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Jennifer Lawrence: Girls Night Out!

Jennifer Lawrence: Girls Night Out!

Jennifer Lawrence rocks a black, white, and grey fur coat while out on Saturday (January 5) in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old Silver Linings Playbook actress was joined by a group of friends for a night out at Chateau Marmont.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer looking gorgeous on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s February 2013 issue.

Next up, the actress is headed back to New York City to host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live on January 19th!

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  • Britt

    @Julie: @Gia: No disrespect…I like Jennifer, but Charlize was a front-runner for an Oscar too with Young Adult and got totally snubbed. Not to say that will happen to Jennifer, but it happens a lot.

  • Julie

    @Britt: Yes, sure ;-) but there is a BIG difference between Charlize and Jennifer:
    Charlize has won… nothing for “Young Adult”
    Jennifer Lawrence, for “Silver Linings Playbook”, has won Austin Film Critics Award for Best Actress, Detroit Film Critics Society Award for Best Actress, Houston Film Critics Society Award for Best Actress, Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress ……..….. She is a frontrunner for the Oscar (with Chastain)

  • V

    @Sandy: Kristen has a BAFTA and also won as best actress at the Milan International Film Festival. She was also nominated for many young artist awards, even as early as the age of 11-12. But why are you comparing Kristen and Jennifer. There is nothing to compare. They are both friends….so not sure why you are creating drama about them. Kristen’s been in this business longer, while Jennifer has recently come in, but I think they are both great actresses. The only reason Kristen is so talked about is because there is something to envy about Kristen. She’s beautiful whether in jeans or a Balenciaga gown. She has money, and the ideal guy. Not only that, she has been in so many movies and has such respect from her peers. But also people love the scandal around her. They just love to see her fall and always criticize her. Maybe thats why you’re putting her down? Also Kristen was never a tabloid celebrity. They tabloids love to talk about her because she is so high profile, that any gossip about her sells. It has ever since Twilight because huge..even before the scandal with the director. So no Kristen is not a tabloid celebrity, she is like any other person doing her job, but like scavengers these tabloids make money off of her. And…Jennifer isn’t really fun to gossip about is she? I like her, but you’d hardly see her on the cover of a tabloid because the public don’t hold any interest for her.

  • carrie

    Lindsay Lohan out of Jennifer Lawrence’s body

  • http://RavenDarkholem nicky

    I love her but this better not be real fur!

  • Pat

    @V: Kristen has a BAFTA > yes… and no ! She has won the Rising Star Award. The winner is chosen ENTIRELY by the public votes via text, internet or phone! So… it’s like a MTV Movie Award or a People’s Choice Award.

  • Creed

    @Pat: If it was Faux fur it would be in the caption. Anyways they are BOTH DISGUSTING!


    What is she wearing? Marching Band Shoes? Dinkles?

  • celestial thoughts

    Girlfriend need a stylist.

  • Ellen

    @Creed: Why ? :-o it’s OK if she wears Faux fur… no??
    Animal right groups claim that it is an animal-friendly alternative to traditional fur clothing… I don’t understand your opinion :s

  • hum

    she is wearing her boyfriend`s shoes!!!

  • rikki

    @Meg: hi.. i get what you’re saying, but i actually find all the actors in twilight to be equally horrible. also, kristen’s only semi-good performance was in The Runaways. she was terrible in Snow White. she’s too awkward and too tomboyish to play anything other than an awkward tomboy, which was what Joan Jett sort of was. you can’t really be considered a talented actress if the only type of character you can play is one just like yourself.

  • http://!!! SAM

    Girl is not pretty at all. I like her as a actress but she is not beautiful.

  • Sam

    @Cece: In the very very early days of Twilight Jen sort of dissed Kristen because Kristen admitted that she had not read all the Twilight books when she was cast as Bella, and apparently Jennifer really wanted the role and had read the books. It was a small dis but it was a dis. Both have since ran into each other at film festivals got to talk to one another and both have called each other cool. Kristen has said some very nice things about Jen especially after they briefly met in Toronto back in September. On the other hand, Jen has said some pretty weird stuff in interviews that if it were Kristen saying them Kristen would be harshly criticized. I agree with you no need to mention Kristen or Lindsay when addressing Jen.

  • Sam

    @Steph: I think that she is pretty but when she smiles she does not look that pretty. It is strange because most people do look prettier when smiling but something happens to her face that makes the smile look a bit fake.

  • Y u mad tho?

    That’s faux fur, right? Right? I don’t like the outfit, at all, but I like her enough to pretend I never saw her wearing it.

    By the way, what’s with all the stans comparing Jennifer and Kristen? Have they ever gone up for the same part? It IS possible to like or dislike them both, you don’t have to choose. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Sam

    @Meg: I agree with you. Kristen does not like the spotlight nor the fame. Before Twilight she had done some pretty good movies but no one knew her because she stayed out of the spotlight. She could have gone to award shows, do red carpets or magazines like so many much younger than her back then are doing these days. She took Twilight thinking it was a small indie movie and it became a franchise so she had to go out there and sell it. Kristen stated about not liking the fame and the pappaz and she was called ungrateful and spoiled. She was neither. She grew up in the business so she knew what fame can do and wanted no part of it. She said she missed going to mall with her girlfriends to shop and catch a movie just like any other teenager. Kristen called herself reluctantly famous. That’s why we never see her when she is not promoting her work. Kristen, Rob and the Twilight cast pioneered the kind of promo that now everyone seem to be doing with so much interaction with the fans. They raised the bar high and the HG is are following their steps.

  • Creed

    @Ellen: Because even if it is Faux it is glamourizing a dead carcass. simple as that. She is giving a message that wearing fur is cute.

  • Ceara

    I wanna throw paint on that fur coat…people who wear fur have absolutely no compassion for the animal that was tortured for it…Ugh

  • Ceara

    I wanna throw paint on that fur coat…people who wear fur have absolutely no compassion for the animal that was tortured for it…Ugh

  • Marie

    Nobody will talk about the fur she is wearing? when people like Lindsay Lohan wears fur they are immediately called as “animals killers”. But I think the same doesn’t work for someone who stars in a teen movie like Hunger Games.

  • Elizabeth


    so agree…

  • Cheetah

    @Sam: Kristen Stewart did 37 magazine covers in one year. That is not an actress who hates fame and attention. She’s now selling a perfume and shows up at every event no matter what dressed in designer clothes. That is not an actress who ates fame and attention. She is a walking contradiction. She would do anything for fame and money to be honest. Jennifer Lawrence is barely seen famewh0ring herself and promoting herself unlike Ms. Stewart who is now obsessed with promoting fashion and herself on red carpets. Also she is a tabloid star because she’s seen out by paps all the time. The first day Twilight came out, she was caught smoking pot by TMZ. Then at the end she was caught publicly having an affair with her director. She’s never been caught in such intimate positions with her own boyfriend. Again this girl is hungry for fame and has desperately been campaigning for an Oscar for a while which is hilarious while we didn’t see Jennifer Lawrence campaign once.

  • Dee

    I personally never liked Kristen Stewart and not because she was in Twilight but because her acting is appallingly bad. She has a horrible attitude and image. Jennifer Lawrence has raised the bar high for young actresses. This young lady is a great example of girls to follow. She’s never been caught in scandals, smoking, doing drugs, cheating, etc. Lawrence can act and has a great head on her shoulders. Her parents have done a great job and I hope she never ends up like Stewart. Anyone can make money off of bad acting ala Jennifer Aniston but to be a good actor and continouesly get jobs with Oscar nod directors is an achievement which Lawrence keeps achieving.

  • Blurple

    You people do realize that’s fake fur right?

  • iamsorry

    @Courtney: i do not find her attractive than kristen stewart. plus kristen still look pretty without make up. yes jen is great actress but her face just average even her friend on the above picture is more beautiful than her.

  • Jenny

    I dont understand if she’s wearing a pair of pants thats half pants half shorts, or if its a skirt with a slit..

    Anyways, she usually does really well with her clothes-picks :P

    Still think she’s awesome!

  • Val

    Sooo cute. She’s 22 and drunk and was out having fun with her friends. Nothing wrong with that. I also read on a nother website that her coat is faux fur not real fur. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. She looks red because she probably drank and that’s all.Good for her. She does good work and can’t wait to see her on SNL.

  • OTR

    @Cheetah: And if Kristen didn’t wear those designers dresses people would be at her throat for not dressing nicely. Also Jennifer has signed on for a perfume deal for Chanel…most actresses have perfume deals. And those 37 covers you talk about…most of them have covers from the same Kristen didn’t do 37 different photo shoots…but editors of other magazines have chosen to re-use Kristen photos in their magazines. You seen to know about an awful lot about a person you hate. Also Kristen’s Oscar campaign? I think that’s something from your imagination and what haters have made up. Kristen on attends events related to her films, to support friends and when she is invited. What I find funny is why you are pitting Kristen and Jennifer against each other? They both speak highly of each other and have become friends. Why does it kill you to see girls getting along?

  • Selma

    Look here all of you people. Celebrities can look horrible too you know but don’t you dare compare Jennifer with Kristen. Jennifer looks absoultely horrible here but still, she is a gorgeous woman and has a charisma that is just ground-breaking.

    The little Krisbians go on about Kristen being nominated for her first award when she was like 12 or something and Jennifer much later than that. Well, actually, Jennifer was in high school then and wasn’t even an actress yet. When she really started to focus on acting she worked with amazing people and won Venice Film Festival awards and then went on to receive an effing ACADEMY AWARD nomination. Not a lot of young actresses can say that about themselves, and certainly not Kristen.

    Jennifer is respected by her peers and is well on her way for a second Oscar nomination. At 22!

  • Creed

    @OTR: lol, get ur facts straight. Jennifer doesn’t have a perfume deal. Kristen does. With Balenciaga. Quit making up BS. Idiot.

  • R

    @Creed: she’s fired from Balenciaga, they didn’t even bother to make an tv ad for her, like all couture houses normally does for the faces of their perfumes, hahaha

  • R

    Who cares about her outfit? Jennifer is maybe the best actress of her generation, her talent dress her first and foremost always!
    She don’t have to purposely looks dirty, dress like a cheap whore publicly , talk pretencious crap in lazy intws payed by her pr team and stick to a pussy fake boyfriend to stay in the media. like you know who..

  • K’s

    Look at all you Kristen haters, don’t you have anything better to do than engaging in online bullying? Pathetic. You people are so weak..coming here and bashing both Kristen and Jennifer. What did they ever do to you?

  • R

    @Lona: she’s getting her 2nd oscar nom at 22 and is the favourite to win coz she’s overrated, yes! lol

  • R

    @V: all this and now she’s just an useless unemployed talentless starlet which anyones cares about except krisbians…

  • http://nicole Alice

    She’s not beautiful and she can’t be even compared to Kristen….Kristen is the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in my life. And extremely talented!!! She’s just perfect!

  • ButthurtKrisbians

    Bwahahaha, who cares about K Stew’s nasty methhead looking self. Krisbians are hating on J Law because their trampire is unemployed and irrelevant. J Law can act. K Stew can look constipated and mumbled. I don’t like the dress or the fur but J Law can wear what she wants. J Law fans get ready for the next weeks of shine.

  • Creed

    I’m not even a Kstew fan. I’m just stating the facts. Jennifer has the lamest fans ever. Can’t u just be a fan without putting down or belittling other actresses? I am a FASHION blogger. Jen does NOT have a Chanel deal, she has a deal with Dior handbags. HUGE difference. Kristen is NOT fired from Balenciaga. Stop writing BS.

  • Jill

    @Pat: since the person is chosen based on public votes,means that she has more fans than people kristen loves her fans

  • R

    @Creed: she didn’t whore any Balenciaga outfit in the last twicrap tour ,unless balenciaga “dress” Vegas strippers and scortgirls now ..

  • R

    @Britt: correction: KScrew is getting any role, outside twicrap all her indies flopped, she’s bearding for rpattzz, she’s using her back in the casting couch but without success, she’s adoring having haters, it’s like that she feels alive, she’s the ultimate HL’s joke, hahaha

  • Creed

    @R: mmmmm u really don’t know what ur talking bout… Whatever

  • R

    @Jill: really, then why her fat fans dont go see any of her movies outside the twishit? where are they?

  • Creed

    @R: y can’t u just be a fan instead of acting like a crazy lperson

  • R

    @Creed: she didn’t wore any Balenciaga outfit during the twicrap tour and they didin’t even bother to make a tv ad for her, like any couture house do usually for their perfume faces, in many of the ad posters KScrew was replaced by a snake! they are ashamed of having committed this walking disaster, get it now?

  • Creed

    @R: I think u forgot to take ur Xanax today.

  • Jill

    @R: her fans do go see her movies outside twilight. if fans were not going to see her movies,kristen would not have been the highest paid actress last year on top of also being the the second highest grossing actor of 2012 while jennifer lawrence was 8th( jennifer even made less money than taylor lautner who had only one film out last year)

  • Ellen

    @Jill: And ? Because you have more money you are a better actor/actress ?? x) ahah RIDICULOUS!

  • Ju

    @Jill: Kristen have been the highest paid actress because of Twilight and Snow-White = 2 blockbusters.
    Now that Twilight is over… we will see if Stewart is already on the top next year.