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Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Sheer Top at ICED Festival!

Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Sheer Top at ICED Festival!

Kim Kardashian shows off her bra in a sheer top while walking the red carpet at the ICED Festival at Cowboys Dance Hall on Friday (January 4) in Calgary, Canada.

The 32-year-old reality star shared a blog post on her website the day before on how she is keeping fit during her pregnancy.

Tracy Anderson is keeping me in shape! She is helping me make the adjustments necessary to keep me feeling happy, healthy and most importantly create a workout plan that is safe for the baby,” Kim wrote. “It’s really important for me to have a fitness routine that works for my body and my schedule and I’m really happy with the workout plan Tracy is working with me on.”

FYI: Kim is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana outfit with Givenchy shoes.

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pregnant kim kardashian sheer top at iced event 01
pregnant kim kardashian sheer top at iced event 02
pregnant kim kardashian sheer top at iced event 03
pregnant kim kardashian sheer top at iced event 04
pregnant kim kardashian sheer top at iced event 05
pregnant kim kardashian sheer top at iced event 06
pregnant kim kardashian sheer top at iced event 07
pregnant kim kardashian sheer top at iced event 08

Credit: Mike Ridewood; Photos: Getty
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  • Marshmallow

    Go home Porky!!!!

  • Toni

    WOW! Me me me… not a mention of the baby’s health. Sad that people like this can have children – who in turn will grow up with their parents issues.

  • Aranka Paul

    And how is this relevant?. This woman looks like her chest is ready to explode, litarally explode. She shouldn’t be wearing tight clothes while pregnant. Well, we are talking about the Kardashians, no concerns about the baby (or anybody else for that matter), just in for themselves. Where is Kw, they are usually joined at the hip. No matter what she puts on, she always looks cheep and cheezy.

  • Samantha

    The worst thing a pregnant woman could do is wear tight clothing..She looks like she’s going to explode.

  • uh

    i would have gained a little respect for her if she kept her pregnancy a secret (although it would have been hard) It’s not necessary to make your un born child an accessory.

    also, fu(k kris jenner:

  • mst

    She’s so beautiful and glowing. God bless Kimye!!!

  • mst

    By the way the days of pregnancy being treated as an illness or indiscretion died a long time ago so get over it and let other be…

  • blah

    she is going to be HUGE!

  • nika

    @blah: she is already huge. And wearing shear clothes doesn’t help either.

  • blah

    @nika: how far along is she? i mean people were calling it weeks ago because of her -puffy- face!

  • Tiina

    @blah: About three months I think. The stomach looks totally flat. She’s definitely not showing yet. Her face looks a bit puffy though.

  • staged


    That’s because she never was pregnant in the first place. It just PR, just like her previous staged marriage.
    Kim is exactly getting what she wants now: attention!
    and after a few months; suprise, suprise, Kim is going to have a “miscarriage”= more publicity.

    Kim staged a marriage, a pregnancy…..what’s next?

  • Nikki

    i don’t get why she’s so popular O.o

  • LooseLipz

    Narcissist. No concerns what-so-ever about this baby. She’s just weight obsessed and worried her body will become out of control. The excessive working out, twittering pictures of her sisters weight loss etc..all these hints show she’s really not thrilled to be pregnant. Then to co true to dress like a slut, all indications of how Kim will be as a mother.

  • LooseLipz

    ‘Continue’ ..(typo)

  • thele

    why does she have to show her bra? come on, your pregnant, do you want your child to feel embarassed in the future?

  • thele

    ..and she doesn´t actually look like she does some workout…ever..

  • ale

    She is NOT pregnant!!!!!!!!!

  • nika

    maybe she’s pulling Beyonce and she’s not really preggers just kinda fat…

  • Ivy777

    Another loser using pregnancy to get attention………

    NO NO You cant take the camera off me yet. here i am take my picture, please, another one.. Yes. Look i have my hand on my stomach, now i am covering it up. Can you guess why? that’s right i am pregnant come on paps one more picture… PLEASE!!!!!


  • jenny

    Her skin is glowing and i see a small bump, she looks prego to me but not far along. i wish her and the baby the best.

  • jenny

    @Toni: she said a workout safe for the babies health…and that she just wanted a healthy baby.

  • guest

    @nika: She’s not huge. The hate for kim and her fetus has made ppl deluded.

  • ladyb

    Oh mine. Why is she exposing her bra at a public event? Can she dress with some form of decency?

  • nika

    @guest: maybe she’s not huge for American standards but I’m European and she’s fat!

  • Horrible

    Another day of watching this narcissist parade around like she’s a somebody. Fact is, she had a sex tape and that made her infamous.
    Fact is, she hires cameras to follow her and her vanity keeps her in the limelight. Disgusting. The antithesis of what America values and uneducated in addition to everything else she does. Now, pregnant while married to someone and unmarried to the “Baby Daddy,” another repulsive trend here. Beyond horrific.

  • Courtney

    Kim isn’t overweight by a long shot she’s 5ft 2in and 120lbs normally a had probably gained about 6lbs in 12 weeks of pregnancy and will gain 40 until she gives birth. working out with tracy anderson while pregnant isn’t smart a woman of her bild needs 2160 calories a week to gain 40lbs during pregnancy wich by the way is a normal amount and the baby would be roughly 18% of that if she had a 7lb 7oz baby which has been the average for a full term newborn for about 30 years. lets hope she doesn’t have complications later on in the pregnancy or be prone to large babies like Melissa Newman who’s sons were 8lbs and 11lbs 9oz respectively then again women in her family have been prone to large babies for more than 80 years starting with her mom who was 8lbs 5oz at birth in 1930

  • David

    That Kardashian father is rolling in his grave right now.
    He would be so furious.
    Kris Jenner should be ashamed of herself.

  • Emma

    Enough with this woman already! WE KNOW – she’s pregnant. It’s not like she’s the first woman on the planet being preggo. Also, am I the only one who feels like she cares more about her workout than the actual pregnancy? Ugh, tired of this woman. Please move along now.

  • Fee

    I’m much more tired of pctures of ugly Jenna Dewan and her baby bump. At least Kim is beautiful. One thing though, the fact that everyone can see her bra is SO tacky!!

  • http://twitter vivian

    pls close up! kim should have known beta than that

  • Tracy

    @jenny: hear…hear…I totally agree. I see a little bump and she is glowing. Kim is a very pretty women no one canNOT take that from her no matter how many names people call her.

  • Rick

    We all eventually get old, sweetheart

  • sri

    Still a big fat nasty ho!!!