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LeAnn Rimes: Cabo Bikini Babe!

LeAnn Rimes: Cabo Bikini Babe!

LeAnn Rimes shows off her rockin’ bikini body as she has some fun in the sun on the beach on Wednesday (January 2) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

After hanging on the beach, the 30-year-old entertainer visited her shirtless hubby Eddie Cibrian, who was spotted hanging poolside.

“Goooood Morning from Cabo!!!! Hope you all have a great day!” LeAnn tweeted the next day, along with a close up pic of her face!

40+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes showing off her bikini body as she hangs out on the beach in Cabo…

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leann rimes cabo bikini babe 02
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 03
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 04
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 05
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 06
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 07
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 08
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 09
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 10
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 11
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 12
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 13
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leann rimes cabo bikini babe 16
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 17
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 18
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 19
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 20
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 21
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 22
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 23
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 24
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 25
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 26
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 27
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 28
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 29
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 30
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 31
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 32
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 33
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 34
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 35
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 36
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 37
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 38
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 39
leann rimes cabo bikini babe 40

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141 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Cabo Bikini Babe!”

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  1. 51
    sam Says:

    This poor addicted-to-Twitter woman. Someone needs to get her off Twitter so she can have a somewhat normal life.

  2. 52
    sam Says:


    I think you got that right. They’re both posting on here. Sick women.

  3. 53
    Gwen's excuses Says:

    peep peep peep… so & so said such and such last year; I have it here in my black book.

  4. 54
    Gwen Says:

    @Gwen’s excuses:

    Hi ANON (aka the name hijacker)

    Thanks for confirming that you are the person who has been using my name on Perez Hilton. Yes, people sent those postsyou made on Perez Hilton to JUST JARED along with the comments from several other peoplefrom other sites saying that posts are appearing on this site that they didn’t make. You make posts in people’s names and then you complain because people call you out for it.

  5. 55
    JMoore Says:

    I have never seen a celebrity so obsessed with their public image. What with all the time she spends on Twitter, or all the time she spends her time setting up Photo shoots. She should instead focus on her career, and not by writing and singing songs about how she borrowed and kept some other woman’s husband. Country music fans are traditional family people, which is why Tammy Wynette scored such a hit with Stand by your man. Singing Stand by your man—-Not dump him, for another woman’s man. Anyway, I think she is trying to change her image, since her last performance on XFactor sounded more like a bad impression of Xtina instead.

  6. 56
    Gwen Says:

    @Gwen’s excuses:

    So now you are upset because I pointed out that the posts you are making as SWEET is the same thing you said when you were going by the name of MUNCH BUNCH? You are your own worst enemy. It’s common sense. We don’t need a black book because those posts are still on this site in the threads where you made them. You can keep posting as SWEET, but it’s just going to come back to haunt you! So why are you on Perez Hilton making posts in my name?

  7. 57
    Gwen Says:

    @Butch: @sam:

    Why do I get the feeling that these “neutral” posters(BUTCH and sam) are people from GR?

  8. 58
    Jo Says:

    Proof positive she sets up these shots. I said yesterday there would be a new set of pictures today, so she could off her new bikini. Come on, she isn’t the reincarnation of Princess Diana, or Jackie Kennedy Onassis, she hasn’t even had a hit record in years. Nobody cares but her

  9. 59
    Tiff Says:

    She has seriously gone crazy.Brandy will always be taller and thinner and prettier, also she will always try to drive LR more crazy for Revenge. As long as she is with Eddie this is her life.

  10. 60
    betty Says:

    Poor Leann no matter how many staged photos she has and spread on the net and how may compliments her fans pay her she is still a D list celeb. All that bikini posing it not going to sell her album or get her a contract to model swimsuits. While she is parading around in her bikini Eddie is busy on the phone ignoring her wonder who he is trying to hook up with? Her self esteem must be mighty low to be that desperate.that she needs reassurance.

  11. 61
    Gwen Says:

    Because Leann is a very private person:

    1) Leann’s response to the ROL article: “@stacyfrancis it’s not and I haven’t “hired” crap

    So if Leann hasn’t hired anyone why is E! cranking out all the ridiculous fluffpieces, even giving Leann an hour special that she didn’t deserve? Not only does she hire the paps, but she sets up deals with certain sites so that they only post nice things about her. Don’t you find it odd how after posting 2 negative articles about Leann, Radaronline is back to posting nice articles about Leann. Why? Because she paid them off. And do not be shocked if she sets even more staged photo-ops at the airport. She paid off Radaronline, so no more negative articles from them.

    It’s so strange how E! is writing all those fluffpieces when they were always so spot on about calling Leann out on her attention seeking. So either she is bullying E! or paying them off.

    2) “Why is the first song in my head this morning “No Diggity?”-Leann Rimes

    Because Eddie likes the way Lizzy works it! Poor Leann she had to listen to Eddie and Lizzy “struggling” all night long!

    3) Everytime someone says that Borrowed is doing bad, Leann retweets a positive comment from the song. Well now she has paid someone to give Borrowed a very flattering review. Seriously, do artists make videos for songs that have flopped?

  12. 62
    Tiff Says:

    She will never be as Tall or Thin or pretty as Brandi.

  13. 63
    betty Says:

    @Sweet Jealousy is not the word DISGUST is more suitable FYI Brandi tweeted she has a photo shoot for her fav mag in 2 weeks see some people are commissioned for a shoot and some like Leann have to stage their own..

  14. 64
    Stewart MacAleese Says:

    That bottom is scrumptious

  15. 65
    Belinda Says:

    32 pics of leann standing solo?? No one cares about her fake happiness. Apparently if something isn’t posted to a gossip blog or website it didn’t happen? Why does leann have to prove everything? Reminds me of a child posting their happenings to Facebook to try and make others jealous. Too bad no one is jealous. Money and a so called hot husband can be found anywhere..but true inner peace, leann will never be able to buy that kind of happiness. Hope she’s ok with second best.

  16. 66
    Butch Says:

    @Butch: OMG 17 people hated my post. Thats fu*king awesome.

  17. 67
    Marshmallow Says:

    I’m in love with Leann’s Nostrils

  18. 68
    Holly Says:

    Can anyone in Hollywood go anywhere in public without finding themselves face to face with a media person’s camera?

    God bless you always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

  19. 69
    Jessica Says:

    @Kimberly: Make no mistake, she is not hounded. All these pics were set up. Did you not see Mike Kamara confirm it? Leann herself has admitted it. So there is no hounding. If she didn’t set up pap shots we would never see her in gossip mags.

  20. 70
    Jessica Says:


    Is that why she went to rehab and is always crying her eyes out in interviews? Because she is so happy and loving life?

  21. 71
    Jessica Says:


    So serious question. If someone has dislike for another person, its only because they are jealous, by your logic?

  22. 72
    Jessica Says:

    This is the funniest crap I have seen in weeks. This page used to be full of “haters” with one or two fans thrown in. Oh Leann. You have your minions out working overtime. You guys aren’t even TRYING to act like you aren’t the same one or two people making these positive comments. Leanns career is over, look at her record sales. Done. Finished. Just go enjoy your vacation without assuming anyone wants to see you on it.

  23. 73
    Jessica Says:


    You just made me spit my water out.

  24. 74
    GoVols1 Says:

    Wow I am SOOOO JEALOUS! Leann is the most beautiful woman in the world. No one- NO ONE has ever been or EVER will be as as pretty as Leann Rimes. You can tell Eddie loves her more than his first wife! And his kids love her more also. She is the most talented singer ever to grace the stage. Gosh I wish I had love like that and go on exotic holidays all the time!

    And her body is just as smokin as Brandi’s, my goodness she is hot! Everyone that speaks ill of Leann are just fat, jealous, bitter old haters! They can’t see the TRUTH. Like, almost 95% of people EVERYWHERE thinks she is a joke but they are wrong! All 3 of us (her TRUE fans) are right!

    There. Is that what you want to hear Leann? NOW will you stop this lunacy? You look like the desperate jumpoff you are. I’d feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such a freaking witch. Good Gawd what a smuck she is. She is everyone’s patsy. Its sad really

  25. 75
    Cam S Says:

    Geezus Leann, stop looking DIRECTLY into the pap’s cameras. They aint goin no wheres- you PAID good money for them to take those cheesy pics. And where the heck are your hips??? Built like my 11 yr old nephew

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