecia.Gabriel você está certo.Lute por sua filha.

  • justsaying

    you go gabriel let them talk junk, you knows what’s best for your little girl

  • Kilem

    Dude looks exhausted but he can still wear the sh^t out of a pair of jeans! HaWt!

  • llws88

    Such a beautiful man! Halle is CRAY!

  • British Latin American

    Halle was a fool to let that go and to replace him with Olivier Martinez

  • msirene

    He’s my hero too, I love him! I respect him so much for standing up for his little daughter, so she can always have a strong father figure in her life, which is so important!

    He’s the man!

  • Whee! Whee! Whee!

    Yes, Gabriel is a gorgeous man, BUT I never knew who he was before he dated Halle Berry. He had a good career as a model, but Ms. Berry really put him on the map. Now that they are apart, to be honest, I really don’t care much about him anymore. I just hope that he will be a good father to Nahla. I believe that if he had it “all together,” Halle Berry would not have left him without a broken heart. Instead, she seemed like she was almost relieved to get away from him. Then she flew straight into the rescuing, loving arms of Olivier. It seems to me like Olivier is more mature and relaxed. Gabriel seems like a “loner.” He started out quiet with Halle, but in all their years together, he never really lightened up. Must have some scars in his background to keep him so low-key and quiet. Seems anti-social too. Halle Berry needs a strong man who will protect her and her child.

  • huggybear

    @ Whee! Whee! Whee strong men don’t hit, good men don’t stick their nose in other people business, mature men don’t go out and try to kill little girls daddy, Oliver is a loser tell him I say go make you own baby after you do, let your baby mommy new boyfriend beat the shit out of you

  • Whee! Whee! Whee!

    @huggybear: Good men defend/protect their women and children. You don’t know what happened the day Olivier gave “pretty boy” a black eye. From all accounts I’ve read, Mr. Aubry started the trouble. But he couldn’t finish it. Aubry doesn’t look like he has moved on to any woman of substance either. Like I said, a “loner.” Fighting is for children, but a give me a man who can defend me any day. No smart woman wants a wimp! Men are physically stronger than women for a reason.

  • Whee! Whee! Whee!

    Oh, and to some of you losers here, Halle Berry is not “average.” Except in certain communites, you generally don’t walk outside and see women like Ms. Berry on a daily basis. She’s not what I would call a striking beauty, but she is definitely an attractive woman. She has a cute look and nice facial features. And people forget that Halle Berry is in her forties now. She’s not 20, yet she still looks great. And yes, she has a rockin bod — even after giving birth. You know, the majority of black females are obese.

  • huggybear

    real man go make their own babies not fight other man for their child and Gabriel was not fighting with halle or nahla get your fact right @ Whee Whee Whee

  • huggybear

    real man go make their own babies not fight other man for their child and Gabriel was not fighting with halle or nahla get your fact right @ Whee Whee Whee

  • huggybear

    real man go make their own babies not fight other man for their child and Gabriel was not fighting with halle or nahla get your fact right @ Whee Whee Whee

  • huggybear

    real man go make their own babies not fight other man for their child and Gabriel was not fighting with halle or nahla get your fact right @ Whee Whee Whee

  • huggybear

    real man go make their own babies not fight other man for their child and Gabriel was not fighting with halle or nahla get your fact right @ Whee Whee Whee

  • huggybear

    real man go make their own babies not fight other man for their child and Gabriel was not fighting with halle or nahla get your fact right @ Whee Whee Whee

  • Whee! Whee! Whee!

    @huggybear: ^^^^^^^^ Psycho!