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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!

Miranda Kerr keeps it chic while catching a ride from her husband Orlando Bloom after a pampering session at Diamond Nails & Spa Tanning on Friday (January 4) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old model was seen giving her 35-year-old handsome husband a kiss on the cheek before stepping into the car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Orlando was spotted shopping with a pal and a pet pooch at Burton Snowboards shop.

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom kissing each other…

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miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 01
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 02
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 03
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 04
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 05
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 06
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 07
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 08
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 09
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 10
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 11
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 12
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 13
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 14
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 15
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 16
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 17
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 18
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 19
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 20
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 21
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 22
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 23
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 24
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 25
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 26
miranda kerr & orlando bloom spa pickup kisses 27

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293 Responses to “Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Spa Pick-Up Kisses!”

  1. 1
    Anna Says:


  2. 2
    Anna Says:

    It’s clear that they are pretending, look at their faces!

  3. 3
    Nancy Says:

    I figured those were just rumours. I love seeing pics of Orlando and Miranda. They come across as a genuine down to earth couple.

  4. 4
    Adelle Says:

    Hmm break up rumours resurface…seen kissing the next day…? i used to adore OB but his career has nose dived BIG time.

  5. 5
    TBF Says:

    Oh, this thread is going to be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6
    cee Says:

    LOVE THEM!!!

  7. 7
    Hmmm... Says:

    What a sexy couple. Instead of wishing and seeing negative, let’s encourage and support. Be happy for them and may God bless them with a long loving, happy, sexy relationship….And more babies to come. :))

  8. 8
    UGH Says:


  9. 9
    Ariel Says:

    Now the rumours can stop. You can clearly see that Orlando and Miranda are together and are still happy and in love. Those pics don’t look staged to me. How are they pretending in the pics? They are a happy couple.

  10. 10
    serena Says:

    Love them and their adorable son! But these pictures look staged. And not happy :(

  11. 11
    Hmmm... Says:

    @Anna: UNHAPPY? Don’t worry you’ll find someone like this. It takes time for the right fit, but it’s gonna happen. In the mean time, be positive and say NO to bitter negativity. God bless.

  12. 12
    Journalistic Says:

    I used to have a lot of respect for Orlando :(

  13. 13
    Anon Says:

    I definitely can see them having more kids. Flynn is such a cute kid. All those rumours were just BS. Knew there was no truth to all that. Plus their rep already stated they are together and so did his mom. Orlando is very good looking and Miranda is beautiful. Miranda stated she wants to have three kids so I see them having more kids.

  14. 14
    marlanni Says:

    It does look staged and awkward.

  15. 15
    Extra Garlic Butter Says:

    Miranda get with me instead baby! I’ll help you forget about Lando really quick ;)

  16. 16
    InsertCoolNameHere Says:

    I really don´t wish them to be unhappy, but it looks soooo staged. It may not be and they are truly happy, fair enough ! … but hell, I´m not getting any real wipe here. It looks more like Miranda is laying it a bit thick for the peanut gallery to show they are still going strong. No relationship is high and mighty all the time … which is why it looks wrong to me.
    Had she just picked herself up from that spa outing and maybe met up with him later on I would have believed it. But this smells like Miranda … and not executed properly.

  17. 17
    Lily1836 Says:

    maybe it’s actually both: they do love each other and are still going strong and they figured it couldn’t hurt to show it a little so people would stop asking them if they broke up
    honestly when you look at where Orlando’s looking, it’s obvious he knows the paps are there and he’s being demonstrative on purpose
    but it doesn’t mean it’s not real…

  18. 18
    --- Says:

    so much for the rumors of Miranda running after DiCaprio.

  19. 19
    XOXO Says:

    I never comment on them because I don’t care but something bothers me here. from the pics it looks like he parks, gets off the car, goes to open the door for her, then goes back. when you have so many paps around you, you don’t do that, you just get on and leave as fast as you can.
    either she’s a diva, or it’s definitely staged for the paps.

  20. 20
    InsertCoolNameHere Says:


    Maybe it’s just OB feelings like he can´t escape the papz, so why keep emotions down. They will get the shots anyway. Or something … who knows, but they DO know they are being photographed.
    I don´t want to believe that he is like her, starving for attention and would go along with such a parade, but hell … don´t know him.

  21. 21
    Ellie Says:

    I think Orlando and Miranda look happy in the pics. Look at how she kisses him on the cheek and what a gentleman he is opening the car door for her. They look like they are still in love to me and that they are showing the world we are still together and putting an end to those rumours.

  22. 22
    welp Says:

    it scares me that people see them kiss and then – ALL OF A SUDDEN – their marriage must be perfect. I’m not just talking about them, i mean in general. we’re so controlled by celebrities that we believe everything they want us to instead of realizing it’s all for the cameras.

    Whatever, they could be happy, i just don’t believe paparazzi shots.

  23. 23
    People Says:

    People should know how Miranda has cheated on her husband with both Bieber and Leo.

  24. 24
    Gossip Girl Says:

    This post is a perfect example of how Miranda Kerr treats her marriage to Orlando Bloom like a PR deal. Everything about this is staged.

  25. 25
    Anon Says:

    @people that was a rumour. Obviously Miranda and Orlando are still together. Leo denied the rumour anyway and as if Miranda would go for Bieber. They look very happy to be with each other in these pics. @welp they are letting people know there is no truth to those rumours.

  26. 26
    willanka Says:

    Say whatever you want, I like seeing pictures of them together. I don’t care if it’s staged or not.

  27. 27
    RLY? Says:

    Come on, how longer until people figure out how utterly staged this is and how much she’s been cheating on him? How the heck does he STAY with her after all of it?!

  28. 28
    RLY? Says:

    @willanka: so you don’t mind seeing an utterly fake marriage on display then? think of them both as actors if it fits you better.

  29. 29
    InsertCoolNameHere Says:

    @Gossip Girl:

    I agree … I keep getting the feeling she is trying way to hard because her whole persona is built up around this happy family thing.

  30. 30
    What even is this Says:

    How much of a coward IS Bloom, really? Why doesn’t he just leave her ass? Oh right… the kid. Right.

  31. 31
    Stephanie Says:

    I do not see Orlando and Miranda breaking up. They love each other. They have a son together and that would hurt Flynn if they split up. When two people separate, it is always the hardest for the child. I see two parents who love each other, love their son, and want to do what’s best for their son.

  32. 32
    ha ha Says:

    they aint foolin anyone, she’s the biggest ho at Victorias Secret, $luts around like crazy

  33. 33
    Stephanie Says:

    @Stephanie: Two parents who don’t love each other, where the wife is constantly cheating, but they’re keeping up appearances for the sake of the wife’s career and their child. How charming indeed.

  34. 34
    Christine Says:

    You know my hubby picked me up the other day from the grocery store after running another errand. I gave him a kiss on the cheek when he walked up. This could’ve been us except I am no Miranda Kerr and he’s no Orlando bloom but people do smile and kiss and mean it sometimes. They’re cute!

  35. 35
    LOLing my hind off here Says:

    A whole post dedicated to them kissing one another? Seriously. DAMAGE CONTROL.

  36. 36
    ha ha Says:

    no wonder all the naked pics, she wants to advertise to leo, justin, and god knows who else…….

  37. 37
    welp Says:

    @Christine: haha-you sound like you have a sweet husband but they are doing it for the photos, i mean they could have waited until they were in the car to keep it a little more private!

  38. 38
    xo Says:

    Lots of buzz in the industry about her sleeping around from a number of sources. It’s well known. So so sad.

  39. 39
    SusieQ Says:

    What a surprise…not!

  40. 40
    Blind gossip Says:

    A blind gossip from Lainey last week about a famous woman that is more visible than her husband and has been sleeping around. My guess was Miranda Kerr

  41. 41

    Miranda honey, you need to try harder. People are not stupid as you are and people are not buying into your staged appearances, or your cryptic instagrams or twitters. Love him, hate him, leave him, stay with him. We don’t care but the entertainment of how low you go and the depths you will go for your ho-shows are very entertaining. Love it – keep it coming.

    So so staged

  42. 42
    Wow! Says:

    Cameras rolling and action, lol! Could they be any more obvious?

  43. 43
    So lovely.... Says:

    The Miranda “hater” is going to be busy today thumbing down all the positive comments with their MULTIPLE USER ACCOUNTS…lol.

    I’m glad they kissed each other to show their still together, in love & happy.

    No doubt their sick to death of the trashy tabloids & magazines CONSTANTLY saying their splitting up even though they both denied the
    rumours & said they were happy.

    I’m sure family & friends get upset at the reports a ring them to ask if everything is ok, these trashy mags shouldn’t be allowed to use a so-called “source” to makeup BS stories about them!

    I love the way Orlando is so protective of Miranda, such a gentlemen & the way he looks at her you can tell how much he loves her, so sweet!

    Good on them for giving a finger to the naysayers by showing their still together & in love as ever…….aawwww!

  44. 44
    InsertCoolNameHere Says:

    To me all of OBs active outings these days seems more like an itch (like in his before kid days, adrenaline junkie – why else take a kid hiking??), tired of playing house and wants to be doing something more active again. Not running behind his wife’s calendar – which it looks like to me. It´s not like his acting career is at the highest these days. Since he started dating her it´s been all about low key, family stuff and her … now it seems more like he wants to get back in the game … maybe misses the wild life a little.
    I have always felt like Miranda distracts him and as a result makes his acting sloppy, because he isn’t focused on the job. BUT, that is just from what I have witnessed these past years. I´m not impressed with his work anymore.

  45. 45
    aka Says:

    I guess all her tweets and Instagram pic clues were just too subtle for some people so they gave us a live show. If they’re so in love and happy they really shouldn’t have anything to prove to anybody.

  46. 46
    @yipee.....#41 Says:

    More like could YOU be more JEALOUS that Orlando is showing the world that he loves his wife & is very happily married…

    You better get back to thumbing down all the positive comments to convince people Miranda is disliked. Such an achievement, you should receive a medal “for most insanely jealous person of Miranda Kerr”…..:)

  47. 47
    Mary Says:

    I really miss the way he used to be. I know he must love Flynn and will put up with a lot for him, but really I’m sick of her pap shows and the way she uses her husband and son in them.

  48. 48
    HAH Says:

    How many years has it been since we’ve seen any photos of them kissing and now all of a sudden we get these. Agenda much?

  49. 49
    Samantha Says:

    They are together. Why can’t some people accept that they actually love each other. Orlando clearly loves Miranda and she loves him. This should prove now that they are still happy with each other. @So Lovely Orlando is protective of Miranda which is sweet. Those tabloids should be ashamed of themselves for printing lies about a couple. Good for Orlando and Miranda for finally putting the rumours to rest. It was so cute how they kissed each other. I am sure their families were upset by the lies and are happy that there’s no truth to them.

  50. 50
    q Says:

    @So lovely….: this is an honest question for you: Do you really think one person (because the term hater is best left for children) is actually thumbing down everyone over and over again? that is only possibly if they had multiple computers, right? i mean, if you think anyone would go out of their way because of miranda kerr and O.B than you might be wrong (admittedly i don’t know much about hacking so…)

  51. 51
    sven erlandson Says:

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    You can check it out at Amazon!

  52. 52
    @49 Says:

    It just really smacks of desperation for them to do this. If they’re in love and happy then that’s for them or their family and friends to know. Why the need to prove anything to other people.

  53. 53
    Candice Says:

    These pictures are almost as staged as the infamous balcony pics. Do any oldies here remember them? Those were the good old days. I think that this is what it always has been, a relationship that was mainly driven by MK’s love for being a celebrity.

  54. 54
    @Mary....,,#47 Says:

    Miranda doesn’t use her son or Orlando in any way, shape or form.

    That is just YOUR jealousy showing, you’re using Miranda as an excuse because YOU don’t want to believe Orlando is in love & happily married.

    No one forced Orlando to go on The Ellen show & say “that’s my girl” when she showed pics of Miranda in a bikini months after having Flynn. Ellen didn’t TWIST Orlando’s arm for him to say “I have to pinch myself that she’s my wife”

    Miranda always says in interviews that’s she’s a very lucky girl, that Orlando is a wonderful Dad & that Flynn is the best thing that ever happened to her.

    Why can’t you be just happy for Orlando instead of trying to find excuses that Miranda is a horrible person when clearly they love each other & are happy together???

    If you’re a true fan of Orlando you would know that he’s not being forced to do anything he doesn’t want to, remember HE is the one that pursed Miranda. He’s happy, so be happy for him or move on & get over it!

  55. 55
    fan Says:

    It’s hilarious the way he’s looking at the camera out of the corner of his eye in one of the pictures where he’s kissing her.

  56. 56
    q Says:

    @Candice: LOL strange because i was just thinking of those.. when they were both half naked and acting surprised the photographers were outside. wasn’t it in Sydney ??

  57. 57
    OB+MK=Flynn Says:

    whatever HATERS! hate them…but we will never believe those lies about their relationship..I love those two and their son flynn..godbless them..

  58. 58
    Sarah Says:

    Love them and I hope there marriage works out since they have a little baby!

  59. 59
    LOL Says:

    So typical.
    Haters claim that pics of them alone prove that they aren’t together.
    That pics of them casually walking down the street without looking at each other (cuz they are walking) is proof that they can’t stand each other.
    Pics of them together show up = set up.
    Pics of them showing affection = fake.
    Those hater/stalkers have a spin for everything.

  60. 60
    @56 Says:

    I remember those pics well. He was leaving Sydney that day and the balcony scene was their grand finale. Guess nothing much has changed in the last 3 or 4 years.

  61. 61
    @people Says:

    Why are you so desperately hanging on to those stupid rumors? No one with half a brain believes them, yet you insist on posting them on every thread.
    Guess that means that you have less than half a brain, eh

  62. 62
    InsertCoolNameHere Says:

    No one of us knows what the f* going on behind closed doors … or let´s call it half way shut, since Miranda can´t stop sharing her private life with the world.
    You all may think they are happy and soooo in love, or breaking up … but we really don´t know s* … and just because they have a kid together does not mean a happy marriage! – com on, girls in here keep swooning over that kids looks … which has nothing to do with how happy the parents are.
    We can only judge from what they show us.

  63. 63
    Rob Says:

    Poor guy looks like he knows Miranda’s mouth has been on Bieber’s and DiCatchaHo’s wanks. I would react the same way.

  64. 64
    @59 Says:

    Fans spin just as much as so-called haters. They have a relationship all right but as to each of their true feelings only they know. Do you honestly believe these pictures weren’t deliberate on their part? They just happened to be caught kissing when everybody is speculating about the state of their relationship.

  65. 65
    Rob Says:

    That said, I feel very bad for their little boy.

  66. 66
    @65 Says:

    I agree. Flynn is a cutie-pie and doesn’t deserve to be dragged through his parents’ problems, whatever they are, in front of the whole world.

  67. 67
    @50 Says:

    “….mean, if you think anyone would go out of their way because of miranda kerr and O.B then you might be wrong….”
    Bringing this over from another thread, because it is one of my favorite response about how far these haters (sorry, but that’s the only term that suits them) are willing to go to get their agenda across:
    “And everyone who reads JJ knows how obsessive and stalker-ish her haters are. That they are often the first to post, just to try to fill the first page with their lies. That they are so obsessed with Miranda that they even bring her up on threads that aren’t about her. That they post the same lies over and over again in the hopes that one person will believe them instead of laugh at them (hint, it doesn’t work, LOL).
    And my absolute favorite statement…
    “Unless you think her haters are so dedicated that they join all the forums and celebrity gossip sites all over the internet that post stories about her just to hate on her”
    Are we talking about the same haters? Haters who create their own websites to lie and hate without being questioned? Haters who create fake websites where they stoop so low as to claim that Sonia was an abusive mother? Haters who create fake twitter accounts to post their brainless filth? Haters who call sweet, innocent Flynn horrible names? Haters who actually backed up one of their own when she wished that Miranda and her unborn child would get sick? Haters who actually requested and bought copies of Flynn’s birth certificate to try to disprove his parentage? Haters who even went so far as to search the obituaries in England to see if Orlando’s grandmother really did pass away?
    Those haters?”
    So teah, I believe that they will go to any length to make sure that their whiney voices are heard. They are a very tiny, yet dedicated group of women with waaaay too much time on their hands.

  68. 68
    tisch Says:

    I don’t think that this is a set up, but I do think that they saw a chance to send a message and took advantage of it.
    Paps probably spotted his car, and they decided to answer those stupid break up rumors once and for all by using them for their own purpose.
    It’s their way of making a statement without having to make a statement.
    Which most likely means that they are still together and happy. if they weren’t, there would be no need to send any message at all.

  69. 69
    @67 Says:

    You don’t have to have done any of those things to think these pics are staged because I definitely haven’t and I believe they are.

  70. 70
    @69 Says:

    That’s not what they were talking about.

  71. 71
    uhm Says:

    @@50: jesus get a hobby. YOU have way too much time on your hands if you think people actually care. i’m pretty sure people just say crap to start you up. it’s actually funny

  72. 72
    OB Says:

    He was once so private he claimed. Its really sad to see whats become of him now.

  73. 73
    mandy Says:

    Awww, no matter what they are still a beautiful couple.

  74. 74
    @71 Says:

    Funny that you attack them when they bring over an answer that shuts you up.
    If you don’t care, then why are you here? Is your life that sad and empty?
    Poor thing.

  75. 75
    hmmm Says:

    CDAN just posted some blind item reveals, and they include what really happened backstage at the VS show with Justin and a certain model.
    It’s pretty scandalous, but here you go….
    “This A list Tweener has a had a rough few days. It turns out that models ARE NOT attracted to him and LAUGHED when he hit on them. He also found out he won’t be getting a starring role in a popcorn movie that he thought he had a shot at. Apparently even though he had no shot, people kept telling him he did and he believed them. Maybe he should look at some of his other acting performances

    Justin Bieber/Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show/Transformers 4″
    Too funny!

  76. 76
    Mary Says:

    All these rumours were BS. The picture of her left hand that she posted without her ring was one that was done in a 2010 photoshoot before she and Orlando got married. Then she showed another pic of her son Flynn holding her hand and her wedding ring was on her finger. She has posted on Instagram a picture of her, Orlando, and Flynn walking which shows that they are together. The rumours of her and Leo were denied by her rep and Leo’s rep. The rumours about her and bieber is laughable because she would not go for someone like him. Orlando and Miranda are happy together which is evident in these new pics. The women on Delphi are so upset they didn’t break up. They are pathetic how they wish misery
    onto others. Why can’t people be happy that they are together and in love? They are a beautiful couple with their adorable son.

  77. 77
    Muffin man Says:

    i dont care if they are together or not but that is one awkward looking kiss

  78. 78
    @q.....#50 Says:

    The “haters” are able to thumb down the positive comments because they have created FAKE MULTIPLE USER ACCOUNTS.

    There is a group of about 4 or 5 women on the Delphi website in the Orlando Bloom discussion forum who HATE Miranda.

    A few years ago they were kicked off a forum called “OrlandoLove” because they couldn’t except that Miranda was Orlando’s new girlfriend.

    So they formed their own site on Delphi, where they post the most horrible nasty things about Miranda & Flynn, we call them Delphidiots.

    So each of them creates fake multiple user accounts, maybe 5 or 6 each which enables them to thumb down a positive comment around 25 to 30 times depending on how many fake accounts they have made. This lets them flood the first page thumbing up the negative comments & then thumbing down the positive ones until they are “hidden”

    They stop doing it by the 2nd or 3rd page as they think anyone casually looking at the article reads the first few posts & then thinks Miranda is disliked. That is their sole aim, to make people think she is unpopular.

    Believe me, I’m not making this up. They really are that OBSESSED & are mentally unstable. You could just maybe understand if they were teenage girls but these are women in their 30′s & 40′s……..beyond scary.

    You only have to read the negative posts to see there usually from the same people posting over & over again. It’s always the same things….”she’s a fame***** calls the paps, so smug, loves herself, attention seeker, using Flynn for publicity”………blah blah blah!

    It’s hard to imagine that anyone would go to such lengths, but these women do it out of pure jealousy & envy, all because their pretend boyfriend loves Miranda………weirdos!

  79. 79
    Samantha Says:

    @78 the Delphi women sound like they have no life and so they obsess about Miranda and go looking on the Internet for news about her. They can’t accept that Orlando loves Miranda and she loves him. They can’t accept that they are a beautiful family and have an adorable son. They have made some really despicable comments regarding their family and Flynn. I don’t understand why they would make cruel comments regarding Flynn, Miranda, and Orlando. I am a fan of both Orlando and Miranda and I like seeing pics of the happy family. They have crossed the line with their comments.

  80. 80
    Model Fan Says:

    The pics were taken by Flynet. Flynet is notorious for setting up photo ops with celebrities. Obviously staged pics!

  81. 81
    ? Says:

    I do think that they deliberately kissed to send a message, but I don’t think that means they’re about to split. There are people asking “why should they prove that they’re together to anyone else?”
    Well, I ask, why should they allow gossip tabloids to get money by badmouthing them and their relationship? Some people are saying some pretty nasty things about them, why should they allow it? I think that a little kiss is a better way to say that they’re not splitting than getting into a war with those people.
    Even Leo’s rep has denied those rumours, why shouldn’t they deny them, even if it’s through an image?
    I think it’s funny how some people react as if kissing on purpose in front of a camera were the most despicable act on the Earth, but insisting in that ridiculous story of her cheating with Justin Bieber!! and Leo D is something that “people should know”. Are you kidding me? What kind of morals did your parents give you?
    If they had to split, they would split. That simple. They wouldn’t be the first nor the last celebrity couple with a kid that split.

  82. 82
    ? Says:

    That sounds like a million times more believable than what haters say.

  83. 83
    @80 Says:

    Then please explain why there is more than one photographer there.

  84. 84
    nika Says:

    we can expect divorce news in 3, 2, 1…

  85. 85
    ?? Says:

    I just don’t understand how anyone could be happy about the possibility of a young family breaking up. I mean, how sick do you have to be?

  86. 86
    Nikki Says:

    they want ppl to know that they r still together…I’m happy for them.

  87. 87
    carrie Says:

    @People: it was in NY POst well before

    i don’t know about this couple:she continues to wear her wedding ring but he stopped to wear his ring since some months so maybe they have marital troubles but they try to resolve for their kids

  88. 88
    Shreya Says:

    Love this couple

  89. 89
    Gorgeous family... Says:

    I think their sending a message to the trashy tabloids, magazines & gossip sites.

    Their obviously sick to death of the constant splitting up stories no matter how many times they deny it, they keep repeating the same made up BS.

    So this is their way of telling the public their together, in love & happy…….good on them!

  90. 90
    thele Says:

    looks like he wants to kiss her cheek and she´s turning it to the mouth…LOL

  91. 91
    Lily Says:

    Well, well, well. Our dear haters attacking again! How you seriously must be mentally ill to say ‘this is fake’? They just cannot get over it! It’s obviously that they little lives are for nothing when you must every day comme here and said this is fake! You definitely need to go to mental hospital and stay there for ever! And find a hobby, becouse you make problems only for yourself with that comments, but you are in your own world so you cannot understand that, right? And because of that you are so stupid and pathetic!

  92. 92
    Me Says:

    @UGH: Keep telling yourself that, zoewhateveryournewnickis. ROTFL! I find it extremely hilarious how you spend so much time for pressing the “minus” button so many times to all the positive comments about the couple you are stocking so obsessively. You poor crippled soul. Still doesn’t help, no? Go on, press many times the “minus” button on my comment too! By all means, continue being so predictable! It’s must’ve been getting harder and harder for you each time. So much work to accomplish! LOL. But, hey, irrational hate is all that you are capable of and, whatever makes YOU happy, nope? So, go on, the unselfish and brave person that you are! We understand; at least, don’t worry about that. ;) I’m eager to see how many “minuses” my comment will inspire you for. :)

  93. 93
    Me Says:

    @q: You haven’t addressed to me personally but let me give you an honest answer: yes I (and I think many others people) believe that it is only 1 poster-hater keeps pressing the “minus” button. Unless the said poster-hater hired some other poor irresponsible soul to help the said hater out. That’s kind of sad, utterly desperate and puts the aforementioned hater look really bad and despicable. But that’s not what you wanted to hear to your “honest” question? Your own question: “that is only possibly if they had multiple computers, right?” – gave you up along with the “admittedly i don’t know much about hacking so…” Seriously, how bright was this attempt of yours? ;) :) Please, don’t start: “I’m not zoewhatever…” drama. Just start clicking at the “minuses” on my comment, kay? And, oh! Remember, two may play this game. I know how you are doing this but I won’t bother to follow your pitiful steps. And, no, the poor, ignorant with computers child, you don’t need many computers to do that. But you know this already, heh? Why asking the “honest question,” the “honest one?” – Don’t answer that. THAT was a rhetorical question. Now, get back to “click the minus” work. ;) :)

  94. 94
    JohnDon Says:

    What a “kiss” xD Wtf ….

  95. 95
    @87 Says:

    Orlando used to wear his ring on a chain, don’t know if he still does. He hasn’t worn it on his finger since just after they got married. Miranda even confirmed it once.

  96. 96
    Ann Says:

    Even their biggest fan agrees the pics are a setup. If they wanted to make a statement then why not do just that – in words. It would have been far more classy and less cringe worthy.

  97. 97
    q Says:

    @Me: yes you’re right, I DIDN’T ASK YOU, and no.. there’s no way it’s one person. And if i wanted to hack this thread wouldn’t i have done something a little more exciting? LOL. you need to calm your self….

    But apparently it’s me doing it so… hahaha! — that’s priceless!!!
    whatever, keep believing it’s me, I’m not worried.

  98. 98
    q Says:

    and oh no.. people are thumbing down comments??? you mean this is the only thread people do that on???? 0_0
    who – cares !!

  99. 99
    @Ann Says:

    His mother did just that in words, and what did you do?
    Don’t ask for something that you’re going to ignore anyway.
    I don’t think these pics are exactly a set up, but rather a middle finger at certain gossip columnists and haters.

  100. 100
    @q Says:

    No, these are the only threads in which, suddenly, all positive comments get EXACTLY the same number of negative thumb downs as the negative get positive ones.
    And it happens in a really short space of time.
    Don’t worry, the only person who cares is the one doing it.

  101. 101
    Ann Says:

    LOL! I didn’t do anything. What should I have done? And really since even the gossip sites are saying these pics are just damage control, what should THEY do next to prove their true love, release a sex tape. Maybe they should just be happy and not worry so much what everybody thinks. Time will prove one side or the other right after all.

  102. 102
    Noly Says:

    Give me a Ryan Reynolds before Orlando Bloom plz….

  103. 103
    an Says:

    lol it seems fake to me … They are rarely seen kissing ! And now here they are kissing in front of the papz in LA (papz city) ? come on they can’t fool us !

  104. 104
    @Ann Says:

    They shouldn’t give a damn, but I understand that having people accusing her of infidelity, and what’s even worse, with Justin Bieber, must piss them off.
    I doubt they expected anyone (who follows their news) to think this was a spontaneous kiss, I think that they did it to mock certain people, in a very harmless way.

  105. 105
    Silly me Says:

    Who are all those guys standing around watching them? Did they invite an audience?

  106. 106
    @Ann Says:

    And I forgot to add something. Do you think that if Orlando really believed that she cheated on him, he would agree to do this kiss thing? Why would he if that were the case?

  107. 107
    Bette Says:

    Come on, OB has been around a long time now and has had to put up with many rumors, so why get upset over these unless they strike a little too close to the truth. Really they just make themselves look desperate by putting on this display.

  108. 108
    Ann Says:

    Yeah, I hate to say it but I do believe he would agree to do it if it pressured. And we really don’t know how faithful either of them are anyway.

  109. 109
    !!!! Says:

    It is so sad that his career has been reduced to parking lot walk-ons.

  110. 110
    @Ann Says:

    Pressured by what? Out of the two, he is the bigger fish. If she cheats on him, nobody would blame him for leaving her.
    And no, we don’t know anything about their marriage, but I most definitely do NOT believe she (or any female above 16) would sleep with Bieber and much less destroy her family for him; or sleep with someone like Leo DiCaprio, who is a fantastic actor but who is also some kind of model obsessed terrified-by-commitment kind of person.
    The rumours are not even slightly believable.

  111. 111
    @Bette Says:

    I don’t really think they’re upset. If they were, they’d take legal measures Tom Cruise style. They don’t.
    “Display”? It’s just a kiss. Paps are everywhere in LA, I really don’t think that they had to think this over that much.

  112. 112
    Ann Says:

    Pressured by her, by his agents, his love for Flynn. Any number of reasons why he would cover for her. Maybe he really doesn’t care what she does in private but wants to maintain a certain public image.

  113. 113
    Tired Says:

    Catch his eye….after her kiss, he suddenly becomes sad…he doesn’t want to make public their privacy!! Miranda has no respect for his feelings!

  114. 114
    @Ann Says:

    Oh yes, ‘Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion’.
    If he only cares about his image and Miranda is as discreet with her flings as an elephant in a glass shop, because she chooses to have them with one of the most famous tween idols and one of the most famous actors, then he should dump her too as she’s not good for his image either.
    As for Flynn, if their marriage is doomed, better split now than when Flynn is old enough to understand what it means.
    Anyway, like you said time will prove you or me right. For the moment I find those rumours too over the top to believe them.

  115. 115
    Peopleplease Says:

    Damage control wouldn’t probably be necessary if she wasn’t constantly posting cute little cryptic comments and pics. Really, girl, take a break from the attention grabbing.

  116. 116
    Tired Says:

    @an: Right! They’re looking around while kissing….be sure that paps are there looking for… They need to prove their love!!!! Miranda can lose her face if they are really in trouble! She is the family paladin!!!!!

  117. 117
    Why? Says:

    Where is Flynn. Is he in the car.

  118. 118
    @117 Says:

    He is probably home with the nanny. No role for him in this particular episode of the Kerr-bloom show!

  119. 119
    @Ann.......#108 Says:

    What a load of BS.

    I think Orlando must have been so pi**ed off by all the false rumours of them splitting up he decided to take it into his own hands by showing the world how much he loves his wife.

    Orlando is protecting Miranda & Flynn, now that is a caring husband & father.

    Hope the gossip sites finally get the message that their together & happy & leave them alone.

  120. 120
    Tired Says:

    Miranda, I suggest you to be more cautious in the next future……to express yourself,your private life, your loves….is a double-edged sword!! Don’t you remember the ” no-drugged up child ” mishap???

  121. 121
    Just Says:

    And yet another photo of a man kissing a woman, and looking elsewhere! Biggest sign that a man isn’t that into you is when he’s looking elsewhere while kissing you.

  122. 122
    Ann Says:

    Yes I’m sure you’re right. Orlando is well known for constantly checking out all the gossip sites on the net and responding to them. No doubt he had to insist that she play along with him. But if his goal was to show the world how much he loves his wife, then he’s going to have to be a little more convincing, no looking at the cameras and grimacing mid-kiss.

  123. 123
    @122 Says:

    Lol! I guess no Oscar for this performance either huh?

  124. 124
    Pfft Says:

    They look so awkward and uncomfortable together. It only makes things look worse between them.

  125. 125
    Just sad Says:

    She really has put him through h*ll for so long. Hope it’s been worth it to him.

  126. 126
    pg Says:

    you can red thumbs down as much as you want but THEY LOOK GREAT and seems like a grounded couple!

  127. 127
    123 Says:

    So much hate for these two on here- what does it really matter to you what they do.

  128. 128
    Jean Says:

    He’s grimacing. What’s up with that?

  129. 129
    Jess Says:

    Omg, look at how hard that obsessed fan has worked… hahaha. You make my day, sweetie. Keep up the obsession!

  130. 130
    @129 Says:

    Both sides seem pretty obsessed to me!

  131. 131
    Never caught kissing Says:


  132. 132
    ? Says:

    @@129: I wasn’t aware there were only two sides. Nothing is in black and white…

  133. 133
    Daisy Says:

    mommy and daddy in love… awwww

  134. 134
    @132 Says:

    Oh I don’t know it seems to me there’s definitely some that think they’re a perfect couple just trying to show their love and another few who think they’re just trying to put on a show.

  135. 135
    ? Says:

    @@132: It seems to me like there’s one obsessed fan who keeps refreshing the comment section and responding to every comment like he or she has made it his or her personal responsibility to protect this couple, without realizing that the more he or she does that the more desperate the people he or she is fan of seem.

  136. 136
    celebfanz Says:


  137. 137
    @135 Says:

    The critics get pretty obsessed sometimes too. Like the poster above said, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

  138. 138
    ? Says:

    @@135: I didn’t see anyone above saying that, but sure. I for one believe that Miranda Kerr’s probably cheated on Orlando Bloom a whole lot more than he knows about but he’s willing to put up with it for the sake of their son.

  139. 139
    ? Says:

    @?: Also, I’ll admit that that sort of thing normally wouldn’t bother me, but with how often these two get posted about — it’s their false image I can’t stand. They are basically lying their asses off.

  140. 140
    Haha Says:

    The person who spends all their time giving thumbs ups and thumbs downs is really more entertaining than these two.

  141. 141
    ? Says:

    @Haha: I beg to differ — I think the person keeping check on that supposed person thumbing down comments is WAY more amusing.

  142. 142
    @138 Says:

    Unfortunately I agree. I believe Orlando would put up with just about anything for his son. After all he married her because of him.

  143. 143
    @141 Says:

    Oops somebody struck a nerve!

  144. 144
    @142 Says:

    That’s ridiculous. Nobody gets married for that reason nowadays, and nobody would put up with cheating for that reason either. I know many divorced couples and zero that ignore their partner’s cheating.

  145. 145
    ? Says:

    @@142: You obviously don’t live in the real world with the rest of us if you generalize and claim that nobody gets married for those reasons/puts up with cheating. Take a reality check, idiot.

  146. 146
    @144 Says:

    But then you don’t claim to know them do you? Everybody here’s just giving their own opinion.

  147. 147
    @138 Says:

    Let’s not forget you’re talking your a$$.

  148. 148
    Mary Says:

    Many people stay in loveless marriages for years because of their kids or financial reasons or fear of being alone. Doubt these two have the last two problems though, but we really can’t know their motivations.

  149. 149
    ? Says:

    @@138: This is the breakdown of what you said: “you’re talking your a$$” — are you saying “I am talking, my a$$”? That doesn’t even grammatically make sense in English.

  150. 150
    @145-146 Says:

    Honey, take a look yourself at the real world. An enormous percentage of marriages end in divorce. Why? Simple, because people don’t put up with **** anymore.
    They did 50 years ago when being divorced was very bad seen, not anymore. And there are millions of couples that have kids without being married.
    Brangelina aren’t married and they’re parents of 6 kids. It’s directly stupid to even suggest that nowadays ANYONE would get married only for that reason.

  151. 151
    @150 Says:

    Oh well since you know EVERYONE and their TRUE reasons for the things they do, then I bow to your superior knowledge. Now on to more interesting questions, what was Orlando’s reaction when she told him she was pregnant? What did he say when he proposed? Or was he even the one who proposed? And please share all the details of their secret wedding.

  152. 152
    @150 Says:

    Dear you’re the one who needs to see the real world and wake up from your fairy tales. People do get married or stay married for the sake of their children, even in the 21st century. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows, not even for these two.

  153. 153
    LOL! Says:

    You haters just can’t help yourselves, can you.
    This thread is now seven pages long.
    Add up all of the hits that JJ is getting for this thread alone, and make sure that you add up all of the times the desperate hater with the cell phone logs in to ‘thumb down’ positive comments, and you’ll realize that you have just guaranteed more Orlando/Miranda posts!
    I love it!
    So keep talking, and pretending that there is more than one or two of you *waves at Jess* and we will keep laughing at you.
    Your pathetic attempts to silence her fans have had the opposite effect. You’re just too stupid to realizeit.

  154. 154
    Phil Says:

    There is more heat among the posters on this thread than between this couple. Haha.

  155. 155
    @153 Says:

    … But what the one (or two?) who’s thumbing down negative comments. Should we be concerned about their intelligence also?

  156. 156
    Kiki Says:

    These two’s threads are always hysterical.

  157. 157
    LOL! Says:

    There’s a huge difference between people thumbing down comments that they don’t agree with, and people obsessively logging on to add 20 thumbs down (and 20 thumbs up), wouldn’t you say?
    As others have mentioned, the time periods between no ratings, and 20 ratings is just too short for it to be anything besides manipulation of the counts.

  158. 158
    ? Says:

    @LOL!: “As others have said” — It’s kind of difficult when it’s you posting different versions of the same comment over and over.

  159. 159
    Rhett Butler Says:

    I don’t think we’ve seen these two kiss in public since months before they were married. They rarely are ever even seen in the same place. Yet suddenly they can’t keep their hands off each other long enough to get in the car. What gives.

  160. 160
    0_0 Says:

    OMG. The most fake couple in the world. Get out of this mess Orlando!!!

  161. 161
    LOL! Says:

    No sweetums, I am always LOL!.
    Not to mention the different posting styles, vocabulary and grammar differences.
    The only people here that are compelled to use socks are you haters.
    So keep trying.
    We will keep laughing!

  162. 162
    ? Says:

    @LOL!: Keep laughing without anyone to see it. :)

  163. 163
    @157 Says:

    And yet post #155 has been thumbed down 10 times in less than 15 minutes. Seems to be a little flaw in your logic there.

  164. 164
    IP giveaway Says:

    @LOL!: According to your IP, you’ve posted over 70 comments in this topic.

  165. 165
    LOL! Says:

    Oh, so you are admitting that it’s just you and me here? Even though all of a sudden I have -10 (and counting)???
    I guess that YOU are admitting to being the obsessed troll who keeps logging in to thumb down?

  166. 166
    LOL! Says:

    No that PROVES that my logic is valid.
    You really are stupid, aren’t you.

  167. 167
    LOL! Says:

    Nice try idiot, but I just got here.
    But the only people dumb enough to think that you have access to IP addresses are the ones on your site.
    Oh, and BTW…
    You just outed yourself as the ‘person who posts in bold’, too.
    You guys just make this waaaay too easy.

  168. 168
    LOL! Says:

    The idiot has already ‘hidden’ my post.
    Thanks for making it so obvious that it is worth reading!
    It’s also obvious that you are AFRAID of me! LOL!
    The truth hurts, doesn’t it!

  169. 169
    Carla Says:

    @LOL!: You’re pathetic. Just accept that not everyone likes these two as much as you and move on. You don’t have a responsibility to defend them.
    Do you seriously believe that one or even two persons could do all of this to one post? Maybe the fact is just that not everyone likes them.

  170. 170
    @166 Says:

    Umm, no, it’s still 1 or 2 people obsessively logging on to mark down posts they disagree with.

  171. 171
    For the record Says:

    @LOL!: I don’t know what a delphi or sock is. Truthfully, I don’t even care about Miranda or Orlando. But know that for as long as YOU keep making 70+ comments, you will get thumbed down because YOU are out of control.

  172. 172
    LOL! Says:

    Oh, so now you have a name?
    And no dearie, I don’t expect everyone to like them.
    But when pathetic hater trolls try to take over a thread, that makes me laugh!
    Not only are they giving JJ a lot of hits, they are making it obvious to the world how DESPERATE they are.
    And if you don’t believe that it is one or two people logging on to thumb down, please explain to me how my posts got hidden in less than 30 minutes, on the SEVENTH page?
    They are so obvious that it kills me!

  173. 173
    @168 Says:

    Why would anyone be afraid of you, that’s so funny.

  174. 174
    @151 Says:

    The only one who’s claimed to KNOW their reasons is you, who said that he married her because she was pregnant. I never made any guess.

  175. 175
    LOL! Says:

    Then why aren’t there any hater posts with enough thumbs down to hide them?
    Because her fans aren’t as pathologically obsessed as her haters.
    Not to mention that her fans are smart enough to know that hiding something just makes it more attractive.

  176. 176
    . Says:

    @LOL!: Sure, you keep believing that if it makes you sleep better at night. :)

  177. 177
    LOL! Says:

    Then why hide my posts? Or any other positive posts? Or any post that calls you out for being the idiots that you are?

  178. 178
    @ 172 Says:

    Do you honestly think that your choice of wording, formatting, and grammar doesn’t give you away? Oh, I forgot you have all that superior intelligence, lol!

  179. 179
    . Says:

    @LOL!: Considering how quick you are to hide up people commenting about MK/OB’s situation, I think it’s you who’s afraid of truth. Man, it’s going to be so interesting to see your reaction when these two finally split…

  180. 180
    LOL! Says:

    I sleep just fine, thank you very much.
    And that’s because I’m not OBSESSED! with someone that I don’t like.
    And still with the ’70 posts’ B*S*?
    Get over it! No one here is stupid enough to believe you!
    This isn’t the land of the delh-IDIOTS, after all!

  181. 181
    Me Says:

    @q: Dang, you’ve got more minuses than I! you should work harder, gal! Go on , you still can do this. LOL

  182. 182
    @ 175 Says:

    Then you need to look again because there are hidden hater posts.

  183. 183
    Me Says:

    @q: Oh, forgot to mention! You slipped again: look, you’ve changed your nick again! So sloppy now, LOL. I guess, you worked too hard today, no? :)

  184. 184
    @178 Says:

    Exactly, which proves that 164 the bully lies lies lies as “LOL”‘s comments are quite obvious.

  185. 185
    LOL! Says:

    Keep trying.
    I laugh at you idiots openly.
    Unlike you haters, I don’t hide behind socks.

  186. 186
    @174 Says:

    Actually someone, not even going to be bothered to go back to look who, stated nobody, including them, got married because of a baby. So obviously they also know the real reason they got married.

  187. 187
    LOL! Says:

    No dear.
    My wording and formatting is always the same.
    Just like now…you’ve changed socks, I haven’t.
    Are you still going to pretend that you can see IP addresses?

  188. 188
    . Says:

    @LOL!: Congratulations on being able to look up “syntax” in a dictionary. I’ll say it again: first, other than the noun form of the word, I don’t know what a sock is; second, the more you comment, the more thumbs down you will get. It hasn’t got anything to do with Miranda/Orlando. I couldn’t care less about them–like the rest of the world, btw.

  189. 189
    LOL! Says:

    Maybe YOU had to look it up in a dictionary, but unlike yours, MY vocabulary is higher than that of a sixth grader.
    And OF COURSE I will get more thumbs down, the more I comment. That’s because hater SOCKS can’t stand the truth!

  190. 190
    @186 Says:

    Don’t bother to go back to check who said that, I did. In response to someone, not going to bother to look who, that claimed that he married her because she was pregnant.
    I DISCARDED that reason as I think it’s extremely unlikely, but never claimed to know their reasons to do anything.
    So the only person claiming to read minds was the girl from the XIVth century who thinks getting married to someone you can’t stand is necessary to raise a child.

  191. 191
    . Says:

    @LOL!: Again, thumbing down you has nothing to do with Miranda/haters/etc. It has to do with YOU.

  192. 192
    LOL! Says:

    But they are thumbing down ME because of what I amd saying about them trolling on Orlando and Miranda’s threads.
    They always thumb down the truth.

  193. 193
    . Says:

    @LOL!: The thumbing down has nothing to do with “what I amd saying about them trolling on Orlando and Miranda’s threads”. It has to do with you being an annoying crit.

  194. 194
    LOL! Says:

    @me (181)
    I do my best!
    I love poking the trolls with a stick!

  195. 195
    LOL! Says:

    Annoying because I call them out on their stupidity and lies.

  196. 196
    . Says:

    @LOL!: Annoying because you keep responding to everything you don’t like that people post on MK/OB threads. Because you are you. Nothing else.

  197. 197
    Me Says:

    @Jean: He probably thinks; “Oh, poor zoewhatshername- thing! She will be upset once again and she will spend hours on Internet by pressing the “minus” buttons again and again! I should think about her more often!” LOLOLOL.

  198. 198
    hahahahaa Says:

    Suuuure, you don’t give thumbs down, just like you can track IPs. Liars!

  199. 199
    Me Says:

    @Phil: Glad you’ve finally found your purpose in life!

  200. 200
    . Says:

    @hahahahaa: The more you comment, the more thumbs down you’ll receive. End of story.

  201. 201
    Me Says:

    @?: I see it. And I laugh with her. At you. :)

  202. 202
    Me Says:

    @IP giveaway: You can’t see her IP. Haven’t you said that you know nothing about the “hacking?” :)

  203. 203
    . Says:

    @Me: Hacking doesn’t need to be used to thumb down.

  204. 204
    Me Says:

    @Carla: I don’t like you. Where can I read the news about you to post my comments about you, please? I’d like to add that I abhor your cowardice. TY for reading. :)

  205. 205
    LoveBarR Says:

    Miranda haters = tall poppy syndrome

  206. 206
    hahahahaa Says:

    It’s ok. Who will read your lies if we don’t?

  207. 207
    hahahahaa Says:

    She can’t see IPs because the poor creature accused a person with a very obvious way of writing of making half the comments, and she obviously didn’t.

  208. 208
    @190 Says:

    Who said he couldn’t stand her? Now who’s making up stuff? Marriage does not have to equal love or hate.

  209. 209
    Me Says:

    @.: What, you forgot what you’ve said several posts before? Amnesia episode? Convenient. :)

  210. 210
    Me Says:

    @.: In case you didn’t get my question (it seems like your obssession dimms your bright comprehension): thank you for your public confession: “Hacking doesn’t need to be used to thumb down.” – Exactly. :)

  211. 211
    . Says:

    @Me: The more you comment, the more thumbs down you’ll receive. End of story.

  212. 212
    @LOL! Says:

    Why are people who disagree with you “trolls”?

  213. 213
    . Says:

    @@LOL!: Grammatically incorrect sentence.

  214. 214
    hahahahaa Says:

    Aaaawww you don’t need to go through all the trouble of thumbing us down.
    Come on, try respecting freedom of speech. It’s actually quite cool, you may like it.

  215. 215
    LOL! Says:

    And you think that will make me stop????
    That just makes it more likely that I will post even more!

  216. 216
    Me Says:

    @.: Erm.. you really do think I care. Wow. I’m actually should feel flattered that the troll-stocker doesn’t like my comments. As for the “end of story,” amazingly enough you are not the one who writing it. So angry now, heh? The more “minuses” you’ll press, the more therapeutic effect you will get. Or not. :) BTW, you just publicly confessed again by saying: “The more you comment, the more thumbs down you’ll receive.” Do you count your “minuses” by dozens? Ah, doesn’t matter. Just keep clicking, keep clicking, keep clicking…I’m starting to find this amusing. Sort of. ;)

  217. 217
    LOL! Says:

    People who disagree with me aren’t trolls.
    People who lie, stalk, and obsess over someone that they don’t like are TROLLS.
    Can you not understand the difference?

  218. 218
    Me Says:

    @.: It’s better be grammatically incorrect than morally incapacitated as you are. Just saying.

  219. 219
    ? Says:

    One question….
    If these photos are a set up, why go to the trouble if the rumors of infidelity are true?
    They wouldn’t bother putting on a united front if their marriage was really in truoble.
    So whether it is a set up or not, their marriage is fine.

  220. 220
    Me Says:

    Looks like you need to speed up! Your minuses are starting to get behind of your brilliant comments! You go, gal! We believe in you! Just work a little harder, will ya? :) Don’t screw your “noble mission” more than you already did! :D

  221. 221
    @217 Says:

    No some of us are stupid, remember?

  222. 222
    Me Says:

    @@217: Wot? :)

  223. 223
    @219 Says:

    Thanks for letting us know that.

  224. 224
    LOL! Says:

    The truth!
    Did it burn on its way out?

  225. 225
    Me Says:

    Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Go, gal! Don’t forget: the “minus” button is the little icon with the “thumbs down” little picture on it! Don’t miss it! (*the audience claps and chants “Zoewhatshername!” many times.*)

  226. 226
    Mary Says:

    How could anyone think this not a setup is my question. Do you really think they didn’t know the cameras were there, or they just couldn’t control themselves?

  227. 227
    @224 Says:

    Nope just repeating your talking points back to you, LOL!

  228. 228
    Mika Says:

    @226 No, they are know for cameras! They are call them! How you didn’t see that?

  229. 229
    @226 Says:

    Personally, I don’t think that him picking her up was a set up. But I do think that the kiss in front of those cameras was intentional.
    They were sending a message that their marriage is just fine. They were making a statement without making a press release.

  230. 230
    Me Says:

    @Mary: I don’t think about it at all. I do think that you can’t control yourself though. :)

  231. 231
    @230 Says:

    Control myself from what?

  232. 232
    ----- Says:

    I see a lott of bulls*its here. And all of you are so stupid that makes me sick! I’m telling you: all of you haters and fans need a good psychiatrist!You are so f*cking annoying with comments!

  233. 233
    @232 Says:

    And yet you are still here….on the tenth page.

  234. 234
    ??? Says:

    If this statement doesn’t stop the gossip wonder what their next message will be.

  235. 235
    Samantha Says:

    Orlando and Miranda made their statement here showing that everything is fine in their relationship. They make a beautiful couple. the gossip should die down now since its been confirmed they are together. I don’t see them splitting up.

  236. 236
    Nan Says:

    Hope Flynn has a happy birthday!

  237. 237
    Lully Says:

    OF COURSE it is staged! They are surronded by paparazzis and its been a while now that they know there are rumors against their couple. I really think there is no big deal about them even know its true, we see less of them together like we used to.

  238. 238
    @samantha Says:

    The gossip won’t die down because Miranda doesn’t really want it to. The gossip will continue as long as she keeps sending out those “cryptic” messages, tweets and instagrams. She’s really the one keeping these discussions alive. Come on, I mean really, quotes about forgiveness, rings, no rings, family photos, etc., etc., etc.

    She’s loving the attention too much to stop now.

  239. 239
    @238 Says:

    he has always posted phrases and sentiments in her tweets.
    The fact that you choose to read anything more into them is your fault, not hers.

  240. 240
    Sadly Says:

    Once I would have said these papfests were all her doing, but they’ve been going on for so long now that I have to think he is a willing participant.

  241. 241
    @238 Says:

    *She has always posted….*

  242. 242
    ----- Says:

    @223 And you mentally ill assho(le

  243. 243
    @242 Says:

    Oh come now, is that the best insult you’ve got? I thought you were so proud of that large vocabulary you have.

  244. 244
    @242 Says:

    Who are you talking to? Your responsew doesn’t fit #223. Maybe #232? #233?
    You don’t make any sense at all.

  245. 245
    @243 Says:

    The only person that I remember who talked about their vocabulary was LOL. You don’t honestly believe that this response was from them, do you? Bad grammar and vulgarity just doesn’t seem her/his style.
    Now haters? Oh yeah, they use vulgarity quite a bit. Usually when they are forced into a corner by their own stupidity.

  246. 246
    @238 Says:

    I agree she loves playing games all while trying to claim she is miss sweet country girl.

  247. 247
    Laff Says:

    OB why did you ever let yourself get caught up in this mess. No career left except to be MK’s lapdog.

  248. 248
    Me Says:

    @Laff: You are her lapdog? Note: you are still talking to yourself. Too much work doesn’t do well to your condition, indeed.

  249. 249
    @247 Says:

    YEAH! No career except filming a new thriller with one of the most respected actors of our time! And filming a role written for him in the next big trilogy! The Hobbit! No career at all! Other actors would KILL to have no career like that!

  250. 250
    @247 Says:

    *waves at the delph-idiot*

  251. 251
    @249 Says:

    Lets see when was the last he was in a wide release movie – 2007, almost 6 years ago. Oh I forgot about that 5 minutes of screen time in 3M, but then it was such a bomb in the US that nobody really saw it anyway. As for The Hobbit, he wasn’t in the first film was he, so another year waiting for him in that, if then. Yes he once had a career that other actors would kill for but it seems to be on life support these days.

  252. 252
    @251 Says:

    Saying his career is on life support is much too generous. It’s dead and buried. LOLOL!

  253. 253
    @251 Says:

    He’s made several really good, independent films. Is Box office your only criteria to rate whether or not an actor has a good career? That’s a shame if it is. By that criteria, you would rule out most actors who otherwise have exceptional careers. Viggo should just go bury himself in a ditch then, according to you.
    Orlando has had all of the big box office that he will ever need. He has the bank account and the residuals to prove it. He is now free to do small films where he can work on his craft.
    If you think that Box office identifies either quality or career, you are missing out on a lot of really good films.
    That’s your loss. Not his.

  254. 254
    @253 Says:

    Okay forget box office, how much critical success has he had? All the films he wants to be involved with never seem to happen. No directors seem to be lining up to hire him. He’s either going to have to have box office success or critical acclaim to get the kind of roles he wants and lately he’s had neither.

  255. 255
    Savannah Says:

    I think Orlando is a terrific actor. I like that he is starring in indie films. There is nothing wrong with indie films. He wants to do something different and that’s great. He did an excellent job acting in The Good Doctor. He is doing well in the indie films and its great to see him taking on different roles.

  256. 256
    @254 Says:

    Actually, he has a lot of critical success. The reviews on the Good Doctor were quite favorable about his performance, even if they didn’t like the film. The same goes for Sympathy for Delicious, and even The Three Musketeers.
    And the films that he has dropped out of were because of scheduling conflicts. Albert Nobbs due to the birth of his first child. Effy (sp?) and The Laureate because of filming The Hobbit. Other movies mentioned just haven’t got off the ground, which is exactly what happens to MOST small films in Hollywood, including films with stars such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise. We are only noticing it about Orlando because we follow him.
    And the directors seem quite confident in his abilities. Why else would they put him up against a powerhouse like Forest Whittaker?
    So either support his new, lower key career, or don’t. Again, it’s your loss.

  257. 257
    Me Says:

    @@253: FYI: he was going to be in The Hobbit 1 & 2 before it became a trilogy. And no, don’t forget the Box Office. He is on the Top Ten Actors list in this department even without making a movie per day (as you seems to think he has to make). You want something that is not from the Box Office? Here: for his work in The Good Doctor he got nominated for the Best Actor at MIFF which is an Italian version of Oscar. His movie actually got 6 MIFF nominations. Try Google search next time. It’s not overrated! :)

  258. 258
    @257 Says:

    No insult to Italy but its not exactly an Oscar nom, GG, or even People’s Choice. And I would settle for 1 movie per year for which he got great reviews from many well “respected” critics or was a wide box office success and he got some of the credit. And yes I know the critics shouldn’t always have the impact they do on careers but that’s the way it often works in HW. If he doesn’t want to be a part of that world then why live in LA which he claims to hate. Many other actors don’t.

  259. 259
    Linni Says:

    Miranda Kerr is beautiful. Lucky Orlando.
    To those calling her a famewhore. Please check out Kim Kardashin or freida Pinto. Those two fugly, no talent women get papped so many times and they are nobodies. Miranda Kerr is a famous model and her husband is a famous actor. yeah hes not as big as he once was but people still recognize him!

  260. 260
    Patrice! Says:

    @Linni: haha so true. Kim kar is so ugly….freida pinto is an ugly ***** too. looks like miranda kerss maid lol.

  261. 261
    Maaa Says:


  262. 262
    @258 Says:

    The Oscars used to mean something, but lately they have really been nothing more than a way to pander to Hollywood politics.
    The Golden Globes are just the favorites of a very small group of press people. They nominated Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie for those awful performances in the Tourist, after all.
    And the People’s Choice? Really? You have GOT to be kidding.
    Film Festivals tend to be less politically motivated, and less swayed by popularity.
    But support him, don’t support him. I don’t care. I will continue to enjoy his work.
    But I do have to say that you seem to be happy that he is not what YOU consider a successful actor. And that says quite a bit about you as a person. Just remember, karma can be a real bi*ch.

  263. 263
    @262 Says:

    Happy? Are you serious? As a fan, I would like to see him again for more than a couple of minutes on the big screen, instead of waiting for obscure DVD releases or downloads. If that makes me a pathetic hater in your eyes or some kind of b*itch who deserves payback, then so be it.

  264. 264
    Yes! Says:

    About the only thing the general public knows him for these days is his wife or kid. Oh a few may remember when they see POTC or LOTR occasionally, but then they say, “Whatever happened to Orlando Bloom”? Maybe he likes it that way.

  265. 265
    @263 & 264 Says:

    Have you not heard? There’s admission requirements in order to be an Orlando fan these days. You must adore his wife, think together they’re the reincarnation of Romeo & Juliet, and that he’s currently the healthiest, happiest, and the most successful he’s ever been. Otherwise you will be banished from the fairy tale kingdom.

  266. 266
    kiki Says:

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  267. 267
    Move on peolpe! Says:

    Talking about him being a has been and a terrible actor in every picture thread pretty much shows that most here are not fans. If you said “Oh I wish he would do more movies” or “I haven’t liked anything since Ned Kelly, etc” that is one thing but denouncing him as a fake and a loser with no career, not to mention ripping apart his marriage makes most people here not fans. Fans don’t declare someone’s marriage a farce. That would be the definition of someone who dislikes you. The haters need to stop crying about how mean the shippers are. You created this atmosphere by the words you choose. Put your big girl panties on and own up to it or find another hobby already.

  268. 268
    @265 Says:

    No one ever said that, as you well know.
    But people do have the right to disagree, and to state the reasons that they do.
    It seems that people can’t be supportive fans without being accused of worshiping them.
    And BTW, people did seem gleeful that he is not the big box office star that he was. Otherwise, why did they bring that up at all?
    There are a lot of different types of fans. But anyone who appears to revel in what they perceive as failure is not a fan in any sense of the word in my opinion.

  269. 269
    @267 & 268 Says:

    Maybe some people rip that marriage apart because they think it partially responsible for his apparent lack of career growth or attention, but then he made his choice.

    And you can be his fan without supporting everything he does or says. Why bring up his status? Maybe because people are disappointed, frustrated, and tired of basically only seeing him in connection with these type of “photo ops.”

  270. 270
    @269 Says:

    Yes, maybe he chose to invest his time in being a good husband and father. Not great for fans wanting to see him on screen more, but a great choice for him as a human being.
    Are we fans so selfish as to think that he should choose us over his child?

  271. 271
    @Move on People Says:

    Most already have. Soon there will be no one left but a few shippers and those who cling to past success.

  272. 272
    @270 Says:

    Many people can manage to be good spouses and parents and still have successful careers – even some actors can seem to do it.

  273. 273
    Sandy Says:

    He seems like a sweet, down to earth guy.

    Maybe he is content being a small fish in a big pond.

  274. 274
    @272 Says:

    But he has had a successful career. He has made his big money, and now he is doing the small films that he always wanted to do, and spending time with his family.
    But I guess everyone has a different idea of what makes a person successful.
    He is now making decisions about what feels right for his career and his family. He will make a big financial splash in The Hobbit, and hopefully a critical splash in Zulu.
    His career is just fine. Different than what it was, but just fine.

  275. 275
    @271 Says:

    Oh I don’t know. I’m enjoying his current work.
    Those fickle, fair weather fans who only supported him when he was at his peak will miss out on some great things.
    But of course, some of those still follow his every move, just so that they can insult him. He fell off the pedestal that they put him on, and they will never forgive him for that.

  276. 276
    Sue Says:

    Looks like they are still together. Great.

  277. 277
    Aww! Says:

    Young, Beautiful Love!

  278. 278
    You think you know... Says:

    People see what they want to see. Females are still jealous of her bc they adored him after LOTR. These photos aren’t staged. It’s just that they both know they have an “audience.” When people are watching you and photoging you, how can you be yourself? Still one of the cutest couples out there. They perfectly match each other. They’re both so attractive and their baby is cute to boot! Hope they stay together and happy forever. Miranda always looks like a joyful person. She doesn’t look rundown and tired. She has taken care of her health and it shows. Clean living. Where would Orlando go anyway? He has the best he will ever get, and he knows those men watching them are eating their hearts out, wishing they had what he has. Love em!

  279. 279
    @278 Says:

    Oh honey, I hope you never have to wake up and join the real world.

  280. 280
    Me! Says:

    Happy 2nd birthday Flynn!

  281. 281
    Savannah Says:

    Hope Flynn has a great birthday. Happy birthday Flynn.

  282. 282
    Jayne Says:

    I will always love Orlando and keep seeing hes films as i love hes films. And i still would love to see Orlando do another play in the uk. I want Orlando to be happy and some time i think ya he is put some time i dont know, i fined it funny that it was going round Orlando and Miranda are ending it and they have not been seen together 4 a long time and than this came out. And the next min it there seen together and saying everythink is ok . Thats good Orlando is still ok but than Miranda post a pic of her hand with no ring on it. So it starts again almost as if she wanted it to happen, just why would you do that so out come pic of them kissing and i hate to say it but it does not look like they are in love still. It does not feel like Orlando would do this some times i feel like Orlando has lost himself but that’s just me. Its almost like they have call them and said it’s happening again get out there and be seen this time kissing and make it look good.

  283. 283
    Jayne Says:

    I 4 got i do hope Flynn has a good birthday so happy 2 birthday to Flynn.

  284. 284
    martha Says:

    Obvious to me….Orlando was taught proper manners and opens the door for Miranda. Photographers are all screaming their names. Yelling..kiss, kiss,kiss. The one picture where he comes around the car..and their eyes meet…tells it all. Orlando loves Miranda. They should not have to live a secluded life.
    Y’all are confusing. If they aren’t seen together..Miranda has bieber fever and the marriage id a sham. Seen together and it is a set up.

    Go ahead, thumbs down it into oblivion…difference of opinion is not valued here.


  285. 285
    Savannah Says:

    You can clearly see he loves Miranda in these pics. They are together and some people can’t deal with the fact that they are happy with each other. I hope Flynn has a good birthday with his family. Orlando and Miranda make a beautiful couple.

  286. 286
    Me Says:

    @@257: @@257: The @258 answered you quite well. IDK why you think that American award has more value than Italian. I have no respect for Oscars & esp. GG. However, you were the one who asked the question, no? I brought you 1 example and explained to you what MIFF is seeing that you are from that part of the audience that believes in “People Choice,” Oscars & GG. FYI: GG is a place mat for Oscars that has stopped being a professional award de facto a long time ago. So you think that he doesn’t receive a credit for his work. – Do YOU give him a credit? Seriously. Let me also add that the “respected critics” is a myth that those critics and the ignorant part of the audience create. I don’t need a critic to form my own opinion. And these clowns ruined many good things and lives and continue to do so. As far as I’m concerned they can go to Hell all together: the respected ones and the non-respected ones.

    Now, let’s be fair: why he has to answer to you or anyone where he wants to live? Sheesh. I don’t know where did you get that he “claims to hate” LA. Never read or heard it. But it’s HIS choice and none of anyone’s business where to live, work and go to a party. However, the answer to you lies exactly in your question. Would YOU choose to live anywhere far form the place where your business is? Think about it, please.

    Orlando Bloom an actor of a new modern generation (I’m not talking about anyone’s age here). He doesn’t fit the usual “formatted” and close-minded attitudes. Bloom is great at what he does, he has a tremendous talent and skills and as far as he does the work that he obviously loves and does it on a high quality level I can care less for Oscars, critics, their lovers and housekeepers. I will watch Orlando Bloom’s movies because I enjoy him as an actor and I respect him as a human being. If someone has a problem with it, I don’t see how it should be my problem. Or his. Cheers.

  287. 287
    Me Says:

    @Maaa: Actually, many of them do. How many actors you have communicated with? Hmpf. You don’t even know what a career is. Obviously.

  288. 288
    Me Says:

    @@270: Exactly, That’s what he does. If someone is blind and can’t see it, it’s not his fault.

  289. 289
    @286 Says:

    Perhaps he could move to Italy since he has received such critical respect there and he could certainly enjoy beautiful outdoor scenery as well. After all movies can be made anywhere, no need to live in pap headquarters LA. Surely you recall how he claims to hate that?

  290. 290
    Me Says:

    @@286: Impressive come back, LOL. I think he forgot to ask you how he should live his life, hmm. Let me repeat, since your reading comprehension skills are less than impressive: It’s none of your or anyone’s business where he wants to live and work. And, no, If I said that I haven’t read or heard that means exactly what I said. If you have a link to this highly reliable source, bring it and I’ll read it, I promise. However, do you think that he has to LOVE living in “pap headquarters”? Seriously. Now, let me ask you a question: he has received the respect from the industry professionals all over the world (USA included). Does he he have to live in ALL these geographical locations in your “opinion?”

  291. 291
    @YES! Says:

    @Yes!: and when they do remember him, they see a faded teen hearthrob living the stereotypica,l hasbeen celebutard life: ie modelwife/mealticket, oops baby, ladderclimbing, pap calling, divorcegame playing, staged setup life. And no ones surprised by this at all, except for a small group who can’t let go of there anger and disappointment that he played them, and an even smaller, still drinking that koolaid group, who romantisize his life and insist he’s still some 20something hot property.Aren’t they such good loyal little fans? Let’s give them all a pet.
    At this point he’s a middle aged, mediocre actor with a kid to feed and a job is a job. After all, his mealticket wife isn’t getting any younger. He’s lucky he gets what he gets.

  292. 292
    @291 Says:

    Wow. So much bitterness in one post. And quite revealing.
    It seems that the only one here that is ‘angry’, and that’s you my dear.
    It’s almost as if you followed Orlando, and put him on a pedestal that no one could live on.
    He quit big movies, so you call him a hasbeen.
    He supports numerous charities and is an ambassador for UNICEF, yet you call him a “celebutard”.
    He’s attracted to beautiful women, but what man isn’t? the difference is that he is in a position to actually date women that he is attracted to. And “meal ticket”? How can you haters call her a meal ticket one minute, and a failed model the next? Oh yeah, that hypocrisy that everyone always talks about. But sorry, you’re wrong there, too. With POTC playing somewhere almost every day, Orlando makes more in residuals every year than Miranda makes as a model. In fact, he makes almost twice that amount.
    And the only ones who think that she was playing a “divorce game” by not wearing her rings to work, is you haters. That’s all you talk about here and on your sad little blogs.
    But really? 36 is “middle aged”? That really does say a lot about you. You are too young to be this angry at people that have never done anything to you, and that you will never, ever meet.
    And I love the “lucky he gets what he gets” finale. What he gets? How ’bout a starring role next to Forest Whittaker? Or a role specially written for him in yet another huge trilogy?
    Poor, poor Orlando. More money in the bank than he will ever need. Married to one of the world’s most desireable women (based on numerous polls). Father to a gorgeous, healthy son who he loves more than life itself. And a career doing what he loves.
    I wonder how many men would gladly trade their life for his. Even with such suffering.

  293. 293
    E. Says:

    This is no real kiss. I kiss my friend like that for a Hello.
    They had the chance to touch lips while all the paparazzi were around, but didn’t????
    True: we can’t know.

    And hey…just because people see facts does not make them being “haters”. They see the photos..and sometimes you just need to look close to know things.

    Orlando looks sad and exhausted mostly. But he loooooooves his son.

    Seems like he had a good time posing with all the girls in Aspen while Miranda walked some red carpet by herself in LA.
    It is a strange “marriage”. (If they are married at all: remember? No family invited, no wedding contract shown and Mirandas wedding dress mysterious disappeared??? No wedding pictures on her facebook either and we all know how much she loves posting private pictures..)
    Even from the normal outside world you can tell that something stinks, no matter how nice those 2 look like.

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