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Orlando Bloom: Burton Snowboards Shopper!

Orlando Bloom: Burton Snowboards Shopper!

Orlando Bloom goes shopping with a pal and a pet pooch at the Burton Snowboards shop on Thursday (January 3) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor reportedly spent two hours shopping for gear in the store and was seen trying on a pair of snowboarding pants and testing out some boards.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

The day before, Orlando carried his son Flynn in one arm and a baby carrier in his other while walking home following a hike at Runyon Canyon.

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orlando bloom burton snowboard shopper 01
orlando bloom burton snowboard shopper 02
orlando bloom burton snowboard shopper 03
orlando bloom burton snowboard shopper 04
orlando bloom burton snowboard shopper 05

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  • @50

    I agree that all that seems to be left here are negative posts.

  • Move on peolpe!

    It really doesn’t matter what people put here or think about them as a couple. Only Orlando and Miranda know how the feel about each other. The gossip of her cheating is based on rumor and lies mainly spread by haters. You know, the ones that always say “No pictures mean it didn’t happen” like their wedding. Since there are no pictures that means they aren’t really married. Yet based on flimsy rumor it’s become “Miranda slept with EVERYBODY”. What happened to the no pictures policy? And where is this “solid” cheating proof? And blind items are not proof people. And talking with another man in a public place is not proof either. And a model being photographed in bed by a famous photographer is not proof either.

    By the way, Orlando is looking mighty handsome to me. Marriage and fatherhood agrees with him.

  • leisel

    I feel bad for him regarding Miranda being with Justin & Leo DiCaprio.
    Why is he still with her?

  • But…

    There are lots of rumors lately and she only encourages them by those cryptic pictures and comments she posts. One day it’s her hand without her wedding ring followed by some quotes about forgiveness, etc. and then a few days later it’s a picture supposedly showing the 3 of them together. Mixed messages much?

  • @50

    It’s called the ‘tall poppy syndrome’.
    It is a type of backlash that happens to all popular celebs, eventually.

  • @54

    I think that she is just laughing at the idiots who are willing to believe such nonsense.
    Serves them right.

  • @56

    Maybe but shouldn’t she have more important things to spend her time on. I don’t know but she just seems to love the limelight in spite of all the talk about enjoying being “just” a wife and mother when she can. Seems like now would be the perfect time for that. I’ll be interested to see if she goes on this possible snowboarding trip with orlando because she doesn’t seem to be there picking out equipment, but maybe she still has hers left from a few years ago when they went.

  • Lol

    Looks like the hater fairy is back marking down any positive posts. Isn’t it funny how one negative comment has plus 16 and the positive post after it has minus 16.

  • Alone

    Miranda looks as she had postpartum b/c she just shuttles the kid around for publicity. If she is having affairs, he should move on.

  • @59

    Some say they’ve both had many affairs. Maybe they have an open marriage since they only got married cause she was pregnant.

  • Mika

    Well, maybe one day we find out the whole truth! What’s happend and what’s not.

  • Mary

    @But…: Probably to get more twitter/instagram photos….it seems to be working. her followers increased alot when she began showing her whole life…You can tell some models rarely post about their personal where abouts or their teams tweet for them and they dont have as many followers. Miranda used to seem so normal. Now fame has apparently engulfed her.

  • jennifer

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  • @62

    She used to talk quite a bit on FB too but not so much anymore. I get the feeling she’s getting really full of herself. Orlando has always seemed so down to earth and so different than her. I really wonder sometimes what they’re all about.

  • @62

    One or two posts per week, and never anything too personal is “showing her whole life”?
    Well OK then.
    And I find it hilarious that the Thumb Down Fairie (TDF)’keeps going to the trouble of trying to hide fan posts, when hiding them just makes them more likely to be read. LOL!

  • @65

    Not sure but I think the latest post of the three of them is the first time she’s ever shown Orlando, even though you can’t see his face or anything, the implication is there that it is their family. Funny that she does that right when all the gossip is swirling around them.

  • @66

    Even if she had posted that picture of her with her husband and son on purpose, I say good for her. It’s a good way to deliver a message without getting to the low level of the people spreading rumours.

  • Nancy

    I saw the pictures of Miranda, Orlando, and Flynn posted on her Instagram. They are clearly together. I like Miranda and Orlando as a couple. Flynn is growing up and looking like Orlando. Glad to hear they are still together and the rumours were false.

  • @67

    Fine if that’s your message, but then a couple of days before that she’s talking about forgiveness and broken relationships and showing pics of her hand without her rings. It really seems like she’s just playing games with her fans and trying to keep people talking.

  • Anon

    New pics of Orlando and Miranda on Jared. They are clearly still together and are happy. Those rumours were just BS. Glad that they are together to celebrate Flynn’s birthday and Orlando’s birthday.

  • @69….

    What a load of BS.

    It’s YOU who makes something out of nothing, just because YOU want them to split up.

    YOU look for anything little thing that she says or does so YOU can twist it to suit your agenda, which is to makeup rumours that there is trouble in their marriage.

    Her posting a pic of her hand taken in 2010 before she was married doesn’t suddenly mean their splitting up.

    More like she simply liked the pic & it probably didn’t even cross her mind that because she didn’t have her wedding ring on people would assume the worst because she’s very happily married.

    People are too quick to make judgments from looking at photos taken over a 1 or 2 minute period.

    Take the recent photos of Miranda at the whole foods market.

    The “haters” on here accused her of posing for the paps & being a fame*****, yet when I saw the video of it she was literally surrounded by papparazzi all screaming & shouting at her that security had to push them back.

    Lots of famous celebrities go to this market & are photographed yet their not accused of being fame****** the “haters” have a double standard when it comes to Miranda.

    When she’s promoting VS or other products for companies, they say she’s an “attention seeker” yet all she’s doing is her job. Just like other models, actresses & singers do the same thing…..again a double standard.

  • @71

    Please don’t make assumptions about me. I didn’t start the rumors and I definitely do not want them to split up. I would never want Flynn or Orlando to be hurt. However, I am not blind either. In my opinion, she loves to have the attention that all the gossip brings. She just suddenly posts a pic without rings that is over 2 years old right when all these rumors are going around – all sheer coincidence, right?