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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr keeps it chic while catching a ride from her husband Orlando Bloom after a pampering session at Diamond Nails & Spa Tanning on Friday (January 4) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old model was seen giving her 35-year-old handsome husband a kiss on the cheek before stepping into the car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Orlando was spotted shopping with a pal and a pet pooch at Burton Snowboards shop.

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom kissing each other…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 01
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 02
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 03
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 04
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 05
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 06
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 07
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 08
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 09
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 10
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 11
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 12
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 13
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 14
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 15
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 16
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 17
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 18
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 19
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 20
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 21
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 22
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 23
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 24
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 25
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 26
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 27

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Anna


  • Anna

    It’s clear that they are pretending, look at their faces!

  • Nancy

    I figured those were just rumours. I love seeing pics of Orlando and Miranda. They come across as a genuine down to earth couple.

  • Adelle

    Hmm break up rumours resurface…seen kissing the next day…? i used to adore OB but his career has nose dived BIG time.

  • TBF

    Oh, this thread is going to be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cee

    LOVE THEM!!!

  • Hmmm…

    What a sexy couple. Instead of wishing and seeing negative, let’s encourage and support. Be happy for them and may God bless them with a long loving, happy, sexy relationship….And more babies to come. :))

  • UGH


  • Ariel

    Now the rumours can stop. You can clearly see that Orlando and Miranda are together and are still happy and in love. Those pics don’t look staged to me. How are they pretending in the pics? They are a happy couple.

  • serena

    Love them and their adorable son! But these pictures look staged. And not happy :(

  • Hmmm…

    @Anna: UNHAPPY? Don’t worry you’ll find someone like this. It takes time for the right fit, but it’s gonna happen. In the mean time, be positive and say NO to bitter negativity. God bless.

  • Journalistic

    I used to have a lot of respect for Orlando :(

  • Anon

    I definitely can see them having more kids. Flynn is such a cute kid. All those rumours were just BS. Knew there was no truth to all that. Plus their rep already stated they are together and so did his mom. Orlando is very good looking and Miranda is beautiful. Miranda stated she wants to have three kids so I see them having more kids.

  • marlanni

    It does look staged and awkward.

  • Extra Garlic Butter

    Miranda get with me instead baby! I’ll help you forget about Lando really quick ;)

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    I really don´t wish them to be unhappy, but it looks soooo staged. It may not be and they are truly happy, fair enough ! … but hell, I´m not getting any real wipe here. It looks more like Miranda is laying it a bit thick for the peanut gallery to show they are still going strong. No relationship is high and mighty all the time … which is why it looks wrong to me.
    Had she just picked herself up from that spa outing and maybe met up with him later on I would have believed it. But this smells like Miranda … and not executed properly.

  • Lily1836

    maybe it’s actually both: they do love each other and are still going strong and they figured it couldn’t hurt to show it a little so people would stop asking them if they broke up
    honestly when you look at where Orlando’s looking, it’s obvious he knows the paps are there and he’s being demonstrative on purpose
    but it doesn’t mean it’s not real…

  • so much for the rumors of Miranda running after DiCaprio.

  • XOXO

    I never comment on them because I don’t care but something bothers me here. from the pics it looks like he parks, gets off the car, goes to open the door for her, then goes back. when you have so many paps around you, you don’t do that, you just get on and leave as fast as you can.
    either she’s a diva, or it’s definitely staged for the paps.

  • InsertCoolNameHere


    Maybe it’s just OB feelings like he can´t escape the papz, so why keep emotions down. They will get the shots anyway. Or something … who knows, but they DO know they are being photographed.
    I don´t want to believe that he is like her, starving for attention and would go along with such a parade, but hell … don´t know him.

  • Ellie

    I think Orlando and Miranda look happy in the pics. Look at how she kisses him on the cheek and what a gentleman he is opening the car door for her. They look like they are still in love to me and that they are showing the world we are still together and putting an end to those rumours.

  • welp

    it scares me that people see them kiss and then – ALL OF A SUDDEN – their marriage must be perfect. I’m not just talking about them, i mean in general. we’re so controlled by celebrities that we believe everything they want us to instead of realizing it’s all for the cameras.

    Whatever, they could be happy, i just don’t believe paparazzi shots.

  • People

    People should know how Miranda has cheated on her husband with both Bieber and Leo.

  • Gossip Girl

    This post is a perfect example of how Miranda Kerr treats her marriage to Orlando Bloom like a PR deal. Everything about this is staged.

  • Anon

    @people that was a rumour. Obviously Miranda and Orlando are still together. Leo denied the rumour anyway and as if Miranda would go for Bieber. They look very happy to be with each other in these pics. @welp they are letting people know there is no truth to those rumours.

  • willanka

    Say whatever you want, I like seeing pictures of them together. I don’t care if it’s staged or not.

  • RLY?

    Come on, how longer until people figure out how utterly staged this is and how much she’s been cheating on him? How the heck does he STAY with her after all of it?!

  • RLY?

    @willanka: so you don’t mind seeing an utterly fake marriage on display then? think of them both as actors if it fits you better.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    @Gossip Girl:

    I agree … I keep getting the feeling she is trying way to hard because her whole persona is built up around this happy family thing.

  • What even is this

    How much of a coward IS Bloom, really? Why doesn’t he just leave her ass? Oh right… the kid. Right.

  • Stephanie

    I do not see Orlando and Miranda breaking up. They love each other. They have a son together and that would hurt Flynn if they split up. When two people separate, it is always the hardest for the child. I see two parents who love each other, love their son, and want to do what’s best for their son.

  • ha ha

    they aint foolin anyone, she’s the biggest ho at Victorias Secret, $luts around like crazy

  • Stephanie

    @Stephanie: Two parents who don’t love each other, where the wife is constantly cheating, but they’re keeping up appearances for the sake of the wife’s career and their child. How charming indeed.

  • Christine

    You know my hubby picked me up the other day from the grocery store after running another errand. I gave him a kiss on the cheek when he walked up. This could’ve been us except I am no Miranda Kerr and he’s no Orlando bloom but people do smile and kiss and mean it sometimes. They’re cute!

  • LOLing my hind off here

    A whole post dedicated to them kissing one another? Seriously. DAMAGE CONTROL.

  • ha ha

    no wonder all the naked pics, she wants to advertise to leo, justin, and god knows who else…….

  • welp

    @Christine: haha-you sound like you have a sweet husband but they are doing it for the photos, i mean they could have waited until they were in the car to keep it a little more private!

  • xo

    Lots of buzz in the industry about her sleeping around from a number of sources. It’s well known. So so sad.

  • SusieQ

    What a surprise…not!

  • Blind gossip

    A blind gossip from Lainey last week about a famous woman that is more visible than her husband and has been sleeping around. My guess was Miranda Kerr


    Miranda honey, you need to try harder. People are not stupid as you are and people are not buying into your staged appearances, or your cryptic instagrams or twitters. Love him, hate him, leave him, stay with him. We don’t care but the entertainment of how low you go and the depths you will go for your ho-shows are very entertaining. Love it – keep it coming.

    So so staged

  • Wow!

    Cameras rolling and action, lol! Could they be any more obvious?

  • So lovely….

    The Miranda “hater” is going to be busy today thumbing down all the positive comments with their MULTIPLE USER ACCOUNTS…lol.

    I’m glad they kissed each other to show their still together, in love & happy.

    No doubt their sick to death of the trashy tabloids & magazines CONSTANTLY saying their splitting up even though they both denied the
    rumours & said they were happy.

    I’m sure family & friends get upset at the reports a ring them to ask if everything is ok, these trashy mags shouldn’t be allowed to use a so-called “source” to makeup BS stories about them!

    I love the way Orlando is so protective of Miranda, such a gentlemen & the way he looks at her you can tell how much he loves her, so sweet!

    Good on them for giving a finger to the naysayers by showing their still together & in love as ever…….aawwww!

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    To me all of OBs active outings these days seems more like an itch (like in his before kid days, adrenaline junkie – why else take a kid hiking??), tired of playing house and wants to be doing something more active again. Not running behind his wife’s calendar – which it looks like to me. It´s not like his acting career is at the highest these days. Since he started dating her it´s been all about low key, family stuff and her … now it seems more like he wants to get back in the game … maybe misses the wild life a little.
    I have always felt like Miranda distracts him and as a result makes his acting sloppy, because he isn’t focused on the job. BUT, that is just from what I have witnessed these past years. I´m not impressed with his work anymore.

  • aka

    I guess all her tweets and Instagram pic clues were just too subtle for some people so they gave us a live show. If they’re so in love and happy they really shouldn’t have anything to prove to anybody.

  • @yipee…..#41

    More like could YOU be more JEALOUS that Orlando is showing the world that he loves his wife & is very happily married…

    You better get back to thumbing down all the positive comments to convince people Miranda is disliked. Such an achievement, you should receive a medal “for most insanely jealous person of Miranda Kerr”…..:)

  • Mary

    I really miss the way he used to be. I know he must love Flynn and will put up with a lot for him, but really I’m sick of her pap shows and the way she uses her husband and son in them.

  • HAH

    How many years has it been since we’ve seen any photos of them kissing and now all of a sudden we get these. Agenda much?

  • Samantha

    They are together. Why can’t some people accept that they actually love each other. Orlando clearly loves Miranda and she loves him. This should prove now that they are still happy with each other. @So Lovely Orlando is protective of Miranda which is sweet. Those tabloids should be ashamed of themselves for printing lies about a couple. Good for Orlando and Miranda for finally putting the rumours to rest. It was so cute how they kissed each other. I am sure their families were upset by the lies and are happy that there’s no truth to them.

  • q

    @So lovely….: this is an honest question for you: Do you really think one person (because the term hater is best left for children) is actually thumbing down everyone over and over again? that is only possibly if they had multiple computers, right? i mean, if you think anyone would go out of their way because of miranda kerr and O.B than you might be wrong (admittedly i don’t know much about hacking so…)