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Katie Holmes: 'Dead Accounts' Arrival!

Katie Holmes: 'Dead Accounts' Arrival!

Katie Holmes is all bundled up in a warm puffy coat while arriving at the Music Box Theater on Saturday (January 5) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress smiled happily for her waiting fans before heading inside to prepare for one of the last Dead Accounts performances.

Katie‘s stage co-star Norbert Leo Butz recently shared his thoughts on the closing of the show with Playbill.

“I loved the play, I really did,” the actor said. “It’s about a big, noisy, complicated Midwestern family – Catholic, which is my story – and it’s so full of true warmth and sentiment, without becoming sentimental.”

Tonight (January 6) will be the final performance of Dead Accounts.

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  • diva

    she’s always wearing dirty boots. eww

  • Laís

    her hair is so long *__* she looks so happy!she´s gorgeous!:)

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Hahahahaha…pimping Suri on top of daily exposure still cannot rescue KHo’s dismal ‘career’.

  • taylor
  • Chel

    Why did the play close ahead of schedule?

  • Alli

    Now that her floppy play is amost over,i think she’ll have to fake more photo ops with Suri to get attention to her again.Since her “career” is not doing well(for lack of looks and talent),she’ll need that poor girl to help her be in the media again,until she grows up and the paps get tired of following her too.Then she’ll finally disappear…i hope.:)
    Katie 15 minutes are already over.She should stay home,retire from “acting” and raise Suri.And we wouldn’t have to see her ugly and old face again.Eww

  • Yohji

    Dead accounts, dead CAREER.



    I hope instead she can finally make something interesting after this..I really loved her esp before Tom..Scientology denied her to do more challenging roles… and I gained even more respect for her seein’ how she masterminded her escape …and by the way she’s beautiful woman..

  • Chel

    I don’t really have anything against her but I think she is way out of her league when it comes to theater. I also don’t think she’s much of a movie actress either. Most of her movies have been complete flops..Jack and Jill anyone. He best bet is to stick to tv get on another tv drama. She was good in Dawson’s Creek. I think her marriage to Cruise is what propelled her into the spotlight and has kept her there.

  • Delilah

    She got good reviews in other plays she did. This play got terrible reviews and not because of her acting. She gets blamed because she was the only famous star in the play, but it was the play that was a problem not her acting. it is closing early because people aren’t buying enough tickets to see it. I think Katie will do better if she could get a decent TV series. I don’t think she is someone who will make a big splash on the movie screens. Maybe Indie movies. I remember a movie I saw of her when she was a psycho and Benjamin Bratt from Law & Order was in it. She was good in that kind of scarey thriller.

  • lr

    Thick legs.

  • Huge

    She looks like she put on a lot of weight. Her face is so puffy. Probably depressed.

  • It was Katie.

    She is the only one in the cast who got bad reviews for acting.

  • Chel

    I remember seeing the dance number that she practiced for weeks and that Lola performance she did for Cruise….and not being depressed. I really don’t think she is talented or charismatic enough to dance and theater although I do admire that she tries.

  • Chel

    A television series or something on HBO is probably her best bet. I do not think a movie career that is anymore than moderately successful is going to happen.

  • Chel

    Not being impressed not depressed. Geez.



    exactly it isn’t her fault in this case…the reviews were not talking bad at all about the actors ( a great actor like Norbert Leo Butz is in this play too) but mostly about the play like you said…

  • lol

    she’s boring. why is scarlett johanssen doing well in her play or jessica chastain…because people WANT to see those actresses one wanted to pay to see Katie Holmes. she’s a boring actress.

  • Alli

    @LITTLEL: Interesting like what?Katie is a very mediocre actress.All her movies flopped,and she only became “famous” after her marriage to Tom Cruise.And even married to him,she continued mediocre,her acting is still very weak.She’ll never be a big actress and doesn’t even have the looks to be one,so she needs Suri,or she will be forgotten very fast.Unfortunately,Suri is her only meal ticket.The only thing that keeps her in the media is her almost daily forced photo op with Suri.

  • annie

    Suri is not photographed with her everyday, twice a day, like Katie is.
    And have yet to see any pics of Scarlet J and only a very few of of Jessica C.
    I think the paps know very well where their theatres are.
    I think Katie is and always has been very good looking. I like her hair loose and flowing, and a lot of the time I like what she wears, of course not always.
    The play itself got bad reviews , not the actors, and Norbet leo Butz, is the star, and Broadway Tony winner.
    I love the way you guys, make up things to suit you, it’s amusing.

  • Meg

    Katie Holmes’ beauty and appeal is for TV only. She had success in Dawson’s Creek which was a TV series. Maybe if she goes back to TV that’s where she could find success. She should just accept that she is not a movie star and her acting talent is mediocre at best. She just doesn’t have the charisma or appeal of a movie star. The only reason she became very famous was because of her marriage to Tom Cruise…that’s the truth! She’s just too arrogant to acknowledge it! She can’t be the next Nicole Kidman because as much as Nicole is naturally gifted as an actress she is also down to earth to acknowledge that her marriage to Tom Cruise gave her a certain amount of fame but what made her stayed relevant in the business is her talent. Katie on the other hand is ungrateful.


    I don’t know in what world you live and how old are you…but she was famous before Tom Cruise…she was famous since the 90′s for Dawson’s Creek and she did films like Go, Wonderboys, Pieces of April, the gift, phone booth, thank you for smoking, Batman Begins (only to make some examples) before Tom…the years with him were her worse years in her acting career…so stop acting like she was a nobody before because it’s not true…


    I don’t see her arrogant at all…she’s simply doing her job…like any actress…

  • Meg

    @LITTLEL: She’s arrogant. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Some of the sweetest looking actors/actresses are usually the ones who are not sweet in real life. I mean look at Tom Cruise, before he began preaching about his religion in 2005, everyone thinks he was “Mr. Nice Guy” but during 2005 onwards, people realized how arrogant, narcissistic, crazy little man he is.

  • Hamlet

    To be fair, many of her post-marriage movie roles haven’t been as a lead, #9.

    Holmes got some good notices too, #13.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Delilah: That’s what I KEEP SAYING….. Those eyes nail it!!! They have that vacant, darting way about them…. Capitalize on it. I could so see her in a remake of Carrie, The hand that rocks the Cradle, The Others ( with NK – that would be a hoot!!!), Come on PR people, go with it!!!!

  • Octavian

    All women should look sweet, beautiful and hot like Katie :) :) She is intelligent, funny and I loved her at David Letterman’s show a short while ago, she stole the show and I wished she’d sit by Jon Bon Jovi… Tom was such a lucky guy to marry her; she adored him since she was a teen…
    Tom’s cult made him blind like Angus T. Jones, from “Two And A Half Man”, got blind by a different cult… still the result is the same… the Religions eat all their money… I watched and bought most of Tom’s movies and I am mad ’cause my money didn’t stay in his pocket and were transferred to his weird Tax-Exempt religion! I watched and bought most of Katie’s movies and yeah, she is smart, intelligent, and she had the guts to push the Tax Exempt Scientology crap away…HA , HA, HA the aliens are invading our souls, lets clean our body by paying hundreds of thousand of dollars for the course… HA, HA, HA.

    Katie is the American bright way, she is the bright future, she is a HERO, she has more guts than many men (including all those who picked on her on this blog) and if you do not understand that then I’m sorry for you…. Or maybe you understand that just that you are a Spyientologyst… and still I’m sorry for you, we should keep the Scientologists away from us because they are contagious like the flu ha, ha, ha… lets send them mandatory to college (after some of them graduate the HS), the whole World laughs at us big time.

  • Octavian

    @annie: Don’t worry, those who gave you many thumbs down and also picked on Katie are Spyientologists in disguise …HA, HA, HA, the whole World laughs at us, they said about Scientology “we know it is Made in the U.S.A, ha, ha, ha” then they complete the sentence “Is there anything there you Make?”.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: I wish I had seen her in that psychotic movie with Benjamin Bratt because I always felt she could perform in a suspense movie where she is twisted. She has that look about her. ….seriously!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Chel: Then why did she get chosen for Batman Begins? And I hear she turned down The Dark Knight…..

  • annie

    @sincerely concerned
    can’t figure you out on this, but doubt that you know KH before TC, that’s why I always think some people here are a little older, or are some older actresses fans, because anyone in their 30′s def knows KH and DC.
    the rest i’ll fill in another time, when the Bobbi Brown add come up.

    people here are not that hard to figure out, but it doesn’t only happen to katie, it’s all over JJ.
    all her letterman shows are delightful and animated. he nicknamed her Lemon Sorbet from the early shows.
    stick around!

  • Sadie

    Tom made some phone calls and got her the job. She was the weak link in Batman and she wasn’t invited back.

  • Octavian

    @Sadie: Katie was already a rich an established actress before Tom met her, and she already made more money in her 20’s than you will make in a couple of life times (ha, ha, ha I don’t believe in reincarnation)! She did not marry Tom for money or relationship, she really loved him and they were an awesome couple. I loved Katie in the Romantics, Batman begins, the President’s Daughter etc, and I loved her in DC singing Joan Jatt’s song “I hate myself for loving you”…wow such a hot and talented star, no doubt Tom jumped on Oprah’s couch saying “I LOVE HER”, can you blame him?

  • Sadie

    Octavian, you’re kidding right? That marriage was fake from the beginning. If Katie was so in love, why did she sneak out and file for divorce. She wanted to be married to “Tom Cruise” the movie star and he wanted a robobride. Nobody even remembered her until Tom interviewed her for the role of his girlfriend.

  • Octavian

    Sadie you are making up things while you write…HA, HA, HA. When Katie married Tom she knew next to nothing about Scientology until she experienced it the hard way down to the nuts and bolts. She told Tom she does not agree with that crap and she does not want Suri to be involved with that nonsense tax-exempt religion. Tom left Katie at least 6 moths before she filed for divorce and the judge divorced them in less than two months. No judge in America would divorce two people if they were not separated prior for at least 6 months…so go figure you got the proof that Tom is the “bad guy” not Katie…. and to paraphrase you Tom is the one who sneaked out long before. You would do the same thing if your partner would abandon you for more than 6 months just because you do not agree with that Scientology cult crap that believes in reincarnation, mind reader, superman powers, no doctors, aliens’ souls that invaded our bodies since ancient times and the ritual to clean our bodies from evil alien souls, plege your soul for the next billion year for the scientology church etc ?!?!?! Can you blame Katie she did not agree with that Scientology crap that sucks your money at an exponential power (many lost their houses)?
    Katie is a smart, talented and beautiful lady and Tom had a chance in a lifetime to get older by her side and he turned his back on her…. shame on him, he changes his wives like we change our cars. We spoiled Tom, we adored him and we watched and bought his movies, and we made him very rich. Now I know who he is, and I couldn’t even watch Jack Reacher not even if he would pay me big bucks; I would vomit just thinking of the idea going to watch it… he left us down big time.
    Any decent person wouldn’t care about Tom’s jets, his diamonds and gold if they would experience the same thing Katie did in her marriage…. What’s that you don’t understand? I am sick and tired of movie stars that try to sell us their religious or spiritual views like Tom Cruise, Shirley MacLaine, and Agnus T Jones (from Two and a Half Men). I said it in the past and I am redundant, the lawmakers must introduce in America College Education mandatory, High School diploma or less is not anymore enough… Too bad Tom does not want to “worship” Stephen Hawking…the father of the Black Holes because this scientist is so much deserving. Tom’s beliefs are based on Hubbard’s Scientology, and Hubbard critics have characterized him as a liar, a charlatan, and mentally unstable…. Wake up America, Katie is a Hero.

    Tom should apologies to Katie and re-marry her, leave scientology and if you are a real fan of Tom and respect him then you should write him to do so… because one life we got, we do not reincarnate and that’s a fact!

  • K-FLOP KNEW!! – N-IT-2-WN-IT

    How is it that 26 year old Katie Holmes didn’t know – “reincarnation, mind reader, superman powers, no doctors, aliens’ souls that invaded our bodies since ancient times and the ritual to clean our bodies from evil alien souls, pledge your soul for the next billion year for the scientology church etc.”- reported Scientology beliefs.

    All widely available online – any search engine will result in thousands of hits. She had no Internet access? Didn’t know how to use a search engine? Or how about when she visited Scientology centers during her courting period, she didn’t think to ask questions? Didn’t notice the mega size pictures of LRH on the walls of the Scientology centers or church and think WTF?

    Scientology and it’s connection in Hollywood has been pretty well documented and info publicly available (internet) for a good 10 years (if not more).

    I call BS that Katie DIDN’T KNOW.

    Those blinders she put on herself, she could have easily taken off prior to getting pregnant and prior to marrying TC.

    She didn’t marry Tom until AFTER Suri was born AND nearly two years after her and Tom took their relationship public.

    Google Scientology and Tom Cruise and you get thousands of hits from blog sites (anti-scientology), media reports and videos. —No way she didn’t know.

    GOOHWT – Katie went in EYES WIDE OPEN – She hitched a ride on the TC gravy train and put all her chips on black (A-List status).

    She should have kept her @$$ standing instead of taking a seat at the table. (figuratively speaking in case it went over your head)

  • Octavian

    @K-FLOP KNEW!! – N-IT-2-WN-IT: How come that Katie didn’t know about “reincarnation, mind reader, superman powers, no doctors, aliens’ souls that invaded our bodies since ancient times and the ritual to clean our bodies from evil alien souls, pledge your soul for the next billion years for the scientology church etc?”- reported Scientology beliefs? To make you understand why she was fooled about the Scientology phenomena let me extrapolate those Scientology beliefs to Shirley MacLaine’s beliefs. Well Shirley MacLaine wrote in her biographical book and movie Out on a Limb about those paranormal phenomena (reincarnation, aliens, OBE’s etc) and she sold more than 20,000,000 copies and I paid for my copy about $30… and I remember Shirley on Oprah’s show advertizing all of these, go figure how many people were hooked to New Age creed and of course I was hooked too, and I changed my Christian views to the New Age one especially that I had OBE’s like Shirley, for instance once I saw the sky opening like a window that allowed me to see what was beyond it, other time I was beamed up to a spaceship through a tunnel that had red lava on its walls…other time I saw a few leprechauns smiling and waving their hands to me.

    Many, many years latter I realized that something was not right and I watched Shirley’s biographical movie again. I realized that when she had that OBE in the Andes with her Guru and her soul traveled to the Moon she saw by the Moon a huge beautiful Spiral Galaxy and that would not be possible, the Moon is so close to Earth and the galaxies are so far away that the sky looks the same from Earth, Moon or Pluto and nobody could see galaxies from Earth with the naked eyes and Shirley’s many friends astronomers should have told her that (I guess those were not real friends). I finally realized that she had a banal Lucid Dream inside her brain, and no soul traveled outside her body. I finally realized that my OBEs were banal lucid dreams too…you know this is what the dreams and lucid dreams do…they bring galaxies close to us, allow us to fly, (in our 3rd Millennium we see airplanes, cars, spaceships, aliens, evil aliens and in the ancient times those people saw God, Satan, Apollo, Zeus Aphrodite,..etc) Now I understand that Moses had a banal Lucid Dream when he saw the Burning Bush, Jesus had a Lucid Dream when he talked to Satan in the Desert (according to the Bible). In that state of theta or delta deep meditation the experiences are so powerful, so vivid, 3D, lifelike that people thought they experienced the real thing, and I’m sure that Hubbard the father of Scientology got also fooled big time by his deep meditations and like Shirley he passed on to others his beliefs. I am not upset on Shirley that she fooled me with her creed … I guess she believed in that. I am not upset on Hubbard that he fooled so many people… he believed in his creed, and I am not upset on Moses, Jesus, Mohammed they passed their creed onto us…they strongly believed in their experiences, but now I know the truth and like Katie Holmes I do not want to be a part of a big lie. Please do not judge Katie, as a matter of fact Tom left her many months before she filed for divorce, you know no judge in the States would divorce a couple if they were not separated for at least 6 months prior…and the divorce got over in less than two months after Katie filed for divorce !

    If Tom really feels the need to worship someone then he should replace Hubbard with Stephen Hawking the “father” of the Black Holes, because the scientists, engineers, doctors we live a decent life (one life, I don’t believe in reincarnation…that’s Lucid Dreaming ha, ha, ha)… and he might apologies and re-marry Katie….and I will watch his movies again… until then no way Jose! How can we not admire Brad who respects and love Angelina for so many years and they are not even married!

    Here is a 3 minutes clip from Out on a Limb that will change your life … Upside Down and you will understand that everything is a Big Lie …Wake Up America, a college degree should be mandatory in America otherwise the rest of the World will leave us behind!

  • K-FLOP – NY No Fault Divorce


    “No-fault divorce is a divorce in which the dissolution of a marriage does not require a showing of wrongdoing by either party.”

    Prior to NY approving ‘No-Fault’ divorces – “A 2010 New York Times editorial states that “New York is the only state where a court must find fault before granting a divorce unless the spouses have lived apart for a full year under a formal separation agreement — a proven formula for inviting false testimony, endless litigation and generally making divorce far more painful than it needs to be.”

    The other party may or may not contest. In practice, the parties might use the at fault grounds to obtain a mutually desired and agreed upon divorce: they can agree to an uncontested divorce as long as one of the parties is willing to allege one of the fault based grounds and the other party accepts the ‘fault’ without contesting it (this was common in the past).

    “An at fault divorce can be obtained due to the following:

    +Cruel and inhuman treatment (Domestic Relations Law §170.1) *Abandonment for a continuous period of one year or more (DRL§170.2)
    *Imprisonment for more than three years subsequent to the marriage (DRL §170.3)
    * Adultery (DRL §170.4)

    “Holmes’ confidential, anonymously filed paperwork cited “irreconcilable differences” and stated the union broke down six months ago — a prerequisite to using New York’s new no-fault law.”

    Read more:

  • K-FLOP – Legal Ties & Plan B?

    Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr. (father) – divorce attorney
    Martin Joseph Holmes, Jr. (brother) – civil litigation, real estate, and probate.

    And, what’s that? Supposedly friends with Queens Prosecuting DA Leigh Bishop?

    Yeah, K-FLOP went in on TC with ****EYES WIDE OPEN****

    So, as I was saying —K-FLOP KNEW!! – N-IT-2-WN-IT!!!!!!

    K-FLOP’s TEAM better have a good Plan B because Plan A (A-list status sans TC) ain’t happen —>>>>>

    H & Y NYFW (Sep 2012) – FLOP
    Dead Accounts – FLOP
    H & Y NYFW (Feb 2013) – Looking like a no show
    Seagul – ***crickets***
    Responsible Adults – ****crickets****
    Bobbi Brown – fingers (and possibly toes) crossed (LOLZ)


  • Octavian

    @K-FLOP – NY No Fault Divorce: @K-FLOP – NY No Fault Divorce: It makes sense what you wrote about NY No Fault Divorce, thanks