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Jamie Foxx: 'Django is the Truest Depiction of Slavery'

Jamie Foxx: 'Django is the Truest Depiction of Slavery'

Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino, and Samuel L. Jackson dine out together at Il Bolognese while promoting their film Django Unchained on Friday (January 4) in Rome, Italy.

Earlier in the week, the 45-year-old actor was spotted heading through LAX airport to catch a flight to Rome.

Jamie recently spoke to Deadline about the reality of his film Django Unchained.

“When you see Leonardo [DiCaprio] build this eloquent evil character as Calvin Candie, you want to hear those words,” Jamie said about one of the speeches co-star Leo‘s character makes about slaves. “Hearing those words, and you hear them enough, it became second hand because that’s how they talked back then. Django is the truest depiction of slavery.”

10+ pictures inside of Jamie Foxx catching a flight out of LAX…

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  • Justine

    Leo was absolutely incredible as Calvin Candie. I was terrified of him in that scene Jamie is talking about. He should snag the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
    Jamie was incredible as well! One of my favourite movie roles of his.

  • katie
  • Jessie

    Huh? I thought ROOTS was the truest depiction of slavery.

  • Diedre

    I don’t want to start controversy, but how does Jamie Foxx know exactly what it was like during slavery?
    I get a little tired of Hollywood stars behaving as if they know everything. I’m fairly certain that the horrific circumstances that African American people endured at the hands of their owners is as far removed from anything Mr. Foxx has experienced as day is from night.

    That being said, I would like to see this movie based on the positive buzz that surrounds it.

  • jimbolini

    Jamie Foxx is a race baiting pimp. Don’t waste your money on Hollyweird!! BWAHAHHAHAAAA!

  • Henry

    Quentin is a copycat. He took the idea from the hong kong film “Infernal Affair” and gave it to Dicaprio and Jack Nicolson in the cop gone rogue.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    @Diedre: Diedre you hit the nail on the head. How the heck does Jamie Foxx know that his movie is the true representation of US Slavery? Was he there? No. As a black woman and someone who has studied US History I am shocked that this moron would try to hip his film by claiming that its a true or factual representation of US slavery. Imagine if someone tried to claim that Hogan’s Heroes is the truest depiction of WW2 POW camps and of the Holocaust in Europe. Foxx can have his opinion but it would sure be nice if his opinion were actually based in fact not movie hype.

  • Political History

    When the africans were introduced into America two centuries ago they were meant as a temporary population and labor substitute, not as a replacement for Americans. What will happen, and indeed is happening, well out of Obamas otherwise nonexistent powers to stop it, is the unpublicized mass execution and exodus of the transoceanic entities residing within America, just as America evicted and executed all of the transoceanic enemy after the Revolutionary War. It’s no different now than it was then, Jared, only much more modern, quiet and civil, at least from the current surface perspective.

  • jacob beasley

    Lets be honest, though… the gladiatorial fights were fictional and based on one of Tarantino’s favorite movies, not actual history… Still, the acting was incredible, and the absolute fear you felt when that Candie character was around was astounding.

  • LooseLipz

    Is there anyone as ugly as Quentin Tarrantino? And equally stuck up?

  • mytwocents

    Why have there been no movies about people other than blacks as slaves? Until they recognize that more than one race was slavery there is no true depiction of slavery.

    Yes, the blacks/African were treated the worse. Don’t forget that when the Irish came to America at first there were signs that said “Irish need not apply.”

    There are so many movies about slavery. Why not more about oppression faced by Indians (Asian not Native since there are a lot of Native movies), or Syrian riots, and things such as that? Or school shootings like Columbine and such.

    I am no way, shape or form a racist. I just get tired of seeing all these movies based on this or that. Oh, and did you know 80% of the time the people cast in movies as Native American don’t even have a single descendant in their family tree of that heritage or an ounce of it?

  • Tom


    So you seem to be certain about the horror African Americans suffered at the hands of slavery but it is impossible that an actor could fathom the same sense of suffering. I don’t know maybe he went to school, or read a book, maybe even the same one you read that gave you your great insights on slavery. Of course he wasn’t there, none of us were, so none of us truly understand it, but can’t people make an effort to understand it as best as possible, and what evidence do you have to suggest Jamie doesn’t have a grasp on the issue, or are you just a know it all anonymous internet critic?

    “I get a little tired of Hollywood stars behaving as if they know everything. I’m fairly certain…” maybe you should think about what you just said.

  • Jerry

    Jamie Foxx is the truest depiction of a delusional moron.

  • kiki

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  • http://@wiiill Wober2

    Depictions or rather opinions of slavery should be varied. Just for the fact we all are talking about the reality of slavery make the film seem like good evocative art. I do not understand why there wasn’t this kind of controversy surrounding Inglorious Bastards . Must be because of being pulled away from the guilt and having a cultural image of ourselves being heroes during that conflict. My biggest concern of the film is the discrepancy of language between the race divide.

  • Monty Monroe

    You know them blackies then, always backtalkin there Masters. What ya expect?? A party for them?????

  • Dean S.

    @mytwocents: 80%? Where did you get that figure from? The Americans have been a military intelligence empire since their Washington won against the colonizing empire. They’re as all over Hollywood as they are all over Washington DC. When you live a lifelong professional career, that’s what you get in return.

  • sven erlandson

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    It’s the relationship version of “How to Secure Your House, as told by a professional burglar!” This is no joke. It’s that rare relationship book that’s written in guy language and guy stories. The raw truths of “I Steal Wives” will forever change how you do relationships and understand women, especially if you are one!

    You can check it now at Amazon! You’ll really like it!

  • mytwocents

    @Dean S.: It’s called an observation. The percent is higher than that, but I was trying to give a benefit of a doubt.

  • an opinion

    STFU Jamie Foxx. So ignorant. Whites were not using the N word to degrade blacks during that period. But it is used over 100 times (according to reports) in this movie. Secondly Tarantino says himself that he does not exactly follow the historical facts just like he didn’t in Inglorious Bastards.

  • Sacramento

    @mytwocents: You have historically and logistically bad observational and mathematical acumen.

  • ConnorV

    @Henry: Your a moron. The film “Internal Affair” was made by Martin Scorsese. Quentin had absolutely nothing to do with that movie. Learn the truth before you write assh***

  • JJFan

    @mytwocents: “Oh, and did you know 80% of the time the people cast in movies as Native American don’t even have a single descendant in their family tree of that heritage or an ounce of it?” – either your disinformation comes from the CIA to support the good guys, or your disinformation comes from africa to support the bad guys. And, besides, most Americans are not in the imported entertainment multimedia industry of NY – LA.

  • jody

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  • mytwocents


    Yes you are all right. I am a communist. hahahahahahahahahahaha….I am going to take over the world. Are you with me or against me?

    Actually, I had done a shit load of research, and my observations are not off. How about you do your research? Really dive into history.

    PS Why are you wasting your time reading my posts? Are you bored? Unemployed? Dumbarse? D-bag?

    Did you ever think maybe I’m bored, and it is so easy to get people riled up on these forums. Plus, Jaime Foxx is a tool.

    Also, there were slaves that weren’t black. You’ll have to look into worldwide history as well. But most people just believe what they hear from celebrities and the like that know nothing.

    Okay, I have passed my time, and now I am going out to the bar to spend lots of money.

  • Tony M.

    @mytwocents: Well, I just read your posts and it appears to me that you’ve never done any research on anything in your life and you just want to troll Dierdre and everyone who posts on just jared because you don’t like the reality of the life you’re in. You seem like a young kid who watches too many bad movies to get your history lessons. No offense.

  • urbigfatazz

    tarantino cannot make a movie without a huge amout of violence ! hollywood has a free pass to get off on gratuitious violence. just really wrong , not one good positive has ever come of it all ! the guy is a creepy one for always wanting to indulge in so much gore and violence and just bc it s a movie and he is hollywood no one says a damn word about it …. sad , lame commentary people !

  • Andrew

    Jamie really needs to stop playing the race card, was he a slave, doubt it.

  • XYZ


  • XYZ


  • XYZ

    From what I’m seeing from this is that Tarantino made a white guilt movie in hopes to try to get a black audience to feel better. Some blacks liked it, some hated it.

  • XYZ

    The more you pander to blacks, the more unsettled they are. The more you try to uplift the blacks, the more they hate you. The more you feed the blacks, the more of them there are to hate you.

  • XYZ

    As for historical inaccuracies, I counted 3…..

    - KKK scene. While not a Classic KKK scene by Hollywood, the intent was there. The movie takes place 2 years BEFORE the Civil War. The KKK did not form until AFTER the Civil War was over (in the Reconstruction Era)

    - Alexandre Dumas reference. Reference is made to the French author of the “The 3 Mousketeers”. Calvin Candie (Di Caprio) is asked why he practices slavery but has the book by the black Alexandre Dumas. In reality, Alexandre Dumas was 3/4′s white.

    - So-called “Mandingo-Fighting”. Again. This did not exist. Slaves were valuable property. Assets that were bought and sold. A Plantation Owner would not engage in this. No historical account says that this has gone on, but some will believe in this revisionist history.

  • XYZ


  • A

    @XYZ: How is it “anti–white” when the truth about American slavery is much, much worse than this.
    This movie doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what really happened.
    Torture, rape of men, women and children, violence and the psychological terror.
    I doubt you call schindler’s list an “anti-white” movie, but when it hits home we get comments like yours.
    It must really eat at you to see the truth and knowing the real truth was much worse.

  • Diedre

    Give me a break, Tom. Picking up a book is not the same thing as actually living the experience.
    Do I believe that Mr. Foxx can sympathize with the plight of slaves? Yes, absolutely. Can he EMPATHIZE with them? No, I do not believe he can.
    To unequivocally state that his movie is the truest representation of the experience of slaves is arrogant.
    I agree with mrs_fuzzybee’s comment that it sounds more like hype than anything else.

  • 777

    I saw this movie couple of days ago and I did not like it. It is pretty entertaining, but not my type.
    First, I don’t like when someone is doing with history “what ever his soul desires”. History carries every important lessons for all of us and if we start to neglect and make fun of them, sooner or later we will regret it greatly.
    Second, I don’t like the attitude of the movie – “kill them, but make a funny joke while killing”. There were no characters in the movie I empathize to, maybe only the guy on the tree, but neither Django, no Shultz made me worried about them.
    Third, emotionally I did not believe neither Django no Shultz. I did not understand Shultz’s motives, I did not understand his character, for Django I did not feel his love to his wife, I did not get how come he made such an evolution in character within a couple of months. The only person I truly believe may exist in that time were Candie. He acts according to who he is and time he lives in. Stephen was great up to the moment Candie’s death, after that I stopped believing him too. If Candie was like a son to him, it is not a way you moan your only son’s death.
    Forth, movie looks cheap, I would give it not more than 40 million maximum. How come they spend over 100 million is beyond me.

  • Sayer

    @XYZ: Dumas was 1/4 black, which made him black in Calvin Candies’ world of the South. If Dumas was living in Mississippi, he’d be considered BLACK. So, the reference was not inaccurate.

  • kaitlyn marshbanks

    Dierdre, Objective historians and well-read people know what slavery is like because some slaveholders described what they believed and did — in WRITING. Southern newspapers also described bounties on escaped slaves. And “LAWS” on the books detailed which fingers and toes could be cut off of slaves by “masters” if “their” enslaved people tried to run away! Southern newspapers had advertisements for the “sale” of black people’s children! Census records in the South showed that there were 500,000 mixed race enslaved black FEMALES in the South– note, that doesn’t count their BROTHERS! How do you think more than a million black people were mixed race when MARRIAGE between whites and blacks was considered “illegal?” The demonic rape of young African-American females was rampant, that’s how! Quentin Tarantino, indeed ANY filmmaker who has depicted slavery could have shown it in a much, MUCH worse light than they have! Jamie Foxx is right!

  • kaitlyn marshbanks


    Mrs_Fuzzybee, Jamie Foxx is RIGHT, and Dierdre, quite clearly, wrong. Slaveholders THEMSELVES wrote about what they thought and did. The “LAWS” on the books “outlined” how “masters” could chop off the fingers and toes of enslaved black PEOPLE if they tried to run away! And Southern newspapers just before the war had slews of “advertisements” for the “sales” of black PEOPLE’S CHILDREN!! Just before the war, Southern census records showed that 500,000 “valuable” young enslaved black females were MIXED RACE! That’s not counting their mixed-race biological BROTHERS — of whom there would have been nearly as many! How do you think more than a MILLION mixed-race African Americans came to exist in a society in which MARRIAGE between blacks and whites was ILLEGAL? The RAPE of enslaved young African Americans was RAMPANT, that’s how! Quentin Tarantino and other filmmakers who have depicted slavery would have been accurate in portraying it as much, MUCH worse than they did!

  • kaitlyn marshbanks


    Jamie Foxx should get another best actor nod. He INHABITED Django. From the twirling of the guns to the REAL riding (bare horseback even) to the Eastwood-like taciturn emoting with just his facial expressions, to his perfectly delivered lines ( that he was given). Leo was good, too, but Jamie’s work was much harder. Chris Waltz should get a nod, too — and Sam Jackson for that matter. And Kerry, well, that scene when she is soooo afraid before running away that she quakes and quivers just before she fiercely kisses Django….. Amazing!

  • kaitlyn marshbanks

    @jacob beasley:

    Jacob, though some historians have said THEY could “find no evidence” of such fighting,” doesn’t mean the evidence isn’t there.White men bet on cockfights, dogfights, had dogs bait bears, AND sometimes pit black man against black man. Years ago I read about one such instance, but I’ll have to go back and find it.

  • kaitlyn marshbanks

    @an opinion:

    ?!@ “An Opinion,” Jamie Foxx is not “ignorant.” He is highly intelligent. And he is RIGHT! Southerners before the Civil War WROTE what they believed and did about and to blacks. Many of them “advertised” the “sale” of black People’s CHILDREN in Southern NEWSPAPERS! And black people who risked life and limb to escape — and DID — told people like Harriet Beecher Stowe (who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin) about the evils of the “peculiar” institution. Tarantino could have portrayed slavery in a much, MUCH worse light, and he would have still been ACCURATE!

  • Ask Alice

    I read that Samuel L. Jackson wanted “Lincoln” to end before they showed the assassination scene.

    He’s a jerk who can’t face the reality of how Lincoln and hundreds of thousands of white Americans died so that his people could be free. Ingrate.

    What is the point of Django? Revenge? Racism? Like we need more of that.

  • A

    @Ask Alice: That’s not true at all.
    Lincoln didn’t care about slaves, it was about his financial agenda, it had nothing to with black slaves.
    There were blacks who died for the flag as well you ignorant cretin.
    Read up on your own history! I’m not even American and I know that.

    Funny you don’t complain about inglorious basterds, cvnt.

  • Mario T.

    @Political History: You are correct with everything you wrote, as you obviously know, but the africans were introduced into America as a labor tool, as you know, but by being so they were meant as a social disease, a social infection against labor and life and society within America and the American population. Even though they were meant as labor, they were intended to be a disruptive weapon against America, as they continue to be today. By introducing them to America they were meant to be a social infection, and, ultimately, a replacement, a parasite, a disease, wielded against the winning Americans by their colonial owners, as it continues today. In this way, of course, they were meant to be replacements, or substitutes, or weapons against the American population, where colonial rule could not accomplish or compete against the American population and American society. Even the Democratic party was founded for such colonial purposes against America and the American population, as they continue today. But, yes, you are quite correct.