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Katie Holmes & Suri: Jacket Matching Duo!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Jacket Matching Duo!

Katie Holmes keeps her ears warm with ear muffs while taking a stroll on Saturday (January 5) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress was joined by her jacket matching daughter Suri.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

The day before, Katie was seen flashing a smile after her Broadway performance in Dead Accounts in the Big Apple.

Katie is scheduled to perform her last show for Dead Accounts tomorrow night.

If you haven’t watched Katie perform, tomorrow will be the last chance to do so. Buy tickets now!

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  • Diedre

    Ahhhh, watch out! It looks like Suri’s gonna pitch a temper tantrum.
    J/K…poor kid probably gets tired of having a camera follow her every move.

  • http://justjared POLO

    I don’t understand why this website is so obsessed with a bunch of NOBODYS, like katie holmes for example.

  • Anna

    Yeah great, Katie keeps her ears warm from the cold wind, but what about Suri? Poor thing looks shivered…

  • taylor
  • Malocclusion Suri

    Poor thing. They real did do this child a favor by letting her use a baby bottle for 6 years. Her bite is off. Hope she quit the bottle and pacifiers.

  • LOL

    It’s sad and pathetic how Katie Holmes uses Suri to draw attention to herself. When Suri grows older it will be no surprise that she will act out to get from under her mother’s eye and be seen separate from Mommy Dearest Holmes…
    It’s freezing cold in NYC and yet this child has no ear muffs?? Hat? Really is it a necessary to go for a stroll in bitter cold?

  • bubu- di

    I dont get it. Suri look like she’s very cold and at these same time last year she was on a dress with bear legs and without a coat walking on the street with the same weather. how things change. good for her

  • Lee

    More forced photo ops with Suri to get attention for her floppy career and her ugly face.Suri didn’t even wanted to be there,but Katie prefers the attention she gets when the kid is with her…she’s exposing the girl to the cold only to be in the media.The kid was suffering with the cold,but Katie is too selfish to care about Suri’s safety and health.What a good mom…she should be at home,not being forced to be part of her lame PR stunts.Notice that Suri was suffering,almost in pain,while Katie was smiling.Good mom,she comes first,not her daughter.

  • Kate’s Last Performance

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Mandy

    The third picture is so wrong…she is such a thoughtful mother…poor kid…

  • Susie#1

    I agree that Suri looks like she’s freezing. Maybe, after spending some time with Tom and his Scientology-influenced lifestyle, she was refusing to wear ear muffs or a hat, because “she doesn’t need to do what she doesn’t want to do.” And since we’ve seen her in ear muffs, I’m wondering why Katie didn’t put her foot down. As far as her looks, she is looking like the bottle and pacifier did their damage. She’s not looking too “cute” anymore.

  • Mary

    Suri is no longer immune to cold weather ……

  • Jean

    JJ said—->If you haven’t watched Katie perform, tomorrow will the last chance to do so. Buy tickets now!


  • Deanna

    I hope Katie feels warm with those earmuffs! Why isn’t Suri wearing any? Why would anyone not put earmuffs on their child and yet put some on for themself? If Katie wasn’t famous, child services would have taken Suri away from her a long time ago. Stop being a bad mother and dress your child accordingly for the weather!!!

  • Jean

    Why does Katie have on ear muffs, but does not have any on Suri?!

  • Kane

    Get dressed, Suri. Time to get our pictures taken today. Just a block or two then back home. Mom needs to stay in the news. I know it’s cold but try to look happy. Hurry up now. The paps are waiting.

  • Hilary

    Suri looks like the Mapotha’s.

  • Malocclusion Suri
  • Mary

    For once I see this child wearing a jacket in the winter time and not a skirt with bare legs!!!

  • Sara Kearn


    CO$ leave Katie alone, she is to be praised not maligned because she had the strength to GET OUT!! I say, right on girlfriend, you’re the best!

  • http://Comcast Maryann

    Thank you Katie for rescuing Katie something that would be a lot worse than cold weather. Something was going on, something we will never know. . Look at Tom and Nicoles other children and see how poisoned their minds are. Katie saw it coming, probably being shut out of Suris life like Nicole was shut out of her two older children’s life. You were very brave Katie.

  • Valentina

    Suri gets dragged out a couple a days before the play closes early. I knew Katie would use Suri to keep herself seen and take attention off the early closing. And where is the person who said they don’t make longer coats for kids when Suri was wearing that short pink coat everyday! Looks like katie managed to fine a longer/warmer coat for Suri. Suri probably just wouldn’t wear it. Now that Suri isn’t drinking the cult juice regularly, she’s getting a normal body temperature.

  • @ Deanna

    I’m sure Katie will go on Ellen and explain that the headband kept Suri warm. Especially the flower.

  • Jen

    Suri has one more day of work and then hopefully she can have a break for six months or so. During that time she can rest her nerves and her mother can get her teeth fixed.

  • Anna

    Whoa! Suri finally is dressed correctly for the weather! Real winter coat + boots!

  • Hilary

    Can you believe Katie still carries that big@ss girl.

  • KFLOP and Suri excursion

    @Malocclusion Suri:
    The link you shared has a picture of KFLOP and Suri in front of Whole Foods, is this the same WF that has a “secret entrance” from KFLOPs apartment building?

    “So she doesn’t have to go outside.”

    If so, KFLOP needs to find another store to use for her and Suri’s papz excursions. AT LEAST make it look like it wasn’t intentional to get caught by the papz, while forcing Suri to go out in the freezing cold.

  • KFLOP and Suri excursion
  • KFLOP and Suri excursion


    “Suri looked adorable in a matching hat, scarf and mitten combo, topping it all off with her Disney umbrella.”

    It seems that Suri was acquainted with these articles of dress/clothing pre-divorce too.

  • Stupid

    If Katie and Suri is sooo cold, why can’t they put on their hoods. I believe that is what they are there for. Both of them have hoods on their coats, you would think that they would use it. How dumb can they be? Has the cold temperature distorted their thinking? No sense what so ever!!

  • Hilary

    Correction of my 01/05/2013 at 3:32 pm post. #17

    I said —>Suri looks like the Mapotha’s.

    Correction: That should be ‘Mapother’.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anna: She needs ear muffs. Shame Katie!

  • Octavian

    @Anna: “Katie keeps her ears warm from the cold wind”..?!?!? No, those are headphones!

  • Hamlet

    But she doesn’t, #6 and #8. Using a a child that doesn’t do anything to get attention makes no sense.

    Holmes and the kid herself has been seen throughout the play’s run since day one, #22! You didn’t predict anything!

  • UnoImRight

    This twat is irrelevant, the only reason she wasnt was cuz of tom but now that hes gone she just bought hersef a first class ticket lo loserville. She is nothing without him.

  • lila

    I really would like to understand one day why people hate and criticize this woman so much. If she was interested on fame, money and all the sh** people here claim she would’ve still been married to Tom Cruise or at least would’ve waited until they completed the 10 years of marriage required by their prenup before getting the divorce so she could get her share of his fortune. She doesn’t live in a multimillion dollar mansion in LA, working on a lot of projects, travelling, leaving her daughter alone like a LOT of other celebrities do. NO, instead she decided to focus on something that wouldn’t require this kind of thing, like the NY theaters, so she could raise her daughter properly and provide her with a stable home and education. And yet she gets criticized all the time. But well, I guess either way she would’ve been criticized because that’s what people love to do. If she was never seen with Suri people would say she doesn’t care about her daughter and leave her to the care of nannies. When she’s constantly seen with Suri is because she’s an attention seeker. Go figure.