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LeAnn Rimes: Traveling Sick with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Traveling Sick with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes keeps it casual chic while arriving at LAX Airport after a holiday vacation with husband Eddie Cibrian on Friday (December 4) in Los Angeles.

On the same day, the 30-year-old singer tweeted, “Omg coming into the airport tonight was terrifying. Not fun traveling sick!!”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

Earlier in the week, LeAnn was spotted donning a bikini while spending time with Eddie on the beach in Cabo San Lucas.

25+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian arriving in Los Angeles…

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leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 01
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 02
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 03
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 04
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 05
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 06
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 07
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 08
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 09
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 10
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 11
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 12
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 13
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 14
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 15
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 16
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 17
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 18
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 19
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 20
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 21
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 22
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 23
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 24
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 25
leann rimes traveling sick with eddie cibrian 26

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • butterface

    what’s up with those comments praising Leann in her posts all of a sudden? smells fishy. Oh yeah she’s uped the PR game big time lately but hey public opinion is NOT team Leann no matter how much she pays and poses. She’s done.

  • Retweeting


    Paps for Pets @ 01/04/2013 at 10:47 pm

    This site and Daily mail will be posting a bunch of photos shortly of the happy couple at the airport. Eddie will be looking genuinely pissed off and Leann will make her fake, I can’t believe you found us face. There will be a couple of tweets from Ms Rimes about being stalked lol. WHAT A BIG SURPRISE PEOPLE LOL!

  • lala

    i think this whole comment section is a part of an experiment because there is no way in hell comments can turn around so much in a day…so much hate yesterday vs. so much love today…

  • Alison

    @Retweeting – so someone knew of the fake airport harrassment plan before it even happened?

  • leigh

    How thoughtfull get on a crowded plane and infect all the other people when you use the Loo. but, then again this is leann, no one else matters but Leann. Eddies looks have certainly gone down hill. so, come on Holly and leann, get back on here and make your multiple posts, it’s just hysterical. Or, maybe its Wilbur, she did go to see him and maybe pleaded with him to let by-gones be by-gones and learn how to go on sites to call her Pretty lady. so pathetic

  • gwenni

    Wow… I think she IS pregnant!!

  • Laney

    If she is pregnant, then Eddie will have to get a job ha ha……

  • Retweeting

    Retweeting @ 01/05/2013 at 8:12 am



    Paps for Pets @ 01/04/2013 at 10:47 pm

    This site and Daily mail will be posting a bunch of photos shortly of the happy couple at the airport. Eddie will be looking genuinely pissed off and Leann will make her fake, I can’t believe you found us face. There will be a couple of tweets from Ms Rimes about being stalked lol. WHAT A BIG SURPRISE PEOPLE LOL!

  • Tina

    Well he can always claim back his child support from LR like he did with Brandi.

  • Gwenneth

    Why would he need to get a job? They have PLENTY of money, honey!

  • Gwenneth

    @Tina: What? Lying again, gwen?

  • Tina

    No – she has money, HE HAS NONE. Must be feel great being with someone who is actively unemployed honey! We call them Loser Dads where I come from honey.

    PS – looks like he is trying hard to spend his allowance. Hope that she actually gets her album in the stores or else he willbe off once the money runs out.

  • Bring me the redhead please!

    @Tina: He works really hard for the money honey (lol). After all, he has to look at that face every day!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    How come he’s walking away from her – hardly protecting the little wife is he?

    PS – Love Paps For Pets as this poster seems to know what’s going on

  • Jackie

    Second photo with the dodgy hat…..shows that she has done some serious damage to her face. Looking like a man in a lot of photos now. Something to do with her jaw I think. When plastic surgery goes bad.

  • Was A Huge Fan

    This woman has done nothing relevant since she met this man.Her career has dived and her reputation is in tatters. There are countless sites that either talk about her terrible X Factor performance, her relationship with one group of paparrazi, her ongoing feud with the mother of two little boys. There are no sites that discuss her music anymore. This was what she was famous for once. It all changed when she met this guy who has never worked again since he latched onto the money train. He is a douche who hasn’t supported his previous family and yet she loves him. High price to pay Ms Rimes!

  • Marshmallow

    She did nothing before either… She was at her prime 17 years ago!! The only reason we here about her is she lives in LA and CALLS THE PAPS…end of storey and oh ya CHEATED!! BFD

  • serenityzhere

    I can just imagine text to paps: Okay, we are getting off the plane. Remember, I am going to act like I don’t want my picture taken but be sure and follow us all the way through the airport and outside. I will be putting my hand up over my face but still keep taking my pictures. I have to prove I don’t schedule these pictures and this should do it. I am going to be acting sick so everybody will believe I didn’t want to have my pictures taken. See you soon. Snap away!! Lmao

  • Geeza Louisa

    Don’t care for her, but love the bag–which probably means Brandi purchased it weeks ago and now Leann in her mission to morph into Brandi now got a similar one. I had noticed Leann dresses in clothes and carries bags etc that often look like those that Brandi wears/has. And then someone on another blog pointed out all of the bikinis, bags, shoes etc. that Leann purchased after Brandi had done so that were alike. How can someone who has had the career she has had (Leann) and stole the husband etc. be so insecure?

  • she thinks they’re the Brange

    LOL now that everybody’s talking about how she calls the paps she coincidentally just put a self-filmed video on her twitter showing them at the airport. Who does that seriously? she’s so transparently sick.

  • Marshmallow

    Brandi is mad today read her tweets!!!! Haha

  • Marshmallow

    Brange Girl!! LeAnn took the video off her Tweeter!!! She s plaine nutty!!

  • Laura

    No matter where she goes or what she’s doing, you can always sense the crazy coming out of her. Her instability is the only reason people are interested in her. Crazy people are always entertaining. She’s in the same column as LiLo and Britney. LOL, have fun with that Eddie!

  • Laura

    You know she set this one up, too? Called out all the paps to act out her little scene. cray cray lunatic leann

  • Laura

    You can clearly see her smiling underneath her hand in some of these.

  • betty

    Two Losers on parade again trying to be relevant in their hunger for publicity!!!!

  • Gwen

    Courtney and Doug struck again!

    1) Who took these photos? AKM-GSI. So we already know that this is a STAGED photo-op. So after being called out for setting up photo-ops, suddenly the internet is hit with photos and now stories of Leann being “attacked” at the airport yesterday. It’s so transparent what’s going on.

    2) “LeAnn Rimes: Traveling Sick with Eddie Cibrian!”

    Leann is sick? That’s odd because in the photos that were taken on Thur, she looked just fine. If she was sick, why was she tweeting and posting things to her fan website? Is this “sickness” a ploy for sympathy, an attempt to fuel pregnany rumors, or she just took way too many laxatives? Or is she “sick” because of what Monday holds as millions of people will be watching Scheana on RHOBH and Lisa’s show?

    That’s funny. Leann is traveling with Eddie? Just Eddie is at the airport with Leann? So then on other sites why are there photos of Lizzy and Dave at the airport with Leann and Eddie? Why is this site the only one refusing to acknowledge that Lizzy and Dave were with Leann and Eddie this entire time? What else is odd. Dave and Leann are the only ones in the airport photos with their heads down. Lizzy and Eddie are smiling for the paps and making sure that the paps get good photos of them. Strange right?

    3) Casual chic? Or did she just SWF Lizzy because her husband is sleeping with Lizzy.

    4) ““Omg coming into the airport tonight was terrifying. Not fun traveling sick!!”

    Strange how her “sicknesses” just come and go like that. Seriously, she was fine just the day before. If she was so sick, why did she continue to tweet and post to her blog? Wouldn’t she have RESTED?

    Terrifying? Aside from the photo of Lizzy and Eddie standing next to Leann, Eddie and Lizzy are smilng for the paps. Only Dave and Leann have their heads down and are hiding. So what happened on the airplane? Did Leann and Eddie get into another flight?

    5) Leann wasn’t spotted. It was a STAGED photo-op or photoshoot, taking by the same pap agency AKM-GSI who Leann is now telling the press “attacked” her at the airport to cover up the fact that she has a deal with them.

    6) If she is as sick as she says, why isn’t Eddie carrying her bags?

    7) Why is she hiding her face? Playing victim? Or trying to hide that she did something to her face? Or even worse, hiding because she had been crying. Once again, it’s odd that only Dave and Leann are hiding their faces. On other sites, Lizzy and Eddie are beaming and smiling at the paps. At one point Leann looks very upset and you can see Eddie and Lizzy standing behind her smiling ear to ear. Strange how JJ didn’t include those photos.

    8) Eddie’s reaction in photos 4, 6, and 11 are so contrived. Why? Because when the paps swarm around his kids or get that close to his kids, he doesn’t say a word. So how odd that he is seen yelling at the paps after his wife is accused of setting up deals with them.

    9) If you look at all the photos of Jennifer Anniston in Cabo, what do you notice? JA photos were a combination of 2 different agengies: SplashNews and FameFlynet. And the photos of JA were VERY grainy, even the ones of them at the airport. Contrast that to the photos that we have seen from Eddie and Leann in Cabo and both airports. The photos are all clear, even the ones of them at the airport. Except for the ones taken at the airport in Cabo, every photo of Leann and Eddie in Cabo were taken by ONE pap agency. AKM-GSI. The same one who took this photo-op.

    10) And the damage control begins:

    From GG: “LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian: Unhappy LA Arrivals ”

    From Babble: “LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Get Attacked At The Airport! (Photos) ”

    I love how the media never uses common sense when they post about these two. There are several photos of Eddie and Lizzy smiling at the airport! And yet the media still tells us that Eddie and Leann looked unhappy, even though the only ones unhappy to see the paps are Dave and Leann. We know that Eddie’s reaction in the yelling photos are just an act because he doesn’t even respond this way when the paps crowd around his kids.

  • Lemann

    Please Please, turn the cameras away, I know I am probably the biggest celebrity in the world right now, but can’t you give me a break? I mean, the you already saw my luscious bod in my bikini….(whispers) Great job boy’s see you next week

  • Gwen


    More posts in my name. Is it because I reported you for hijacking everyone’s name(which means the only way you would know that I reported you is if you are the mod) or because another negative article about Leann is about to come out?

    So that is why Leann is really upset in these photos? She thinks that Lizzy is pregnant!

    @Gwenneth:What lying again AMEJEAN! If Leann had the money, she wouldn’t be asking her dad for money.

  • Gwen

    The funniest thing about the Leann Rimes threads these days is the intense astroturfing that goes on for the first 30 or so comments in the threads. Why it’s funny? Check out the Most Popular Lists of 2012 created by this site. Why isn’t Leann on ANY of those lists if she has this massive influx of fans according to the 30 postive comments that appear at the start of every thread now and the voting system? I also find it funny that after Leann has been snubbed for the 2010, 2011, and the 2012 most popular list, someone still insists that it’s the number of posts in a thread that equals popularity! Not so for this site.Check out the comments in those Most Popular threads. The consensus is that for those celebs and threads that didn’t make the list, the positive comments are all coming from ONE person using multiple names!

    It’s official, 2013 is going to be the worst year ever for Leann. Her fan does this astroturfing all the time, but it seems he is out of control this time. Which is just an indication that Leann’s fanbase is lower than we all expected.

    @Missy/KIM/Claire/mackenzie/amy: Why are you using the names that you took from someone’s twitter account or another site?

    @Lisa/Allison: Are you the same Lisa/allison who tweets to Leann?

  • Gwen’s excuses

    chirp chirp chirp… report people for hijacking names.
    kweedle kweedle kweedle… make 12 posts as Eamon.

  • Sasha

    @Gwen: Yes I agree, LeAnn and her fans try and make it seem as though she is much more popular than she really is. I can never forget when LeAnn trashed Carrie Underwood, and claimed that she had not earned her dues. I found it catty, but figured she viewed her as a threat, because along came this wholesome, pretty young blonde, who was gaining ground in country music. But even though she got a later start than LeAnn, she has had more current hits, and won awards for her efforts more recently. And while LeAnn has about 370 thousand followers on Twitter, Carrie has racked up over a million. You would never hear any stories of Carrie setting up paparazzi sessions, to keep her name and image in the headlines, because she doesn’t need to.

  • 2013

    Leann’s latest hit was Can’t fight the Moonlight in the year 2000.
    About a decade later the highlight of her year was a Lifetime TV movie opposite no less than late 90′s Sunset Beach thespian Eddie Cibrian.

  • sven erlandson

    Women are cheating all over the place, nowadays! (Leann Rimes, Kristen Stewart, Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton, Rita Ora/Kardashian, Petraeus women)

    My latest book, “I Steal Wives: A Serial Adulterer Reveals the REAL Reasons More and More ‘Happily Married’ Women are Cheating,” is a highly controversial look at this EXPLOSIVE topic! And the real reasons aren’t the typical blather you hear on talk-TV or read in some psychologist’s SECOND-HAND textbook answers in a self-help book. No, this is the FIRST BOOK EVER WRITTEN from the FIRST-HAND, insider perspective of a serial adulterer, who cheated with the wives of over 25 men (and a few women), who cheated on a wife, and was cheated on by both of his ex-wives! It’s currently trending in the top 1% of book sales at Amazon!

    This book will offend you, because it brings up stuff no one wants to talk about. This book is HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL! Hate the author and his moral failings all you want (and many people do!) but the powerful insights of “I Steal Wives” are pure gold, never before read in relationship books! It’s not the same crap we’ve been reading for decades in relationship books.

    Let’s face it, WE’RE ALL LOOKING FOR FRESH NEW ANSWERS TO RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS! But all the supposed experts are reading out of the same textbooks, and no one has new insights from new perspectives….UNTIL NOW!! “I Steal Wives” is a salacious, highly self-deprecating, often funny, and penetratingly insightful look into the core reasons for female infidelity, which research shows now rivals, or EXCEEDS, that of male infidelity!

    “I Steal Wives” is the relationship version of “How to Secure Your House….as Told by a Professional Burglar!” It’s the first relationship book written in GUY LANGUAGE and GUY STORIES, so that GUYS WILL ACTUALLY WANT TO READ IT, and so couples can read it together! It will forever change how you do relationships (and raise a daughter) and understand women….especially if you are one!

    You can check it out at Amazon! You’ll really like it! FINALLY, fresh and solid relationship advice!

  • nomorerimes

    @Sasha: Oh, but don’t forget LiaR won a GRAMMY!! She keeps reminding us of that! Someone look up and see how many Grammys Carrie has won! But LiaR feels hers is the “only one that matters”! LOL!!

  • Sasha

    @nomorerimes: Exactly! LeAnn won 2 Grammy’s in 1997, when she was a teenager and new to the business. However, since then Carrie has already won 5, plus swept countless more awards in recent years than LeAnn can begin to claim. I wonder how LeAnn would have felt as a teenger, if some established female country singer had said she had not yet earned her dues? LeAnn’s father was her manager and helped push her career ahead at an early age. Where Carrie did it on her own, and got on a bus alone to audition for American idol. She won the whole thing, and deserved her chance, every bit as much as LeAnn once did.

  • Liz

    jessica alba was also in cabo, check out her bikini photos, she looks better than leann and she’s had TWO kids. the jessica photos are also grainy–REAL pap shots. not the posed for ones from the rimes camp.

  • Josh

    No doubt about it the former Dark angel Jessica Alba is 10 times sexier even afer kid’s, but she always was and always will be Peace out:)

  • Billie Jean

    These posts are hilarious and read as if written by one person who is voting frantically for their own posts. With so many fans, why is her music doing so poorly? Could these posts be fake? Say it ain’t so.

  • http://DiShep10 Truth

    @Missy: Release date is April. Still have to clean up the voice for release. Leann’s fan is a liar.

  • Mary

    This woman looks like a monkey. Sad, but TRUE!

  • Marco

    @Missy: LOL! Spitfire isn’t even out yet!! Not until 4/30/13 and you call yourself a fan!! Shame on you! I’m with Marshmallow (great name by the way)…Missy IS LeAnn! She would be the only one with a copy.

  • @Brandi fans…

    I only knew a little of LeAnn because of her music but don’t like country & western & I’m not from the US.

    I happened to click on an article about her a few months ago.

    I have to say I was shocked at the level of vitriol toward her.

    Yes I understand about her affair with Eddie 4 years ago & that they married after.

    I’ve never heard of Brandi before but from reading the articles I know she’s on a reality show realwives.

    Here’s what I don’t understand, a lot of you Brandi fans talk about karma, that LeAnn will get hers in the end.

    But what about your own behaviour towards her???

    You cyber bully her with your very spiteful comments about her personal appearance. You don’t think calling her rodent, skeletor & other derogatory names isn’t about karma as well, the same thing applies to you as well.

    I know some of the LeAnn fans have said nasty things about Brandi as well & I think that’s just as bad.

    What I find so strange is that you don’t even know LeAnn yet because you watch Brandi on tv you’ve decided that LeAnn is to blame for everything yet you couldn’t possibly know what has gone on behind closed doors.

    I’m not saying what LeAnn & Eddie did was right but their not the first & certainly will not be the last. Half of marriages end in divorce obviously something was wrong in both their marriages for this to happen, it’s not an excuse just a reality.

    Brandi needs to move on with her life, by constantly tweeting her unhappiness she just makes herself look full of bitterness & hatred.

    She does it because she knows it will make you fans keep on attacking LeAnn. That’s what she wants, she’s using you as revenge against LeAnn & in the end that is not healthy for anybody, especially the boys.

    I know you don’t care what I think but this is just my opinion as an impartial observer!

  • GoBernie

    “All Brandi does is lie about everyone and everything. She never has anything intelligent to say.”

    “Brandi continues to “tweet” and “fabricate” stories that I do Adrienne’s dirty work. Only a childish mind would say or believe her fables.”

    “Brandi has admitted to making up stories, because she needed a story line for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”” (Brandi slammed the story released by Radar Online that claimed she was faking drama for ratings)

    “She doesn’t live in Beverly Hills, work in Beverly Hills or is even welcomed in Beverly Hills”

    “Mentally insane, unstable and substance abuse at work. You are pure evil.”

    “Does anyone know they have another potential suicide on their hands? Do they want another “Russell Armstrong” on TV?”

    “Your “false claims and habitual abuse lying ways” are actions crying for attention and screaming for help which is 3 years in the marking. ..I realize your misery wants company, but it’s exhausted.”

    “So, YOUUUUUUUU got a book deal? What publisher would be so ignorant to take a chance on someone as irresponsible and poisonous as you…what’s it going to be; a coloring book?

    “Using your “paychecks” to feed your crystal meth and cocaine addiction with your BFF Dylan? Yes, everyone in Beverly Hills knows all about it”

    “You have been replaced amongst the likes of Yolanda & David Foster, Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards, Television icon Suzanne Sommers, and Lisa Todd has raised eyebrows and suspicion all over the network world”

  • Samantha

    This is to the impartial observer above:: If you don’t care what others think, why post such a long response about a topic you yourself say you don’t know much about? And it seems you know enough about the situation on twitter, maybe you could look up all the nasty tweets leann has sent from her fake twitter account weweinlove? — thus is just a tiny example of why people stick up for and will continue to stick up for brandi. While you’re online, look up the multiple examples of leann outright copying brandi’s look, from the hair to the shoes, even taking identical twit pics.
    You asked about karma?? I’m not worried. It’s called having an opinion as well as pointing out bullsh&t when I see it. I will continue to call leann on her crap until she stops giving it. Go away already with this, but every celebritity cheats crap. Sounds a lot like the E! Interview leann gave….
    Now it all makes sense.

  • Fiuyu

    Eddie Cibrian is packin’ some serious meat. Look at that bulge!

  • justsayin

    @Samantha: What makes sense to you doesn’t make sense to sane people. Just sayin’.

  • Scheanna says hi

    @@Brandi fans…: Don’t think we don’t know you and the poster under you are the same person.
    Most people started hating Leann way before Brandi got in the Real scripted Housewives crap show. Still many people don’t have a clue who she is. As for those who like her it’s just a consequence of them hating Leann, not the cause. Liking Brandi is a ‘bonus’ =p not the reason Leann is hated. It hurts, I know.
    Everybody knows Brandi wasn’t a celebrity before all this, She never claimed to be. She was an average model, unknown by the public like 90% of models, who was married to a soap opera actor. that’s all. Leann thought it would be easy to shut Brandi up. HAHA if only she knew. All her nasty shenanigans are the very reason Brandi got the TV deal. But it’s also what has been keeping Leann in the media these last few years. She was nowhere to be seen when she was married to her ex husband.
    Don’t try and pretend it’s just another cheating story we must forgive and forget. Cheating happens. It’s everything that ensued, the bullying, the harrasssing, the copycating, the flauting, the tweeting and so on that caused Leann’s doom. You have to be blind not to see it. She is a sick narcissist. One day she will snap big time and we will laugh best.

  • nomorerimes

    @@Brandi fans…: So you just happened to click on an article about LeAnn and didn’t like all the comments made dissing her??!! How about going to Google and reading all about little miss LeAnn and you will find out the real story behind all this commotion. Then come back and comment! You will be surprised!

  • nomorerimes

    Amazing how LiaR was all for posing for Mike on vacay–and now she doesn’t want him to take her pics while dressed??!! She has done this before–when she was criticized for arranging the pap shoots–she suddenly went shopping and lo and behold, there was a nasty old pap taking her pic so she covered her face. Can’t remember just when this happened but will have to go to the dusty, trusty, LiaR achives to look it up. She is becoming sooooo predictable. So pathetic and irrelevant. And THANK YOU AGAIN, LR, FOR THE XFACTOR APPEARANCE!