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Adriana Lima: Chilling with Husband Marko Jaric!

Adriana Lima: Chilling with Husband Marko Jaric!

Adriana Lima shows off her legs in denim short shorts while grabbing some coffee at Starbucks with her husband Marko Jaric on Saturday (January 5) in Miami, Fla.

The day before, the 31-year-old model tweeted, “Chilling at home waiting for my hubby@markojaric ❤❤❤❤❤.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

Marko recently showed his support for Django Unchained by tweeting, “DJANGO what a movie!!! You should all go and see it. [Quentin] Tarantino is a bad ass.”

In case you missed it, have a look at Adriana looking stunning in the 2013 Spring campaign for Miu Miu.

10+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric grabbing coffee together in Miami…

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adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 01
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 02
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 03
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 04
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 05
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 06
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 07
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 08
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 09
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 10
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 11
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 12
adriana lima chilling with husband marko jaric 13

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  • pantymodel

    heres about meeting Adriana; not very pleasant

  • @49

    Wow. You are a psycho.

  • WOW

    Adriana’s fangirls are as bad as beliebers. you say she has a hair out of place and your’re “jealous” lmao. I am convinced she doesnt have a fan over the age of 18.

  • Nope

    She has nice skin because of those huge fat sagging cheeks. up close she has massive forehead wrinkles.

  • Ba

    Did one of Lima’s fleas really compare Kia to Mercedes Benz? LMAO omg they are truly delusional.

  • @51

    She really is a dumb b*tch, isn’t she.

  • Brad

    She looks much better thin. Otherwise she gets a big double chin and her face connects to her neck. Not a good look for a model (or any woman for that matter) shes got to extra watch her salt intake I’m sure.

  • invited

    Adriana is HOT! I love her! We need more of her JJ

  • @51

    Next the psych Adriana fan will accuse that blogger of being Miranda Kerr.

  • Clooney

    Adriana lima is beautiful, others are ugly.

  • @51

    I’ve always heard that she was a nasty human being. The way that she turned her back on Miranda as they came in, during their latest group event just confirmed that fact. Video doesn’t lie. A professional just doesn’t do that. It made her look bad. And you could tell from Miranda’s experssion that she was a bit shocked.
    She realy is a b*tch, isn’t she.

  • LMAO

    @@51: yes and its that derpy goof face and how she is always laughing (bc she cant comprehend English very well) that has everyone fooled. You dont hear anything bad about her that much because she hardly works with anyone outside of VS/russell james. you also dont hear people loving to work with her either….Her fans are so oblivious. they think VS is the end all be all of modeling and that Russell is the “biggest” photographer in the world LMAO. they know nothing about fashion outside of VS. (which is clearly not fashion) its sad and pathetic really to even listen to what her crazies have to say.

  • nika

    I think she’s the most beautiful VS model. I mean her face is the sexiest and her body so lean without looking anorexic. Plus she’s super nice to her fans. I love Adriana and her beautiful family.

  • Whut

    All these years and she still looks as gorgeous and sexy as ever. And she’s still making that money

  • hm

    @LMAO: “she cant comprehend English very well” – attacking someone because english isn’t their first language makes you a bigot and a piece of sh*t..

  • hmmm

    Hmmmm, interesting.
    Notice how quickly negative comments are being hidden?
    Does anyone really be;ieve that 20 Adriana fans all showed up in ten minutes?
    The same thing happens to positive comments on Miranda’s threads.
    I guess we now know the identy of the idiot so afraid of the fans of other models that she tries to hide their comments.
    You really are stupid, aren’t you.

  • hmmm

    They are so stupid, that even after being called out on it, they still manipulate the numbers.

  • @hmmm

    You shouldn’t make fun of the ‘special’ people.

  • Gee

    I saw an interview with him, and he’s very cocky and full of himself, and his eyes are way too close, if you ask me. No offense. But I noticed that ever since she got with him, she got cheek implants/fillers, and started exercising like crazy to look like a man. If a woman, on a subconscious level, feels the need to look like a man in order to please her husband, her husband is gay. Just saying.

  • Gee

    Could they be any further apart, and oh and he shaves both his arms and his legs. Truly might be gay.

  • hm

    @@hmmm: so not only have your ‘friends’ made jokes about her dialect and her race but now you’re making jokes about people who have a mental disorder? you really need to be kicked off this site.

  • Bess

    She’s beautiful but her husband has beady rat eyes.

  • @71

    Special, meaning that she is stupid enough to think that she (you) is fooling anyone with her reaction to negative posts.
    Now I guess that since your other option is no longer viable, you will start putting words in our mouths?
    Oh, and BTW, anyone who has lived in the US as long as she has, SHOULD speak better English. Ale is proof of that. As is Doutzen. Are you now going to admit that Adriana is too stupid to learn? Or is she just so arrogant and stubborn that she thinks she doesn’t NEED to learn? Which is it? It has to be one of those reasons. So is she stupid? Or arrogant? Or both?

  • missunfortunate

    I see many thumbs down to most of the comments but still her fans cant say anything in her favour. Still thinking of something to defend her? Mafia much???

  • hm

    @@71: I’m not sure if you’re a bigot, a child or someone who thinks using the term ‘special’ in any form is OK.

  • @75

    We’re still waiting for your answer…
    Is Adriana stupid? Arrogant? Or BOTH?

  • Sayer

    I really wish she hadn’t married this ugly, FORMER athlete. She has to support him.

  • I see

    Adriana fans, it’s the crazy Miranda fan in here. She’s the only one who keeps talking about thumbs up/down (go to any Miranda thread). I don’t know why she thinks people can thumbs up/down any one comment more than once, but I’m starting to think she really is crazy. Do you think people have multiple cell phones and computers etc lying around just for this? And why the hell does it even matter. Can’t you brain tell you JJ is a high traffic website and all kinds of people are allowed to come in and thumbs up/down and comment on any thread. Your stupidity is getting out of hands

  • @78

    Is that your answer to anyone who doesn’t like this mouth breather?
    That they are Miranda fans?
    You really are stupid, aren’t you.
    And you still haven’t answered the question…..stupid, arrogant or both?
    BTW, you just outed yourself as a hater on Miranda’s threads. IDIOT. LOL!

  • @78

    If those thumbs down came from normal traffic, why did they suddenly stop when people called you out for it?

  • rikki

    i adore her. and i adore alessandra too. they both come off as very humble and sweet people. loving mothers too.

  • @81

    Guess that you didn’t read the blog linked in #51.
    Ale (my favorite) is indeed, sweet and friendly. Adriana, however, is a royal b*tch.

  • I see

    @@78: Huh?!?!? I just came in here. And you already want me to answer questions? I don’t even like Adriana, I don’t hate her either. I’m just logically speaking. Keep acting like Miranda is big enough to be in the same caliber as Adriana.
    Stay mad. Peace

  • @83

    We believe you.

  • hm

    @I see: LOL she thinks we’re the same person.

  • wrong

    @rikki: um no. Adriana insinuates no one is hot as her all the time. she posts pictures of herself 24/7. and Ale is the queen of posting on hrself. She shows her daughter off at every chance she can get and calls paps. Saying Adriana isnt good at English means we are bigots? OMG no comment. She DOES NOT speak well. That is not racist what so ever. Its called having ears.

  • @hm I see

    Well, if you are claiming that there is only one person here dissing Adriana, and that one person is a Miranda fan, then isn’t it the same thing to claim that there is only one Adriana fan?
    What’s good for the goose…..

  • hm

    @# 68 – “You shouldn’t make fun of the ‘special’ people.

    just reported your lovely comment – people who suffer from a mental disorder aren’t here for your entertainment.

    You have no right – And you claim to be an adult so they will trace your I.P address.

  • @88

    Really? You reported that, and then call someone else a bigot for saying that she doesn’t speak well?
    You are diluting the issues with triviality, if you think that those posts are offensive.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • @88

    That would only be offensive if Adriana was really a special needs person.
    You seem to be grasping at straws, trying to prevent people from adding their opinions.

  • @88

    Are you one of those people who threaten to sue McDonald’s for running out of chicken nuggets?
    You sure do seem the type. LOL!

  • @88

    Hmmm, reporting that innocuous comment? Maybe you really do need help.

  • @88


  • @88

    You gave me a thumbs down?!?!?!??!
    I’m going to report you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You big meanie, you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hm

    i haven’t thumbed down a comment yet..

    and did i upset the miranda kerr fan(s) or what? ha!

  • @95

    LOL! Still lying?
    And upset them?
    That’s funny, it looks more like thay are laughing at you than being upset by you.

  • overratedx1000

    She’s more like the Laetitia’s the Elles, the Tyras, The Heidis. Not the Cindy,Linda,Claudia,Naomi,Kate type supermodel. Just another se* symbol model of the decade who has a boring modeling career outside of lingerie and bikinis. not a bad thing per say, but shes not fashion royalty thats for sure.

  • @hm

    Wow. So stupid that you can’t even tell when people are making fun of you?
    That’s awful.
    And awfully funny, at the same time.

  • @hm

    Aaaannnd I see that we are back with the ‘thumb down project’.
    Can’t you see how obvious you are?
    You are swayed by the comments of an Adriana hater.
    You are ridiculous!

  • yaya

    if you print out all of these photos in order you can make a flip book that when stutter-plucked with your thumb will produce an animation of adriana and co. meandering up the sidewalk. highly reccommended.